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					Industry Analysis:
           Personal Computers

                     Submitted by
           Jing-Ling (Genie) Yang
Industry’s Primary Focus
    Personal Computer industry focus their energy on
     building computers for a single individual’s use
        Desktops, laptops, other peripheral devices

    The relative new industry :
        The term personal computer has been in use for much of the
         second half of the 20th century, but many of the firms that define
         this industry have only existed since the 1980s

    Faster, smaller, and cheaper
        Multi-function computer/ Laptop, device smaller but more
Financial Summary
    Sales Volume
        In 2007, worldwide sales of the PC are estimated at
         62.7 million units in just the 1st quarter

    Margin
        between 4-5% of total sales as Net Income

    Stock Volatility
        Seen as a risky investments (Apple $153.54, and
         HP $49.79)
Size, structure, and composition
of the PC Industry
    Large industry with strong players
        HP, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo and Apple

    Industry leaders
        Organizations - HP and Dell are clearly the largest
         with market share of 17.4% and 14.4% respectively
         and each with sales above 50 billion annually.

        individuals - Michael Dell is famous for Dell’s direct
         to client selling strategy and Steve Jobs has
         surprised the industry by repeatedly showing
         innovativeness within the industry for future growth
General trends and issues

    Strong growth over the past 30 years
        Sales volume
        Technology improvement- computer are more
         compact and faster over time
    Consolidation
        Compaq Acquired by HP and Gateway acquired by
    Global deployment
        Global R&D, manufacturing, and sales and
         marketing teams
Role of IS in the Personal
Computer Industry
    IS as a Unique position –
        companies not only use IS within their
         organizations, but also build and develop IS
         software for other organizations

        Both Apple and IBM pioneered information
         systems through the early 1980s as new
         developments in software created a
         competitive advantage to buy a specific
Role of IS in the Personal
Computer Industry
    Industry IS leader:
        IS as Operation : Dell
             The most notable PC company for its use of IS in its direct
              sales model.

        IS as Product / Strategy: Apple
             iTunes is a critical use of IS:protect the music industries
              rights to intellectual capital while locking in users to the
              iPod product
             VisiCalc shifted personal computer usage from simply
              entertainment to vital part of business as a financial tool.
The IS system within the PC maker
    ERP system provided by 3rd party

        HP, Dell and Apple use such software as
         SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and AIX as well as
         customized, internal applications.