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									                    Active Independence: The Home Support Exercise Program (HSEP) in Alberta

Home Support Exercise Program: Doctor’s Letter

Dear Doctor
Re: The Home Support Exercise Program (HSEP)
This letter is to inform you that one of your patients,                                     ,
will be participating in the Home Support Exercise Program. The HSEP is a physical activity
and healthy eating program led by trained program staff. Participants access this program
through the health region’s services.
Designed with the frail older adult in mind, HSEP has the following objectives:
♦ to improve physical and mental health generally through exercise and a healthy diet;
♦ to promote independent living and improve quality of life;
♦ to build confidence and be a stepping stone to enjoyable interaction with others from out-
   side the home.
This is how HSEP works:
♦ professional staff screen and refer appropriate clients to the program;
♦ an HSEP-trained staff person or volunteer then goes through the program (including
   the exercises, healthy eating tips, support resources, and ways of charting progress) with the
   client (this orientation should take about an hour and a half over a few sessions);
♦ HSEP-trained staff then provide ongoing social support to the client, e.g., informal prompts
  and reminders during the client’s program visits or home-care services;
♦ HSEP-trained program staff track the progress of and provide support to the client.
Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace and are advised to avoid exercises or
movements that cause any discomfort or pain. We ask participants to inform you about deciding
to start HSEP. Participants are also encouraged to discuss any health concerns with you as the
program progresses.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at the Alberta Centre for Active Living at
780 427-7938 (toll-free in Alberta at 1 800 661-4551).
Yours truly,

Jennifer Dechaine
Project Manager, Home Support Exercise Program in Alberta
Older Adult Coordinator, Alberta Centre for Active Living

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