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					10CC                          Greatest hits & more (2 CD)
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor   2 (1996)
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor   Dreams
2 Unlimited                   Get ready (1992)
2 Unlimited                   Hits unlimted (1995)
2 Unlimited                   II (1998)
2 Unlimited                   II (2009)
2 Unlimited                   Pin-up went down (2008)
2 Unlimited                   Real things (1994)
30 Seconds To Mars            Rare (Live acoustic) (2 CD) (2007)
3Js                           Dromers en dwazen (2010)
4Him                          Christmas, the seasons of love (1998)
Aaron Lines                       Living out loud (2003)
Aaron Lines                       Love changes everything (2001)
Aaron Lines                       Waitin' on the wonderful (2005)
Aaron Tippin                      In overdrive (2009)
Aaron Tippin                      People like us
Aaron Tippin                      Tool box
Aaron Tippin                      What this country needs (1998)
Aaron Watson                      Deep in the heart of Texas (Live) (2009)
Abba Remix                        Abba Remix 2007
Abbe Lane                         Be mine tonight
Abbe Lane                         The lady in red
ABC                               Absolutely- The best of (1990)
Abdullah Ibrahim                  African suite for trio and string orchestra (1998)
Ace Cannon                        Memphis golden hits
Ace Cannon                        Moanin' sax
Ace Of Base                       Happy nation (1993)
Ace Young                         Ace Young (2008)
Acker Bilk & Humphrey Lyttelton   At sundown (1992)
Acker Bilk & Orchestra            Oscar winners
Acker Bilk & Orchestra            Romantic clarinet (1979)
Ad Vanderveen                     Cloud of unknowing (2007)
Adam & The Nuclear Rockets        Rock & roll for a dime (2006)
Adam Faith                        Adam (1960) (UK Parlophone PMC-1128)
Adam Harvey                       Both sides now [2009]
Adam Sandler                      Shhh don't tell (2004)
Adam Sandler                      Stan & Judy's kid (1999)
Adam Sandler                      What the hell happened to Me (1996)
Adamo                             A collection of hits
Adamo                             Best collection
Adamo                             C'est ma vie (2 CD)
Adamo                             Chanson pour l'eté (1968)
Adamo                             Comme toujours (1993)
Adamo                             Einfach das beste (1995)
Adamo                             Par les temps qui courrent (2001)
Adelaide Hall                     Hall of fame (1992)
Adriano Celentano                 Unicamente Celentano - (3 CD) (2006)
Adya Classic                      Classic specia
Agnes Baltsa                      Songs My country taught Me (Xatzidakis) (1986)
A-Ha                              Foot of the mountain (2009)
Al Bano & Romina Power            Sempre, sempre (1986)
Al Bano & Romina Power            Vincerai (1991)
Al Bano & Romina Power            Weihnachten bei uns zu hause (1990)
Al Caiola                         Let the sunshine in (1969)
Al Caiola                         Solid gold guitar goes Hawaiian (2008)
Al Green                          Sings the gospel
Al Hibbler                        Here's Hibbler
Al Hirt                           Honey in the horn
Al Hirt                           Horn a-plenty
Al Hirt                           Sugar lips (1964)
Al Jarreau                        We got by (1975)
Al Martino                        I love You because
Al Martino                        Spanish eyes (live) (1998)
Al Martino      We could
Al Terry        Hickory's cajun hillbilly (2007)
Alabama         16 Biggest hits (2007)
Alabama         40 Hour week (1985)
Alabama         Alabama Christmas vol 1 (1985)
Alabama         Alabama Christmas Vol 2 (1996)
Alabama         American pride (1992)
Alabama         Born country (1997)
Alabama         Cheap seats (1993)
Alabama         Country side of life (1994)
Alabama         Dancin' on the boulevard (1997)
Alabama         Down home (3 CD) (1994)
Alabama         Feels so right (1981)
Alabama         For the record - 41 Number one hits (2 CD) (1998)
Alabama         Gonna have a party (Live) (1993)
Alabama         Greatest hits (1986)
Alabama         Greatest hits II (1991)
Alabama         Greatest hits III (1994)
Alabama         In pictures (1995)
Alabama         In the mood - The love songs (2 CD) (2003)
Alabama         Just us (1987)
Alabama         Livin', lovin', rockin' & rollin' - The 25th ... (3 CD) (2006)
Alabama         Mountain music (1982)
Alabama         My home's in Alabama (1980)
Alabama         Pass it on down (1990)
Alabama         Roll on (1984)
Alabama         Songs of inspiration (2006)
Alabama         Songs of inspiration II (2007)
Alabama         Southern star (1989)
Alabama         The American farewell tour (2003)
Alabama         The closer You get (1983)
Alabama         The essential (2 CD) (2005)
Alabama         The touch (1986)
Alabama         The ultimate Alabama - 20 number 1 hits (2004)
Alabama         The very best of Alabama (2008)
Alabama         Twentieth century (1999)
Alabama         When it all goes south (2001)
Alain Clark     Colorblind (2010)
Alan Jackson    16 Biggest hits
Alan Jackson    Drive
Alan Jackson    Everything I love
Alan Jackson    Freight train [2010]
Alan Jackson    Good time
Alan Jackson    High mileage (1998)
Alan Jackson    Honky tonk Christmas (1993)
Alan Jackson    Let it be Chistmas (2002)
Alan Jackson    Songs of love and heartache (2009)
Alan Jackson    Super hits (1999)
Alan Jackson    The greatest hits collection
Alan Jackson    Under the influence
Alan Jackson    What I do (2004)
Alannah Myles   Rockinghorse (1992)
Alex Hood                      Songs while the billy boils (1960)
Alexander Curly                Zilte zee en zure bommen (1981)
Alexander Rybak                Fairytales (2009)
Alfred Hause & His Orchestra   Les plus beaux tangos du monde (1973)
Alison Krauss                  100 Miles or more a collection
Alison Krauss                  Forget about it (1999)
All Angels                     All angels (2006)
All Angels                     Fly away (2010)
All Angels                     Into paradise (2004)
Allen Frizzell                 I'm just a nobody (2007)
Allison Moorer                 Alabama song (1998)
Allison Moorer                 Crows (2010)
Allison Moorer                 Getting somewhere (2006)
Allison Moorer                 Miss Fortune (2002)
Allison Moorer                 Mockingbird (2008)
Allison Moorer                 The duel (2004)
Allison Moorer                 The hardest part (2000)
Allison Moorer                 The ultimate collection (2008)
Allman Brothers Band           Hittin' the note (2003)
Alma Cogan                     I love to sing
Alma Cogan                     With You in mind
Alvin & The Chipmunks          The Squeakquel (OST) (2009)
Alvin Lee                      In Tennessee (2004)
Amália Rodrigues               Ses plus belles chansons (1994)
Amanda Lear                    Paris by night & Greatest hits (2 CD) (2007)
Amber Digby                    Here come the teardrops (2006)
Amber Digby                    Music from the honky tonks [2005]
America                        The complete greatest hits
Amii Stewart                   Knock on wood & The best of (1996)
Amii Stewart                   Knock on wood (1978)
Amii Stewart                   Paradise bird (1979)
Amy Grant                      A Christmas album (1983)
Amy Grant                      A Christmas to remember (1999)
Amy Grant                      Age to age (1982)
Amy Grant                      Amy Grant (1977)
Amy Grant                      Behind the eyes (1997)
Amy Grant                      Christmas collection 20th Century masters (1996)
Amy Grant                      Greatest hits (2007)
Amy Grant                      Heart in motion (1991)
Amy Grant                      Her greatest inspirational songs (2002)
Amy Grant                      Home for Christmas (1992)
Amy Grant                      House of love (1994)
Amy Grant                      Lead Me on (1988)
Amy Grant                      Legacy, hymns & faith (2002)
Amy Grant                      My father's eyes (1979)
Amy Grant                      Never alone (1980)
Amy Grant                      Simple things (2003)
Amy Grant                      Songs from mosaic (2007)
Amy Grant                      Straight ahead (1984)
Amy Grant                      The collection (1986)
Amy Grant                      Time again (Amy Grant live) (2006)
Amy Grant                      Unguarded (1985)
Amy-Lee Bennett        Amy-Lee Bennett
Amy MacDonald          A curious thing (2010)
An & Schatteman        Evergreens (2005)
André Brasseur         This is André Brasseur (1968)
Andre Hazes            25 Jaar het allerbeste van ( 2 CD's )
Andre Hazes            Al 15 jaar gewoon Andre ( 2 cd's )
Andre Hazes            De strijdlustige
Andre Hazes            Dit is wat ik wil (1989)
Andre Hazes            Zo is het leven (1977)
Andre Moss             18 Karaats (1980)
Andre Moss             Bella notte (1980)
Andre Moss             Beste van (1992)
Andre Moss             Plays Billy Vaughn (1977)
Andre Moss             Rosita (1974)
André Previn           A touch of elegance
André Previn           Previn with voices
André Previn           The light fantastic (1963)
Andre Rieu             You'll never walk alone (2009)
Andre Rieu & Mirusia   Waltzing Matilda (2008)
Andrea Corr            Ten feet high (2007)
Andreas Vollenweider   Behind the gardens (1982)
Andreas Vollenweider   Book of roses (1992)
Andreas Vollenweider   Caverna magica (1983)
Andreas Vollenweider   Cosmopoly (1999)
Andreas Vollenweider   Dancing with the lion (1989)
Andreas Vollenweider   Down to the moon (1986)
Andreas Vollenweider   Eine art suite in XIII teilen
Andreas Vollenweider   Eolian minstrel (1993)
Andreas Vollenweider   Magic harp (2005)
Andreas Vollenweider   Midnight clear (2006)
Andreas Vollenweider   The trilogy (2 CD ) (1990)
Andreas Vollenweider   Vox (2004)
Andreas Vollenweider   White winds (1985)
Andrews Sisters        Fresh and fancy free (1957)
Andrews Sisters        The dancing 20's
Andrei Lugovski        My world (2009)
Andrei Lugovski        Passione (2010)
Andy                   Allerbeste van
Andy Gibb              Greatest hits collection (1991)
Andy Griffith          Just for laughs (1958)
Andy Montanez          Grandes exitos (2006)
Andy Williams          Andy Williams (1958)
Andy Williams          The best of ( 2 CD )
Andy Williams          The shadow of your smile
Andy Williams          Under Paris skies
Angela Hacker          The winner is (2007)
Angelica Maria         La novia de Mexico
Angelika Milster       Ich sage ja (2008)
Anita Kerr             And now ...The Anita Kerr Orchestra
Anita Kerr             Slightly baroque
Anita Kerr Singers     All You need is love
Anita Kerr Singers     Music is her name (1992)
Anita Meyer                 Tears go by (2009)
Anita Meyer                 The Ahoy concert (1988)
Anita O'Day                 1956-1962
Anita O'Day                 Anita sings the most
Anita O'Day                 Trav'lin' light
Anita O'Day                 Waiter, make mine blues
Anja & Johnny               Op de middengolf (1977)
Ann Burton                  Ballads & Burton
Ann Burton                  By myself alone
Ann Christy                 De gouden hits 1945 - 1984
Ann Christy                 Het beste van (1989)
Ann Christy                 In English (1998)
Ann Christy                 Zo is er maar één (2009)
Ann Richards                I'm shooting high
Ann Tayler                  Come on (2002)
Ann Tayler                  Home to Louisianna
Ann Tayler                  On the road again
Anna Maria Alberghetti      I can't resist You
Anne Murray                 Anne Murray's Christmas album (2008)
Anne Murray                 Country croonin' (2 cd's)
Anne Murray                 Duets - Friends & legends (2008)
Anne Murray                 Greatest hits (1982)
Anne Murray                 Heart over mind (1984)
Anne Murray                 Yes I do (1991)
Anne Shelton                The early years
Anneke Gronloh              Anneke nu! (1964)
Anneke Gronloh              Anneke's surprise album (1963)
Anneke Gronloh              Warm is de liefde (2CD)(2009)
Annette Funicello           Annette (1959)
Annette Funicello           Annette Sings Anka (1960)
Annette Funicello           Hawaiianette & Annette sings Anka
Annette Funicello           Hawaiiannette (1960)
Annette Funicello           Muscle beach party
Annette Funicello           Sings golden surfin' hits (1965)
Annette Funicello           The story (5 CD)
Annie de Reuver             De grote successen van Annie de Reuver
Annie Lennox                Bare
Annie Lennox                Medusa (1995)
Annie Lennox                The very best of
Annie Schilder              High noon
Ann-Margret                 Bachelors' paradise
Ann-Margret                 The vivacious one
Anny Schilder               All of Me (1990)
Anny Schilder               De spiegel (1993)
Anny Schilder               Here I am (1985)
Anny Schilder               High noon (1995)
Anny Schilder               Sentimentos (1997)
Anthony Perkins             From My heart
Anthony Ventura Orchester   Music for making love (1995)
Aoi Teshima                 La vie en rose (I love cinemas) (2009)
Aphrodite's Child           666 (2 CD) (1971)
Aphrodite's Child           Babylon the great - An introduction to Aphrodite's Child (2002)
Aphrodite's Child                      Best of Aphrodite's Child (1975)
Aphrodite's Child                      End of the world (1968)
Aphrodite's Child                      It's five o'clock (1969)
Aphrodite's Child                      Rain and tears the story of (1972)
Aphrodite's Child                      The singles (1995)
Appalachian Express                    I'll meet You in the morning (2003)
Aqua                                   Greatest hits (2009)
Arbors                                 The very best of [1998]
Archie Campbel                         The best of (1970)
Aretha Franklin                        Lady Soul (1968)
Aretha Franklin                        Rare & unreleased recordings (2 cd's)
Aretha Franklin                        This girl's in love with You (1970)
Arlo Guthrie                           Hobo's lullaby (1972)
Armand Migiani & Couroyer              Sex o rama (1970)
Armando Manzanero                      El Piano ( Manzanero y sus amigos)(1995)
                                       Nostalgia Cubana (1955)
Armando Orefiche & His Havana Cuban Boys
Art Farmer & The Great Jazz Trio       Ambrosia
Art Van Damme                          Martini time
Art Van Damme                          Music for lovers
Art Van Damme                          The Van Damme sound
Arthur Godfrey                         Amen
Arthur 'Guitar Boogie' Smith           The golden age of Arthur Smith
Arthur Lyman                           Hawaiian sunset (1959)
Arthur Smith & His Crackerjacks        Guitar boogie
Artie Shaw                             Clarinet magic with big band & strings (1945-46)
Ashley Tisdale                         Guilty pleasure (2009)
Asleep At The Wheel                    20 Greatest hits (2003)
Asleep At The Wheel                    23 Country classics (1999)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Asleep At The Wheel (1985)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Asleep At The Wheel (Epic KE 33097) (1974)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Back to the future now (1997)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Cherokee maiden (2007) (live)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Collision course (1978)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Comin' right at ya (1973)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Comin' right at ya & Texas gold (2000)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Fathers & sons
Asleep At The Wheel                    Framed (1980)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Hang up My spurs (2002)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Keepin' Me up nights (1990)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Kings of the Texas swing (live) (2007)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Merry Texas christmas, yall (1997)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Pasture prime (1985)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Reinventing the wheel (2007)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Remember the Alamo (2003)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Ride with Bob (1999)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Route 66 (1992)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Served live (1979)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Still swingin' ( 3 CD) (1994)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Swing time (1993)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Ten (1987)
Asleep At The Wheel                    Texas gold (1975)
Asleep At The Wheel                    The best of (2001)
Asleep At The Wheel        The big wheel (1990)
Asleep At The Wheel        The millenium collection (2001)
Asleep At The Wheel        The wheel (1977)
Asleep At The Wheel        The wheel keeps on rollin' (1995)
Asleep At The Wheel        Tribute to Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys (1993)
Asleep At The Wheel        Western standard time (1988)
Asleep At The Wheel        Wheelin' & dealin'
Association                And then...along comes The Association (1999)
Association                Birthday (1968) (US Warner Bros. WS-1733)
Association                Renaissance (1967) (US Valiant VLS-25004)
Astrid Nijgh               De razende bol (1979)
Astrid Nijgh               Tegen het lijf (2007)
Astrud Gilberto            The shadow of your smile
Attila                     Attila
Audie Blaylock & Redline   Audie Blaylock & Redline (2009)
Audrey Landers             Dolce vita (2006)
Audrey Landers             Greatest hits
Audrey Landers             Holiday dreams (1985)
Audrey Landers             Little river (1988)
Audrey Landers             Mein Deutsches hit-album (2008)
Audrey Landers             Secrets (1988)
Audrey Landers             Spuren deiner zärtlichkeit (2010)
Audrey Landers             Spuren eines sommers (2005)
Audrey Landers             Weites land (1986)
Audrey Landers             Winter wonderland
Augie Meyers               Country (2009)
Aviary                     Aviary (1980)
B.J. Thomas         All the hits - The ultimate collection (1999)
B.J. Thomas         More greatest hits (1995)
B.J. Thomas         Raindrops keep fallin' on My head (1993)
B.J. Thomas         The very best of B.J. Thomas (1997)
Baby Elvis          Elvis para bebes
Bad Company         Run with the pack (1976)
Badfinger           Straight up (1972)
Bandit              A dream come true (special edition) (2003)
Bandit              Orbisongs (2005)
Bandit              The greatest line dances (1998)
Bandit              The Tura songbook (2001)
Barbara             Iemand (1993)
Barbara Burnette    My tattoo
Barbara Dickson     From the beggar's mantle fringed with gold (1971)
Barbara Dickson     Parcel of Rogues (1994)
Barbara Dickson     The right moment (1986)
Barbara Fairchild   The biggest hurt (1982)
Barbara Lamb        Fiddle fatale (1993)
Barbara Lamb        Tonight I feel like Texas (1996)
Barbara Mandrell    20th Century masters & The best of
Barbara Mandrell    22 Legendary hits
Barbara Mandrell    Acoustic attitude
Barbara Mandrell    Barbara Mandrell (1981)
Barbara Mandrell    Black and white
Barbara Mandrell    Branson City limits
Barbara Mandrell    Christmas at our house (1984)
Barbara Mandrell    Clean cut
Barbara Mandrell    Country class
Barbara Mandrell    Do right woman, do right man (1999)
Barbara Mandrell    Greatest hits (1985)
Barbara Mandrell    He set My life to music (1982)
Barbara Mandrell    I'll be your jukebox tonight (1988)
Barbara Mandrell    Just for the record
Barbara Mandrell    Key's in the mailbox (1991)
Barbara Mandrell    Live (1981)
Barbara Mandrell    Looking back (1981)
Barbara Mandrell    Love is fair (1980)
Barbara Mandrell    Lover's friends and strangers (1977)
Barbara Mandrell    Love's ups and downs (1977)
Barbara Mandrell    Midnight angel (1976)
Barbara Mandrell    Midnight oil (1973)
Barbara Mandrell    Moods (1978)
Barbara Mandrell    Morning sun (1990)
Barbara Mandrell    No nonsense (1990)
Barbara Mandrell    Precious memories (1989)
Barbara Mandrell    Spun gold (1983)
Barbara Mandrell    Sure feels good (1987)
Barbara Mandrell    The best of Barbara Mandrell (1977)
Barbara Mandrell    The best of Barbara Mandrell (1992)
Barbara Mandrell    The Branson sound (1995)
Barbara Mandrell    The Columbia-Epic singles
Barbara Mandrell    This is Barbara Mandrell (1976)
Barbara Mandrell                        This time I almost made it (1974)
Barbara Mandrell                        Treat him right (1971)
Barbara Mandrell                        Ultimate collection (2001)
Barbara Mandrell & David Houston        A perfect match (1972)
Barbara Mandrell & Lee Greenwood        Meant for each other (1984)
Barbra Streisand                        A christmas album (1967)
Barbra Streisand                        The way we were (OST) (1974)
Barbra Streisand & Kris Kristofferson   A star is born
Barclay James Harvest                   Best of (1991)
Barry Manilow                           Because it's Christmas (1990)
Barry Manilow                           Christmas gift of love (2002)
Barry Manilow                           In the swing of Christmas (Hallmark) (2007)
Barry Manilow                           Manilow sings Sinatra (1998)
Barry Manilow                           The greatest love songs of all time (2010)
Barry White                             Can't get enough (1974)
Barry White                             Let the music play (1976)
Bart Herman                             Uit de mist (2009)
Bea Wain                                The complete recordings Vol. 1 (1939 - 1941)
Beautiful South                         Superbi (2006)
Becky Hobbs                             All keyed up
Becky Hobbs                             Everyday (1977)
Becky Hobbs                             Swedish coffee....American sugar
Becky Schlegel                          Drifter like Me (2005)
Becky Schlegel & True Blue              The lonesome song (2000)
Belle Perez                             Gipsy (2008)
Ben & Carmen Steneker                   Country cafe
Ben Harper & Relentless Seven           White lies for dark times (2009)
Ben Webster                             Music for loving (1955)
Ben Webster                             Music with feeling (1954)
Ben Webster & Oscar Peterson            Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson (1960)
Benny Berry                             Give Me a good country song
Benny Berry                             Mama's rocking chair
Benny Berry                             Some things never change
Benny Berry                             Standing here alone
Benny Berry                             When the trains still ran through Dixie
Benny Carter                            New York nights
Benny Goodman                           Hello Benny (1964)
Benny Goodman                           Made in Japan (1965)
Benny Hill                              The ultimate colllection (1998)
Benny Neyman                            Bitter & zoet (2003)
Benny Neyman                            Dann ruf ich wieder deinen namen (1996)
Bernadette Peters                       I'll be your baby tonight (1996)
Bert Kaempfert                          32 Wereldhits (2 CD)
Bert Kaempfert                          A man could get killed (1966)
Bert Kaempfert                          Blue midnight
Bert Kaempfert                          Christmas wonderland (1997)
Bert Kaempfert                          Easy loungin (1998)
Bert Kaempfert                          Great orchestras of the world (2007)
Bert Kaempfert                          Happy wonderland (2007)
Bert Kaempfert                          Hold Me (1967)
Bert Kaempfert                          Love that (1968)
Bert Kaempfert                          Musical rendez-vous
Bert Kaempfert                      Orange coloured sky (1971)
Bert Kaempfert                      Special (1967)
Bert Kaempfert                      Swingin' safari (1999)
Bert Kaempfert                      That latin feeling (1964)
Bert Kaempfert                      The magic music of far away places (1964)
Bert Kaempfert                      The most beautiful girl (1974)
Bert Kaempfert                      The silver collection (1983)
Bert Kaempfert                      The world of (1962)
Bert Kaempfert                      The world we knew (1967)
Bert Kaempfert                      Yesterday and today (1973)
Beth Orton                          Central reservation (1999)
Beth Orton                          Comfort of strangers (2006)
Beth Orton                          Daybreaker (2002)
Beth Orton                          Other side of daybreak (2003)
Beth Orton                          Pass in time - The definitive collection (2 CD) (2003)
Beth Orton                          She cries your name
Beth Orton                          Super pinky Mandy (1993)
Beth Orton                          Trailer park (Remastered) (2 CD) (2009)
Bette Midler                        Bette of roses (1995)
Bette Midler                        The best Bette (2008)
Betty Davis                         Betty Davis (1973)
Beverley Knight                     Affirmation (2004)
Beverley Mahood                     Girl out of the ordinary
Beverley Mahood                     Moody blue
Beverley Mitchell                   Beverley Mitchell
Beverly Kelly                       Sings (1957)
Beverly Kenney                      Sings for playboys (1958)
Big & Rich                          Horse of a different color (2004)
Big Country                         Through a big country & Greatest hits (2002)
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys       It's time (2003)
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys       Swingin' west (1995)
Bill & James Monroe                 Father & son (1973)
Bill & James Monroe                 Together again (1978)
Bill Anderson                       Don't she look good (1972)
Bill Evans                          A simple matter of conviction (1966)
Bill Haley                          Super rarities
Bill Haley                          The Warner Bros years (6 CD) (2002)
Bill Haley & The Comets             EP-102 (1953)
Bill Haley & The Comets             EP-117 (1953)
Bill Haley & The Comets             EP-118 (1953)
Bill Haley & The Comets             EP-119 (1954)
Bill Hurley                         Angel to Memphis ( A tribute to Elvis ) (1995)
Bill Mankis                         Country accordion swing
Bill Monroe                         Father of bluegrass music (1962)
Bill Monroe                         The essential Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys (2 CD) (1992)
Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys   Anthology (2 CD) (2003)
Bill Phillips                       Style
Billie Jo Spears                    16 Country favourites (1988)
Billie Jo Spears                    18 Greatest hits
Billie Jo Spears                    20 Country greats (1986)
Billie Jo Spears                    50 Original tracks (2 CD) (1993)
Billie Jo Spears                    Billie Jo (1975)
Billie Jo Spears   Billie Jo singles album
Billie Jo Spears   Billie Jo Spears (1986)
Billie Jo Spears   Billie Jo Spears (1999)
Billie Jo Spears   Blanket on the ground (1975)
Billie Jo Spears   Come on home (1994)
Billie Jo Spears   Country classics
Billie Jo Spears   Country favourites (1993)
Billie Jo Spears   Country girl (1970)
Billie Jo Spears   Country gold
Billie Jo Spears   Country legends (2001)
Billie Jo Spears   Country stars & stripes (2001)
Billie Jo Spears   Faded love [1975]
Billie Jo Spears   Fever (1982)
Billie Jo Spears   For the good times (1981)
Billie Jo Spears   Help Me make it through the night
Billie Jo Spears   I will survive (1979)
Billie Jo Spears   If You want Me (1977)
Billie Jo Spears   If You want Me & Lonely hearts club
Billie Jo Spears   If You want Me (vol 1) (1977)
Billie Jo Spears   If You want Me (vol 2) (1977)
Billie Jo Spears   I'm not easy (1977)
Billie Jo Spears   I'm not easy & On the rebound
Billie Jo Spears   I'm so lonesome I could cry (2005)
Billie Jo Spears   It could have been Me (1985)
Billie Jo Spears   Just singing (1971)
Billie Jo Spears   Lonely hearts club (1978)
Billie Jo Spears   Look what they've done to My song (2000)
Billie Jo Spears   Love ain't gonna wait for us & I will survive
Billie Jo Spears   Love songs (2002)
Billie Jo Spears   Midnight blue (1986)
Billie Jo Spears   Midnight love
Billie Jo Spears   Miss Sincerity (1970)
Billie Jo Spears   Misty blue (1992 )
Billie Jo Spears   Mr Walker, it's all over (1969)
Billie Jo Spears   Mr. Walker, it's all over & Just singin' (2003)
Billie Jo Spears   Only the hits (1981)
Billie Jo Spears   Only the hits & With love
Billie Jo Spears   Outlaw woman (1996)
Billie Jo Spears   Queen of the silver dollar (1992)
Billie Jo Spears   Readers digest country classics' (3 CD) (1994)
Billie Jo Spears   Singles
Billie Jo Spears   Sings country (2001)
Billie Jo Spears   Sings the country greats (1991)
Billie Jo Spears   Special songs (1994)
Billie Jo Spears   Stand by your man (1993)
Billie Jo Spears   Standing tall (1980)
Billie Jo Spears   Sunshine (1984)
Billie Jo Spears   Take a melody (2010)
Billie Jo Spears   The best of (1994)
Billie Jo Spears   The best of (2000)
Billie Jo Spears   The very best of (1986)
Billie Jo Spears   The voice of Billie Jo Spears (1968)
Billie Jo Spears                           We just came apart at the dreams (1983)
Billie Jo Spears                           What I've got in mind (1976)
Billie Jo Spears                           With love (1970)
Billie Jo Spears & Del Reeves              By request (1976)
Billy ''Crash'' Craddock                   Boom boom baby
Billy Dean                                 Men'll be boys (1994)
Billy Eckstine                             Imagination (1958)
Billy Eckstine                             No cover no minimum (1960)
Billy Eckstine                             Once more with feeling (1960)
Billy Fury                                 All the best
Billy Fury                                 His wonderous story
Billy Fury                                 Paradise
Billy Gilman                               Everything and more (2005)
Billy Joel                                 Piano man & The very best of Billy Joel
Billy Joel                                 Piano man (1973)
Billy Joel                                 The stranger (1977)
Billy Lee Riley                            Hot damn! (1997)
Billy Lee Riley                            In action !!! (1966)
Billy Lee Riley                            The classic recordings (1956 - 1960)( Disc 1)
Billy Lee Riley                            The classic recordings (1956 - 1960)( Disc 2)
Billy Lee Riley                            The legendary sun performers
Billy May                                  Plays for fancy dancin' (1957)
Billy May                                  The girls and boys on Broadway (1960)
Billy May                                  The sweetest swingin' sounds of no strings (1962)
Billy Ocean                                Love really hurts without You
Billy Ray Cyrus                            Achy breaky heart (2001)
Billy Ray Cyrus                            Back to Tennessee (2009)
Billy Ray Cyrus                            Love songs (2008)
Billy Ray Cyrus                            Southern rain
Billy Ray Cyrus                            The definitive collection (2004)
Billy Ray Cyrus                            Wanna be your Joe
Billy Strayhorn                            Lush life (1992)
Billy Swan                                 Like Elvis used to do
Billy Vaughn                               Boogie woogie greatest hits
Billy Yates                                Billy Yates
Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters          A merry Christmas (1956)
Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole & Dean Martin   Favourite christmas songs (1965-1972) (lp)
Black Crowes                               The southern harmony and musical companion (1992)
Black Sabbath                              Heaven and hell
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings                  Swinging from the chains of love (2009)
Blaine Larsen                              Rockin' You tonight
Blake                                      And so it goes (2008)
Blake Shelton                              Hillbilly bone (2010)
Blake Shelton                              Startin' fires (2008)
Blenders                                   Come back baby blues
Bløf                                       Naakt onder de hemel (1995)
Blossom Dearie                             Blossom Dearie
Blossom Dearie                             Blossom time at Ronnie Scott's (1966)
Blossom Dearie                             Give him the ooh-la-la
Blossom Dearie                             My gentleman friend
Blossom Dearie                             Once upon a summertime
Blossom Dearie                             Sings Comden & Green
Blossom Dearie                 That's just the way I want to be
Blue Jeans                     Hard times
Blue Stars Of France           Lullaby of Birdland (1954)
Blue Stars Of France           Pardon My English
Blue Velvet Band               Sweet moment
Bluegrass Boogiemen            Who's afraid of the boogiemen (2005)
Bo Diddley                     Another dimension (1971)
Bo Diddley                     Bo Diddley (1957)
Bo Diddley                     Bo's blues (1993)
Bo Diddley                     Is a gun slinger (1961)
Bob Benny                      Goud van hier (2010)
Bob Dylan                      Bringing it all back home (1965)
Bob Dylan                      Christmas in the heart (2009)
Bob Luman                      More of that rocker (1979)
Bob Luman                      Still rockin' (1984)
Bob Luman                      The rocker (1984)
Bob Manning                    Spotlight on
Bob Martin                     Next to nothin' (2000)
Bob Martin                     The river turns the wheel (1997)
Bob Rosengarden & Phil Kraus   Like bongos
Bob Seger                      Greatest hits ( 2 CD )
Bob Stewart                    For your ears only (1994)
Bob Wayne                      13 Truckin' songs
Bobbi Martin                   With love (1970)
Bobby Bare                     Ain't got nothin' to lose (1982)
Bobby Bare                     All American country
Bobby Bare                     Sings lullabys, legends and lies (1973) (Live)
Bobby Bare                     Uforglemmelige klassikere (2005)
Bobby Bare & Skeeter Davis     Tunes for two (1965)
Bobby Bare & Skeeter Davis     Your husband, My wife (1970)
Bobby Darin                    Dream lover
Bobby Darin                    For teenagers only (1960)
Bobby Darin                    I wanna be around
Bobby Darin                    Oh look at Me now
Bobby Darin                    The hit singles collection
Bobby Darin                    You're the reason I'm living (1963)
Bobby Enriquez                 Plays bossa nova (1982)
Bobby Flores                   Eleven roses (2008)
Bobby Flores                   Neon nights (2007)
Bobby Goldsboro                Best of Vol.1 (2005)
Bobby Goldsboro                Best of Vol.2 (2005)
Bobby Goldsboro                It's too late & Today (2002)
Bobby Goldsboro                The best of Bobby Goldsboro (1991)
Bobby Hackett                  In a mellow mood (1956)
Bobby Hackett                  Music 'til dawn
Bobby Hackett                  Plays the great musicof Henry Mancini (1963)
Bobby Hicks                    Fiddle patch
Bobby Prins                    Bobby is back (2010)
Bobby Rydell                   All the hits (1962) (Cameo C-1019)
Bobby Rydell                   All the hits Volume 2 (1962) (US Cameo C-1040)
Bobby Valentino                The rebirth (2009)
Bobby Vinton                   Roses are red
Bobby Vinton         Terciopelo azul (1990) EP
Bobby Wayne          Honky tonk
Bobby Womack         The essential (2 CD) (2005)
Bolero Jazz          Tenderly (1994)
Boney M              10000 Light years (1984)
Boney M              25 Jaar na 'Daddy cool' - de grootste hits allertijden (2 CD)
Boney M              Boonoonoonoos (1981)
Boney M              Christmas album (1981)
Boney M              Christmas with (1981)
Boney M              For dancin' (super single) (1980)
Boney M              Greatest hits
Boney M              Kalimba de luna (1984)
Boney M              Love for sale (1977)
Boney M              Nightflight to Venus (1978)
Boney M              Take the heat off Me (1976)
Boney M              The best of (1999)
Boney M              The complete collection (2CD) (2000)
Boney M              The magic of Boney M. - 20 Golden hits (1980)
Bonnie St. Claire    De allerbeste gouwe (2000)
Bonnie Tyler         Best ballads (1995)
Bonnie Tyler         Greatest hits (Steel box collection) (2008)
Boston               Corporate America
Boudewijn de Groot   Een nieuwe herfst
Boudewijn de Groot   Grootste hits
Boudewijn de Groot   Het beste van
Boudewijn de Groot   Het eiland in de verte
Boudewijn de Groot   Het land van Maas en Waal
Boudewijn de Groot   Vijf jaar hits (2 Cd)
Boudewijn de Groot   Voor de overlevenden
Boudewijn de Groot   Wonderkind aan het strand 30 Jaar Boudewijn De Groot (2 Cd)
Boxcar Willie        King of the road
Boys Town Gang       Disc charge (1982)
Boz Scaggs           Hits (1990)
Brad Paisley         5th Gear
Brad Paisley         American saturday night [2009]
Brad Paisley         Christmas (2006)
Brad Paisley         Mud on the tires
Brad Paisley         Play (2008)
Brad Paisley         Time well wasted (2005)
Brad Paisley         Who needs pictures
Brantley Gilbert     A modern day prodigal son (2005)
Brenda Lee           10 Golden years (1966)
Brenda Lee           All alone am I (1962)
Brenda Lee           All the way (1961)
Brenda Lee           Best of
Brenda Lee           Brenda Lee (1960)
Brenda Lee           Brenda Lee (1991)
Brenda Lee           Brenda, that's all (1962)
Brenda Lee           By request
Brenda Lee           Bye bye blues (1966)
Brenda Lee           Coming on strong (1966)
Brenda Lee           Emotions (1961)
Brenda Lee                   Even better (1979)
Brenda Lee                   Gospel duets with treasured friends (2007)
Brenda Lee                   Grandma what great songs You sang (1959)
Brenda Lee                   Greatest gospel songs (2005)
Brenda Lee                   In the mood for love (1998)
Brenda Lee                   Jingle bell rock (1995)
Brenda Lee                   Johnny one time (1969)
Brenda Lee                   Let it be Me (1969)
Brenda Lee                   Let Me sing (1963)
Brenda Lee                   Merry christmas (1964)
Brenda Lee                   New sunrise (1973)
Brenda Lee                   Reflections in blue (1967)
Brenda Lee                   Sincerely (1962)
Brenda Lee                   Sincerely, Brenda Lee (1962)
Brenda Lee                   Sings her most beautiful songs (live) (1988)
Brenda Lee                   Sings top teen hits (1965)
Brenda Lee                   Take Me back (1980)
Brenda Lee                   The Brenda Lee story (1973)
Brenda Lee                   This is...Brenda (1960)
Brenda Lee                   Too many rivers (1965)
Brenda Lee                   Wiederseh'n ist wunderschön (1992)
Brenda Lee & Pete Fontaine   For the first time (1968)
Brent Spiner                 Ol' yellow eyes is back
Brian Letton                 The tribute album in memory of Jim Reeves
Brian McFadden               Irish son (2004)
Brian McFadden               Set in stone (2008)
Brian Setzer                 Live nude guitars (1988)
Brian Setzer Orchestra       Boogie woogie christmas
Brianna White                Brianna White (2009)
Brice Long                   Brice Long (2006)
Brice Long                   First release (2004)
Bronski Beat                 The age of consent (1984)
Brook Benton                 Greatest hits (1991)
Brooks & Dunn                Borderline (1996)
Brooks & Dunn                It won't be Christmas without You (2002)
Brooks & Dunn                Steers & stripes (2001)
Brooks & Dunn                Waitin' on sundown
Bruce Hornsby                Halycon days (2004)
Bruce Springsteen            Nebraska
Buck Owens                   Earliest recordings (2006)
Buddy Greco                  Soft and gentle (1963)
Buddy Holly                  Oh boy
Buddy Holly                  Raining in My heart
Buddy Holly                  The chirping crickets (1957)
Buddy Holly                  Wishing
Buddy Knox                   Buddy Knox (1958)
Bugs & Friends               Sings the Beatles
Burt Bacharach               Hit maker (1965)
Burt Bacharach               Make it easy on yourself (1969)
Buster Bailey                All about Memphis (1958)
BZN                          In the beginning (1970)
BZN                          Leef je leven
BZN   Mon amour (1995)
BZN   The bastard (1971)
C.W. McCall                  Greatest hits
Cab Calloway                 Zah zuh zaz (2004)
Cal Tjader                   Sounds out Burt Bacharach (1969)
Caldera                      Sky islands (1977)
Camelots                     Dance girl
Candi Staton                 Candi (1974)
Candi Staton                 House of love (1978)
Candy & The Kisses           Do the 81 and other soul classics (2001)
Cari Lee & The Saddle-ites   Road less travelled
Carin Posch                  Du bist meine grosse liebe
Carl Douglas                 Kung Fu fighter (1974)
Carl Perkins                 Blue suede shoes
Carl Perkins                 Up through the years 1954 - 57
Carla Bruni                  Quelqu'un m'a dit
Carla Thomas                 The platinum collection (2007)
Carla Thomas                 The queen alone (1967)
Carmen Cavallaro             Cocktail time (2008)
Carmen Cavallaro             To love again (1998)
Carmen McRae                 After glow (1957)
Carmen McRae                 Blue moon (1956)
Carmen McRae                 Carmen McRae (1954)
Carmen McRae                 Second to none (1964)
Carmen McRae                 When you're away (1960)
Carmen Steneker              Country fever (2008)
Carnie Wilson                A mother's gift (2006)
Carol Sloane                 When I look in your eyes (1994)
Carol Stevens                That satin doll (1957)
Carrie Underwood             Play on [2009]
Cat Power                    Jukebox (2008)
Cat Stevens                  Teaser and the firecat (1971)
Caterina Valente             A briglio sciolta (1989)
Caterina Valente             Ihren grossen erfolge (1958)
Caterina Valente             Super-fonics (1960)
Caterina Valente             The hi-fi nightingale (2006)
Cathy Hayes                  It's all right with Me (1959)
Cecilia                      Voice of the feminine spirit (1994)
Celia Cruz                   Azucar negra (1993)
Celia Cruz                   Cuba bella (3 CD) (2001)
Celia Cruz                   Dios disfrute a la reina (2004)
Celia Cruz                   Exitos eternos (2003)
Celia Cruz                   Irrepetible (1994)
Celia Cruz                   La reina del ritmo Cubano (1991)
Celia Cruz                   Mi vida es cantar (1998)
Celia Cruz                   Regalo del alma (2003)
Celia Cruz                   Siempre vivire (2001)
Chakachas                    Jungle fever
Chalee Tennison              Chalee Tennison
Chalee Tennison              Parading in the rain
Chalee Tennison              This woman's heart
Charice Pempengco            Charice (2008)
Charice Pempengco            My inspiration (2009)
Charisma                     Relaxing dreams - Vol II ( Gesundeit & erholung ) (1994)
Charlene Bartley             The weekend of a private secretary
Charley Pride                Greatest songs
Charlie Daniels Band         Deuces (2007)
Charlie Feathers             Gone gone gone (1960) (Rockabilly)
Charlie Feathers                His complete King recordings (1999)
Charlie Feathers                Honky tonk man (1982)
Charlie Feathers                Jungle fever (1991)
Charlie Feathers                Pure rock-a-billy (1986)
Charlie Feathers                Wild wild party ( 2 CD ) (1988)
Charlie Haden & Kenny Barron    Night and the city (1998)
Charlie Louvin                  Lonesome is Me (1970)
Charlie Parker                  with Strings - The master takes (1950)
Charlie Sexton                  Cruel and gentle things (2005)
Charly McClain                  Biggest hits [1985]
Charly McClain                  Here's Charly McClain (1977)
Charly McClain                  I love country (1986)
Charly McClain                  Pure country
Charly McClain & Wayne Massey   When love is right (1986)
Charo & The Salsoul Orchestra   Cuchi-cuchi
Chatham County Line             Speed of the Whippoorwill (2006)
Cheap Trick                     All shook up (1980)
Cheap Trick                     Dream police (1979)
Cher                            Gypsys, tramps & thieves (1971)
Cher                            Heart of stone (1989)
Cher                            Stars (1975)
Cher                            The very best of - 1965 - 2001- (2CDs)
Cheryl Cole                     3 Words (2009)
Chet Atkins                     Guitar man
Chet Atkins                     Superpickers
Chet Baker                      Chet Baker & strings (1954)
Chet Baker                      It could happen to You
Chevalier Brothers              Jump & jive (1987)
Chi Coltrane                    Yesterday today and forever (The essential) (2009)
Chico Hamilton Quintet          Chico Hamilton Quintet (1955)
Chipmunks                       Christmas with The Chipmunks (1980)
Chipmunks                       Christmas with the Chipmunks Vol. 2 (1980)
Chocolate Milk                  The greatest grooves (1998)
Chordettes                      Greatest hits
Chris Cagle                     Anywhere but here (2005)
Chris Cagle                     Chris Cagle (2003)
Chris Cagle                     My life's been a country song (2008)
Chris Connor                    A portrait of Chris (1961)
Chris Connor                    Chris Connor (1956)
Chris Connor                    I miss You so (1956)
Chris Connor                    Sings lullabys of Birdland (1954)
Chris Connor                    Witchcraft (1959)
Chris Knight                    A pretty good guy (2001)
Chris Ledoux                    20 Greatest hits (1999)
Chris Ledoux                    20 Originals (The early years) (2004)
Chris Ledoux                    After the storm (2002)
Chris Ledoux                    And the saddle boogie band (1988)
Chris Ledoux                    Classic Chris Ledoux [2008]
Chris Ledoux                    Cowboy (2000)
Chris Ledoux                    Cowboys ain't easy to love (1978)
Chris Ledoux                    Gold buckle dreams (1987)
Chris Ledoux                    Songs of rodeo & country & Life as a rodeo man (2007)
Chris Ledoux                    Western underground (1991)
Chris Ledoux                    Whatcha gonna do with a cowboy (1992)
Chris Rea                       Still so far to go & The best of (2 CD) (2009)
Chris Rea                       Whatever happened to Benny Santini (1978)
Chris Rea          Wired to the moon (1984)
Chris Young        The man I want to be (2009)
Christie           Christie (1970)
Christoff          Blauwe ogen
Christoff          Zeven zonden
Chuck Berry        Solid gold (1987)
Cilla Black        Sher-oo & Sweet inspiration
Claude Bolling     Suite for chamber orchestra and jazz piano trio
Claude François    Les choses de la maison (1965)
Claude King        Wolverton mountain (2 CD)
Claudine Longet    The look of love (1967)
Clint Black        All American country (2004)
Clint Black        Christmas with You (2004)
Clint Black        D' lectrified (1999)
Clint Black        Drinkin' songs and other logic (2005)
Clint Black        Greatest hits II (2001)
Clint Black        Looking for Christmas (1995)
Clint Black        No time to kill (1993)
Clint Black        Nothin' but the taillights (1997)
Clint Black        One emotion (1994)
Clint Black        Put youself in My shoes (1990)
Clint Black        Spend My time (2004)
Clint Black        Super hits (2003)
Clint Black        The greatest hits (1996)
Clint Black        The hard way (1992)
Clint Black        The love songs (2007)
Clint Black        Ultimate Clint Black (2003)
Clint Eastwood     Sings cowboy favorites (LP)(1962)
Clinton Gregory    Clinton Gregory (1995)
Clinton Gregory    Freeborn man (1991)
Clinton Gregory    I'd go crazy if it weren't for country music (1991)
Clinton Gregory    Makin' ends meet (1994)
Clinton Gregory    Master of illusion (1992)
Clinton Gregory    Music 'n Me (1990)
Clouseau           20 ( 2 CD) (2007)
Clouseau           87-97 (2 CD) (1997)
Clouseau           Adrenaline (1997)
Clouseau           Ballades (2001)
Clouseau           Ballades (2 CD) (2010)
Clouseau           Close encounters (2000)
Clouseau           Clouseau live '91
Clouseau           Doorgaan (2004)
Clouseau           En dans (2001)
Clouseau           Hoezo (1989)
Clouseau           In every small town (1993)
Clouseau           In stereo (1991)
Clouseau           In 't lang (Live) (2 CD) (2006)
Clouseau           Of zo (1990)
Clouseau           Oker (1995)
Clouseau           Zij aan zij (2009)
Colleen Peterson   Takin' My boots off (1978)
Collin Raye        16 Biggest hits (2002)
Collin Raye        All I can be (1991)
Collin Raye        Christmas - The gift (1996)
Collin Raye        Counting sheep (2000)
Collin Raye        Extremes (1994)
Collin Raye                         Fearless (2006)
Collin Raye                         I think about You (1995)
Collin Raye                         In this life (1992)
Collin Raye                         Love songs (2000)
Collin Raye                         Never going back (2009)
Collin Raye                         Selected hits (2007)
Collin Raye                         The best of Collin Raye - Direct hits (1997)
Collin Raye                         The walls came down (1998)
Collin Raye                         Tracks (2000)
Collin Raye                         Twenty years and change (2005)
Colt Ford                           Chicken & biscuits (2010)
Connee Boswell                      Connee (1957)
Connee Boswell                      Heart & soul
Connee Boswell                      Sings Irving Berlin (1958)
Connee Boswell                      Solo hits and Bing Crosby duets
Connie Cato                         Good hearted woman (1975)
Connie Cato                         Super Connie Cato (1974)
Connie Cato                         Whoever finds this I love You (1976)
Connie Francis                      Christmas with Connie Francis (2002)
Connie Francis                      Connie (1993)
Connie Francis                      Connie's country (2000)
Connie Francis                      Invierno triste
Connie Francis                      Love songs (1994)
Connie Francis                      More Italian favorites (1959)
Connie Francis                      Robot man
Connie Francis                      Rockin' Connie (2009)
Connie Francis                      Sings Bacharach and David (1968)
Connie Francis                      Sings Italian favorites (1959)
Connie Francis                      Songs to a swinging band (1961)
Connie Francis                      The exciting (1959)
Connie Francis & Johnny Tillotson   The very best of & 20 Greatest hits (1982)
Connie Haines                       Sings a tribute to Helen Morgan (1957)
Connie Russell                      Don't smoke in bed (1959)
Connie Smith                        A lady named Smith (1973)
Connie Smith                        Ain't we havin' us a good time (1972)
Connie Smith                        All the years volume 1
Connie Smith                        All the years volume 2
Connie Smith                        All the years volume 3
Connie Smith                        All the years volume 4
Connie Smith                        All the years volume 5
Connie Smith                        All the years volume 6
Connie Smith                        All the years volume 7
Connie Smith                        Born to sing (4 cd)
Connie Smith                        By request (Digital album) (2000)
Connie Smith                        Come along and walk with Me (1971)
Connie Smith                        Connie's country (1969)
Connie Smith                        Connie Smith (1998)
Connie Smith                        Cute 'n' country (2006)
Connie Smith                        Dream painter (1973)
Connie Smith                        I don't wanna talk it over anymore (1976)
Connie Smith                        I got a lot of hurtin' done today
Connie Smith                        I love Charley Brown (1968)
Connie Smith                        I never know (1974)
Connie Smith                        I overlooked an orchid (1976)
Connie Smith                        If it ain't love (1972)
Connie Smith                        Joy to the world
Connie Smith                             Just one time (1971)
Connie Smith                             Love is the look you're looking for (1973)
Connie Smith                             Miss Smith goes Nashville (2000)
Connie Smith                             Now (1974)
Connie Smith                             Soul of country music (1967)
Connie Smith                             Sunshine and rain (1968)
Connie Smith                             That's the way love goes
Connie Smith                             The best of #
Connie Smith                             The essential (1996)
Connie Smith & Nat Stuckey               Sunday morning (1970)
Connie Smith & Nat Stuckey               Young love & Sunday morning
Connie Smith & Nat Stuckey               Young love (1969)
Connie Smith & Sharon White & Barbara Fairchildnever fails (2003)
Conny Fabry                              Tussen twee harten
Conny Vandenbos                          Alles (3 CD) (2005)
Conny Vandenbos                          De 14 grootste hits (1993)
Conny Vandenbos                          Liedjesalbum (1971)
Conny Vandenbos                          Over liefde & van dichtbij
Conny Vandenbos                          Van dichtbij (1975)
Conny Vandenbos                          Zingt Janis Ian
Conny Vink                               Met Conny naar de dierentuin (1979)
Conny Vink & De Schellebellen            Er op uit met de Schellebellen (1970)
Conway Twitty                            20 Greatest hits [MCA] (1987)
Conway Twitty                            A portrait of
Conway Twitty                            Final touches
Conway Twitty                            Southern comfort
Conway Twitty                            The gospel spirit (2004)
Conway Twitty                            The rock & roll story
Conway Twitty                            Who will pray for Me
Cookie & The Cupcakes                    By request
Cora & Breda Smyth                       Cora & Breda Smyth (2005)
Corb Lund                                Losin lately gambler (2009)
Corné Klijn's Disco Classics Party       Shake Your Groove Thing - CD1
Corné Klijn's Disco Classics Party       Shake Your Groove Thing - CD2
Corry Konings                            48 Grootste successen (3 CD) (2001)
Count Basie                              Basie plays Hefti (1959)
Count Basie                              Basie's beatle bag (1966)
Country Gazette                          A traitor in our midst (1972)
Country Gazette                          All this and money too (1978)
Country Gazette                          American and clean (1980)
Country Gazette                          America's favorite bluegrass band (1982)
Country Gazette                          Don't give up your day job (1973)
Country Gazette                          What a way to make a living (1977)
Cowgirls                                 Girls night out
Craig Morgan                             Little bit of life (2006)
Craig Morgan                             That's why (2008)
Creedence Clearwater Revival             Creedence Clearwater Revival (1968)
Crescent City Maulers                    Screamin' (1997)
Cristy Lane                              14 Golden hymns (1987)
Cristy Lane                              30 Christmas classics
Cristy Lane                              Country classics (1986)
Cristy Lane                              One day at a time - vol 1 & 2 (2003)
Cristy Lane                              Songs of passion (2005)
Crosby, Stills & Nash                    Greatest hits
Crystal Bowersox                         Farmer's daughter (2010)
Crystal Gayle                            20 Greatest love songs
Crystal Gayle     Heart and soul
Curly Putman      Lonesome country
Curtis Mayfield   A man like Curtis (1992)
Cybill Shepherd   Mad about the boy (1976)
deit & erholung ) (1994)
as a rodeo man (2007)
Dakota Staton                  Softly (1960)
Dale Watson                    Christmas time in Texas (2001)
Dale Watson                    From the cradle to the grave (2007)
Dale Watson                    Whiskey or god
Dallas Wayne                   Big thinkin' (2000)
Dallas Wayne                   Here I am in Dallas (2001)
Dan Gibson                     A celtic christmas story (1998)
Dan Gibson                     African glory (Gentle world) (2007)
Dan Gibson                     Alaska (A wild wonder) (2001)
Dan Gibson                     Algonquin suite (1992)
Dan Gibson                     American wilds (1999)
Dan Gibson                     Andean dreams (2004)
Dan Gibson                     Angel's embrace (2006)
Dan Gibson                     Angels of the sea (1995)
Dan Gibson                     Angelsong by the sea (2003)
Dan Gibson                     Appalachian mountain suite (1994)
Dan Gibson                     Arctic echoes (1996)
Dan Gibson                     Asian spa (2004)
Dan Gibson                     Atlantic suite (1992)
Dan Gibson                     Bach - Forever by the sea (1998)
Dan Gibson                     Beethoven - Forever by the sea (1997)
Dan Gibson                     Beyond the sea (2006)
Dan Gibson                     Brazilian breeze (2005)
Dan Gibson                     By canoe to loon lake (1981)
Dan Gibson                     Cabana (2008)
Dan Gibson                     Canada from sunrise to sunset (2006)
Dan Gibson                     Caribbean dream (1999)
Dan Gibson & Hennie Bekker     Atlantic suite (1992)
Dan Gibson & Hennie Bekker     The nature of Canada (1995)
Dan Gibson & Ron Allen         Australian odyssey (1996)
Dana                           Best off (1998)
Dana Winner                    Tussen nu en morgen (2008)
Daniel O'Donnell               Country boy (2008)
Daniel O'Donnell               Daniel in blue jeans (2003)
Daniel O'Donnell               Love songs (1998)
Daniel O'Donnell               The christmas album (2007)
Daniel O'Donnell & Mary Duff   Together again (2007)
Darryl Worley                  Darryl Worley (2004)
Daryle Singletary              Rockin' in the country (2009)
Dave                           Du coté de chez Dave (2001)
Dave & Sugar                   Anthology
Dave & Sugar                   Greatest hits (1981)
Dave Brubeck                   Jazz, red hot and cool
Dave Grusin                    Two for the road (1997)
Dave Sheriff                   Singalongadance
David Foster                   River of love (2000)
David Frizzell & Shelly West   The very best of David Frizzell & Shelly West
David Garrett                  Virtuoso (2008)
David Houston                  Greatest hits
David Houston                  Greatest hits vol 2
David Rose                     The very best of (1996)
David Soul                     Best of David Soul (2000)
David Soul              Looking back (Very best of) (2008)
Dawn Sears              Dawn Sears [2005]
Dawn Sears              Nothin' but good (1994)
Dawn Sears              What a woman wants to hear (1991)
De Maskers              Beat meets rhythm & blues (1967) (Artone PDR-552)
De Maskers              Sensations in sound (1966) (Artone PDS-510)
De Maskers              Shame on You (1967) (Artone PDS-560)
Dean Martin             A million and one ( 3 CD )
Dean Martin             A winter romance (1959)
Dean Martin             Amore (2009)
Dean Martin             Cha cha de amor (1962)
Dean Martin             Country style (1963)
Dean Martin             Everybody loves somebody (6 CD Box set) (2002)
Dean Martin             French style (1962)
Dean Martin             Making spirits bright (1998)
Dean Martin             Pretty baby (1960)
Dean Martin             Sleep warm (1959)
Dean Martin             The very best of Dean Martin (1988)
Dean Martin             This time I'm swingin' (1957)
Dean Reed               Dean Reed (1966)
Debbie Reynolds         Debbie (1959)
Debbie Reynolds         Fine and dandy (1960)
Deborah Henson-Conant   Budapest (1993)
Deborah Henson-Conant   Caught in the act (1990)
Deborah Henson-Conant   Just for You (1995)
Deborah Henson-Conant   Naked music (1994)
Dee Dee Sharp           All the golden hits
Dee Dee Sharp           The best of
Dee Dee Warwick         The ATCO sessions
Deep Forest             Deep forest (1992)
Deep Purple             24 Carat purple (1973)
Deep Purple             30 Very best of (2 CD) (1998)
Deep Purple             Abandon (1998)
Deep Purple             Bananas (2003)
Deep Purple             Burn (1974)
Deep Purple             Come taste the band
Deep Purple             Deep Purple (1969)
Deep Purple             Deep Purple in rock (1970)
Deep Purple             Deepest purple (1980)
Deep Purple             Fireball (1971)
Deep Purple             In rock (1995)
Deep Purple             Live at the Olympia (2 CD) (1996)
Deep Purple             Machine head
Deep Purple             Made in Japan (1972)
Deep Purple             Perfect strangers (1984)
Deep Purple             Purpendicular (1996)
Deep Purple             Rapture of the deep (2005)
Deep Purple             Shades of Deep Purple (1968)
Deep Purple             Slaves and masters (1990)
Deep Purple             Stormbringer (1974)
Deep Purple             The battle rages on (1993)
Deep Purple             The book of Taliesyn
Deep Purple                 The house of blue light (1987)
Deep Purple                 They all came down to Montreux (Live) (2006)
Deep Purple                 Who do we think we are
Del Shannon                 Greatest hits
Delbert McClinton           Live from Austin, Tx
Della Reese                 Della Della cha cha cha (1960)
Della Reese                 The story of the blues (1958)
Demis Roussos               Adagio (1993)
Demis Roussos               Le Grec (1988)
Demis Roussos               Magic (1977 )
Demis Roussos               Mon Ile (1997 )
Demis Roussos               Super hits
Demis Roussos               The phenomenon 1968 - 1998 (2 CD)
Demis Roussos               Top 100 (5 CD) (2009)
Deniece Williams            Let's hear it for the boys (1984)
Deniece Williams            Songbird (1977)
Deniece Williams            The best of
Dennie Christian            Typisch (2010)
Depeche Mode                Violator (1990)
Derek Bell                  Ancient music for the Irish harp (1992)
Derek Bell                  Carolan's favourite (1979)
Derek Bell                  Carolan's receipt (1975)
Derek Bell                  Musical Ireland (1987)
Derek Bell                  Mystic harp 2 (Sailing the blue sea) (1999)
Derek Bell                  The mystic harp (1996)
Deryl Dodd                  One ride in Vegas
Deryl Dodd                  Stronger proof (2004)
Diahann Carroll             Sings Harold Arlen songs (1957)
Diamond Rio                 16 Biggest hits (2007)
Diana Ross                  Baby it's Me
Diana Ross                  Complete collection (2009) (2 CD)
Diana Ross                  Diana Ross (1970) (Remastered)
Diana Ross                  Everything is everything (1970)
Diana Ross                  Greatest hits (The RCA years (1997)
Diana Ross                  Last time I saw him ( 2 CD )(1973)
Diana Ross                  Music legend & Pop legend (2007)
Diana Ross                  One woman (The ultimate collection) (1993)
Diana Ross                  Stolen moments (1993)
Diana Ross                  The definitive collection (2006)
Diana Ross                  The force behind the power (2007)
Diana Ross                  We love Diana Ross (The remix collection) (2009)
Diana Ross & The Supremes   20 Greatest hits (1983)
Diana Ross & The Supremes   Let the sunshine in (1969)
Diana Ross & The Supremes   The definitive collection (2009)
Diana Ross & The Supremes   The no. 1's (2004)
Diane Schuur                Deedles (1984)
Dick Haymes                 Imagination (1950)
Dick Haymes                 My heart tells Me (1997)
Dick Haymes                 Richard the lion-hearted (1960)
Dick Haymes                 Soft lights and sweet music (1996)
Dick Haymes                 You'll never know (1997)
Dierks Bentley              Feel that fire (2009)
Dierks Bentley                          Greatest hits (2008)
Difford & Tilbrook                      Difford & Tilbrook (1984)
Dinah Shore                             Country feelin'
Dinah Shore                             Holding hands at midnight (1956)
Dinah Shore                             I'm your girl (1955)
Dinah Shore                             Somebody loves Me (1960)
Dinah Shore                             Songs for sometime losers
Dinah Shore                             The fabulous hits of (1962)
Dinah Shore & André Previn              Dinah sings, Previn plays (1960)
Dinah Washington                        Dinah (1956)
Dinah Washington                        For those in love (1955)
Dinah Washington                        I wanna be loved (1962)
Dinah Washington                        In love (1962)
Dinah Washington                        September in the rain (1961)
Dinah Washington                        Unforgettable (1959)
Dinah Washington                        What a diff'rence a day makes (1959)
Dion & The Belmonts                     Together again (1967)
Dionne Warwick                          Here I am (1965)
Dionne Warwick                          Here where there is love (1967)
Dionne Warwick                          On stage and in the movies (1967)
Dionne Warwick                          Sings the Bacharach & David songbook (1994)
Dionne Warwick                          Valley of the dolls (1968)
Dixie Aces                              Volume 1
Dixie Chicks                            Taking the long way (2006)
Dixie Chicks                            Thank heavens for Dale Evans
Dizzy Man's Band                        The original hit recordings and more
Doc Walker                              Everyone aboard
Dodie Stevens                           Ultimate collection (1997)
Dolly Dots                              American dream (1980)
Dolly Dots                              Attention (1985)
Dolly Dots                              Display (1983)
Dolly Dots                              Dolly dots (1979)
Dolly Dots                              Forever (1981)
Dolly Dots                              PS we love You (1981)
Dolly Dots                              Take six (1982)
Dolly Dots                              The very best of (1991)
Dolly Dots                              Thirst (1984)
Dolly Parton                            Dolly ( 4 CD box ) (2009)
Dolly Parton                            Gold greatest hits (2001)
Dolly Parton                            Halos & horns (2002)
Dolly Parton                            My Tennessee mountain home (1973)
Dolly Parton                            The fairest of them all (1970)
Dolly Parton                            The very best of
Dolly Parton                            Treasures (1996)
Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers             Once upon a Christmas (1984)
Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers ( cd 1 )  Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers ( cd 1 )
Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers ( cd 2 )  Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers ( cd 2 )
Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers ( cd 3 )  Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers ( cd 3 )
                                        Honky tonk angels (1993)
Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette
Dolores Gray                            Warm brandy (1957)
Don Gibson                              A legend in My time (1987)
Don Reno & Bobby Thompson               Banjo Bonanza
Don Williams      20 Greatest hits (1987)
Don Williams      Anthology [2 CD]
Don Williams      Cafe Carolina
Don Williams      Country boy
Don Williams      Expressions
Don Williams      Flatlands (1996)
Don Williams      Harmony
Don Williams      I turn the page (1998)
Don Williams      It's gotta be magic (1987)
Don Williams      Listen to the radio
Don Williams      New moves
Don Williams      Portrait
Don Williams      The best of
Don Williams      The greatest hits (2006)
Don Williams      Yellow moon
Don Williams      You're My best friend
Donna Fuller      My foolish heart (1956)
Donna Summer      The Donna Summer anthology
Donnie Brooks     The happiest Donnie Brooks (1962) (US Era EL-105)
Donovan           The very best of Donovan (2008)
Doobie Brothers   What were once vices are now habits (1974)
Doris Day         Annie get your gun
Doris Day         Billy Rose's jumbo
Doris Day         Bright & shiny (1961)
Doris Day         By the light of the silvery moon (1953)
Doris Day         Calamity Jane (1953)
Doris Day         Cuttin' capers (1959)
Doris Day         Day by day (1956)
Doris Day         Day by night (1957)
Doris Day         Day dreams (1955)
Doris Day         Day in Hollywood (1955)
Doris Day         Her early years at Warner Bros (1998)
Doris Day         Hooray for Hollywood - Vol 1
Doris Day         Hooray for Hollywood - Vol 2
Doris Day         I have dreamed (1961)
Doris Day         I'll see You in My dreams (1951)
Doris Day         Latin for lovers (1965)
Doris Day         Listen to day (1960)
Doris Day         Love him (1963)
Doris Day         Love Me or leave Me (1955)
Doris Day         Lullaby of Broadway (1951)
Doris Day         On moonlight bay (1951)
Doris Day         Que sera, sera (1957)
Doris Day         Sentimental journey (1965)
Doris Day         Show time (1960)
Doris Day         Tea for two (1950)
Doris Day         The christmas album (1964)
Doris Day         The love album (1994)
Doris Day         The pajama game (1957)
Doris Day         What every girl should know (1960)
Doris Day         With a smile and a song (1964)
Doris Day         Young man with a horn (1950)
Dorothy Ashby                Afro harping (1968)
Dorothy Collins              Picnic - Dorothy Collins sings Steve Allen (1958)
Dorothy Kirsten              Sings songs of Jerome Kern (1951)
Dorothy Lamour               The moon of Manakoora (1997)
Dorothy Moore                Misty blue
Dottie West                  A legend in My time (1971)
Dottie West                  Careless hands (1971)
Dottie West                  Carolina cousins (1975)
Dottie West                  Country and West (1970)
Dottie West                  Country girl (1968)
Dottie West                  Country sunshine (1973)
Dottie West                  Dottie (1973)
Dottie West                  Dottie sings Eddy (1969)
Dottie West                  Dottie West sings (1966)
Dottie West                  Feminine fancy (1969)
Dottie West                  Forever yours (1970)
Dottie West                  Full circle (1982)
Dottie West                  Greatest hits (1992)
Dottie West                  Have You heard (1971)
Dottie West                  Here comes My baby (1965)
Dottie West                  Hightimes (1981)
Dottie West                  House of love (1974)
Dottie West                  I fall to pieces (1967)
Dottie West                  If it's all right with You what I've been looking for (1973)
Dottie West                  I'll help You forget her (1967)
Dottie West                  I'm only a woman (1972)
Dottie West                  Just Dottie (1984)
Dottie West                  Loving You (1974)
Dottie West                  Makin' memories (1970)
Dottie West                  New horizons (1983)
Dottie West                  Once You were mine (1981)
Dottie West                  RCA country legends (2001)
Dottie West                  Sings sacred ballads (1967)
Dottie West                  Special delivery (1979)
Dottie West                  Suffer time (1966)
Dottie West                  The best of Dottie West (1972)
Dottie West                  The best of Dottie West (1984)
Dottie West                  The country girl singing sensation (1964)
Dottie West                  The essential Dottie West (1996)
Dottie West                  The sound of country music (1967)
Dottie West                  What are we doing in love (1995)
Dottie West                  What I'm cut out to be (1968)
Dottie West                  When it's just You & Me (1977)
Dottie West                  Wild west (1980)
Dottie West                  With all My heart and soul (1967)
Dottie West                  Would You hold it agains't Me (1973)
Dottie West & Don Gibson     Dottie & Don (1969)
Dottie West & Jimmy Dean     Country boy and country girl (1970)
Dottie West & Kenny Rogers   Classics (1979)
Dottie West & Kenny Rogers   Every time two fools collide (1978)
Dottsy                       The sweetest thing
Doug Kershaw                 The cajun way (1969)
Dougie MacLean               The Dougie MacLean collection (1995)
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver   Beyond the shadows (1986)
Dr. Demento presents         The greatest christmas novelty CD of all time
Dr. Hook                     Hits & History
Duane Eddy                   21 Greatest hits (1986)
Duane Eddy                   Twangin' the golden hits
Dudley Moore                 Plays the theme from 'Beyond the fringe' & All that jazz (1962)
Dulce                        Dulce
Duran Duran                  Red carpet massacre (2007)
Dusty Springfield            Am I the same girl (1999)
Dwight Yoakum                A long way home (1998)
Dwight Yoakum                Blame the vain (retail) (2005)
Dwight Yoakum                Tomorrows sounds today (2000)
Dwight Yoakum                Under the covers (1997)
Dyango                       Un loco como yo (1994)
Earl Grant                          The best of (1998)
Earl Grant                          The end (1991)
Eddie Angel                         Guitar party
Eddie Cochran                       Somethin' else
Eddie Cochran                       Summertime blues (Import)
Eddie Cochran                       Weekend
Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis               Love calls (1967)
Eddie Rabbitt                       More
Eddie Rabbitt                       Rabbitt trax
Eddie Rabbitt                       Radio romance
Eddie Rabbitt                       Step by step
Eddy Arnold                         Best of the best (1997)
Eddy Wally                          Goud van hier (2009)
Edmundo Ross                        Bongos from the south
Eileen Ivers                        Crossing the bridge (1999)
Elfi Graf                           Die stunde der wahrheit (1997)
Elizabeth Cook                      Balls
Elize                               More than meets the eye (Retail) (2009)
Elkie Brooks                        No more the fool (1986)
Elkie Brooks                        Nothing but the blues (1994)
Elkie Brooks                        Pearls (1981)
Elkie Brooks                        Pearls II (1982)
Elkie Brooks                        Pearls III (1991)
Elkie Brooks                        Powerless (2010)
Elkie Brooks                        Priceless (Her very best) (1994)
Elkie Brooks                        Rich man's woman (1975)
Elkie Brooks                        Round midnight (1993)
Elkie Brooks                        Screen gems (1984)
Elkie Brooks                        Two days away (1977)
Elkie Brooks & Humphrey Lyttelton   Trouble in mind (2003)
Ella Fitzgerald                     Ella sings Broadway (1962)
Ella Fitzgerald                     Hello, Dolly (1964)
Ella Fitzgerald                     Invite You to listen and relax (1954)
Ella Fitzgerald                     The first lady of song (1955)
Elton Britt                         The RCA years
Elton John                          Greatest hits 1970-2002 (2003)
Elvira Rios                         Noche de ronda (1985)
Elvis Costello                      The best of the first 10 yrs remastered
Elvis Presley                       Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley                       Loving You
Elvis Presley                       You'll never walk alone (1971)
Emerson Drive                       Believe (2009)
Emerson Drive                       Emerson Drive (2002)
Emerson Drive                       What if
Emmylou Harris                      All I intended to be (2008)
Emmylou Harris                      At the Ryman
Emmylou Harris                      Cowgirl's prayer
Emmylou Harris                      Elite hotel
Emmylou Harris                      Red dirt girl
Emmylou Harris                      Roses in the snow
Emmylou Harris                      Stumble into grace
Emmylou Harris                      The very best of (2005)
Emmylou Harris                       U.S. Bluegrass festival KY
Emmylou Harris                       Wrecking ball
Engelbert Humperdinck                A man without love (1996)
Engelbert Humperdinck                Another time another place (1971)
Engelbert Humperdinck                As time goes by (2002)
Engelbert Humperdinck                Engelbert (1969)
Engelbert Humperdinck                Engelbert Humperdinck
Engelbert Humperdinck                Greatest hits & more (2007)
Engelbert Humperdinck                His greatest hits (1974)
Engelbert Humperdinck                In time (1972)
Engelbert Humperdinck                King of hearts (1973)
Engelbert Humperdinck                Natural love (1988)
Engelbert Humperdinck                Release Me (1990)
Engelbert Humperdinck                Sweetheart (2009)
Engelbert Humperdinck                The last waltz
Engelbert Humperdinck                We made it happen (2009)
Erasure                              The innocents (21st anniversary remastered) (2 CD) (2009)
Eri Ohno & The Great Jazz Trio       Easy to love (1984)
Eric & Sanne                         Mee met de zon (1992)
Eric & Sanne                         Vertrouwen (2009)
Eric Church                          Carolina (2009)
Eric Clapton                         Clapton cronicles (The best of Eric Clapton) (1999) (Australia)
Eric Clapton                         Complete Clapton (2 CD) (2007)
Eric Clapton                         E.C. was here
Eric Clapton                         Me and mr Johnson (2004)
Eric Clapton                         Money and cigarettes (1983)
Eric Clapton                         Reptile (2001)
Eric Clapton                         Slowhand (1977)
Eric Clapton & The Yardbirds         Eric Clapton & The Yardbirds (1994)
Erik Berglund                        Angel chants (2000)
Erik Berglund                        Angel beauty (1998)
Erik Berglund                        Harp of the healing light (1999 )
Erik Berglund                        Healig harp of heaven (2000)
Erik Berglund & Christoph Hausmann   Angel flight (1995)
Ernest Tubb & Guests                 The Ernest Tubb collection (1989)
Ernesto Cortazar                     Ernesto Cortazar plays Frank Sinatra (2009)
Ernesto Lecuona                      Cuban originals (1999)
Erroll Garner                        Contrasts (1954)
Erroll Garner                        Feeling is believing (1970)
Erroll Garner                        Mambo moves Garner (1954)
Erroll Garner                        Plays Gershwin & Kern (1976)
Erroll Garner                        Solitaire (1955)
Esther Ofarim & Abraham              Sing hallelujah (1967) (mc)
Esther Phillips                      And I love him
Esther Phillips                      Esther (1966)
Esther Phillips                      What a diff'rence a day makes (1975)
Ethel Ennis                          Change of scenery & Have You forgotten (1958)
Ethel Ennis                          Change of scenery (1957)
Ethel Ennis                          Have You forgotten (1958)
Ethel Ennis                          If women ruled the world (1988)
Ethel Ennis                          Lullabys for losers (1956)
Ethel Ennis                          Once again...the artistry of Ethel Ennis (1963)
Etta Jones                       I'll be seeing You (1987)
Etta Jones                       Something nice (1961)
Ettore Stratta                   Symphonic bossa nova (1994)
Eurythmics                       In the garden (1981)
Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys    Good things can happen (2002)
Eve Boswell                      The magic of (1997)
Evelyn Laye                      Gaiety girl (1996)
Exile                            Mixed emotions (1978)
Eydie Gormé                      Don't go to strangers (1966)
Eydie Gormé                      Eydie Gormé (1956)
Eydie Gormé                      I feel so Spanish (1961)
Eydie Gormé                      On stage (1958)
Eydie Gormé & Trio Los Panchos   Amor (1964)
Eydie Gormé & Trio Los Panchos   Navidad means christmas (1966)
Faith Hill                          Cry (2002)
Faith Hill                          It matters to Me (1995)
Faith Hill                          Joy to the world (2008)
Faith Hill                          The hits (2007)
Fausto Papetti                      17a Raccolta (1975)
Fischer Z                           Red skies over paradise (1981)
Flash & The Pan                     Burning up the night (1992)
Flash & The Pan                     Early morning wake up call (1984)
Flash & The Pan                     Flash & The Pan (1978)
Flash & The Pan                     Nights in France (1987)
Fleetwood Mac                       The Vaudeville years of Fleetwood Mac 1968-1970 (2 CD)
Fleetwood Mac & Christine Perfect   Albatross (1977)
Floyd Cramer                        All American country
Floyd Cramer                        Favorite country hits (1995)
Floyd Cramer                        Forever in love
Floyd Cramer                        Hello blues
Floyd Cramer                        The essential (1995)
Floyd Cramer                        The magic touch
Foreigner                           Head games
Foster & Allen                      Best friends (1997)
Foster & Allen                      Memories (2007)
Foster & Allen                      Sing the sixties (2004) ( 2 CD )
Foster & Allen                      Songs of love and laughter (2 CD)
Foster & Allen                      Songs we love to sing (2006)
Foster & Allen                      The country collection (2007)
Four Aces                           Greatest hits (1993)
Four Freshmen                       And five saxes (1960)
Four Freshmen                       First affair
Four Freshmen                       The swingers (1963)
Four Freshmen                       Voices and brass (1960)
Four Freshmen                       Voices in fun (1961)
Four Freshmen                       Voices in latin (1958)
Fran Warren                         Hey there, here's Fran Warren
Fran Warren                         Mood indigo (1956)
France Gall                         Poupee de son (1992)
Frances Langford                    Someone to watch over Me (1993)
Frances Wayne                       Songs for My man (1956)
Francis Bay & His Orchestra         Spaanse EP Philips (1959)
Francis Bay & His Orchestra         Swingin' sweet trumpet (1958)
Francis Bay & His Orchestra         The beaty mr.Bay (1959)
Francis Lai                         Bilitis (1977)
Françoise Hardy                     Comment te dire adieu (1968)
Frank Galan                         Ich kenn all meine heimlichen träume (2010)
Frank Galan                         Promesas (2001)
Frank Ifield                        The best of
Frank Sinatra                       Classic - His great performances 1953-60
Frank Sinatra                       Frank Sinatra & Friends
Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin         A couple of swells
Frank Zappa                         Strictly commercial
Frankie Laine                       You are My love (1958)
Frankie Miller                      Dancing in the rain (1986)
Frankie Randall                     Then & now (1996)
Frankie Valli            Inside You (1975)
Frans Bauer              Amore (2009)
Frans Bauer              De grootste Frans Bauer karaoke hits
Frans Bauer              Hasta la vista (2008)
Frans Bauer              Liebesbriefe (1996)
Frans Bauer              n Zalige zomer ( 2 cd )(2008)
Frans Bauer              Rondje Hollands (2004)
Frans Bauer              Stille nacht (2009)
Frans Bauer              Wat ik je zeggen wil (1998)
Fred Astaire             The Astaire story ( 2 CD)
Fred Neil                Fred Neil (1966)
Freddie & The Dreamers   Original hits
Freddie King             Burglar (1974)
Freddie Scott            Are You lonely for Me (1967)
Freddie Scott            Best of (1967)
Freddy Fender            The hits & more (3 CD) (2001)
Freddy Martin            Concerto!
Freddy Quinn             Das beste & The best (1998)
Freddy Sahin-Scholl      Carpe diem (2010)
Free Souffriau           Gewoon Free (2011)
Free Souffriau           Zingt Ann Christy een beetje anNders (2009)
Gale Robbins                        I'm a dreamer (1957)
Garth Brooks                        The hits (1998)
Garth Brooks                        The magic of Christmas (1999)
Gary Moore                          Gitar mind trip (2010)
Gary Stewart                        All American country
Gary Stewart                        Battleground (1990)
Gary Stewart                        Brand new (1988)
Gary Stewart                        Cactus and a rose (1997)
Gary Stewart                        Gary's greatest (17 Original hits)
Gary Stewart                        I'm a Texan (1993)
Gary Stewart                        Out of hand & Your place or mine (2001)
Gary Stewart                        Out of hand (1975)
Gary Stewart                        The essential
Gavin Degraw                        Chariot (2003)
Gene Autry                          16 Country greats (1991)
Gene Harris                         Brotherhood (1995)
Gene Thomas                         Dichterbij (2005)
Gene Thomas                         Goud van hier ( 2009 )
Gene Vincent                        Born to be a rolling stone (1985)
Gene Watson                         18 Greatest hits (1999)
Gene Watson                         A way to survive (1997)
Gene Watson                         At his best (2005)
George Baker Selection              River song (1976)
George Hamilton V                   Honky tonk deluxe (2002)
George Jones                        I am what I am
George Maharis                      George Maharis sings (1962)
George McCrae                       Rock your baby (1974)
George McCrae                       We did it (1979)
George Melachrino                   Begin the beguine (1998)
George Shearing                     Burnished brass (1958)
George Shearing                     Deep velvet (1964)
George Shearing                     Here and now (1966)
George Shearing                     Latin lace (1958)
George Shearing                     On stage (1958)
George Shearing                     Satin affair (1961)
George Shearing                     Satin brass (1960)
George Shearing                     September in the rain (1998)
George Shearing                     The Shearing piano (1957)
George Shearing                     Velvet carpet (1956)
George Shearing                     White satin (1960)
George Strait                       Honkytonkville (2003)
George Strait                       Strait out of the box (4 cd)
George Strait                       Troubadour
George Thorogood & The Destroyers   Bad to the bone (1982)
George Williams                     Swing classics in stereo (1959)
Georgette Jones                     A slightly used woman (2010)
Georgia Gibbs                       Georgia Gibbs (1995)
Georgia Gibbs                       Something's gotta give
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames      Yeh yeh
Gerard Cox                          Andere noten (1998)
Gerard Cox                          Balans (1988)
Gerard Cox                          Gerard Cox (1967)
Gerard Cox                    Ik hoop dat 't nooit ochtend wordt (1978)
Gerard Cox                    't Voordeel van de twijfel (1975)
Gerard Cox                    Uit liefde en respect (1995)
Gerard Cox                    Vrijblijvend..., Gerard Cox (1972)
Gerard Cox                    Wie wijst Gerard Cox de weg (1971)
Gerard de Vries               De beste van (2001)
Gerard Joling                 The collection 1985 - 1995 (1995)
Gerd Böttcher                 Pretty woman (1996)
Geri Halliwell                Passion (2005)
Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker   Reunion (1957)
Gerry Mulligan Quartet        At Storyville (1956)
Gerry Rafferty                City to city
Gerry Rafferty                Night owl (1979)
Gerry Rafferty                Snakes and ladders (1980)
Getty Kaspers                 Getty's album (1982)
Gheorghe Zamfir               A arte de Zamfir (1988)
Gigliola Cinquetti            Auf der strasse der sonne (1974)
Gilbert O'Sullivan            Back to front (2001)
Gilbert O'Sullivan            I'm a writer, not a fighter (1973)
Ginny Simms                   There goes that song again (1994)
Gisele MacKenzie              Gisele MacKenzie
Gladys Knight                 Gladys Knight
Glen Campbell                 Somebody like that
Glen Campbell                 The boy in Me
Glen Gray                     Sounds of the great bands in latin
Glenn Miller                  The essential (2 CD)
Glenn Tilbrook                In the sky above (the demo tapes 93-98)
Glenn Tilbrook                The past has been bottled (2007)
Gloria Gaynor                 Glorious
Gloria Lynne                  Gloria, Marty & strings (1963)
Gloria Lynne                  Just in time (1958)
Gloria Lynne                  Lonely and sentimental (1959)
Gloria Lynne                  The mellow and swinging (1960)
Gogi Grant                    The Helen Morgan story (1957)
Gogi Grant                    Torch time (1958)
Gogi Grant                    Welcome to My heart (1958)
Golden Earring                Just earrings (1965) (NL Polydor 007)
Golden Earring                Seven tears (1971)
Golden Earrings               Winter harvest (1967) (NL Polydor Special 736.068)
Gordon Jenkins                In a tender mood (1963)
Gordon MacRae                 Motion picture soundstage (1957)
Gordon MacRae                 The best things in life are free (1956)
Grand Funk Railroad           Greatest hits
Great Jazz Trio               Chapter II (1980)
Great Jazz Trio               Flowers for lady Day (1992)
Great Jazz Trio               N.Y. Sophisticate (1983)
Great Jazz Trio               The club New Yorker (1990)
Great Jazz Trio               Threesome (1982)
Gregory Isaacs                Best of volumes one and two
Gretchen Wilson               Here for the party
Gretchen Wilson               I got your country right here (2010)
Gretchen Wilson               One of the boys (2007)
Griffin House           Flying upside down (2008)
Griffin House           Homecoming (2007)
Griffin House           House of David volume one (EP) (2006)
Griffin House           Lost & found (2004)
Griffin House           The learner (2010)
Grover Washington Jr.   Winelight (1980)
Günter Noris            Bel Ami (Die schönsten Deutschen evergreens) (1998)
Günter Noris            Die tanzplatte des jahres '81 (1981)
Guy Clark               Better days (2007)
Guy Mitchell            My truly, truly fair
Gwen Verdon             The girl I left home for (1956)
Haddaway                             The Album (1993)
Hal Ketchum                          Every little word
Hal Ketchum                          Greatest hits (2008)
Hal Ketchum                          Lucky man (2001)
Hal Ketchum                          Past the point of rescue (1991)
Hal Lone Pine & Betty Cody           On the trail of the lonesome pine
Hall & Oates                         No goodbyes (1977)
Hamilton Bohannon                    Essential dancefloor artists Vol. 4 (1994)
Hank Marvin                          Guitar ballads (2 cd)
Hank Marvin                          Guitar man (2007)
Hank Marvin                          Guitar player (2002)
Hank Marvin                          Shadowing the hits (2 CD)
Hank Marvin & The Shadows            The first 40 years (2 CD) (1998)
Hank The Knife & The Jets            Guitar king (1975)
Hank The Knife & The Jets            The original hit recordings and more
Hank The Knife & The Jets            Those rockin' days (1978)
Hank Williams Jr                     After You (1973)
Hank Williams Jr                     Born to boogie (1987)
Hank Williams Jr                     Eleven roses (1972)
Hank Williams Jr                     Five-O
Hank Williams Jr                     High notes
Hank Williams Jr                     Hog wild (1995)
Hank Williams Jr                     I'm one of You (2003)
Hank Williams Jr                     Lone wolf
Hank Williams Jr                     Major moves (1984)
Hank Williams Jr                     Man of steel (1983)
Hank Williams Jr                     My own way (1967)
Hank Williams Jr                     New south
Hank Williams Jr                     Sings the songs of Hank Williams (1963)
Hank Williams Jr                     Strong stuff
Hank Williams Jr                     That's how they do it in Dixie (2006)
Hank Williams Jr                     The world of Hank Williams Jr (2003)
Hank Williams Jr                     Wild streak (1988)
Hank Williams Jr                     Your cheatin' heart (Hank Williams' life story)(1964)
Hank Williams Jr. & Connie Francis   Sing great country favorites (1964)
Hanny                                De 20 beste (1995)
Hanny                                Een onbeschrijfelijk gevoel (1994)
Hanny & De Rekels                    De allerbeste van
Harry Belafonte                      An evening with Belafonte (1957)
Harry Belafonte                      At the Greek theatre (live) (1964)
Harry Belafonte                      Belafonte at Carnegie Hall (live) (1959)
Harry Belafonte                      Belafonte on Campus (1967)
Harry Belafonte                      Belafonte sings of the Caribbean (1957)
Harry Belafonte                      Belafonte sings the blues (1958)
Harry Belafonte                      Calypso (1956)
Harry Belafonte                      Jocker SM3803 (1976)
Harry Belafonte                      Jump up calypso (1961)
Harry Belafonte                      Mark Twain and other folk favorites (1954)
Harry Belafonte                      My Lord what a mornin' (1959)
Harry Belafonte                      Songs
Harry Belafonte                      Streets I have walked (1963)
Harry Belafonte                      Swing dat hammer (1960)
Harry Belafonte & Miriam Makeba    An evening with Belafonte and Makeba (1965)
Harry Belafonte & Nana Mouskouri   An evening with Belafonte & Mouskouri (1966)
Harry Carney                       With strings (1955)
Harry Chapin                       Living room suite (1978)
Harry James                        In hi-fi (1955)
Harry James & Orchestra            The silver collection
Harry 'Sweets' Edison              When lights are low (1965)
Hayley Westenra                    Celtic treasure (2007)
Hayley Westenra                    My gift to You (2004)
Hayley Westenra                    Odyssey (2005)
Hayley Westenra                    Prayer (2007)
Hayley Westenra                    Pure (2003)
Hayley Westenra                    River of dreams (the very best of) (2008)
Hayley Westenra                    Treasure (2007)
Head Cat                           Fool's paradise (2006)
Heather Myles                      Dance acros Texas
Heather Myles                      Highways & honky tonks (1998)
Heather Myles                      Untamed
Heidi Hauge                        Country blue
Heidi Hauge                        Country christmas
Heidi Hauge                        Country dance (2003)
Heidi Hauge                        Country gold
Heidi Hauge                        Country rose
Heidi Hauge                        Some broken hearts
Helen Forrest                      Embraceable You (1995)
Helen Forrest                      I wanna be loved (1993)
Helen Forrest                      Sweet & simple (1999)
Helen Forrest                      Sweeter as the years go by (1998)
Helen Grayco                       After midnight (1957)
Helen Humes                        Songs I like to sing (1960)
Helen Humes                        t Ain't nobody's biz-ness if I do (1960)
Helen Merrill                      Blossom of stars (1993)
Helen Merrill                      Parole e musica (1961)
Helen Merrill                      The nearness of You (1958)
Helen Morgan                       The glory of (1998)
Helen O'Connell                    Here's Helen (1958)
Helen Ward                         The queen of big band swing (1998)
Helmut Lotti                       A special Christmas (Live) (2000)
Helmut Lotti                       Alles wat ik voel (1992)
Helmut Lotti                       Love songs 1
Helmut Lotti                       Love songs 2
Helmut Lotti                       Love songs 3
Helmut Lotti                       Out of Africa (2000)
Helmut Lotti                       Time to swing (2008)
Helmut Lotti                       Tribut to the king
Helmut Lotti                       Vlaamse nachten (1990)
Helmut Zacharias                   Die grossen Deutschen tanzorchester (2005)
Helmut Zacharias                   Light My fire (1971)
Helmut Zacharias                   Made in Germany
Helmut Zacharias                   Seine grossen erfolge (1972)
Helmut Zacharias                   Spielt Lincke und Kollo (1969)
Helmut Zacharias                   Swing intim
Helmut Zacharias                  The man with the violin (1975)
Helmut Zacharias                  Und seine zaubergeige
Hennie Bekker                     African tapestries (Kikuyu (barry bekker))
Hennie Bekker                     African tapestries (Kusasa)
Hennie Bekker                     African tapestries (Salama) (2001)
Hennie Bekker                     African tapestries (Temba) (1995)
Hennie Bekker                     African tapestries (The smoke that thunders) (2002)
Hennie Bekker                     Autumn magic (1996)
Hennie Bekker                     Dreaming
Hennie Bekker                     Great lakes suite (1991)
Hennie Bekker                     Sonicaid music to promote sleep (2004)
Hennie Bekker                     Tranquility ( A time for romance ) (1998)
Hennie Bekker                     Tranquility (After the rain) (2001)
Hennie Bekker                     Tranquility (Awakenings) (1994)
Hennie Bekker                     Tranquility (Reverie)
Hennie Bekker                     Velvet nights
Hennie Bekker                     Winter reflections
Henry Arland                      Die schönsten liebeslieder (2009)
Henry Arland                      Echo der berge
Henry Arland                      Gefühle
Henry Mancini                     A warm shade of ivory (1969)
Henry Mancini                     Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)
Henry Mancini                     Mr. Lucky goes latin (1961)
Henry Mancini                     Six hours past sunset (1969)
Henry Mancini                     The blues and the beat (1960)
Henry Mancini                     The Mancini touch
Henry Mancini                     Two for the road (1967)
Henry Mancini & Doc Severinsen    Brass, ivory & strings (1973)
Henson Cargill                    A very well travelled man
Henson Cargill                    Coming on strong
Henson Cargill                    Skip a rope (1968)
                                  Relaxing dreams - Vol III (Ruhe & entspannung) (1994)
Herman Schoonderwalt & Dick Ebbenhorst
Hermes House Band                 Rhythm of the nineties (2009)
Highway                           Highway
Highway 101                       Big sky
Highway 101                       Bing bang boom (1991)
Highway 101                       Country classics (2006)
Highway 101                       Greatest hits
Highway 101                       Highway 101
Highway 101                       Highway 101 vol 2
Highway 101                       Paint the town (1989)
Highway 101                       The new frontier (1993)
Highway 101 & Paulette Carlson    Reunited (1990)
Hilary Duff                       4Ever (2006)
Hilary Duff                       Dignity (2007)
Hilary Duff                       Hilary Duff (2004)
Hilary Duff                       Metamorphosis (2003)
Hi-Lo's                           And all that jazz
Hi-Lo's                           Back again (1979)
Hi-Lo's                           Broadway playbill (1960)
Hi-Lo's                           Happen to folk songs (1961)
Hi-Lo's                           Love nest (1959)
Hi-Lo's                           Suddenly it's the Hi-Lo's (1957)
Hi-Lo's                           The Hi-Lo's, I presume (1955)
Hiroshima                         Another place (1986)
Hiroshima                         Best of (1994)
Hiroshima                         Between black and white (1999)
Hiroshima                         Go (1987)
Hiroshima                         L.A (1994)
Hiroshima                         Little Tokyo (2007)
Hiroshima                         Odori (1999)
Hiroshima                         Providence (1992)
Hiroshima                         Spirit of the season (2004)
Hiroshima                         The best of Hiroshima (1994)
Hiroshima                         The bridge (2003)
Hiroshima                         Third generation (1983)
Hiroshima                         Urban world music (1996)
Holly Dunn                        Blue rose of Texas (1989)
Holly Williams                    Here with Me (2009)
Honeycombs                        Have I the right & The very best of (2002)
Hooverphonic                      The night before (2010)
Hot Butter                        Popcorn (1972)
Hotcha Quartet                    16 Hotcha successen (1970)
Hotcha Trio                       De grootste successen (1993)
Hotcha Trio                       Mundharmonika rhythmen 2 (1972)
Howie Day                         Sound the alarm (2009)
Hugo Winterhalter                 2 Sides of Winterhalter
Human League                      The very best of (2 CD)(2003)
Humblebums                        Open up the door (1970)
Humphrey Lyttelton & Buddy Tate   Kansas city woman (1974)
Ik hou van jou          De 44 mooiste Vlaamse liedjes (2 CD)(2009)
Il Divo                 The Christmas collection (2008)
Imagination             In the heat of the night (1982)
Ingeborg                Dertien daarom droom
Ingeborg                Hartrock
Ingeborg                Voor één seconde
In-Grid                 La vie en rose (2004)
Isaac Hayes             Shaft (1971)
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole   Facing future (2010)
Jace Everett
Jaap Fischer
Jaap Fischer
Jack Greene & Jeannie Seely
Jack Greene & Jeannie Seely
Jack Ingram
Jack Jersey & The Jordanaires
Jack Jones
Jack Jones
Jackie Evancho
Jackie Gleason
Jackie Lynton
Jackson Sisters
Jacques Raymond
Jake Owen
James Blunt
James Last
James Last
James Last
James Last
James Last
James Last
James Otto
James Taylor
Jana Mashonee
Jana Mashonee
Jane Morgan
Janet Jackson
Jantje Smit
Jason Aldean
Jason Donovan
Jason Michael Carroll
Jaye P Morgan
Jeanie Bryson
Jeannie C Riley
Jeannie C Riley
Jeannie C Riley
Jeannie Kendall
Jeannie Seely
Jeannie Seely
Jeannie Seely
Jeannie Seely
Jeannie Seely
Jeannie Seely
Jeannie Seely
Jeannie Seely
Jeff Bates
Jeff Bates
Jeff Bates
Jeff Bates
Jennifer Rush
Jennifer Rush
Jennifer Warnes
Jeri Southern
Jeri Southern
Jerry Byrd
Jerry Jeff Walker
Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Murad's Harmonicats
Jerry Murad's Harmonicats
Jerry Murad's Harmonicats
Jerry Vale
Jessie Farrell
Jessie James
Jessie Matthews
Jet Harris & Tony Meehan
Jettie Pallettie
Jim & Jesse
Jim Brickman
Jim Brickman
Jim Brickman
Jim Brickman
Jim Brickman
Jim Brickman
Jim Brickman
Jim Capaldi
Jim Croce
Jim Glaser
Jim Glaser
Jim Glaser
Jim Glaser
Jim Glaser
Jim Lauderdale
Jim Reeves
Jimmie Driftwood
Jimmy Buffet
Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs
Jimmy James & The Vagabonds
Jimmy Martin
Jimmy Smith
Jo Ann Kelly
Jo Leemans
Jo Stafford
Jo Stafford
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jo Vally
Jody Miller
Jody Miller
Joe Ely
Joe Ely
Joe Ely
Joe Ely
Joe Ely
Joe Ely
Joe Loss & His Orchestra
Joe Walsh
Joe Williams
John Anderson
John Arthur Martinez
John Conlee
John Eliot Gardiner
John Fred & His Playboy Band
John Gary
John Herberman
John Holt
John Holt
John Kongos
John Lee Hooker
John Lennon
John Lennon
John Leyton
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
John Prine
John Travolta
John Travolta
John Woodhouse
Johnny & The Hurricanes
Johnny & The Hurricanes
Johnny & The Hurricanes
Johnny & The Hurricanes
Johnny & The Hurricanes
Johnny & The Roccos
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash
Johnny Desmond
Johnny Hallyday
Johnny Hallyday
Johnny Hartman
Johnny Lee
Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge
Johnny Mathis
Johnny Mathis
Johnny Mathis
Johnny Mathis
Johnny Restivo
Joni Harms
Joni Harms
Joni Harms
Joni Harms
Joni Harms
Joni Harms
Joni Harms
Joni Harms
Joni James
Joni James
Joni Mitchell
Jose Feliciano
Josephine Baker
Josh Turner
Josh Turner
Josh Turner
Joy Lynn White
Joy Lynn White
Joy Lynn White
Joy Lynn White
Joyce Breach
Joyce Breach
Judy Collins
Judy Collins
Judy Stone
Judy Stone
Juice Newton
Juice Newton
Juice Newton & Silver Spur
Julian Austin
Julian Austin
Julian Austin
Julianne Hough
Julianne Hough
Julie Grant
Julie Lee
Julie London
Julie London
Julie London
Julie London
Julie London
Julienne Taylor
Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias Jr
Julius La Rosa
June Christy
Junior Brown
Justin Hayward & John Lodge
Justin Moore
Jace Everett (2005)
En toen
Jaap Fischer
Jack Greene & Jeannie Seely
Two for the show (1973)
This is it
The king and I (2 CD)
There's love and there's love and there's love (1965)
Where love has gone (1964)
O holy night (2010)
Music to remember her (1955)
The Jackie Lynton album (1974)
Jackson Sisters (1976)
Goud van hier (2010)
Startin' with Me (2006)
Some kind of trouble (2010)
Around the world
James Last op klompen
Käpt'n James auf allen meeren
Klassische kostbarkeiten
Love must be the reason
Sunset man (2008)
Hourglass (1997)
American indian story (2006)
New moon born (2009)
Kiss tomorrow goodbye
Design of a decade 1986-1996
Hallo engel (2002)
Jason Aldean
Let it be Me (2008)
Waitin' in the country (2007)
Jaye P Morgan
Some cats know (1996)
Harper valley PTA (1968)
The best of (1996)
Yearbooks & yesterdays (1969)
Jeannie Kendall [2003]
Can I sleep in your arms (1973)
Greatest hits on monument
I'll love You more (1967)
Jeannie Seely (1969)
Jeannie Seely's greatest hits (1972)
Life's highway (2003)
Little things (1968)
Make the world go away (1972)
Good people (2005)
Jeff Bates (2008)
Leave the light on (2005)
Rainbow man (2003)
Golden star hit's (2008)
Now is the hour (2010)
Famous blue raincoat (2008)
A prelude to a kiss (1957)
When your heart's on fire
On the shores of Waikiki (1960)
Mr Bojangles
Great balls of fire
Original Sun greatest hits (1989)
Roll over Beethoven (1989)
The EP collection Vol 1
The EP collection Vol 2
The killer rocks on (1972)
Cat's blues [uk]
Dolls dolls dolls (1959)
South American nights (1963)
I remember Russ (1958)
Good bad & pretty things (2009)
Jessie James (2009)
Dancing on the ceiling (1989)
Diamonds & other gems (1989)
Tutti spagghettie (2009)
Pieces of You (1997)
Spirit (1998)
This way (2001)
Bluegrass & more ( 5 CD)
By heart (1995)
Grace (2005)
Love songs & lullabies (2002)
No words (1994)
Peace (2003)
Picture this (1997)
Valentine (2008)
The sweet smell of...success (1980)
The definitive collection (1998)
Country store collection (1988)
Everybody knows I'm yours (1986)
Man in the mirror (1983)
Me and My dream (2004)
Past the point of no return (1985)
Patchwork river (2010)
12 Songs of christmas (1963)
Americana (3 CD)
Licence to chill (2004)
Buffet hotel (2009)
Big Bad John and other fabulous songs and tales (1991)
Sugar shack (1963) (US DOT DLP-3545_DLP-25545)
The best of (1995)
The king of bluegrass (2001)
Midnight special (1960)
Jo Ann Kelly (1969)
Diep in mijn hart (2002)
Do I hear a waltz & This is Jo Stafford
I'll be seeing You (1959)
20 jaar (101 hits) (5 CD)
Amor (1994)
De kracht van de liefde (2000)
Eeuwig en altijd (1996)
Geluk en liefde (2004)
Ik kan niet zonder jou (1990)
Mijn mooiste schlagers (2 CD) (2006)
Mooi is het leven (2006)
Nostalgie (2005)
Recht uit het hart (2009)
Verrassend (2007)
Wereldhits (2003)
Zingt Franse klassiekers (2 CD) (2011)
Zingt Vlaamse klassiekers (1996)
Zingt Vlaamse klassiekers 2 (1997)
Zingt voor moeder (2003)
Zingt wereldhits (2003)
Home of the brave
Will You love Me tomorrow & The house of the rising sun
Lord of the highway (1987)
Musta notta gotta lotta
Silver city
Streets of sin
The best of Joe Ely
Dancing down memory lane (1958)
Greatest hits (1997)
The song is You (1965)
Bigger hands (2009)
Lone starry night (2004)
20 Greatest hits (1987)
The merry widow (Lehar)(1994)
With glasses - The very best of (2001)
Your all-time favorite songs (1965)
China, a romantic journey (2008)
20 Golden love songs
Up park camp
Kongos (lp) (1971)
Boom boom (1992)
Rock 'n' roll (remastered)
John Leyton
A hard road (1967)
The John Prine anthology great days (2 CD) (1993)
Can't let You go (1977)
John Travolta (1976)
Gouden regen (1973)
Red river rock (1960)
Red river rock (Black tulip)
Stormsville (1960)
The big sound of Johnny & The Hurricanes (1961)
The EP Collection
Knee deep in the blues
At San Quentin ( The complete 1969 concert)
Ring of fire (The Legend Of Johnny Cash)
Blue smoke
Salut les copains! (1961) (FR Philips 77.374)
Sings America's rockin' hits (1961) (FR Philips PHM 200.019)
Just You, just Me
The 13th of july
Best of 1968-1970
Heavenly (1959)
Johnny Mathis for Christmas (1998)
Merry Christmas (1958)
The global masters (2 CD)
The shape I'm in (BCD 15171) (1985)
After all
Are we there yet
Christmas in the country
Cowgirl dreams (1998)
Hometown girl (1990)
I want to sing for You (1986)
Let's put the western back in country (2004)
Thoughts of You (1985)
Rarities & B-Sides and more MGM 45s
Sings songs by Victor Young and songs by Frank Loesser (1956)
Clouds (1969)
Romance in the night (1983)
The fabulous Josephine Baker (1972)
Haywire (2010)
Haywire [Deluxe edition] (2010)
Long black train (2003)
Between midnight & hindsight (1992)
One more time (2005)
The lucky few
Wild love
Confessions (1991)
Songbird (1985)
Golden apples of the sun (1962)
Judy Collins #3 (1963)
Favourites (lp) (1975)
Magic (1972)
Juice Newton's greatest hits (and more) (1990)
Take heart (1979)
After the dust settles
Back in your life (2000)
The red & white (2009)
What My heart already knows (2009)
Julianne Hough (2008)
Sounds of the season holiday collection (2008)
Count on Me (The pye sessions)
Stillhouse road
A touch of class (1963)
Julie London sings Cole Porter (1966)
Lonely girl & Make love to Me (2002)
Sings latin in a satin mood
The end of the world (1963)
A time for love (2008)
De niña a mujer (1982)
My life [The greatest hits] (2 CD) (1998)
Romantic classics
Tango (1996)
The 24 greatest songs (2 CD)
Por la mitad (2008)
Love songs a la Rosa
The cool school (1967)
Guit with it (1993)
Blue jays (1975)
Justin Moore country (2009)
K3 (2009)                     MaMaSe! ( 2 CD ) (2009)
K.T. Oslin                    All American country (2004)
Kai Warner                    Disco'78 (1978)
Kalin Twins                   When (1992)
Karen Carpenter               Karen Carpenter (1996)
Kate Ryan                     Different (2002)
Kate Ryan                     Free
Katherine Jenkins             Believe (2009)
Katherine Jenkins             From the heart (2007)
Katherine Jenkins             Rejoice (2007)
Katherine Jenkins             Sacred arias (2008)
Katherine Jenkins             The ultimate collection (2009)
Katharine McPhee              Katharine McPhee (2007)
Katharine McPhee              Unbroken (2010)
Kathie Lee Gifford            Sentimental (1993)
Kathleen                      Kathleen in symfonie (2009)
Kathy Mattea                  A collection of hits (1993)
Kathy Mattea                  Ready for the storm (1995)
Kathy Mattea                  Willow in the wind (1990)
Katie Kissoon                 Katie Kissoon (1981)
Katrina & The Waves           Walking on sunshine (Greatest hits) (1991)
Kay Starr                     I cry by night (1962)
Kay Starr                     Jazz singer (1960)
Kay Starr                     Just plain country (1962)
Kay Starr                     Kay Starr
Kay Starr                     Kay Starr sings (1954)
Kay Starr                     Losers, weepers (1960)
Kay Starr                     Movin' on Broadway! (1960)
Kay Starr                     Rockin' with Kay (1958)
Kay Starr                     The essential RCA singles collection (1999)
Kay Starr & Count Basie       How about this (1969)
KC & The Sunshine Band        TK years (2 CD) (2009)
Keely Smith                   Be My love (1960)
Keely Smith                   Because you're mine (1962)
Keely Smith                   Cherokeely swings (1962)
Keely Smith                   Politely (1958)
Keely Smith                   Swingin' pretty (1959)
Keely Smith                   What kind of fool am I (1962)
Kenny Chesney                 In My wildest dreams
Kenny Chesney                 Lucky old sun (Deluxe edition)(with bonus CD)
Kenny Chesney                 Me and You (1996)
Kenny Rankin                  A song for You (2002)
Kenny Rogers                  Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton   Once upon a Christmas (2002)
Kentucky Headhunters          Best of
Kentucky Headhunters          Pickin' on Nashville
Kentucky Headhunters          Songs from the Grass String Ranch
Kentucky Headhunters          Still pickin'
Ketty Lester                  Where is love (1964)
Kevin Costner & Modern West   Turn it on (2010)
Kevin Costner & Modern West   Untold truths (2008)
Kevin Fowler                  Beer, bait and ammo (2000)
Kevin Fowler                            Bring it on (2007)
Kevin Fowler                            High on the hog (2002)
Kevin Fowler                            Loose, loud & crazy (2004)
Kiki Dee                                The sixties collection (2006)
Kim Robertson                           Searching for lambs (2003)
Kim Robertson                           Treasures of the celtic harp (1995)
                                        Lullaby journey (1996)
Kim Robertson & Chris Norman & Custer LaRue
Kim Robertson & Steve Kujala            Wild iris (1988)
Kim Robertson & Virginia Kron           Gratitude (1990)
King Sisters                            For You (1981)
King Sisters                            Imagination (1958)
King Sisters                            Warm and wonderful (1959)
Kirby Stone Four                        Baubles, bangles and beads (1958)
Kirby Stone Four                        Man I flipped...when I heard the Kirby Stone Four
Kirby Stone Four                        The 'go' sound (1959)
Kirby Stone Four                        The Kirby Stone touch (1959)
Kitten                                  Yodeling cowgirl (1995)
Kitty Kallen                            Quiet nights with Kitty Kallen
Kitty Wells                             20 All time greatest hits
Kitty Wells                             Dust on the bible
Kitty Wells                             God's honky tonk angel
Kitty Wells                             The queen of country music ( 4 CD)
Koos Alberts                            Even dicht bij jou (2007)
Koos Alberts                            Het leven gaat door
Koos Alberts                            Vechten voor geluk (2008)
Kristy Lee Cook                         Why wait (2008)
Kurt Edelhagen & Orchester              Die grossen Deutschen tanzorchester
Kurt Nilsen                             Rise to the occasion [2008]
Kurt Russell                            Kurt Russell
Kylie Minogue                           X (2007)
Kylie Minogue                           X (with bonus tracks) (2007)
L.A. Sounds                           Disco instrumental
La Esterella                          Goud van hier (2010)
Lady Antebellum                       Need You now (2010)
Lady Ga-Ga                            The fame (UK version) (2009)
Lady Ga-Ga                            Wonderland (2010)
Lady Linn & Her Magnificent Seven     Here we go again (2008)
Ladysmith Black Mambazo               Inala (1990)
Ladysmith Black Mambazo               Long walk to freedom (2006)
Ladysmith Black Mambazo               Shaka zulu (1987)
Ladysmith Black Mambazo               The spirit of South Africa (1991)
Lale Andersen                         Hafenträume
Lale Andersen                         Lili Marleen
Lari White                            Stepping stone
Larry Williams                        Here's Larry Williams (1959) (US Specialty SP-2109)
Las Ketchup                           Hijas del tomate (2002)
Las Ketchup                           Un blodymary (2006)
Lattie Moore                          I'm not broke but I'm badly bent (2000)
Laura Cantrell                        Humming by the flowered wine
Laura Cantrell                        Not the tremblin' kind
Laura Cantrell                        Trains & boats & planes (2008)
Laura Cantrell                        When the roses bloom again
Laura Lynn                            Goud (Limited edition)
Laura Lynn                            In vuur en vlam (2009)
Laurie London                         He's got the whole world in his hands
Leann Rimes                           God bless America
Leann Rimes                           This woman (2005)
Leann Rimes                           Unchained melody the early years
Leann Rimes                           Whatever we wanna (2006)
Lee Ann Womack                        Lee Ann Womack
Lee Greenwood                         Best of [Dominion - K-Tel]
Lee Greenwood                         Greatest hits (vol 1)
Lee Greenwood                         Greatest hits (vol 2)
Lee Greenwood                         The Best of ( 20th Century Masters )
Lee Kernaghan                         ,1959,
Lee Kernaghan                         Electric rodeo
Lee Kernaghan                         Electric rodeo 2
Lee Kernaghan                         Greatest hits
Lee Kernaghan                         Rules of the road
Lee Kernaghan                         The new bush
Lee Kernaghan                         Three chain road (CD 1)
Lee Towers                            Still loves You (1978)
Lee Wiley                             West of the moon (1956)
Lena Horne                            It's love
Lena Horne                            The young star (bluebird's best)
Lenny Kravitz                         Greatest hits
Lenny Kuhr                            Het beste van (1983)
Lenny Welch                           It's all about love (2005)
Lenny Williams                        It must be love (2007)
Leo Sayer                             At his very best (2006)
Leon Russell                          Hank Wilson's back
Leon Russell                          Hank Wilson's back 3
Leon Russell & The Newgrass Revival   Rhythm & bluegrass
Leona Williams                   Old loves never die
Les Alligators                   Rockabillygator
Les Elgart                       Just one more dance (1954)
Les Guitares Du Diable
Les Guitares Du Diable II
Les Humphries Singers            Mexico (2000)
Les Paul & Mary Ford             Lovers' luau (1959)
Lesley Williams                  Op z'n Hollands (2007)
LGT                              London (1973)
LGT                              Motor city rock (1976)
Lieutenant Pigeon                The best of Lieutenant Pigeon
Liliane Saint-Pierre             Goud van hier (2009)
Liliane Saint-Pierre             Soldiers of love
Lily Allen                       Alright still (2006)
Lily Allen                       It's not Me it's You [2009]
Linda Clifford                   My heart's on fire & Sneakin' out
Linda Gail Lewis                 Boogie woogie country gal
Linda Ronstadt                   The very best of Linda Ronstadt (2002)
Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville   Cry like a rainstorm, howl like the wind (1989)
Lionel Richie                    Just go (2009)
Lionel Richie & The Commodores   Gold ( 2 CD )
Lisa Del Bo                      My special prayer (2010)
Liselotte Malkowsky              Sonntagnacht auf der Reeperbahn (1996)
Little Big Town                  A place to land
Little Big Town                  Little Big Town (2002)
Little Big Town                  The road to here (2005)
Little Bob & The Lollipops       I got loaded (2004)
Little Enis (Carlos Toadvine)    I kept the wine & threw away the rose (1974)
Little Peggy March               Little Peggy March (1964)
Little Tony & His Brothers       Little Tony & His Brothers (1974)
Liz Larssens                     Mad about music
Llewellyn                        Celtic legend (1999)
Lloyd Price                      Greatest hits (1990 Curb release)
Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers    It's a monster (1973)
Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers    Put on your rockin' shoes (1972)
Longview                         Deep in the mountains
Lord Buckley                     His royal hipness (1960)
Loreena McKennitt                A mummers dance throught the Ireland (2009)
Loretta Lynn                     God bless America again (1972)
Loretta Lynn                     Hymns (1965)
Loretta Lynn                     Van lear rose
Loretta Lynn                     Who says God is dead (1968)
Lorne Green                      The man (1965)
Lorne Green                      Young at heart (1963)
Lorrie Morgan                    A moment in time (2009)
Lorrie Morgan                    All American country (2003)
Lorrie Morgan                    Classics (1991)
Lorrie Morgan                    Greater need (1996)
Lorrie Morgan                    Greatest hits (1995)
Lorrie Morgan                    Leave the light on (2003)
Lorrie Morgan                    Love letters (2009)
Lorrie Morgan                    Merry Christmas from London (1993)
Lorrie Morgan                              My heart (1999)
Lorrie Morgan                              Secret love (1998)
Lorrie Morgan                              Shakin' things up (1997)
Lorrie Morgan                              Show Me how (2004)
Lorrie Morgan                              Something in red
Lorrie Morgan                              The color of roses (2CD)(live) (2002)
Lorrie Morgan                              The essential Lorrie Morgan (1998)
Lorrie Morgan                              To get to You, Greatest hits (2000)
Lorrie Morgan                              Trainwreck of emotion (1993)
Lorrie Morgan                              Two people in love (2006)
Lorrie Morgan                              War paint (1994)
Lorrie Morgan                              Watch Me (1992)
Lorrie Morgan & George Morgan              Side by side (2000)
Lorrie Morgan & Sammy Kershaw              I finally found someone (2001)
Lorry Raine                                Interlude with (1957)
Los Lonely Boys                            Los Lonely Boys
Los Tres Ases                              Los Tres Ases (1957)
Lou Christie                               Enlightnin'ment
Lou Christie                               The complete Co & Ce & Roulette recordings
Lou Rawls                                  Rawls sings Sinatra (2003)
Louis Armstrong                            Harlem stomp (2000)
Louis Armstrong                            Let's fall in love
Louis Armstrong                            Louis and the angels
Louis Armstrong                            Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong                            St. Louis blues
Louis Armstrong & The Dukes of Dixieland   Louis and The Dukes of Dixieland
Louis Prima & Keely Smith                  Breakin' it up
Louise Mandrell                            I'm not through loving You yet
Louise Mandrell & R.C. Bannon              The best of (1983)
Lucas & Gea Hulshof                        Volle maan en rode rozen (2003)
Lucho Gatica                               Lara by lucho (1960)
Lucille Starr & The Canadian Sweethearts   Side by side & Lonely street (1967)
Lucky Dube                                 Africa's reggae king (2001)
Lucky Dube                                 Captured live (2008)
Lucky Dube                                 House of exile (1992)
Lucky Dube                                 Lucky Dube (2007)
Lucky Dube                                 Respect (2006)
Lucky Dube                                 Serious reggae business (1996)
Lucky Dube                                 The other side (2003)
Lucky Dube                                 Together as one (1993)
Lucky Dube                                 Umadakeni (1987)
Luisa Fernandez                            Disco darling (1978)
Luisa Fernandez                            Spanish dancer (1979)
Luisa Fernandez & Peter Kent               Ambiente
Luisa Fernandez & Peter Kent               Ihre grössten erfolge (1989)
Luisa Fernandez & Peter Kent               Mar y sol
Luisa Fernandez & Peter Kent               The hit collection (2 cd)
Luiz Arcaraz                               Latin airs
Luke Bryan                                 I'll stay Me (2007)
Luke Bryan                                 Introducing Luke Bryan
Lynsey De Paul                             Greatest hits ('72 - '77) (1996)
Lynsey De Paul                             Suprise (1973)
Lynyrd Skynyrd   All time greatest hits (2000)
Lynyrd Skynyrd   Vicious cycle (2003)
Mac & Katie Kissoon         Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep (1995)
Mac & Katie Kissoon         The very best of (1993)
Maddy Prior                 Changing winds (1978)
Malando                     Most famous tangos 1 (1961)
Malcolm Holcombe            Another wisdom
Manfred Mann                My little red book of winners! (1965) (US Ascot ALM-13021_ALS-15021)
Manfred Mann                The Manfred Mann album (1964) (US Ascot AM-13015)
Manhattan Transfer          Vibrate
Manhattan Transfer          Vocalese
Mara Kayser                 Ich streue rosen auf den weg (2007)
Marc & Dave                 Marc & Dave
Marc Bolan & T. Rex         The alternate takes of classical hits (2 CD)
Marc Dex                    Goud van hier (2010)
Marco Bakker                Dunkelrote rosen (1995)
Marco Borsato               Wit licht (2008)
Marian Henderson            Great folk songs of Australia and the world (1966)
Marie Osmond                In My little corner of the world (1974)
Marie Osmond                Paper roses (1973)
Marie Osmond                This is the way that I feel (1977)
Marie Osmond                Who's sorry now (1975)
Mario Lanza                 Christmas hymns and carols (1963)
Marjorie Lee                Remembering
Mark Chesnutt               Lost in the feeling (2000)
Mark Chesnutt               Rollin' with the flow (2008)
Mark Chesnutt               What a way to live (1994)
Mark Knopfler               A shot at glory (2001)
Mark Knopfler               Sailing to Philadelphia (2000)
Mark Knopfler               The ragpicker's dream (Special edition ( 2 CD ))(2002)
Mark Koenig                 The lonesome kind
Martina McBride             Shine (2009)
Martina McBride             The way that I am (1993)
Martina McBride             Timeless
Martina McBride             Waking up laughing
Martine Bijl                Benjamin (1972)
Martine Bijl                De beste van Martine Bijl
Martine Bijl                Zingt Andersen (1975)
Marty Gold                  Swingin west
Marty Haggard               Borders & boundaries (1996)
Marty Paich Piano Quartet   Lush latin & cool
Marty Stuart                20th Century masters the millennium collection (Best of Marty Stuart) (2007)
Marv Johnson                Marvelous Marv Johnson (1960) (US United Artists UAL-3081)
Marv Johnson                More Marv Johnson (1960) (US United Artists UAL-3118)
Marva                       Bemind geleden en geleerd
Marva                       Goud van hier (2009)
Marva                       Het beste van ( cd 1)
Marva                       Het beste van ( cd 2)
Marva                       Mijn grootste successen (1980)
Mary Stallings              Manhattan moods (1997)
Matt Monro                  Alguien cantó
Matt Monro                  En España (1970)
Matt Monro                  Here's to My lady (1966)
Matt Monro                  Love is the same anywhere
Matt Monro                         Musica para soñar
Matt Monro                         The very best of
Matt Monro                         Ultimate (2005)
Maureen Evans                      Like I do (1997)
Maywood                            Achter de horizon (1990)
Maywood                            Beside You (1987)
Maywood                            Cantado en Español (2004)
Maywood                            Colour My rainbow (1982)
Maywood                            Different worlds (1981)
Maywood                            Good for gold (2001)
Maywood                            Het beste van (1983)
Maywood                            Late at night (1980)
Maywood                            Loco amor (1981)
Maywood                            Maywood (1980)
Maywood                            More Maywood (1994)
Maywood                            Six of the thirties (1991)
Maywood                            Walking back to happiness (1991)
McGuire Sisters                    Greetings from the McGuire Sisters (Coral LP)
McGuire Sisters                    While the lights are low (1958)
McKay Brothers                     Cold beer and hot tamales (2006)
McPhee                             McPhee (1970)
Meco Monardo                       Star wars and other galactic funk (1999)
Meg Myles                          Just Meg and Me (1957)
Mega Mindy                         Mega Mindy (2007)
Mel Street                         Greatest hits (1976)
Mel Tormé                          Back in town
Mel Tormé                          Tormé (1958)
Melba Montgomery                   Aching breaking heart
Melonie Cannon                     And the wheels turn (2008)
Melonie Cannon                     Melonie Cannon (2004)
Memarie                            Memarie (2003)
Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters   10,000 Miles (2001)
Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters   Big time in big D (2003)
Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters   Dynomite (2009)
Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters   Let's all get drunk and get tatooed (Live)
Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters   Live in the UK (2006)
Merle Haggard                      Blue jungle (1990)
Metallica                          Death magnetic (2008)
Micha Marah                        Goud van hier (2010)
Michael Buble                      Babalu (2001)
Michael Buble                      Call Me irresponsible (2 CD) (Special edition) (2007)
Michael Buble                      Caught in the act (live) (2005)
Michael Buble                      Come fly with Me (2004)
Michael Buble                      Dream (2002)
Michael Buble                      First dance (1996)
Michael Buble                      It's time (2005)
Michael Buble                      Michael Buble (2003)
Michael Buble                      Special delivery (2010)
Michael Buble                      Totally Buble (2003)
Michael Buble                      With love (Limited edition)(2006)
Michael Bublé & Frank Sinatra      The kings of swing (2006)
Michael Jackson                    Invincible (2001)
Michael Jackson                  Thriller (1982)
Michael Jackson & Jackson 5      The Motown years 50 (3 CD) (2008)
Michael Jackson & Jackson Five   The silver collection
Michael Martin Murphey           Cowboy songs four
Michael Martin Murphey           The best of #
Michael Martin Murphey           The horse legends
Michael Martin Murphey           Ultimate collection
Michael Wendler                  Alles nur aus liebe (2010)
Michel Legrand                   Happy radio days
Michel Legrand                   The Columbia album of Cole Porter (1957)
Mickey Gilley                    Talk to Me
Middle Of The Road               Acceleration & drive on (2010)
Middle Of The Road               Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep (1971)
Middle Of The Road               Drive on (1973)
Middle Of The Road               Golden hits (1994)
Middle Of The Road               Greatest hits (1999)
Middle Of The Road               Middle of the road
Middle Of The Road               Sacramento
Middle Of The Road               The best of (1998)
Middle Of The Road               The collection (1992)
Middle Of The Road               The original hits (1990)
Middle Of The Road               You pays yer money (1973)
Mieke                            Een kind zonder moeder (1974)
Mila Mason                       Stained glass window
Mila Mason                       That's enough of that
Mila Mason                       The strong one
Milk Inc                         Double dream
Milli Vanilli                    All or nothing (1988)
Milli Vanilli                    Girl You know it's true (1988)
Milli Vanilli                    Keep on running
Mir                              Files from London (2006)
Miranda Lambert                  Crazy ex-girlfriend (2007)
Miranda Lambert                  Miranda Lambert (2004)
Miranda Lambert                  Revolution [2009]
Mireille Mathieu                 Best star best album (1967)
Miriam Makeba                    Miriam Makeba (1960)
M-Kids                           Goud van hier (2009)
Modern Talking                   The collection
Molly Bee                        Good golly ms. Molly (1975)
Molly Bee                        Sounds fine to Me (1982)
Molly Bee                        Swingin country (1967)
Molly Bee                        Texas hills (1982)
Moncho                           Boleros de oro (1993)
Montenegro                       Bongos & brass
Moody Blues                      Go now (1965)
Muddy Waters                     Hoochie coochie man [1988]
ot ALM-13021_ALS-15021)

on (Best of Marty Stuart) (2007)
Artists UAL-3081)
Nadine Somers                     Different drum
Nadine Somers                     The great unknown
Nancy Sinatra                     Boots (1966)
Nancy Sinatra                     How does that grab You (1966)
Nancy Sinatra                     Lightning's girl [1997]
Nancy Sinatra                     Movin' with Nancy (1968, 1996) [bonus tracks]
Nancy Sinatra                     Nancy in London (1966)
Nancy Sinatra                     Sugar (1967)
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood     Nancy & Lee (1968)
Nancy Wilson                      Today, tomorrow, forever (1964)
Nancy Wilson                      With My lover beside Me (1991)
Nat King Cole                     A mis amigos (1959)
Nat King Cole                     Dear lonely hearts (1962)
Nat King Cole                     Every time I feel the spirit (1960)
Nat King Cole                     Greatest hits
Nat King Cole                     My fair lady (1964)
Nat King Cole                     Ramblin' rose (1962)
Nat King Cole                     Tell Me all about yourself (1960)
Nat King Cole                     The magic of Christmas (1960)
Nat King Cole                     The story ( 2 CD )(1961)
Nat King Cole                     The touch of your lips (1961)
Nat King Cole                     The very thought of You
Nat King Cole                     This is Nat King Cole
Nat King Cole                     Those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer (1963)
Nat King Cole                     To whom it may concern (1958)
Nat King Cole                     Welcome to the club (1959)
Nat King Cole                     Where did everyone go (1963)
Nat King Cole                     Wild is love (1960)
Nat King Cole & George Shearing   Nat King Cole sings, George Shearing plays (1962)
Natalia                           Everything & more (2007)
Natalia                           Wise girl (2009)
Natalie Cole                      Snowfall on the Sahara (1999)
Natalie Cole                      The magic of Christmas (1999)
Neil Diamond                      12 Songs (2005)
Neil Diamond                      Home before dark (2008)
Neil Diamond                      Hot august night (Live) ( 2 CD )
Neil Diamond                      Jonathan Livingston seagull (1973)
Neil Diamond                      On the way to the sky (1986)
Neil Diamond                      Play Me the complete Uni studio recordings (3 CD) (2002)
Neil Diamond                      The feel of (1966)
Neil Diamond                      Three chord opera
Neil Sedaka                       The very best of Neil Sedaka
Nella Dodds                       This is a girls life (2007)
Nelson Riddle                     C'mon...get happy (1958)
Nelson Riddle                     White on white (1964)
Nena                              Das beste von Nena ( 3 CD ) (2010)
Nena                              Made in Germany (2009)
Nick & Simon                      Luister (2009)
Nick & Simon                      Nick & Simon (2006)
Nick & Simon                      Vandaag (2007)
Nicki                             Mein hitalbum
Nico Haak                         Foxy foxtrot
Nicole & Hugo            Eeuwig geluk
Nicole & Hugo            Het beste uit 35 jaar (2005)
Niki Haris               Dreaming a dream (1997)
Nini Rosso               Tutti i successi di
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band   Speed of life (2009)
Norman Luboff            Velvet voices, satin songs ( 2 CD)
Norrie Paramor           Par-excellence (the singles collection 1952-1961)
Norrie Paramor           Shadows in latin (1965)
Norrie Paramor           The most beautiful girl in the world (reb180) (1974)
Oak Ridge Boys       Less of Me ( tape rip )
Oak Ridge Boys       Room service (1978)
Oak Ridge Boys       Sing and shout (1967)
Odyssey              Greatest hits (1989)
Odyssey              Greatest hits (2003)
Odyssey              Happy together (1982)
Odyssey              Hollywood party tonight (1978)
Odyssey              Inside out (12'inch) (1983)
Odyssey              Joy (1985)
Odyssey              Love train (1994)
Odyssey              Odyssey (1977)
Odyssey              Setting forth (1971)
Odyssey              The magic touch of Odyssey (1982)
Old & In The Way     Breakdown (live) (1997)
Olga Guillot         Los 15 grandes de (1992)
Olivia Newton John   Clearly love (Vinyl)
Olivia Newton John   Come on over
Olivia Newton John   Don't stop believin' (1976)
Olivia Newton John   Gold (Remast. 2005)
Olivia Newton John   Have You never been mellow (1975)
Olivia Newton John   If not for You (1971)
Olivia Newton John   Indigo women of song (2004)
Olivia Newton John   Let Me be there (1974)
Olivia Newton John   Long live love (1974) remastered
Olivia Newton John   Olivia (1998)
Ornella Vanoni       Io dentroIo fuori
Oscar Peterson       Motions & emotions (1969)
Oscar Peterson       Night train (1962)
Paris Hilton                Paris (2006)
Pam Tillis                  Greatest hits (1997)
Pam Tillis                  Sweetheart's dance (1994)
Pat Boone                   Best of the best
Patricia Paay               The lady is a champ (1977)
Patsy Cline                 18 Classic tracks .. Walking after midnight
Patsy Cline                 A collection of country classics (2 CD)
Patsy Cline                 Country gold
Patsy Cline                 Crazy dreams (The four star years) (2 CD) (1996)
Patsy Cline                 Dreaming
Patsy Cline                 Reflections ( 2 CD )
Patsy Cline                 The love collection
Patsy Cline                 The Patsy Cline collection ( 4 CD's )
Patsy Cline                 Walkin' after midnight
Patsy Gallant               Greatest hits (2002)
Patsy Riggir                Close to thee
Patsy Riggir                You remind Me of a love song (1985)
Patty Duke                  The best of Patty Duke - Just Patty (1963)
Patty Loveless              Mountain soul (2001)
Paul Anka                   21 Golden hits (1963)
Paul Anka                   Christmas with Paul Anka (2000)
Paul Anka                   Greatest hits
Paul Anka                   Zwei mädchen aus Germany (1974)
Paul Desmond                Desmond blue
Paul Gilbert & Jimi Kidd    Raw blues power (2002)
Paul Potts                  Cinema Paradiso (2010)
Paul Potts                  One chance
Paul Potts                  Passione (2009)
Paul Revere & The Raiders   Spirit of 67
Paul Severs                 Een uurtje met
Paul Severs                 Geen wonder dat ik ween (2007)
Paul Severs                 Successen
Paul Severs                 Vroeger en nu
Paul Simon                  Graceland (1986)
Paul Smith                  By the fireside
Paul Weston                 Mood for 12
Paul Weston                 Music for a rainy night (1954)
Paul Weston                 Music for romancing
Paul Weston                 The Columbia album of Jerome Kern (1957)
Paula Abdul                 Shut up and dance (The dance mixes) (1990)
Paula Cole                  Postcards from east oceanside (2006)
Paula Watson                1948 -1953
Paulette Carlson            It's about time (2006)
Peaches & Herb              2 Hot! (1978)
Peggy Lee                   Christmas carousel (1960)
Peggy Lee                   Dream street (1957)
Peggy Lee                   Mirrors (1975)
Peggy Lee                   Miss Wonderful (1959)
Peggy Lee                   Norma Deloris Egstrom from Jamestown, North Dakota (1972)
Peggy Lee                   Pretty eyes (1960)
Peggy March                 Alle frauen wollen nur das eine (1993)
Peggy March                 Die freiheit frau zu sein (1995)
Peggy March                             Ein handvoll paradies
Penny McLean                            Lady bump (1976)
Penny McLean                            Midnight explosion (1978)
Penny McLean                            Penny (1977)
Percy Faith                             The music of Brazil (1962)
Perez Prado & His Orchestra             Pops and Prado (1959)
Perez Prado & His Orchestra             Prez (1958 )
Perez Prado & His Orchestra             Twist goes latin (1962)
Peter Alexander                         Rocky tocky baby
Peter Kent                              Premium gold collection
Peter Nero                              Hail the conquering Nero (1963)
Petra                                   Goud van hier (2009)
Petula Clark                            Blue lady (The Nashville sessions) (1970)
Petula Clark                            Colour My world & Who am I (1967)
Petula Clark                            Duets (2007)
Petula Clark                            Greatest hits [BR music] (1990)
Petula Clark                            Hello Paris (1964)
Petula Clark                            I know a place (1965)
Petula Clark                            Just Pet (1969)
Petula Clark                            Just Petula (1975)
Petula Clark                            Memphis (1970)
Petula Clark                            Petula au Canada (1964)
Petula Clark                            Portrait of Petula (1969)
Petula Clark                            The other man's grass is always greener (1968)
Petula Clark                            The world's greatest international hits (1965)
Petula Clark                            Then & now the very best of Petula Clark (2008)
Petula Clark                            These are My songs (1967)
Petula Clark                            Warm and tender (aka The song of My life) (1971)
Petula Clark                            You are My lucky star (1957)
Phil Spector                            A Christmas gift for You from Phil Spector (1963)
Phil Vassar                             Greatest hits (2006)
Philip Catherine                        Stream (1972)
Piet Veerman                            Zijn mooiste songs (1995)
Placebo                                 One more with feeling (Singles 1996 - 2004)( 2 CD)
Placebo                                 Placebo
Polly Bergen                            Four seasons of love (1960)
                                        More grand old gospel (1967)
Porter Wagoner & The Blackwood Brothers Quartet
Preston Epps                            Bongo bongo bongo (1959)
Pretty Things                           Singles
Queen   Absolute greatest (2009)
Rainbow                              Long live rock n' roll
Rainbow Visions                      Relaxing dreams - Vol I (Schonheit & harmonie) (1994)
Rainbow Visions                      Relaxing dreams - Vol IV (Landscape) (1995)
Ralph Sharon                         Portrait of Harold (1996)
Ranch Girls & The Ragtime Wranglers Can You hear it
Randy Travis                         Around the bend [2008]
Rare Silk                            New weave
Rascal Flatts                        Melt (2002)
Raul Malo                            Lucky one (2009)
Raul Malo                            You're only lonely (2006)
Ray Anthony                          Ray Anthony concert (1956)
Ray Anthony                          The Anthony choir (1953)
Ray Kernaghan                        Lost highway (2003)
Ray Price                            A mighty lonesome guy, 1951- 61
Ray Price                            I'm not crazy yet 1962-77
Ray Price                            Night life (1962)
Ray Price                            The essential
                                     Rockabilly highway (2009)
Rayburn Anthony & Carl Mann & W.S. Holland
Reba McEntire                        Love revival (2008)
Rebecca Lynn Howard                  Forgive
Red Sovine                           20 All-time greatest hits (2002)
Redbone                              Beaded dreams through turquoise eyes (1974)
Redbone                              Come and get your redbone (near original)
Redbone                              Message from a drum (1972)
Redbone                              Potlatch (1970)
Redbone                              Redbone (1970)
Redbone                              The essential Redbone
Redbone                              The very best of Redbone (1976)
Redbone                              The witch queen of New Orleans (1971)
Redbone                              Wovoka (1973)
Rene Carol                           Seine großen erfolge (2008)
René Schuurmans                      Blij dat ik leef (2009)
Rhonda Vincent                       All American bluegrass girl
Rhonda Vincent                       Back home again (2000)
Rhonda Vincent                       Good thing going (2008)
Rhonda Vincent                       One step ahead (2003)
Ria Valk                             Vrijgezellenflat (1969)
Richard & Linda Thompson             First light [1978]
Richard & Linda Thompson             Sunny vista [1979]
Richard Anthony                      Les plus grandes chansons (2004)
Richard Anthony                      Ses plus belles chansons (1994)
Rick Derringer                       Greatest and latest (2003)
Ricki Lee                            The singles
Ricky King                           Das ultimativ beste (3 CD) (2009)
Ricky King                           Die großen jahrhundert hits (2 CD) (2004)
Ricky King                           Golden guitar hits
Ricky King                           Guitar holiday (1987)
Ricky King                           Love Me tender (2007)
Ricky King                           Meine schoensten melodien zur weihnacht (2009)
Ricky King                           Sun of Jamaica (1988)
Ricky King                           Verde (1976)
Ricky Morvan & The Fens              The story of
Ricky Van Shelton   Backroads
Rihanna             A girl like Me (2006)
Rita Reys           Marriage in modern jazz
Rita Reys           Sings Michel Legrand
Ritchie Family      African queens (1977)
Ritchie Family      American generation (1978)
Rob & Fab           Rob & Fab (1993)
Robbie Fulks        Country love songs (1996)
Robbie Fulks        The very best of
Robbie Williams     Swing when you're winning (2001)
Robert Earl Keen    Gringo honeymoon
Robert Earl Keen    Walking distance
Robert Gordon       Rock Billy boogie (1979)
Robert Mitchum      Calypso is like so
Robert Mitchum      Tall dark stranger
Robin English       Hello Me
Robin Gibb          Sing slowly sisters (1970)
Roch Voisine        I'll always be there (Import)(1993)
Roch Voisine        Je te serai fidele ( import )(2004)
Rodney Atkins       If you're going through hell (2006)
Rodney Crowell      Greatest hits
Rodney Dillard      Let the rough side drag (1991)
Ro-D-Ys             Earnest vocation (1968)
Roger Chapman       Hide go seek (2 CD) (2009)
Rolf Harris         The best of (2001)
Ronan Hardiman      Anthem (2000)
Ronan Hardiman      Feet of flames (1999)
Ronan Hardiman      Lord of the dance (1997)
Ronan Keating       Winter songs (2009)
Ronnie Cord         Remember (1962)
Ronny Whyte         All in a night's work
Rosanne Cash        Black cadillac (2006)
Rosanne Cash        Rules of travel (2003)
Rosanne Cash        The list (2009)
Rosemary Clooney    Mothers & daughters (2000)
Rosie Flores        A honky tonk reprise (1996)
Rosie Flores        After the farm (1992)
Rosie Flores        Bandera highway
Rosie Flores        Rockabilly Filly (1995)
Roy Black           Concerto d'amour (1969)
Roy Black           Fuer immer (2cd) [2006]
Roy Black           Ich denk an dich (1968)
Roy Black           Portrait of Roy Black (1967)
Roy Black           Wo bist du (1971)
Roy Hamilton        Rockin' and boppin'
Roy Hamilton        You'll never walk alone (1956)
Roy Orbison         Bye bye love
Roy Orbison         Greatest hits (1992)
Roy Orbison         Legends in music
Roy Orbison         Love songs (2002)
Roy Orbison         The essential (2 CD) (2006)
Roy Orbison         The very best of (2006)
Roy Orbison            There is only one Roy Orbison & The Orbison way
Ruben Gonzalez         Sentimento (1999)
Ruby & The Romantics   Our day will come
Russell Watson         That's life (2007)
Ruth Mc Kenny          Rocking in the street
Sabrina                                Doctor's orders (1988)
Sadao Watanabe & The Great Jazz Trio   I'm old fashioned (1976)
Salim Seghers                          Goud van hier (2010)
Sally Fletcher                         Angels awakening (2005)
Sally Fletcher                         Hymns of healing
Samantha Fox                           Touch Me (1986)
Sammi Smith                            Help Me make it through the night
Sammy Davis Junior & Frank Sinatra     Swinging together
Sammy Kershaw                          Better than I used to be (2010)
Sandie Shaw                            Me (1965)
Sandra & Andres                        Happy together (1970)
Sandra & Andres                        Let us sing together (1971)
Sandra & Andres                        True love (1973)
Sandra & Andres                        Yum yum (1974)
Sandra Kim                             Heel diep in mijn hart
Sandra Kim                             J'aime la vie (2002)
Sandy Nelson                           Drums are My beat (1962) (US Imperial LP-12083)
Sandy Nelson                           Let there be drums (1961) (US Imperial LP-12080)
Sanne                                  Cowboy's sweetheart
Sanne                                  Zand (1994)
Sara Evans                             Real fine place (2005)
Saragossa Band                         Best of (2007)
Sarah Jory                             Sarah's dream
Sarah Kreuz                            One moment in time (2009)
Sarah Vaughan                          Snowbound (1963)
Sarah Vaughan                          The great Sarah Vaughan (1962)
Sarah Vaughan                          The lonely hours (1964)
Sarah Vaughan                          Vaughan and violins (1958)
Sarah Vaughan                          You're mine You (1962)
Saskia & Serge                         Er bloeit een bloem (1972)
Saskia & Serge                         Saskia & Serge (1970)
Saskia & Serge                         Speciaal voor U
Schippers Stephaan                     Orgelmuziek
Scott Hamilton                         Plays ballads
Scott Miller & The Commonwealth        Citation [2006]
Scott Miller & The Commonwealth        Upside downside
Scotty Moore                           The guitar that changed the world
Seatrain                               Seatrain
Semino Rossi                           Die liebe bleibt (2009)
Semino Rossi                           Die liebe bleibt [Deluxe edition] (2009)
Semino Rossi                           Du mein gefühl
Semino Rossi                           Einmal ja, immer ja (2007)
Semino Rossi                           Feliz navidad (2005)
Semino Rossi                           Frag doch mein herz (2008)(2 CD)
Semino Rossi                           Tausend rosen für dich
Shakatak                               Night birds (1982)
Shakatak                               Streetlevel (1994)
Shakatak                               The collection (1998)
Shakin' Stevens                        A whole lotta Shaky (1988)
Shakin' Stevens                        Merry Christmas everyone (1991)
Shakin' Stevens                        Tiger (1984)
Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets          A legend (1970)
Shakira                                 Sale el sol [Deluxe CD] (2010)
Shakira                                 She wolf (Retail) (2009)
Sha-Na                                  De hitsingels
Sha-Na                                  Goud van hier (2009)
Sha-Na                                  Kleur je hart
Sha-Na                                  Wat kan er mooier zijn
Shannon McNally                         Geronimo
Shawn Colvin                            A few small repairs (1996)
Shawn Colvin                            These four walls
SheDaisy                                Sweet right here
Shelby Lynne                            I am Shelby Lynne
Shep & The Limelites                    Our anniversary (1962) (Hull 1001)
Shep & The Limelites                    The complete (2 CD)
Shirley Bassey                          And I love You so (1972)
Shirley Bassey                          I am what I am
Shocking Blue                           20 Greatest hits (1990)
Shocking Blue                           At home (1969)
Shocking Blue                           Beat with us (1968)
Shocking Blue                           Dream on dreamer (1973)
Shocking Blue                           Inkpot & Attila 1971-'73
Shocking Blue                           Scorpio's dance (1969)
Shocking Blue                           Shocking Blue 3rd album (1971)
Showaddywaddy                           Just like Eddie (2006)
Showaddywaddy                           Red star (1977)
Si Zentner                              A thinking man's band (1960)
Si Zentner                              Suddenly it's swing (1960)
Si Zentner                              The swingin' eye (1960)
Si Zentner                              Waltz in jazz time (1963)
Silvan Zingg Trio                       Boogie woogie triology (2006)
Silver Convention                       Madhouse (1976)
Silver Convention                       Save Me (1975)
Silvio Francesco                        Caterina
Simon & Garfunkel                       Bridge over trouble water
Simple Minds                            Once upon a time (1985)
Singers Unlimited                       Sentimental journey (1974)
Singers Unlimited                       With Rob McConnell and The Boss Brass (1979)
Skeeter Davis                           Country gold (1995)
Slade                                   The very best of (2 CD) (2005)
Slim Gaillard                           Flat foot floogie
Slim Gaillard                           Recordings 1938-1946
Slim Gaillard                           Slim's jam (1946)
Smiley Bates                            22 Songs from the heart (2003)
Smiley Bates                            More country tears
Smiley Bates                            Smiley sings Hank Snow (1983)
Songbirds                               Wake up call (2007)
Sonny Burgess                           The old gang (1976)
Sons Of The Purple Sage & Linna Shane   Recordings
Sophia Loren                            Secrets of Rome (2006)
Soulsister                              Simple rule (2006)
Spike Jones & His City Slickers         The very best of [1999]
Spitfire Band                           Big time
Stafke Fabri                            Karsmis in Antwarepe (1978)
Stafke Fabri                         Oude successen
Stan Getz                            Cool sounds (2002 Reissue)
Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd             Jazz samba
Stan Kenton                          Standards in silhouette (1959)
Stan Silver                          Higher ground
Stan Van Samang                      Take it from Me (2009)
Stella Parton                        Anthology (1998)
Stella Parton                        Country sweet
Stella Parton                        Love ya
Stella Parton                        Picture in a frame
Stella Parton                        Stella Parton (1978)
Stephane Grappelli & Barney Kessel   I remember Django !
Stereophonics                        Language sex violence other
Steve Earle                          Townes (2009)
Steve Martin                         The crow - New songs for the five string banjo (2009)
Steve Tyrell                         Songs of Sinatra (2005)
Stevie Ray Vaughan                   The slow blues
Sting                                Mercury falling (1996)
Sting                                Sacred love (2003)
Stonewall Jackson                    Stonewall Jackson - The dynamic & Country
Stonewall Jackson                    The lonesome in Me & Thoughts of a lonely man
Strato Vani                          Strato-Vani 1
Strato Vani                          Strato-Vani 2
Sue Raney                            Breathless (1997)
Sue Raney                            When your lover has gone
Sue Thompson                         Golden Classics - Collectables
Sugababes                            Overloaded singles collection
Sugarland                            Enjoy the ride (2006)
Sugarland                            Gold and green (2009)
Sugarland                            Love on the inside [Deluxe fan edition] (2008)
Sugarland                            Twice the speed of life (2004)
Sun Ra                               Mayan temples (1990)
Super Stocks                         School is a drag (1964) (US Capitol ST-2190)
Super Stocks                         Surf route 101 (1964) (US Capitol ST-2113)
Super Stocks                         Thunder road (1964) (US Capitol ST-2060)
Susan Boyle                          I dreamed a dream (2009)
Susan Boyle                          The gift (2010)
Suzi Quatro                          A's B's & Rarities
Suzy Bogguss                         Voices in the wind
Syl Johnson                          Back for a taste of your love [1973]
Syl Johnson                          Diamond in the rough (1974)
Syl Johnson                          Dressed too short & Is it because I am black (1970)
Syl Johnson                          Ms. Fine Brown frame
Sylver                               Best of & The hit collection 2001 - 2007
Sylver                               Crossroads (2006)
Sylver                               Decade (The very best of Sylver) (2 CD) (2010)
Sylvia Telles                        The face I love
Syreeta                              Syreeta (1972)
T. Graham Brown   Bumper to bumper (1990)
T. Graham Brown   Greatest hits (1995)
T. Graham Brown   I tell it like it used to be (1986)
T. Graham Brown   The next right thing (2003)
T. Graham Brown   The present (2006)
T. Graham Brown   Wine into water (1998)
Tamara Tol        Zeg het met bloemen (2 CD) (2007)
Tammy Wynette     20 Years of Hits (1987)
Tammy Wynette     All time favourites (1994)
Tammy Wynette     Another lonely song (1974)
Tammy Wynette     Bedtime story (1972)
Tammy Wynette     Christmas with Tammy (1970)
Tammy Wynette     Collector's edition (1998)
Tammy Wynette     D-I-V-O-R-C-E
Tammy Wynette     Even the strong get lonely (1983)
Tammy Wynette     Good love & heartbreak (1982)
Tammy Wynette     Heart over mind (1990)
Tammy Wynette     Higher ground (1978)
Tammy Wynette     I still believe in fairy tales (1975)
Tammy Wynette     Inspirational favourites (1969)
Tammy Wynette     Just Tammy (1979)
Tammy Wynette     Kids say the darndest things (1973)
Tammy Wynette     Let's get together (1977)
Tammy Wynette     Misc. collaborations & Without walls (1994)
Tammy Wynette     My man
Tammy Wynette     Next to You (1989)
Tammy Wynette     One of a kind (1977)
Tammy Wynette     Only lonely sometimes (1980)
Tammy Wynette     Reflective souvenirs (1994)
Tammy Wynette     Soft touch (1982)
Tammy Wynette     Sometimes when we touch (1985)
Tammy Wynette     Sometimes when we touch & Higher ground (1985)
Tammy Wynette     Stand by your man (1968)
Tammy Wynette     Straight from the heart (1971)
Tammy Wynette     Take Me to your world & I don't wanna play house
Tammy Wynette     Tammy remember (1998)
Tammy Wynette     Tammy's touch (1970)
Tammy Wynette     Tears of fire (1992)
Tammy Wynette     The best of (1996)
Tammy Wynette     The best of (live)
Tammy Wynette     The country store collection
Tammy Wynette     The definitive collection (1999)
Tammy Wynette     The definitive collection (2009)
Tammy Wynette     The essential (2004)
Tammy Wynette     The first lady (1970)
Tammy Wynette     The Tammy Wynette showcase (1994)
Tammy Wynette     The ways to love a man (1969)
Tammy Wynette     'Til I can make it on My own (1976)
Tammy Wynette     Ways to love a man & Tammy's touch (2006)
Tammy Wynette     We sure can love each other (1971)
Tammy Wynette     Without walls (1994)
Tammy Wynette     Woman to woman (1974)
Tammy Wynette     Womanhood (1978)
Tammy Wynette     You and Me (1976)
Tammy Wynette     You brought Me back (1981)
Tammy Wynette     Your good girl's gonna go bad
Tammy Wynette & David Houston   My elusive dreams
Tammy Wynette & George Jones    Golden ring (1976)
Tammy Wynette & George Jones    I'll share My world with You (1969)
Tammy Wynette & George Jones    Let's build a world together (1973)
Tammy Wynette & George Jones    Love songs (2004)
Tammy Wynette & George Jones    Me and the first lady (1972)
Tammy Wynette & George Jones    One (1994)
Tammy Wynette & George Jones    Together again (1979)
Tammy Wynette & George Jones    We go together (1971)
Tammy Wynette & George Jones    We love to sing about Jesus (1972)
Tammy Wynette & George Jones    We're gonna hold on (1974)
Tania Libertad                  Boleros de siempre (1992)
Tante Leen                      Diep in mijn hart (1997)
Taylor Swift                    Beautiful eyes (2008)
Taylor Swift                    Fearless (2008)
Taylor Swift                    Fearless platinum edition (2009)
Taylor Swift                    Speak now (Deluxe edition) (2 CD) (2010)
TC Matic                        TC Matic (1981)
Ted Heath                       The golden age of - Vol. 4 (1992)
Ted Heath                       The golden age of Ted Heath - Vol 1
Ted Heath                       The golden age of Ted Heath - Vol 2
Ted Heath                       The golden age of Ted Heath - Vol 3
Teddi King                      A girl and her songs (1957)
Teddi King                      All the kings' songs (1959)
Teddi King                      In the beginning 1949-1954
Teddi King                      Now in vogue
Teddi King                      'Round midnight (1953)
Teddi King                      To You from Teddi King
Teddy Lasry                     Rush (1981)
Telly Savalas                   Telly (1974)
Ten Years After                 Ten Years After (1967)
Ten Years After & Alvin Lee     Stonedhenge (1969)
Teresa Brewer                   Hits compilation Coral London labels
Terry Jacks                     Seasons in the sun
Tete Montoliú                   Boleros que o mundo consagrou
The 5,6,7,8's                   Teenage mojo workout (2002)
The Alligators                  Gimme some skin
The Alligators                  Twenty to life (2005)
The Archies                     Absolutely the best of
The Association                 The greatest hits (1968)
The Astronauts                  Surfin' with the Astronauts (1963)
The Babys                       Head first (1978)
The Bachelors                   Golden hits and precious memories
The Bachelors                   The world of the Bachelors (1968)
The Baseballs                   Strike (2009)
The Beach Boys                  Christmas album (1964)
The Beach Boys                  Greatest hits ( 2 cd )
The Beach Boys                  Instrumental hits (1968)
The Beach Boys                  Surfer girl
The Beatles                     Ballads (1980)
The Beatles                     Yesterday and today
The Black Arrows                Solid sound in guitars (1962) (NL CNR LPT-35.011)
The Black Watch                 War pipe and plaid (1963)
The Bluebells                   Sisters (1984)
The Bluegrass Cardinals         What have You done for him (1992)
The Boswell Sisters             That's how rhythm was born
The Brothers Four            Where have all the flowers gone
The Buckaroos                Dynamite rock 'n' roll 1984 - 1994 (1994)
The Buckinghams              Kind of a drag (1967)
The Cadets meets The Jacks   Stranded in the jungle
The Carpenters               From the top (1965 - 1982) ( 4 CD)
The Cars                     Anthology, just what I needed (2 CD) (1995)
The Cars                     The Cars (1978)
The Cats                     Aglow (1971)
The Cats                     Einfach das beste (1996)
The Cats                     Flyin' high (1985)
The Cats                     Forever
The Cats                     Home (1973)
The Cats                     One way wind (1988)
The Cats                     Shine on (1994)
The Cats                     Take Me with You (1970)
The Cats                     The Cats (1969)
The Cats                     Third life (1983
The Castells                 So this is love (1962) (US Era ES-109)
The Cats                     Those where the days (2006)
The Champs                   Everybody's rockin' [1959]
The Champs                   Go Champs go! [1958]
The Champs                   Tequila (1992)
The Champs                   The early singles
The Champs                   Wing ding
The Cleftones                Best of
The Cleftones                For sentimental reasons (1961) (US Gee GLP-707)
The Cleftones                Heart and soul (1961) (US Gee SGLP-705)
The Cryan' Shames            A scratch in the sky (2002)
The Cryan' Shames            Sugar and price (1966)
The Cryan' Shames            Synthesis (1968)
The Cunninghams              Make Me (a sweet potato pie) (1987)
The Dean Brothers            A chance to dance 4 (2000)
The Dean Brothers            Chance to dance 3 (1999)
The Dean Brothers            Kiss Me honey, honey
The Dean Brothers            Magic moments (2001)
The Dean Brothers            Multiplication
The Dean Brothers            Rock bottom
The Dean Brothers            Stuck on You
The Dean Brothers            Sweet nothing
The Dean Brothers            The family album (2 CD)
The Deans                    Speedy Gonzales
The Dinning Sisters          Back in country style (2002)
The Dinning Sisters          The Dinning Sisters (1945)
The Divinyls                 What a life (1985)
The Doors                    Westbury music fair (1968) (Live)
The Earls                    Remember then
The El Dorados               The very best of
The Everly Brothers          The collection
The Exceptions               No shoes, no shirt, no exceptions
The Fabulous Thunderbirds    Butt rockin' (1981)
The Fireballs                Torquay (1963) (US Dot DLP-25512)
The Five Royals              The five royals (2 CD)
The Flamingos                The best of The Flamingos
The Fleetwoods               The very best of (1993)
The Four Lovers              Joyride (1956) (US RCA Victor LPM-1317)
The Geoff Love Singers       When I fall in love (1989)
The Hollies                        The air that I breath
The Hollyridge Strings             The Beach Boys song book (Vols 1-2) (2008)
The Hullaballoos                   On Hullaballoo (1965) (US Roulette R-25310)
The Hullaballoos                   The Hullaballos (1965) (US Roulette R-25297)
The International Submarine Band   Safe at home (1968)
The Irish Rovers                   Silver anniversary (1989)
The Isaacs                         Big sky (2007)
The Isaacs                         Bridges (1997)
The Isaacs                         Pieces of our past (1999)
The Isaacs                         Very best of
The Islanders                      My other voice
The Islanders                      The enchanted sound of The Islanders (1960)
The Isley Brothers                 Shout (1959) (US RCA 2156)
The Isley Brothers                 Twist & shout (1962) (US Wand LP-653)_
The Jacksons                       Triumph (1980)
The Jesters                        The best of
The Jokers                         Best of The Jokers (Volume 1) (1995)
The Jokers                         Best of The Jokers (Volume 2) (1995)
The Jokers                         Guitar boogie
The Jokers                         Guitars extraordinary (1966)
The Jokers                         Made in Germany (1990)
The Jokers                         Play all time hits (1966)
The Jokers                         Rare recordings (Volume 4) (1996)
The Jokers                         Rarities (Volume 3) (1995)
The Jokers                         The best of (1990)
The Jokers                         The Jokers go discotheque (1965)
The Jokers & The Spotnicks         Guitar explosion (1968)
The Jumping Jewels                 Guitars about town (1964)
The Jumping Jewels                 Jumping high (1963)
The Keil Isles                     Early rock & roll from New Zealand (vol 01)
The Keil Isles                     Early rock & roll from New Zealand (vol 02)
The Kili Jacks                     The best of
The Left Banke                     The Left Banke too (1968) (US Smash SRS-67113)
The Left Banke                     Walk away Renée (1967) (US Smash SRS-67088)
The Lively Ones                    Surf city (1963) (US Del-Fi DFLP-1237)
The Lively Ones                    Surf drums (1963) (US Del-Fi DFLP-1231)
The Lively Ones                    Surf rider (1963) (US Del-Fi DFLP-1226)
The Lively Ones                    Surfin' south of the border (1964) (US Del-Fi DFLP-1240)
The Mamas & The Papas              Complete anthology [4 CD]
The Mamas & The Papas              The very best of (1999)
The Manhattan Transfer             Mecca for moderns (1981)
The Mavericks                      The Mavericks (2003)
The McClymonts                     Wrapped up good (2010)
The McCoys                         Hang on Sloopy (1995)
The MG's                           The MG's (1973)
The Modernaires                    Sing the great Glenn Miller instrumentals
The Monkees                        Greatest hits (1995)
The Monkees                        More of the Monkees (Deluxe edition) (2006)
The Moody Blues                    The best of the Moody Blues (1997)
The Mother Truckers                Let's all go to bed (2008)
The Motors                         Approved by The Motors
The Mustangs                       That's for sure (1965)
The New Vaudeville Band            Winchester cathedral
The Nutmegs                        Greatest hits
The Out-Islanders                  Poynesian fantasy
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils      Don't look down
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils   It's alive (1978)
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils   The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils   Time warp
The Paladins                    Palvoline n° 7
The Pied Pipers                 In a tribute to Tommy Dorsey (1957)
The Police                      Reggatta de blanc
The Police                      The Police ( 2 CD) (2007)
The Poni-Tails                  Born too late
The Pussycat Dolls              Doll domination 2.0
The Rat Pack                    The Rat Pack
The Ritz ft Clark Terry         Almost blue
The Robins                      The best of
The Rollers                     The story of (1993)
The Romantics                   What I like about You
The Roomates                    Between the lines
The Rubettes                    Baby I know (1976)
The Rubettes                    Greatest hits
The Rubettes                    Riding on a rainbow (1992)
The Rubettes                    Sign of the times (1976)
The Rubettes                    Sometime in oldchurch (1978)
The Rubettes                    The best of (1990)
The Rubettes                    The Rubettes (1975)
The Rubettes                    The very best of (1999)
The Rubettes                    We can do it (1975)
The Rubettes                    Wear it's 'at (1974)
The Sandpipers                  Best of A & M
The Sandpipers                  Guantanamera & The Sandpipers (2000)
The Sandpipers                  Guantanamera (1966)
The Sandpipers                  The Sandpipers (1967)
The Shadows                     The EP collection (3 CD)
The Shirelles                   The world's greatest girl group (2 CD)
The Skatalites                  Ball of fire (1998)
The Skatalites                  Bashaka
The Skatalites                  Hi-bop ska!
The Skatalites                  The right track
The Skyliners                   The Skyliners (1959)
The Three Degrees               Very best of (1997)
The Three Sounds                Bottoms up (1959)
The Three Sounds                Good deal (1959)
The Three Suns                  The golden hits of (1986)
The Tonight Show Band           With Doc Severinsen (1986)
The Tornadoes                   Bustin' surfboards (1963)
The Tornados                    Away from it all (1964) (UK Decca LK-4552)
The Tornados                    The sound of the Tornados (1963) (US London LL-3279)
The Tractors                    Have yourself a Tractors Christmas (1995)
The Tradewinds                  Excursions (1967)
The Tradewinds                  Excursions (2008)
The Twilights                   Once upon a twilight
The Tymes                       Soul gems
The Uniques                     Playtime (1968)
The Webb Sisters                Savages (2010)
The Who                         Tommy (1969) (remastered)
The Wilburn Brothers            Trouble's back in town (1963)
The Wildkats                    Rockin,boppin and strollin! (2007)
The Witches of Elswick          Out of bed (2003)
The Wrights                     The Wrights
Thelma Houston                  Never gonna be another one
Thelma Houston                  Thelma Houston (1983)
Thompson Square                 Thompson Square (2011)
Thurston Harris                 Little bitty pretty one - complete early recordings
Tiffany                         Greatest hits (1996)
Tim McGraw                      Southern voice [2009]
Tina Louise                     It's time for Tina (1957)
Tina Turner                     Evergreens (2007)
Tino Rossi                      Ses chansons eternelles (2009)
Tish Hinojosa                   Homeland (1989)
Tito Rodriguez                  Boleros with love (1991)
Toby Keith                      35 Biggest hits (2008) (2 CD)
Todd Rundgren                   Runt
Todd Rundgren                   Something, anything
Todd Rundgren                   Trent Willmon ( 2004 )
Tokio Hotel                     Humanoid (English) (2009)
Tokio Hotel                     Humanoid (German) (2009)
Tokio Hotel                     Schrei (2005)
Tokio Hotel                     Schrei so laut du kannst (2006)
Tokio Hotel                     Scream (Retail) [2008]
Tokio Hotel                     Zimmer 483
Tokio Hotel                     Zimmer 483 - Live Concert
Tokyo Cuban Boys                Plays bossa nova (1967)
Tom Fogerty                     Deal it out (1981)
Tom Fogerty                     The very best of
Tom Fogerty                     Tom Fogerty
Tom Grose                       Jetsam (2006)
Tom Jones                       13 Smash hits (1967)
Tom Jones                       Along came Jones ( 1965 )
Tom Jones                       A-tom-ic Jones ( 1967 ) (Canada PAS 71007)
Tom Jones                       A-tom-ic Jones ( 1989 )
Tom Jones                       Delilah (1987)
Tom Jones                       From the heart (1966)
Tom Jones                       Green green grass of home (1967)
Tom Jones                       What's new pussycat (1966)
Tom Russell                     Heart on a sleeve (BCD 15243) (2000)
Tom Russell                     Indians cowboys horses dogs (2004)
Tommy James & The Shondells     The very best of ..
Tompall & The Glaser Brothers   The wonderful world of (1968)
Tompall & The Glaser Brothers   This land (1960)
Tompall & The Glaser Brothers   Tick tick tick (1970)
Tompall & The Glaser Brothers   Tompall & The Glaser Brothers (1967)
Tompall Glaser                  After all these years (1982)
Tompall Glaser                  Charlie (1973)
Tompall Glaser                  Greatest hits (1973)
Tompall Glaser                  Rings & things (1972)
Tompall Glaser                  The outlaw (1992)
Tompall Glaser                  The wonder of it all (1977)
Tompall Glaser                  Tompall Glaser and His Outlaw Band (1977)
Tompall Glaser                  Vocal group of the decade (1975)
Toni Harper                     Lady lonely (1959)
Toni Harper                     Toni (1956)
Tony Bennett                    Blue velvet & other early hits (1995)
Tony Bennett                    In person (1959)
Tony Bennett                    Sings his all-time hall of fame hits (1970)
Tony Bennett                    Songs for the jet set (1965)
Tony Bennett                The movie song album (1966)
Tony Bennett                Tony sings for two
Tony Bennett & Bill Evans   The Tony Bennett & Bill Evans album (1975)
Tony Williams               Spectrum the anthology (2 cd - 1972)
Tony Williams               Wilderness
Tooter Boatman              The Tooter Boatman sound (1984)
Toots Thielemans            Penthouse serenade (1998)
Toots Thielemans            The silver collection (1985)
Trace Adkins                Dreamin' out loud
Tracy Byrd                  The truth about men
Tracy Lawrence              The best of (1998)
Traffic                     The low spark of high heeled boys (1971)
Tremeloes                   Silence is golden (1995)
Tresa Street                Ain't nothin' changed (2001)
Trini Lopez                 Teenage love songs (1995)
Trini Lopez                 The love album (1965)
Trisha Yearwood             Hearts in armor (1992)
Trisha Yearwood             Inside out (2001)
Trisha Yearwood             The song remembers when (1993)
Truckstop Honeymoon         Great big family (2008)
Trudy Richards              Crazy in love (1957)
Twelve Girls Band           Beautiful energy
Twelve Girls Band           Eastern energy (2004)
Twelve Girls Band           Journey to silk road concert (2005) (Live)
Twelve Girls Band           Mei II Yin Yue Hui (2 CD)
Twelve Girls Band           Miracle (Live) (2004)
Twelve Girls Band           Miracle (Live) (2 CD)
Twelve Girls Band           Red hot classics (2004)
Twelve Girls Band           Romantic energy (2005)
Twelve Girls Band           The best of (2006)
Twelve Girls Band           Twelve Girls of Christmas (2005)
Ty Herndon                  Greatest hits (2002)
U2             The joshua tree
U.K.           U.K. (1978)
UB40           Baggariddim
UB40           Cover up (2001)
UB40           Geffery Morgan (1984)
UB40           Guns in the ghetto
UB40           H²O (Live)
UB40           Homegrown (2003)
UB40           Labour of love (1983)
UB40           Labour of love II (1989)
UB40           Labour of love III
UB40           Present arms
UB40           Present arms in Dub (1981)
UB40           Presents the fathers of reggae (2002)
UB40           Promises and lies (2003)
UB40           Rat in the kitchen
UB40           Signing off
UB40           The best of UB40 (Volume one)
UB40           The best of UB40 Volume two (1995)
UB40           The dancehall album
UB40           The platinum collection (3 CD)
UB40           The UB40 file
UB40           The very best of UB40 (2000)
UB40           UB40
UB40           UB44
UB40           Who You fighting for
Udo Jürgens    Chansons (1967)
Ugly Kid Joe   As ugly as they wanna be
Urbanus        In de weide ... op de vijver (1975)
Urbanus        Volle maan (1978)
Ute Lemper     Singt Kurt Weill (1988)
VA   #1 Soul hits of the 80's
VA   100 Essential tracks - 70's (5 CD) (2009)
VA   100 Essential tracks - 80's (5 CD) (2009)
VA   100 Essential tracks - Country hits (5 CD) (2009)
VA   100 Nineties Classics (5 CD) (2008)
VA   100 Popcorn classics ( 5 CD )
VA   100 Tracks from the swinging 60’s (5 CD)(2009)
VA   100% Rockabilly
VA   101 Country hits ( 4 cd's )
VA   101 Hits of the 80's ( 5 CD)
VA   1957 When skiffle was king (2008)
VA   1970's Classics (Block buster)
VA   20 Hits super soul (L.P. 1974)
VA   20 Rockabilly classics (1987)
VA   25 All time popcorn hits vol.2
VA   25 Jaar popmuziek 1963-1964
VA   25 Popcorn rarities of the 60's vol 3
VA   30 Great popcorn-tunes
VA   30 Love songs (2 CD) (2007)
VA   30 Years of classic hits of the 60's 70's 80's (2 CD)
VA   35 Jaar nederlandse hits uit de top 40 (deel 1) (2 CD) (2002)
VA   40 Greatest done Me wrong songs
VA   40 Indo rock jewels (2 cd)
VA   60's Brit girls
VA   80 Was prachtig! (2009)
VA   A Capitol record party (3 CD)
VA   A touch of girl (1997)
VA   Absolute country
VA   Absolute one hit wonders (2 CD)
VA   Absolute seventies (2 cd)
VA   African musical safari ( 2 CD ) (2005)
VA   After dinner jazz 2 [Verve Universal music BV 2000]
VA   Alle 31 ribbedebie (popcorn)
VA   American Graffiti (OST) ( 2 CD ) (1973)
VA   American Hot Wax (soundtrack) (1978)
VA   American songbook series - Alec Wilder
VA   American songbook series - Arthur Schwartz
VA   American songbook series - Cy Coleman
VA   American songbook series - Dorothy Fields
VA   American songbook series - Duke Ellington
VA   American songbook series - E. Y. Harburg
VA   American songbook series - Frank Loesser
VA   American songbook series - George Gershwin
VA   American songbook series - Harold Arlen
VA   American songbook series - Harry Warren
VA   American songbook series - Irving Berlin
VA   American songbook series - James Van Heusen
VA   American songbook series - Jerome Kern
VA   American songbook series - Johnny Mercer
VA   American songbook series - Jule Styne
VA   American songbook series - Kurt Weill
VA   American songbook series - Richard Whiting
VA   American songbook series - Rodgers & Hart
VA   American songbook series - Vincent Youmans
VA   American songbook series - Waller-Razaf
VA   American yodelling 1911-1946
VA   Appalachian mountain bluegrass - 30 Vintage classics (2007)
VA   Apple singles (2 CD)
VA   Aussie rock 60's vol 1
VA   Australia's country greats (vinyl) (1970)
VA   Baby I love You - '60s Soul
VA   Back to the girl zone (Marginal MAR 103)
VA   Belgian beat
VA   Belgian dance classix top 100 2008 (4 CD)
VA   Belgian instrumentals
VA   Belgium freakbeat (2 CD)
VA   Best of Bluegrass '' Preachin' Prayin' & Singin' (1996)''
VA   Best of exotic stuff vol 1 (2 CD)
VA   Best of oldies (Vol 1)(2007)
VA   Best of oldies (Vol 2)(2007)
VA   Best of oldies (Vol 3)(2007)
VA   Best of oldies (Vol 4)(2007)
VA   Best of salsa
VA   Board boogie (2002)
VA   Bossa Nova - 50th Anniversary compilation - Vol. 1
VA   Bossa Nova - 50th Anniversary compilation - Vol. 2
VA   Boy trouble
VA   Bratz girlz
VA   Bubblegum classics vol 1
VA   Bubblegum classics vol 2
VA   Bubblegum classics vol 3
VA   Bubblegum classics vol 4
VA   Caminho das Indias (2009)
VA   Carnaval expres 1
VA   Cat'n around
VA   Christmas cookies (2001)
VA   CMT's 100 Greatest songs of country music
VA   Complete country (4CD Set)
VA   Cool winter hits vol 3
VA   Country bluegrass & mountain music ( 3 CD )
VA   Country duets (2007)
VA   Country heartbreakers (2 CD)
VA   Country ladies [dominion] (1988)
VA   Country ladies [polygram international] (2001)
VA   Country meets rock 'n' roll Vol. 1
VA   Country meets rock 'n' roll Vol. 2
VA   Country Outlaws - Renegade country music (2 CD)
VA   Country promo August (2007)
VA   Cowabunga vol 01 ( The surf box - 4 cd's)
VA   Cowabunga vol 02 ( The surf box - 4 cd's)
VA   Cowabunga vol 03 ( The surf box - 4 cd's)
VA   Cowabunga vol 04 ( The surf box - 4 cd's)
VA   Crazy 'bout an automobile (2004)
VA   Dance to the bands - Volume 1 (1956)
VA   Dance to the bands - Volume 2 (1956)
VA   De 100 mooiste love song uit 30 Jaar Candlelight (4 CD)
VA   De Pre-historie - Oorlogsjaren '40 - '45 (2 CD)
VA   Die hit-giganten country & folk (2 CD) (2009)
VA   Die ultimative RTL chart show (2004)
VA   Disco maxi single vol 1
VA   Disco maxi single vol 2
VA   Disco schlager Deutsch (2 CD)
VA   Disco top 100 cd 1
VA   Disco top 100 cd 2
VA   Disco top 100 cd 3
VA   Disco top 100 cd 4
VA   Dolly Parton tribute - Just because I'm a woman
VA   Early rockers and instrumentals Vol.1 - Everybody's boppin'
VA   Early rockers and instrumentals Vol.2 - Chicken session
VA   Early rockers and instrumentals Vol.3 - Shake um up rock
VA   Eastside girls
VA   Eric Clapton & Friends (2006)
VA   Essential Sun rockabillies (4CD)
VA   Explosive rockabilly (2009)
VA   Fabulous flips ( Great B sides of the 1950's and 1960's ) (3 CD)
VA   Fender 50th anniversary guitar legends (1996)
VA   First ladies of country
VA   Flabby road - 26 of the all time greatest beatle novelty songs
VA   Flappers, vamps & sweet young things
VA   Flashbacks vol 4 (Heartbreakers blue & lonely 1927 - 1946)
VA   Flirty dancing (2 CD)(2005)
VA   Foute kerst CD (2 CD) (2009)
VA   Grease ( OST )
VA   Guitar fingerstyle
VA   Guitar sound from Holland vol 1 (1996)
VA   Hollandse country truckers (2009)
VA   Hot aire (American dance bands of the 20's)
VA   I love the 90's vol 01 (2 CD) (2008)
VA   I love the 90's vol.02 (2 CD) ( 2009)
VA   Jabbedabbedoe (2 CD) (1993)
VA   Joan's one hit wonders
VA   Just hits 85 - 86
VA   Kings of swing [LaserLight 1990]
VA   La bamba and other hits of the 50's
VA   Landmark 14 cool country tracks
VA   Lecuona Cuban boys (Historic recordings) (2000)
VA   Lecuona cuban stars
VA   Lonely without You (vol 2) (2 CD) (1992)
VA   Lookin' for a boy (1950)
VA   Lover's Lane Vol.1
VA   Lover's Lane Vol.2
VA   Lover's Lane Vol.3
VA   MGM Doo wops (5 CD)
VA   Nasty rockabilly Vol.1
VA   Nasty rockabilly Vol.2
VA   Nasty rockabilly Vol.3
VA   Non-stop western themes
VA   Now that's what I call the 00's (3 CD) (2010)
VA   Okeh 'popcorn' story (vol 1)
VA   Okeh 'popcorn' story (vol 2)
VA   Old storm popcorn
VA   One kiss can lead to another- Girl group sounds (4 CD)
VA   One million years of DooWop (1997)
VA   Palingsound (One way wind) (2 CD) (2006)
VA   Pink champagne (2 CD)
VA   Poodle skirts & poni-tails - lost groups. vol.1
VA   Poodle skirts & poni-tails - lost groups. vol.2
VA   Poodle skirts & poni-tails - lost groups. vol.3
VA   Poodle skirts & poni-tails - lost groups. vol.4
VA   Popcorn forever
VA   Promo only country radio 2010-01 January
VA   Promo only country radio 2010-02 February
VA   Promo only country radio 2010-03 March
VA   Promo only country radio 2010-04 April
VA   Promo only country radio 2010-05 May
VA   Promo only country radio 2010-06 June
VA   Promo only country radio 2010-07 July
VA   Promo only country radio 2010-08 August
VA   Promo only country radio July 2009
VA   Radio Caroline calling 60's - Flashbacks
VA   Rare west coast surf instrumentals
VA   Reggea Africa (1993)
VA   Remembering Madison county OST (1996)
VA   Rock 'n' roll jivin' (2 CD)
VA   Rock 'n' roll mama's ( 3 CD)
VA   Rock & roll years (3 CD) (2003)
VA   Rockabilly boogie (A sneaky Pete production)
VA   Rolling back the 70's (2 CD) (2004)
VA   Schlager balladen ( 3 cd's )
VA   Seasons in the sun
VA   Shakin' all over (2 CD) (2009)
VA   South African 60's guitars - Vol 1
VA   Spotlite on Josie Records vol 1
VA   Spotlite on Josie Records vol 2
VA   Spotlite on Josie Records vol 3
VA   Spotlite on Josie Records vol 4
VA   Summer dance classics vol 2
VA   Super oldies & kult schlager (2 CD) (2005)
VA   Super oldies & kult schlager (2 CD) (2006)
VA   Swingbillies - Hillbilly and western swing 1947-52
VA   That's country (2 cd)
VA   The 1960's (2 CD)
VA   The Acoustic Folk Box (4 cd)
VA   The best of boogie woogie vol 01 (2003)
VA   The best of country ladies Volume 1 (2007)
VA   The best of country ladies Volume 2 (2007)
VA   The best of dream dance (2 CD) (2006)
VA                The best of Owl records (2 CD)
VA                The best of the girl groups (2 CD)
VA                The big top records story
VA                The disco years (7 CD)
VA                The entertainers of WW2 ( 4 CD )
VA                The essential sun rockabillies vol 5
VA                The finest bar songs (3CD) (2006)
VA                The girl group sound, darlings of the '60s (vol.1)
VA                The girl group sound, darlings of the '60s (vol.2)
VA                The girl group sound, darlings of the '60s (vol.3)
VA                The girl group sound, darlings of the '60s (vol.4)
VA                The girl group sound, darlings of the '60s (vol.5)
VA                The kings of disco ( 2 CD ) (2004)
VA                The only christmas album you'll need
VA                The original soul Christmas (1968) (US Atco SD 33-269)
VA                The rocking ladies
VA                The sounds oldies popcorn 01
VA                The sounds oldies popcorn 02
VA                The t n t sounds.vol.1
VA                The t n t sounds.vol.2
VA                The t n t sounds.vol.3
VA                The ultimate big band collection
VA                The war years
VA                They're playing our song - Unforgettable
VA                Tijd voor teenagers 1 (1962) (Philips P 600.369)
VA                Tijd voor teenagers 2 (1963) (Philips P 600.701)
VA                Tijd voor teenagers 3 (1964) (Philips PL 12.946)
VA                Tijdloze 100 - vol 1
VA                Tijdloze 100 - vol 2
VA                Tijdloze 100 - vol 3
VA                Tijdloze 100 - vol 4
VA                Time life - Queens of country (3 cd's)
VA                Time Life - The war years (the 40's)
VA                Toes on the nose (32 surf age instrumentals)
VA                Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd
VA                Twistin swan
VA                We love the pirate stations
VA                When I was a cowboy vol 1
VA                White mansions (1978)
VA                Wigan Casino - the legendary casino
VA                You'd be so nice to come home (2 CD)
VA                Your hit parade (1947)
Van Alexander     The home of happy feet (1959)
Vanessa Paradis   M & J (1981)
Vaya Con Dios     Comme on est venu... (2009)
Vengaboys         Partyalbum (1998)
Vera Lynn         Emotions
Vern Gosdin       Super hits (1993)
Vernon Oxford     100% Country (1992)
Vernon Oxford     Keeper of the flame (5 CD)
Vic Damone        Angela mia (1957)
Vic Damone        Linger awhile with (1962)
Vic Damone           My baby loves to swing (1962)
Vic Damone           Strange enchantment (1962)
Vic Damone           That towering feeling & Angela Mia
Vic Damone           That towering feeling (1956)
Vic Damone           The lively ones (1962)
Vicki Anderson       Mother popcorn (The Vicki Anderson anthology) (2005)
Vicki Sue Robinson   Vicki Sue Robinson (1976)
Victor Young         Best 20 (1992)
Vikki Carr           Discovery vol II (1964)
Vikki Carr           It must be him (1967)
Vikki Carr           The way of today (1967)
Vikki Carr           The ways to love a man (1971)
Vince Gill           Songs from the heart (2 CD)
Vince Gill           The essential Vince Gill (1995)
Vince Gill           The key (1998)
Vince Gill           Vintage-Gill (1997)
Wade Bowen & West 84                Just for fun
Wade Bowen & West 84                Try not to listen
Wade Hayes                          Old enough to know better (1994)
Wade Hayes                          On a good night (1996)
Walela                              Unbearable love (2000)
Walela                              Walela (1997)
Wallace Collection                  Laughing cavalier (1968)
Walter Brennan                      Dutchman's gold
Walter Brennan                      Gunfight at the OK corral (1964)
Walter Brennan                      Mama sang a song (1962)
Walter Brennan                      Old rivers (1962)
Walter Brennan                      The country heart of Walter Brennan
Wanda Jackson                       Love Me forever (1963)
Wanda Jackson                       Queen of rockabilly (2000)
Wanda Jackson                       Right or wrong (1961)
Wanda Jackson                       Rockin' with Wanda (1960)
Wanda Jackson                       There's a party goin' on (1961)
Wanda Jackson                       Two sides of Wanda (1964)
Wanda Jackson                       Wanda Jackson (1958)
Wanda Jackson                       Wonderful Wanda (1962)
Wannes Van De Velde                 Het beste van (1989)
War                                 The best of War and more (1991)
Warren Smith                        Bop! bop! (1992)
Warren Smith                        Call of the wild (1994)
Warren Smith                        Classic recordings (1992)
Warren Smith                        Rockabilly legend
Warren Smith                        Uranium rock (1995)
Warren Zevon                        The wind (2003)
Waylon Jennings                     Greatest hits (1979)
Wayman Tisdale                      Rebound (2008)
Wayne Hancock                       Viper of melody (2009)
Wayne Shorter                       Juju (1964)
Wayne Shorter                       The all seeing eye (1965)
Wayne Shorter & Milton Nascimento   Native dancer
Weldon Henson                       Tryin' to get by
Wendy Van Wanten                    Durf te geloven (2008)
Wendy Van Wanten                    Geloven (2008)
Wes Montgomery                      Bumpin'
Wesley Dennis                       Country to the core
Wesley Dennis                       Wesley Dennis
Westlife                            Back home (2007)
Westlife                            The love album (2 cd)
Whisky And Dynamite                 Lilla Texas (2005)
Whitesnake                          Ready an' willing
Whitesnake                          Serpens albus
Whitesnake                          Starkers in Tokyo (Acoustic)
Whitney Houston                     I look at You (2009)
Whitney Houston                     I'm your baby tonight (1990)
Will Brandes                        King Creole (2004)
Will Tura                           100 Hits (2008) (5 CD)
Will Tura                           Bloed zweet en tranen (1995)
Will Tura                           Dank u Vlaanderen (2 CD) (2006)
Will Tura                          De Will Tura story (1968)
Will Tura                          Herinneringen 1973 1993
Will Tura                          Ik zing alleen voor jou (1987)
Will Tura                          Rock 'n' roll in mijn hart (1991)
Will Tura                          Uit het hart (1966)
Will Tura                          Will in Nashville (1976)
Will Tura & Marva                  Liefdesliedjes (1979)
Willeke Alberti                    Iemand die van je houdt (1977) (lp)
Willeke Alberti                    'k Wist niet dat liefde zo mooi kon zijn (1965)
Willeke Alberti                    Zomaar mijn dag (1994)
Willem Vermandere                  Alles gaat over (2010)
Willie & The Poor Boys             Tear it up (live)
Willie Nelson                      16 Biggest hits (1998)
Willie Nelson                      A horse called music (1989)
Willie Nelson                      Stardust
Willie Poorboy & The Yellowcat's   Boppadodle
Willis Brothers                    24 Great truck drivin' songs
Willy & Willeke Alberti            100 Mooiste liedjes van (5 CD) (2007)
Willy Sommers                      Goud van hier (2009)
Willy Sommers                      Hartenbreker (1992)
Willy Sommers                      Willy Sommers 25 jaar (1995)
Wilson Pickett                     The very best of (1993)
Wolfe Brothers                     Old Virginia hills (2007)
Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio            Timezones
Wolfgang Petry                     Alles maxi ( Seine groesstn erfolge ) (2008)
Wolfgang Petry                     Die grossen erfolge (4 CD) (2009)
Woody Herman                       Apple honey
Woody Herman                       Keeper of the flame
World Of Oz                        The world of oz (1969) (UK)
World Of Oz                        World of Oz (1969)
Wynonna Judd                       Wynonna (1992)
Xavier Cugat   Conga with Cugat (1949)
Xavier Cugat   Cugat cavalcade (1958)
Xavier Cugat   Cugat in Spain (1959)
Xavier Cugat   Favorite rhumbas (1948)
Xavier Cugat   The king plays some aces (1958)
Xavier Cugat   The latin soul of (1967)
Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart   The world's greatest jazz band (1968)
Yardbirds                   The BBC sessions
Yasmine                     Blauw (2001)
Yasmine                     Licht ontvlambaar
Yasmine                     Liefde en liedjes (2004)
Yasmine                     Mooi zo
Yasmine                     Portfolio (1995)
Yasmine                     Vandaag, het morgen van gisteren
Yasmine                     Yasmine
Young Jessie                I'm gone (1996)
Yuni Shara                  Indonesian songs
Yusef Lateef                The golden flute (1966)
Yvette Horner               Les plus grands succès du musette (1975)
Yvonne Roome                Something cool
Zane Lewis        Zane Lewis
Zephyrs           Bright yellow flowers on a dark double bed
Zjef Vanuytsel    De zanger (1976)
Zjef Vanuytsel    Er is geen weg terug (1973)
Zjef Vanuytsel    Ouwe makkers (2007)
Zombies           Begin here (1964) (UK Decca LK-4679)
Zombies           Odessey and oracle (1968) (UK CBS 63280)
Zona Jones        Harleys & horses
Zoot Money        Welcome to My head [1969]
Zwarte Lola       Lola laat je benen nog eens zien (1970)
ZZ & De Maskers   ZZ & De Maskers (1965) (Artone POS-020)
ZZ & De Maskers   ZZ & De Maskers (1964) (Artone PDR-138)
01 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1950 vol 01
02 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1950 vol 02
03 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1950 vol 03
04 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1950 vol 04
05 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1960 vol 01
06 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1960 vol 02
07 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1960 vol 03
08 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1960 vol 04
09 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1960 vol 05
10 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1960 vol 06
11 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1960 vol 07
12 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1960 vol 08
13 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1970 vol 01
14 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1970 vol 02
15 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1970 vol 03
16 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1970 vol 04
17 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1970 vol 05
18 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1970 vol 06
19 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1970 vol 07
20 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1970 vol 08
21 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1970 vol 09
22 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1980 vol 01
23 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1980 vol 02
24 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1980 vol 03
25 VA - The n° 1 DJ collection                           1980 vol 04
55001 Buffalo bop - Early Simon and Garfunkel
55002 Buffalo bop - The Slades
55003 Buffalo bop - Bad boy
55004 Buffalo bop - Rock and roll riot
55005 Buffalo bop - Hot rod gang
55006 Buffalo bop - Cool and the crazy
55007 Buffalo bop - A ball tonight
55008 Buffalo bop - Motorcycle gang
55009 Buffalo bop - Hang loose
55010 Buffalo bop - Teenage doll
55011 Buffalo bop - Wa-chi-ka-nocka
55012 Buffalo bop - Hobo bop
55013 Buffalo bop - Monsters bop
55014 Buffalo bop - Horror hop
55015 Buffalo bop - Teenage favorites
55016 Buffalo bop - Rompin' stompin'
55017 Buffalo bop - Young and wild
55018 Buffalo bop - High school caesar
55019 Buffalo bop - It's rock & roll
55020 Buffalo bop - The Fendermen - Mule skinner blues
55021 Buffalo bop - Explosive doowops vol 01
55022 Buffalo bop - Explosive doowops vol 02
55023 Buffalo bop - Explosive doowops vol 03
55024 Buffalo bop - Explosive doowops vol 04
55025 Buffalo bop - Hasil Adkins - Chicken walk
55026 Buffalo bop - Mean mean daddy
55027 Buffalo bop - Teenage wolf
55028 Buffalo bop - Date bait
55029 Buffalo bop - Explosive doowops vol 05
55030 Buffalo bop - Explosive doowops vol 06
55031 Buffalo bop - Explosive doo wops vol 07
55032 Buffalo bop - Explosive doo wops vol 08
55033 Buffalo bop - Explosive doo wops vol 09
55034 Buffalo bop - Explosive doo wops vol 10
55035 Buffalo bop - Alley cat
55036 Buffalo bop - Juvenile jungle
55037 Buffalo bop - Sugaree
55038 Buffalo bop - Philadelphia's doo-wop sound Vol 1
55039 Buffalo bop - Philadelphia's doo-wop sound vol 2
55040 Buffalo bop - Brooklyn's doowop sound vol 01
55041 Buffalo bop - Brooklyn's doowop sound vol 2
55042 Buffalo bop - Nino & The Ebb Tides - Anthology
55043 Buffalo bop - The Regents aka The Runarounds
55044 Buffalo bop - Hot rod rumble
55045 Buffalo bop - Wild men
55046 Buffalo bop - Shakin' time
55047 Buffalo bop - Out of the Bronx Vol 1
55048 Buffalo bop - Out of the Bronx Vol 2
55049 Buffalo bop - Harmony from Taurus records
55050 Buffalo bop - Strictly instrumental vol 1
55051 Buffalo bop - Strictly instrumental vol 2
55052 Buffalo bop - Rocket ship
55053 Buffalo bop - Baby doll
55054 Buffalo bop - Tracy Pendarvis - A thousand guitars
55055 Buffalo bop - Brooklyn's doo wop - Sound Vol 3
55056 Buffalo bop - Crystal ball records vol 1
55057 Buffalo bop - Crystal ball vol 2
55058 Buffalo Bop - Explosive doowops vol 11
55059 Buffalo bop - Explosive doowops vol 12
55060 Buffalo bop - Rock
55075 Buffalo bop - Strictly instrumental vol 4
55076 Buffalo bop - Restless doll
55077 Buffalo bop - Dry run
55078 Buffalo bop - Tough-e-nuff
55079 Buffalo bop - Teenage mafia
55080 Buffalo bop - Rockabilly rock
55091 Buffalo bop - Move on
Billboard top USA singles 1948
Eurovision Song Contest 1956
Eurovision Song Contest 1957
Eurovision Song Contest 1958
Eurovision Song Contest 1959
Eurovision Song Contest 1960
Eurovision Song Contest 1961
Eurovision Song Contest 1962
Eurovision Song Contest 1963
Eurovision Song Contest 1964
Eurovision Song Contest 1965
Eurovision Song Contest 1966
Eurovision Song Contest 1967
Eurovision Song Contest 1968
Eurovision Song Contest 1969
Eurovision Song Contest 1970
Eurovision Song Contest 1971
Eurovision Song Contest 1972
Eurovision Song Contest 1973
Eurovision Song Contest 1974
Eurovision Song Contest 1975
Eurovision Song Contest 1976
Eurovision Song Contest 1977
Eurovision Song Contest 1978
Eurovision Song Contest 1979
Eurovision Song Contest 1980
Eurovision Song Contest 1981
Eurovision Song Contest 1982
Eurovision Song Contest 1983
Eurovision Song Contest 1984
Eurovision Song Contest 1985
Eurovision Song Contest 1986
Eurovision Song Contest 1987
Eurovision Song Contest 1988
Eurovision Song Contest 1989
Eurovision Song Contest 1990
Eurovision Song Contest 1991
Eurovision Song Contest 1992
Eurovision Song Contest 1993
Eurovision Song Contest 1994
Funiculi Funicula - Romantica (vol 23)(2 CD)
Hit history 1955
Hit history 1956
Hit history 1957
Hit history 1958
Hit history 1959
Hit history 1960
Hit history 1961
Hit history 1962
Hit history 1963
Hit history 1964
Hit history 1965
Hit history 1966
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Hit history 1971
Hit history 1972
Hit history 1973
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Hit history 1982
Time life - The fabulous fifties - Those wonderful years #1
Time life - The fabulous fifties - Those wonderful years #2
Time life - The fabulous fifties - Those wonderful years #3
Time life - The fabulous fifties - Unforgettable 50s #1
Time life - The fabulous fifties - Unforgettable 50s #2
Time life - The fabulous fifties - Unforgettable 50s #3
Timelife - The fabulous fifties - Back to the 50s #1
Timelife - The fabulous fifties - Back to the 50s #2
Timelife - The fabulous fifties - Back to the 50s #3
UK top 100 hits of 1952
UK top 100 hits of 1953
UK top 100 hits of 1954
UK top 100 hits of 1955
UK top 100 hits of 1956
UK top 100 hits of 1957
UK top 100 hits of 1958
UK top 100 hits of 1959
UK top 100 hits of 1960
UK top 100 hits of 1961
VA - 1960's Rock 'n' roll collection (Disc 1)
VA - 1960's Rock 'n' roll collection (Disc 2)
VA - 1960's Rock 'n' roll collection (Disc 3)
VA - 1960's Rock 'n' roll collection (Disc 4)
VA - 1960's Rock 'n' roll collection (Disc 5)
VA - 1960's Rock 'n' roll collection (Disc 6)
VA - 1960's Rock 'n' roll collection (Disc 7)
VA - 1960's Rock 'n' roll collection (Disc 8)
VA - 30 Rare popcorn oldies vol. 1
VA - 30 Rare popcorn oldies vol. 2
VA - 30 Rare popcorn oldies vol. 3
VA - 30 Rare popcorn oldies vol. 4
VA - 30 Rare popcorn oldies vol. 5
VA - 30 Rare popcorn oldies vol. 6
VA - 30 Rare popcorn oldies vol. 7
VA - Best of doowop vol 01
VA - Best of doowop vol 02
VA - Best of doowop vol 03
VA - Best of doowop vol 04
VA - Best of doowop vol 05
VA - Best of doowop vol 06
VA - Best of doowop vol 07
VA - Best of doowop vol 08
VA - Best of doowop vol 09
VA - Best of doowop vol 10
VA - Follow Me to the popcorn, vol.1
VA - Follow Me to the popcorn, vol.2
VA - Follow Me to the popcorn, vol.3
VA - Follow Me to the popcorn, vol.4
VA - Follow Me to the popcorn, vol.5
VA - Follow Me to the popcorn, vol.6
VA - Jukebox oldies 01
VA - Jukebox oldies 02
VA - Jukebox oldies 03
VA - Jukebox oldies 04
VA - Jukebox oldies 05
VA - Jukebox oldies 06
VA - Jukebox oldies 07
VA - Jukebox oldies 08
VA - Jukebox oldies 09
VA - Jukebox oldies 10
VA - Jukebox oldies 11
VA - Jukebox oldies 12
VA - Jukebox oldies 13
VA - Jukebox oldies 14
VA - Jukebox oldies 15
VA - Jukebox oldies 16
VA - Jukebox oldies 17
VA - Jukebox oldies 18
VA - Jukebox oldies 19
VA - Jukebox oldies 20
VA - Lifetime of romance - Be My love (2 cd)
VA - Lifetime of romance - Falling in love (2 cd)
VA - Lifetime of romance - Heartbreakers (2 cd)
VA - Lifetime of romance - Inseparable (2 cd)
VA - Lifetime of romance - It must be love (2 cd)
VA - Lifetime of romance - Missing You (2 cd)
VA - Lifetime of romance - Move closer ( 2 cd)
VA - Lifetime of romance - Passion (2 cd)
VA - Lifetime of romance - Young love ( 2 cd)
VA - Million sellers vol 01
VA - Million sellers vol 02
VA - Million sellers vol 03
VA - Million sellers vol 04
VA - Million sellers vol 05
VA - Million sellers vol 06
VA - Million sellers vol 07
VA - Million sellers vol 08
VA - Million sellers vol 09
VA - Million sellers vol 10
VA - Million sellers vol 11
VA - Million sellers vol 12
VA - Million sellers vol 13
VA - Million sellers vol 14
VA - Million sellers vol 15
VA - Million sellers vol 16
VA - Million sellers vol 17
VA - Million sellers vol 18
VA - Million sellers vol 19
VA - Million sellers vol 20
VA - Million sellers vol 21
VA - Slow boogie rockin' Vol 1
VA - Slow boogie rockin' Vol 2
VA - Slow boogie rockin' Vol 3
VA - Slow boogie rockin' Vol 4
VA - Slow boogie rockin' Vol 5
VA - Slow boogie rockin' Vol 6
VA - Slow boogie rockin' Vol 7
VA - Slow boogie rockin' Vol 8
VA - Vlaamse en Nederlandse hits deel 01
VA - Vlaamse en Nederlandse hits deel 02
VA - Vlaamse en Nederlandse hits deel 03
VA - Vlaamse en Nederlandse hits deel 04
VA - Vlaamse en Nederlandse hits deel 05
VA - Vlaamse en Nederlandse hits deel 06
VA - Vlaamse en Nederlandse hits deel 07
VA - Vlaamse en Nederlandse hits deel 08
VA - Vlaamse en Nederlandse hits deel 09
VA - Vlaamse en Nederlandse hits deel 10
VA - Vlaamse en Nederlandse hits deel 11
VA - Vlaamse en Nederlandse hits deel 12
VA - Old timer Vol 1
VA - Old timer Vol 2
VA - Old timer Vol 3
VA - Old timer Vol 4
VA - Testament van de sixties CD 01
VA - Testament van de sixties CD 02
VA - Testament van de sixties CD 03
VA - Testament van de sixties CD 04
VA - Testament van de sixties CD 05
VA - Testament van de sixties CD 06
VA - Testament van de sixties CD 07
VA - Testament van de sixties CD 08
VA - Testament van de sixties CD 09
VA - Testament van de sixties CD 10
VA - The ultimate story of rock 'n' roll vol 01
VA - The ultimate story of rock 'n' roll vol 02
VA - The ultimate story of rock 'n' roll vol 03
VA - The ultimate story of rock 'n' roll vol 04
VA - The ultimate story of rock 'n' roll vol 05
VA - The ultimate story of rock 'n' roll vol 06
VA - The ultimate story of rock 'n' roll vol 07
VA - The ultimate story of rock 'n' roll vol 08
VA - The ultimate story of rock 'n' roll vol 09
VA - The ultimate story of rock 'n' roll vol 10
VA - Time life 60's Box set - A time to remember 1960
VA - Time life 60's Box set - A time to remember 1961
VA - Time life 60's Box set - A time to remember 1962
VA - Time life 60's Box set - A time to remember 1963
VA - Time life 60's Box set - A time to remember 1964
VA - Time life 60's Box set - A time to remember 1965
VA - Time life 60's Box set - A time to remember 1966
VA - Time life 60's Box set - A time to remember 1967
VA - Time life 60's Box set - A time to remember 1968
VA - Time life 60's Box set - A time to remember 1969
VA - Time life 60's Box set - A time to remember 1970
VA - Tour of duty vol 01
VA - Tour of duty vol 02
VA - Tour of duty vol 03
VA - Tour of duty vol 04
VA - Tour of duty vol 05
VA - Tour of duty vol 06
VA - Tour of duty vol 07
VA - Tour of duty vol 08
VA - Your hit parade 1940
VA - Your hit parade 1941
VA - Your hit parade 1942
VA - Your hit parade 1943
VA - Your hit parade 1944
VA - Your hit parade 1945
VA - Your hit parade 1946
VA - Your hit parade 1947
VA - Your hit parade 1948
VA - Your hit parade 1949
VA - Your hit parade 1950
VA - Your hit parade 1951
VA - Your hit parade 1952
VA - Your hit parade 1953
VA - Your hit parade 1954
VA - Your hit parade 1955
VA - Your hit parade 1956
VA - Your hit parade 1957
VA - Your hit parade 1958
VA - Your hit parade 1959
Big river (1988 original broadway cast)
VA - Avatar (OST) (2009)
VA - Beverly Hills cop (1985) (OST)
VA - Beverly Hills cop ll (1987) (OST)
VA - Saturday night fever (OST) (1977)
VA - Zot van A (OST) (2010)

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