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									 The Inauguration
The Pomp and Circumstance,
Ceremony, Oath of Office, &
              The Inauguration
   Occurs at the Capitol Building
   Until Ronald Reagan, it happened at
    the East Terrace
   It is the peaceful transfer of power
    • Pomp & circumstance and pageantry
    • What did you see?
    • What did you hear?
         VIPs
         Others?
            The Inauguration
   Formulaic
    • Morning worship service
    • Procession to the Capitol
    • Swearing in of the Vice President
    • Swearing in of the President
    • Inaugural Address
    • Inaugural Luncheon
    • Inaugural Parade
    • Inaugural Ball
            The Inauguration
   Deviations are common, individual
    • Clergy chosen for invocation and
    • Poetry reading
    • Musical selections
            The Inauguration
   No set protocol for the swearing in of
    the Vice President
    • Except he (or she) is first
                The Inauguration
   Presidential swearing in:
    • 35 word oath—Article II, Section I of the
          HOWEVER, Amendment 20 of the Constitution states
           that at 12 noon, whether or not the oath has been
           taken, the president-elect officially becomes the
           President of the United States
    • So help me God is not required, although often
    • Hail to the Chief is played
    • 21-gun salute
    • The nuclear code
            The Inauguration
   Checklist:
    • Bible
    • Biblical Passages (optional)
    • Music
    • Musicians
    • Poet (optional)
    • List of clergy to attend (minimum of 3)
              The Inauguration
   The Speech
    • There have been few great inaugural
      speeches—4 in total
    • Lincoln’s two
    • FDR’s first
    • JFK’s
         Some scholars would argue that Jefferson’s
          first and Wilson’s second were among great
          inaugural speeches
              The Inauguration
   The Speech (cont.)
    • Not expected to be specific about
      legislative or administrative proposals
    • Not expected to sound like a campaign
    • Encouraged to keep it around 12
         Washington’s 135 words
         Harrison’s 8,445 words (2 hours)
               The Inauguration
   The Speech (cont.)
    • Style should be individual
         Don’t try to clone past presidents
         Don’t worry about applause lines
         The audience is millions of people in the US
          and abroad, not the supporters who elected
    • Tone should be individual—rhetorically
    • Theme should reflect why elected and
      what was promised to accomplish as
              Obama’s Inauguration
   Lincoln Bible (1861)
    • Lincoln theme continues
   Senator Feinstein, MC
    •   World is watching
    •   Peaceful transition of power
    •   Founders and fighters
    •   Freedom to choose is the root of liberty
    •   Ballot over the bullet
            Justice and equality
            Marched and died to make it a reality
    • Real and necessary change
         Obama’s Inauguration
   Pastor Rick Warren, Invocation
    • United by commitment to freedom and justice
      for all—not by race, blood, etc
    • Civility in attitudes even when we differ
    • All—nation and its people—are accountable
   Aretha Franklin
   Swearing in of Vice President Biden by
    Associate Supreme Justice Stevens
   Musical interlude
        Obama’s Inauguration
   Chief Justice John Roberts
    administered the oath of office for
    President Obama
    • What happened?
   President Obama’s Inaugural Speech
   Poet Elizabeth Alexander
   Benediction
   National Anthem
   Presidential Party Exit
President Obama’s
Inaugural Speech
   Accountability and
     Obama’s Inaugural Speech
   What did you hear?
   What will he do?
   What direction will this country take?
   What are his primary priorities?
   What are his secondary priorities?
   What differences are there between
    the administration that just left and
    the administration that just came?
     Obama’s Inaugural Speech
   Humbled at the task
   Grateful for the public’s trust
   Mindful of sacrifices
   Thank you to former President Bush
    • Service
    • Generosity
    • Cooperation
   History of prosperity and peace
   History of clouds and storms
    • Carried on because faithful to the ideals of fore
      bearers and founding documents
     Obama’s Inaugural Speech
   A time of crisis
    • War—network of hate
    • Economy—greed and irresponsibility
    • Healthcare
    • Schools
    • Energy
    • Confidence of the American people
   Challenges are real, serious and in
    time, will be met.
     Obama’s Inaugural Speech
   We have chosen
    • Hope over fear
    • Unity over discord
    • Finished with strangled politics
    • Set aside childish things
    • All are equal, free and deserve a chance
      at happiness
     Obama’s Inaugural Speech
   Greatness is earned, not a gift
    • Hard word
         Risk takers
         Doers
         Those who have struggled and sacrificed for
           •   Immigrants
           •   Slaves
           •   Workers
           •   Soldiers
     Obama’s Inaugural Speech
   Starting today:
    • Begin the work of remaking America
    • Economy
         New jobs
         Growth
         Infrastructure
    • Science
    • Healthcare
    • Energy
    • Schools, colleges, universities
         New age
     Obama’s Inaugural Speech
   The issue isn’t whether government
    is too big or too small, but whether it
    • It’s a new day
    • The ground has shifted
    • The system can handle large scale
    • New focus on accountability
         Sunset programs that don’t work
         Invest in program that do work
     Obama’s Inaugural Speech
   Market
    • Must be watched
   Defense
    • Reject the dichotomy of safety vs ideals
    • It is about the rule of law and the rights of
          We will not give them up
    • A friend to all nations
    • We are ready to lead once more
    • We will defeat those who seek to destroy us
     Obama’s Inaugural Speech
   Patchwork heritage
    • Religion
    • Language
    • Culture
    • Old hatreds must pass
   Muslim world treated with mutual
    understanding and respect
   Poor nations
   Plentiful nations
     Obama’s Inaugural Speech
   Spirit of service
    • It’s bigger than each of us
    • Must inhabit us all
    • Nation relies on it
   Challenges are new
   How we meet them are new
   Values are the same
    • Loyalty, patriotism, etc
     Obama’s Inaugural Speech
   New era of responsibility
    • All have it
    • Price of citizenship
    • With rights come responsibilities
 Two Different
 Two Different Foci
     Op Ed by Bob Woodward
   Denver Post, Sunday, 1/18/09
“Learning from Bush’s Mistakes”
 Presidents set the tone

 The president must insist that
  everyone speak out loud in front of
 A president must master the
  fundamental ideas and concepts
  behind his (her) policies
     Op Ed by Bob Woodward
   Denver Post, Sunday, 1/18/09
“Learning from Bush’s Mistakes”
 Presidents need to make sure bad
  news makes it to the Oval Office
 Presidents need to foster a culture of
  skepticism and doubt
 Presidents get contradictory data and
  they need a rigorous way to sort it
     Op Ed by Bob Woodward
   Denver Post, Sunday, 1/18/09
“Learning from Bush’s Mistakes”
 Presidents must tell the hard truth to
  the public
 Presidents must insist on strategic
 Presidents must embrace
 Righteous motives are not enough
  for effective policy
                 Policy Outline
Blueprint for Change
 Economy                   Rural America
 Fiscal Discipline         Women
 Ethics                    Immigration
 Healthcare                Poverty
 Seniors                   Service
 Education                 Civil Rights
    • K-12                  National Security
    • Higher Education
                            Veterans
   Energy
               Current Events
At 12:00 pm (mst).
 Obama announced a pay freeze for

  highest paid White House staff members
 Executive Orders for lobbyists

    • Accountability/transparency
    • No gifts to anybody in administration
   Finance/security team—major
    transformation with how business is
          Current Events
At 12:00 pm (mst).
 Signed order halting trials of war
  criminals at Guantanamo Bay
 Reviewed economic stimulus with

  finance team
 Congress is working on confirmations

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