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Project Update
Overview of Meeting

 Youth Advisory Committee
 Data Collection
 Preliminary Analysis
    – Survey
    – Focus Groups
 Phase 1 - Coming to the end
 Next Steps
Update: YAC

   Six committed, passionate youth

   Role in data collection

   Discussion of process - evaluation
Update: Data Collection

   Nine focus groups completed
    – Service providers, k = 3
    – Youth, k = 6
   Sample N = 60
    – Service providers, n = 13
    – Youth, n = 47
Update: Data Collection

   7 Unique Groups
    – The Griffin Centre, Compass Program
    – ACT, Positive Youth
    – SOY, Express Program (two groups)
    – Toronto School Board, Triangle Program
    – Three Service Provider Groups
Preliminary Analysis

   Demographic Survey

    – Waiting on 8 more to be completed
      (language issues)

    – Response rate of 70% (33 out of 47)
Analysis: Demographic Survey

 Age
 Sex
 Language spoken
 Ethnicity
 Sexual orientation
 Gender identity
 Status („out‟ or closeted)
Analysis: Focus Groups

   Procedure
    – Review transcripts

    – Open code by question

    – Form categories by themes
Analysis: Service Providers
Analysis: Service Providers

   Q: When you think of homophobia or
    transphobia, what comes to mind?

        Language            Immigration

         Safety        Levels of Expressions

        Struggle      Separation in Community

        Locations         Social Support
Analysis: Service Providers
   Q: What issues are emerging for youth?

    Impact of homophobia          Safe places

       Marginalization            Community

      Disempowerment         Identity formation

                    Basic Needs
Analysis: Service Providers

   Impact of homophobia

                      Substance Use
            &            Loss of Friends
                       Loss of Family

                     Poor Self Care
Analysis: Service Providers

   Locations                            Washrooms

                      School              Hallways

      Homophobia               Home

Analysis: Service Providers

   Finding Community
                        Freedom of

      Search For              Isolation


                   Finding Acceptance
Analysis: Service Providers
   Examples:
“A lot of youth that I work with are having issues with housing, so experiencing
homophobia when trying to secure housing, dealing with landlords with their
bringing people home, having to change their situation again with the shelter
system, switch different places because they can‟t deal with someone harassing
“…they are dealing with isolation and so when they come here when we are
having meetings they can be themselves and they are totally surrounded by
people who are okay with them being themselves, and it is just like finding
friends basically…it is like… „no one is staring at me, everyone is in agreement
homophobia sucks!‟”

“I think it is also the lack of…voice. Yes, there is a lot of programming for queer
youth but most of them are still organized by an adult with an agenda or an
organization…although there [are]…spaces for queer youth…we haven‟t
thought about what it would be like to be 14 and to have already figured out
your sexuality or gender identity…I think we are coming from a place where we
figured out our sexuality a little later on…we haven‟t updated our services to do
Analysis: Service Providers

   Q: Do you think youth from different
    intersecting backgrounds experience
    homophobia differently?

      Ascribed sexuality          Minimalized sexuality

      Cumulative layers           Not fitting in anywhere

      No visible mentors          Identity Expectations
Analysis: Service Providers
    Why do you think LGBTQ youth have a
     higher risk of…

      Unintended Pregnancy             Penetrative Sex

    • Prove heterosexuality        • HIV ignorance

    • Peer pressure                • Nothing to lose

    • Holding onto only means of   • Prioritizing concerns
      family support
                                   • Not a major concern
    • Relevance of safe sex
 Analysis: Service Providers

   Example: HIV - Prioritizing concerns…
“…I think people are talking about HIV…especially the refugees…some
   people know about safe sex and condoms are everywhere…so I don‟t
   think it is an issue of not having the resources to have safe sex…but it
   is prioritizing what you need to do for yourself, so here is somebody
   who doesn‟t know when or if you are going to be deported from the
   country, where does your future lie? Are you going to be facing death in
   your country? Are you going to get your visa and be able to start
   working and then on the other hand…you need to find someone who
   might be able to give you everything you need, and then you have to
   think of HIV…do I worry about that or do I worry about tomorrow or
   family, or a job, friends, or a boyfriend? So it becomes a priority but
   young people don‟t see AIDs the same as older people…the risk of
   dying of AIDs is a very long term possibility versus other things that
   would affect their lives right away”
Analysis: Service Providers

   Example: HIV - Not a Major Concern…
    “At the clinic where I work, it seems…because their lifestyle has so
    many challenges already, they don‟t always make the best choices
    when it comes to taking care of their bodies…I don‟t think they are
    thinking about it in the same way that other youth might when it comes
    to HIV specifically…I think some of them experience relief when they
    see the result that they are positive because so many of their peers are
    already positive, and it ends with them having a lot of models of people
    who are healthy adults that are older and HIV positive, doing really well
    and are gay men so they don‟t have the same kind of threat as other
    youth would…I think”
Analysis: Service Providers

   Q: How do you think we should collect data
    in the next phase of the project?

     Method        Liked?          Reason?
                     No         Language issues
                     Yes        RDS, anonymous
                     No       Trust issues, continuity
    Focus Groups
                     Yes         Group dynamics
Analysis: Youth
Analysis: Youth

   Q: When you think of homo/transphobia,
    what comes to mind?

         Discrimination                      Isolation

        Marginalization                   Anti-Oppression

        Self-Insecurities           Fear of LGBTQ people

Analysis: Youth

   Q: How do you experience homophobia
    or transphobia?

      Explicit negativity    Implicit negativity

        Fear of own            Restriction of
        community               expression

                Identity expectations
Analysis: Youth
   Examples:
“…my neighbourhood, I do get physically and verbally attacked. Almost
weekly…there are a lot of people who are homophobic so I try to hide
inside the house so…when [I‟m] in the mall by myself…which I usually
am…and people look at [me] and give [me] nasty looks and
whatever…sometimes you get the occasional faggot or fag or
whatever…it‟s disheartening but I turn my head the other way because I
know I‟m better than them…it‟s just stupid. Why would anybody put
down someone because they‟re different?”

“…sometimes you get desensitized over time, especially when it‟s not
directed at you anymore. You hear that you hate it, but you move
on…it‟s…nothing something you want to happen or hear, but you hear
it so much you feel helpless to do anything”
Analysis: Youth

   Interesting Finding:
    – Church Street (village) not safe experience
      for all

    – Culture clash
       • Left home culture and fearful to run into it in
Analysis: Youth
   Example - Church (the village):
“…I‟m dressed as a lady even straight people are like “oh you‟re gorgeous”
and …I‟m on my way. As soon as I hit Church street I can hear all the dirty
comments…and for me, coming from a background in Jamaica where it‟s so
homophobic…to come here now and actually, you‟re supposed to be free
and then you‟re getting this from the community…[it‟s] like whoa, that really
sucks. I mean, I take the subway all the way from Keele down to Church
street where I should feel more free. But I feel more free dressing from Keele
to the subway. Once I get to Church…I want to go”

    Example - Culture clash:
    “… I try not to meet people from my own country or from Latin America because I‟m
    afraid, I know they could do the same thing that they do in my country but there will
    be some kind of bad feeling about that you know.
Analysis: Youth
   Q: How does homophobia or
    transphobia impact you?

          Hurt                Hopeless

     Closeted Again           Cautious

Analysis: Youth
   Q: How do you think youth from
    different backgrounds experience
    homophobia or transphobia?

           Labels           Compounded Issues

    Minimalized sexuality     Culture Evasion

                    Learning Curve
Analysis: Youth
   Example:
    “…I think having a disability, being of a different ethnic background, and
    being homosexual, it actually compounds more issues together…one,
    being a homosexual or a trans person, for one you have to try to,
    especially if you‟re from a different ethnic background or from a sort of
    religious background and your culture isn‟t exactly approving of who
    you are or the kind of person you are and you can‟t exactly fit in
    anywhere else. That‟s one fear…of trying to just fit in and then having a
    disability or an HIV status…it makes it even worse to deal with….you
    have to disclose if you‟re gay for one, and then if your disability isn‟t
    very obvious then you have to disclose that…it‟s very difficult to have
    all of those issues compounded and it‟s very stressful and takes a toll
    on an individual”
Analysis: Youth
   Why do you think LGBTQ youth have
    higher rates of…
      Pregnancy               Penetrative Sex

• Prove they are straight   • Fluid sexuality,
• Not a major concern
                            • Pleasurable

                            • More experimental
                              than straight youth
Analysis: Youth
   Q: Do you think youth worry about catching

        Ignorance       Not on “radar”
       Lack of safe sex in community
Analysis: Youth

   Example:
    P1: “…there‟s no one around me so I go to the gay community…but I
    only knew the older men and they prey on the young.

    P2: “You get a lot of older guys preying on the young”

    P4: “It comes again…if you‟re young and vulnerable and an older
    man seduces you and is sweet to you…it pulls you in”.
Analysis: Youth
   Q: What do you think needs to be done
    to improve Toronto for LGBTQ youth?

      Review of justice     Advertisement
    Policy implementation   Education/awareness

             Anti-homophobia in schools
Analysis: Youth
   Q: What methods do you think would
    work best in asking LGBTQ youth about
    their experiences?
     • Surveys - online
        • Some youth say difficult to do online
          surveys, tempting to not complete
     • Focus Groups
        • Some youth may be uncomfortable
     • Community Forums
        • Go into different communities and discuss
          these issues
Update: The end of Phase 1

 Susan
 Robb
Next Steps?