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					    Antique Estates
                            BY PAUL GORZOCOSKI III
          105 MAIN St.,NORTHFIELD,MA.01360
           website:{ }
        MONDAY Eve,JUNE 23’rd,at 6 PM!
       FINE Auction FRESH from Estates incl:SIMSON,Bratt.VT!!PARTIAL LIST:
 FURNITURE:EARLY: Walnut Southern Corner Cupboard (family moved here from
N.Carolina 50 years ago+brought this)w/dbl paneled dr bottom+top,all pegged+NICE!Fine
Blanket Box on high feet,in orig.Red paint;SHAKER #3 Rocker;Doubledoor Dry Sink from
same family;Nice Strght Grain paint Double dr Cupboard;Frenchft 4drwr Chest w/graduated
Birdseye Maple drwrs;Early Slant lid Cherry Desk w/nice interior(later bun ft)FINE 6lg
Cherry Sheraton Long Dropleaf Dining Table;Federal Pawft Carved Pedestal Base Sewing
Stand w/3drwrs+side columns!Hepplewhite drplf bl;CHAIRS:Set 4 Sheraton Balloon rush
seat Thumbacks;Early Ladderbcks(from Brattlebr Attic) incl:Child’s High Chair!;Nice org.
red Child’s Settle Chair (pottiefied);MORE!
  VICTORIAN: WALNUT(ca.1870’s-‘80’s):Fncy 2 pc.Bed Set w/curvd corner Marbletop
Chest w/fncy Domed,carvd Mirr,smll deck drawers+4 fncy 4drwr bs w/carvd nut
pulls,molding,compartmentd top drwr+”Secret”Bottom drawer!Matching BED w/Curved
ftbrd,medallion center,ebonized+gildd!Fncy Chest w/Carvd Pulls,molding.fncy Mirr,etc!Also
anther fncy Walnut Be;Fncy Wall Shelf w/drwr,dbl matchhldrs,fret openwork+ladies head
medallion!FNCY.Oval Marbletop Lamp Table!Sml Oval Top Stand;Prob.attributable Fncy
Armed Parlor Chair w/mint gold upholst.+Carved crest w/Columbus Head Medallion;Fncy
Parlor Set w/Fine carvd crest Love seat+matching armchair;Nice Walnut Drplf Dining Table
w/leaf;OTHER:FNCY 1870’s Grained Pine Cottage Bed set w/tall bed,Chest w/mirr,Cmmde,
stand+Chairs,Walnut carving!Mission Oak Rocker sgnd Quant Furn.STICKLEY;Nice Mah.
framed Lightup Terrestrial Floor Globe sgnd Cram;Pr.Sgnd THONET fncy Chairs!Pine
Cottage Chest;SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT:Exceptional Fancy “Quick Meal”
Gasoline Railroad Stove w/Lady +mans head porcelain medallions,fncy metal work,etc.Must
See{Orig.came from a RR from Portland,Me.);1912 3 plunger Washng Machine;MORE!!
  ACCESSORIES: Something SPECIAL:Incredible Silver Presentation Antler handled Cup
given to SIOUX INDIAN Tribe,1902!,inscribed to Souix tribal chiefs+alsoMohegan,Seneca+
Onandaga tribes,Sgnd Silversmiths:T+E Dickinson,Chic.Ster.+#26,Along w/names+1902
Loving Cup is inscribed “How”,7”tall+6”wide,MUST SEE!!VERY Unus.(Probably Patnt
model)Wood Rotary Pencil Sharpener,must see this great”What’s It!”;Fine Orig.Green Paint
Small Universal#11 Landers,F+C,Ct.Iron Coffee Mill;5c Embossed Globe Glass Oak
Mfg.Cal.Acorn Vending Machine;Nice B+H Thermometer w/Cherub;Antq.Southbend
Johnson Aluminum BOAT Motor;2 smll Early Handbill sz Printing Presses w/type;
EXC.Early Bear Fur Automobile Robe (W/Muff pockets)sgnd “Winthrop”,Moore- Smith
Co(Everyone NEEDS one for that Pierce Arrow in the garage!!)Fine Fur BOB CAT Rug in
exc.shape!Period QA Andirons;Pr.Wrght Iron Arts+Crafts Andirons;Fire Fender,etc;
STONEWARE:RARE sgnd Francis BOGARDUS,Poughkeepsie,ca.1830 1gl/Ovoid crock
w/Flower!FB Norton,Wstr.1 ! g Crock w/Flower;F.Norton 1 ! Crock w/Paddle tail Bird;
Other Decorated Stonwr;METAL:2 Important Arts+Crafts Old Deerfield items:by Cornelius
Kelley(1874-1954)Pr.Wrought Iron Chambersticks+pr.Footd Chambersticks!REAL Iron
Sawtooth Trammel w/Fancywork!!Brass Stilyards sgnd Preston,BostonWOOD:EARLY Doc.
Box w/orig.”Heart in Hand”Décor top!+BirdseyeMplSides;FineStrapped Taperd Churn;
Carvd Welsh Weddng Spoon;Pr.Early skates;Hat mold;Carvd Wood Fish; Currier+Ives Sled;
 EARLY FIREARMS:All Original:Model 1813 US Army Flintlock sngl shot 69 cal,P+US
Proofs,N,Mddltn,Ct+Eagle!!MUST SEE:FINE STARR’s Pat.Jan.15,1856,6 shot Percussion
Revolver w/MOP Grips!!Early 38cl.Remingtn Fallng block RIFLE in exc.shape!!
INDIAN:Early Navajo Weaving:31”x59”;Old Red Pottery w/Lizard Motif 6”wx4”t;
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS:CF Martin R-18 6string GUITAR,Nazareth,Pa,Ser.#61831,!!
Fine GIBSON hollow body Mandolin w/paper label inside,Ser#21972,styl.A?!!At Least 6
Good VIOLINS!Various makers incl:GA Pfretzschner,Markneukirchen,Strad copy;
Early 1900’s Amati copy sgnd August Liebich;MORE;Also Shure “Vocal Master”VA300
Guitar AMP;19’th cent.Tabltop Walnut Roller Organ;Gramaphone Phonograph w/morning
glory horn+shaped Oak case w/carving;Ebony Fife sgnd Crosby;More;
 COOL TOOLS(ART EVEN!)MEASURE DEVICES:Slide Rules:Fine Ivory+Brass sgnd
Dring+Fage,20 “Tool”ey St; Also lg.Boxwood sgnd Dring+Fage!Ivory+Brass
Sector!Ivory+Brass Folding Rules incl:sgnd CJ.Philips,Southampton 2’;EA Sterans+Co#51B;
Ivory+B:GT Caliper Rule;Boxwood+Brss Rules incl:FW von Stade,NY;MORE!Ebony+brss
Parallel Rule;Drafting Set in Rosewood Case;Hndld Sawset;Also 2 Bailey Planes;Early
Rosewood Stratton Brs.Brassbnd Level;Set sgnd Wood Molding Planes;Fncy Brass Bnd
Combo Plane sgnd:Mosebey,Cvt Garden,London;Brassbnd Bit Brace sgnd Slater,Sheffield;
SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTATION:+unus.Mechanical Stuff:Sev.Theodalites incl:1 that is a
Balloon?Theodalite!Also sev.other interesting type devices;Unus.19’th cent.Electrostatic
Brass Zeppelin Shaped Device w/Glass shaft;LG.Wood Cased Gimboled Compass sgnd
Kelvin White,Boston;Early Folding 3 rows of Keys Corona Typewriter;MORE:
ORIENTAL:Meji period BRONZE tall Lamp w/Turtles,Snakes+Birds,28”tall!HUGE
24”IMARI Charger w/custom base(can be used as Stand);2 OLD Carvd Ink Stones!
Old Iron Tetsubun Teapot;3 pr.Early sandals;Earthenware:Sgnd Kutani?9”Bulbous Vase
w/people;Exc.Satsuma Vase;Famille Rose Plates;IVORY:2 Exquisitely carved pcs:6!”w/
stacked people mounted w/monkey on top,sgnd+5 !”sgnd Fish Monger+Child!Group carvd
NETSUKE ,some sgnd;FINE Bird carvd Ivory card case;CLOISSONE:Sev.Fine sml OLD
pcs:incl:2 Inkwells,both w/Goldstone,4”Bulbousw Coverd Ginger Jar+nice Patchbox w/gold
+Bird/Paradise;FINE prob.19’th found Polychromed Wood Statue 38”tall of Warrior
Archer on Horseback,MUST SEE!Fine 23”Gilt Metal Buddha Statue;ORIENTAL ART:
Jap.Block Prints:Fine Hiroshige”Village,Man”Viewed thru Maples,view of Yedo;Hiroshige,
Boat+Rain;Ukiyoye Taiken,Ser.2D ,Kuniyoshi,Toto Moisho,pub:KagayaKichibei;”Rissho”
1865-69,Fine View:”Tree Peonies”;MORE!2 Prob.Early19’thcent.Tonka’s w/Superlative
 detail,MUST SEE!Ancestral Portrait of Chinese Royal Family member;Illuminated
India?Oriental Leaf of Prince ,FINE(w/old Algiers stamp on reverse);SILVER:25 oz Tea
Caddy,mid 19’th cent.w/Germ.Assay marks!Also Various JEWELRY incl:14k ring w/red
stone circled w/dimnds;OBJETS D’ART:Silverplate Figural Horse 2”Paperweight w/Horse
“100’th performance,Boston,Mar.19’th,Equine Paradox,Sprite,1883”,Meriden!!
CLOCKS: FINE 3 !’ New Haven Wall Regulator w/wonderful orig.Reverse Glass Gilt
Advertizing Glass”SAUER’S Flavoring+Extracts”!Lg/Oak Gilbert#3062 Schoolhouse Clock;
RARE Orig. ITHACA 1866 pat.Dbl Dial CALENDAR Clock!!Rare Fncy Walnut Ansonia
“Monarch”Shelf Clock w/Ladies head,drwr,etc!Fncy Ebonizd ST w/dial Pendulm;Mission
N.Haven “San Luis”model Mantle;Nat.Mission Wall clock;Better Vienna Regulator;
LIGHTING:UNUS.Apx.1912 EDISON’S PAT.Lamp w/Red sgnd Edisons BULB(works!)
FINE All Orig.:Piano Lamp w/fncy iron bs sgndR.Hollings,Boston,1888!Early:FineWrgt
Betty Lamp w/”sticking Tommy”hanger+star tchmark!6” Pushup Hogscraper;Fine Cndl
lantern(hang or Handheld)w/#2!!2 Nice Skating Lanterns,brass,1 w/Red globe;MORE!
CHILDRENS:Straight from OLD Vt.ATTIC,{DUST+dirt is Free!}incl:Toys,Games,AM
Bisque DOLL,Others incl sev.sgnd LG.aprx.30+”Bisque Head Dolls;China head doll;early
WAX Doll;(Straight from an OLD Bratt.Vt.ATTIC!Early PaintedDoll’sPERAMBULATOR;
Early mini jointed Teddy Bear;Various Kids Books incl:Shirley Temple,Roy Rogers,Others;
as-is Moon Mullins RR Push Car;Group Milk Caps”Hoodies w/Stars incl:John Wayne;Cap
Guns;Sand Pails:Mickey+Donald Disney Enterprz;Owl+Pussycat;etc;Marbles;MORE!
 Antq.Estate Oriental RUGS:Nice Roomsz Sarouk;Area Rugs,Fine(dirty)EarlyCaucasion etc.
TEXTILES: Early 19’th cent.Needlework picture of Ladies+Gents,dogs,etc,22”x32”;
 CHINA+POTTERY:MEISSEN Tall Vase w/cobalt Blue body,floral decoration,Serving
Plate w/Floral+cross sword mark;Other Fine China in Meissen manner,also cup+saucer 18’th
cent.Germny;Group of Mostly BEE mark Hummels;Also cllctn sgnd Bastion Figures;
GLASS:Firy Opal leaf,heart+waffle pat.Cup Plate;ART GLASS:3pcs:JOSH SIMPSON:6
!”Gold Aurene Bulbous Vase sgnd Simpson ’96;2 Ruby Iridescent Vases,4 !”,’93+’95;
PHOTOGRAPHY: AUCTION ENIGMA: Is this early Ambrotype AbrahamLINCOLN?:
RareCabinet image of Black Siamese Twins”Mille Christine”compliments of Palace Theatre;
PAPER(EPHEMERA):Lg.Folio Massachusetts POLITICAL Map showing Senatorial
Districts,1866,printed 1876”under Sec.of Comm,HF Walling,Forbes Litho;12 GEOLOGIC
Atlas Folios,US,1901,etc. incl:Various INDIAN TERRITORIES,Etc.;Trade Card Album
w/also has some sgnd Actor Photos!SEV.Albums+Groups of POSTCARDS;Group 4 Photo
Albums+4 watrclr Paintings,Albums have NAZI Soldier Photos+German/Austrian?People,
paintings are all by family memberJ.Struska incl.street scenes;Nice Package!
 ART:PAINTINGS:OILS:Fine Landsape”In the Field”,28”x38”in orig.Carvd Frame sgnd
C(harles)E.BUCKLER,1869-1953,(Ma.Artist,well listed);COOL Currier+Ives styl painting
w/”Homestead in Winter sgnd Bob CYR,1900!(just the right amount of naitivitie+training,
must see!Aprox.12 works by Gwerman?artist Franz EHRHARDT!Exc.Stillife sgnd ROBERT
F.WILLIAMS;”Old Line Tree,Putney,Vt”Landscape sgnd Belle Coar FERGUSON;Sml
Western oil sgnd A(rthur?)R Drew;2 FINE Landscape(Floral Garden+River Sunscape)by
noted Vt.artst WALLY AMES;Watercolors:Guaoche of Ct.River landscape sgnd H(enry)
R(ussell)BALLINGER,1892-1994,14”x20”!!Lg.ORIG.w/c Landscapew/house,haystacks,
water sgnd LOUIS K.HARLOW.27 !”x10 !”!VENICE Harbor view sgnd A.BONADETTI,
lstd;interesting Pastel/Guache of Black Women picking fruit sgnd Elanore MATHEWS!
Harbor w./c’s?sgnd Milton WELT;2 pond scenes,Valfred P.Therin;Early SKETCH “by
grandfthr Sqr.August Busck,Copenhagen,1818,(he died 1870)etc.(village scene)!!PRINTS:
artist sgnd Litho,LOCKHART,’65;Litho Musicians sgnd H.Lane?Gilt Embossed Fiber of
Indian scene sgnd in plate Raymond Averill Porter,1913…MUCH MORE!!
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 Inspection: .Monday,June 23’rd,Inspection:4-6 PM.[Terms:15% Buyers Premium]
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Auctioneer:Paul Gorzocoski III,Ma..#2153.-- Auctn Hall:-413-498-0221;Home:413-498-4420

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