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									                                    WSTA SAND CUSHION TERRAZZO

PART 1 – GENERAL                                                   member in good standing of the WSTA
1.01 SUMMARY                                                       and the NTMA.
  A. Minimum of 2-1/2 inch thick
                                                        1.04   DELIVERY, STORAGE AND HANDLING
     (1/2” nominal terrazzo topping, 2” nominal
     underbed, with isolation membrane, reinforcing
                                                          A. Delivery of materials
     mesh and dusting of sand on concrete
                                                             Deliver materials in a manner to prevent
                                                             damage or contamination to containers or bags
  B. Work included in this Section
                                                             of materials.
     1. Portland Cement Sand Cushion terrazzo,
                                                          B. Storage of materials
          (horizontal surfaces)
                                                             Store materials in a clean, dry location, heated
     2. Underbed, Portland Cement base.
                                                             to minimum 50 degrees, furnished by others.
  C. Related work in other Sections
     1. Furnish and installation of concrete slab
                                                        1.05   Guarantee/Warranty
          with moisture vapor barrier.
     2. Furnish and setting of floor drains.
                                                               Terrazzo materials and installation shall be
     3. Metal lath and Portland Cement plaster.
                                                               guaranteed for a period of (1) year from date of
     4. Joint sealants installed with terrazzo.
                                                               substantial completion. Guarantee shall be
     5. Sufficient water, temporary heat and light,
                                                               limited to the repair and/or replacement of
          and adequate electric power connected
                                                               materials or workmanship found to be defective
          with outlets within 100 feet of work area.
                                                               per NTMA standards and specifications.

  A.   Acceptable suppliers
       1. Suppliers shall be Associate members of
           the Western States Terrazzo Association
           (WSTA) and the National Terrazzo &
           Mosaic Association (NTMA) and shall
           supply materials in accordance with the
           standards and specification of the NTMA.
       2. Marble chips and/or glass aggregates
           shall be standard colors and gradated
           sizes as supplied by WSTA Associate
  B.    Acceptable installers
       1. Terrazzo installation contractor shall be
           current Contractor members of the NTMA
           /WSTA and shall perform all work in          PART 2 – PRODUCTS
           accordance with NTMA specifications and
           standards.                                   2.01   MATERIALS
       2. (See
        A. Portland Cement: ASTM C150.
           tactus.htm for information regarding           B. Sand: Clean, washed, locally available sand.
           regional Contractor Members).                  C. Marble Chips; Standard color marble chips as
                                                             distributed by Associate members of WSTA.
1.03   SUBMITTALS                                            Size per NTMA gradation standards and
                                                             maximum 10% glass (size #0 and #1 only)
  A. Product Data                                         D. Divider Strips; Zinc or Brass, 1/8” in thickness
         Submit product data for all related                 unless noted otherwise, as supplied by
         materials     including     divider  strips,        Manhattan American, TESCO Products and/or
         expansion strips, membranes, sealers and            authorized distributors.
         cleaners.                                        E. Colorants:     Alakali resistant color stable
  B. Samples                                                 pigments per NTMA Design Guide Standards.
     1. Submit (3) 6” square samples for each             F. Reinforcement: ASTM A185 18 gauge
         color and type of terrazzo specified or             galvanized welded wire mesh.
         selected.                                        G. Isolation Membrane: ASTM D 2103, 4 mil
     2. Submit (3) 6” lengths of each divider of             polyethylene sheeting.
         expansion strip required.                        H. Terrazzo Cleaner: PH Factor between 7 and
  C. Certification                                           10, biodegradable and phosphate free.
         Submit certification letter from WSTA that       I. Sealer: TESCO Crystalseal penetrating sealer.
         terrazzo installation contractor is current

                           Western States Terrazzo Association
                                      WSTA SAND CUSHION TERRAZZO

2.02   MIXES                                                   3. Seeding of additional chips is optional,
                                                                  however may be required to meet
  A. Terrazzo Selection:                                          aesthetics of chip density in approved
     1. Terrazzo type shall be Sand Cushion                       project sample.
         Terrazzo.                                            4. Roll and compact surface until all excess
     2. Color shall be WSTA or NTMA color plate                   cement and water have been extracted.
         or custom matrix as produced by a WSTA               5. Trowel to a dense uniform flat surface
         Contractor member # ___________.                         disclosing lines of divider strips.
  B. Proportion:                                           C. Curing:
     1. Underbed: One part Portland Cement to                 1. After completing placement of terrazzo
         four parts sand and sufficient water to                  and composition has sufficiently set, cover
         provide workability at as low a slump as                 with water, wet sand or polyethylene
         possible.                                                sheeting.
     2. Terrazzo Topping: One 94 pound bag of                 2. Cure until topping develops sufficient
         Portland cement mixed with 200-200                       strength to prevent lifting or pulling of
         pounds of marble chips, color pigment if                 terrazzo chips during grinding.
         required and sufficient potable water to          D. Finishing:
         produce a workable mix.                              1. Rough Grinding:
  C. Mixing:                                                      a. Grind with #24 or finer grit stones or
     1. Underbed: Charge and mix sand and                              with comparable diamond plates
         Portland Cement, add water and mix.                      b. Follow initial grind with #80 or finer
     2. Terrazzo Topping:        Charge and mix                        grit stones.
         marble chips, Portland cement and color              2. Grouting:
         pigment if required. Add water and mix to                a. Cleanse floor with clean water and
         a uniform workable consistency.                               rinse
                                                                  b. Remove excess rinse water and
PART 3 – EXECUTION                                                     machine or hand-apply grout, taking
                                                                       care to fill voids.
3.01   INSPECTION                                                 c. Grout may be left on terrazzo until all
                                                                       heavy or messy work in project is
       Examine areas to receive terrazzo for:                          complete.
       1. Defects in existing work that affect proper         3. Fine Grinding:
          execution of terrazzo work.           Notify            a. Grind with #80 or finer stones until all
          contractor of any defects in concrete or                     grout is removed from surface.
          other related work for correction.                      b. Upon completion, terrazzo shall show
       2. Start only when all defects have been                        a minimum of 70% marble chips.
          corrected by others.                             E. Cleaning and Sealing:
                                                              1. Wash all surfaces with a neutral cleaner.
3.02   INSTALLATION                                           2. Rinse with clean water and allow surface
                                                                  to dry.
  A. Underbed:                                                3. Apply penetrating sealer in accordance
     1. Cover entire surface to receive terrazzo                  with manufacturer’s directions.
         with dusting of sand.                             F. Protection:
     2. Install isolation membrane overlapping                    Upon completion, the work shall be ready
         ends and edges a minimum of 3 inches.                    for final inspection and acceptance by
     3. Install wire reinforcement, overlapping                   owner or agent. The General Contractor
         edges a minimum of 3 inches.                             shall protect the finished floor upon
     4. Place underbed mix.                                       completion
     5. Screed underbed to elevation ½” below
         finished floor elevation.                                          END
     6. Install divider strips per approved layout in
         semi-plastic underbed and trowel along
     7. Install control joint strips if required, taking
         care that control joint is full depth of
  B. Placing Terrazzo:
     1. Saturate underbed with water.
     2. Place terrazzo mixture in panels formed by
         divider strips and trowel mixture to top of

                            Western States Terrazzo Association

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