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Here for the ladies are a few tips on being in style and in fashion.

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									                 Sensationally Fashionable – Tips For Looking In Style

Tired of people judging you by your looks? Are you getting sick of your friends telling
you that “someone would eventually fall in love with your inner beauty”? Then it might
be time to get rid of those old fashioned clothes and buy new ones.

I strongly believe in the saying, “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” But, having a cover
that sucks would decrease the chances of being picked and being given the chance to
prove that it does not actually suck, right? Looks are not everything but it is definitely
one important aspect in everybody’s life.

You don’t have to get on the operation table to be noticed. The secret is dressing
properly, according to your body type and age. You don’t have to go with the flow
though. It will be nice to have some individuality. Just make sure that you’re not wearing
anything old fashioned. It makes one look old.

First, let’s talk about dressing up properly. When you wear a bottom that reveals most of
your lower body, opt for a top which has more coverage. Never wear a bottom and a top
which are both revealing, unless you’re looking for some action.

The same goes with make-up. Red lips should be worn with minimal blush. Too much of
everything does not definitely look good. But, it would be best to wear as little make-up
as possible. Just put enough to hide flaws.

Wear something comfortable. Don’t push yourself into wearing anything you’re not
comfortable with. This will significantly lower your confidence level, thus affecting your
overall look.

Wear appropriate clothes. If you’re a size 8, don’t wear a size 6. Also, dress according to
your age. It’s okay to dress like you are ten years younger but only if you can pull it off.
Anyone over 50 dressing up as a teenager will be a total disaster and you will not get
noticed positively.

It is also important to maintain proper posture. The wrong posture can completely ruin
the outfit.

The final thing everybody needs to wear is confidence. Without it, even the most
flattering dress will fail. Confidence makes you look sexy. And it will also go well with a
smile, too. Don’t push yourself to completely dress up differently, though. Take it step by
step. And soon, you will be able to find clothes that will make you feel comfortable and

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