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									Resettlement Planning Document

Resettlement Plan for the Dauin Small Reservoir Irrigation Project
Project Number: 27245
April 2005

PHI: Southern Philippines Irrigation Sector Project

Prepared by: National Irrigation Administration; PRIMEX

The resettlement plan is a document of the borrower. The views expressed herein do not necessarily
represent those of ADB’s Board of Directors, Management, or staff, and may be preliminary in nature.
           Republic of the Philippines
           (Pambansang Pangasiwaan ng Patubig)

Southern Philippines Irrigation Sector Project
              (ADB Loan No. 1668-PHI)


                      APRIL 2005


                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS

List of Figures                                                                 iii
List of Tables                                                                  iv
List of Annexes                                                                 v
List of Acronyms                                                                vi
Executive Summary                                                               viii

   INTRODUCTION                                                                   1
   Background of the Project
   General Project Description
   Dam and Reservoir Areas
   Irrigation Service Areas

       CENSUS                                                                      7
   2.1   Impacts on Assets and People
   2.2   Socio-economic Census

       STRATEGY                                                                   12
   3.1 Service Area
     3.1.1 Equity aspect of the LAR Compensation Scheme for Beneficiary PAPs
     3.1.2 Cash Compensation for Non-beneficiary PAPs
     3.1.3 Compensation for Donation by Non-beneficiary PAPs
     3.1.4 ROW Acquisition
   3.2 Reservoir and Dam Area
     3.2.1 Process of PAPs Identification, Inventory and Affected Assets Valuation
     3.2.2 Establishment of Fair Market Value and its Validation and Payment of the
   3.3 Service Area

   4.0 LEGAL BACKGROUND AND COMPENSATION POLICY                                   19
   4.1   Legal Background
   4.2   Eligibility to Compensation and Rehabilitation
   4.3   Entitlement Matrix
   4.4   Donation
   4.5   Cut-off Dates
  5.0 ORGANIZATIONAL FRAMEWORK                           24
  5.1   Institutional Arrangement

  6.0 COMPLAINTS AND GRIEVANCES                          27
  6.1   Complaints/Grievance and Redress Procedures
  6.2   Redress Procedures

  7.1   Disclosure
  7.2   Consultation and Participation

  8.0 LARP IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS                        32
  8.1   Precondition to Civil Works and Implementation
  8.2   Activities and Schedule

  9.0 SUPERVISION AND MONITORING                         34
  9.1   Internal Monitoring
  9.2   Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation

  10.0 LARP COST AND BUDGET                              36
  10.1 Budget Requirement
  10.2 Flow of Funds

REFERENCES                                               38

                            LIST OF FIGURES

Figure 1   -   Location Map of the Dauin SRIP

Figure 2   -   Site and Layout of Dauin Irrigation System Map

Figure 3   -   Parcellary Map of the Proposed Submerged Area

Figure 4   -   Process of ROW Acquisition in the Service Area

Figure 5   -   Process of Inventory, Valuation and Payment of Cash Compensation
               for Affected Crops, and Trees in the Reservoir Area.

Figure 6   -   Organizational Framework for the Dauin SRIP LARP Implementation

Figure 7   -   LARP Schedule

                             LIST OF TABLES

Table 1    -   Summary of Affected Households and Assets in the
               Reservoir, Dam, and Access Road Areas by Type of PAPs

Table 2    -   Summary of Affected Households by Assets and Crops in the
               Reservoir, Dam, and Access Road Areas and Crops and Trees

Table 3    -   Summary of ROW Requirement in the Service Area

Table 4    -   Summary of PAPs and Affected Crops and Trees in the Service Area

Table 5    -   Summary of PAPs in the Service Area and Agreements on

Table 6    -   Cash Compensation of the Non-Beneficiary Farmers

Table 7    -   Compensation of the Non-Beneficiary Farmers for Donation to the IA

Table 8    -   Summary of PAPs and their Location in the Submerged Area by
               Compensation Agreement

Table 9    -   Comparative Results of Valuation

Table 10   -   Entitlement Matrix

Table 11   -   Actual Entitlement of PAPs in the Service Area

Table 12   -   List of Consultation Meetings with PAPs regarding LARP

Table 13   -   Indicators for LARP Internal Monitoring

Table 14   -   Proposed Budget for LARP

                           LIST OF ANNEXES

Annex A   -   Complete list of PAPs in the proposed Reservoir/Dam and Road
              Access Area

Annex B   -   Complete List of PAPs, affected by ROW Acquisition in the Service

Annex C   -   Sample Socio-economic Survey forms of PAFs in the
              reservoir area

Annex D   -   Certification of Dauin Municipality on the Granting of Use of Public
              Lands to NIA for Dauin SRIP

Annex E   -   Details of Compensation by Individual for the Submerged Area

Annex F   -   Outline of Information Booklet

Annex G   -   Sample Deed of Donation and Statement of Awareness

Annex H   -   Sample Deed of Assignment

Annex I   -   Sample Signed Agreement for ROW Settlement in the Service Area

Annex J   -   Copy of Submerged Area PAP Compensation Preference Survey

Annex K   -   Copy of Recent Land Transaction in the Project Area

Annex L   -   Copy of PAC Resolution No. 016-2004

Annex M   -   Pictorial of PAFs at Proposed Reservoir and Service Areas

Annex N   -   Land Holdings of Non-Beneficiary PAPs

                        LIST OF ACRONYMS

ADB       -   Asian Development Bank
AP        -   Affected People
BnPAP     -   Beneficiary PAP
CAG       -   Community Action Group
CENRO     -   Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer
CPMO      -   Central Project Management Office
DA        -   Department of Agriculture
DAR       -   Department of Agrarian Reform
DECS      -   Department of Education, Culture and Sports
DENR      -   Department of Environment and Natural Resources
DOH       -   Department of Health
EA        -   Executing Agency
EIA       -   Environmental Impact Assessment
EO        -   Executive Order
FMV       -   Fair Market Value
FS        -   Feasibility Studies
IA        -   Irrigation Association
IDO       -   Irrigation Development Officer
EIA       -   Environment Impact Assessment
ESM       -   Environmental and Social Measures
LARP      -   Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan
LGU       -   Local Government Unit
MARO      -   Municipal Agrarian Reform Officer
MCM       -   Million Cubic Meters
MMT       -   Multipartite Monitoring Team
MOA       -   Memorandum of Agreement
MOU       -   Memorandum of Understanding
MSWDO     -   Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office
NIA       -   National Irrigation Administration
NIP/S     -   National Irrigation Project/ System
NPC       -   National Power Corporation
NGO       -   Non-governmental Organizations
NSO       -   National Statistics Office
PAC       -   Provincial Appraisal Committee
PAF/PAP   -   Project Affected Family/Project Affected Person
PDD       -   Project Development Department
PIMT      -   Participatory Irrigation Management and Transfer
PIO       -   Provincial Irrigation Office
PMES      -   Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation System
PNP       -   Philippine National Police
PRA       -   Participatory Rural Appraisal
PO        -   People’s Organization
PSC       -   Project Steering Committee
RA        -   Republic Act
RPPF      -   Resettlement Policy and Program Framework
ROW       -   Right-of-Way
RSS       -   Rural Sociology Specialist
SPISP     -   Southern Philippines Irrigation Sector Project
SPMO      -   Sub-Project Management Office

SRIP/S   -   Small Reservoir Irrigation Project/ System
TGI      -   Target Group Identification
TL/IMS   -   Team Leader/Irrigation Management Specialist
TSAG     -   Turnout Service Area Group

                                 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

The Dauin Small Reservoir Irrigation Subproject is one of the non-core subprojects of the
Southern Philippines Project (SPISP). It is located in the Municipality of Dauin, Negros
Oriental in Central Visayas. Dauin SRIP subproject will irrigate an existing dry-land farming
area supporting some 1,098 households. The subproject will improve the reliability of food
supply and raise farmer incomes in the area, wherein many of which are at or below the
poverty level. The subproject will consist of three main components: (i) a reservoir; (ii) a
diversion intake dam; and (iii) a gravity-fed piped irrigation service area consisting of about
1,000 ha.

A 25-m high earth embankment dam with a crest length of 248 m at elevation 380 m will be
built across the Lipayo River. The reservoir will cover 5.4763 ha of land when the reservoir is
filled to conservation level. The dam construction and working area will also require an
additional area of 4.2361 ha as well as 0.3768 ha for the access road and field office. The
dam operation will eventually provide irrigation water to approximately 1,000 ha for the
cultivation of vegetables, corn and rice.

The construction of the dam, reservoir, access road and field office, which require
approximately 10.0892 ha, are located in two barangays, namely, Magsaysay and Boloc-
boloc. Construction of the dam and reservoir will affect 27 landowners and cultivators in the
area. In the proposed irrigated service area covering 8 barangays of Dauin, about 6.6366 ha
will be required as right-of-way (ROW) for the construction of underground pipe system as
well as other irrigation facilities; the ROW acquisition therein will affect a total of 233
farmers, out of which 223 are beneficiaries while 10 are non-beneficiaries. The subproject
initially considered requesting affected farmers to provide ROW lands by use of an
easement arrangement (right-to-enter) rather than acquisition, because the Dauin SRIP will
utilize the piped system for conveying water to the farm (after construction of the pipeline,
the land covering the pipeline can be cultivated). However, it was decided that ROW
acquisition was more advantageous to beneficiary farmers, because of the cost sharing
arrangement required by SPISP. The cost-sharing arrangement or equity contribution is
described in more detail in the main report.

The extent and scope of impact were assessed and mitigating measures were ensured with
the participation of the project affected persons (PAPs) and incorporated as part of the Land
Acquisition and Resettlement Plan (LARP) of the Dauin SRIP. LARP formulation includes
the conduct of Socio-economic Surveys of the PAPs and the detailed inventory of affected
assets (mainly in the form of land, crops and productive trees) and other properties. To
ensure a participatory process in the development and formulation of the LARP, intensive
information campaign was undertaken and the PAPs were consulted and involved in
planning mitigating measures. The process is guided by the principles and procedures
stipulated under the NIA-SPISP/PGAN Resettlement Policy and Program Framework
(RPPF) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) requirement and guidelines on
resettlement based on its latest version on the Handbook on Resettlement.

A short (abbreviated) LARP is prepared since the anticipated negative impacts of land
acquisition in the dam and reservoir areas and ROW acquisition in the service areas will
only involve 37 APs (27 PAPs upstream whose land will be required for the dam and
reservoir construction but will require no relocation and 10 non-beneficiary farmers in the
service area whose land parcels will be required for the underground water conveyance
facility. The 233 beneficiary farmers whose land parcels will be affected by the ROW

requirement for the underground water conveyance facility will also be compensated
through the equity conversion scheme where the fair market value of the affected plots is
utilized to partly offset their individual equity obligation (equity is a cost sharing arrangement
between the beneficiaries and SPISP, which is explained in more details in the main text of
this LARP) to the subproject. The income derived from the cultivation of land within the
proposed reservoir area contributes only approximately seven percent to total annual
household income of the affected landowners/cultivators.

The impact of ROW acquisition for beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries in the service area is
minimal; the land acquired for ROW can still be utilized for cultivation after the underground
pipes to convey irrigation water had been laid and its soil covering replaced.

LARP preparation for Dauin SRIP started in early 2003. For its implementation about
P 13,457,043.80 is required. Of this amount, about P 2,738,420 will be converted for equity
(P 2,545,000 from land and 193,420 from standing crops and trees) of the 233 beneficiary
farmers and P 94,940 (P 85,140 from land and 9,800 from trees) additional equity donated
by 7 NB PAPs. For the 3 NB PAPs who opted for cash compensation they will be paid a
total of P 20,260. Transaction cost to cover land re-survey/segregation, re-titling and
registration is computed at P 5,742,000. The cost for the compensation of the land and
standing crops and trees of the 27 PAPs in the submerged area totals to about
P 3,788,037.80 To ensure it judicious implementation, monitoring by internal and external
group will be undertaken. NIA-SPISP will provide the necessary resources, manpower and
budget to cover the cost related to LARP implementation by Negros Oriental PIO in
coordination with SPISP-CPMO and Consultant Team.


1.1    Background of the Project

1.     This report provides the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Central Project
Management Office (CPMO) of the Southern Philippines Irrigation Sector Project (SPISP) of
the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) with the Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan
(LARP) for project-affected families and project-affected persons (PAPs) of the Dauin Small
Reservoir Project (SRIP).

2.     The LARP includes the following elements:

       i)      Needs and concerns of project affected families and persons (PAPs) –
               alternatives and options are presented that will permit the PAPs to
               accommodate their individual resettlement concerns at minimum cost to
       ii)     Policies and procedures from the SPISP-NIA and PGAN Resettlement Policy
               and Program Framework (RPPF) that will provide resettlement assistance to
               improve the living standard of the PAPs;
       iii)    Recommendations and lessons learned from the various offices of the
               National and Local Governments; and
       iv)     Guidance provided by various Bank and Government policies, laws and

3.       The Dauin SRIP, a non-core subproject of the SPISP is in Negros Oriental in the
Central Visayan Region (see Figure 1 for the Dauin SRIP Location Map). It is located in the
Municipality of Dauin, Negros Oriental southwest of Dumaguete City. Topographic features
at the subproject area are generally hilly characterized by slightly sloping to undulating
terrain with slopes ranging from 0 to three percent in the lower portion (near the shoreline)
and 3-8 percent in the upper section suggesting good physical surface drainage condition.
For the past several years, parcels of land within the proposed subproject area had been
planted to rain-fed corn, pigeon pea (“Kadios”) and coconut and a larger portion remaining
fallow. Crop yields have remained relatively low resulting in almost negligible income from
agriculture. Low production and income had been aggravated by low levels of farm input
utilization resulting mainly from the absence of irrigation infrastructure.

1.2    General Project Description

4.       The SPISP proposes to finance the construction of a small reservoir which will
provide water to a gravity-fed irrigation service area of about 1000 ha benefiting some 1,098
households in the municipality of Dauin, about 15 km south of Dumaguete City. The system
will be sufficient to maintain at least two vegetables crops per year and small areas of rice.
Irrigation will support the cultivation of high-value vegetable crops such as eggplant, okra
and string beans, as well as corn. With water available all year round, crop production is
optimized. Thus, the sub-project will assure food availability and help increase the income
level of the beneficiary farmers and alleviate poverty situation in the rural areas of Dauin.

              122°25'                                              122°50'                                              123°15'                                                    123°40'                                                         124°5'

                                  Map of the Philippines

                                         W        E


11°20'         Luzon                                                                                                                                                                                MADRIDEJOS
                                                                                                                                                                                                   # BINAKAN                            S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        #          S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   # TALISAY
                                                                                                                                                                                                            S                                  #
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               S   BAGAY
                                                                                                                                                                                      S                      SANTA FE
                                                                                                                                                                                                    S          S
                                                                                                                                                                                                               #                           # BATERIA
                                    Visayas                                                                                                                                                    SAN JUA N
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    SAN RE MEGIO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  S                              C
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    TAM BONGON             # BOGO
                                                                                                                    CADIZ VIEJO                                                                                        #
                                                                                                                    S                                                                                         TAM BONGON                   # ODLOT
                                                                                              MANAPLA                       CADIZ


                                                                                                                              S                                                                                                              #
                                       Mindanao                                                                                                               VILO                                                      LUYA NG            TABOGON
                                                                          PAGATBAN                    # PAGATBAN
                                                                                                      S                                                           #                                                           S
                                                                                          S                                                                           ESCALANTE                                                   BORBON
                                                                                                                                                                          #                                      TAB UELAN             S
                                                                                                                                                                          S                                               S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          #       LOGO
                                                                                          S                                                                                                                                            S
                                                                          TALISAY         #
                                                                                          S                                                      TOBOSO                                                      TUBURAN                  SOGOD
                                                                                                                                                              S                                                    #

                                                                                      S                                        MACASILAO              #
                                                                                                                                                                       TUBIGM ANOC
                                                                                          PAGATBAN                                                            CALATRAVA           S
                                                                                                                                                                                  #                            DANASAN
                                                                                                  S                                                                                                                                     CARMEN

                                                                                                                                                              #                                                       S

                                                                                                                                     TONGO                    S                                                                            S
                                                                  BAGO                                                                           #
                                                          SS        Ê


                                                                                                      #                                                                                                                                   S

                                                  PULUPANDAN                                          S                         SAN CA RLOS                                        BALAMB A                    #
                                                                                                                                                                                                               S                      DANAO
                                                                         CARIDAO                                                                  #
                                                                                                                                                  S                                                S
                                                                                                                                                                                                   #    LAMESA

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      S                 # COMPOSTELA
                                                      SAN ENRIQUE        S # LA-CAR LOTA
                                                                         # S                               CANLAON CITY             BALUANGAN                                                                                      LILOAN
                                                                                                                     S               S

                                                                          # PORTEVEDRA
                                                                          S                                                                                                   TOLEDO
                                                                                              S                                     #
                                                                                                                                    S                                                  POOG
                                                             HINIGARA N
                                                                                              LA-CASTELLANA                                                                                    #
                                                                                                                                                                                               S           CEBU CITY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ê         # LAPU-LAPU

                                                                      #                                                                                      PINAMUNGAJAN                                    LAGTAN
                                                                      S                                                                                                       #
                                                                                                                                                                              S                      S
                                                                                                                                                                                                             S      S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    # TALISAY
                                                                                                                                                             ALOGUINS AN
                                                                          BINALB AGAN                                                                                     S
                                                                                                                                                                          #                    NAGA


                                                                                                                                                                          VALENCIA             #SAN FERNANDO

                                                                  TALABAN                                                                                                          S

                                                                          S                                                 GUIHULNGAN

                                                                                                                             #                                                CARCAR


                                                                                                                             S                       R
                                                                             # MC
                                                                             S                KINLE Y                       #MC-KINLEY
                                                                                                                            S                    T       DUM AJOG
                                                                       #                                                                                 S

                                                           ILOG        S
                                                              S                                                      LA-LIBE RTAD

                                                                   # KABAN KALAN                                        S                                                 SIB ONGA

                               TUYUM                               S                                                  #                         RONDA                          S
                                                           # DANCALAN                                             JIM S                            #


                                  S          # #
                                             S SGUILJUNGAN                                                            ALALUD

            LINAON     #
                       S                                                                                                                         S
                                                                                                                                                 # ALCANTARA

                                                                                                                  # TAYA SAN
                                                                                                                  S                              S
                                                                                                                                                 # MOA LBOAL

         INAYAUAN     #
                      S                                                                                                                                                   ARGAO

                                                                                                            # AYUNGON
                                                                                                            S                               BADIAN
                                                                                                                                                 S                            #
         BULATA   #
                  S                           TAB LAS



                                                                                                            S                                                                              B
           SIP ALAY                                                                                                             NADR IDEJOS                       DALAGUETE
                  #                                                                                          # BINDOY                    #
                                                                                                                                         S                            S
                  S                                                                                          S





                                                                                                              S                       LIBO
                                                                                      BAGTIC           MANJUYOD              MALABU YOC#S

                                                                                              S                                      S
              HINOBA-A N                                                                                                                              BOLOJOON
                           S                                                                                                                                 #
                                                                                                 Ê            BAIS CITY        GINATILAN
                                                                                                                                #                                                                   SCALE 1:1,500,000
                                                                                                      TANJAY CITY               S
                                                                                                                                #               OSLOB
                           KULIPA PA
                                    S                                                          % Ê
                                                                                               U Ú
                                                                                               S  U
                                                                                                   S                         SAMBOAN
                                                                                                                                                                              15                       0                15              30                  45

                                              #                     SITIO-NUEVO
                                                                                                            AMLAN #
                                                                                                                  S     U S
                                                                                                                        % #                  #
                                              S    PAGATBAN
                                                    #  S
                                                                      S                                            #
                                                                                                          SAN-JOSE S    %
                                               BAYAWAN CITY       U S
                                                                  % #
                                                                  Ê %
                                                                  Ú U
                                                                  #          SANTA-CATALINA
                                                                                                      SAN-ANTONIO       # %
                                                                                                                        S U
                                                                                                                            S       SIB ULA N

                                                                                                      DUM AGUETE CITY        %

                                                                  NAGBALAYE                                   VALENCIA   S
                                                                              S                                              #

                                                            MOLOCONA N            #
                                                                                  S                                       %
                                                                                      S                            U
                                                                                                                # ZAM BOA NGUITA
                                                                                                          # BONBONON
                                                                                                  SIA TON                                                REV.         DATE NATURE OF REVISION                             BY CHE CKED RECOM 'D APPROVED
                                                                                                                                                         NO.                                                                                      NIA

                       PROJECT SITE                                                                                                                                                            REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES
                                                                                                                                                                                           NATIONAL IRRIGATION ADMINISTRATION
                                                                                                                                                                                                      QUEZON C ITY
                                                                                                                                                                     SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES IRRIGATION SECTOR PROJECT

             Ê             CITY                                                                                                                                               DAUIN IRRIGATION SUB-PROJECT
              #            TOWN                                                                                                                                                            DAUIN, NEGROS ORIENTAL

                                                                                                                                                                                       LOCATION MAP
                           PROVINCIAL BOUNDARY
                           REGIONAL BOUNDARY

                           NEGROS OCCIDENTAL
                           NEGROS ORIENTAL
                                                                                                                                                          ADB - 1668 - PHI                              FIGURE _____1                              DATE _____

              122°25'                                              122°50'                                              123°15'                                                    123°40'                                                         124°5'

                                Figure 1. LOCATION MAP OF DAUIN NON CORE SUBPROJECT
5.      Water will be tapped from the Lipayo River, whose inflow will be augmented from the
spring-fed tributaries of Hinalin Creek, a small seasonal river in Dauin. A 30-m core zoned
earth embankment dam and an ungated spillway will be provided at the left abutment for an
inflow design flood of 118 cu meters per second over a 100-year return period on the steep-
sided valley section of the river to create a small reservoir which at conservation level
(spillway crest) will have the capacity to impound 0.482 million cubic meters (MCM) of water
and at a minimum operating level, 0.15 MCM.

6.       Figure 2 illustrates the irrigation network with its dam and reservoir area. A major
portion of the irrigation network will be by means of a pipeline system for the delivery of
water to individual farms requiring the acquisition of 6.6055 ha of land for right-of-way
(ROW) for the construction of underground pipe system. With such, land acquired for the
installation of the pipeline could still be cultivated after the pipelines are installed and
covered with soil.

7.     The reservoir will be contained within a single un-branched channel in a narrow
section of the Lipayo River, where the dam and the spillway could be constructed. At
conservation level the reservoir will submerge approximately 5.4763 ha of land (see Figure

8.      The sub-project has the potential to improve food security in the area and increase
the level of income of the beneficiary farmers and contribute to the local economy. The
farmers at present rely primarily on rain-fed agriculture. With the long dry season in the area,
crop production is not assured. The subproject through the provision of regular water supply
will enable the production of at least two crops of rice per year on a small area and the
continuous cultivation of high-value vegetable crops on a major portion of the subproject
area. But, together with the positive impacts, the subproject will also require land acquisition
and therefore negatively affect a number of people. In the dam and reservoir areas, the
nature of impacts is in the form of lost land and permanent crops and trees therein (no
physical infrastructure has been established on the lands that will be affected by the ROW
acquisition); in the irrigated service area, the nature of impact is in the loss of crops and
trees during the laying of underground conduit pipes and other irrigation facilities.

9.      In order to assess the impacts of the subproject, topographic surveys and plot
mapping were undertaken in the proposed reservoir and dam areas as well as the irrigation
areas where the proposed facilities and infrastructure will be constructed. Census, socio-
economic survey and inventory of assets and properties that will most likely be affected
were undertaken to determine the scope of impacts. This would identify PAPs, determine
what type of land will be affected by the ROW acquisition, and determine the relative size
and plot boundaries as well as the type of structures, crops, trees and other asset found
therein as basis for assessment and valuation of compensation. PAPs, who are landowners,
cultivators or residents of the affected lands, were interviewed to determine their socio-
economic status. Land classification was verified with the Department of Environmental and
Natural Resources (DENR).

Figure 2. Site and Layout of Dauin Irrigation System Map

Figure 3 Parcellary Map of the Proposed Submerged Area

1.3    Dam and Reservoir Areas

10.     The construction of the dam and reservoir will result with the permanent loss of
around 10.0892 ha of land, of which 5.4763 ha will eventually be submerged. Another
4.2361 ha will be utilized for the construction of the dam facilities and 0.3768 ha for the
access road. The nature of the impact is the permanent loss of agricultural lands in the
reservoir area and dam construction site and the total and/or partial loss of crops and
trees therein. There are no existing physical structures, which will be affected within
the area. Also, there will be minimal loss of income as the socioeconomic survey showed
that the contribution of the annual income derived from the cultivation of the land (from
seasonal crops and fruit orchard) to total household income was only 7 percent. Losses of
lands and crops and trees will be provided cash compensation based on the agreed fair
market value (FMV) of land and the affected trees and crops, the details of which are
described in Chapter 3, Section 37.

1.4    Irrigation Service Areas

11.      Furthermore, the subproject will require approximately 6.6055 ha in the irrigation
service area as ROW for the construction of an underground pipe system and other
irrigation facilities such as the main and lateral pipelines and ancillary facilities. The nature
of impact is in the form of loss of crops and trees (no physical structures are within
the identified ROW areas) during the laying out of pipes. PAF losses in this area will
be minimal. As agreed, in the course of an intensive consultation process all direct
beneficiaries in this area will provide the land affected by ROW as part of their equity
payment as discussed in Chapter 3. In addition, beneficiary PAPs agreed that they
will NOT seek direct compensation for losses of crops and trees on ROW lands, but
they have requested that these potential compensation amounts be included in their
equity contribution. It is noted, that the peso value of the ROW land, plus any
compensation values converted as equity, have exceeded the required equity contribution of
some farmers.

12.    Both the submerged and dam area, and the land acquired for ROW in the irrigated
service area are the subject of this Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan (LARP). The
primary objective of the LARP for Dauin SRIP to minimize and mitigate the negative impacts
of the subproject through the provision of compensation and rehabilitation measures for
PAPs (beneficiary and non beneficiaries) affected by ROW acquisition of the subproject.

13.    The LARP aims to accomplish the following:

       a. Present a strategy to achieve the objectives of the NIA-SPISP/PGAN
          Resettlement Policy and Program Framework;
       b. Provide a plan for implementation of the stated strategies to ensure timely
          acquisition of assets, payment of compensation, equity conversion mechanism,
          and delivery of other benefits to project affected persons;
       c. Ensure that the Plan enables the PAPs to improve and/or maintain their income
          level and living standard from pre-project level;
       d. Define the principles and mechanics for public consultation and information
       e. Estimate resources required to implement the recommended interventions; and
       f. Provide a plan for monitoring and supervision of LARP implementation.

14.      Dauin SRIP will require only a short (abbreviated) resettlement plan given the scope
of resettlement issues encountered. Within the proposed dam and reservoir area, only 27
families will be directly affected by the land acquisition for the right of way. All of them are
non-resident owners and/or non-resident cultivators. The affected land is not the primary
source of income of these affected families as the socioeconomic survey showed that only 7
percent is contributed by it to total household income. In the service area, while there are
233 farmers who will be affected by the ROW acquisition, majority of them are going to
benefit from the proposed irrigation system. Only 10 non-beneficiary farmers were identified
in the vegetable area. The nature of impact of ROW acquisition on their income is only
temporary. After the pipes are laid underground, land can be utilized again for cultivation.
Tree and crop losses will be compensated and/or converted to equity based on their
assessed value. No structures will be affected.


2.1     Impacts on assets and people

15.      While the implementation of the project will have beneficial effects in increasing the
agricultural production of the participating farmers by improving their income and thus
enhancing their standard of living. Poverty incidence will be reduced by 30.5 percent. The
project will have adverse impact on a total of 260 PAPs of which from the proposed
reservoir there are 18, from the dam area there are 7 and from the access road alignment
there are 2, for a total of 27. There are two types of PAPs-Non-beneficiary PAPs (NBPAPs)
or PAPs who will not benefit any irrigation service that will be provided by the constructed
irrigation system and Beneficiary PAPs (BenPAPs) or PAPs who will be able to avail
irrigation service from the constructed system. These 27 PAPs from the impounding system
and road alignment (see Annexes A and B for the complete list) will stand to lose
approximately 10.0892 ha of agricultural land as well as the perennial crops and trees
therein, they are all NBPAPs. No standing structures are going to be affected.

16.      The rehabilitation, construction and development of SPISP subprojects and their
irrigation systems will require the acquisition of the areas within the proposed irrigation
systems. These acquisitions will have adverse impact on 233 PAPs and could result into the
potential loss of their 6.6055 ha of agricultural lands and the trees and crops therein.
Whenever possible, dislocation and relocation will be avoided – No dislocation or relocation
of household has been identified in the Dauin SRIP subproject.

2.1.1   Reservoir and Dam Areas

17.     In 2003, the survey of the proposed reservoir and dam areas including the ownership
of the different plots affected therein was undertaken. This was later followed by a detailed
inventory of the affected assets within the individual plots. There are 27 PAPs in the
submerged and dam areas and proposed alignment of access road. These PAPs have
shown documents as proof of ownership of the 10.0892 ha affected plots. Subproject staff
who verified the land classification of the affected area with the Department of Environment
and Natural Resources (DENR) has confirmed that the entire 10.0892 ha proposed reservoir
area and dam site with access road/office sites are part of an area classified as alienable
and disposable within the Dauin district. The affected lands are located in two of the upland
barangays of the said municipality, namely, Magsaysay and Boloc-boloc, which are
approximately three kilometers from the town proper. These barangays are accessible
through the various roads traversing them. The most common means of transportation is by
motorcycle. Table 1 below provides a summary list of losses that will be experienced in the
proposed submerged and dam areas by location and type of PAPs.

Table 1. Summary of Affected Households and Assets in Reservoir, Dam, Access Road Areas
per types of PAPs
 Affected Household/Assets   Reservoir Area       Dam Area    Access Road       Total
 No. of PAPs                        18                7             2             27
    Beneficiary                      -                 -            -              -
    Non-beneficiary                 18                7             2             27
 Affected Land (ha)               5.4763           4.2361        0.3768       10.0892
 Crops and trees              Per inventory     Per inventory Per inventory Per inventory
Source: Impact Assessment Result, Negros Oriental PIO, 2004.

18.     The subproject reservoir will submerge approximately 5.4763 ha of land, composed
of 23 plots, which are owned and/or cultivated by 18 PAPs. Improvement on these plots
were inventoried and assessed. Only permanent crops (trees) were encountered, surveyed,
and valued. Table 2 provides the summary of affected households and assets. (see Annex
A for the complete list of PAPs in the submerged area).

19.      The construction of dam and access road on the other hand, will permanently affect
some 4.6129 ha of land owned and claimed by the other 10 PAPs as well as the timber and
fruit trees cultivated therein.

20.      The 27 PAPs with the landholding ranging from 0.0120-1.0690 ha will be losing on
average approximately 0.3635 ha of land each. Per inventory (see Annex D for the details),
the 10.0892 ha contain the following type and quantity of fruit trees and commercial lumber:
native mango trees (2-3 yrs old) – 43; coconut trees – 587 (early fruit bearing -155 and full
bearing - 432); gmelina (small) – 36; and narra (approx. 10’’ diameter) – 3. The survey
showed that there were no existing structures within the affected plots. Table 2 provides the
list of crops and fruit trees cultivated therein.

Table 2. Summary of Affected Households and Assets in the Reservoir, Dam, and Access
         Road Areas per crop/tree
 Location/Affected    No of   No of           Number of Crop/Trees             ROW        Category
       Area           PAPs    Plot        Type       Qty.       Size/Age     Area (ha)
Reservoir/Submerged    18      23     Coconut          40    Early bearing     5.4763    Landowner
                                                      198    Full Bearing
                                      Native Mango     18    2-3 yrs old
                                      Narra             1    10’’ diameter
                                      G-Melina         33    Small
Dam                    6       8      Coconut         115    Early bearing     4.2009    Landowner
                                                      217    Full Bearing
                                      Native Mango     25    2-3 yrs old
                                      Narra             2    10’’ diameter
                       1       1                                               0.0352    Claimant
Access Road            2       5      Coconut          17    Full bearing      0.3768    Landowner
                                      G-Melina          3    Small
Total                  27      37     Coconut         155    Early bearing    10.0892    Landowner
                                                      432    Full Bearing
                                      Native Mango     43    2-3 yrs old
                                      Narra             3    10’’ diameter
                                      G-Melina         36    Small

2.1.2   Irrigation Service Area

21.     The 1000-ha irrigation service area on the other hand is composed of 20 ha of
rice land, 480 ha of corn land and 500 ha of vegetable area. The rice lands are located
in the portion of Bgy. Panubtuban while the corn and vegetable areas are in Bgys.
Panubtuban, Libjo, Lipayo, Mag-aso, Tugawe, Bulak, Masaplod Norte and Poblacion.
Approximately 6.6366 ha of the total 1000 ha irrigation service area will be acquired for
ROW. The summary of ROW requirement in the irrigation service area is shown in
Table 3. A total of 233 farmers and/or landowners are affected by ROW acquisition in
the service area, of which 223 are beneficiary farmers while 10 are non-beneficiary
landowners. See Annex B for the complete list PAPs and details on the affected assets.

22.     The 233 PAPs reported a total landholding of about 260 ha in the proposed irrigation
area indicating an average individual landholding of 1.1159 ha. The 223 (96 percent) farmer
beneficiaries own approximately 254 ha (97.7 percent) of the total landholdings of PAPs
while the 10 (2.3 percent) non-beneficiary farmers own around 5.7895 ha. Some 6.6055 ha
or 2.5 percent of the total landholdings will be acquired for ROW (average size of ROW
acquired land per PAP is 0.02835 ha.); of this, 6.397 ha or 96.3 percent will be provided as
equity by the 223 beneficiary farmers. On the other hand, the 10 non-beneficiary farmers
who own approximately 0.2430 (3.7 percent) ha of the ROW acquired land will be
compensated. Of the 10 who will be compensated, seven chose to donate the cash
equivalent of their compensation to the IA which will in turn be treated as part of the IA
equity; the remaining three opted to receive their equivalent cash compensation.

23.    The proportion of individual plots of land (average of 2.5 percent as shown in Annex
B) acquired for ROW by the subproject does not exceed the 20 percent total cut-off limit.
(The RPPF requires inclusion of additional compensation and rehabilitation measures for
those acquisitions that exceed 20 percent). Valuation for ROW acquisition is set at the fair
market value of the land in the area. In the service area, the average fair market value of
land was reported to be P 40 per sq. m. According to the RPPF, the peso value of the
contributed ROW land must not exceed the required total equity contribution of individual
beneficiary farmer. However, by IA policy, in cases where the value of the contributed ROW
land exceeds the required individual equity contribution, the beneficiary may elect to
contribute the excess value to the IA as part of the IA’s equity. Otherwise, the beneficiary is
compensated in cash for the excess amount. There are some BenPAPs whos compensation
exceeds the required equity contribution.

Table 3. Summary of ROW Requirement in the Service Area by type of PAPs
     Crop/Land Category     Number of    Number of      Landholding     ROW Requirement
                              PAPs          Plots           (ha)             (ha)
 a. Titled
    a.1 Beneficiary            29            33             39.3811         1.3788
    a.2 Non-Beneficiary         -             -                    -              -
 b. Public Land                 -             -                    -        0.0033
 a. Titled
    a.1 Beneficiary            194          218            214.5162         4.9837
    a.2 Non-Beneficiary        10            10               5.7985        0.2430
 b. Public Land                 -             -                    -        0.0277

 a. Titled
    a.1 Beneficiary                      223                             253.8973               6.3625
    a.2 Non-Beneficiary                  10                                5.7985               0.2430
 b. Public Land                           -                                      -              0.0311
TOTAL                                    233              261            259. 6958              6.6366
Beneficiary lands – are those land within the project irrigated service area and will directly benefit from the
development effort.
Non-beneficiary lands – are those lands within or near the project irrigated service area and NOT directly
benefited, but will be affected by the development.
Public lands – are Government lands within or near irrigated service area and NOT owned, cultivated, or
occupied by either beneficiaries or non-beneficiaries.
Source: Impact Assessment Result, Negros Oriental PIO, 2004.

24.     Table 4 shows the summary of crops and trees of the 233 PAPs affected by the
ROW. The households are mainly the owner-cultivator of the affected lands. The
following fruit trees and timber wood for lumber in the ROW affected land are: full
bearing coconut trees (183), full bearing native mango trees (31), small sized mahogany
(18), early bearing bananas (3 hills), large clump of bamboos (3), full bearing star apple
(1), full bearing duhat (1), small sized gmelina 44) and large sized gmelina (5). The
survey showed that there were no existing structures within the affected plots.

Table 4. Summary of Affected Households and Assets in the Service Area
Location/Affected Area PAPs           Number of Crop/Trees             ROW                           Category
                                  Type       Qty.       Size/Age     Area (ha)
RICE                    29   Coconut           11 Full bearing         1.3788                     Beneficiary-
                             Native Mango        5 Full baring                                    Landowner
                             G-Melina          41 36 small, 5 large
                             Bamboo Clump        1 Large
VEGETABLE               194 Coconut           151 Full Bearing         4.9837                      Beneficiary-
                             Native Mango      24 2-3 yrs old                                      Landowner
                             G-Melina            8 Small
                             Bamboo Clump        2 Large
                             Mahogany          16 Small
                             Lomboy              1 Full Bearing
                             Star Apple          1 Full Bearing
                             Banana Group        3 Early Bearing
                        10   Coconut           21 Full bearing         0.2430                      Non-
                             Native Mango        2 Full bearing                                    Beneficiary
                             Mahogany            2 Small                                           Landowner
TOTAL                   233 Coconut           183 Full Bearing         6.6055                      Landowner
                             Native Mango      31 2-3 yrs old
                             G-Melina          49 44 small, 5 large
                             Bamboo Clump        3 Large
                             Mahogany          18 Small
                             Duhat (Lomboy)      1 Full Bearing
                             Star Apple          1 Full Bearing
                             Banana Group        3 Early Bearing

2.2     Socio-economic Census

25.     As early as 2002, the NIA Negros Oriental-PIO commenced dialogues and
community-based information campaign to ensure that the concerned households and
PAF/Ps in both implications of the proposed projects. Topographic and plot maps were
prepared based on surveys undertaken in 2002 and later updated in early 2003 and 2004.
Socioeconomic surveys and asset inventory on the land and census of the people affected
were likewise undertaken. The NIA undertook the initial valuation of affected assets (land,
crops and trees), using the procedures and appraisal system of the local Municipal Assessor
Office. This was later validated by a constituted Valuation Committee (PVC).

2.2.1   Reservoir and Dam Areas

26.     The socioeconomic survey results serve as benchmark in determining the impact
of the Project on PAF/Ps and as basis for formulating mitigating measures included as
part of the LARP. In addition, the asset inventory determines the level of compensation
and replacement for personal assets and properties, which are incorporated in the
compensation package. The socioeconomic survey was undertaken in the proposed
reservoir and dam sites in 2003. The following results are reported: on average, the
household is composed of 5.5 members. Of the 25 households surveyed (3 households
did not want to be interviewed), 19 have male household heads while 6 have female
household heads. There are 35 children reported to be still going to school. Affected
land had been cultivated for 45 years on average. The households surveyed were not
resident in the affected area – each affected household had their homes in other
locations. Sample survey forms are included in Annex C (SES Survey forms sample).

27.     The average size of land claimed and/or titled in the affected area is 3,619 m2. The
typical use of the plot is for agricultural activities – trees for timber and fruit were the only
crops encountered. All household respondents are aware that their agricultural lands are in
Alienable and Disposable area.

28.     The average annual household income is P57,162.00 of which around 7 percent is
contributed by farm income from the affected area. The bigger proportion (93 percent) of the
total household income is from non-agriculture related activities, not within the affected area.
A number of working household members are employed as domestic help here or abroad,
laborers, construction workers, security guard, or engaged in small buy-and-sell businesses.

29.      It should also be noted that farming is not the sole domain of male members of the
household. Women often play a crucial role in agricultural activities particularly in vegetable

30.     The incidence of poverty in the project area is around 81 percent, which is very much
higher than the national poverty incidence of 34.2 percent (NSCB, 2002).

2.2.2   Service Area

31.     From 1990-1995, population growth rate averaged at 2.17 percent with Barangay
Magsaysay showing the fastest growth rate at 6.3 percent. Household size increased from
4.8 person per household in 1990 to 5.0 person per household. The municipality has a
relatively young population with 19 years and below comprising about 43 percent of the total

population. Population density is 156 person/km2. Cebuano comprise the majority of the
ethnic grouping with 99.75 percent speaking Cebuano. Majority (61.5%) of the farmers own
the land they till. Farming is reported as the major source of income of the household head.
Major crops grown is con and “kadios” a kind of pea as also a dominant crop. There I only
one Rural Health Unit at the Poblacion and only eight Barangay Health Center. Drinking
water is sourced from an upstream spring while water source for domestic chores (washing,
bathing and cooking) are spring as well as rivers. Only 76 of the households have some
form of sanitation facilities. Electricity is found in all barangay but only about 63 percent of
households are connected. The rest are dependent on kerosene (9%) and oil (1.3%).

32.     The proposed service area includes eight barangays of the municipality of Dauin.
Only the barangays of Libjo and Tugawe are contained wholly within the service area while
only parts of the other barangays are represented. Within the service area there are 1,098
household-beneficiaries, with an average household size of 4.9 persons on an average farm
size of 0.91 ha. The average population density for the eight barangays is 195.1
persons/km2. This density is not surprising in the urban-based Poblacion with 2,801.7
persons/km2. In the rural based barangays, Lipayo has the greatest density at 644
persons/km2, while Panubtuban has the lowest at 25.0 persons/km2. The farmer survey
showed that women headed households averaged about 3 percent in the service area. Like
the rest of the Philippines, women have traditional roles in raising children and looking after
the household and caring for the kitchen garden and the immediate surrounds of the house.
Women are employed in day care centers and also as teachers, while others have been
elected to the barangay councils and to the Lupong Tagapayapa. Women are represented
in the Farmer Groupings at both executive and member level. The population is mainly
Christian with the majority being Roman Catholic.

33.     The whole of the service area is privately owned land. The majority (61.5 percent) of
the farmers own the land they till but about 45 percent of them also rent land from other
farmers in an attempt to rationalize the fragmented land ownership patterns that prevail
within the service area. Farming is the major source of income for the household heads.
The major crop grown within the proposed service area is corn but is rain dependent.
“Kadios” (pigeon pea), is also dominant and usually planted during the rainy season while
harvesting is extended through the dry season. The average of the sampled farmers’ off-
farm income was Phil Pesos 154,266 per household per annum. The average annual
household income is PHP 140,022 while expenses PHP 89,571 resulting in a net return of
PHP 50,583 per household.


34.    Resettlement, land acquisition and rehabilitation for the subproject PAFs will be
handled in accordance with the Philippine Law, relevant regulation and the ADB Policy on
Involuntary Resettlement as detailed in the “ADB Handbook on Resettlement, A Guide to
Good Practice,” the guidelines for which is contained in the SPISP Resettlement Policy and
Program Framework. The detailed strategy of the Dauin SRIP LARP is as follos:

              3.1       Service Area

              3.1.1     Equity Aspect of the LAR Compensation Scheme for Beneficiary PAPs

              35.    An important factor that is essential to understand the LAR compensation strategy
              adopted for the Project rests on the way civil works financing is shared between
              Government, ADB and the beneficiary communities; that is 75 percent for the Government
              and ADB and 25 percent for the beneficiaries. Beneficiary farmers will be required to share
              25% of the direct cost of the irrigation facilities excluding the cost of the reservoir dam ( 15%
              to be generated during the construction period while the 10% will be advance by the
              Government payable for the period of 25% at market base lending interest rate). The
              beneficiaries’ share of the civil works budget will be paid through fees by each single
              beneficiary in proportion to the area of their serviced plots.

              36.     Based on this scheme, mitigation measure of subproject impacts (ROW acquisition)
              on beneficiaries will be through an equity conversion mechanism where the fair market
              value of the ROW plot and other assets therein will be used to offset the required
              contribution to equity obligation that the concerned PAP will have to pay the IA. Pecuniary
              payment will only be required by the LARP when the value at market rate of the land lost by
              one project beneficiary offsets the amount he/she has to pay in fees as a contribution to
              project finances.

              37.     As shown in Table 5 below, of the total 6.6055 ha required as ROW in the service
              area, 6.3287 ha will be contributed as equity by beneficiary farmers and the remaining
              0.2768 ha (owned by non-beneficiary farmers) will be compensated for the fair market value
              of land including the assessed value of the affected trees and crops therein. Furthermore,
              easements were permitted/granted by the Municipality of Dauin for around 0.0311 ha of
              public lands in both the rice and vegetable areas. The Municipality agreed to allow the
              subproject to use these public lands as easement for the benefit of the community
              (Annex D).

              Table 5. Summary of PAPs in the Service Area and Agreements on Compensation
                    Total   Total      Size of                                                  Affected Assets
 Category of        # of    Size of    ROW                                    Land                                             Crops/Trees              Total Peso Value of ROW
   PAPs             PAPs    Land       Acquired                                                                                                                 Acquisition
                            Affected   (ha)              Equity Conversion                   Cash Payment         Equity Conversion     Cash Payment    Equity Value        Cash
                            (ha)                                                                                                                          in Peso         Value in
                                                  # of       Size of      Peso        # of     Size of    Peso     # of     PESO       # of    PESO        (‘000)           Peso
                                                  PAPs       ROW         Value       PAPs       ROW      Value    PAPs      Value     PAPs     Value                        (‘000)
                                                              (ha)       (‘000)                 (ha)     (‘000)             (‘000)             (‘000)
Beneficiary     R      29    39.3811     1.3788    29       1.37880      551.520      -          -          -       8       35.470      -         -       586.98             -
 Farmers        V     194   214.5162     4.9837   194       4.98370    1,993.480      -          -          -      66      155.450      -         -      2,135.90            -
Sub-Total             223   253.8973     6.3625   223       6.36250    2,545.000      -          -          -      74      190.920      -         -      2,735.90            -
Non-Bene        R       -        -            -     -           -               -     -          -          -       -          -        -         -          -               -
 Farmers        V      10     5.4272     0.2430     7       0.21285       85.140      3        0.0302    12.080    2        9.800       3      8.180      94.940             -
Sub-Total             10     5.4272      0.2430    7        0.21285       85.140      3        0.0302    12.080    2        9.800       3      8.180     94.9440             -
                R      29    39.3811     1.3788    29       1.37880      551.520      -            -        -       -          -        -         -       551.51          20.224
  TOTAL         V     204   219.9435     5.2605   201       5.19660     2,078.62      3        0.0302    12.080     2        9.800      3      8.180     2,078.62          20.24
  TOTAL               233   259.3245     6.6055   230       6.57540     2,630.13      3        0.0302    12.080    76      200.720      3        -       2,830.84         20.24
  Public        R      -        -        0.0033    -           -           -          -            -        -       -         -         -        -           -              -
   Land         V      -        -        0.0278    -           -           -          -          -          -       -         -         -        -           -              -
 Sub-total             -        -        0.0310    -           -           -          -          -          -       -         -         -        -           -              -
              Legends: R= Rice; V= Vegetables.
              Source: Negros Oriental-PIO, 2003-2004

              38.    The ROW affected lands, crops, trees of the 223 beneficiary farmers will be credited
              as part of their equity payment. Calculation of the compensation payment has been based

on an agreed Fair Market Value of the land, crops and trees. This is thoroughly discussed in
section 3.2.2 of this document.

39.    Three legal instruments have been developed by the SPISP-Implementers and
Consultants – 1) A Deed of Assignment (DOA) for land from the beneficiary farmers, 2) A
Deed of Assignment (DOA) for crops and trees from beneficiary farmers, and 3) A Deed of
Donation (DOD) from the Non-Beneficiary Farmer to the IA, in case the NB farmers decided
to donate the land and standing trees and crop to the IA. The forms were developed after
several consultation with the PAPs and IA.

40.    The final forms have been discussed with the IA thru the ROW Committees and then
with PAPs. Discussion of the forms were undertaken after the conduct of orientation per
barangay by the ROW Committee and NIA field office. Following the discussions, a team
composed of the IA ROW Committee, SPMO-Environmental Staff and Technical Staff
undertook house to house visits of the PAPs for the negotiation until signing of the DOD and

3.1.2    Cash Compensation for Non-Beneficiary PAPs

41.     Non-beneficiaries will need to be compensated in cash or in kind based on the
replacement value at market rates of the lost asset. In cases where relocation is required,
additional compensation and rehabilitation mechanisms need to be instituted.

42.    There are 10 non-beneficiary PAPs in the vegetable area, three (3) of which
requested cash payment for their 0.0302 ha land and the crops and trees therein (see Table
6) based on their agreed fair market value. This will amount to P 20,260 and fund will
advanced by the project and will form part of the IA loan to be paid in a period of 25 years.

Table 6. Cash Compensation of the Non-Beneficiary Farmers.
  Name of PAPs    ROW        Total                 Number of Crop/Trees                                Total Value for
                       Area     Value for       Type    Qty.        Size/Age      FMV    Total Value     Land and
                       (m2)      Land                                                     for Crops        Trees
1. Olimpio Tubog        90.00     3,600.00   Coconut      3       Full Bearing    600      1,800.00           5,400.00
2. Conrado Bngaysiso   100.00     4,000.00   Coconut      1       Full Bearing    600         600.00          4,980.00
                                             Mahogany     2       Small           190         380.00
3. Ursolo Saringan     112.00     4,480.00   Coconut      9       Full Bearing    600      5,400.00          9, 880.00
TOTAL                  302.00    12,080.00                                                 8,180.00          20,260.00

3.1.3    Compensation for Donation by Non-Beneficiary PAPs

43.     Seven (7) of the ten (10) non-beneficiary farmers whose property covers about
0.2128 ha located in the vegetable area have opted to donate voluntarily the equivalent
value of their ROW land including the assessed value of their crops and trees to the IA.
Their individual compensation packages are shown in Table 7.

Table 7. Compensation of the Non-Beneficiary Farmers for donation to IA
  Name of PAPs     ROW        Total                Number of Crop/Trees                                Total Value for
                       Area     Value for        Type    Qty.       Size/Age      FMV    Total Value     Land and
                       (m2)      Land                                                     for Crops        Trees
1. Maximino Tubig      315.00   12,600.00    -                -                                    -         12,600.00
2. Catalino Trumata     90.00    3,600.00    -                -                                    -          3,600.00
3. Felimon Tabangan    360.00   14,400.00    -                -                                    -         14,400.00
4. Enrique Tubat       630.00   25,200.00    Coconut          2    Full Bearing    600     1,200.00          26,400.00

5. Pedro Alarcio       450.00    18,000.00   Coconut        6   Full Bearing    600    3,600.00   26, 600.00
                                             Native Mango   2                  2,500   5,000.00
6. George Alas-as       157.50    6,300.00   -              -                                 -    6,300.00
7. Severina Alarcio     126.00    5,040.00   -              -                                 -    5,040.00
TOTAL                 2,128.00   85,140.00                                             9,800.00   94, 940.00

3.1.4     ROW Acquisition

44.    The acquisition of ROW from the 233 PAPs in the service area took about three

     a. Feasibility Study for Dauin SRIP started in 1st Quarter of 2002. The Community
        Review and Endorsement (CRE) for the FS was conducted on October 2003. It was
        also during the FS phase, during farmers group (FG) meetings where equity
        implication of affected assets (lands, crops and trees) to beneficiary Project Affected
        People (BenPAP) were discuss that such will be converted as their equity
        contribution. For the non beneficiary PAP (NBPAP), they will be entitled to cash
        compensation from the IA.
     b. The Farmers Group officers conducted walk-thru of the potential service area to
        identify the possible Project Affected People (PAP) and their properties.
     c. After the area layout have been completed and PAPs listed, inventory of affected
        assets (lands, crops and trees) by TSAG Officers and NIA Staff undertaken.
     d. TSAG officers from the 8 TSAGs conducted initial negotiations of ROW for the
        irrigation canals and facilities.
     e. Continued negotiation and DOD signing undertaken by the 16 ROW Committee
        formed on May 2004.
     f. Conducted series of PAPs orientation during TSAG meetings where entitlements,
        equity shares and compensation land valuation were discussed.
     g. Creation of a valuation committee where members represent the provincial
        government (Assessor Office, Provincial Treasurer, and Provincial Engineer), the
        proponent (NIA-PIO), and the farmer clients (IA President, ROW Committee, and
        PAP) which undertook validation and valuation of the previous inventory conducted
        in the service area.
     h. Using the result of several research (BIR zonal value, Private Land Appraiser, PAC
        and Latest land transaction) undertaken to determine the value land, crops and trees
        in the project area, the FMV was established and agreed between the NIA and the
     i. Disclosure meetings were conducted to inform PAPs of total value f their ROW
        affected properties using the agreed FMV as the base cost for computation. For
        BenPAPs their value will be converted to their individual equity. While for NBPAPs
        the value will be paid to them as cash compensation.
     j. Signing of ROW DOA and DOD by PAPs.

Figure 4. Process of ROW Acquisition in the Service Area

        PREPARATION OF AREA LAYOUT            Preparation of Maps (Topo., Parcellary and Irrigation
                                              Network) and stakeout

        WALK THRU FOR IDENTIFICATION          List of possible PAPs

        BASELINE INFORMATION AND              Coordination with LGU and other Line Agencies,
        SOCIO-ECONOMIC                        Pictorial cut-off date, Formation of ROW Committee,
        CHARACTERISTICS OF PAFs               Orientation briefing, and Survey of PAFs

        INVENTORY OF AFFECTED ASSETS          Establish Farm Boundaries and Affected Assets per
        BY EACH PAPs                          PAP

        NEGOTIATION FOR ROW                   Granting of ROW by PAPs for Irrigation Canals and

        THE PROJECT AREA.                     Establishment and Agreement of Fair Market Value
            -  BIR
            -  CREATION OF PAC
            -  PRIVATE APRAISER

        COMPLAINTS AND GRIEVANCE              Channeled Thru the Created Committee and IA BOT,
        REDRESS MECHANISM                     Meetings with PAFs, and Distribution of Information

        PUBLIC INFORMATION, DISCLOSURE,       Information Dissemination, SES and Inventory of
        PARTICIPATION AND FAIR MARKET         Affected Assets and Properties with PAF, Fair Market
        VALUE ESTABLISHMENT AND               Value Establishment and Agreement and Disclosure of
        CONCURRENCE BY PAPs/IA                Compensation for Individual PAPs.

        SIGNING OF DEED OF DONATION           Signed Deed of Donation and Deed of Assignment for
        AND DEED OF ASSIGNMENT                Legalization and Payment of Compensation

                 Output of the Activity

3.2       Reservoir and Dam Area

3.2.1     Process of PAFs Identification, Inventory and Affected Assets Valuation

45.     The process for the identification of PAFs, inventory of properties to be affected and
the valuation of assets are chronologically presented and illustrated in Figure 5;

      a. During the drafting of the Feasibility Study for Dauin SRIP a SES was conducted to
         representative samples of PAPs in the Service Area and Reservoir.
      b. After the FS has been drafted and submitted for ADB approval the SPMO staff
         undertook massive information dissemination and consultation meetings in the area
         that will be inundated by the reservoir.

   c. A detailed inventory of affected properties of land, standing crops like banana and
      bamboos are counted as well as trees like mahogany, narra and coconut were
      measured. Several consultation with the 27 PAPs in the reservoir has been done by
      the NIA-SPMO.
   d. Following the inventory, NIA-SPMO, wrote the Provincial Assessor (PA) to conduct
      valuation of the land and properties which will be affected by the Dauin SRIP.
   e. The PA convened the Valuation Committee composed of the Assessor’s Office,
      Provincial Treasurer, Provincial Engineer Office, DAHLIA President, ROW
      Committee and NIA Representatives.
   f. Validation of the initial inventory of land and standing crops and trees undertaken
      was conducted with the participation of landowners PAP and the PAC which took
      two (2) months in the submerged area.
   g. The cut-off date for the properties that will be accounted for in the reservoir area
      was established and agreed to be July 2004 by the NIA and PAPs in the
      reservoir. To do this, staking of properties have been jointly carried out.
   h. Collection of the TCTs from the land owners by the ROW Committee and NIA
      Staff followed next. The TCTs were proof of land ownership by the PAPs and
      served as basis for computing the area of land affected.
   i. Establishment of the base cost for the land, crops, and trees and agreement on
      the fair market value (FMV). The FMV where such, determine using four major
      data source- BIR Zonal Value; PAC Valuation, Record of Recent Land
      Transaction and Community ad Valuation of the Private Appraiser.

Figure 5.    Process of Inventory, Valuations and Payment of Cash Compensation for
Affected Crops, Trees and Structures in the Reservoir Area.

  Socio-Economic Survey/Data Gatherings                 Set Cut-Off Date Agreement

        IEC and Consultations Meetings            Set Cut-Off Date Agreement and Staking

        Inventory of Affected Assets and            Establishment of Base Cost for Land,
                   Properties                                 Crops and Trees

  Convened Valuation Committee by PAC                    Compensation Disclosures

    Validation of Data by PAC and PAPs              Processing of Compensation Payment

3.2.2   Establishment of Fair Market Value and its Validation and Payment of the

46.    Of the 27 directly affected PAPs in the reservoir, dam and access road areas, 12
are cultivators (tending coconut and fruit trees) and 15 are non-cultivators. However,
none of them reside within the land they own and/or cultivate. All 27 PAPs will receive
cash compensation for the market value of land and the standing trees (coconut, fruit,
and timber trees) therein. The summarized agreement on the compensation of PAFs in
the submerged, dam and access road areas is shown in Table 8 (Annex E shows

 details of compensation by individual). In addition, all of the 27 PAPs will receive a
 disturbance fee equivalent to Php 10,000 each.

 Table 8. Summary of PAFs and their Location in the Submerged Area by Compensation
     Location of PAFs         Total Number        Land Compensation          Compensation for both Land
                        of PAPs and Area Affected       Only                        and Trees                       Disturbance Fee
                        No. of PAPs         Ha        PAPs        Ha         PAPs         Ha                          No. of PAPs
        Reservoir            18           5.4763          3     1.3883        15        4.0880        Per                 18
          Dam                7            4.2361          1     0.0352        6         4.2009    inventory               7
      Access Road            2            0.3768          2     0.1308        -         0.2460                            2
      TOTAL              27         10.0892    6       1.5543                 21        8.5349                            27
 Source: Census of PAPs, NIA: October 2003-November 2003.

 47.     Several research works on land and crops/trees values have been carried out by the
 NIA-SPMO to generate baseline figures on which the calculation of fair market value of the
 ROW affected properties will be based. The zonal valuation with the properties were
 gathered from the BIR Provincial Office. The zonal value was for 1998. A private land
 appraiser was hired to do land, crops and trees valuation in the project area. Documents of
 most recent transaction/sales of land in the project area as well as neighboring
 municipalities/communities were also obtained by the Subproject Staff and IA ROW
 committee members. After the PAC validation of the list of inventoried affected properties,
 the constituted PAC came out with their own valuation. A comparative results of the outputs
 of the research are presented in Table 9.

 Table 9.           Comparative Results of Valuation
                Items                  BIR Zonal Valuation      Provincial         Private Land    Recent Transaction          Agreed FMV
                                           (July 1998)          Appraisal           Appraisal
A. Land/Location                                                                                  Agricultural Land
    1. Lipayo Dam                     P 3.20/m2 for           P 33.33/m2      P 15.00/m2          P 30.77/m2               P 33.33/m2
    2. Submerged Area                 Agricultural Land       P 33.33/m2      P 15.00/m2          Dauin Neg. Or.           P 33.33/m2
    3. Access Road/Office             P 3.00/m2 for           P 41.66/m2      P 26.00/m2                                   P 41.66/m2
    4. Service Area                   Coconut Land            P 40.00/m2      P 25.00/m2                                   P 40.00/m2
B. Crops/Trees                        P 3.00/m2 for                                               P 18.24/m2
    1. Coconut                        Corn Land                                                   Manjuyod, Neg.
       - Early Bearing                                            P 300               P 400       Oriental                       P 400
       - Full Bearing                                             P 600               P 500                                      P 600
       - Non Bearing                                                                              P 24.27/m2
    2. Native Mango                                                                               Dauin, Neg, Or.
       - Early Bearing                                           P 1,500             P 1,200                                     P 1,500
       - Full Bearing                                            P 2,500             P 2,000      P 22.71/m2                     P 2,500
       - Non Bearing                                                                              Dauin, Neg, Or.
    3. G-Melina
       - Small                                                    P 170               P 80        Coconut Land                   P 170
       - 5” diameter                                                                  P 100       P 15.00/m2
       - 10” diameter                                                                             Bais City
       - 15” diameter                                            P 1,850                                                         P 1,850
    4. Narra
       - Small                                                    P 700                                                          P 700
       - 5” diameter
       - 10” diameter                                                                P 3,500
    5. Mahogany
       - Small                                                     P 190                                                          P 190
    6. Bamboo Clumps                                          P 1,000         P 500                                              P 1,000
    7. Banana Groups                                          P 150                                                               P 150
    8. Lomboy Tree                                            P 200                                                               P 200
    9. Star Apple                                             P 300                                                               P 300

     Five plots had no trees – only grasses and bushes.


4.1     Legal Background

4.1.1   GOP and ADB Resettlement Policies and Regulation

48.     To respond to the land acquisition and resettlement issues identified in the SPISP
implementation, the SPISP-NIA and PGAN Resettlement Policy Program Framework
(detailed in a separate Report) has been formulated and promulgated to guide the manner
by which the individual subproject will address these issues. The principles outlined in the
Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) “Handbook on Resettlement’: A Guide to Good Practice
(ADB: 1998), “involuntary Resettlement” (ADB, 1995) and EO 1035 on Providing the
Procedures and Guidelines for the Expeditious Acquisition by the Government of Private
Real Properties or Rights thereon for Infrastructure and other Government Projects from the
basis in preparing the RPPF. The principles and the land acquisition and resettlement
measures stemming from there will apply to all subprojects of NIA-SPISP and PGAN and
will require the definition and formulation of a subproject-specific Land Acquisition and
Resettlement Plan (LARP).

49.      The LARP had incorporated the following elements: (i) Recommendations of the
working groups represented by representatives from various departments of the central and
local government units and PAF/Ps; (ii) Lessons learned from previous resettlement
initiatives of different line agencies and the local government units; and (iii) the felt needs of
the PAF/Ps.

4.1.2   NIA-SPISP/PGAN Resettlement Policy and Program Framework

50.  The RPPF outlines the specific guidelines and procedures to prepare the
compensation, relocation and rehabilitation schemes summarized as follows:

        i)     Resettlement and land acquisition will be minimized as much as possible.
               Where land acquisition is unavoidable, the system will be designed to
               minimize adverse impact, especially on the vulnerable groups.

        ii)    PAF/Ps will be compensated, relocated and rehabilitated, if required so as to
               improve their standard of living, income earning capacity and production
               capacity, or at least to restore them to pre-Project levels.

        iii)   All PAF/Ps residing, cultivating, or having rights over resources within the
               Project area after the conduct of the community census and survey are
               entitled to compensation for their losses and/or income rehabilitation. Lack of
               legal right or title to the assets (land, structures and/or crops) taken for the
               Project will not bar the PAP from receiving compensation, rehabilitation and
               relocation measures to achieve the objectives set forth under this policy. But
               in case the land to be acquired for ROW is classified as public land,
               concerned PAF/Ps will need to provide equity contribution for the purchase of
               land replacement; such equity contribution for a period of time (15-25 years)
               previous claims and unresolved issues related to resettlement or
               compensation in the area of each subproject, including the outstanding
               claims arising out of the agrarian reform under RA 3844, RA 6389 and RA
               6657, will be resolved in accordance with applicable Philippine laws and
        regulations, prior to initiating any new land acquisition measures on the
        respective subproject.

iv)     The means of resettlement are: compensation at equivalent replacement
        costs for lands, houses and other structures, replacement agricultural land of
        at least equal productive capacity, replacement of residential land of equal
        size, dislocation allowance and transition subsidies, compensation for assets,
        and appropriate rehabilitation measure to compensate for loss of livelihood
        and income from the cultivation of the land. For beneficiary and IA members,
        conversion to equity of ROW acquired land valued at fair market value is
        pursued. (This is the relevant provision generally followed in the development
        and formulation of the Dauin SRIP).

v)      PAPs who are required to locate due to the acquisition of their houses by the
        project will be provided full assistance for transportation and re-establishment
        of their home and will be provided a dislocation allowance, in addition to
        provision of residential land and the replacement cost of their home (refer to
        (iv) above).

vi)     Replacement residential and agricultural land will be as close as possible to
        the land that was and acceptable to PAF/P.

vii)    Cash compensation may be paid in lieu of the land-for-land compensation
        provided that: (a) PAF/P receives fair market value for the land and assets on
        it plus transaction costs, without any deductions for depreciation; (b) prior
        agreement has been reached on land acquisition through a negotiated
        settlement at a rate acceptable to the PAF/P, but in no case shall it be less
        than the fair market value plus transaction costs; (c) land is not available in
        the proximity of the Project area; (d) PAF/Ps willingly accepts cash
        compensation for land; and (v) cash compensation is accompanied by
        appropriate rehabilitation measures which together with project benefits
        results in the restoration of PAF/Ps incomes to at least pre-Project levels.

viii)   PAF/Ps whose lands are acquired for construction of infrastructure that is
        directly related to SPISP implementation may apply their compensation for
        loss of land to their equity contribution for construction and rehabilitation of
        the subproject. The equity contribution for such lands will be based upon the
        fair market value plus transaction costs.

ix)     PAF/Ps who are Project beneficiaries and who have a significant portion
        (greater than 20 percent) of their land acquired for ROW are entitled to
        compensation for the loss of the land (the portion in excess of 20 percent)
        and rehabilitation for loss of income potential on said proportion.
        Rehabilitation is negotiated with the PAF/Ps and may include, replacement
        lands of equal productive potential, training and support for new livelihood
        activities, and compensation for loss of income. The aforementioned
        provisions shall also cover PAF/Ps, who are non-project beneficiaries.

x)      The resettlement transition period will be minimized with land-for-land and/or
        cash compensation provided to the PAF/Ps, and the rehabilitation measures

                   completed prior to the expected start-up date of civil works in the respective

          xi)      Resettlement plans will be implemented following consultations with the
                   PAF/Ps and will have the endorsement of the PAF/Ps.

          xii)     Any acquisition of, or restriction on access to resources owned or managed
                   by PAF/Ps as common property will be mitigated with arrangements ensuring
                   access of those PAF/Ps to equivalent resources on a continuing basis.

          xiii)    Any acquisition of, or restriction on access to resources owned or managed
                   by PAF/Ps as common property will be mitigated with arrangements ensuring
                   access of those PAF/Ps to equivalent resources on a continuing.

          xiv)     Financial and physical resources for resettlement and rehabilitation will be
                   made available as and when required and altogether prior to land
                   dispossession, displacement or house demolition.

          xv)      Resettlement programs will include adequate institutional arrangements to
                   ensure effective and timely design, planning and implementation of
                   resettlement and rehabilitation measures.

          xvi)     Adequate arrangements for effective and timely internal and external
                   monitoring will be made on implementation of all resettlement measures. An
                   independent agency/organization (not related to PGAN, NIA, or Department
                   of Agriculture) will be contracted to conduct external monitoring activities.

          xvii)    To avoid influx of outsiders and speculators, there shall be cut-off date set for
                   eligibility for inclusion in the LARP. Normally, this is set as the date
                   immediately after the survey to establish the size and location of the affected
                   lots as well as the census of the concerned PAFs had been undertaken

          xviii)   Provision of compensation for land, houses and replacement of other
                   communal assets as well as the implementation of resettlement, will need to
                   be concluded prior to the physical take-over of land, houses and communal
                   assets as part of the ROW requirement of the Project.

4.2       Eligibility to Compensation and Rehabilitation

51.    The PAP includes any household and person who are affected by the subproject and
its components or part thereof, and would have the adverse impact on the following:

      •   Standard of living;
      •   Agricultural and residential lands or any improvements therein whether permanent or
          semi-permanent acquired have possessed in full or in part; or
      •   Structures and crops along the proposed canal alignment.

52.   PAP in this context will refer to Project Affected Persons (PAP) and consists of all
members of a household residing under one roof and operating as a single economic unit,
who are adversely affected by the Project, or any of its components.

53.       The eligibility criteria include the following:

      •   PAP who will stand to lose totally or partially the right of ownership and/or use of
          arable lands in the proposed rehabilitation and extension areas;
      •   PAP who will also stand to lose their residential lands;
      •   PAP who stand to lose residential and other structures in the affected areas;
      •   PAP who stand to lose standing trees and crops on the affected lands; and
      •   PAP whose source of livelihood and income is disrupted and/or interrupted.

54.    Specifically, the Dauin subproject will affect negatively all those along the alignment
of the proposed dam and reservoir and irrigation pipelines and structures. Overall, the
subproject impact on the direct beneficiaries and affected persons will have a positive effect
on the community.

55.   The census and baseline survey, which were carried out prior to the preparation of
the LARP, serves as the basis for determining the eligibility in the Dauin SRIP. The survey
was carried out for the basis of entitlements.

4.3       Entitlements Matrix

56.    The LARP for Dauin SRIP follows the entitlement matrix provided in the RPPF and
shown in Table 10 below. The matrix as shown will be used as basis for the settlement of
claims and compensation for lost assets of PAPs. Unless otherwise indicated, payment of
cash compensation and other entitlements and the extension of assistance will be given to
PAP households and not to individuals.

Table 10. Entitlement Matrix
 Type of Losses    Application          Definition of      Compensation Policy               Implementation
                                        Entitled APS                                         Issues
 Loss of Lands     A. Arable land       A1. Persons        A1. Compensation is based         A. Agreement on the
 for ROW           subject of ROW       (owners and        on either land for land or        fair market value of
                   acquisition for      tenants) who       land for value. If the former     the land reached.
                   the reservoir,       cultivate the      is opted, replacement land
                   dam, irrigation      affected parcel    will be provided; if the latter
                   canals and           of land and        is chosen, compensation will
                   similar              landowners         be based on its fair market
                   infrastructures of   who do not         value of land.
                   the subprojects      cultivate the
                                        land               A2. Land provided as equity
                                                           or donated for ROW is also
                                                           valuated based on its fair
                                                           market value.

                                                           A3. A one-time disturbance
                                                           fee will be paid to PAPs of
                                                           concerned parcels of land
                                                           affected by ROW
 Loss of Land      A. Crops, trees,     Persons who        Compensation in cash or           A. Agreement on the
 Improvement       etc. located in      either own the     conversion into equity based      valuation and sharing
                   the ROW area         land and/or        on replacement value of the       scheme if the crops
                                        planted the        crops, trees, etc.                are cultivated by
                                        crops in the                                         tenants
                                        said land

 4.4          Entitlements

 4.4.1        Service Area

 Table 11.             Actual Entitlement of PAPs in the Service Area
   PAPs          No.                             Affected Asset                               Compensation Package
                  of    Size of FMV/ Total Value     Crops & Trees  FMV/Unit Total Value   Equity   Donation     Cash
                PAPs     ROW     m    For Land        Types     QTY          Trees/Crops Conversion             Payment
Beneficiary      223      63,625 40   2,545,000 Coconut (FB) 162        600     97,200    2,738,420
                                                  Native Mango   29   2,500     72,500
                                                  G-Melina (S)   44     170       7,480
                                                  G-Melina (B)    5   1,850       9,250
                                                  Bamboo Clump    3   1,000       3,000
                                                  Mahogany       16     190       3,040
                                                  Lomboy Tree     1     200         200
                                                  Star Apple      1     300         300
                                                  Banana Group    3     150         450
Non-              10    2,430.50 40      97,220 Coconut (FB) 21         600     12,600                94, 940     20,260
Beneficiary                                       Native Mango    2   2,500       5,000
                                                  Mahogany        2     190         380
TOTAL            233    66,055        2,642,220                                211,400 2,738,420      94, 940     20,260

 4.4.2        Reservoir, Dam Area and Access Road

 Table 12.             Actual Entitlement of PAPs in the Reservoir, Dam Area and Access Road
   PAPs          No.                               Affected Asset                                   Compensation Package
                  of    Size of   FMV/ Total Value     Crops & Trees    FMV/Unit Total Value     Equity   Donation      Cash
                PAPs    ROW        m    For Land        Types     QTY            Trees/Crops   Conversion             Payment
Non-              25    98,007    33.33 3,266,573 Coconut (FB) 415          600    249,000        -            -     3,860,468
Beneficiary                                         Coconut (EB) 155        400     62,000
                                                    Native Mango     43   2,500    107,500
                                                    Narra             3     700       2,100
                                                    G-Melina (S)     33     170       5,610

                   2     3,768    41.66    156,975    Coconut (FB)     17   600     10,200
                                                      G-Melina (S       3   170        510
TOTAL             27 101,775              3,423,548                                436,920         -           -     3,860,468

FB - Full Bearing      Native Mango - 2 to 3 yrs old, Narra - Small
EB - Early Bearing     G-Melina S – Small, G-Melina B – 15” diameter

 57.     The PAPs at the reservoir and dam as well as road access area during the
 consultation meetings opted to receive in cash the equivalent market value of their affected
 lands. In addition, they will receive the disturbance fee of Pesos 10,000 each. At the service
 area, the non-beneficiary PAPs who opted for cash compensation (3) will receive their
 payment at the same time as the PAPs in the reservoir/dam areas. For the beneficiary
 farmer as well as non-beneficiary farmers who opted to voluntarily donate the equivalent fair
 market value of their ROW affected land, equity conversion will be recorded appropriately
 per the given procedures being followed under the implementation of the subproject.

 58.    For all PAPs in the reservoir/dam and service areas, a livelihood development
 program will be made available where training interventions as well as pilot income
 generating projects will be undertaken. Women will be the primary targets of this
 intervention since many of them are the ones normally easily available and interested in
 such activities.

4.5    Donation

59.    The subproject may also seek to procure ROW land through voluntary donations as
long as the conditions below are followed:

       (i)     The affected persons have decided to donate their land based on an
               informed consent that is prior to this decision they have been (a) informed of
               their compensation entitlement at market rates; and (b) actually offered the
               relative compensation amounts;
       (ii)    The donation does not affect the donor’s livelihood;
       (iii)   The plots to be donated are titled, are not rented to tenants, not occupied by
               squatters, or have encumbrances; and
       (iv)    The voluntary aspect of the donation is documented by (a) signed Deed of
               Donation; and (b) by another statement to be signed by each donor that s/he
               is aware of the above conditions.

60.     There were 7 non-beneficiary PAPs in the service area, who opted to voluntarily
donate their plots affected by ROW acquisition as well as the value of the trees located
therein. The total size of the plots is about 2,128.50 sq.m., valued at approximately
Php 85,140.00 with the standing trees valued at Peso 9,800. Annex G show a sample of the
Deed of Donation and Statement signed by the donors regarding such donation.

4.6    Cut-off Dates

61.     The cut-off date set on the eligibility for inclusion in the Dauin SRIP LARP was set in
July 2004 , immediately after the conduct of the plot mapping and the census of PAPs in the
affected areas. Those who were not identified and included in the census will not qualify for
inclusion in the LARP.


5.1    Institutional Arrangement

62.   The responsibility for planning and implementing all activities under the LARP as
shown in Figure 6, are as follows:

       a. NIA-Central Project Management Office (CPMO). NIA has overall responsibility
          for planning and implementing all activities under the Program Framework
          under the guidance of the Project Consultants. NIA-CPMO will coordinate and
          report on the progress of the sub-projects, and will handle resettlement issue
          requiring actions and attention at central and field levels. NIA-CPMO has
          overall control and management of the project resettlement budget.

       b. NIA-Sub Project Management Office (SPMO). Funds for the resettlement
          program will be provided by NIA from budgetary allocation for the Project; NIA
          Regional Office will monitor the implementation of land acquisition and
          resettlement activities. Responsibilities of NIA System Offices include
          planning, coordination of field implementation, financial control, information
          exchange and inter-agency liaison; internal inspection and day-to-day
     The Negros Oriental-PIO IDD, with the assistance of the PAF/Ps, will carry
     out resettlement activities under the supervision of the Provincial Irrigation
     Engineer. The PIO will be in charge of undertaking the various tasks laid out
     in the LARP including identification, census and asset inventory, and socio-
     economic surveys, dissemination of sub-project information to PAF/Ps,
     establishment of transparent mechanisms for land valuation/asset
     assessment, grievance redress, and administration of all compensation-
     related matters.

c. Local Government Unit. The Office of the Mayor of Dauin will coordinate with
   appropriate government and non-government agencies regarding
   implementation of the LARP. This ensures that the interest of its constituency
   is protected.

d. Grievance Redress Committee. The Grievance Redress Committee
   composed of representatives from various line agencies and PAFs will be
   responsible for dealing with grievance of PAPs concerning compensation and
   resettlement issues. The process is triggered with a case or complaint being
   referred first to the committee, which will review its merit and/or provide
   immediate response. If the case cannot be acted upon or resolved at this
   level, and if found meritorious it will be referred to the NIA Negros Oriental

e. Provincial Appraisal Committee. The Provincial Appraisal Committee is the
   duly designated government body at the provincial level tasked with
   assessing and valuating assets and properties for acquisition and/or disposal
   by the government. NIA will ask the assistance of the PAC for the appraisal of
   the PAF/Ps assets that need to be compensated by the Project.

f.   Municipal and Barangay Officials. Officials of the affected barangays play an
     important role in facilitating and coordinating the various activities of the project
     and ensuring that the interest of their constituents is projected. It will serve as the
     formal channel for relying to the various stakeholders especially the PAF/Ps the
     appropriate information on the intentions and actions of the NIA. In this way,
     speculations and misinformation about the project are minimized and/or

g. Environment Staff (ES). The Environmental Staff will be responsible for the
   formulation of Land Acquisition and Resettlement Program (LARP) Blue Print
   which includes activities to be conducted prior to LARP Documentation;
   collection of data, primary and secondary; conduct of Information and Education
   Communication Campaign; consolidation of data collected; and finalization of the
   LARP Documentation. The ES will also coordinate the IDOs, TS, and other
   concerned agencies for the completion of data gaps.

h. Right- of- Way Committee (ROWC). ROWC will be the main responsible for
   obtaining row data as well as in negotiating with landowners whose lands will be
   traversed by the irrigation network with the assistance of the EO, TS and IDOs.

     This committee will also function as an arm in informing the PAPs of their
     compensation entitlements after the fair market value or base cost have been
     agreed upon by all concerned sectors.

i.   Property Valuation Committee (PVC). The committee is responsible for the
     assessment of properties that will be affected by the ROW acquisition and will
     determine the fair market value/ replacement value of affected properties in
     agreement with the PAPs, the NIA, IA and Municipal/National Assessors Office
     and BIR.

j.   Grievance and Redress Committee (GRC). The Grievances Redress Committee
     composed of representatives from various line agencies and PAPs will be
     responsible for dealing with grievance of PAPs concerning compensation issues.
     The process will involve the case or complaint being referred first to the duly
     designated organization of farmers, at the IA then FIA level, which will review its
     merit and/or provide immediate response. If the case cannot be acted upon or
     resolved at this level, and if found meritorious it will be referred to the Grievances
     Committee for appropriate action.

k. Farmers Equity Generation Committee (FEGC). The committee is responsible for
   the equity generation activities. It will assist the farmers to generate the needed
   equity from landowners or farmers, members or non-members; and will assist the
   farmers to identify the maximum limits, to use all the possible avenues for equity

                                  CPMO                       Consultant



         IDO              FS                     TS             ES

                                 TSAG/IA                     Agency



           ROWC           PVC                    GRC        FEGC


            Figure 6. Organizational Framework for the Dauin SRIP
                                 LARP Implementation


6.1   Complaints/Grievance and Redress Procedures

63.    The PAFs will participate throughout the various stages of activities and in the
compensation of land acquisition process. They will be consulted by the concerned
authorities and will be invited to participate in public meetings held by the Negros

Oriental-PIO and/or the Mayor of Dauin. These meetings provide the occasion for the
PAFs to express their opinions and offer their suggestions.

64.    The PAPs/PAFs are publicly informed of the details of compensation activities for the
Dauin SRIP. The information made public and provided to each landowner included the cut-
off dates and schedules for each activity, eligibility criteria, means of compensation,
complaints and the grievance redress procedures.

65.     After the implementation of the compensation package, it is expected that there are
concerns and issues as well as problems and grievances that may have to be brought to the
attention of concerned authorities and agencies.

66.     To ensure that these are properly addressed and given due attention, a mechanism
shall be put in place to receive complaints. It will have a set of officers to take charge of the
affairs of the affected landowners. In addition to its various functions, it will also serve as the
channel for hearing complaints and problems concerning the implementation of the LARP of
which meritorious cases shall be endorsed to NIA and/or local government as the case
maybe and shall also be responsible for the negotiations.

67.    For cases involving PAPs/PAFs outside of the resettlement site, a list of contact
persons who are members of the Grievance Redress Committee shall be provided.
PAFs with complaints or grievances, which they want brought to the attention of the
concerned authorities, shall air their complaint to these contact persons who shall also
be responsible for ensuring that these complaints or problems are properly channeled to
the appropriate authority who are charged with addressing them.

6.2    Redress Procedures

68.    A Grievance Redress Committee which is a body tasked to respond to problems
and issues arising form the implementation of the LARP of Dauin SRIP has not been
created instead complaints and grievances related to LARP were directed to the IA BOT
and the ROW Committee. They are responsible for ensuring compliance with the
requirements for compensation.

69.    If ever it will be created the Committee shall be composed of one (1) member
each from the following local government agencies and PAF/Ps organizations, namely:

       -   Head of the Institutional Development Division, Negros Oriental Provincial
           Irrigation Office, National Irrigation Administration (NIA),
       -   Assessor, Dauin-Municipal Assessor’s Office
       -   Barangay Chairperson of the concerned barangay
       -   Mayor, Office of the Mayor
       -   Head of Irrigators’ Association (IA) representing People’s Organization (PO);
       -   Representative of the PAFs.

70.   Hearings on cases of complaints shall be held and merits determined. The
appropriate recommendation shall be forwarded to NIA-Negros Oriental PIO for appropriate

actions. Monitoring on the course of action shall also be undertaken and feedback to the
concerned complainant.


7.1    Disclosure

71.     As part of the RPPF requirement and condition, PAPs should be fully informed and
closely consulted on land acquisition, donation and compensation options. To address this
concern, several consultation/ orientation meetings and trainings were conducted.

72.    The details of the Dauin LARP will be contained in a booklet (see Annex F for
the outline) with the information on description of the project; its objectives, benefits and
impacts; possible land acquisition; and activities to be conducted to complete the Dauin
SRIP LARP preparation, translated in the Cebuano dialect and distributed to all affected
families in concerned barangays, Irrigation Association Offices and concerned offices of
the Municipal Government of Dauin for public disclosure. Copies of the Dauin LARP in
English will be available at the ADB Headquarters in Manila and will be published in the
ADB website for appropriate disclosure.

7.2    Consultation and Participation

73.    To cushion, if not, avoid the worries and apprehensions created by the thought of
being lose of land, and land improvements, consultation activities with PAF/Ps are
needed. Promoting the consultation process can be done through frequent information
sharing with the stakeholders through meetings, house-to-house visits or other
information-education-campaign tools.

74.    For the Dauin SRIP, public information, consultation and participation in the
LARP formulation and implementation started at the feasibility study stage of the
subproject. Instrumental to its accomplishment is the Institutional Development Officer
(IDO) and the Environmental and Social Measures (ESM) Coordinator assigned to the
subproject. This is undertaken in the context of the Participatory Irrigation Management
and Transfer Process (PIM&T).

75.    NIA, primarily through the PIO and its IDOs and ESM Coordinator, regularly
provides information about the Project and the compensation process to the PAF/Ps
and the LGU officials prior to and during the LARP preparation. Sub-project design and
formulation was started in 2002 and the Environmental Impact Assessment was initiated
in November 2002. During the EIA exercise the municipal and barangay official, the
beneficiary farmers as well as the community members of the areas that will be
submerged were informed of the project objectives and its likely positive and negative
impacts. In the finalization of the feasibility study of the Dauin SRIP, a group of IDOs
from the Negros Oriental PIO with the assistance of the Consultant was tasked to look at
the issues and concerns of the affected landowners both submerged and dam areas.
Along this, several activities were undertaken that necessitated the participation of the
affected landowners and the concerned barangays. The socio-economic survey,
detailed asset inventory and plot mapping to determine exact size of the different plots
required PAF participation, consultation and dialogues. Furthermore, to assure the

PAF/Ps, several group meetings and dialogues were conducted together with the local
officials and cooperating government agencies on the issues of compensation. Table 12
provides the details of these consultations including the names of the participants.

76.     Essentially as a result of these dialogues and consultation, two basic issues were
resolved and incorporated as part of the measures in this LARP. For the PAPs in the
reservoir area, they have agreed to receive the cash equivalent of their lost land rather
that the option for replacement considering that they will end up receiving actual higher
compensation through this scheme. Likewise, the basis for arriving at the fair market
rate was explained and they have agreed to the given rate considering that this was
comparable to what is already being offered in private transactions.

77.     In the preparation of the Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC), the PAF/Ps
participated in the public hearings and one of the measures included in the conditionality
of the ECC was the formation of a monitoring group to ensure compliance and
representatives of the PAFs are members of this group. Likewise, several meeting and
dialogues were conducted to discuss the terms and conditions of the acquisition of
affected land and its improvements. It is on this basis, that the options desired
(compensation) by the concerned PAF/Ps were determined.

78.    Accordingly, it is recognized that the success of LARP implementation is highly
dependent on the involvement and participation of the PAF/Ps themselves, other
stakeholders, barangay and municipal government officials and cooperating agencies.
Thus, they need to be part of the decision making process and be responsible in
ensuring the conduct of various critical activities specially related to the compensation
and livelihood development. Accordingly, in the course of LARP implementation, all of
these stakeholders were involved (see Table 12 for the listing of the consultation
meetings below) and will be continually consulted and asked to participate.

7.3    Gender Equity and Women Participation

79.    As reflected in the conducted SES, women in the project area augment family
income as employees in day care centers, teachers, domestic helpers and by tending
the family’s vegetable plots. They are also active in the local political arena as barangay
councils or lupon “tagapamayapa”. Women are equally represented in the Farmer
Groups as member and at the executive level.

80.     Land ownership in the subproject area however, remain to be the domain of the
male member of the household. This fact is substantiated by the profile of land owners
in the area where only 37% or 10 out of 27 PAPs and 30% or 69 out of the 233 PAPs in
the service area respectively are women landowner.

81.      Compensation payment to affected land, crops and trees will be executed in the
presence of both the spouses to acknowledge receipt. The re-titled land will also be in the
name of the husband and wife. Compensation payment to affected land, crops and trees will
be executed in the presence of both the spouses to acknowledge receipt. The re-titled land
will also be in the name of the husband and wife.

82.     Involvement and participation of the PAPs in the formulation and implementation
of the compensation package, is being promoted. The PAPs are organized into
Irrigators Associations (IAs) and Community Associations (Where there is relocation)
and their duly designated representatives are included in the Assessment and Valuation
Committee, Complaint Monitoring Committee.

83.       Likewise, considering the present situation where the male is generally absent
during weekdays, livelihood assistance will focus primarily on women’s groups.
Organization, capability building and livelihood fund assistance strategies will provide
opportunities to both the men and women but the women will be given the priority. Women
will also be highly involved in project monitoring with the membership in the said committee
to be equitable between genders. Likewise, considering the present situation where the
male is generally absent during weekdays, livelihood assistance will focus primarily on
women’s groups. Organization, capability building and livelihood fund assistance strategies
will provide opportunities to both the men and women but the women will be given the
priority. Women will also be highly involved in project monitoring with the membership in the
said committee to be equitable between genders.

Table 12. List of consultation meetings with the PAPs of Dauin SRIP
        Date                  Subject                      Purpose                  Participants             Venue
                      Preparation of flyers        Presentation/ Discussion     Municipal Mayor,
                      Courtesy     call     with   of     the     Proposed      Barangay Officials,
4-8 February 2002     Municipal Mayor and          Resettlement Guidelines      NIA         NO-PIO    PIO Office, Municipal
                      Barangay Officials           to generate comments         officers and staff    Hall
                                                   and suggestions
                      Courtesy call on the
                      members        of     the    Presentation of Dauin        Sanggunian Bayan      Municipal Hall of the
11-14 February 2002   Municipal Council and        SRIP                         Barangay Captains     Municipality of Dauin
                      the     Association     of
                      Barangay Captains
                      Initial Survey of the        Identify issues       and    IDOs,   ESM    and
9-13 September 2002   proposed submerged and       concerns                     APs                   Bgy. Magsaysay
                      dam areas
                      Walkthrough          and     To                identify   ESM     personnel,
                      Inventory of affected        types/quantity          of   IDOs and APs          Bgy. Magsaysay
21-25 April 2003      assets/properties in the     trees/crops affected
                      submerged area
                      Consultation      meeting    To discuss procedures        Provincial
                      with     APs     at   the    for land valuation and       Assessor,   ESM       Bgy. Magsaysay
2-6 June 2003         submerged and dam            assessment of affected       staff, IDOs and
                      areas                        crops/trees                  APs
                      Inventory of affected        To identify types and        ESM staff, IDOs,
4-8 August 2003       crops/trees                  quantity     of   affected   and APs               Bgy. Panubtuban
                                                   Identify    issues     and
3-7 November 2003     Start of Conduct of SES      concerns and gather          ESM staff and APs     8 service barangays
                      at the service areas         data on the PAPs
                      Meeting of FG Reps to        To comment on the draft
                      schedule CBL cascades        CBL                          ESM staff, IDOs,
20 February 2004      and assignment of ROW        Orientation of ROW           ROW    Committee      8 service barangays
                      Committee                    Negotiation Committee’s      members and APs
                                                   role and responsibilities
                      Consultative meeting with    Discussion/negotiation       ESM staff, IDOs,
23 March 2004         APs of the service areas     on        the        ROW     Provincial
                                                   requirement            and   Appraisal             Bgy Panubtuban
                                                   acquisition                  Committee
                                                                                members and APs
June 2004             Series of Walk Thru of       To Identify Land Owners      NIA-PIO       Land    Service Area
                      Laterals                     and Properties Affected      Owner         PAP,
June 17, 2004         Meeting with PAC             Negotiate on Value of        PAC, NIA-PIO, IA,     Service Area and
                                                   Affected Properties          PAPs       in   the   Submerged Area

                                                                                  Submerged      and
                                                                                  Service Area
                    Consultative meeting with    Discussion          on
29 July 2004        the    APs     at     the    assessment procedures            ESM staff, IDOs,
                    submerged area               for the land and other           Provincial            Bgy. Magsaysay
                                                 asset valuation                  Appraisal
                                                                                  Committee, APs
                    Visit   of    the     ADB                                     ADB Resettlement
3-4 November 2004   Resettlement Specialist      Validation      of        the    Specialist, CPMO-     PIO, and subproject
                    to Dauin SRIP area and       consultation             and     ESM, Consultant,      sites
                    consultation with the APS    participation activities         PIO staff and APS
18 November 2004    Reorientation Meetings       To clarify with PAPs the         PIO    Staff   and    Chapel   in   Bgy.
                    with PAPs in submerged       concern on disturbance           PAPs       in   the   Magsaysay      and
                    area (2 batches)             fee and replacement              submerged area        Mag-aso Elementary
                                                 land entitlement.                                      School
15 December, 2004   Conducted survey       on    To      determine         the    PIO Staff, (Betty &   Submerged Area
                    PAPs    preference      of   preferred      type         of   Ritchel)
                    compensation                 compensation           (land
                                                 replacement or cash)
15 February, 2005   Meeting with land owners     Re-orientation             on
                    affected by Main Pipe        entitlements/equity        to
                    Line                         service area farmers
21 April, 2005      Disclosure meting with       Present valuation result         PAPs      in    the   Demo farm site at
                    the PAPs in submerged,       of the private appraiser         submerged,     dam    Barangay
                    dam and access road          and agreed final Fair            and access road       Panubtuban, Dauin
                    area.                        Market Value                     area, NIA-SPISP,
                                                                                  PIO and IA Officers
26 April, 2005      Disclosure meting with       Present valuation result         PAPs in the service   Demo farm site at
                    the PAPs in service area.    of the private appraiser         area, NIA-SPISP,      Barangay
                                                 and agreed final Fair            PIO and IA Officers   Panubtuban, Dauin
                                                 Market Value
April 27, 2005      Validation Walk-Thru         Validate         Actual          Land Owner PAP,       Service Area
                                                 Damages                          NIA-PIO


84.      The construction and development of Dauin SRIP will require the ROW acquisition
for lands needed for the dam and the reservoir facilities and of areas within the proposed
irrigation systems for canals, pipeline, hydraulic structure, and access/maintenance roads
and water impounding systems. These acquisitions could result into potential loss of
agricultural and residential lands, and other assets found therein as well as its negative
impact on the income of the households. Whenever possible, dislocation and relocation will
be avoided. Nonetheless, in cases where this is unavoidable, the NIA-SPISP/PGAN
Resettlement Policy and Program Framework (RPPF) has been formulated to provide the
basis to adequately address resettlement and compensation issues likely to emerge from
the acquisition of lands for irrigation development and improvement, whether relocation of
PAPs is required or not.

8.1       Precondition to Civil Works Implementation

85.     As per RPPF, before construction can begin for any subproject, the LARP should
first be formulated and measures implemented so that the PAPs are compensated. No
construction can commence at the dam and reservoir and road access site without the
compensation duly paid to the concerned PAPs. Since no relocation of household will be
involve, appropriate information campaign should be undertaken as to schedules and
timetables for the specific activities particularly with regard to construction.

8.2      Schedule

86.     Figure 7 shows the implementation schedule of Dauin SRIP LARP. The first two
weeks of July will involve close consultation and coordination with the PAFs in the proposed
submerged area for the presentation and discussion of the final version of the draft LARP.
After such discussion in the LARP it will be finalized and submitted to the CPMO and to ADB
for comments and approval. Compensation payment maybe undertaken after the plan and
budget is finally approved which is tentatively set for the first week of October, after which
dam construction activities could commence. The only remaining activities afterwards will be
regular monitoring of LARP implementation.

8.2.1    Pre-Construction Phase

87.   The LARP for Dauin SRIP has been started in the early 2003. The Pre-Construction
phase is now on the stage of completion with two remaining activities underway for
completion before the start of construction by 4th quarter of 2005. These include:

      1) The NIA-SPISP has completed the computation of the total compensation per PAP
         in the reservoir, dam access road and the service area for affected land and
         standing crops and trees using the agreed fair market value (FMV). Disclosure
         meetings ith the PAPs on their total compensation have been carried out in the
         Reservoir area and on going in the service area.
      2) On going signing of the Deed of Assignment (DOA) and Deed of Donation (DOD) by
         the ROW Committee and with the assistance from the NIA-SPISP sub project office.
      3) Preparation of vouchers by the Provincial Irrigation Office for payment to individual
         PAFs/PAP. Payment will be made in favor of both the husband and wife. For those
         in the reservoir, dam and access road area, a disturbance fee will also be paid.
      4) Documentation for the conversion of ROW of Beneficiary PAPs to their individual
         equity contribution.

8.2.2    Construction Phase

88.      One of the activity to be shouldered in the LARP is the Re-Survey, Re-Titling and
Registration of the affected lands. The PIO will spearhead survey of the affected plots/land
or hire the service of the private surveyor to undertake survey and documentation per
affected plots. This activity will segregate the ROW land to PAPs land title. Titling of the
land will also be undertaken to legalize the ownership of the IA to the ROW land as well to
re-title the ROW affected land of the PAPs. The new titles will then be registered with the
Bureau of Lands in the Province, after which will be distributed to the PAPs. This activity is
expected to be completed after project construction.

8.2.3 Post Construction Phase

89.     The major activity for this phase is the regular monitoring of the LARP
implementation to be undertaken by the external and internal monitoring body. Section 9 of
this document discusses more in detail monitoring and evaluation of LARP.

Figure 7.            Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan and Schedule
                       ACTIVITIES                                2003           2004           2005           2006
                                                             1   2 3    4   1   2 3    4   1   2 3    4   1   2 3    4
I     Pre-Construction
       1. Information Dissemination to PAPs and Farmers
       2. Preparation of Area Lay-out (Topo Map, Lay-out
          Map & Stakeout)
       3. Baseline Information and SES
          a. Coordination with LGU and other Line
          b. Cut-off date establishment and pictorials
          c. Formation of ROW Committee
          d. PAPs and IA Orientation in LARP
          e. Information Dissemination
          f. Conduct of PAPs Survey (SES)
          g. Inventories of Affected Assets and Properties
             with PAFs
      4. Assets Valuation and Validation
          a. PAC Formation
          b. Conduct of PAC Validation of Affected
          c. Hiring of Private Appraiser
          d. Establishment Agreement of Fair Market Value
          e. Disclosure Meeting with PAPs/IA
                    - Reservoir/Dam
                    - Service Area
          f. Actual ROW Negotiation and DOD/DOA
      5. Preparation, Finalization of Documentation of
          a. Drafting/Re-Drafting of LARP
          b. Submission/Re-Submission to SPISP-CPMO
          c. Submission/Re-Submission to ADB for
          d. Presentation to NIA-Board for Approval

II    Construction
      1. Payment of PAPs Compensation
         a. Preparation of Legal Documents (Voucher)
         b. Issuance of Payment to PAPs
         c. Documentation for the ROW Compensation for
            Equity Contribution of Individual PAPs
         d. Documentation and Signing of Waiver for
      2. Documentation of Land Titles for PAPs in the
         Service Area
         a. Re-Survey
         b. Re-Titling
         c. Re-Registration

III Post Construction
    1. Monitoring and Evaluation


9.1        Internal Monitoring

90.     The monitoring system is established to ensure implementation and compliance with
the requirements for compensation. At the project level, a monitoring system has been
established to ensure compliance with the programmed activities. The Central Project
Management Office (CPMO) will undertake regular review of the process of implementation
of the Plan. At the field level (Negros Oriental-PIO) an interagency committee more aptly
known as the Multi-Partite Monitoring Team (MMT) with representatives form the PAF/Ps

has been tasked with monitoring and evaluation of the LARP as part of the compliance to
the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process. Likewise, the Grievance Redress
Committee participated in by PAF representatives, is tasked with addressing complaints and
problems with regard to compensation issues.

91.     As part of an internal monitoring mechanism, the CPMO and the Consultant Group
will evaluate the implementation and outcome of the LARP. The Rural Sociologist of the
Consultant Group will work very closely with the IDOs and the ESM Coordinator involved in
the LARP activities. A more detailed monitoring plan will be developed based on the
implementation program of the LARP.

92.    The result of the monitoring activities with appropriate recommendations will be
reported back to the NIA officials and the community concerned. This will be the basis for
subsequent dialogues and community consultation for further actions. The Dauin SRIP will
be covered in the project wide external monitoring and evaluation that will be undertaken.

9.2       Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation

93.     The monitoring system is established to ensure compliance with the requirements for
compensation, relocation, IA equity generation and opportunities provided the PAPs on
livelihood development and financing. The CPMO will undertake regular review of the
process of implementation of the plan. At the field level, a committee, including the Dauin
ES, TS, IDOs and representatives from the PAPs has been tasked with monitoring and
evaluation of the LARP as part of the compliance to the EIA process.

94.    Similarly, the Grievance Redress Committee, which is participated by PAPs, is
tasked with addressing complaints and problems with regard to land acquisition and
compensation issues. As part of monitoring mechanism, the CPMO and the consultant
group will evaluate the implementation and outcome of the LARP. Based on the
implementation of LARP, a more detailed monitoring and evaluation plan will be developed.
Table 13 shows some indicators for internal monitoring. The results of the monitoring and
evaluation activities with appropriate recommendation will be submitted to NIA officials and
community concerned. This will serve as basis for succeeding dialogues and community

Table 13. Indicators for Internal Monitoring
      Indicator to Measure Effectiveness of the                        Basis for Indicator
      Budget and Time Frame                       Adequate Training, personnel, funds, maintenance of
                                                  schedule of activities
      Consultation on Grievances and Special      Consultation, announcement/notification, conflicts,
      Issues                                      resolution/redress of grievances, special
                                                  considerations (indigenous people, women, children,
                                                  health issues)
      Compensation and Equity Generation          Entitlements, Deeds of Donation, compensation on
                                                  land improvements
      Livelihood Development and Financing        Training for restoration of income and living standards
      Land Resurvey, Re-titling and               Number of lands and titles processed
      Others                                      Social and environmental issues such as sanitation,
                                                  cutting of trees, etc


10.1      Budget Requirement

95.  The Dauin LARP will require the following budget for the acquisition and
compensation of land and improvements as detailed in Table 14:

Table 14.          Proposed Budget for LARP
        Items/Location                              COST                               Fund source         Comments
                                 Qty            Unit Cost              Amount         ADB GOP IA
1. Compensation for Land
  Reservoir/dam Area          9.7124 ha     @ P 33.33 per m2         3,237,142. 92          X
  Access Road                 0.3768 ha     @ P41.66 per m2             156,974.88          X
       Sub Total              10.0892 ha                              3,394,117.80
  Service Area
  - For beneficiaries         6.3625 ha     @ P40.00 per m2         (2,545,000.00)              X Compensation for equity
  - For 7 non-beneficiaries   0.2128 ha     @ P40.00 per m             (85,120.00)              X Donation for equity
  - For 3 non-beneficiaries   0.0302 ha     @ P40.00 per m2              12,080.00              X Cash Compensation
       Sub Total              6.6055 ha                               2,642,240.00
2. Land Segregation and
  Survey & Documentation       261 Lots       @ 12,000/lot            3,132,000.00              X
  Land Titling and
  TCT Registration             261 Lots      @ 10,000/Title           2,610,000.00              X
     Sub Total                                                        5,742,000.00
3. Payment for Affected
Reservoir Area                Per Invent      Per Inventory             168,110.00          X
Dam Area                      Per Invent      Per Inventory             215,100.00          X
Access Road                   Per Invent      Per Inventory              10,710.00          X
Service Area                  Per Invent      Per Inventory
 Beneficiaries                                                        (193,420.00)                   Compensation for equity
 Non-Beneficiaries                                                      (9, 800.00)                  Donation for equity
 Non-Beneficiaries                                                        8,180.00                   Cash Compensation
  Subtotal                                                            P 605,320.00
4. Disturbance                                                                                        For the submerged
   compensation                27 PAPs     @ P10,000 per PAP         P 270,000.00           X             area PAPs
5. Public Information &
   Consultation Activities                                           P 200,000.00     X                   For all PAPs
6. Livelihood Training                                               P 250,000.00     X                   For all PAPs
  Total                                                           P 13,103, 677. 80
7. Contingency                                                        P 353,366.00                   5 % of item 2-6
  Grand Total                                                     P 13,457,043. 80

Note: The acquisition of land and compensation of trees and plants for beneficiaries and
non-beneficiaries who opted to donate for equity is included in the budgetary requirement for
Dauin LARP.

10.2   Flow of Funds

96.     Compensation fund shall be provided by NIA as part of the SPISP budget. The
allocation for the LARP shall be part of the Dauin SRIP budget. Disbursement of cash
compensation shall be done by the Negros Oriental PIO upon endorsement by PAC of
the assessed value of the lost assets. Disbursement for acquisition and development of
affected land as well as related cost items shall be through the Negros Oriental PIO
under standard operating procedures.

97.    All payment transactions shall be concurred by the concerned PAFs and
witnessed by a duly designated representative of the Municipal Government.


Asian Development Bank, 1998. Handbook on Resettlement: A Guide to Good Practice.
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Complete list of PAPs in the    N
  Proposed Reservoir, Dam and
    Road Access Area            N

         Complete list of PAPs in the proposed Reservoir/Dam and Road Access Area

                                                               Location / Area Affected
No      Name of APs              Category      Lot No.   Submerged Dam Area        A R & Office
 1 Yucor, Ambrocio              Landowner       1627       0.3059
                                                1649       0.1241
                                                3347       0.1954
 2 Alejado, Aurelio             Landowner       1628       0.2073
 3 Tuban, Ambrocio              Landowner       1629       0.0860
                                                1669                    0.1792
 4   Sorate, Jesus              Landowner       1630       0.2903
 5   Tabangan, Alejandro        Landowner       1651       0.2003
 6   Rubio, Henedina (Et.al.)   Landowner       1653       0.1044
 7   Alejado, Moises            Landowner       1654       0.2327
 8   Balansag, Erlinda          Landowner       1647       0.2562
 9   Tubino, Modesta            Landowner       1648       0.2719
                                                3348       0.5040
10 Tubo, Potenciana             Landowner       1650       0.1874
                                                1656       0.1886
                                                1626       0.0431
                                                3339                    0.7447
                                                1664                                  0.1260
11 Rubio, Nicolas               Landowner       1652       0.0704
12 Tubato, Demitria             Landowner       3342       0.7470
13 Briones, Sixto               Landowner       3346       0.0743
                                                3344                                  0.0690
14   Tuble, Rufina              Landowner       3349       0.4119
15   Sario, Antonio             Landowner       3350       0.3338
16   Tuban, Alberto             Landowner       3351       0.2863
17   Estrellado, Gregorio       Landowner       3352       0.1898
18   Tubang, Cayetano           Landowner       3353       0.1652
19   Bajana, Silverio           Landowner       1655                    0.5047
20   Tubo, Brasilla             Landowner       1666                    0.6480
21   Tubog, Gabina              Landowner       3338                    0.6257
                                                3338                                  0.1200
22   Solamillo, Teofista        Landowner       3340                    0.2290
23   Dioso, Ambrocio            Landowner       1667                    1.0696
24   Tubig, Maximino            Landowner       3333                    0.2000
25   Trumata, Catalino           Claimant       3341                    0.0352
26   Bantayan, Petra            Landowner       1642                                  0.0120
27   Rubio, Bernabe             Landowner       1663                                  0.0498
     Total                                                 5.4763       4.2361        0.3768
     Grand Total                                                       10.0892

                                   Annex A-1
Complete list of PAPs, affected by    N
ROW Acquisition in the Service Area

                                               ROW ACQUISITION AND COMPENSATION IN THE SERVICE AREA

                                    TOTAL     ROW       MARKET         TOTAL                                       ASSESSED    TOTAL VALUE   TOTAL VALUE
                                                                                      AFFECTED CROPS/TREES
                                    LAND-     AREA      VALUE          VALUE                                        VALUE         FOR        FOR LAND AND
                                   HOLDINGS   (SQ.M)    (P/SQ.M)     FOR LAND         TYPE       QTY    SIZE        (PHP)      CROPS/TREES   IMPROVEMENTS
                                     (HA.)                             (PHP)                                                      (SQ.M)         (PHP)
  1 Juana Deles              1.2247 562.50                  40.00     22,500.00                                                                  22,500.00
                                     64.00                  40.00      2,560.00                                                                   2,560.00
                           *        100.00                  40.00      4,000.00                                                                   4,000.00
                           *         92.00                  40.00      3,680.00                                                                   3,680.00
  2 Eulalia Delfino   (A)     3.124 211.50                  40.00      8,460.00     Coconut       2 Full Bearing      600.00      1,200.00        9,660.00
                           *         92.00                  40.00      3,680.00                                                                   3,680.00
                           *         96.00                  40.00      3,840.00                                                                   3,840.00
                             1.1319 340.00                  40.00     13,600.00                                                                  13,600.00
    Rosalina Villaruz (B)           189.00                  40.00      7,560.00                                                                   7,560.00
                           *         80.00                  40.00      3,200.00                                                                   3,200.00
                           *         80.00                  40.00      3,200.00                                                                   3,200.00
    Gibson Araula      (C)          202.50                  40.00      8,100.00   Native Mango    3 Full Bearing     2500.00      7,500.00       15,600.00
                           *         92.00                  40.00      3,680.00                                                                   3,680.00
                           *         88.00                  40.00      3,520.00                                                                   3,520.00
    Loreto Daymil     (D)           157.20                  40.00      6,288.00                                                                   6,288.00
                           *         68.00                  40.00      2,720.00                                                                   2,720.00
                           *         72.00                  40.00      2,880.00                                                                   2,880.00
  3 Santiago Patrocinio      1.4406 585.00                  40.00     23,400.00                                                                  23,400.00
                           *        256.00                  40.00     10,240.00                                                                  10,240.00
                           *        256.00                  40.00     10,240.00                                                                  10,240.00
  4 Ambrosia Tuban           1.8296 598.50                  40.00     23,940.00                                                                  23,940.00
                           *        268.00                  40.00     10,720.00                                                                  10,720.00
                           *        272.00                  40.00     10,880.00                                                                  10,880.00
                           *        264.00                  40.00     10,560.00
                                                                        ,                                                                          ,
  5 Bandino Ventolero        0.1496 108.00                  40.00      4,320.00                                                                   4,320.00
  6 Alberto Aldenese         1.3433 373.50                  40.00     14,940.00                                                                  14,940.00
  7 Juliana Rubio            1.4824 420.47                  40.00     16,818.80                                                                  16,818.80
                             0.6067 562.50                  40.00     22,500.00                                                                  22,500.00
                           *        224.00                  40.00      8,960.00                                                                   8,960.00
  8 Flaviano Bangaysiso      0.5194 279.00                  40.00     11,160.00                                                                  11,160.00
  9 Alberto Ventolero        0.0403  76.50                  40.00      3,060.00                                                                   3,060.00
 10 Julio Deleña             0.8914 360.00                  40.00     14,400.00   Native Mango    2 Full Bearing     2500.00      5,000.00       19,400.00
                                                                                  Bamboo Clump    1    Large         1000.00      1,000.00        1,000.00
 11   Pelagio Sojor                  0.5236    305.00       40.00     12,200.00                                                                  12,200.00
 12   Magna Trumata        *         3.6241    200.00       40.00      8,000.00                                                                   8,000.00
 13   Marcelina Bangalando *         0.7462    100.00       40.00      4,000.00     G-Melina      5    15" dia.      1850.00      9,250.00       13,250.00
 14   Domingo Abellon      *         0.6324     80.00       40.00      3,200.00                                                                   3,200.00
 15   Tanatay, Teresa                0.1820    112.50       40.00      4,500.00                                                                   4,500.00
                                     0.1949     90.00       40.00      3,600.00                                                                   3,600.00
                               *                36.00       40.00      1,440.00                                                                   1,440.00
 16 Felix Guibang-guibang            1.9206    688.50       40.00     27,540.00                                                                  27,540.00
                               *               300.00       40.00     12,000.00                                                                  12,000.00
 17 Esperanza Tuban                  0.7245    247.50       40.00      9,900.00                                                                   9,900.00
                               *               112.00       40.00      4,480.00                                                                   4,480.00
 18 Felix Tuban                      4.3796    720.00       40.00     28,800.00                                                                  28,800.00
                               *               300.00       40.00     12,000.00                                                                  12,000.00
 19   Semprosa Bangayciso            0.2364     72.00       40.00      2,880.00                                                                   2,880.00
 20   Carmelo Abellon                1.2133    360.00       40.00     14,400.00     Coconut       4 Full Bearing      600.00      2,400.00       16,800.00
 21   Aquillo Deles                  0.7352    400.00       40.00     16,000.00     Coconut       4 Full Bearing      600.00      2,400.00       18,400.00
 22   Presko Tubog                   0.8522    160.00       40.00      6,400.00                                                                   6,400.00
 23   Dionesio Tubog                 0.8522    400.00       40.00     16,000.00     Coconut       1 Full Bearing      600.00        600.00       16,600.00
 24   Eluminado Tuban                2 5176
                                     2.5176    216.00
                                               216 00       40.00
                                                            40 00      8,640.00
                                                                       8 640 00                                                                   8,640.00
                                                                                                                                                  8 640 00
 25   Tasyo Real                      1.609    482.50       40.00     19,300.00                                                                  19,300.00
 26   Titong Credo                   1.3164     95.00       40.00      3,800.00                                                                   3,800.00
 27   Quijoben Bael                  0.5904    115.00       40.00      4,600.00                                                                   4,600.00
                                     1.0184    401.00       40.00     16,040.00     G-Melina     36     Small         170.00      6,120.00       22,160.00
 28 Olegario Tinaponan               0.6304    167.50       40.00      6,700.00                                                                   6,700.00
 29 Ignacia Balondo                  1.0978    137.00       40.00      5,480.00                                                                   5,480.00

           Sub-Total                39.3811 13,787.67                551,506.80                                                  35,470.00      586,976.80

                                                                    Annex B-1
                                         ROW ACQUISITION AND COMPENSATION IN THE SERVICE AREA

                              TOTAL      ROW        MARKET         TOTAL                                           ASSESSED    TOTAL VALUE   TOTAL VALUE
                                                                                   AFFECTED CROPS/TREES
                              LAND-      AREA       VALUE          VALUE                                            VALUE         FOR        FOR LAND AND
                             HOLDINGS   (SQ.M)      (P/SQ.M)     FOR LAND         TYPE        QTY       SIZE        (PHP)      CROPS/TREES   IMPROVEMENTS
                               (HA.)                               (PHP)                                                          (SQ.M)         (PHP)
 30 Regino Tuban              *    2.6774 240.00        40.00      9,600.00                                                                       9,600.00
 31 Tomas Patrocenio (B) *         2.2872  40.00        40.00      1,600.00                                                                       1,600.00
                       (A)                 60.00        40.00      2,400.00                                                                       2,400.00
                       (C)                144.00        40.00      5,760.00                                                                       5,760.00
 32 Pascual Bangalando         *   0.6426 120.00        40.00      4,800.00      Coconut      2     Full Bearing      600.00      1,200.00        6,000.00
 33 Natalia Dayot            *     0.6143  40.00        40.00      1,600.00                                                                       1,600.00
 34 Prudencio Truita          *    0.6413  60.00        40.00      2,400.00                                                                       2,400.00
 35 Magno Truno               *    0.7307 148.00        40.00      5,920.00                                                                       5,920.00
 36 Marcelina Tubang g        *    1.2941 264.00        40.00     10,560.00      Coconut                   g
                                                                                              6 Full Bearing          600.00      3,600.00       14,160.00
 37 Calixtra Sojor           *     0.4004  36.00        40.00      1,440.00    Native Mango   2 Full Bearing         2500.00      5,000.00        6,440.00
                                   0.1493  20.00        40.00        800.00                                                                          800.00
 38 Eugenio Truita            *    0.6206  36.00        40.00      1,440.00                                                                       1,440.00
 39 Antonio Alama             *    0.2163  36.00        40.00      1,440.00                                                                       1,440.00
 40 Leon Sojor              *      0.5856 108.00        40.00      4,320.00      Coconut      5     Full Bearing      600.00      3,000.00        7,320.00
 41 Emiliana Dellatan        *     0.4389 128.00        40.00      5,120.00      Coconut      1     Full Bearing      600.00        600.00        5,720.00
 42 Alfonso Abellon (A)       *    0.5568  24.00        40.00        960.00      Coconut      4     Full Bearing      600.00      2,400.00        3,360.00
                   (B)                     60.00        40.00      2,400.00                                                                       2,400.00
                   (C)                     28.00        40.00      1,120.00                                                                       1,120.00
 43 Zacarias Abellon          *    0.5977  68.00        40.00      2,720.00      Coconut      2     Full Bearing      600.00      1,200.00        3,920.00
 44 Robella Alabata           *    0.5261  48.00        40.00      1,920.00                                                                       1,920.00
 45 Fernando Abellon          *    0.6017  68.00        40.00      2,720.00                                                                       2,720.00
 46 Eleuterio Abellon        *     0.6192  88.00        40.00      3,520.00                                                                       3,520.00
 47 Teodora Dellona           *    0.4307  72.00        40.00       ,
                                                                   2,880.00                                                                        ,
 48 Anastacio Alayon         *     0.1694  68.00        40.00      2,720.00                                                                       2,720.00
 49 Julian Morte             *     0.9733 180.00        40.00      7,200.00                                                                       7,200.00
 50 Bonifacia Morte          *     0.1491  28.00        40.00      1,120.00                                                                       1,120.00
 51 Amadia Alamis            *     0.1415  36.00        40.00      1,440.00                                                                       1,440.00
 51 Severina Tubog             *   0.6892  88.00        40.00      3,520.00                                                                       3,520.00
 53 Guillermo Delloria        *    0.1788  80.00        40.00      3,200.00                                                                       3,200.00
 54 Gregorio Alaban            *   1.2408 284.00        40.00     11,360.00                                                                      11,360.00
 55 Valeriana Trumata          *   0.4278 100.00        40.00      4,000.00                                                                       4,000.00
 56 Telesforo Handog           *   0.7245 112.00        40.00      4,480.00                                                                       4,480.00
 57 Paulino Trumata                0.1155  49.50        40.00      1,980.00                                                                       1,980.00
                           *               24.00        40.00         960.00                                                                         960.00
 58 Valeriana Trumata              0.2528 103.50        40.00      4,140.00                                                                       4,140.00
                           *               40.00        40.00      1,600.00                                                                       1,600.00
 59 Quilita Tubog                  0.2364 250.00        40.00     10,000.00                                                                      10,000.00
 60 Marcial Tubog                  2.2554 327.50        40.00     13,100.00                                                                      13,100.00
 61 Artemio Tuballa                0.5139 144.00        40.00      5,760.00                                                                       5,760.00
 62 Romana Rubio                   1.9159 236.25        40.00      9,450.00                                                                       9,450.00
                                            4.72        40.00        188.80                                                                          188.80
 63 Pacita Baga                    1.3310 468.00        40.00     18,720.00      Coconut      4     Full Bearing      600.00      2,400.00       21,120.00
                                          237.50        40.00      9,500.00                                                                       9,500.00
 64 Felicidad Alia                 0.1728 247.50        40.00      9,900.00                                                                       9,900.00
 65 Rudy Piat                      0.2112 135.00        40.00      5,400.00                                                                       5,400.00
 66 Olympia Morados (A)            4.1623 135.00        40.00      5,400.00      Coconut      1     Full Bearing      600.00        600.00        6,000.00
    Florita Alaban (B)                    427.50        40.00     17,100.00                                                                      17,100.00
                                 *        180.00        40.00      7,200.00                                                                       7,200.00
 67 Alejandra Bandoquillo          3.0724 427.50        40.00     17,100.00                                                                      17,100.00
                                 *        196.00        40.00      7,840.00                                                                       7,840.00
 68 Rosario Alagao                 0.9099
                                   0 9099 427.50
                                          427 50        40.00
                                                        40 00     17,100.00
                                                                  17 100 00                                                                      17 100 00
                                 *        196.00        40.00      7,840.00                                                                       7,840.00
 69 Jesus Sarmeon                  0.6246 247.50        40.00      9,900.00      Coconut       5 Full Bearing         600.00      3,000.00       12,900.00
                                                                         -      G-Melina      8     Small             170.00      1,360.00        1,360.00
                         *                  20.00       40.00        800.00     Mahogany      10    Small             190.00      1,900.00        2,700.00
 70 Benedecta Morados          0.5168      202.50       40.00      8,100.00      Coconut       1 Full Bearing         600.00        600.00        8,700.00
                         *                  20.00       40.00        800.00                                                                          800.00
 71 Felisicima Delfino         0.3771      157.50       40.00      6,300.00      Coconut      3     Full Bearing      600.00      1,800.00        8,100.00
                               5.2448      270.00       40.00     10,800.00                                                                      10,800.00
                         *                  60.00       40.00      2,400.00                                                                       2,400.00
 72 Beatriz Tubog              0.4634      180.00       40.00      7,200.00      Coconut      2     Full Bearing      600.00      1,200.00        8,400.00
                               0.3863       96.00       40.00      3,840.00      Coconut      2     Full Bearing      600.00      1,200.00        5,040.00
                         *                  80.00       40.00      3,200.00                                                                       3,200.00
 73 Eglecerio Alatan           1.2215      315.00       40.00     12,600.00                                                                      12,600.00
                         *                 240.00
                                           240 00       40.00
                                                        40 00      9,600.00
                                                                   9 600 00                                                                       9,600.00
                                                                                                                                                  9 600 00
          Sub-Total           43.3093   9,057.47                 362,298.80                                                      31,060.00      393,358.80

                                                                Annex B-2
                                       ROW ACQUISITION AND COMPENSATION IN THE SERVICE AREA

                            TOTAL      ROW       MARKET         TOTAL                                          ASSESSED    TOTAL VALUE   TOTAL VALUE
                                                                                AFFECTED CROPS/TREES
                            LAND-     AREA       VALUE          VALUE                                           VALUE         FOR        FOR LAND AND
                          HOLDINGS    (SQ.M)     (P/SQ.M)     FOR LAND          TYPE      NO.       SIZE        (PHP)      CROPS/TREES   IMPROVEMENTS
                             (HA.)                              (PHP)                                                         (SQ.M)         (PHP)
  74 Jovita Tuban         (A)    4.9506 292.50       40.00     11,700.00   Coconut          3 Full Bearing        600.00      1,800.00       13,500.00
                               *        128.00       40.00      5,120.00                                                                      5,120.00
     Eleuteria Villamil   (B)           495.00       40.00     19,800.00   Coconut          6 Full Bearing        600.00      3,600.00       23,400.00
                               *        108.00       40.00      4,320.00                                                                      4,320.00
     Leonardo Luchavez (C)              315.00       40.00     12,600.00   Coconut          4 Full Bearing        600.00      2,400.00       15,000.00
                               *        140.00       40.00      5,600.00                                                                      5,600.00
     Jovita Tuban          (D)          292.50       40.00     11,700.00                                                                     11,700.00
                               *        136.00       40.00      5,440.00                                                                      5,440.00
  75 Alberto Ventolero           0.9864 540.00       40.00     21,600.00                                                                     21,600.00
  76 Godofredo Tabillon          0.5825 136.00       40.00      5,440.00                                                                      5,440.00
  77 Vicenta Y. Divina           0.2973 120.00       40.00      4,800.00   Mahogany         6 Small               190.00      1,140.00        5,940.00
                                 0.2694 111.00       40.00      4,440.00                                                                      4,440.00
                                 0.3640 180.00       40.00      7,200.00                                                                      7,200.00
                                 0.8612 222.00       40.00      8,880.00                                                                      8,880.00
  78 Ricardo Tabillon            0.3568 291.00       40.00     11,640.00   Coconut          2 Full Bearing        600.00      1,200.00       12,840.00
                                 0.9231 429.00       40.00     17,160.00                                                                     17,160.00
  79 Felisa D. Bajado            0.3573  60.00       40.00      2,400.00   Coconut          4 Full Bearing        600.00      2,400.00        4,800.00
  80 Felomina Alejado            0.3632 246.00       40.00      9,840.00                                                                      9,840.00
  81 Trinidad Trumata            1.2488 300.00       40.00     12,000.00   Coconut          3 Full Bearing        600.00      1,800.00       13,800.00
  82 Marcial Tubog               0.8769 210.00       40.00      8,400.00                                                                      8,400.00
  83 Candida Morados (A)         1.0642 147.00       40.00      5,880.00                                                                      5,880.00
     Teofila Alarcio    (B)             120.00       40.00      4,800.00   Coconut          4 Full Bearing        600.00      2,400.00        7,200.00
  84 Rufo Bandoquillo            0.6086  37.50       40.00       ,
                                                                1,500.00                                                                       ,
  85 Jesus Dayuhan               0.1767 240.00       40.00      9,600.00                                                                      9,600.00
                                 0.8010 382.50       40.00     15,300.00                                                                     15,300.00
  86 Periong Divina              0.4058 280.00       40.00     11,200.00                                                                     11,200.00
  87 Gregorio Avanzado           2.0052 464.00       40.00     18,560.00                                                                     18,560.00
  88 Domingo Moral               0.8183  80.00       40.00      3,200.00   Coconut         10   Full Bearing      600.00      6,000.00        9,200.00
                                 0.8338 232.00       40.00      9,280.00   Coconut          3   Full Bearing      600.00      1,800.00       11,080.00
                                 0.4114 240.00       40.00      9,600.00   Coconut          1   Full Bearing      600.00        600.00       10,200.00
                                 0.2013 168.00       40.00      6,720.00   Native Mango     3   Full Bearing     2500.00      7,500.00       14,220.00
  89 Pedro Bajado                0.2365 148.00       40.00      5,920.00   Coconut          3   Full Bearing      600.00      1,800.00        7,720.00
  90 Rufina Tinguha              1.2612 588.00       40.00     23,520.00   Coconut          8   Full Bearing      600.00      4,800.00       28,320.00
  91 Cornelio Divina             0.2013 296.00       40.00     11,840.00   Coconut          5   Full Bearing      600.00      3,000.00       14,840.00
  92 Marcial Simosa              1.7732 408.00       40.00     16,320.00                                                                     16,320.00
  93 Jesus Tuble                 0.6001 468.00       40.00     18,720.00                                                                     18,720.00
  94 Jose Sojor                  0.0635 432.00       40.00     17,280.00   Coconut          2 Full Bearing        600.00      1,200.00       18,480.00
  95 Narciso Bantoto/Sanang      1.0065 180.00       40.00      7,200.00   Bamboo Clump     1 Large              1000.00      1,000.00        8,200.00
                                 0.1525  64.00       40.00      2,560.00                                                                      2,560.00
     /Sabina Tubog               0.5106 220.00       40.00      8,800.00                                                                      8,800.00
  96 Desideria Bantoto           0.1267  60.00       40.00      2,400.00   Coconut          2 Full Bearing        600.00      1,200.00        3,600.00
  97 Putunato Eluna              0.1305  64.00       40.00      2,560.00                                                                      2,560.00
  98 Hipolita Bantoto            0.1396  64.00       40.00      2,560.00   Coconut          2 Full Bearing        600.00      1,200.00        3,760.00
                                 0.5481 232.00       40.00      9,280.00                                                                      9,280.00
  99 Pascual Bantoto             0.5106 432.00       40.00     17,280.00   Coconut          2 Full Bearing        600.00      1,200.00       18,480.00
 100 Basilio Bantoto             0.9400 340.00       40.00     13,600.00   Coconut          2 Full Bearing        600.00      1,200.00       14,800.00
 101 Teofila Alaban              1.2743 376.00       40.00     15,040.00                                                                     15,040.00
 102 Dionesio Bantoto            1.0385 224.00       40.00      8,960.00                                                                      8,960.00
                                 0.8955 216.00       40.00      8,640.00                                                                      8,640.00
 103 Egong Cardo                 1.2647 316.00       40.00     12,640.00                                                                     12,640.00
 104 Gibson Araula               1 6238
                                 1.6238 548.00
                                        548 00       40 00
                                                     40.00     21,920.00
                                                               21 920 00   Coconut          2 Full Bearing        600.00
                                                                                                                  600 00      1,200.00
                                                                                                                              1 200 00       23 120 00
 105 Leberato Venesario          1.3113 280.00       40.00     11,200.00                                                                     11,200.00
                                 1.2321 160.00       40.00      6,400.00                                                                      6,400.00
 106 Rogelio Alama               0.6260 336.00       40.00     13,440.00                                                                     13,440.00
 107 Luis Rubio                  0.4913 176.00       40.00      7,040.00                                                                      7,040.00
 108 Nicholas Alcoriza           1.4748 285.00       40.00     11,400.00                                                                     11,400.00
 109 Gaudencio Alido             0.6602 150.00       40.00      6,000.00                                                                      6,000.00
 110 Quirica Abellon             0.9254 120.00       40.00      4,800.00   Lomboy Tree      1 Full Bearing        200.00        200.00        5,000.00
                                                                     -     Native Mango     1 Full Bearing       2500.00      2,500.00        2,500.00
111 Egli Alido               0.1452     195.00       40.00      7,800.00                                                                      7,800.00
112 Francisco Alap-ap        0.9230     168.00       40.00      6,720.00                                                                      6,720.00
113 Fausto Tuayon            2.6149     288.00       40.00     11,520.00 Native Mango       1 Full Bearing       2500.00      2,500.00       14,020.00
                                                                         Star Apple         1 Full Bearing        300.00        300.00           300.00
114 Javier Aldenese          0.9672     378.00       40.00     15,120.00                                                                     15,120.00
115 Amado Alar               1.1360
                             1 1360     204.00
                                        204 00       40.00
                                                     40 00      8,160.00
                                                                8 160 00 Coconut            2 Full Bearing        600.00
                                                                                                                  600 00      1,200.00
                                                                                                                              1 200 00        9,360.00
                                                                                                                                              9 360 00
                             0.1681      37.50       40.00      1,500.00 Banana Group       3 Early Bearing       150.00        450.00        1,950.00
         Sub-Total           46.737 15,596.50                 623,860.00                                                     57,590.00      681,450.00

                                                             Annex B-3
                                            ROW ACQUISITION AND COMPENSATION IN THE SERVICE AREA

                               TOTAL       ROW        MARKET         TOTAL                                        ASSESSED    TOTAL VALUE   TOTAL VALUE
                                                                                     AFFECTED CROPS/TREES
                               LAND-       AREA       VALUE          VALUE                                         VALUE         FOR        FOR LAND AND
                             HOLDINGS     (SQ.M)      (P/SQ.M)     FOR LAND          TYPE      NO.     SIZE        (PHP)      CROPS/TREES   IMPROVEMENTS
                                (HA.)                                (PHP)                                                       (SQ.M)         (PHP)
 116 Titing Delfino               2.0000     258.00       40.00     10,320.00                                                                   10,320.00
 117 Adelo Parol                  0.8173     563.00       40.00     22,520.00   Coconut          2 Full Bearing      600.00      1,200.00       23,720.00
 118 Aurea Tubog/Sabina           2.0101      97.50       40.00      3,900.00                                                                    3,900.00
 119 Julio Trupil                 0.1272      50.00       40.00      2,000.00   Coconut          2 Full Bearing      600.00      1,200.00        3,200.00
 120 Andres Sordilla              1.6507     220.00       40.00      8,800.00                                                                    8,800.00
 121 Flaviano Bangalando          1.8794     420.00       40.00     16,800.00                                                                   16,800.00
 122 Macaria Aldeon          *    0.8011     240.00       40.00      9,600.00                                                                    9,600.00
 123 Julian Yucor             *   6.0892     200.00       40.00      8,000.00   Native Mango     3 Full Bearing     2500.00      7,500.00       15,500.00
 124 Bonifacio Briones      *     1.7431     252.00       40.00     10,080.00                                                                   10,080.00
 125 Bernardina Alama        *    0.3398      88.00       40.00      3,520.00                                                                    3,520.00
 126 Loresto Bajado         *     0.1735      80.00       40.00      3,200.00                                                                    3,200.00
 127 Ariston Alagadmo       *     0.2752      84.00       40.00      3,360.00                                                                    3,360.00
 128 Julian Bajado           *    0.2208      72.00       40.00      2,880.00                                                                    2,880.00
 129 Romana Delica          *     0.2466      80.00       40.00      3,200.00                                                                    3,200.00
 130 Amado Tuble               *  0.1715      52.00       40.00      2,080.00                                                                    2,080.00
 131 Brigido Delica            *  0.2245      68.00       40.00      2,720.00                                                                    2,720.00
 132 Teofisto Delica          *   0.2181      60.00       40.00      2,400.00                                                                    2,400.00
 133 Julian Basilio            *  0.3938     112.00       40.00      4,480.00                                                                    4,480.00
 134 Regino Tose               *  1.4500     176.00       40.00      7,040.00                                                                    7,040.00
 135 Marcelino Alcoriza        *  0.5426     200.00       40.00      8,000.00                                                                    8,000.00
 136 Mercedes Araneta (A)    *    1.0451      72.00       40.00      2,880.00                                                                    2,880.00
                        (B)                  176.00       40.00      7,040.00                                                                    7,040.00
 137 Maximino Trumata        *    1.4991     252.00       40.00       ,
                                                                    10,080.00                                                                     ,
 138 Isidro Bangalando      *     1.5649     140.00       40.00      5,600.00   Native Mango     1 Full Bearing     2500.00      2,500.00        8,100.00
 139 Pedro Alanano            *   1.2307     240.00       40.00      9,600.00                                                                    9,600.00
 140 Fausto Dipaling         *    1.3077     176.00       40.00      7,040.00                                                                    7,040.00
 141 Marcelino Alabata        *   0.9230      76.00       40.00      3,040.00                                                                    3,040.00
 142 Gregorio Alagasi         *   1.1540     176.00       40.00      7,040.00                                                                    7,040.00
 143 Concepcion Alanano     *     1.2000     140.00       40.00      5,600.00                                                                    5,600.00
 144 Liberato Delfino        *    1.2307     260.00       40.00     10,400.00                                                                   10,400.00
 145 Eduveges Tuballa        *    1.0769     128.00       40.00      5,120.00                                                                    5,120.00
 146 Pilar Asdillo            *   1.2307      80.00       40.00      3,200.00                                                                    3,200.00
 147 Gabriel Balneg           *   0.4615     136.00       40.00      5,440.00                                                                    5,440.00
 148 Rodelina Araula          *   0.8157      80.00       40.00      3,200.00                                                                    3,200.00
 149 Cornelio Lagudas       *     0.6923     156.00       40.00      6,240.00                                                                    6,240.00
 150 Bruna Abellon            *   0.1538      56.00       40.00      2,240.00                                                                    2,240.00
 151 Narciso Alagao           *   0.3077      28.00       40.00      1,120.00   Native Mango     2 Full Bearing     2500.00      5,000.00        6,120.00
 152 Eleuterio Abellon       *    0.5385     220.00       40.00      8,800.00                                                                    8,800.00
 153 Alfonso Sorga            *   1.6154     160.00       40.00      6,400.00                                                                    6,400.00
 154 Luisa Tuballa            *   0.3077     124.00       40.00      4,960.00                                                                    4,960.00
 155 Candido Tubil           *    0.5846     200.00       40.00      8,000.00                                                                    8,000.00
 156 Alberto Tuban (C)      *     1.6770     124.00       40.00      4,960.00                                                                    4,960.00
                    (D)                       80.00       40.00      3,200.00                                                                    3,200.00
 157 Tirso Diaz                *  1.3077      36.00       40.00      1,440.00                                                                    1,440.00
 158 Sofia Credo             *    1.2307     232.00       40.00      9,280.00   Native Mango     1 Full Bearing     2500.00      2,500.00       11,780.00
 159 Rogelio Alido           *    0.9682     196.00       40.00      7,840.00                                                                    7,840.00
 160 Demetrio Aurea          *    1.2855     148.00       40.00      5,920.00                                                                    5,920.00
 161 Germana Tuban           *    0.4615     240.00       40.00      9,600.00   Native Mango     3 Full Bearing     2500.00      7,500.00       17,100.00
 162 Maria Tuban               *  1.6692     250.00       40.00     10,000.00                                                                   10,000.00
 163 Melecio Tuballa        *     4.6154     120.00       40.00      4,800.00                                                                    4,800.00
 164 Antonio Alaban            *  0 4114
                                  0.4114      90.00
                                              90 00       40.00
                                                          40 00      3,600.00
                                                                     3 600 00                                                                    3 600 00
 165 Rufino Alaban            *   1.5524     200.00       40.00      8,000.00                                                                    8,000.00
 166 Nazario Tale             *   5.9120     180.00       40.00      7,200.00                                                                    7,200.00
 167 Juan Moralla             *   0.0213      20.00       40.00        800.00   Native Mango     2 Full Bearing     2500.00      5,000.00        5,800.00
                                  3.0898     208.00       40.00      8,320.00   Coconut          1 Full Bearing      600.00        600.00        8,920.00
 168 Basilisa Bantoto        *    0.0348     148.00       40.00      5,920.00                                                                    5,920.00
 169 Lucas Bandoquillo            0.3296     165.00       40.00      6,600.00                                                                    6,600.00
 170 Diosdada T. Avanzado         0.1937      30.00       40.00      1,200.00                                                                    1,200.00
                                  0.6789     162.00       40.00      6,480.00                                                                    6,480.00
 171 Felomina Elnacin             0.6265     150.00       40.00      6,000.00                                                                    6,000.00
 172 Felomino Trumata             0.4082     186.00       40.00      7,440.00                                                                    7,440.00
 173 Julian Trumata               0.2532     147.00       40.00      5,880.00                                                                    5,880.00
 174 Plabiana Alia                1.1704     292.50       40.00     11,700.00   Coconut          4 Full Bearing      600.00      2,400.00       14,100.00
 175 Alberto Bangaiciso           1.0394     290.00       40.00     11,600.00                                                                   11,600.00
 176 Carmelo Abellon              1.2800
                                  1 2800     360.00
                                             360 00       40.00
                                                          40 00     14,400.00
                                                                    14 400 00   Coconut          4 Full Bearing      600.00
                                                                                                                     600 00      2,400.00
                                                                                                                                 2 400 00       16,800.00
                                                                                                                                                16 800 00
 177 Flaviana Tuban               1.0180     320.00       40.00     12,800.00                                                                   12,800.00
 178 Alejandro Sarte              1.3812     472.00       40.00     18,880.00                                                                   18,880.00
 179 Calixtro Erolon              0.5333     232.00       40.00      9,280.00                                                                    9,280.00
 180 Pedro Sojor                  0.0635      80.00       40.00      3,200.00                                                                    3,200.00
            Sub-Total            73.5273 11,607.00                 464,280.00                                                   37,800.00      502,080.00

                                                                  Annex B-4
                                            ROW ACQUISITION AND COMPENSATION IN THE SERVICE AREA

                               TOTAL       ROW        MARKET         TOTAL                                          ASSESSED    TOTAL VALUE   TOTAL VALUE
                                                                                     AFFECTED CROPS/TREES
                               LAND-       AREA       VALUE          VALUE                                           VALUE         FOR        FOR LAND AND
No.          SERVICE AREA
                              HOLDINGS    (SQ.M)      (P/SQ.M)     FOR LAND          TYPE      NO.       SIZE        (PHP)      CROPS/TREES   IMPROVEMENTS
                                (HA.)                                (PHP)                                                         (SQ.M)         (PHP)
 181 Pantaleon Bendijo    0.6536    288.00                40.00     11,520.00                                                                     11,520.00
 182 Totong Solis         1.2405    320.00                40.00     12,800.00                                                                     12,800.00
 183 Cornelio Divina      1.2321    148.00                40.00      5,920.00                                                                      5,920.00
 184 Jenny Bajado         0.2664    384.00                40.00     15,360.00                                                                     15,360.00
 185 Amado Tuble          2.1800    500.00                40.00     20,000.00                                                                     20,000.00
                          0.5332    168.00                40.00      6,720.00                                                                      6,720.00
 186 Leona Alcoriza       0.4975    160.00                40.00      6,400.00                                                                      6,400.00
 187 Macario Aldeon       0.8011    240.00                40.00      9,600.00                                                                      9,600.00
 188 Bundoy Tubat
             y            3.5067   1016.00                40.00     40,640.00                                                                     40,640.00
                       *             20.00                40.00        800.00                                                                         800.00
                       *            388.00                40.00     15,520.00                                                                     15,520.00
 189 Apan Tuban           1.4878    525.00                40.00     21,000.00   Coconut          3 Full Bearing        600.00      1,800.00       22,800.00
 190 Artemio Tuballa      0.5139    144.00                40.00      5,760.00   Native Mango     2 Full Bearing       2500.00      5,000.00       10,760.00
 191 Bernard Buhisan      6.0054    154.50                40.00      6,180.00                                                                      6,180.00
                          0.2556    154.50                40.00      6,180.00                                                                      6,180.00
 192 Roberto T. Credo     0.4800    120.00                40.00      4,800.00                                                                      4,800.00
                          0.3520    120.00                40.00      4,800.00                                                                      4,800.00
                          0.3600    120.00                40.00      4,800.00                                                                      4,800.00
 193 Jeffrey Alaban       2.3385    417.00                40.00     16,680.00                                                                     16,680.00
 194 Sixto Cornelia       0.3040     66.00                40.00      2,640.00                                                                      2,640.00
 195 Basilia Tuballa      0.4800    120.00                40.00      4,800.00                                                                      4,800.00
 196 Consing Tubang       1.2800    225.00                40.00      9,000.00                                                                      9,000.00
 197 Boboy Aldenese
           y              0.6720    315.00                40.00       ,
                                                                    12,600.00                                                                       ,
 198 Milagros Asdillo     0.6240    345.00                40.00     13,800.00                                                                     13,800.00
 199 Ponsiano Yucor       1.7440    330.00                40.00     13,200.00   Native Mango     1 Full Bearing       2500.00      2,500.00       15,700.00
 200 Macario Trumata      0.9600    255.00                40.00     10,200.00                                                                     10,200.00
 201 Puloy Alap-ap        0.8320    455.00                40.00     18,200.00                                                                     18,200.00
 202 Eufrates Credo       0.5120    105.00                40.00      4,200.00                                                                      4,200.00
 203 Frank Precioso       1.7600    786.00                40.00     31,440.00                                                                     31,440.00
 204 Bonifacia Morte      0.2521    125.00                40.00      5,000.00                                                                      5,000.00
 205 Cristoto Bantoto     0.4141    125.00                40.00      5,000.00   Coconut          3 Full Bearing        600.00      1,800.00        6,800.00
 206 Ruperto Nodado       1.3699    350.00                40.00     14,000.00   Native Mango     1 Full Bearing       2500.00      2,500.00       16,500.00
 207 Teofisto Quitoy      0.5138    290.00                40.00     11,600.00   Coconut          3 Full Bearing        600.00      1,800.00       13,400.00
                          0.1563     42.50                40.00      1,700.00                                                                      1,700.00
 208 Lorenza Alayon       1.0321    225.00                40.00      9,000.00                                                                      9,000.00
 209 Catalina Alama       0.7600    320.00                40.00     12,800.00   Coconut          2 Full Bearing        600.00      1,200.00       14,000.00
                          2.1127    285.00                40.00     11,400.00                                                                     11,400.00
 210 Quintin Trumata      2.3237    140.00                40.00      5,600.00                                                                      5,600.00
 211 Hugo Tubog           0.4260     35.00                40.00      1,400.00   Bamboo Clump     1 Large              1000.00      1,000.00        2,400.00
                                                                          -     Coconut          4 Full Bearing        600.00      2,400.00        2,400.00
212   Juan Tuble                0.7424       340.00       40.00     13,600.00                                                                     13,600.00
213   Domingo Tuban             0.2433       125.00       40.00      5,000.00   Coconut          4   Full Bearing      600.00      2,400.00        7,400.00
214   Bernardino Alama          0.7607       160.00       40.00      6,400.00   Coconut          1   Full Bearing      600.00        600.00        7,000.00
215   Fortunata Tubig           1.1449       236.25       40.00      9,450.00   Coconut          1   Full Bearing      600.00        600.00       10,050.00
216   Gregorio Alejado          0.5644        33.75       40.00      1,350.00   Coconut          2   Full Bearing      600.00      1,200.00        2,550.00
217   Esperidion Bangayciso     0.3209       270.00       40.00     10,800.00   Coconut          1   Full Bearing      600.00        600.00       11,400.00
218   Blas Tuala                0.2602       180.00       40.00      7,200.00                                                                      7,200.00
219   Consorcia del Rosario     1.4176       427.50       40.00     17,100.00   Coconut          6 Full Bearing        600.00      3,600.00       20,700.00
                                             136.00       40.00      5,440.00                                                                      5,440.00
220   Samuel Bangayciso         0.5075        94.50       40.00      3,780.00                                                                      3,780.00
221   Antonio Bantoto           0 9631
                                0.9631       450 00
                                             450.00       40 00
                                                          40.00     18,000.00
                                                                    18 000 00                                                                     18,000.00
                                                                                                                                                  18 000 00
222   Lucia Delfino             1.9713       459.00       40.00     18,360.00                                                                     18,360.00
223   Silvestra Bandoquillo     0.8133       337.50       40.00     13,500.00                                                                     13,500.00
             Sub-Total         50.9426   13,576.00                 543,040.00                                                     29,000.00      572,040.00

                                                                  Annex B-5
                                              ROW ACQUISITION AND COMPENSATION IN THE SERVICE AREA

                                   TOTAL      ROW        MARKET           TOTAL                                           ASSESSED    TOTAL VALUE          TOTAL VALUE
                                                                                           AFFECTED CROPS/TREES
                                   LAND-      AREA       VALUE            VALUE                                            VALUE            FOR            FOR LAND AND
No.         SERVICE AREA
                                  HOLDINGS   (SQ.M)      (P/SQ.M)        FOR LAND          TYPE      NO.       SIZE        (PHP)      CROPS/TREES      IMPROVEMENTS
                                    (HA.)                                 (PHP)                                                            (SQ.M)             (PHP)

224   Maximino Tubig                0.3487     315.00        40.00        12,600.00                                                                           12,600.00
225   Catalino Trumata              0.0972      90.00        40.00         3,600.00                                                                            3,600.00
226   Felimon Tabangan              0.4608       360         40.00        14,400.00                                                                           14,400.00
227   Enrique Tubat                 0.8651       630         40.00        25,200.00   Coconut          2 Full Bearing        600.00         1,200.00          26,400.00
228   Pedro Alarcio                 1.5100     450.00        40.00        18,000.00   Coconut          6 Full Bearing        600.00         3,600.00          21,600.00
                                                                                -     Native Mango     2 Full Bearing       2500.00         5,000.00           5,000.00
229   George Alas-as                0.2231     157.50        40.00         6,300.00                                                                            6,300.00
230   Severina Alarcio              1.1449     126.00        40.00         5,040.00                                                                            5,040.00
231   Olimpio Tubog                             90.00        40.00         3,600.00   Coconut          3   Full Bearing      600.00         1,800.00           5,400.00
232   Conrado Bangaysiso            0.7774     100.00        40.00         4,000.00   Coconut          1   Full Bearing      600.00           600.00           4,600.00
                                                                                -     Mahogany         2   Small             190.00           380.00             380.00
233 Ursolo Saringan                 0.3713      112.00       40.00         4,480.00   Coconut          9   Full Bearing      600.00         5,400.00           9,880.00
          Sub-Total                 5.7985   2,430.50                     97,220.00                                                        17,980.00         115,200.00
Rice Area
   1 Creek                                      32.97
Vegetable Area
   1 Cliff                                     126.18
   2 Road                                       80.96
   3 Lipayo River                               70.75
           Sub-Total                          310.86                 -                                                                -                -

          Grand Total             259.6958 66,366.00                 2,642,205.60                                                         208,900.00        2,851,105.60

               * Main Farm Line

                                                                     Annex B-6
Sample Socio-Economic Survey          N
Forms of PAFs in the Reservoir Area

•                                 RESE1TLEM ENT AND COMPENSATION PLAN

                                           s,<ooo .......... SUrvey fonD
    l                                               1>Iuin SRlP. Regioa 1. SPlSJ'

                n.tufSun"fJ" ,J/l'l¥l1Jj 2D 2Ob4
    L           N.onu(J.I,,",~er: JHfClM D.                 Cl.tWARM
                                                   "'1\1 II P!PE- l.- \tlE
                Rtlpond.u' Ibd'VO,".4 I.r_a'iod'
    I                    Name or~ (MuS! K lIE Head ofllowcllold)
                                           $rN llLO f'AIP-or_ tNt Q

                                                     ~k ( ) applicable cat"RO'Y and inr:licMe
                                                     a..ilQlion and au ofl&Dd
                Laldo...... wllMtor and                                      "'"'                  A~


                Landowner -...au,..lor and
                Ilouso-owner residaIl
                Lando_ lIon-eulli...lor ....,
    ,           Hoose-owncr IIOfl resiclent
                T~      and boo... oWlIer
                Tmw and IIouIe owner
    ,       •                wil:b owner
                Tenant but _      raideI. oflbe
    r           NoIIanc1owner IJld not lenIIll
                But wilh hoo.lte and ~ in
                n. .M
                NOI: 1Il"'.0. IIOIlawll and
        1       not boule 0V0'I* buI tesida1l
    •            0=        witlI ........

                IndicMe the classifiCllliOll and __ of land u...:I for cultivation IDd residence

                                                                        (1a..m.,r;.. of land
                         Land uliliulioft
                                                        A&D                  Q<,    r ........      Q<,
                        If IlOI landowner, chc:ct NOT APf'UCADLE (NA)                        . GO TO 6
                         What is yoor ethnic Ofigin: (e$_ Ccbuano. IIoholano. T~g. etc.).

      •                                                   CEj;ttiflO

                         How lunl!   ka,.., you lived in )'OUt pt<:scnl pi_ 01" ,~""?          j    /l. 't"4l'S
                         H_long lYve you bttn cultivating lbc land y<:...... ~ QllTmtly fillmillj(l          1<'   1"1>.

      ,                  Where did you form<:rly lival before Ill<lYing w)'WI" present home?

                         Why did you "kWe III If.., Iocali.... '?
                                                ftrns    if" W,~ 61<:A(r,,',l be. lIttJ. tl..~""fr!'')

                         What i. yout poi"'*')' and/or occondary (lCall'llion?

                                   Prim.ry: J!>"/l'liW _ ''''''''"0-
                                                       )                                       _

                                  Nn"c __ _              _

                    Genenl bronn.llnn

                            L Illow many pcnotI! ... ~'lng in ,hi. house?      ..1:.--.
                                                                                 Plene rum1l:"..tc t/>r.
                                memhers of the hou5ehokl (U.. the .naehed form for tile responxs)

                                                                                           Indil:lte if

                                                                                                                     - .­


                    (. ,           Category

                                                         (,   ,




                                                                                                                  The type

                                                                                                                    (, )

                                    t~l~ ,~..
         Gl     ~ ~Ol~                                 '/A

                                     ,.,,                           55     ~ ",I          b ~                     ,"
                                    •    lII.>!t><,­     0

              ~)     \m"tr>\
                     r, .            ....                "
                                                                             ""'-,        J.
                                                                                               -,,­                IJ/..,

                                     .                          .


                    \ndia.te tile l\IlTOeS of the individual bousebold member...
                    Indicate the 'elation or,he ooncem howddd member 10 the Ilead "rthe family
                          Eufo""': Wife, llllJband. SOfl. Ua"gh!er, Cousin, I'.ther, Mother, ctc,
-,                     lndicale the Flderof~ lUi iIdiOOo., eitha- Male or J'Clnale
                       Indicale theft" sprdAc . . .
                       Indicate tho:   hiahest        "KmaI ~: No scbootio&. elementary level, elementary
                                Graduale, hillh ICbooIIeYd.         J¥ .tdwxJI tvaduale, eoUegl level.         coneS' poW,",
     ,                          PO$I.·PIWe, voe:ali<lnal
                       Indicate if conct'fncd IlOllId>okI "...,N is anpIayal, not c:mployeo.l. (II" J>O)I applicable
                                 RespOll.'leJ Ire either Yes, No, or No! AppIic::tbIe,
     ,                 lndil'llic tile type ofnocuplllioo or emPoiI ...,,1 and whdher it ill primary lIC secondary
                                Une OfWOlk. E~ample Fanr...--Primuy. e.tpenIer·~

                               1.2	 Type ofconstructiolllDllleria.l. of dwelling           ~           (C1wrl: I ooly)
                                    Cooaetc - all «men!
                                     ~l\Ilion wood
                                             of                                    II'Id cemeru
                                    LiKbI- N"opo. and bfl,nboo                                         V
                                    Other Materials (Specify)

                               t.J	 Tenurial Slilttn of I""" and lui

     ,	                       lnfom>al dwdler WIth QUi_II           oro-r..,.
                             lnfonnal dweIW wfo eoosftlI 0wlIer
                             OIheD( Pl•. Specify)                              _

                               I 4	 [(murd, how much per month

                              I.~   Wba1 .... tbe other "ru<:lur." or inlp«l'icmenl pr_ 0II1be 10(/ (Cbe<;k one
                                    Or more).

                                    Other IltllClUrell or ;,npro'-enleJll

                                    "- hooK

                                    Od>crl (SpeQt'y): 'MJ'"ll.. hlf,                                  v

          2.1 for Ililhole ~ oflhc bouIehold ..'IIo are pillfullyanpbred. please indicate tbe
          Monlllly income.

     ,               1I""..DgId ItIItI11bt:r                 (kQ~liolo (tpee:iIJ)                     MontbIy Income ( P )
                                              /                                        /                                     /

             it                                                                                            r     /'
                                                                                                       .         A
                 /                                                                                /

          2.2	   Does)'OUf      fi.mily MVC any oth<.'r JOI.ffl'Ie orincome1
                                YES                           ...... (!)::wI. rt-lJIl.-lOo'\. )
                               NO (Go 10 Q. 2.4)
2.3 What ...e tI>e3e ot""'r IIOUr~e orinoome1
        Rmt or strudu«
       Others       rrt.. " n",...,t1.<\)                                                               -LtM? n
2.4 1Jo)'IN Ql!tivatell'arm a piece oOa"d7                     .......-    YES             NO. (Go to Q. 2.8).

2.S Whatlyp8 of plant do you want 10 ¢ant on a _tonal basi51                               C"rl1. 1<:1 t>llll:      ,~I",," . f("'~. j..

26 lIow much ;no:;vn""ooa yurly ba5l. <1<, yoo lIet &on, if? P ~, I, ~ ,'1 yr,

2.1 What are the pal1\Inent ~pl;ml grown in it? Ple..e enumerate

2.& Do you own O<' . .~ farm animal.? \,llh•• ..., Ihcsc Ulll iIovo'                     lNJ'Y?

      Type of Farm Animals                                                                          Quantity
                                                y~                         No

       C/<itll-er,                    ~

                                                                                                  , I



2.9 Do you have Oilier major •         ..w1_--,V,-_                       Y.ES. _ _ NO. {Go to Q. 2,1 I)

2.10 ITYES,         SJICcifY lhe types orusel.

2.11 Do you I\I.ve any " ....!IiS?
                     YES                                      How much1 P _-,'C'           'C' --              _
                    NO          V

2.12 How ItJJCh ia your avenge C>lpcuditure per month/annum fur tbtl f<)!lowing:

                 h_                                           Moolbly


F"""                                                      lffl! LIt
Shelter                                                        "/,
W.~                                                           ",
                                                              "'                                               "'A
                                                                                                               W,             ~~-
Gu 0<' 0Iher Fuel
Medical HCIIlth
                                                                                                           '; I .

                                                                                                               ~ll 11
                                                                                                           1:>t1 ,t\)
Other~lY) Fir{1/\                                                                                         ~
TOTAL                                                                                                     ~0,S~O
.         ~. When: do ..,., "0 "'hen familv melnben

                                 hcilily                              ""                       Check if AwIiabte

          n..-ans,ay Hullh S,-,ion                                                                   V

          Others (5pOCify),
                                                                      .                                                   .

          3 S education
              •    HG.... manv of I'W' chikJren an luel\dil\Jl.ld>ooI? ToU!
                      C"eIlOf)'                       No. of children                                   Disla/lCe (km) of school
          Hillh Sdlool
          Elemenllry                                                      ,                               .50 iTlt 1m;
          OIben (spe<;ify)

          3.6 Religious    Aetivil~

              •    -     •do           ,~
                                       ,           "" ,     ous serv,,:es?
                                 Facility                                                      Chtd; if Applicable
          Chapel in the barqay                                                                      V
          Church in the lown pro~r

          Other. (specify)


          4.1 l'racnceofOfganinlion

              a. An: tben: comrraIlIityfDeighborhood organi~ion Opera-llog in your barall8ay?

              YES      ---,'e.-_ NO
              b. Wballvoeof
                  Type ofOrpnizatiOll
                                                   ~   ..

                                                                   IIlCl      YOUr

                                                                 CIlO.'clr if ptUtfIl
                                                                                     member shiD in thelll?
                                                                                                              C/leek if mcm!le,
    ,         Coopenl1;ve:                                                -/                                      w~       -'
              Gc>vm»nent OIpnizatioo                                      0/
                                   ---                                                                            "'
              Homeowner A~ion:
              NGO initiated

              Otben (!lp«ify):


              ••   I f member of ~'-"         ~             ,ndialte vour lvoe of involvemcnL
                                 Involvement                                                     Chcc/l; if appliclbk

             Offiw                 .
              M~""                                                                                         v'
             Othen (&peci!')')
·.                 1.I   AIl:,.,..
                                     aware oflhe plopused Dauin SIUP'1
                             v         YE.'l(ConIi_>              NO (Go 10 Q. 1.3).

     ..   1_12 WIw are your opccifi<: source of Ji~dibood ,hat ....y N Io5l if you are 10 """'" 001 of
                  Your ara7 Please er.untnle:              ,../,...

          '>.1 Wt.ler

             ••    -'do~                         waler? ~(oC- ~\bC
                            ""'~                                   Driol<iol!                        NorHbinki"l

             Public Tan ttand
             Private tube wflJ
             S",,"                                                    v
             0tIwJ (Specify):

             b. How llI.ICb i.              wailS biD _ month?
                                       T".                                             Amount pet MOlllh
             Drinking                                                                                %
          1.2 Solid Wwe

             .. Howdo        dimese of                        ?

             MAnneI' of Disposal                                          Ched:: if Applicable

              Throw them t.lthe cliff

             Dump them II tile t..c:k orthe!loule
             Otbefs(specify): -

          1.3 Toile!
              I. Do YOll ha~ Iloilr1 in the hooJ.",? _-"V__ YES                                  NO

             b. If NO. where do """ ReI          woo-er voo nrcd tho: toileI?
                                      Facility                                         Checl< if Applieable
             Pub6c Toilr1
             Neighbor', Toilet
             Wrap lIld llwow                                                                  ""
          J.4 Health

    "        ..   H.. &fly member of your ramily ~n sick Ihe last two years?

                  YES _ _ NO                 -/   . GotoQ.c.


             b. IF YES wlllt hu beerllhe oommon,;c)rnesl	


                                  Typo: of.ocme..
                                                                       -"""    In   our fia mi'J
                                                                              Che<:k. if i\ppIic.ablc
                                                                                                 I~ Qr7

             AmitU,u                                                                w,
             Orbrn (.".,.-.iIY)                                                      b

            1 2	 IF YES 'ndX:ate the ~o r

             N1A Staff
                          Source of InfOfll\llion        --
                                                         ,   ,
                                                                             C1>eck if Appliable
            LOU officials

            Othen (!lpCCify):

            I,J	 IF NO, ('nUmerator sbould provide bacli:grotllld information about llle project


           2.1	 In JOUf opinion, il Ibis .. good projea?         V     YES           NO

           2.2	 V""" ....y be • ...e lhallbe projoo;t ~!he ar"" where your hoUJe ond lot anoJlor
                farmlaod ia Ioo;aled. thus l!wl gO\~1 might ast; you 10 be rclouted. !fthe proje<:l wiU
                be impkmenced, are you "illin& 10 be rdocIIled?
                       lirA       YES. (Go to Q.l.4).     11.    NO.

           2.J What iJ                            , 7

           WiD relocate on my 0"'1l
    ,      Will move to relocation Nlc
           NOI lUre whallU du •
           Otherl (lpedfy)

           2,4 If relocation      0<lC\I".
                                    wbere do you prefer the rdocation sile to be?
           Within MlIlUYsay area       ~h    . Outside Magsaysay       ~ ....
           Within tbe Irrigllmn Service Area            r;).,
           1.S	 1h raoc.tioo sile il found, what is an acceptable dmance (If the Nle!Tom the town
               Within ?lem                              tip.
               7-IOkm                                   AA
               <hv 10 km                                &+
                         RF'.st:rn.t:MF.NT ANI> COMPENSATION PLAN
                                                    ~"""lieSurvey Fonn
                                                   tnuift SRTP, R.tgion 7, SPISP

      Ualt of 511""'y1        t.h (i,":OOd
l     NloneoU"IItf'Y;e,.er: I'oll+e" t I -:; !                      llll,~ll'_
      w. ::!,>.)~ V•••• :""~·I
      Maponllenl Ibt\'l"",nd 1..forml'io.,

               Name ofR.espool<lcnl (M"" be: the            I~-.l   ofHm...holcl):
                                      fi.,a,.\"'     '."~ -1L\

               Please identify the calesOf)' of respond""l

                                                   CIlecl. ( ) applicable Cillegcory and indiale
                                                   Classification and sitt of""d
                                                      A&D                "',

     Landown..- cultivator and
     llou.e-ow"", resident                             /              l_(l,~O

     Landowner non-culti""tor and                                                                        -
     Hou'le-Owner residelll
     Lando......... non-cullivalor and
     H~wner          non resident
     Tr:rwJ1and I>ousc owner
     Tenant and howe owner


              I wi,h owner                ,
     Teoaot but 00ll re:.iclent of the
     NO'! laoclowoer and    IlOl. tmanl
     But wilh bJuse and raidcm in
     Nall&ndowncr, _ Imam and
     IlOl. hou3e owner but rcsidcnl:
       Ocw .... with     0I'I'10Cf

     Indicate the dusiflUlion and Jize ofland used for cultivation and re!.idetlC8.

                                                                       C\as$:6c:aUoo ofland
               Land utiliulion
                                                      A>D                "', T"""""" "',

               lfoollllldowner, ched NOT IV'PLlCA8L.E(NA)                                   . GO lU6.

     Indicale specillc IQClliQrl of'''' l~iaJ aDd fannIand in the a1f~r:d llIU. (The \'icinily MIfl
     furm.Jlaled foslhe ....._ 'lClll/lnverJlO<y IhouJd be utilized as rn"""",,,.)
            4.2 Localionorrannland: _ .I3'~':"}·~'~"~'~·=·
            4.\ LOCIlion of rCsidenti'll"""':. -\:A.: l?lV                 -.'======:;::;=    •• , ••
..   J
                        W1IlIt is your <!llvllc nrigin. (e.g_ Ccbuano, Boholano.                  T.~          elC.):
                                                     r,d V       ';1 Q

                        How 10"11 ""oe yOll tivtd in your prosent pIa<:l'- of reoidmce? "'VI "~ ::..

                        11o'" long hBV<l yoo been cultinting the '-'d you ue wrreutly farming",,",l ,;' ~

                        Wlw:r~ did you          fonnerly li..oo before moving to your presmt 1Jomc?

                        Why did you ,,,,we (Q             thi~   Iocalion?

                        What is)'OUr primary and/or w:onda'Y occuplltion?
                                  l'rimary t'·,,·, ,'.1   Secondary                                           _

                 ~lH'r"        Infonnllion

                         I I How many pc:nuns are ~,i"8 in this house?                        7        . Please enllmerlt~ the
                               membo:r. of tho: bouxftoId. (Use the lI.ached Conn for the reapor'SCI,j

            M    (.,
                                   C.""" """'"
                                                                                                             llldQle if

                                                                                                                          "l'he IYJl'I'
                                                                                                                           (, )

          ''=D                   "1/. •       . .,           ,               .   ,   t Jet .,•." ......
          (~()'    1-<"                                                          •        ,            .,
          1~~f'l '"                     ",                                               ,             ,..
                                            ,                I
                                                                     -       .. ,,   ,            •
         NOlo-l __                                                            ,.      Ib4I.­... ~"::-,1
                                   <,:,"f I                                  "0
           lJ\\r,.     ,,_to       $::.1,                                     ' ..   "I,·,.-.,.. t ..,'
          f.E~l_Nltl              1,r )';       ~   r_.
                                                             F·              e,        ~l
                                                                                            - '" 'J<


                 Indicae. the names oflhe individual ""',sebold membell.
                 Indicate the .d.ation ofchr: llOl ..... " houschoId nlCl,lbe! 10 the head <If the famiJy
                        Example: Wife, HllIband. Son, lnug/llef. Cousin, father, Moeher, 11K
             Indicate lhe aen<b" of rupedive HH 111t"obei s, either Male or fem.ll.lt!

L            Indicole thei' specifIC ..,..

             In,Jicole Ihe hitI~ ed..... tional mainmcnl- No ""r.x>I;ng. tlemcmary level, elementary

                      Graduate. l~gh IIChoolIr:vd. high.!'Ch<>oI graduale, wlle~e leveL coll~e graduate.
                      Post-graduate. vocWon.aI.

[            lDditate if concerned hou.oehold .'10_",,,"b emplo)"ld. IlOI fll>llIoyed. or not applicable,

                      ReI(lO"lIClI are either Yes, No, Of No! Applicabk.
             Indicate the ty~ of occupallon or employment and whelbcr it i< primary or le<:ondary
                     Une of wo'k. E.><al11ple: f&rmer-Primary, CIt(lCIIlt$-Secoftdary.

                   I 2 Type or oon,tl\lction ",at..-i.l. of dwellins l~aeen.ou5C (Chod I only).
                       Cooc.~e _all cem"nt
                       Stmi-<XlllCrete-oombiNltion of wood MIl cemmI              ./
                       l...il',ln - Nipa 100 bamboo
                       0Ibrs Mala;aI. (Spa;ilY)

                   I.J Tenwi.ll SlItus of House .rod l.ot

                   Inf<><mal dweller with wnseru of QIo.ncr
                   Informal dwell.,- ..../u ronxnt Owner
                   Others (I'ls SpecilY)                 _

                   1.4 Ifremed. how much pt, month                                   p-­

                   1.5	 what arc the OIhcr structures Of irnl''l''''''''''''"' preIetIt on 1110 1ol7 (Cbock one
                      Or IllOIc).

                      OlheT Jlrucl"res or impro'-emenl

                      Cbicl:.., house


                      Otlxn (Spo:cify):                  _

    Income ud EapNdilure

    2 I far all tho.. member. of the hou'IChoId who 1ft gainfuUyemployed, pleue indicate tile
    Monthly iDcome.

           Houscbold member                    Occupalion("I'<"'ify)                Monl/\Iy ~ (P)

,                                                         -

    2,2   Does your family h."" any other """''''" ofincome?

                    YES                           /"

                    NO (Go to Q. 2.4)

       l-l ',I,'l"u     &r<!   llltse other oource of lncomd
                                                                               SupplerJ1l:UWy                     Amounllmonth
                Rent of SlfUClll'C




     2.4 Do YQ4J eultivalelfann I pitx:e orland?                               /         Y.l:S       NO. (Go to Q. 2.8).

         2.5 What Iype ofpllot do)'OO WlfII 10 pl/Inl on I scuonal N,ru,1 (r..~I, -Frl'~: l.··'!II'

     2.6 llow much inco"'" on. yurl)' bui' do you gel from in p                                  _'C0:.:>.C,--_~I ~
     2.7 What Ire I"" pennlnent ClUp5fplanl grown in ;11 Plea"" e""merale
            ~("I)-                    I,:   'I

 ,   2 IS 00 you 0W1I or rai.., f"",, animals'l What Ife lbcte and how many?

             Type orf'ann Animal,                                                                         Qu""tity
                                                              y~                     No
                 r." ,                                        /                                           C
            C.of1I': ' __1:' -, .1                            ,                                           ,

              ('1~                                            ;.-'
                                                                                                              .   '

               -""'-."-   .                                   •                                           ~;-

     2.9 00 you               ~'-':   Ollter major U5e\{/                           YES               NO (Go to Q. 2.11)

     2.10 IrYES. specify tbe IYJIC'ofasxl,                                          . "
                                                                                    ~.     "

     2.11 Do you 11&"" any saving.?
                   YES                                                        How much? P
                   NO      ~_

     2.l2 How mud! is your .~trlge apendilUre per month/annum for lhe following.

     -                        ,,=                                             Monthly
                                                                  . I ....."Y">                                            "",","I,

     SlleIlet                                                                                             \
                                                                                                                      ~ .j,     .y'o
     C1<><ha                                                                                                                (£0
     Wiler                                                    ,      ,    ,
     Electridly                                           •
                                                                     ,.                                           ,,,,'"
     Gill or other fuel                                                       :.)

     Traospon'lioro                                       , ,                 )


     Educ&lion                                                                                                        _~    "'0
     Mcdieal Health                                               I       ,
     EotCflainmml                                     ,
     0<""'(                )
                 - \I:.<,.f;,                                                                             j'          ',>0(0

.,                          o wben fami! mauben ..... lick?
     c. Wbc:re do
                                 FKilily                                 Cloecl< if .... pp1Qble
     Hosphal                                                                   /
     n ....nglly lIallh Station
     Others (specify).

     ).~   Educttion
           •  How nWlV ofvnur children are auendin, scbootl TOl:a1
                     Cat"'KOIY                     No of children.

                                                                                   DiSlinc<: (kill) of JCbooI
     E........ ,
                                             .          2                                 't',",M
     0Ihen (specify):

           o. w.......
                                            r rdi~ ocrvi«s7

                                                    -                    Check if Applicable
     Chlpd in 11M! barangay                                                        ...-
     CIurclI in the 10..... proper

     4.1 PresenceofOrganiulion

           •.   A", there community/neighborhood Ofgani1.alion    opuat'ns in your barans-y7
           YES         ,.,/       NO          _

           b. Whot tvDe ofl!!ganWlion are'p'!eselll IIld vour nlWlbenhin in tIw:m7
                 Type ofOljlniLluioa                C/leek if Ilf"""'l                    C~ if IIImlI>ef-

       I ~ernmmt Orgl"~Q.lion:                              .
           llomeov,ner A»ocwion:
           NGO initiated Or~nizatiun,               -                                                     -­
           Othen (5pe(ify)'

           ,    If member ofan          lion indicate voor t~oe ofinl'Olvemcnl.
                            Involvement                                   Check ifapplicable

        Othen (tpeei!Y)"
             ,.             L I Are you .wlfe of the propo,ed Dwin SRIP?
                                    ,<     Yl'S (Cottinut;)         NO (Go to Q. 1 3).

                  2,12	 Whil an loor specific sour« oflivehbood 'hal may be 1<>11. if)'OOJ arc Lo 11>0>'<: 0<1' ",r
                           Your _ ,    Pltue~~e·

                  1.1 Wit'"

                      ••         •
                            """ do
                                             I    "OUr "'tIer?
                                     ""'=                                 o.ioWng                          Non-dmki"ll

                      Public: T.     ,,"'"
                      "" ...
                      Privale IUbcwdl

                      SpJW 8                                              /
                      Oth.... (Sp<cify)

                      b.	 How    ""'" ."     T""
                                                 ~'"    •n       r munth?
                                                                                              Amount pel" Moo6
                      Drinking                                                                 ~l!   I,

,                     No"n-drinkiog

                  ).2 Solid WAlle
                         [low do YOU disooi'le of \lOur ".. bI~.1
                      Maonto" of~l                                               Cbcck if Applicable
                      Ilum them                                                             ~
                      Throw lhen, II tile cliff

,        c           ..., ""'"
                     Dump theno atlhe b;ack. of the ~
                     0lberJ (specify)

                  J J Toilr.t
                     •. Do )'lItIllavc. toilet in tile OOuilC7                .,,/   YES                  NO

                     b. IfNO. .meredo"", wllcne\lO'                YOU   need the toilet?
                                    Facility                                                 Check if AppliclbJe
                     P",blic Tolkt
                     Neigbbnr'l Toile(
                     w,ap and lhrow

                  3.4 Health

                     .. nlully """ilk of y<Q family been sid< the Ias!IWO yean?

 J.4	 Health
    "-	 Has any member of your family been sick the last two ye..... ?

        YES        NO !,         Go to Q. c.

    b.	 IF YES what has bc<:n the common ilick""ss I t ocwrrtd In your fi	 ., y lasl year?
                Typeof,,~,"                                   Ch<:cl< if APl'1icabte

                                       0   00

    Othon (specify)
   I 2	 IF YES indicate lhe source of OUr infurmation.
                Source of Information                                Cbocl< if Applicable
   NIA Staff                                                           /
   Other. (opecify)

   1.3	 if NO, enumerator should provide b.cl<ground information about lhe project


  2.1	 In your opinion, isthi, a good project?            .YES              NO.

  2.2	 Y"" may bl: lware Illat the project .ncornpa.!iIleIlhe area wher. your OOuso and 101 and/or
       fannland is localed, thus th. go,-erntneltl mighl as!< you 10 be relocated. Iflhe project will
       he implemerned, oue you willing to he relocaled?
        _ _ _ YES. (Go to Q 2.4).                    NO.

  2.3 What is your preferred oPtion?
                       Option     0
                                                                    Chccl: one prd..-e"""
  WiU reJocat. on my own
  Will nlOve to relocation ';te
  Not ""re whal to do •
  Othors (sp<:cify)

                           'i<""" .
  2.4 If relocation occurs, where do you prefer the relocation site to be~
  Within Magsayu-y arell
  Within the Irrigation Service Area
                                      ,,,,,:,,,id"<_,,,:agsay""Y •     _

  2.5	 If a relocation site is roond., what is an acceplable distance oftb<: sile from the town
      Cem..- of Dauin?
      Wilmn 7 km
     7 -10 km
     Over IOkm
Certification of Dauin Municipality on   N
 the Granting of use of Public Lands
   to NIA for Dauin SRIP                 N

                        Ros....blie of U" Ph'6ppinQI:
                         \'nMI'Ir!Cl of Nggrotl 0rilIn1"
                  O'G"'''''''O,',C7£ O'F rH7! :)W)I("ftiO"lt


     This is to certify that the Local Government Unit of
Dal,lin allows the National 1 rriqation AdIIlinistt"ation to pass
parallel and or cross           their irriqation facilities                to   the
different Baranqay ROads within their covered project area.

     This Certification           is    issued to upon           the   request of
the Niltional Irrigation AdmlnisLration for whatever purpose
this may serve.

     Done this      28'" day or April,               2005,     at Oauin,   Ne9ros
Details of Compensation by Individual   N
   PAPs for the Submerged Area

                                                                           DETAILS OF COMPENSATION BY INDIVIDUALS
                                                                        Submerged Area, Dam Area, Access Road & Office Area
                                                                                           Dauin SRIP
                                                     Affected     Assessed      Total Land              Affected Crops/Trees            Assessed         Total Value     Disturbance
No       Name of APs           Status     Lot No.                                                                                                                                       Grand Total
                                                    Area (Ha.)   Value (PHP)   Value (PHP)       Type           No.       Size/Age     Value (PHP)   Crops/Trees (PHP)   Compensation
Full Bearing
 1 Yucor, Ambrocio            Landowner    1627      0.3059         33.33       101,956.47      Coconut          5     Full Bearing         600.00            3,000.00      10,000.00     114,956.47
                                                                                              Native Mango      1      Full Bearing       1,500.00            1,500.00                      1,500.00
                                           1649      0.1241         33.33        41,362.53      Coconut         19     Early bearing        400.00            7,600.00                     48,962.53
                                           3347      0.1954         33.33        65,126.82      Coconut         19     Full Bearing         600.00           11,400.00                     76,526.82
 2 Alejado, Aurelio           Landowner    1628      0.2073         33.33        69,093.09      Coconut         35     Full Bearing         600.00           21,000.00      10,000.00     100,093.09
 3 Tuban, Ambrocio            Landowner    1629      0.0860         33.33        28,663.80      Coconut          2     Full Bearing         600.00            1,200.00      10,000.00      39,863.80
                                                                                              Native Mango      1      Full Bearing       1,500.00            1,500.00                      1,500.00
 4 Sorate, Jesus              Landowner    1630      0.2903         33.33        96,756.99      Coconut         43     Full Bearing         600.00           25,800.00      10,000.00     132,556.99
 5 Tabangan, Alejandro        Landowner    1651      0.2003         33.33        66,759.99      Coconut          1     Full Bearing         600.00              600.00      10,000.00      77,359.99
 6 Rubio, Henedina (Et.al.)   Landowner    1653      0.1044         33.33        34,796.52      Coconut         18     Early bearing        400.00            7,200.00      10,000.00      51,996.52
                                                                                              Native Mango      1      Full Bearing       1,500.00            1,500.00                      1,500.00
 7 Alejado, Moises            Landowner    1654      0.2327         33.33        77,558.91      Coconut         13     Full Bearing         600.00            7,800.00      10,000.00      95,358.91
 8 Balansag, Erlinda          Landowner    1647      0.2562         33.33        85,391.46      Coconut          2     Full Bearing         600.00            1,200.00      10,000.00      96,591.46
                                                                                                  Narra          1     10" diameter         700.00              700.00                        700.00
 9 Tubino, Modesta            Landowner    1648      0.2719         33.33        90,624.27    Native Mango       1     Full Bearing       1,500.00            1,500.00      10,000.00     102,124.27
                                           3348      0.5040         33.33       167,983.20      Coconut          9     Full Bearing         600.00            5,400.00                    173,383.20
10 Tubo, Potenciana           Landowner    1650      0.1874         33.33        62,460.42      Coconut          4     Full Bearing         600.00            2,400.00      10,000.00      74,860.42
                                                                                              Native Mango      1      Full Bearing       1,500.00            1,500.00                      1,500.00
                                           1626      0.0431         33.33        14,365.23      Coconut          3     Early bearing        400.00            1,200.00                     15,565.23
                                                                                                G-Melina        33         Small            170.00            5,610.00                      5,610.00
                                           1656      0.1886         33.33        62,860.38      Coconut         4      Full Bearing         600.00            2,400.00                     65,260.38
                                                                                              Native Mango      2      Full Bearing       1,500.00            3,000.00                      3,000.00
11 Rubio, Nicolas             Landowner    1652      0.0704         33.33        23,464.32      Coconut         13     Full Bearing         600.00            7,800.00      10,000.00      41,264.32
                                                                                              Native Mango      2      Full Bearing       1,500.00            3,000.00                      3,000.00
12 Tubato, Demitria           Landowner    3342      0.7470         33.33       248,975.10                                                                                  10,000.00     258,975.10
13 Briones, Sixto             Landowner    3346      0.0743         33.33        24,764.19      Coconut         16     Full Bearing         600.00            9,600.00      10,000.00      44,364.19
                                                                                              Native Mango      4      Full Bearing       1,500.00            6,000.00                      6,000.00
14 Tuble, Rufina              Landowner    3349      0.4119         33.33       137,286.27      Coconut         12     Full Bearing         600.00            7,200.00      10,000.00     154,486.27
                                                                                              Native Mango      3      Full Bearing       1,500.00            4,500.00                      4,500.00
15 Sario, Antonio             Landowner    3350      0.3338         33.33       111,255.54      Coconut         20     Full Bearing         600.00           12,000.00      10,000.00     133,255.54
                                                                                              Native Mango      2      Full Bearing       1,500.00            3,000.00                      3,000.00
16 Tuban, Alberto           Landowner      3351      0.2863         33.33         95,423.79                                                                                 10,000.00     105,423.79
17 Estrellado, Gregorio     Landowner      3352      0.1898         33.33         63,260.34                                                                                 10,000.00      73,260.34
18 Tubang, Cayetano         Landowner      3353      0.1652         33.33         55,061.16                                                                                 10,000.00      65,061.16
                    Sub-Total                        5.4763                    1,825,250.79                                                                168,110.00      180,000.00   2,173,360.79

                                                                                              Annex E-1
                                                        Affected     Assessed      Total Land              Affected Crops/Trees            Assessed         Total Value      Disturbance
No        Name of APs             Status     Lot No.                                                                                                                                       Grand Total
                                                       Area (Ha.)   Value (PHP)   Value (PHP)       Type           No.       Size/Age     Value (PHP)   Crops/Trees (PHP)   Compensation
 1 Bajana, Silverio              Landowner    1655      0.5047         33.33       168,216.51      Coconut        15      Full Bearing         600.00            9,000.00      10,000.00     187,216.51
                                                                                                     Narra         2      10" diameter         700.00            1,400.00                      1,400.00
 2 Tubo, Brasilla                Landowner    1666      0.6480         33.33       215,978.40      Coconut        76      Full Bearing         600.00           45,600.00      10,000.00     271,578.40
                                                                                                 Native Mango      4      Full Bearing       1,500.00            6,000.00                      6,000.00
 3 Tubog, Gabina                 Landowner    3338      0.6257         33.33       208,545.81      Coconut        21      Full Bearing         600.00           12,600.00      10,000.00     231,145.81
                                                                                                 Native Mango      2      Full Bearing       1,500.00            3,000.00                      3,000.00
 4 Tubo, Potenciana              Landowner    3339      0.7447         33.33       248,208.51      Coconut        16      Full Bearing         600.00            9,600.00                    257,808.51
                                                                                                 Native Mango      2      Full Bearing       1,500.00            3,000.00                      3,000.00
 5 Solamillo, Teofista           Landowner    3340      0.2290         33.33        76,325.70      Coconut         3      Full Bearing         600.00            1,800.00      10,000.00      88,125.70
                                                                                                 Native Mango      3      Full Bearing       1,500.00            4,500.00                      4,500.00
 6 Dioso, Ambrocio               Landowner    1667      1.0696         33.33       356,497.68      Coconut        115     Early bearing        400.00           46,000.00      10,000.00     412,497.68
                                                                                                 Native Mango     13      Full Bearing       1,500.00           19,500.00                     19,500.00
 7 Tuban, Ambrocio               Landowner    1669      0.1792         33.33        59,727.36      Coconut        81      Full Bearing         600.00           48,600.00                    108,327.36
 8 Tubig, Maximino               Landowner    3333      0.2000         33.33        66,660.00      Coconut         5      Full Bearing         600.00            3,000.00      10,000.00      79,660.00
                                                                                                 Native Mango      1      Full Bearing       1,500.00            1,500.00                      1,500.00
 9 Trumata, Catalino          Claimant        3341      0.0352        33.33          11,732.16                                                                                 10,000.00      21,732.16
                    Sub-Total                           4.2361        9.7124      1,411,892.13                                                                215,100.00       70,000.00   1,696,992.13
 1 Bantayan, Petra          Landowner         1642      0.0120         41.66         4,999.20                                                                                  10,000.00      14,999.20
 2 Rubio, Bernabe           Landowner         1663      0.0498         41.66        20,746.68                                                                                  10,000.00      30,746.68
 3 Tubo, Potenciana         Landowner         1664      0.1260         41.66        52,491.60      Coconut         8      Full Bearing         600.00            4,800.00                     57,291.60
                                                                                                   G-Melina        3         Small             170.00              510.00                        510.00
 4 Tubog, Gabina              Landowner       3338      0.1200         41.66        49,992.00      Coconut         9      Full Bearing         600.00            5,400.00                     55,392.00
 5 Briones, Sixto             Landowner       3344      0.0690         41.66        28,745.40                                                                                                 28,745.40
                      Sub-Total                         0.3768                     156,974.88                                                                   10,710.00      20,000.00     187,684.88
                         TOTAL                                                    3,394,117.80                                                                393,920.00      270,000.00   4,058,037.80

                                                                                                 Annex E-2
Outline of Information Booklet   N

                         Information Booklet Prototype
                   (To be translated into the appropriate dialect)

                          RESETTLEMENT PLAN


  (This section provides the basic background information on the Project, its
  benefits and impacts including the negative repercussions on the PAPs).

  i.     The SPISP – Thrust, Objectives and Impacts
  ii.    The Dauin SRIP
  iii.   Project impacts and the need for resettlement activities
  iv.    Project Affected Peoples

         o Direct Project Beneficiary who will lose a parcel of cultivated land to
           Project ROW requirement and required to provide 25 percent equity.
         o Non-beneficiary of the Project who will lose a parcel of land as a result
           of the dam and reservoir construction or the development of irrigation
           secondary and tertiary facilities.


  (This section describes in detail the types of impact of the Project and its
  various implications on the PAPs. It will also provide the concerned
  communities, the background information on the processes and mechanics by
  which the Project staff determines the scope and extent of impact, which will
  involve PAP’s participation).

  i. Types of Impacts

         o Loss of farmland
         o Loss of improvement to land

  ii. Implications

         o Compensation

  iii. Processes and Mechanics for Determining Impacts and Implications

         o Participatory Surveys and Focus Group Discussions
         o Consultation and Participation

                                     Annex F-1

  (This will provide a brief background on the policy of the ADB and enactments
  of the GOP with regard to resettlement and compensation and the guidelines
  that will be followed in the implementation of the resettlement program).

  i. ADB Policy
  ii. GOP Policy
  iii. Precondition to Project Civil Works


  (This will describe in detail the specific components and activities of the Dauin
  LARP including the compensation package, entitlement and eligibility for the
  individual PAFs and the framework for its implementation).

  i.   WHAT – The Resettlement and Compensation Package
       o Cash Compensation
       o Disturbance Compensation

  ii. HOW MUCH – Entitlement and Eligibility

  iii. HOW and WHEN – Program of Activities

       o   Assessment and Quantification of Scope of Impact
       o   Payment of Compensation and Disclaimer
       o   Organization for Livelihood and Enterprise Development
       o   Training and Capability Building
       o   Monitoring and Reporting

  iv. HOW – Organizational Framework and Implementation Arrangements

       o Roles and Responsibilities

           Local Government
           ROW COMMITTEE


  (This section will describe in details the procedures for addressing grievances
  and complaints on the implementation of the resettlement and compensation
  programs as well as the redress mechanism that would be followed respond
  to them. This will also include names and addresses of contact persons in
  NIA, Municipal and Barangay governments, and NGO

                                  Annex F-2
  that concerned PAFs can get in touch with in case of grievances and

     i.     Complaints and Grievances Procedures
     ii.    Redress Procedures


  (This section will serve to summarize the various points previously discussed
  giving assurance that a fair, just and human program what will ensure the
  sharing of benefits by those adversely affected by the Project).

                                Annex F-3
Sample Deed of Donation and   N
  Statement of Awareness


                                                  DI:W OF DONA.TION"

            KNOW ALL MUl BY THESF. PRF.5I:NTS,

                     'lr rePro bkl,..(IO
                            That,             Filipino                    C1tm:B,   01 Iepl age, .1D&ITie5       10
                = ~ ~ the DONOR and l'eIliding II                       &:91. !!Pt;JYV5t)t     /.fJ \1lo

                            The DAVlN-HINAUN.LWAYO iRRIGATORS'                      ASSOCIATION, • duly
                registo:nd As$(lciatko'! of farmo:n, orpni7ftllUwl existing urdlr and by virtues of the Ia..., or
                the Republic        or
                                  the Phntpp..... wiIb prinei.,.1 businms offia: at Brgy. Pa,mbtuban, Dluin,
                N~ Oriartal, beRinaft(r Q-llcd the DONEE, and hIreOn rq>J"CSCOI1D:l by ito President ~
                T. RUBIO. Filip.... citizen of Icg..l Igll married and _iding at PoblaeiDn. o.uin, Negros

                            That tile DONOR it   ~ 01'I'B"f   of. percd of ..... more   part~larly   tlescribcd as

                        It ptn:el olagricultun.lllnd located at ~'tdl3tlbC fllo'
                            M                                                             n:&bilered
                ~ C.daslnl Lot No.      %2.2 @r-t             , boo   oolhc Nonh by W No.         of
                ~rcno e...~I{\[IO ,aDllaotheWe5tby 6'tVbhlftlA $oljr,c ,consi.linganarao(
                  ! ,,(of> square mtters,. n-e or leu, evKbw;cd by TraI>Sf.... CertifICate Title No.
                                  ,anddeclamlinlhelll,neof ~l">Je""!l'l~ Y'IC.-r                       ......... Tax
                ~Iar.lion No.'fJ PH,,, 1'l'ith rair maO.el value of Phil PESO~-tt,z§j ...,
                         Thai the above parcOll of lind is faIIlirtd by the DAUIN SRIP Subproject., Righl-of­
        viay (ROW) for the """slruclQl of various inigation facilities ..llich witt provide irriplioo
                benefit 10 the DONE[.

                       That the DONOR is IlOl • direct bmefll'iaty of the Subpro)oct but be bas bom
                informed of the beneflb thaI the Aid IUbpojecl can provide 10 the fanncrs .00 the

                          T"hat the DONOR iulving beat wc:.-lTlCId of his right 10 recei....: just ~tiat .00
                ftIIIivalrnt f.ir mmet valli\! of the land thaI will be KqUinld by the Subprojed ., ROW for
     ,"         ib nigallon fKilitics (as ....e11 as the IS! : !sed value of the Nnding crops and ITees Ibtrem).

                         T1w thc lX>NOR Illlving .Iso beat in10tmed of the r...lltial oblig1lUon of UIC
                lrriptors' Auoxlalion 10 CD!IIInllllllt the Subprojec:l pusb through and u.l, in """",idonlion of
                lIM ar"'U,M"innrd it iI the desire of the DONOR to help the DONEE, 'rrig1lton' Asloooillion
                10 RIl'ViYc, comply with .... fulfill ill equity lXlDtrXlulion ... counterpo.rt to the ~ion
                C(IJI 0( the Sullprojca by usio& the value: of the ROW aequircd Io.nd as ~J1 of the Gtuity
                COlIversm ICbane.
.    ,B
                            'l'M1, for .nd ill ~,,,,,,idcn.tion cllbe trusI. r"ldly and oonfidenc<l of lho DONOR
                  upon tho OONEE., and ofUIC rtr'OO8 dean of the rom.:.- 10 help the Ialta" .. ix the "luivalmt
                  .......PC to mcd its equity obligation, and ....iU1 fuU knlJwl.:dge of tile ~ of his
                  Ktion, hav;lI8 lxal informed or m. ri&bU and peeuniay balCftts, the DONOR hmby
   volWll.arily GTVES TRANSFERS and CONVEYS by ......y of ASSIGMENT. ~ the
                  DONEE, it•• ucccslln-io-nerat and &Slip tho ROW acquiRd plol. !he IClCIInIcoII
                  deso;riptiun and I.i"e. of .....ich are hlseuodcr more panicul.rly described and s!lo<w by •

      skdcb att:ad>od 10 wit:

                           TO THE IA AS SHOWN AND EXTRACTED fROM 1ll:E PARCELLARY

               TI.t the ~ hereto have I p 10
                  Rea,ister of IJaldo and A ...       ··,o,.·
                                                                           this Deed of Dotwion wilh the: proper
                                                     OffIOe, .Dd 10 eur1 dTcri 10 scgn:gale Ihe ownenllil' oftbe
                  portion fUbjod of this Donation, fr<:m the ranIIinina purtiuo oftbe land of the Donor.

                          Th.t the Donor horeby warTUIIs INt the proptrly subject ba'do is froe from ,II
                  miene, _,pnnoes and ~ .".,.--..., .nd .ffiJ11l!l chal m. ioltOlioo illIOl 10 der...1ld
                  any creditor bul to bell' and support the [)on(e 1rria-tors' A""""iIIlion in order (If tbe
                  subprojcc:110 pIlsh thraugh, 51",,"", and benefit the farmen and inhabitants of tho baliI)'.

         I               ThaI tile DoIlte hereby aocepts and reOOvC$ tho ~ n.dc .. it5 rl.v<Jf, and
                  hm:by DlIIlifc:slJ ils gtltd'ulnms for the generou5 cootribulion oft/ll: nc..or.

 .       ,
                IN WfTNESS WllERF.oF,                the paniellJcrao ba~ ~ affixed their signatures
                  011    !his        2t          th       day    of          Afril                •   2005,   In

                  ~ rro~Y$("i               ellA; "I • Phitippm..

                                          D.....        -DIN                               ....

                  With IR)' maritli OOIlSeltl:

                  SIGNED IN THE PRESENCE OF,


                                                           (ACKNOWUOOEM€ N T)


                                       DEED OF DONATION

 '1         That,     Ge£>Q}t b""'Y's       Filipino cit~ 0( lepl age, marries III
      bamaJler ea.lled !be DONOR md RlSiding at      IW>.jJ~"'Y~>' ·bo'1in
      Nqpvt Orimlal.

      ~ ...     MOOl:i1lio1l  or
                               f.lflllCn, «pnizal .... e>el$ljng undn- .w by virtues lIf~ 1&\10'$ of
      tbc Republic of Ihe Philippines, wid, princ'P-J bw:iDcss offICe at Dtgy. Panublublln, 0000",
      Negros 0rienU.1, h=iDaAcr allltd lhe DONU, and herein ~ by its PRlidlmt ~
      T. RUBIO. Filipioo citizlen of Iogal IS'C' married .... _iding al Pobll1CioIl, Lllluin, Ncgros


                 That the DONOR is Ibe own« of • paroel of land, more pllfficuwly dcscTibed as

                 A pIlUl of ..,-icuhutlIllmd loc:Ited It ~ btlo·· ~/)IIC
                 8                                                                                <qlisu'rcd
      as CaduIJ.1 W No.               »14                  ,          llIl the North by Lol No, j';l J~ of
                                   • and 011 the West by         2}/5"               • eoosistiog an.,... of

                      iIl(UMe mdon, InJ!'C or less, evidcnr;:coj by Transfer Cenifate Tille No.
                             ••nd dccllml i:l tbe name of JM'ln ~;t.s
      DeclatJltioo No. ?-]- 0 Nfl, willl fair market value: of Phil PESO  L;J;; .   1""     .0'­
                                                                                                 under 'fix

                       - Oot'le.
             1111' lhe aboo.oe pan:clof land is JaI'Iircd by tbc DAUIN SkiP Subpro;m as Right-of­
      Wly (ROW) for the wmtruetioo of VlIriolD itriplion fi<cililies which. will Jlr<1"idc: ilTig1llion
      bmdif 10 !he DONn.

              ThIll the DONOR is IlOl • dirt:d bencncilry of lhe Subprujel;:t but Ito has b<len
      infooned of the baldi~ lhat tho Aid 5llbpl'l.ljl'cl Ull provUc IQ the farmers and the
 •	             ThIll the DONOR havilla belen infOl111(l(l of his right to r_ive just cornpensatiOfl and
      eqt!wllieRt fair markd va~ of the IarKl thai will be KljUim:I by the Subprojl:ct at ROW for
      its irrigatioo\ faeiUties (as welt u !he .s_..... v.lue of !be SlIndiI>g crops IIld trees lherem).

                That the OONOR havina .lso bem informed of the f....,.;ill Qbligltion of !be
      lrripton' Anociltion 10 msurc IhIl the Subproj."" push through and tiIIt, in consideralion of
      !he.foteonmtioocd iI is !be desin: of the DONOR 10 help !he DONEE, lrrip.ton' Auocl.tion
      10 survive, comply wilh IIld fulfill its equity contribution as CCJWIterpatt 10 the oonwu<:tioo
      OOIilt cL the Subpmjcct by usinl the ,.. Iue of the ROW aequimi IarKl IS plrt of the oquily
      OOIIvenion sehcme.

                          ThIll, r.:.. ..... ill calSidcration of the lfust, flddity and CUlf .... of tho: DONOR

:1          ID
                 upon lhe OONEE, and of the!<lroog desire of tile former 10 Idp the boner raise the equiv.lent
                 amount 10 _          its """,iIy obligation, and with full ~ of the ~umce of his
                 aclioll, "'vina been inbmod of Itis righlJ and pcwniNy benefits, the DONOR bcRby
            L    vohmtarily GIVES TRANSFERS and CONVEYS by way of ASSIGMENT, lIIllO lhe
                 DONEE, its Wcces!lO:n-i... intcrcsl Bnd anip the ROW acquk.d plot, the IllChnkal
    , ,.	
                 <bcription .nd aro:oo of which are ~ ItlOI'C pen.icularly described and 500"'''' by •
                 sketch .uaehad 10 wit:

                         TO THE IA AS SHOWN AND EXTRACnm I'ltOM mE PARCfl.LARY
                         SURVEY AND ....TTACH           nm     EXTRACf OF THE SKETCH AS ANNEX "A"
            ,.           HEREOF)

                           ll11il tho: parties hereto ~~e Bp 10 rcgist.c:r this Deed of DclI\alion with tbc proper
            ,.   RC'&ister of o.eds IUld AsseMors' Oi1-.:e, and 10 acrt effirIlo "'wesa1e the owno:m.ip of the
                 portiorl JUbjecl ofthi. Donation, from the .~ining portion of the land orlbe Donor.

                         Tholl the Donor	 bcRby warrants tIlIt the ",opeIl)' subject hcrel:o is free from aU
         r	      miens, UlCUIllbo'ances .nd charges ..hal5OCWr••nd .ffmns tluot his inlelllion is ROC 10 dJrlud
                 any ccalitOl" bul to help and SUJIl"l"l: !be J:>oooc: 'JTip,t\Q' Associatioll in ordGo lOr ,""
                 ~ 10 push tl1touJb, suo:cced lod bmcf" the fanners and inbabi\Mltl of tb: i<Q.1i1)'.

                        ThlII the [)(:Jnoe hcn:by aooepu and receives lht ISlignmml ",.de in its flvor, and
                 herdJy manifests ils gratefulneM for tbc generous oontributionofthc lJDnur.

                         IN WI1l'IESS WHEREOF, the pllrties heft«l have hereulllO .frllled their signatures
                 on     this     'Zt   th day    of               11"" I                  . 2005, ill
                 J>'JI' IMg ""1 ~'W t)l vl ; ,j , PiliI'

                                                               -LIP YO Ir

1 r

                 Wilh my marital Q;)I,KfII:

                                                           lJonor' s S poulIC


                                                    ~   _. ­
                                              DEED OF DONATION


                  The OAUIN-HINALlN·L!PAYO IRRIGATORS' ~OClATlON, • duly
          rcgislend Aao<:lalioa m fumen. orpnizaiaDd abma IlIIdor aDd by virtues of thl! I...... of
I J       the Rqlublic of the Pbilippm., with ~ipaJ businesJ offlCtl .t 8r&Y. Panubluban, Doum,

I~        ~ 0rieuIaJ, hlmnaftcr called the DONn, .... herein rq>I       Illed by         n.
                                                                                  President ~
          L RUBIO. Filip;"" titizm of kpl age married and ...idiDa .t Poblaciun, Dluin, Negros


                   ThaI Ibe DONOR i!I UICl _          of. pued 0( land, men par1itularly described as

                    .. A par«!. ohpit.lllural land Iocaled.t &\;Ic,=bf«,      .nwbb;.:e     Ox. rClis!«cd
     ,"   15 Cada$tnIJ Lot No.             3no;                , boYndo:l on the Nmb     Lot No. 33'2.4- of
          .¥'t;w;l,1 A. "\lot           , and 00 !be We$! II)'     {I)3I             , «lI\Sisting an _   of
               4"30        square mdcn, mon: or less, evickn<lcd by TlallSfer OcrtiflCllle Title No.
                                 , .... dcdued in the name of -I... P(6....".""'a Mpo             under l"u
          Declaration No. 'l'f-07:9t!with f.ir market v.JueofPhil PESO <JO«I!e=l.l)<irf,
                  Thai the .bove pan:>tl ofland is rt'Cllliral by the DAUlN gRIP Subprojcd 15 Ri&hl-of­
          W.y (ROW) for the <OJSlrudion of various irrigation fac:ililic$ which will provide irzi~Iioo
          baJc{lllo \he roNt£.

                   Thai tho OONOR is ... • direct bend'K:iuy of the Subprojed: bul be ""~ been
          infOl1'Dtd of llle beocrllJ lllllt thc uid 5U~t can provide to lllc: fanners .nd Ihe
          bmtfK:iIly.                       .

                    That the DONOR baving bca! infonno:d of his right 10 /'tIOrive just llOII1pftI!IIlion and
          equivalent f.ir markd value of 1M land 1M1 will be aequiml by lllc: Subprqirx:1 as ROW (or
          ita irrigation flK:ililios (15 _II .S the ulawl value of the ''-nding a"OIl' .... \rtIeS UICRin).

                   Thai lhe'OONOR having .I~ bceD infonned of the financial oblig.alioo of the
          Irrigators' Association to CDSIIfe thallbe s..bprojod. push through and that. in ~'ioo of
          \be .fo     "uioncd iI is the desire of the OONOR to help thc OONlm, Inipton" As,od.lion
          10 survi     comply with and fulliU it. cquil)' contribution 15 rounlerpu1 to the CClbSU\ItIion
          cut 01' the Subpiojoct by IOS-.g the value of the ROW llCqIIircd b.IId .. pari of thc U/u;l)'
     "    OOII~ 1ICben-.e.

                 That, fur 8lld in     I" of tho 1rUJl, r~ and calfldenoe of !be DONOR
    ......... Ibo DONeE., .....    1M          01 !be ~ k> help the Iaucr ""ise tho ~valent
    _"""WIt to . . - it> "'luity obliptian, and ... llh fuU knowloedF of the ~ of his
    action, IIavina ban Inf<nned of Ills fi&hb lllld po;:uniary belle6ts, the DONOR honby
    Y'llII/tIlariI) GIVES TRANSfEII.S and ~VEYS by _y of ASSlGMENT, uoIo the
    DONE6, its .....",..1IOn-in-inla-est and ISligns the ROW KqUira:I p~ the l«hnleal
    dtacliptiol. 11'111 am. of which aR' hemJodcr roorc ptInk:ularly lbcIilooJ and Jhuwn by •
    skaQI..ttac:t...110 wi!:


          That the putiClll hereto have I p 10 rqistG' Ibis Deed of DanIlt;';" with 1hc proper
    RqVskr of Deeds lI>d Asgeuon' Office, IlIlII to aert effort to ~!he ""1letship 0(11",
    pono. subjecl: oflhit Dorw.lion, m.n lhe ......inlng portion of d>e Jand oftbc DMor,

            That the Donor hereby warraW tbll the property subject lIoteto is free fmnl .11
    mblt, CIJCWllbru<:ea &lid chup "ba_. and 1Ofr..- IhaI hil im....... is rOll Co dofnIud
    any creditor tNt to help and IlIppOf1 lbe IJonec Irrigators' Auocillion in ordor for the
    subproject. 10 pIlsh Ih'ou,dt, sue<::«d and beneflllhc (anllen and inhabiwu of the kxality.

           Th.. the Donal hereby accq)lS and roccives the assignment ~ in its faY«, .nd
    badly IIlllfIlfests u gr.ld"u!neu for l~ geoe«W coolributioo of lhc Donor.

            IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Ibc partice herdo ~ve hereunto ..frilled their signatures
    011   this         'l.1. th  day     of    Apr,)                    • 2005,        in
    fuy   f?t!J~btRf.I1r1 (J"fLWI. Philippila.

                                             -LlPAY I          lon' A»oda      •

    Willi my muital OCIIlsmt:




Sample Deed of Assignment   N

                                         DEED OF ASSIGNMENT

                   That,       I                  11 "                                            married
                                                                  Filipino CltlUll,. of Ioegal age,
      to                                '   residiDg   at   IT"."   L,bJ,oo--''''!'.'""!l")    ~. Negros
      Oricrul, hm:inafta" ~rlcd!he ASSIGNOR" and              r           -
               The DAUIN-Illl'IALIN.LlPAYO IRRlGATORS' ASSOCIATION" duly rcgistmd
      A$IIOCiaticn off~ 0I'pIliz:<d and ailting under and by vinucs of the I.ws otlhe Rcpllblic: of
      the PllilippiDet, wid! prine""l busine& ofI"w:e at Bf&y. Panubcubao. o.uin, Negros 0rimIa1.
      hcnillllfl..... lltd!he ASSIGNEE. and Iacin ICjH        lied by its Presidl:nl Mr.LUIS I. RUBIO
      • Fi~pino cilizal, ofltpl "F IIIIIlTied and raid. . at Pobl&cion, Dluin, Negros Oriental.


                   Thai tbe ASSIGNOR i! the    _11ft"   of. pared of Illncl, more particularly desa"ibcd as

              .. A .,.,.,.1 of agric:ulllll1ll land IocIoled al   Bul'i Lib,     6                ~SURd IS
      CNkslral LoI No.              09B                      • 00",."'" (11 the North by 1M No. 8¥J of
      ~bl\         p.""
                    lD.10           , and (Jr\ the West by .li.o.JpojQ AlA 1>., 0      • consisting an am of
        '.'its lltl JqlWC meters, more or less, ai6enoed by Transfer CMiflCalC Title No.
                   .         • and _"'red        in the lIIlme of j..eQ"4m.o Crlt'lj;>tD
      DeclaiatioP No. i-:S O~, with r.ir nwket VlI1ue of Phi] PESO 'ito                   ~".
                                                                                                    under Tax

              That Ibe &bc:M pueeI of land is reqund by the DAViN SRIP SlIbpojed .5 Riglu4_
      Way (ROW) for the OOlI$lrUdion of various iJrigI.tion f~;litlc$ which will provide irrig,Rlion
      bentfd to both ASSIGNOR and ASSIGNU.

               That Ibe ASSIGNEE as I benefICiary of tile Subpoject, has obligation to provideequU1
      equiVllIont to 2S paant c:Lthco ~ion 0Ml. oflhe Subproject.

               Thai the ASSIGNOR is • Memb« of good ~ of !be ASSIGNII lrTipllO'
      A.ocialion .nd wiU dmly benefit fmn the Irrigation ..-vil;a provided by the .fOl'Utlelllioned
      Dauin SRIP Subprojeo;t and thaI he has the rctpOMibility to Ibare proprrtionalely in th! pl.ymeot
      of the equity obligation of the ASSIGNEE Irriptors' AsS<,lCialion.

               1bal it illikewl1c, the ASSIGNOR'. d=iro to utilize equinknt f.ir market .... Iue oflbe
      Rigbt-of- W.y (ROW) and (the .ssenod value of tbe s1andina crops and _ hemo .s • mew" elf
      offsetting his pmonal cqoity-nbUlion to the ASSIGNU.
                   That, roc and in consideration of lhc trust, fidelity and confdml:e of Ihe ASSIGNOR
    I.    upon lhc ASSIGNEE, and of lbe strong desire of the forItler to bcIp tho \alto:< f1Iise the equiYalent
          amount to mod it! equity obligation, and with full knowledge of the ~cncc of bis actiOll,
          having been informod of hiJ rights and pecuniasy benefits, the ASSIGNOR hft'dly volllnWily
    I     GIVES TRANSFERS and CONVEYS by WIly of ASSIGMENT, unto the ASSIGNEJi:. its
          5UCCesscn-m-interes1 and assigns tho: ROW· acquired plot, the technical description and area of
          which IIJ1: bereundo:r more particularly described and 5hown by. sletcb aUllched to wil:

                  That the parties ha"do have agree to register Ibis DmI of Assignment with the jII'Opa"
          Register of Dcods and MSe55on' OffICe, and 41 CllCI1 dTort to segregate the ownership of the
          pmion 5ubp.,1 ofthi. Assignmmt, from the     mnainingpcrtioo uribe Iaod oCtbe Assignor.

                  ThU the Assignor hereby "VTallIS thaI the p1opt1\) subject heftto ;" free from aU plan!,
          encumbranc:es and charge:o whaI3oever, and .fflJ1l15 that IUs intention is not \0 defraud any
          creditor but to help and support the ASSIGNEE Irrigators' Associ.-tion in order for the
          subproject to pum tb-oogh, ll-.i and bcQcfrt!be fartna'S and inhabitants orlbe locality.

                 That the ASSIGNEE hereby acocpts and rt:l.'Cives the assi~ nw» in its raV<Jf, and
          hereby manifests iu gratcru~IeSS for the generous COlJlribulioo of tile ASSIGNOR.

                  IN WITNF..5S WRJ:REOF, lhe parties heretD have herumlo a(f!XCd their           signo.~      on
          thi!. ~If      thdayof          err!1                    .2005,iD   1\'1/   nltltlkj"t.-.'1   ()1'!lfl.
          Philippines.                                                          y

          Willi my manu.! consent


                                       Du:D Of ASSIGNM£NI'


           ~   OAUlN-JDNALIN·L!PAYO IRRIGATORS' ASSOCIATION, a duly                                    ~Itend
M50cwion of farmon, orpniml and existin& under and by Virtual of the Ia..., of the Republic of
the PIlilippines. willi prin<:;p.1 bus--. off~ al Brgy. Panubtuban, Dau'" Negos Oriental.
t-einafkr called the ASSIGNEE, and horein .qll~l\od by ill Presidoenl J\1r.LUL~ T, RUDIO
a Filipino ~itiun, ofleplagc ITIllrried and _idingat Pobw:ioo, Dauin, N<:flTOf OrimtaL


           That the ASSIGNOR is the> O"'lJel' of a pan:cl of land., more particularly dcocribed IS

      ~ A pAn:C1 of agricultural land klcalod al1!¥. &Io( - Poloc..              1'C,;Slerod as
Cadutnl Lol No.            ?¥'1               , bouiKled on the North by l.d No. lY!1 of
'm~lo "I(~~h              ,and tnthe Wcst by           3311.           ,000000iltingan..,.eaof
 1,'510 f\ 'oquaro I'I'IeICI'S, nKrO or loss, ovideneed by Transfcr Co:o1irlCale Tille No.
                  , and declared in !be n111DO of mSltr It'L:;a                    uDder Tax
))c,.,laration No. 81; (It 110.1", with fair market value of PlIll PESO f   «0.   f r....'l..l!l..

        lllal tbe .bove paroel of land is I"aluiral by the DAVIN SRiP Subproj«t IS Right-of_
Way (ROW) fof the oonstruction of various irrigation &c.:iliticl whkb will provide irrigalion
bco:lltlO boIh ASSIGNOR.nd ASSI{;NEE.

        That the ASSIGNEE IS a bonofociary oftbe Subprojoct, has obIigatioD                     lu pr<>Vilk equity
llQUivalmllO 2$ ponx:nt of the COI15IJUCliorl eosI oflbe SubprO)ecL

        That the ASSIGNOR It a Mornbor of p;ood standing of the ASSIGNEE Irriptou'
A.uociatiorl and will diRdly benefit from the IlTiption ~ provided by the afonmmtilmcd
Dauin SRIP Subpro;ect and thai he has the reponsibitity 10 share proportionatc:Jy in the paymml
oftbe otluity ob~ption of tho ASSIGNt:J: IlTigaton' l\ssoI;iation.

        Thai it is likewiJc, the ASSIGNOR', deliftto utitil.c CIqIlivalent fait market value of tile
Rigbl-of-Way (ROW) and (the assesllllll value oflbo IIII.nding crop$ and Inll:S heroin as a 11IQ1lI of
offieUiog his per:tOIlII equity C<lOlJibution 10 file ASSIGNEE.


            'Jbal, for ..-I in OOlI'idtntion of thll ll'uSt, fidelity and IXIJIfiOI:nce of tbo ASSIGNOR
    upon Ibe ASSIGNEE, and of the Slr'On& desire of thll fi;nnlr to hclp the !aU« raise the equi\lIlent
    amounl to . - iU oqIIity obliglollon, and with full know\cdgc of thll ~ of hill .ction,
    havin& boen informed of his ri&flts and pecuniary benc:fJU, tbe ASSIGNOR bmby voluntarily
    GIVES TRANSFERS IlDd CONVI:VS by ......y of ASSlGMENT, unto the ASSICNEE, its
    IU .-._in-inIcrcsl and us;gno thll ROW acqund plot, !be teclInico.l des<:riptiorl and ala of
    which are ben:ulder _ particuLuly dt8a ibc:d and IIbown by • sketc:b etlllChed 10 wit:


             nw the parties hemo have agru 10 rqiskr this Dml of           Nt"'.. . .  with the proper
    Register of Do:al:s and Assesaon' OffICe, and to exert clfm 10 KlVesate the CIWIlefStup of Ibe
    portioa subject ofthi:! Anignment, from the rmlllinini portioa ofthl!laftd ortbe As5ignor.

            Thallbe   Assi&nor hereby waIT.1l1S thatthe "'01>01)' subjCICI hemo is frtoe from .11 plans.
    cn:umbrances and char.,. whaooe.'CI", and      Iff,""" that   his intcnlion if ftOII 10 defraud lily
    credila but 10 help and JIIppoJt the ASSIGNt.:E Irripllln' A5s0cioolion in order b the
    .uhproja:t to push tIrougb..uo»:lCd and bo:nef.1be filf111en and inhI.bitads oCthe locality.

            T1at the ASSIGN.tJ: ~ ao;o;ept. and ~ the .~ipncnt made in itJ fayOl', and
    Iw:ntly manifeStli ib gf8tefuloss forthe &mcnlUS conlribution  mthe


                                                               Iton' Assoria

    with my marital eonscnt:


                                     DEED OF A.">SIGIOUNT


   =",Tho~~,~~a~_~'~1 ~i«'\;O~~1P~~-I~"'~'::-:",,~"~'~"';-':<_~';:;~of~~""~11 .~"'~_""
10:;: lAMo Il'.4ry1N!lWD;o        , rcsidinl II	 ~...g$O     D<>l~"'"
                                                                   ,           • , N~
0ricntI1, hereinlftcs aIled the ASSIGNOR: Ind

Associllkln of fllfllK'rJ, orpnizcd Ind exisling under Ind by virtUCI of the 11..-., of the Republil: of
the Pltilippines, with principii bv'~1C:56 office It Brgy. p.....tJwban, Qauin, Ncgros Oriental,
"-inal\l:r called the ASSIGNEE, and """in ropracnlcd by iu Pruideot Mr.LUlS I. RUBIO
a Filipino <;iti:v:n, of legal age: IfIllrrled and reidingal POOlacion, Dauin, Negros Oricntll.


           Thai the ASSIGNOR i. the 0"1ltl' or     a pat<:el of land,   n>or<; particulaJly "-:ribcd   as

           Q   A parcel of agricultul1l1 land IoCIlcd at M~""",S(> (hun 1:I'«I.or. rcgl$teo'ed as
Cadasuall,ot No.                  !Q4Z-               ,bou     (1ft the North bY La: No. IG04> of
                            , and OR IIJ<, WC5I by           lG"l1          , consisting an UClI of
   1:32.00	     S</Ilare.ncten. lOOn: Of 1eu, evidenced by Tran.<fcr Ca'tifK:lte TiUe No.
                         , .,-.1
                             d"d...cd in the namo of         fbtti,;"jQ palopQ           uld:r Tax
De;:laJalion No. ,!'H>J-""- wilb fair merket Y1IIIK of .Phil PESO 40 -=t>q _ M'*J .
         That the ablM parcel of land is required by the: DAVIN SRIP Subproj«1 as Rig.hl-of·
WlY (ROW) I'll' the CQIlStnletkln of variou.s in'ipiion flcilities wbic:h 1'1-;11 ~YUe irrigation
bmcfit to both ASSIGNOR and ASSIGNEE.

        Thol the ASSIGNEE as a bmd'K:iary of the Subp,,;..:1. hu obligJIriorl to (lfovido o:quity
equivalent to 25 pen::aM of tho """'truction c:ost of tho Subprojec(.

         That the ASSIGNOR is I Member of g<X>d standing of tho ASSIGNEE Imgal(J'"
Asaoc:iation and will directly bend'1t from the Jrrigatiun IIlll"Ym provided by the afOl'lllllmtKnd
DaWn SRiP Subpl~ and that be J.s the fll5pollsibility to sI.re pl'Op01ionmly io the paymmt
oftbllo:quity obligation 01 the ASSIGNEE trriplcn' Association.

       That it .. likewige, tho ASSIGNOR', desire to utilize equivalml mir market value: of the
RijhtoOf.Way (ROW) and {tho aUCSlOll Y1II"" of the !rtaIodina (flJp' and lrec:I "-in as I mean, of
ofI'SfttiDg his po:n<lOIl <quily <XlllIriOOlion to Ihe ASSIGNEE.
·.                That, lOr and in (:C.lR'Iidcntion of the trust, fklclity o.nd c:onfKlenu of the ASSIGNUR
         lIpO'i the ASSIGNEE, and of the str""'l'l desift of the forllV2" 10 help the Laller niSCl the equivlltnl
         amwnIlo meet its equity obIiption, and with full knowled&c of the c:on~ of hit lefOO,
         t.ving beaI informed of bis rights and ~"ni'ry bmellll, the ASSIGNOR Ila'eb)' vokulWily
         GIVES TRANSFt:RS ,Del CONVJ:VS by way of ASSIGMENT, 0010 the ASSIGNEE, its
         1'11:_ ••in-inkn;st .... asIIigns the ROW acquired plol. the tcehniaJ de$aipllon and .rea of
         \OfIidl .... hereundo:r more: pIIrti£u1arly described and shown by • s.b:«:h Ittachod to wit:


                   ThIll the parties bereto haw agree 10 regi3ta" this o-t of A..igrwmn wiIh the proper
         RC!l.ister of I.J<:coh and A",esson' Off.,." and 10 acrt effort to segregate the 0WlleI'Ship of the
         portion subject of lIlis Assignment, from the ranUliD& ponioo oflhe IaJJd or the Assignlw.

                 That the Auisoor hereby wllInnb 'hoIl the "....p.. 1)' subjcd bereto is rue from aU pLaIll,
         CIlCWIlbrances II1d clIarKtS whalS<Je'lltl", and affams IIw his iotmtion is not to defraud any
         er~ilOr but 10 help and IUpporl \be ASSIGNEE I~ors' AuJociation in order fir the
         IUbprojed: to push through. slJ(X:ftld and beIlefit the fllm"lOft and inbabilallts of Ibe Iocalir.y.

                 Thill the ASSIGNEE hcnby lIC<lepts and ~ the auignmc:nt made in its (,vor. and
         hcftby IIIAIlI(ests its gnItefulnesll for the gauous ~lion of the ASSIGNOR.

                  IN WrrN£SS WUER.t:Of. the parties           herl:tO"'~ hemJnIo  .If,,,cd their 5ignatureol on
         Ibi, 2'2     Ib clay of /11.-,.11                          .2005.io.l~nlf-Il\<Hll<p l,h"lj'l
         PhiJippifles.                                                             '            "

                                                                                       . rio.


     C    ~~WIVY'A
Sample Signed Agreement for ROW    N
  Settlement in the Service Area


               1I.\l'L'l-lllIiALlN-IJ.l';\ \ 0 UaU<.:ATOltS' \SSOCJAJ10i,

                                     I........ N..'t"" r ,;" ~,.

       1110 ull.-lluu,Iin·!.i 1"" y.. IniQ>lnr..-'       ,\_.,..,~tariflU

      rnl;ll. Nq:lClll Or..."'"

      111i{1 r "tho.: IA 1'''''''0''"

                 111 <:","'~I~"'" wjtf1 tIr:: ,bi.-.: uf th~ Ini~,",' A~~{lClmlllll I" in>'!:lll
      pipdill~s iU.:llltlillll ,« lin;:!'.:,; arnl "lI."r :I\;'\:!i-~....-ic:; lilt- 111,' l)au;1I $ul:olll
                                .               .
      lh~<"I"V"ir hl';:;:III"" l'n~I"(1. t~l-:.l.I') al D.-win. N,-gn>s \!rimll;,:. :IlKl ill
      aplll't\"i:rti"1l <,fl!! .. !'("lIdits It- :!,TIlI: fi"l.'llI sud! ,·011stnJt..1i{!n,' h:l·~t;.,· "lIUI"ri~
      yo.. and ",'Uf n.lll"C\icu\>llj.. ~ It' enter 1IJlllll my li.1ll ~11", .. ~,1 ~I
       .l1.;tG - k '~Q _ _                      ,11:0";"_ N'.'gl'-''; Ori"'l.~l \k:;.';'ibo:d "J,IlJ,r O'I/f\~r
      l>;0,     5:fJI:kW.;uK!               l~\X "I'.CI...\RA110N NO.'7'I-~{{rl1JI'MtI... m.He ,)1
        !FOPi6T1l 17-,I'f'!.M.f11IJJ.'Q'd'"                      sw..w .. ~ :t!I rna" ~ IlI'''C~~;r.· 11'1
      11,,:i;:nl,il1<' ",,<,I I"",,~~ Ih" li"," ,', :".al'Oll ..,f Lb<: ·~ .. iJ pip.lii~w in"lnJmf It!'
       liniugs and ~Ihcr 3",'r~.""n,~ l':ilth:nil"''L', 1 wai,'c' II", ri:;'Jd ll' vr:S~lIl ,UI~' lJJliJ
       Oll! claims. f", "'"lljKUS,lti"u. a;l<~ ill_t:~J. f ,<hall tI""a(: Ih.. jl'll,tiOll tlI' Ihll1i'>1ll1
       flf my laud wlto:n tillS in';.l!l~"~' I",-ilil'n- will ~ lIISlulkti h,1VIr¥- ~ k,,~,1h                             ,.1
           ?I- __ Indc.,,,, at,,1 wi ..l1h         "r
                                               _:,ll_, ',,:I.'~ \,.~,I"illiIlS '81 ;lI,'a "[n"",, 0\( k!:.~
          '222 - sq",,-c mc\c,.~ II i~ nL"I"nl<",tll;"~ tili! .l<'ltilli,", !<lmll /i""" 1':111 "'" "'"
       i"tlivi<1ual rqnitv sh:"" c"nll-ihnlinlll" tl!~ I"x'j""" in the IM~llUl1<>tI'" "f"hid'
      1;.1 h" dflo""iUf hy lI", AiJ1)lnis~,j                (""",,,,,1\,,,,
                                                                        11 ;~ fill,:",r lMIJ..'ro'l",>J lIoal I
      l't'uld ,till ll\ili~~ Ul~ J,mal"tI IJIlltit>n ", m\' 1"1 1;'( :'lilY ~,'i .. ut~W:lt 1I~~~ ,'"lr.
      p':J1ti"u[;u-ly for ~"iI•• 'IIi11 ,-r"I". "" ,,'t1~lili<'1l ~l:lt \1:. NL \ ~~I(l I lllll.'\ <'r ils July
      l't'p~s'=1J1alive~. C~1h "(>n"n~l n"~ inary ..'h,:,~\i 1"1, ~Tl:lir alld 11l1liJ1tell;lflcr. "r IIIr'

      irrigali"ll r,ll"i1ilk~ t(J~la"11 III tll~ "'%11':,\ j;'_',lil"l'~ "f my It"
      uec-d a,.,~~~_                        j/ '          ..{,

                                                                                                 till' ,I,; Ih~

                       \L.:o-kl,"" .....)

                 III    1><'1.,11" d' Ihe 1J"\lIL'oi-lilN,U,L"'·J.iJ',\YO UtR1GAl01C>'
      ....SS0<1ATI0;\, II ... J.>~ 1lf1"idi~'" (0", ..,'1 II..:: d. ~ 11Ii,~II'c"'. ~1 .... 1" At..~ "1'11>,, ~Okl
      >!bolu...'II,on«1 du.... f'''t''IO.r ... ~                                                  1<' """...1:01-1
            ,iaJ r('ll" iT¥.~~' 1'"1""'" :'.~ l~ ',;r {,.•',.' ,,1<1.1', 1.\~IiL ~ ... ,             Hi_

                                                                            ---- -   --        -   .-- .... --- ------­
                                                                           ,--,tOW Co,nnU'o.' (hlllnlllJ

                                  A C h:N" W l. E l' to E: 'IE N T

      IU:I'UBJ ,1('      1)1- "' 'H";   I' III Lll'l'INf'.'»
      l'RO\llNCE OF                                            )
       ~IUMCll>M.JTY(l!,                                       )'),:0:

                                         ML                    ; .. 'l,~;       'l'llblit                          lijlJ          lU
                                                         I'liilip,)ill~~_   ,lIl Ihi,                                      11:1\' "I
                                              pc"-'"H,,lh          ;~lP'·'I('"u   ._.            _                              :.uIJ
                                                       wi'h        l \"11111111111)'     laX          f"Cl1ifi";lll'           "l"~.
            \~?:?u-_                                                                                          j,-.'t 'II
      u.:.ur-\ . ~ O;.,r"""1 ,.,d                                                                                                ,'"
      /y'rzrJ, 1.'2d:>+                             "",I                      ... __ .    . h,.\ll ~t1.'W!1
      to; m~ to be the ~.IIll~ p,., ....,". ",I,., CA,,'Il,,'J Ill<- r;'I~g.\ill~ ",,.\nllll.I1' ;111.1 "I",
      :tI:J;,u(,wl~~ed '0 me IIlJI Ih: '-:Tn,- ,,1I1o,r In'" 'lnt! v"hlt)1;Uv :1\'1 "nd dH11 'm,1
      oflll~ t<lI1Xl1"illioo'C;ltity I\bldl ," :11.11' ;,,'P"""II1.

                IN \\'lTNE:-;:; WItEHI:OI. I 10.1,,, ".',.\l,I\,'                        CI1.li~.·d    illY   ~i;;:,,'llll'"    ,",J
      lI11ie;al ""al "n Ihe oJ'oI" ",," pla,'" "1.,.,,,.- \\, ,II",

                                                                                          '-fiT"RY l'\JBl.JC

      n.-..;-     N.'

      t':l!:-'"   N"..•.,__

      S,,;.... "j" X)('I.I


                  IHtTl'i lI!":\II'l LlI',\yO UaUv.\TORY .\SSOCL\Tlm;
                                                l""." x,·........ ' .i~I_"

                                                                                       .JW-.tf..Jl, ,.waf
     ,                                                                                             n~~
         ]lDulll·1 I;n"U/•. l.lrll."""     lJ'i~,,· ....,,;   j\-.ri"ti,,,,
         lhlll Nt¥~ Ori.. ."t


                    In ~(lI~IN";'~1 "-'''. 'h~ ws;t'C" _'I" l"~ IlTJ!''''llf'l''               .o\'!'!t...·l'1titlll   tI' m~"ll
         pjp,:Ii,,~,; iJldlioJllll> H~ liulI'.-:.'            :..,J <lWei ;u:~:ssories for Ih: D.llI'u ~mall
         1('~~~rv"ir       il'":<':1I"'"   l'rOl':'l !~al.1"J :II llauitL N~'p">!; OriClJlOI1.                          ,""I    111
         aVPl'eliati'.".l (,'-~:: hll,f:l'         !, 3':'_nl~        ("""11 ~'1I\:h \"un,llulil<lll.l h~l\+? aulllf'l'i:-o'
         ,V,III    allli   \''''~.   "~lI'n:~<"~"l;H'           I.'      <'l,t<:r   """,    Ill?     1:0,,1      ~illl:ll:d     ",
           ~gf.- AS Q__, P.I"'"                                 '.::c.n's Orkll!,ll Ues'1·ibctll~I9f.r C)(Tfii'1
         Nn.o~:!y·~wld TAX Ilb"1 AIIATION r-;u.'Jq~or«~-'"11S.d,,, tIi~n~ .,J
           A-MPA1~S~_D,' J'~~_ .allt! !" ",>n,hll'1 ~"rvI"V~ 'l~ lit":'" Ix- 1K"C':N"y I,'
         ,lclcnnill: ;Uhl lclc,n~ tile Ii"" ,)t. i,":Ji;(lI1 of Ule .>;.l'd pil" .. lill'" JII.:luJ;ng i!$
         j;\Iill~" <Ulo.l (11),,,,' ac,;c""iri~". J;"'1h~nll"r\-. l wah''': lit.: n~11 t.'l IJr.'"UlI JIll' illlll
         all "bim~ fur CL>rIIl"'IJ<L!li"II, ,I!~J i'lo:,'ad. I :;hal! JOll,"UC Ill: jlot1iou .'r j:"11i,ms
         <It my hwd wlt<"r~ Ihi. iIT;.~mi'>i' l:or;I,,,,'" will ~ ;nlt:1ll"d hav'l1!! :\ l"I\.!;Ill ,.f
         _ ..,7 __ !'1~\~,)l nlld ,'.';<11h ,,1' ---.3......_,,·,,-I.,~ cl.'nlaillins ;lil ;IV;!         "r
                                                                                                        11M,' \~. It~~
            III . _''1n3...' ,,,,,leT'. It ;, Hnd:,.>1,\"d lila! 1I,i~ d",,:rti"n >hall i"I1n 1';111 .1" "I~
         iudividll~1 eqllir;,' ~llal".' ,,,,,,1,;,,,,1;(1'1 !<' Ib: l'r~j:"1 ;11 tk 1(>\.11 :lll<'l1!\1t "[whirl,
         I" I", ,t"'''OIuim, b., ,h.· AIlI'l'ai~al \ "'"i'''ll;·c. 11 I,' ;1~ll"'T IIIl<krSh','J tilal J
         e,lHI,1 c1il1 )11i1;~c Ihl' ,1'>llaled p"11;,'" ,'1 'T':-' 10'1 1"1" auy ~iclll\UI~11 ll'C", ,"11'1.
         11,111,.1'1'1,-]" (;:" .•• ,,,,,,,,,,1 C'('I'~. ,"' e,m,1 ,t"'I) that tlJ~ NlA :.ul•.! nl fl.!. \ ,'I it:; ..luI}'
         r<'1lrc~rIOUtll~n. \';~) \"~l'~l('t l"oIOIin.1l)' dl~c'k 101', r~l~ir :v"1umi"'..n:,,,ct> ",'II,,·
         in-~~!i"JJ f",ilil)~~ 1"'iI,,,1 in 'the J'>lla!,'" ~,,!I((oll{~ " m                          'I)" '\11,< M til\"
         Il~",d ari,~~.               b< " I.~
                                                        '~IVINI<                                                         VlV/M1

                    In 1>,,1.,1[ _"         ~...    lJ.\fIlN-HlNALL"l·Lll'.\\'0 J.RRJc; n OR~'
         A.'iSOCL\TIOi\'. I 1 d.;~ l!'.~.:I;Jlly ,.... co.\'c lho ,koml"llh '1.:.1 .... I"yt~ .., ,',"lhi! ~.IJ
         "'·<."Yalmk"<llOJrlllt>·''''rlC'I'':- AlIlJ"'(lsI(l ~,yU{~K...                     _.1<. 'etm,I"JJ
         ''I:\·",it,1 k.. ir""'.....·1".,·" ,.'~ ,,,,~, "I" n~UlI SRrr , T\.'f, N.'/;1!"'" (r; "I.


                                                                                                   J. ' ST. IWIaO
                                                                                                     \ l'rc.;iJert>1lo."J..<;
                                               Sl~llfd    ill The 1'n<tlfU or:

                               \ r: I(N fJ         W I. EnG}:!II EN T

     IU!P\ )]}U(' 0[' '1l11' }'JIII tJ','. N t.,)
     rnOVINCE OF                                                )
     MIfl\'lCII'AI.f'y Of'                                       I:),:::

                                  i\ll:..           ;\           "Nol'u:.          J'ubli~                f,w'       :u\';          III

                                                    . "'ll1lipl';pw~. _'II Illl~                             .               (I~y "I'
                                          1~:l~\'II<Jj[y            "PI" an.-I!                                                 .u,u
                                                      '."'til        '. ,'IlIlIMIiUly         l:,~        \ "'nilk;~<          S\'~
     ..   _.~7222                              .             :~"l                                                i~~I,~d            ;~
     tbuir:l.~~_Cd:F-d~1                            ,11,,1                   _~ .._       .                            _            '~I
     ~ __.                              • :UI t                                         1'''11l ~ll 'Wn
     to lll~ '" bC Ih" ~;UI'~ 1k:1'l<""~ .'i~' "~ ...;l.,,J Ih" 1""":<,,;,,-,,, ;\L-tlum,,,l aml.whl'
     ad11'''''k,I~!~d I" 1l1l' HIJl til" ~;",w I~ Ul<tr !i"", and v,'!L'"I'lIV nd :'IIld ,k~d and
     uflh: "''1h'I":U;''Il',·,IliI.'   "i,..
                                         l1 "I ~1"Ul ,...·I'IV~~"L

                  IN ',\'IT'.I::::: W!lLl'J.:(,r.               j h:t\,~    1".wllIl<'·       .illj~:<1    ,". ~11P-1:11l1I\' ,u,J
     "lfjeial "cal,", ,ll,.   ,l,~<"   a,,,1   "j ,"','   '.11",.." ''''illou

                                                                                                     ---_ .. -
                                                                                              NOr ,\I{Y Pl;auc
     n ·. t,J.,
     1 ,,1/0:;: No"
     l"'?e No'.
     "en<.'" '-'f XX\!
Copy of Submerged Area PAP   N
   Compensation Preference
        Survey Forms         N



                    Southern I'hiJippiJJcs Irrigation Seclor Pro~

                  !:invironmental.nd Social Measures Component

      I.	        LaJld o..... u·s ProfiJ.t

                 L      N~         Tf(:   "IslA	
                                                       " ",             \\..LD    b,   VI C(;l'l1A     ,.   ... \\II 1<J,ol.
                 2.	    Ag.              C ".'. d.
                                       . J ,           •
                        IlooJChold                s   _31'   ~
                                                                         7       ~ 'U~     &, 1'~.J'ln!
      IL	        t:nlit~mel1t     optiOn!

                 ~ Ca!lh Compcnsalion                                            _ _ Land Rq>Laccu"ICfl1

                 If you choose Land replacement, where?                                ~_---_

                 Ir yOu prefer    ca.~ compensation, how much? P..JIG, c!              .Is;,   m,

      COlDpeDSIlioD Value Bastd on rro~jnti.1 Appr.isah Committee, HI R Land
      Valualioll       ._d
                    latnll\la"ktl Valut al tbe area.
                                                            .   ­
                                                      --­ 8lR land V.h.aIKIO            .1..,I'C$'l\hrket

      LoOO                       i'J3.33/:;q,m.         P3.2<V1Iq m. Interior lols
            -                                                    ofDAUIN
       U         Portion         P41.6&'~_m_
      Ceo       "',_             Pel lnventu

                                                                        ,            --­
               Southern Philippines InigatiOll Sector Project

              CnvirorunentlJ and Social Mcasure:; CompOllait


n.      Entitlf:Dlf:nt optiolls
                 ,/   /"

               CaSh Compf:llSillion                                      _ _ Land Rqllacemmt

        If you choosc Land replacanmt, wh«c?                                             _

        If you prefer cash comPf:nsation, how much? P-4r="'''-''­

Compc:uution Valuc based on Provincial App...it:als COUlmitcte, BlR Lan'"
Valualiol! and lalat Mari<d Valuf: at thc art.ll.
              PAC                   8lR land Vat.alkln       Latat ~tarkd
                  P3J.H/sq.m.     PJ.2OI11q.m.lnleriot lots
   "                                     ofJlAUIN
 U      Portion   P41.W .m.
ero sfTrees       Per- Im·w

                                            _   -0_       ~
                                       • _.3' • _ _   ~       ..-1....-:-\.-"';_


                  Southern Philippines Irrigation Sector Project
                           Environmental and S(Ii.,;a! Measures Component



            Entitlement optiOlIJ

            ~~ Comperu;ation                                        _ _ Land Replacement

            IfYOll choose: Land replacement, where?                 ,                  _

            lfyou prefer cash oompensatioll, bow much'! P     ~ l{i\­

     CompcnUltion Value Based on Provincial APJlrlIiSaJs'        C!mm~tte, BIR Land
     Val 1111 flOR all dlat 11\1 ar kel VI uc at ( he area.
                  PAC      "                 .---­
                                             8lR land ValuatioD             Latest Market
     LMd                   PH.33/sq.m.      P3.20/sq_1Il_lnterior lois
      U     Portion        P41.66/   .In.
     C     Wf=             Per Inventory

                                            fl4!eJDsv S[)LAMI LtD -~,,",~,I



                       Southcm Philippines Irrigation Seclor ProjOCl

                      BnvirofUTlColal and Social Ml::lISUreJ Component

          L       '..and owner', t'rolilt



                                                                             Land RcpJaccmcrt

                  If you choose l.and replacement, where?                                _

                  Ifyw prefer cash compcmatioll, how much? P       ~/           12-i)- y1A'
          Compensation V.lut Bastd on Pro"iacial Apprai$ab CommiUee, UlR Lind
          Valuation lind laleu Markel \lalue a' the aru,                      .­
                       PAC                    8rR laud Valualton  Laten "brltet
          1AOO                PJl.J){iKl· m ,   1'3 2015q.m. Interior lots
             .                                         ofDAUlN
                 a """"'"    P4L~
          C"                  PCI'" InVCnI



                       Southern Philippincslrrigalion Sector J'roja.1

                      En~itonmcnlal and Social MC8$lIreJ r...ompo<lellt

    I.    Land owner's Profile

          L    Name .ti.k."c·",,\ ;;: I.r h",
          2,   Aile __ S~; .'\.) '."c', {>--1 ...1:
          3.   Address      t.:. «"' tdoIC
          4.   Household Members y

    u.    Entitlement options

          ------t 6slJ Compensatiun                            - - Land Replacement
          If yo II o;:hOO»e Laud rcplaccmell1, where1                          _

          If you pn:fcr cash compensation, how much-' P t.,!'! I s ,_ .,.\.

    Compennliun Value lJui:d on Prol'illdal Appnisals ClKIlmittee, 8IR Laml
    Valll.lioo Ind lalel! Jl.brkel Vahlt lithe area.
                 PAC                      BIR Ind V.luation       Latat M.rkel
    wd                 P33.J3/sq m.     Pl.201sq.m. Interior lots
     ';~portiOll      P4I.WSU.m.
    C     =           Per In\'eI'lto

Copy of Recent Land Transaction   N
   in the Project Area


.	                                  DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE

         KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE ''f?t:."SENTS:

               We. SANCHO TRUMATA, married to Geroncia 6anua, and E::MELIA
         C. AlARCIO, single. aU of leg.]! 3!Je. filipinos. both are fF,!'Sidenl oland With
         postal address at D:3lIin, Negro'S Oriental, Ptlilippines. hereillafter r"f":irred
         to as the VENDORS;

                   for and in conslderatioll of the sum of THIRTY THOUSAND
         (P30,OOO.OO) PESOS, Philippine currency, to me- 101 hand p<ud by

                NARCISA TUBANG SALJ,TER. widow, Filipino. of legal age, alld 'i1!t,
         resklenes and post-office address .}t Lipayo, Dawn, Neg-os Onentat,
         Philippines, hereinafter referred to as the VENDEE;

                do hereby SELL. TRANSFER and CONV:?:V, absolutely ;)nj
         unconditionally, lInto the said r,13rcis3 Tubang Sau,ter, her heirs and
         assigns, that cel1ain portIOn Of;3 parcel of land v/hich rs"'situated Oil Lot 317
         located al Barangay of Bulak, Municip.'llity of Dauin, and which IS mOle
         p<trlicularly described as follo\,('3, to \"it

                           ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF T1TLE No. 5723

                           "A parcel of land, lol No. 3"17. Pls-759, siluated in ihe
                    B<lI"<lngay of Bulak, Municipatily of Davin, Pro·>'inc.e of Negro",
                 .	 Ori~nlal. bland of Negrvs Bouoded on thC' NE., a,ong ~ne ·1-2
                    by lot 316; on the SE .. alo119 Iin~ 2-3 by lal 335; along lino 3-4
                    by lol 334; on the SW., along tille 4-5 by Lot 313, all the NW.,
                    along ~ne 5-6 by Lal 303, and along line 6-1 by Lot 305, aU of
                    !he subdivision plan. BQgnll1irlg al a point marked "1" all plan,
                    being N. 25 deg. 57' E, 2503 91 m. from BlLM No.1, Pts-759.
                    thencs N 31 deg.11'E.• 118 12 H1 10 ~jnt2; lhonc.9 S, 6'1 deg
                    56' E., 43.96 m. 10 point 3. lhenc~ S. 56 dog. 19' E" 4.87 m, 10
                    poinl 4; thence S. 32 deg. 40'W, '118.65 m, 10 poinl 5, thElncti
                    N. 61 deg~ 32' W. 36 02 m. 10 p01l11 6; thence N 58 ~1e9, 43'
                   W., 9.72 m. to the poinl of begit1l'1ing Containing an area of
                    FIVE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED SEVEN (5,607) SQUARE
                    METERS. more or le$s. All poinls rafaned to al Ei illdie.:rlud on
                    Ihe plan and marked on the ground by PIs. Cyl. COl Ie Mom 15
                   )( GO em. rna. And the rest by sfalles, stakes and lree:.
                   Bearings true. This lot was surveyed pursuan! 10 C. A. l-lo. 141
                   and In accordance with lh~ existing rtlleS and regul..~tions of
                   Lands Management Services, DHJR, by Surv&y P~~rty 1J-.A.
                   Sl.R"Vsyed on Ma/ch 29. 1962 amI approved un Septeillher 3D,
                    1965 and now subject for distribution pur~tA,rl III R A No)

                  of whic.h we are lhi;! laMul ~~ntJ al>c:<olule ownsr 01 the saId parcel of
     !   land;
                  lila! me aU (0)01111119 lot owner'3, were IIOlifleo or me               sa~,   nO·...·cV3f.
         they have no intention to exercise the right of pre-ompllol1

                   l~ WITN~~ WHEREOF,           we have hereunto aftbred our signa1un;ls ­
           this ,N V Q{bf~                             , 2004 at Municipahty of Sibubn,
           Province of Negro'S OrientCll, Philippines.

                   k.<'.        ~                                }./t7IrOI fa. ()r   ].   Sew/~r
                   SANCHO TRUMATA                           NARCISA T~~~~G SA~TER

           With my ll\<Jrit3~~~ ~,.d?Y;:;­

                          GERONCIA BANUA

                            Vend()f'~ Wif",


                   ~, ~.~;,
                   EMElIA C. ALARCIO

                                       Signed inlhe presence of:

           1. G::t,'   t+~~JClt. ....()y"~                  "2                                        _



                   BEFORE ME. lhi,        :NOV 0Jl~O~1                  2004, " the
           Municipality of Sibulan, ProVInce of Negros Onenlal, Philippme'3, personall)'
           appeared the following p~ons with their Community 1ax Cortificate Nco;.
           to WIt:

                   Nama                     eTC No.                D::ltefPlacQ I~~ued

           1. Sancho Trum:lb                01565495               01J14/04. Dauin, r~eg. Of.
           2. Geroncia B. Trum:'lta        ;/310 J,:te 8           .1!~LtJa..t.~, N~i~
           3. Emellia C. Alarcio           01G!57839               01(29/04, Dauin, NOSl~r.
           4.   Narcisa Tubang S:Jter      -.O.l.6.S~':I1          .9~f.n.J-~~"Q.~\li!LJify!lr.
           311 known to me and to roo known to be the 53ln(;\ persons who executed
           the foregoing Deed of Absolute Sala and they ackno.....edged to nll::! th;}t
           same is !heir free act and voluntary deed,

                 This. illStrumenl consistinp of t....\) (2) p.lges illcluding (hi~ p3ge -MIQ(()
           the acknowled!:lll.ent is wl"ilten had bElen siglled by lhe p:111ies <lnd rlleir
           instrumental witnesses on each ClUJ f:very pa96 Iheref~f.

                  IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hel eunto sel my
           y'~-a~'ll1~d place -above written
         h.rlGW ALL MI::N llY TllrSE I'ltI:SrrNTS:

                    n"S O£F.CI is made ""J e.~LMd by ELAINe R. ADl:lLON ma,,..e<l,,, ... I~x JV'«" L',
         Ik,;.,,,I. ANTONIO R. ADJ:llON JR., "ngle; AMY l( AtlEU.ON.llA1S ,,,nniod hI I{".:d",
         "I, nO',. J, : JOY R.. ABELLON·Ai.AIlAN marr;e<! tu M~,1: Twai.. "!:tban: ~Ild VL;RONICA l~
         _ B~I.LON. wid"", hlil'i""~' oll~Il~1 "ge, amI roal<k'''l<
         ....                                                                         "r
                                                                              n..";I>. 1'1'1:\"" O,-i."t.l h,...<""II~r
         'di:rr<d I" ".' 'he V.:NIlOnS -For IU\J in fn,'", <Jr· ZURRA10A 1'.1 ,\LVC'Y ,narr;~d L" (.'kale,
         !.hey. 1',1,1""'" of log") uge and a re,"l'"l "f ~ilJ"b",. N<lIll." O."n,ol on.! JFSIIA l.
         ,:IIlUS-rnISFN m'''ri",l 1<1 Am"ld nil ..tellSe", rillp;''''. of k~'."l "Il< a,,,t ,c,~Ic", "I" I),11""",,,,'1<'
         L ,(\, I;~r~"l",," rel-''''N ll1 ft' 110" V.:NDKt.:S;

                                                      WlTNI::.<.;SETIl THAT:

                    The Vf.NIX}RS a<c 0'-\."""''' oC" <;efla;" prol>:'!)' I:,o(l"" as tnt N". 53 g) B-l, 1'5<!ll"l.
         l)u;')1.> "(m.n:d b)"j m" .. fcr C~"11ir.~DIC "I' I",d" no, Fr ~ 190 l«aIC,Ill1 M~,,,pl,,,I, L),mill. !'l,,:I.'"u<
         ,Jr;,·nl.• 1 "nl"" hlJk of 1.,,\ 5J ~S B-J. P.u·IJ7.U46975 i~ IT)Ole Il<tJllcul.:lrl\' .r~;.ril>.:d as I,dl"",,:

                             A f",,~d ofllu".l [I.", Nu. S,g5 II.) oflli,- iulJ,.1;I'LSiol1 pl.n. I'>d­
                             l/7-ll-169 7). l>t:;j,,~ u I",ni"" of L"l $)Rj.R, P,J·O"I ~609-(l!H 191•
                              •i""INl al M""'pIOO Nortc. l)au,", Ncy,,,, Oricnl~l, H""nu~J
                              0" II", NUflhwCSI .nd <OLll1,we>1 .1""'1> li'IC' 1_~_]--4 hy LOI 53&5·
                              H-l fRrV" "f W~yJ of d,. ~uhJlvi~''''' ['I",,; on lit" N,ml, c"sl
                              nlOlle, lo'l~ 4-5 by Lol 51115-R--4 (Of th,' .uWivi'ilOll plan; and on
                              II,r routht'!I-<t ~~w,~ lillr 5-1 by I.'" 5] Rli, PI.· 1,9. ('O'lI"inin~~"
                              a,-ea (,I' TWO i1101lSANrJ FOUR HUNLml:1l NINE'l Y NINF
=l.                           {"!~'}'J I SOLJA RE    MI "n ItS. Illu'" or k."-'

                                                                                1:J,"l'Y TH OU SMiI:' PCSO~
                      I <or ~ ..d ip (un'iidCnH ,,-,1\ "f d,e alll""'" 'll 'r ....
          H',';O'> Il'lll' ?O,O~)O.. QQ...J in baml alld pai,J try Ih~                 ViN.. ;noi-Ij-~", (hri, ""'''1'1'''''';''1
         f,'nth. (jl~ r~(;fil" ,hc,cut L. her~lly ad.llowledg.d, Ihe VCNDORS. by Ih.<f p,csenl. bcrd,~
         "lOll, Tf.:"NSrER and CONVEY. by way ot' AllSOlUTE SALF.. limo the VENDEES. Ih",r
         h~"$ 'iii.! ~IS<ji/,"S, 111,· "!o,-e~sc"hJ J>TOI'"rly "",1 f,1I Iht' Impmv"mcnL< II..:..:,,,, Ii-n' Ij-"m .,11
         I:....., ~Ild ,,,-"1mb, allC"",

                     11.~ V.!:NOO!?S (w herob)' Warm"r 10\;111 'ulf an,l l'e"~Clid P'-',,>t'~""'" "r lire I''''....· rl}
         her.,,,, ""Id ~"J ~""'C)..J and \\'ill (Ide,ld lhe $lI'''': unlo <'1id VLONrJEt,S. IIl""I",i"':loo ~,<l~.">
         ~ pi''''1 l:o"...ful chi,,," <If lhird "",r"II" Wh(lm<oc"Cr,

                   i\ II ~r"llIS ",i~, "gI.l (If pn·....·l11l'l'n"     w,J red"",l"'o" h:lve l>;:cn nurific-J ,\1' 110;, ,,,k hUI
         ""J1~ "I" ,I,', II '-' io(;,,<1 l(\ ncn:iS<' <iliill ;l:lor

                      II..: H!i)r......id ,,:on'c! of l,.,..j is nlll r"'"lnlcd aJ\d "~"Il,,r 'S II c,wc,,,,1 11.'           d,"
         ,. " •••j,.."h"",:.,·,, A~,,,ri,,n R,:lo'n" I.I(\\' lCARI.].

                   IN WflNI:,>S WIIU< r.Of. ,h. pan;•.' 1~IVC helfullhl alli,c,J hi.' si~,""!L(rc Ih,•.'?~tu~: v(
         t 100'"",bcr 'lOll-l "I f)u"m~ufl" C i,y, Phil iPl'i",·~.

                                    I.li~,,,,,;J.'                             "i::;'j~
                                                                                  ,'" ,
                                                                                  - -_.­
                             ['LAIN!, R. ABEI.I ON                       ... NTONIO I;. AJ)I3LlON JIt.
                                        [Vend"'J                                     IVe'''!i'''l

                                          I/r: ,- ."
                                                  ~-                                    ;if'......
                                   .\~IY·~.   Am:. ION_t'lA1S               JOY It.•,,"LI.LON ALAllAN
                                              iV~n(It"-l                                l\'~,,<lQrJ

[                                                          -l\..o.-llty,J
 ,                                                      Vl"KONICA -R:. MJI11.LON

                   ,'f'lle !'l"lippinu,             J
             Cily"rOUMAf;lIETE                     1".
                                                 A C K N () W LE DC E IV! E NT
r'- \ '.1,
     ,0               /IEFuK/:: ,Ill': , lh;~        ,l~} oj' N~"emlx:, ~~ ilp]J<'J"d 11k: !"II,)";,,\:..,.,,.,..,.,. "10,,
             c',h,!>;ld their C,NTll\IUlL;'Y Ta~ C,'nirlcllie '" wit

'­           U./\INr Il :\I:If.U ON
             '.N   m;~I(llt. ;\un.!      ON JR
                                                                                      2-1 ~-~OD-I
                                                                                      1- lJ-2QiJ.1
                                                                                                            P",,,,,gUl'I" Cll)'
                                                                                                            DauiJ,.   tJ~g   Ik
             Ann' K. fdlEU.0N-UAIS                              n 116548              'J-!(,-::UO·j         I)lIInagu~f~ Cit:­
             JOY II. A\J[LLON ;"LABAN                           017(~JlIll1           )-O:>~2lJ(]"~         DJui ... N~~ t),
             'I:RI;;-lIl'/\ !t. AriEl-LON                       lllr,,71~6            OI·I·~O().l           ll,,,,;n. N"lI. 0,.

             K'h"''' '" ,n~ •.lId l(l IIle know" lu be 1M                   p""'''"
                                                                          whe) .~'X:UIC<! "'" f"IC~",,,g i",(rum"",
             ",'II""iLlg "II"''' PI pa~~ Dud he "~I.l",,,'I,,~)).ed '" me Ihm ihe SltllLC OJ Iheid,.... ,Il"l u"J J".:d

                         WnN);SS MY III\ND AND SeAL on tfl" d31c fir<1 .lb..we·wriUCll.

             L'''''.i-l" 1\"'1
             1':0;;: N" l\"i
             J;',.,~ 1'1~,.   v'
             :::OM,", "f:l!(I~

                                                                            il i" 1""/ ,'_ "          ..

                                                                               " .,
 KUOW ALL Mer-lor 1";                  i'" ';,.:. I';:;.E....L N I::.'


         Thill V~i"'l'"If i-; ~h" ~1,lleO/l"""l>I .. ' .....! ,'W!li!f and po~~~5&Of 01 it pNt;p!\,' ,~, <l si',,:~~d
 lit Ponubllll'aP lJ"lI,n ""J~\)ll Oli~I-.t"l:· a-,,' r.10J!r p;lIl1cularJy Qe:st:lItJoC(lll!l folltJW3

                                       rN"hnlc~1 O~~r'I."hJI1
                                       lot, NQ. J030.r. ;>",cl·                        _

                      A !Hue!!"1 ('If 1"\00.) ~ll; M'I\ us l.ot 14r; 11';-0·/\ Psd··""'''''''~
                      (,f:l\C ~lJ;;",".~"i"·l Plall. IJ!;t1             .        • be,ng:l pOIholl
                      v: lot :::1:::i ~ 1< ,r,y) '~lllttCoJ if, UlC b;m«'l of P<llllll;ltuban,
                      1.IUfl/C rilW1'1 r""U~l Pr\lWICl? 01 N~:,o'i :.JfI(:I1I(l! Island (If
                      Ne!,,'1<;l<: IV\1'-:{':" OIllhe NE , along lin" , ;J lJy let 3l13u,B \,If
                      of lhe~ubdi'I'>l011pla... ~ on the SE_ak~19 l;ne 2.:;: h~ lot :;Ot>,
                      Pls-759; on lhe ~-W along line 3-4 lly IoJI 3ll"l. along lm~ .. ~.
                      By 1ol3l\31, aI Pls-159, on ItJe rofN . alOO9lim-" 5--1 by 101 3002'J
                      Pla-759. DeQll1lInQ at a Il(Ilf'Il m<If.'!d • 1 :>-Olfl'] N ?,~ ~ 02" W ,
                      J.940.15 m            "(lfl't 8Ll~        No I PI1      ""J '0.,.>10:'

                                 $(,;'\        ••     :'.n:,..... ..;
                                               .~    <II'        -     ""~",":ll'"
                                 NC·           ,.~:      .. ,    "', t'j"o:;:Il.J
                                lit;.,.              I          :"    "'ro."l~
                                             '~     ", 'Lt.'I" ....'OI1Ilf>'

                      IJ.~~""".'!'                            ;"OlJ,. V"U (.I(".H1 ;-U.;i:"REO F'v.
                                              ;,·'l.'_"ll,;,n Me......1 TW"
                                                                      ...       .
5QlJ!'1RE ME rEP", ;,,-:~ . 'J         r'l"lfe 01 ~~5 ~Iaf""l ur.lJer 1ax ~cIa'lJU(ln No           __
wIn llO ilS!>essed ,-,lto,o                            _ _ IP              _I _I re{lIslereu With the
Reg,Sl~ (If n.ol<"::~ ." 1_' ..•. .::1'~rot Q(!t. u~r o~~"..vrmnsf~ ..;orMnle           (;If Till" N;!

         I h..t.   r.lf Ilfld
                   III cnnslnerMitJ/1 of It~ ~lJll> (If £I.":; BY T~IOUSANC PESOS      ONLY (p
         F't1lIlppmes currency rl!CClpt Of whiCh I" 'liI! is hereby /l~k.'lowted~erJ !:¥ !fie
VENOOR IQ his emile !>"'~Sr'lClh)l1 f,'"11 Itlt! VENOEE, the VENDOR            /1erelJy SEUS,
T'MNSF~.JfS AND          CONVt!YS AfJSOUfTEL~' !'nto the NA rlONAL IRR1GI\TION
ADMINISTRATION, ttlt! herein Vt!NlJf:~ 'l!I.t ... "Y,".loSSorS a110J asslgl1~, lM wholoJjlortion of
U1Q aoov~-.::lQ~cl ibed or/~lty 10 tt"l                  ">,,,,,:
                                              of 2,805 $'lll<llC: mel~ffi mOl'" or Itoss, Ul'l'! 6ktllCrI pian
l~ Ilerolo atfaclmd as MI10M"A IMl".:, 1",·,t")11 ,)1 1311d '5 'lI:qulred for 1,11. flo(l"t~

          1"hOlI ttle VENDOR \.,)"",0{.. valrd U,,, :lnd pel\l.oiI:ul POSlWSSlOfl or the 1)r01~11y ho!-I(:II!
!lold 111111 conveye<J. and f"lh'~ ".'C!",., 111,"1: I'lC sa(lll~ is frt"e Ir"m all he<llf ~nd em<:ullIl>r.:mce of
any kind wtlalsooV<!~:
                                                                                           ~ and tho... UW,!'f
                     lhal aIl11<:ssible r@r!'lu'P4'onef"$ ....l(Ir".....IJl>llOI'lefS .......renoUliedot ttlll
            eWlCe'd      AU~Jre Ie ~e'f1:;~" 1ht1 S3(lli' F~"'Uf'" til<: Ve"dor hnl'()b~ ",",cl...u lIul                              !hi;
        -   plll'Cel or larK! IS rw:t l~oal~f'd and Ih(ll tl,,1 1021 10 1623 of Ihe New eM COde have l>een

                   IN WITNESS MlEREClf:. , ll;)'o'l! hereunto ilfrlllEd rry                         ~lllell       ItlIs _ _ 'lily 01
            Febluocvy. 2005 at Oumagt.'etll Oly ~ s

                     .-tf.-4ft-.,~ /~k,c:..:._, e.
                         SUSANA PATRQCIHtO                                                  DEXTER G. PATROC:tllO
    •                                 ,"".                                                              I"QI't'"1



            RepUl>li1;   of roe   Phi"W'IW~1
            PI(P,'IllCC of Negros Qr1@I~"1l ;)~;
            MUII1Cdyof                            ..

                     Before me.        iI   Not"'Y PtbIIc. lor and   Ifl   lhe CllEl~ 01 Bazs CiI'll<lon and I./t:rrliIg~lc 1lI'IJ ~':'
            Pl'0WlCl! 01 Nogros Olenl,,'. rhll~' Ihit;_~_.'~\I'                                    1005 pers('llao")' ~';Jill~ '"
            Du:Jlagucte ely. the Vendtw :;VSllfl<l Poltroc-. 1:"I'th ~uri:ty I ~ CcrM'lCate No                                      l55UPd
            on •             ISsued                            illl" • j, ~    '''pI
                                                                                 es<:nled IN ~ti r... (l\"lIlClil/ htlQaU:m Offic<!l' t,
            De4ef (j Palr~ v."Ih - • .n..... ~.,,,~ ,~.              _ _.• __ '$$1",11 01" _ _ _ __ • _~ at ~L
            NfI9rOs QI1enl:. ~ I I · ';"              I:>. - y" ...... ~ P;;"f$l;.'fl& wtlO e~l:cll:C1,l U~ 1')O',:,,,,<:or>g ~<'<i ...1
            Abilolul:e sae Md 3(110..... ...;.0 ,,,,..,.,, t<w,; iUeeLI~ tlli' same If<:eH :Jr>d\'t'U1r~!ltl H»3
•           Wllltruml'!nl consisls cl "'.":' ~ ,.,~ .. , • T'':1J ':>1 llot'" r II" .., 1!lrk1lhet" v<'Ill'f!$:O.,:. Of"~ Y."~ ..,.(J P."o~
            POtJe lhef..: cf

                     WITNESS MY lit-NO "1.'0 SEAl..

                                                                                   AllY, MARIVIC Z. PIHTOR
                                                                                          Not...! Puttllc'

            Doc N<I               _
            Page No __._"."
            B(tQk No •   = __
            Somes (If ;1005
Copy of PAC Resolution No. 016-2004   N


       [                                            RqM,bli<: uI tl'" PhilipV'OlH;S
                                                    j'nlVllIQ; of Ncgl05 o,icmat
                                           OI'F1tllOf 'rilE NtOVlNC1AL ASSf%son
                                                           O""~'I'H;le Cill'

                                                          In h"I"rUc"'~"1
                                                            July 23. 2004

                    ReSllc.;lfully   Ilall~Ulilletllu   Mr. Deltel' G. 1'IIlI1lcilliu, !>rovinciaJ Irrigation Officer I,
           NIA, Sibulan, Ncgms Qnellial. llie herein copy of PAC Resolution No. 016· 2004 rc;
           apl'ral,~J    or 'eal \lropCf1ic~ i" Ilamngays BuloclJuJoc MIl ~la8sa}·say. Dauin, for his
           ;'1 rlmll~l ion and appmpr;;'lC 3c(ioll.




                                            1tqJublic: or~ .. P!liliilP....
                                            Pro> i.,. 01 No:&ro1 Ori<alal
                                           QfI'ICE OF TIlE ASSESSOR
                                                   D\MIGpCt<: ~



               CltAlRMAN MRS. PATERNA ESTER L. TUBALLA,                         Pro~iOO.1   AsseJSOf
               MEMBER Any SUSANO L. RUPERTO. JR., Provinciill Engineer
               MEMBER MIl OAJ'ffi.O c. MEl''DEZ. FrMilld.1 Treasurer ( ICO)

                                        tlESOLUTIO/,/ NO. 016- 2004

               WHEREAS, I\IU.. DEXTER G. J'ATROCINIO. Provi~i~J lITigation Offictr I,
       NUlion'llrrig'lillll Administration ( NIA ), Sibulal\, Negros Oriental requested Ihii
       commiuee for ocular inspeclion and ~Pl)fais.al of real properties that will be affected by the
       proposed Small A~crvoir !'mjcci ill Dauin, Negro, Oriental;

              WIIEREAS, lhe appraisal r"\Nlts I<.lb,"ille<! by Ihe I' Ae authorized represenlatives
       ~howc'" lhe fallowing fiJldil1ll~. 10 wit:

               A. Land- :iulIlIlCrgC and   D~m    ,vn

             NAME OF OWl\'ER

      I. Yucor AlIlbrosio
                                           Location or



                                                                                                     ) 059
      2. Yuoor Ambrosio
      l. YI:C(N' A:nbrr:.~io
      4. ~lejado, Aurelio
                                           _," I -do­

                                                                                                     1 241

                                                               Gerundia Aleiado        1628            2073
      , Tubal Ambt'os.io                                                              '1629
      , T.      Ambrosio
      7 Sorate, Jesus
                                                     _--. ~arcisa R. Surn;e1

      S. TlbaJ>g.an. A1ejado                   -<!u­       ~ tl7-OI1-OO)42             1651            2,(I()}
                                                         I (Claudia Rubk,)­
      9. Henedina, Rubio et. aI.               <10­        99-07-', I7--00.').;4      1(5)
      1(I,Ale'ldo Moisel                       -do­        99-07_017-0056             1654             ,.80
      11.Maban5l' Erlinda                     ·do­         99-07-O17-O54l             16<17            2562
      12.Tubino fl.-todesla                Dolocboloc 99-01-00')-0086                 3348             S 040
      13. Tubillo Modesta                                  I
                                           MatlsaysaY ~:O7-017-OO563                  1648             2120
      14.Tubo, Potenciana Hr$ of            _.:&q:__ .JCl-07.017-00532-A              \650             I 874
      15. Tuba, PO~Eciana Hr~. of             .do­        !f9.07·C17·00545            1656             I 886
      16. 'rulxl, Pvtenci~na Hrs. of       Uolo(;botoc 99_07_009_0086
      17.Rubiu Nkol,u
      18 Tub'IO, I)e,,,ilria lirs. of
                                           Ma 5.1 !~
                                                          (Crcscncio Solamillo
                                           Bolocboloc 9<,1·07-009-00102

      19.1'rui, Libf1ldo                      <I..        99·07---Q09-OO11S           334)      -      1626
      20.Tuble, Rufina                        -d<>­       99-07-OO?-OOO73             )3'l9            4,119
    J.                                                             -,­

    I                                         _.­
             21.s.rio Antonio
             22.TulNn, Albef1u      H~.   (If
                                                                 -<10­         99.o1..()09.QOO77
                                                                                                                             ) H8
    l    ~rcllad'!..Q..                   I-Irs.                 ~~            99-07..Q09.00010                               I '9S
             25 1"1
                             C. daoo
                          D~';lili liB of
                                                                 ....    y     99-07.(1n-00530
                                                                               99-07..()l».OOS46              , ...

                                                                 ....                                                        ~  ,
             27 Tubox, ~iRJ                             . llolodlob: 0J9.07-009..ooI00                        lJJI           6     ,
                Sobmillo Teofi51il
                           AmJxo.<;io                       M.
                                                                               99-07-009-00085                ]""            .,.
             )0 Tubi       Muiuo
                                                            Ilolod>oIo< 99-07-009-000I7
                                                                                                              lJJJ               000
             )I.~ Oandoquillo                               _10<               99-0'1.(109.00101              334.            m
                                                                               (Lydia Alarcio)

                      B. ,...,.
                                  -~.               ..           'u                       -
                      Name ofO"'lI~                       Loa.liou flf                   TO No.             l.(ll:   No.      """

         I- 1~ An'brocio                                    M.           y     99-01-017-00$47                1669            690
         2. Tu      Ga!Jilla·"                           Doloctloloc           \I9-o7.(l()9-00I00             ))38           1260
         7. Rubio Genna" Hn. of
            l~ubio! Vicenle HI'S. of
                                                                               99-07·017_00377                1642            120

             5. Muodo, Doming.                                   ~o
                                                                             . 99-07·017-OOSJO
                                                                              I(Felomina ~1<I~do       I



                                                                             'm~                                             Toul
         ,           NIIme of()v,ncr                        Lut No.             ;\ITc:cIed                 Vall.lltiorl

              VIICD!' Ambrosio
              '(\IC.Ol'   Atnbrt:Kio

                                                                                                           P 30000
                                                                                                                           P4 XlOOO
         ]  YIoI(Xll' Anibros>o
            Ale' ado .....dio
                                                             1621                   ....
                                                                                                                             ] 00000
         S. Tube Ambt'osoO
         6 Sanle JCSUI

                                                             16JO                   ....


                                                                                                                             6000 00
         7 !'<lIb.Insa Erlinlk
         I Tobi      Mod",.
                                                             '64'                   ....


         9. Tubo Potencial1llln. of
         10. Taba/lgan, Alejandro
         II. RlltJio Nicolas

                                                                                                            700 00
                                                                                                                             J 300.00
         12. DlI"   Silverio
         13 Tullo, Polcndan.l Hrs. DI
         14 Tuba!!, Glbina

                                                                                                           1 500.00
                                                                                                                             ) 000.00
                                                                                                                             I 500,00
         15 Tubo I'utcnciana Ilrs of
         16. Tubino Mo<Je>:la                           -    )J3'J1

                                                                                                  7         300.00
                                                                                                            ]00 00
         I1.Sario Anlonio                                    ))50                   ·d~           10        300.00          J 000.00
                  TOTAl.                                                                                                   P634oo.00
l                                          -	 ;, ­
L             The aJTect«llol$ and improvenlelll! arc locata! in barangay. 8ol0cb0loc ami
,.    Magnys.ay which afe HdjacenllO C<lch other ,nd about 7 kilometers IIWlY from the lawn
I                               .-, ,.. ."      -.            '

               The submerge alld dam ale. lots arc silualttl along the riv~, majority ofwbicl. arc
      rolli,,!: aoo nlo~lly pbnled wilh coconull~ The di~an«: of these Jots from the main
      access baranga)' road is aooul 500 Illelers. Wiler and clccuicit)' are also avail.ble in the
      area, while its access road amJ onicc arca is also ~Iighlly rolling.

             The rCCQllUllCII<J"", lI"it v;,ruc fIJf the submerge aJld area is I' n.n pa square
      meter, while 1h3! ofllic lIccess road lind ollice area is P 41 ,66 per square meter.

             WHEREAS, ,fler n II1/ough discussion and Ikliberlltion orthe abcve finding.
     taking coglliu.llce of the different faclors ,ffOCI illg re,l property valuation, tbis commill«
     has agreed [0 adopt the I> 33.J3. per S<luare lnc1er fur the submerge and dam area and
     p 41.66 per $quare melCl" for the leeess rORd and office area, Likewise, the P 300,00 aM
     fl 1,500.00 valuatiun per tree for cooonut and mango, respectively, is adopted,resulting in
     the following romplilalior.. 10 wil:

     A.	 LAND- Submerge and Dam area

         Name ofLando ....,JeI"

      I.	 Ambroeio Yuoor

         •.) Lot No. 1627- 3,O~9 ~.nl. @ r J3.))

         b.) lot No. 1649-1,2<111<1."""

         c.) Lal No 3341·1~ sq. m.

                            6,254 ~ rn.@I'333,3-1>208,445.112
                                      ..               ­

         •.) Lot No, 1627- 15      \XI(O   trees
         b.J	 Lot No. 1649-   2S wcos
         c.)	 Lot No. 33<17• .lQ.cocos
                             50 cocos@P3oo.00" 15,000,122                              P 223,445.82

     2.	 Aurelio AJejado

         Lot   No. 1628 - 2.073 sq. m.@i'33.33-P<>9,093.09
         Improvements: 6 coco lrC'l:s@1>300.00-                    1,800 00             P 70,893.09

     3.	 Arnbrocio   Tub~n

        a) Lol No   1629 - 860 "'l.nt
        b.) Lui No. 1669· L122 Sll. Ilt
                              2,652    ~rJ.r1\,    @ P JJ.3} .. l' 88,391.16,
                                   690!(I,IIl@P41.66~                28,7<1HO
            ImprovcmelllS' 2 oocos@r 300,00                   ..      600000           1'123,136.56

     4.	 Jesus SOI'te

        Lot No. 1630- 2,903 sq.m.@P3).33'"                                             P 96,756.99

        Improvements: 35 CC"'o trees@P300.00'"                       10,500 QQ        P 107,256.99

.                                         ..	   ,     ..

     S AlejalldlQ Tab.l11~~"

          LotNo,16SI-2,OOllqm. @1']J.3]                    .P66,7S9.99
          hllprovealCnU: 2Q coal irees@ .. JOO 00 ..            600000         172,159.99

     6    Ilc:nalin.a Rubio d. al

          Loc No. 165J - 1,044 ...m. 8 )3.Jl .. P ]4,796.52                   P 34,196-52

     7    MOl~     Alcjado

          Lot No. 16S4 - 2,480 1Iq. m@I'JJ.JJ ,. .. 81,658.40	                 P 8l.651.040

     8.	 Erfinda MabansaS

          Lot No. 1647 - 2,562 sq. m.@I'33 J) -I' 15,]91.46
          Improvements: I COf.(l tree@           300.00"       3OQ,00          P 8M91.46

     9, ModeSI' Tubio
          •.J LOINo.JJ48-5,040lltl              m,@
          b.) La! No.	 lei-IS -   ~sq. Ill.

                                  7,760 sq. 1lI.@ I' lJ.n- ... 258,(/40.80

          .) Lot No. 3).48 - 9 cocos
          b.) LolNo. 16411-.H.C0C05
                                  2S cocos@ P 300.00           7 SOO 00       .. 266,140.80

     10. Hn. orpOlenciallO Tuba"

         .• ) Lot No 1650 - 1,874 sq. m

         b,) Lot No. 1656- 1,886 sq.m..

         c.) Lot No. JJJ9 - 2MLsq m.

                            11.207 sq. m.@J]J)-J'373,529.31

         .)	Lot Nu.      16~
                           - 7 l'QC.(lS
         b)	 LotNo.'I:I:'>6- IOcocos
         t}	 Lot No. JJJ9 - J c:uro'
                                  20cocos@ PJOOOO- 6,000.00	                  PJ79,S29JI

     II. Nicolas Rubio

         LOI No. 1652 - 704 Sll.m @"H))"P23,46432
         Impfovemems: II cocos@3oo.oo - ~ lOO!!O                              P26.764.31


     -•    . _	 riO'. of 1Jcl>"lt;. Tub.1lo

              LO! No. ))42 - 7,470 $tlJll. @P3J.n -.-----------.-•••--                        l' 248,975-10

          13.	 Libmdo TI"ila

              Lot No. 334] - 1,626 sq.l1l.@P33.33 - - - - ••••• _. - --- - - -- _•••• P '4,194.58

           1"4	 Rufin. Tuble

              LOI No. 3349- 4,119sq.lll.@33.33 _. - - - - - - - - ••••••••• - - _•• -1'137,286.27

          15. Antonio Sario

              Lue No. ])50 - 3,33 8 5<.J.11I. P n.n - I' I 11,255,54
              Improl'cmems: 10 coco trccI@1'300.00.         3 QQQ Oil                         P 114,255.54

          1(" 1115. uf Alberto Tuban

              Lot No. 3351- 2,863 StI:~1. @p)J.n--------- .••.. -.--------·P95,42l79

          17. Hrs. of Gregorio Esh'ellado

              Lo\ No. JJ'2 - 1,898 sq,m.@ P 33,33·····              - _.- -- - - ••••• - - P 63,260.34

          18, Cayetano Tubang

              No lax declar.ti~>n J"e$Cnled - 1.652 iltlilt @P)),JJ •• - - - - - - - - - -.    I' 55,061.16

          19.	 Silverio Bajana

             Lot No. 1635 - 5,048 sq.m.@I'JJ.33-1'168,249.84
             lmprovcnlenu: 25 CQl;O trees@300.01>'" 7 5OQ.QQ	                                 PI75.149.84

          20, Hn, ortJasiJill Tubio

             LoINu.I666-6.480&q.m.@PJJ,H-	                                                    P215,978,40

          21.Gabil\.l Tuoo!!-
             LoI No. JJJ8 - 6,257 sq,IIl.@PJJ.3J"P208,545.8
                         _1,260sq,nl@P41.66_                 52,491.60
             Improvement: Imllngo Irce@I,500.00-              UOOOO                           P262,537.41
                                             -   ,­
    I.    22. Teolistl SoIiImillo

                LolNo HoIO-2.29liQ.nt.@P3l.D ---.--- •• ------ ••••••• p                      76).59.00
    I     2J	 "mllI"osio DioJo
                LOI No. 1667 _   10,696~.   m. @I It JJ,J3 _ _._ _.                 .       P)S6.~97   6ll

          24,   M.~jmirI(J   Tuboll

                l.ol: No. JH - 2,000 501. nl.@ P )3.)3 . - - - - - - - - -•• -p 66,560 00

          2S. L.ucric;.IJ-toqui11o
                Lot No. J)~I-)nsq.m.@p ll.Jj           -----------'P                          11,7]216

          D.	 Land - At«u RUM! ..d Omeo Area


          I.	 IIr.. ofGeonau llubW

                LoI No. 16-42- 1205'1' In.@P41.66-.---------P                                  ~999.20

          2.	 IIrs. of Vicente Rubio

                l..ol No. 1663· 498 sq m.@P4'.66 ..---.--------.-.P2O,746.63
          J.	 OomingJ Masodo

                Lot No. 1673 - 1,200 lq. m.@P41.66----_·	                                   P49,992.oo

                 WHEREFOR£, be it If'SOlved by r:Us committcc as it is hcfeby nsoIvcd to Idopt
         the findings nude by lbe PAC autbori.r:cd r~ti~ Yid vamOOa heiDS r~r. jlst and

                                                                  11 IU.. TA D. TAN
                                                            Assistant PIOYInci,1 Assessor
                                                          Fur alld in the absclX:e arMr. IUmoo A.

         ~r.fi-ii~'LLA )
I                                                         Scnjac:o, LAOO U
                                                                                      C Sectretuy

                Proviucial Assessor	                                        Pruvial E.ngi
                I'AC - Chairman                    ~                          Member

                                                  DANILO C. Mt:NDEZ
                                                 lCO· Provintial TrUsurcr

                                              .--...-,,"",,",   ~
                                    .....nc.(lf 1>U: ..... ~l>lcL4,L ASSU50Il
                                                  r    .=.~

NO'"'ember II, :zoo.!
Mr Dexter G. Patrocinio
l'roYincill Inigalion Officer I
Natiooallrrigation Admini5IDtion (NIA)


This is in respoosc (0)'OUr Imer ofNo't'!,lbe! 8, 2004 uganIiDg!be valUilioa of land and
its improvements. The Vll!.llllon of IIlId is based on the '"NegoUIled Price~ betWC'Cll the
Loa! Government Unit concerned and the 5ti1el'" The ProviDciaI Appraisal Committcc
(PAC) of Ihis province. through I resolution. ...iI.l rcDdco" its opinion wfletber the ,.. luc: of
lho p' opelty is fair, just llId rc:a!lOlll.blc:.

The Vllultion of crops, phUlU llId treu 1ft bued 00 tbc: following schedule gathered from


                                            M_ ...,'....
dati submitted by PENRO, CENRO and t>epll1ment of Agriculture oflms provim:e, "iz:

                                                      "".00              IW.oo
                                                                                    ".. 00....
ANONAS                                 ....           ""00
An,                                 "' ....           lOOOO
                                  ~....               "'.00              ""00        ".00           '.00

                                    .. "" . "'.
             ,N(;                                     "".00              100.00      ><>.00         '00
BANANA                                                ,",00              '><>00      ><> ••         '00
 _~NG                                   ""
                                        '­            lOOOO              '0000       ><>.00         '.00

                                                                  .... ....          "".00         ".00
  UNOC»I (cU.aI)                                      "'00
                                    pel:                                 '0000
                                                                                     100,00        "00
                                      .... "" .       .. 00              "'00
                                    ......            "" .
         ""                                                        ""                               0"

                                                       " ..
  CAO                                                                     7'
                                                                         ""00         ><>00         I~

                                                            ,.... .... ....
       <US                                                                            '00
 AI.AMANS'      .                  ....               "'
                                    "' ....           "".00                                         '00

                                 :i;:                                                ><>00

                                                      ""... "... .... " .
 AMlAS                                                ""00               '00"                       '00
    fVN(;GAYIMALUNGGAY                                ,,.00                                         '00

         .....)                   ~    .­

                                                      ",,00       .... ,.

                                                                                                   ><> ..
         FRUIT BEARING TRYLS (Co.t.)        u..,           Ft<lJ   _'I         """r8<><;".   _Roo"...     N... T........""
         DALANDANICITRUSID~HITA                              ~O('-OO             250.00       100.00          ~.OO
         DAI..AYAP                      ~~  ,,~              200,00              100.00       SO.OU            '.00

         DURIAN                               ~              100lO,tl(l          500,00       23{l.OO        150,00
         GUAVA (giant)                    ~,-                200.00              100.00       ~OO            2UIO
         GUAVA_(n:lli,c.?, c)                                 1;';(1.00          50,00        "'.00            '.00
         GUYABANQISOURSOP                 ~,-                200-'10             1(10.00      ~OO              '.00
         KAONO                            OO'~               1000,00             500.00       200,00           .HlO

                                            ,­               ~.OO                300,00                        5.00
                                        ::i"­               1000.00
         LOMBOY                           IICrlfCC          200.00               100.00       10.00            '.00
         MABOLO                             r tree           200.00              100.00       20.00            '.00
         MANDARIN                           ,~               400.00              200.00       100.00          50.00
         MANSANITAS                                          100,00
                                          """reo:                                ~.OO          0.00            0.00
                                          per tree           200.00              100.00       ~OO              '00
         ~W.LON                          I"" pLalll          100.00              ~.OO         10.00            '.00

         POMELO (swct! ",riel)')
                                           r clllDl
                                         per 1'1""1
                                         per planl
         RAMBUTAN                         ~,-                "".00              400.00        70,00           50,00
                                          P.,'flT«           300,00

          AOON-TABON                                         200.00             100.00        20,00            '.00
          AMARINO (Sil
                            loc)        ~:                   200.00
         rtEZA                            ~~                 200.00             100,00        50,00           '00

         PARTICULARS                                   Classifk'li""                              M:m.tl Val""
         MANGO(ca~),p:rtree                           SI   '1'$ &.   lI\xN"                                    2~,tIOO.()()

                                                      20     1'$   10 :;0 )n                                   20,000,00
                                                      lU)ISIOBjH                                               12.00000
                                                      (, 'fS to 10 ns                                           4,000,
                                                        I yr 10      ~)'rs                                         ~.OO
                                                 below 1 yt (_Iy planlcd)                                         300.00
         MANGO (indian), JI"f tree                    ~I   yrs &. abo>-c                                       15,000.1'0
                                                      20 )'ts 10 :;O)TS                                        10,000.00
                                                      10 TSl02S TS                                              6,000 00
                                                      6 Y" 10 10 'm                                             2,000.00
                                                        lyrto5yrs                                                  150.()()

     L   MANGO (grafted), JI"f tr~o
                                               below I )T ("owly pi",,,,,,,)
                                       21 '[1;&,00""            Ab(,.,-clO.Om
                                                                                                               l~ 00000
                                       l(,l7Sto20yfS            8,Om_IO.Om                                     10,000,00
     I                                 II JTSIO 15j'fS          5,5m-7.5rn                                     12,000,00
    MANGO (graflal), per \I""               (, yrs to JO '"              l.O '" - ~.O m
                                            1 )'I'll" S y~               \.S m _1.5 rn
                                            1-11(2)"1'"                  I,Om-1.5m                                           "'.00
                                                      be""" I y. {_Iy plal\lcdj                                                  00.

    NON rRIJIT Bt:AJllliG TJlEES (~·dja.~er

                                                -                ""';;i
                                                                                    ",~,;,;.       T,

                                                                                                                       Per 8d.   fl.

     AMBOO                ~;r~f
                                per II'tC         6.800


    EUCALYYTUS                                    .'1,600.          1,700.00                                  '.00
    IPIl.-1PlL( "am)
    IPIL-WIL (nalive)

                                                                    '. "'"

                                                                                                                                 W .•
                                                                                        J:l0.00               ,
                                                                                                              '.00               M5.l1l

                1l:00'fCKOPS                                                 U"il               Marl<<:t val""~
                BUCA/BETI!L NlIr
                CAMOn;NG KAlIOYI <:ASSAVA                              ..,,"'
                                                                       ..E       .,
                                                                                 hiU                           ,

                VEGETABLE CROPS & PLA!"'TS                                   Unit               M:uk.t Value

                                                                             r bill

                        .GE                                             PC'f .!D.

                                                                       per bnt
                                                                          r $q Ill.
                PALAY                                                        r .m.                             5.00
                PECIiA Y                                                                                      30,00
                SILl (bcroe)                                                                                  11,00
                SiLl (bbu)'01                                                     m.                          10.00
"   ,I  ~

                        VECETABLE CROPS & PLAI''-T'$                Unit          ~      Val""
                        SlTAO                                          hill                  50,00
                        SQuASH                                     pcrhill                  :1110,00
                        500AElCANE                                per "l,m.                   1.1.011
                                                                  PC' "l,n1,                     ,.00
                                                                        .m.                  20.00
                                                                  pcr planl                  40.()()

             If YOO lIOlice that there ale still to be included in the above mentioned improvements please
             notifY us so lhal we can make appropriate action.

             V<ry lIuly yours,



             Provincial Assessor

Pictorial of PAFs at Proposed    N
    Reservoir and Service Area

,                                                               DAUINSRIP

,                                                               RESERVOIR AREA

                                         _            .~

                                  I",. """I, AI.. 1,111......
                                                                                                                                               UN ... III.

    looI' JIll-A- .... "1m
                                             _ _ So...

                                  i»<. Jl'lll,""" JJJl! ....                                         ,-­
                                                                                               lO!.16lo...... 1....' .....

                                                                                                                                L.o 1 1M.. Mu   I."""l"'­


                                                                     . ._1_

                                                                   'f...... . . "...,

                                                                 1."")1"'...... , ...' .....

         Lot, lQf.. ...... lpn .....
                                                                                                                        l.O< .1611...... 1_......

                                               "_Iol_ ..


                                                 Main Conal Pictures

                f,: '
     t""·""      ; ....

                   ,                                                                        ,
                                                                                                .~   .. '   '         ,
                                                                                            "'.<' " . " . .    ,
                                                                                                  . ."":r, ~.
                                                                                                 ,"     '~.',.
                                                                                                 '~''¢,~-'' ,.:       <>1: ...'. ;', <
                                                     0"""'" MOIlADOS

                                                   Lot I 3249-A. Ma~ CcnoI
                                                                                                "ORO AlARC10
                                                                                      1.01 I 3322, Main CoooVLal. A

                               ", .  ,               -Area: 7,360sq.m.
                                                                                             Asea. 15,l(lOsq.m
                                                                                                 :~             ."     ~   ..

                                                                                                                                ,   .... ...


                                                     FEUSICIMA DELFINO                       AMBROSIA JUIlAN

                                                   lot " 3136. Mcin COnCII                lot # 3022. WCItI COnal

                                                      Area: 3.8lX) sq.m.                    Area: lB.2961Q.m

        lot II JJ 1 2, Mol" CongI
          Alea:19.159 aq.ffi.
                                         A1FI'MDRA ....ClCICMIO
                                          loT 11 32<13, Me*> Cord
                                                                     Lot "
                                                                             ""' ......        0UIl<0CA AlE"""
                                                                          3023. M3r'I Cora Lot II 302(>.8, IVlc*l Cord

                                                                                              Amo: 12.247 3q.m.

                                                         1Q.ffi,       hoo:14.406 sq.m



                                                    SEVERO MlJlO(;lI'tlO

                                                     Lot II 32~ M::*l COOOI

                                                       AIeo:6.200 sq.m

                                                                                                      ENRIQUE T1JMl
                                                                                                 lot , 3326. M:>Ir> Con::lI
                                                                                                        AIao:8.700 $::I.m.

                        LATERAL B.D.E Eo: F



     Gullerma Sort*a

     lc*lrOI F ,Loi , 2661

     Aooo [16.500 sq.m.l



     -                        LATERALC


                                                        -.-..,   'i;\,~

                                                       .~ •.r", J.  ~._

                                                             ~I          ..' . : .
                                                      .       ~.
                                                         '..-;-'   .    . I'"..

                                                      "" .

                                                    ROllI ,10 AlQma
                                                  At9o: 6.300 ~m.

                                  "" 1920
,­                           PI9fT. 2,400 sq.rn

                                                    ......   ­
                                                      to! # 918
                                                  AIeo: 12.600 aq.m.

L                             lob id 11.Oog
                              Lof' 311M
                            IYea 8.52211Q.m.
­        Opt •• """ MotaI
            lot, 923
--       Amo: 8.200 lQ.m.
Land Holdings of Non-Beneficiary   N


                                               Annex N (Dauln SRIP LARP)

Land Holdings of Non·Beneficlary PAPs

There are ten (10) noo-beneflClary PAPs located In the vegetable Blea wIth a
lotal land holdings 01 5 7985 ha Of thiS, a total of 0 24 ha 'MIl be alfe~ted by
ROW It wilt be nOled however In Ihe folowing laDle thai flOne 01 tile 1'101'1­
l>tlnefidllry PAP~ hos a FlOW wn.ch IS more lhan ten (10%) pelcenl of their rotal
lI'ldlvKlual lane! hokllngs Consequently there IS no reqUiremenl lor rehatHInallon
or need for replacement lands as compensation ThiS has been explained to Ihe
PAPs dunng the disclosure process anod has been acknQWIeoged by them
through tIlelf s.gning 01 Deed 01 Donation lind waivers


                   NON-BENEFICIARY PAPs

                                    CANe>           AREA         % ROW
   NON·BENEFICIARY P;l.Ps         HOLDINGS           (HA)        AREA
                                     (HA I

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