Gift letter Klinefelter by AndrewIsherwood


									                                     Class of 1959 50th Reunion
                                    For us now, For Carleton later
                                       Class of '59 Legacy Gift

As a member of our 50th Reunion Planning
Committee, I was thrilled when our group
voted unanimously in January to create, as
our Class Legacy Gift, a permanently
endowed scholarship fund that will support
need-based financial aid for Carleton
students in perpetuity. It will be known as
the Class of 1959 Scholarship Endowment
and will consist of those unrestricted gifts
above and beyond our Annual Fund and
estate planning gifts.

Since its founding in 1866, the College has
had a strong commitment to academic
excellence and equality of opportunity for all
its students, regardless of social or financial
circumstance—an emphasis that has been
noticeably strengthened since World War II.
Since many of us were recipients of
significant financial aid during our               Don '59 and Liz Klinefelter
undergraduate years, it seemed particularly
fitting during the current economic downturn to make similar assistance available to future Carls.

As I thought about the nature and possibilities of such a gift, I was interested to learn that last year 1,241 of
Carleton’s 1,953 students received scholarship grants from the College (64 percent). A wide range of income
levels are represented in the mix, as are 72 international students. I have enclosed a copy of the College’s
Class profile for the current freshman class that contains a great deal of information about the young men and
women at Carleton today. The back page also contains information about the College’s financial aid program.

With the Class of 2012 and future scholarship recipients in mind, my wife Liz and I decided to make our
modest contribution to the Class of 1959 Scholarship Endowment—our Class Legacy Gift. We look forward
to the pleasure of receiving yearly reports from "our" student, which will be sent to all classmates. I invite you
to join us in this worthwhile and meaningful endeavor.

Donald S. Klinefelter '59

   For more information about ways to make a 50th Reunion gift, you may contact Lynne Wilmot ’89
   or Mike Tompos ’83 in the Carleton Development Office. The toll-free number is: 800 492-2275.
   Thank you.
         As our 50th Reunion nears, it is fitting to create a permanent legacy for the Class of 1959 at
         Carleton. The Reunion Planning Committee enthusiastically agreed to earmark our special 50th
         Reunion gift to a permanent endowed scholarship fund for Carleton students who qualify for
         financial aid. What a legacy!

         All unrestricted gifts—over and above our Alumni Annual Fund contributions—will be a part
         of this ongoing and perpetual fund. So please consider sending a contribution of any size for
         this special purpose. You will be helping many future generations of Carleton students and
         adding to their educations in a meaningful fashion.

         Starting in 2010, all classmates will receive a stewardship report from the College with
         information about “our student.” As the fund grows, there may be more than one! We're
         looking forward to experiencing this connection with current students at our alma mater.

         Please join in supporting this Scholarship—any amount will be appreciated. The important
         thing is that you are a part of the Class of 1959 Scholarship Fund. We are striving to reach a
         very high participation threshold (80 percent) as a way of showing our ’59 spirit this June at
         Reunion Weekend. We certainly hope you will join us for this celebration. Even if you are not
         present, however, you can still be a part of something special by adding your name to the list of
         contributors to our Class’ Scholarship.

         Thank you!

                                                                        Carleton Business Scholars during their career
                                                                        exploration visit in New York

 The Carleton Burmese Club hosting a Doh Burma social to
 share Burmese culture with the broader community.

The small print: The Class of 1959 Scholarship is a permanent
endowed fund at Carleton College. Future additions from “planned
gifts” are welcome—those from bequests, retirement plan provisions,
trusts, etc. If you intend for your planned gift to be applied to the
Scholarship, you must instruct the College as to your intentions in
writing. A simple note will do. Questions may be addressed to staff
members, Lynne Wilmot ’89 and Mike Tompos ’83. Their toll-free          Amy Alstad ’09, Carleton senior biology major and
number is 800-492-2275.                                                 Cole Naturalist for the Cowling Arboretum, presents a
                                                                        poster at the 2008 Science and Math Poster Session.

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