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									Sydney Sports Injury Chiropractor, Dr. Nicholas Dillon, Helps Athletes
Recover Faster

Sydney, AU 18-APRIL-2011 - Spinal Health Clinic and Dr. Nicholas Dillon,
Chiropractor Sydney are pleased to announce relief for pain and reduced
mobility that can result from an athletic or sports injury. Whether the
pain is muscular or skeletal, prompt assessment and therapeutic actions
are critical to avoid long-term implications.

No matter what type of sports activity causes the symptoms, Dr. Dillon is
well-versed in the latest therapeutic methods for relieving pain. Spinal
misalignment from a fall or twist and sore muscles from overuse by people
unused to strenuous movement are common causes for a painful aftermath of
a day spent playing football or doing online skating.

Techniques that have been used to bring rapid relief for pain will depend
upon the nature and severity of the injury. These techniques might
include a diversified manual thrust, a Thompson Terminal Point table;
Advanced Biostructural Correction, (ABC) and Flexion Decompression/
Distraction. These methods, along with exercises to strengthen the area
where injuries have occurred help to promote health and prevent many
types of future injuries in the same region of the body.

Learn more about the typical results from an injury while playing sports
professionally or just for fun by visiting the web pages located at today. Members of the press and
others who have an interest in the field of sports injuries can contact
Dr. Dillon at one of the addresses listed below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Nicholas Dillon, DC

Company Name: Spinal Health Clinic

Address Burwood Clinic: 4/6 Railway Parade, Burwood NSW, 2134

Address Cammeray Clinic: 500 Miller Street, Cammeray NSW 2062

Telephone Contact Number (Burwood): 97453700

Telephone Contact Number (Cammeray): 89209888

Fax Contact Number: 97453799



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