2003 Silent Auction Program by uploaddoc


									             2003 SILENT AUCTION PROGRAM                                                         Your Bid # is _______
Silent Auction Rules
• Each family or individual will have an auction number given to them at the door, after they have registered at the door.
• Each item in the silent auction will have a bid sheet in front of it. Bids can be made by writing your auction number and the
  amount of your bid on the bid sheet. You may bid on any item more than once and you may bid on multiple items.
• The silent auction will be open for bidding from 1 to approximately 4 pm. The tables will close in staggered 10 minute intervals
  to allow for additional bidding by those who may have not had a successful bid on prior tables. The closing bid circled by the
  auction officials constitutes the winning bid. All bids are binding and will be posted immediately on the official auction winning
  bid board.
• Only an authorized person may nullify a bid. In the event of a dispute, the silent auction officials shall act as the final
  authority and shall determine the winning bid. This decision shall be final.
• The successful bidder must arrange payment by cash or check. Payment in full is preferred that afternoon and is mandatory
  before receiving the item. All sales are final. There will be no exchanges or refunds. ENJOY!!

  1. Magic Carpet Add this Afghan Baluch, Oriental rug to your home to help make your room look magical!
      Donor: Eastern Rug Gallery Value:$600
  2. Sitting In the Shade sipping tea under your new shade tree. Now that's life. Donor: Mahomet Landscapes Value:$150

  3. Marble tops All! Decorate your home with this Santa Fe marble top table. Donor: Custom Flooring Value:$150

  4. Floral Art An original floral arrangement, add a candle, and a beautiful coffee table book.
      Donor: Dianne Noland Value:$100
  5. Creative Gardening Create the garden of your dreams with these gardening tools and advice of master gardener Sarah
      Graham. Donor: Sarah Graham Value:$100
  6. Welcome To Our Home! Place this rock outside your front door to welcome your guests. Decorate the inside of your home
      with this $85 gift certificate. Donor: English Hedgerow Value:$100
  7. Flower Power! This delightful arrangement of silk flowers will beautify your home! Donor: Carla Brown Value:$75
  8─10. Lay Your Head On Beauty with these hand quilted pillows with a seaside design. Each of these pillows will be
     auctioned separately. Donor: Dianne Hays Value:$50 each
  11─12. It's a FRAME Up! $50 gift certificates will frame generations to come. Auctioned separately.
     Donor: Framers Market Value:$50 each
  13. Jesus Loves Me Two "little angels'' say their evening prayers as a song becomes the backdrop of this keepsake afghan.
      Donor: Angie Clayton, HomeStyle Specialist Value:$40
  14. Pass Me a Tissue! This tissue basket & other accessories are great for the kitchen, bath or family room!
      Donor: Angie Clayton, HomeStyle Specialist Value:$35
  15. Got Grass? The Foley bro's will mow your yard for you once--while you're on vacation or one of those hot August days.
      Donor: Jack & Ben Foley Value:$20

  16. Come Fly Away in a Cessna 152 at Frasca air field. It's just the beginning in learning to fly.
      Donor: Frasca Air Services Value:$50
  17─18. Middletown Book Basket This is a true keepsake for every child's bookshelf! Along with a $25 gift certificate.
     Baskets are auctioned separately. Donors: Middletown Teachers, Pages For All Ages Bookstore Value:$125 each
  19─20. Assistant Principal Wanted!! Sign your student up for the job of a lifetime.
             19. Sangamon School Donor: Mark Cabutti 20. Lincoln Trail School Donor: Lee Jessup Value: A future
  21. Rock Polisher create a science project or take on a new hobby. Donor: Horizon Hobby Value:$100
  22. For the Astronomer you'll see stars in your eyes with this high power telescope!! Donor: Horizon Hobby Value:$100
  23. Afford Pages & More Pages With this $100 gift certificate from Pages For All Ages Bookstore! Don't forget your
      favorite CD as well! Donor: Pages For All Ages Bookstore Value:$100
  24. Let's Play x-box! Kids will love lounging on this red bean bag chair while playing Mech-Assault.
      Donor: This is it Furniture and Bob & Marion Smith Value:$90
  25. Friday Night Sleepover It's already planned with this bucket that includes 2 movies and a Fillippo's pizza gift
      certificate. Donors: Fillippo's and Play It Again Video Value:$70
26. Friday Night Sleepover It's already planned with this bucket that includes 2 movies and a Garcia's pizza gift certificate.
    Donors: Garcia's Pizza and Play It Again Video Value:$70
27─28. Friday Night Sleepover It's already planned with these two buckets that include, pop, candy, gift certificates &
   popcorn! Each bucket will be auctioned separately. Donor: Earthsights, Play It Again Video Value:$35 each
29. A CAT Combine Ride and a toy combine for you. Come ride during Harvest 2003 and learn all about farming!
    Donor: Doug Schroeder Value: An Ag Lesson
30. John Deere Green This John Deere tractor is a keepsake in its original box. Donor: Mahomet Rotary Value:$85
31. Rock Tumbler Polish rough rocks to create semi-precious gemstones. Donor: Horizon Hobby Value:$50
32. Dancing Ballerina Enjoy one month of dance instruction from jazz to hip hop for ages three to adult.
    Donor: Central Illinois Dance Academy Value:$50
33. X-Box Basketball Fun Take on the greatest teams with NBA Inside Drive. Donor: Bob & Marion Smith Value:$50

34. X-Box Football Fun Take on the greatest teams with NFL Fever. Donor: Bob & Marion Smith Value:$50
35. Gifts Come In All Pages Enjoy spending time at Pages For All Ages Bookstore with this $50 gift certificate. Save a few
    bucks for a stop in their café. Donor: Pages For All Ages Bookstore Value:$50
36─39. Ultimate Bulldog Pin! Handcrafted Bulldog pin by award winning artist. Each will be auctioned separately.
   Donor: Earthsights Value:$23 each
40─41. Earth-day, Birth-day Pencils Great buy for your child's birthday guests! Each set will be auctioned separately.
   Donor: Earthsights Value:$16 each

42. Agua for All! Fresh, cold water at your fingertips! A must for families! Donor: Culligan Value:$300
43. Smile Pretty & Say Cheese or that's what you'll be told with this Greg Taylor Photography 11x14 wall portrait.
    Donor: Greg Taylor Photography Value:$200
44. Free Ortho Records Exam If you have to brace 'em this will save you a bundle, free x-rays, impressions, and photos.
    Donor: Robert Shaffer D.M.D., M.S. Orthodontic Specialists Value:$250
45. Cinderella Clean the House! Make your household cleaning fun with this wide assortment of cleaning tools.
    Donor: Brush Man Value:$150
46. Graduation Day Delight Congratulate your graduate with a balloon bouquet. Celebrate afterward with a 6 ft party sub &
    $20 gift certificate for extras. Donors: D & D Foods, Village Garden Shop, Subway Value:$110
47. An Apple From the Teachers Go crazy over apples with everything from an apple cookie jar to breads made with this
    bread maker & covered with apple butter. Donor: Lincoln Trail Fifth Grade Teachers Value:$110
48. Don't Shoot Your Computer! Jay Guelfi the troubleshooter is on his way! He will go to your home for repairs, upgrades,
    etc. and have you back on line in no time! Donor: Jay Guelfi Value:$100
49. Family Nights! You’ll have a fun-packed time with this basket featuring Sorry, theater, video, pizza & snack gift
    certificates ─even the popcorn bowl is included. Donor: Lincoln Trail Specials’ Teachers & Support Staff Value:$100
50. Will You or Won't You? Now's the time to have a simple will prepared and who better to prepare it than attorney Fred
    Heinrich. Preparation of an individual or couple simple will. Donor: Fred Heinrich Value:$100
51. A Surprise Lies Within this beautifully decorated chest . Uncover $50 in GKC movie tickets. Surprise!
    Donor: Paul & Sue Cook Value:$75
52. "Holy" Cow! What a Deal! Charlton Heston will bring this book to life with 3 videos , 3 cassettes, and the BIBLE.
    Donor: John & Donna Foley Value:$75
53. Discover Great Family Games enjoy this family time together with 3 educational games for ages 8 plus.
    Donor: Discovery Toys Consultant Michelle Shaffer Value:$50
54. Keep It Cool in this countertop refrigerator. It can even transport to the car. Donor: CVS Value:$50
55. Put That Iron Away! To Courtesy Cleaners you go!!! Save time and money with this $25 gift certificate.
    Donor: Courtesy Cleaners Value:$25
56─57. Schnucks Schpree! Shopping will be a breeze with these! Auctioned separately. Donor: Schnucks Value:$50 each

58. Now That's Good Coffee! Brew your coffee in this Bunn coffeemaker. Donor: Capital City Paper Value:$90

59. Pour Me a Glass with your new 32 piece set. You're sure to have just the right glass! Donor: Ace Hardware Value:$20

60. Organize That Kitchen with this 24 piece Rubbermaid container set. Donor: Ace Hardware Value:$20
61. Doggy, Doggy Needs a Bone or something to chew on. This bag will provide your dog with days of enjoyment. For the
    dog-lover only! Donor: John & Donna Foley Value:$30

62. Have a Ball - or 3 - with this two hour gym party at Sangamon Gym. Finish up with treats from McDonald's! Now that’s a
    party! Donors: Sangamon Teachers , McDonalds & Hillards, Schroeders & Smiths Value: A Golden Birthday
63─64. A Fishing We Will Go You’re ready to hit the water with this premium fishing & tackle box – loaded with everything
   a true fisherman could want. Auctioned Separately. Donor: David Sinow Value:$150 each
65. Infinity & Beyond! For concerts, athletics, and bird watching these wide angle binoculars even come with carrying case.
    Donor: Earthsights Value:$113
66. Take Your Mark-Get Set-Go... to Body N' Sole. Spring into a new pair of running shoes, running gear or even swim wear
    before spring break! Donor: Body N' Sole Value:$75
67. Saddle Up Those Horses you've got a trail to blaze! Enjoy 3 English riding lesson. Donor: Shelly Porter Value:$100
68-70. It's a Doggy Dog Town! Show your spirit. Wear this Bulldog t-shirt or golf short to all orange and blue events! Items
   vary slightly and will be auctioned separately. Donors: MSHS, Earthsight Value:$35-50 each
71. STRIKE 3!!! Your child is sure to have 3 up and 3 down after attending M-S girls softball pitching camp!
    Donor: Mark Jones Value: Priceless
72. It's a Home Run Your child will hit the ball out of the park after attending M-S girls softball hitting camp!
    Donor: Mark Jones Value: Priceless
73. It's a Home Run Slide your child into home plate at the boys baseball camp Donor: Brian Swartzentraub
    Value: Priceless
74. A Jacket To Be Proud Of For your high school son or daughter for sports or academics.
    Donor: Hayden's Sport Center Value:$135
75. TOUCHDOWN!! Hike those kids right over to M-S Bulldog football camp. Donor: Tom Shallenberger Value:$50

76. Bump, Set, Spike You can't "pass" up this great volleyball camp for your daughter! Donor: Lydia Gard Value: Priceless
77. Go DAWGS! Cheer on those Bulldogs in your new sweatshirt - size Med. Don't forget to take along your stuffed bulldog!
    Donor: Thread Letters Value:$50
78─79. That's a Three… Don’t let your child foul out by not coming to the M-S basketball camp!
           78. girls Donor: Nathan Seal 79. boys Donor: Dan Ryan                    Value: Priceless
80. Bleachers Bums will now be comfy sitting on these two Bulldog seats with bleacher backs.
    Donor: MS High School Booster Club Value:$25

81. Golf BackPack Essentials Play golf includes caps, clubs, balls, tees and much more so you are ready to go as soon as the
    snow melts. Donor: Lincoln Trail Third Grade Teachers Value:$50

82. Ultimate Golf Challenge Two lucky people will be challenged to 18 holes of golf at L.O.W. golf course. Donor: Chad
    McFarland & Ryan Gumble Value:$40 and more
83. Fore! Just the thing "fore" the golf enthusiast. Donor: MS High School Teachers, Hillards, Schroeders, Smiths
84. Get Into Shape! 3 months since that New Years Resolution. Have you lost those pounds? Fit Tek's gift certificate will
    help you out, and check out their new location coming soon. Donor: Fit Tek Value:$ 50
85. Fit & Healthy or 3 – Start your day the fit way with vitamins, protein bars & these ankle/wrist weights.
    Donors: Nutrition Outlet, BodyQuest Value:$55
86. Sharks & Minnows your kids will be, with all kinds of pool games for you to see! Donor: Cardinal Pool & Patio Value:$50
87. Summer Camp Fun! Treat your child to a free week of camp at Indian Acres Swim Club in Champaign.
    Donor: Jack & Camille James Value:$75
88. Splash Time! From the pool to the waterslide to the beach. Your splash time bag is complete.
    Donor: Sangamon Specials’ Staff Value:$150
89. Bulls eye! Enjoy hours of fun trying to hit that bulls eye with this electronic dartboard.
    Donors: Hillards, Schroeders & Smith's Value:$40
90. Die Hard Illini Fans will love these 2 books "Hot Type, and Fighting Illini Basketball" both books were autographed, and
    make sure you wear your Fighting Illini cap! Donor: News-Gazette Value:$60
91. I-L-L I-N-I!! Go cheer those ILLINI on to a victory, in style with your new XL wind shirt, shirt and hat.
    Donor: TIS Bookstore Value:$103
92. “Tunnel Vision” Illini football marches on in this great poster, framed. Donor: Bob Schroeder Value:$30
93. Backyard Fun families will have hours of fun with Bocce ball and Badminton. They come in carrying cases which are great to
    take to friends houses! Donors: Hillards, Schroeders & Smiths Value:$70

94. Have Box Will Lunch Too busy at the office or home? Delight in ten yummy box lunches from Classic Events
    Donor: Classic Events Catering Value:$150
95. Chevy’s & Goonies on May 24! Start with lunch at Chevy's and then head south to the Virginia Theater to see "Goonies"
    (4 tickets) Donors: Chevy's Restaurant and Virginia Theater Value:$115
96. Garcia’s & Goonies on May 24! Start with lunch at Garcia's Pizza and then head south to the Virginia Theater to see
    "Goonies" (4 tickets) Donors: Garcia’s Pizza and Virginia Theater Value:$80
97. DQ Cakes Melt In Your Mouth! You scream, I scream, we all scream for DQ ice-cream! Donor: Dairy Queen Value:$15
98. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner bagel's work for any meal. Enjoy one dozen bagels once a month for one year.
    Donor: Baglemans Value:$75
99. Picnic In the Park Enjoy a beautiful day at the park with this loaded basket of dining essentials and a yummy meal of
    KFC! Donor: Third Grade Teachers Value:$100
100-101. Entering the Next Generation with 13 cases of the Pepsi product(s) of your choice. Auctioned as separate items,
   good thru 2003. Donor: Pepsi Value:$100 each
102. Lasso the Best Texas BBQ In Town Feed your whole herd with the family pack gift certificate and BBQ up a storm all
   spring and summer. Donor: Longhorn Smokehouse Value:$55
103. ME WANT COOKIES! Savor the flavor of these delicious homemade cookies when your finished devouring these 4
   dozen. You get to ask for 3 more batches. Donor: Janet Savoie Value: Yummy
104. Pamper Your Chef! These Pampered Chef cooking utensils are sure assets to your culinary needs.
   Donor: Carolyn Williams Value:$50
105. These Pies Take First Prize! No one bakes pies better than Bev. Savor not one but TWO fruit or pecan pies of your
   choice! Donor: Bev Schroeder Value: Delicious
106. Got Food? fill your basket and then your tummy at the IGA. Donor: IGA Value:$50

107. Una Fiesta Mexicana! Nachos, tacos, and enchiladas for all! Donor: Chevy's Restaurant Value:$50
108. Let There Be Bread Enjoy this basket of scrumptious Great Harvest breads. Donor: Great Harvest Bread Co
109. Let's Hear Your Fortune at the Peking house. This $50 gift certificate is sure to bring you good fortune. Don't forget
   the chop sticks! Donor: Peking House Value:$50
110. Do I Have To Cook Again? Not tonight honey! Let's eat out on our $50 gift certificate to Hideaway At The Woods!
   Donor: Hideaway At the Woods Value:$50
111. Bon Appetit! The Sangamon teachers have made you a romantic Italian dinner-complete in colander.
   Donor: Sangamon Teachers & Staff Value: Romance
112. Tastefully Simple Says It All Enjoy these delicious, gourmet treats in a beautiful basket courtesy of consultant Kim
   Johnson. Donor: Tastefully Simple Consultant Kim Johnson Value:$50
113. Red, White & Barbecue Just fire up the grill and you’re ready to go with these great American grilling accessories.
   Donor: MS Junior High Student Council Value:$60
114. A Little Bit of Italy You’ll be speaking Italian by the time you finish this basket packed with pastas, spices & more.
   Donor: MS Junior High Teachers Value:$60
115. Picnic Fun Basket Enjoy that first day of summer with this picnic packed for you. Toys included.
   Donor: Lincoln Trail Third Grade Teachers Value:$50

116. Mickey Mouse & Disney Go Italian You and your kids will enjoy an evening & more with this Disney inspired Italian
   basket. Donor: a Fifth Grade Disney-loving Teacher Value:$50

117. Sweets For Your Sweetie Indulge yourself in this delicious chocolate, pick your favorite chocolates with a $25 gift
   certificate at Sweet Indulgence! Donor: Sweet Indulgence Value:$25
118. Mother's Day Delight Spoil her with a teddy bear balloon with gift certificate, a 1hr. massage and manicure. What a
   great day of relaxation! Donors: Allure Salon, Special Moments by Marni and Carle Clinic Foundation Value:$100
119. Do Your Teeth Need Brightened? Bid on this essential teeth cleaning. Dr. Kassem, a MS graduate, is right here in
   Mahomet. ($40 new patient exam not included.) Donor: Nezar Kassem Value:$55
120. Do Your Teeth Need Whitened? Bid on this essential teeth whitening package. Bye bye coffee stains! ($40 new
   patient exam not included.) Donor: Nezar Kassem Value:$300
121. Prom Day Pampering! Take your daughter to breakfast, followed by tanning, a manicure an up-do and other surprises!!
   Donors: Hen House Restaurant, Jan’s Quick Tan, Oak Street Salon Value:$90
122. All That Glitters This is something extra special for your princess. Donor: Stacy Schroeder Value:$70
123. Rub a Dub Dub away all of life's tensions with a 1 hr. massage here in Mahomet.
   Donor: Carle Clinic Foundation Value:$50
124. Quick! Get a Tan Spring break is fast approaching, get that base tan before you burn. Donor: Jan's Quick Tan
125─127. Jingle Jangle Bangles Decorate your wrists with these popular beads. Auctioned in groupings.
   Donor: Earthsights Value:$20 each
128. Smooth As Silk a dab of these Mary Kay products will keep her skin beautiful. She'll love it.
   Donor: Linda Parnell Value:$50

129. Celebrity Car Wash Hand-wash, wax & interior car detail by our own local celebrities Mark Cabutti & John Alumbaugh
   Donor: John Alumbaugh & Mark Cabutti Value: Spotless!
130. Dad's Only Car Care Bucket Once you've had the detailing done, use this Dad's only car care bucket to keep you car
   looking great! Donor: Sangamon Teachers Value:$40
131─132. Splish, Splash My Car Needs a Bath! No need to have a dirty car, run your car over to Marketview Car Wash and
   let them do the "ultimate clean" Auctioned separately. Donor: Marketview Car Wash Value:$75 each
133─135. Pamper Your Car! Line up now for your full service oil change. Auctioned separately. Donor: Community Tire
   Value:$27 each

136. Yachats Oregon 1 & 2 Black and white photos can adorn your study! Shelley is a MS graduate.
   Donor: Shelley Veazie Value:$100
137. The Story of 3! Three works of art in three dimensional forms inside this metal bound art book. Nick is a MS graduate.
   Donor: Nick Chapman Value:$75
138. Statue Photo This beautiful photo was taken near Hull House in Chicago. Kathryn is a MS graduate.
   Donor: Kathryn Sue Norris Value:$50
139. The Maestro & Apocalypse This image is an unpublished cover for a Marvel Comic miniseries. Jonah is a MS graduate.
   Donor: Jonah Cagley Value:$25
140. Running Back is an original line drawing by Jonah Cagley for a MS football team shirt. Jonah is a MS graduate.
   Donor: Jonah Cagley Value:$25
141. Goddard & Stumpy Don't be frumpy, get a Stumpy!! Mark is a MS graduate. Donor: Mark Page Value:$25

142. "Garlic" & "Pepper" Where art and science are beautifully combined by local artist & MS graduate Connie Balek.
   Donor: The Framery Value:$30

143. "Pear and Apples" Enjoy the fruits of local artist & MS graduate Connie Balek's work. Donor: The Framery Value:$15
144. "Mom's Poppies" Detail and color come alive in this piece by local artist & MS graduate Connie Balek.
   Donor: The Framery Value:$15
145. Bluebells in the Wind complete your room with this beautiful watercolor painting by local artist Charlotte Brady.
   Donor: Char Brady Value:$55
146. Easy Livin' Embellish your home with this beautiful watermelon, marigold matted print by Donna Peters
   Donor: The Framery Value:$45
147. Rainy Days and Rubber Stamps! Kids love card making. From birthday invitations to get well cards. Enjoy this start up kit
   from JBJ Donor: JBJ Value:$55
148. Picasso Watch Out! Have fun designing your very own work of art that you can show off entertaining.
   Donor: Paint Your Own Pottery Value:$50
149. "Cala Lily" a Cala Lily of Asian Contemporary décor. Donor: Sarah Nurmi Value:$25

150. "Pride of White Lake" Original art by Donna Peters for your home. Donor: The Framery Value:$65

                                Some items may be added, altered, or not available the day of the event.
                        Please see a Foundation volunteer if you have any questions regarding the auction items.
          All bids are binding. Payment by check or cash, please. Winning bidders will be contacted by phone, if not present.

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