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									 Turfgrass Industry
An Overview of the Turfgrass Industry in Georgia

                           Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum Office
                                     Dr. Frank Flanders and Adrienne Gentry
                                                           September 2006
Students will be able to:
 Explain the importance of the turfgrass
  industry in Georgia.
 Name 8 turfgrass breeds.

 Explain the difference in warm and cold
  season breeds.
 Explain methods of turfgrass establishment

 Explain key facts about turfgrass.
    Why is the turfgrass industry important?
• Turfgrass is used on the playing field   • The average homeowner spends
  of many popular sports such as golf,       $400.00/acre annually to maintain
  football, soccer, and baseball.            their lawn.

        • There are an estimated 800,000 acres of home lawns in Georgia.
           What is turfgrass?
• Turfgrasses are the primary vegetative covers on
  athletic fields, cemeteries, church grounds,
  commercial buildings, golf courses, home lawns,
  schools, parks and roadsides.
• They are used on these sites to prevent soil erosion
  and for other environmental influences as well as
  for recreation and aesthetic value.
• Turfgrass can also be used as grazing for livestock
  or for commercial hay production.
         Turfgrass Breeds
  Cool Season
     Fescue, Kentucky
     Bluegrass, Ryegrass,
grows best when the average temperature is 60-75 degrees F

   Warm Season:
     Bermuda, Centipede,
     Zoysia, St.Augustine
grows best when average temperature is 80-95 degrees F
Methods for Establishment
- Seeding      - Plugging

- Sodding      - Sprigging
                         Fun Facts
 Tifton, Georgia claims to be the turfgrass capitol of the world
 because of all the varieties created at the local Coastal Plains
     Experiment Station and all the local turfgrass farms.

Tif-419 Bermuda
*These are just a few of the
varieties that were created in
          Georgia’s Commodity Value
                                          Rank by                   Percent of total
                       Item                sale     Sales ($1000)       sales

Poultry and eggs                            1        2,780,214           56.6

Vegetables, melons, and potatoes            2         383,556             7.8

Cotton and cotton seed                      3         318,013             6.5

Nursery, greenhouse, floriculture           4         315,324             6.4

Other crops (turfgrass) & hay               5         246,936              5

Cattle and calves                           6         240,070             4.9

Milk and other dairy products from cows     7         212,720             4.3

Fruits, tree nuts and berries               8         122,151             2.5
Grains, oilseeds, dry beans, and dry
peas                                        9         102,464             2.1

Tobacco                                     10         89,058             1.8
               Interesting Facts
   The best time to water turfgrass is when dew is still
    on the ground
   A sign of lack of water is when footprints in lawn, do
    not spring back.
   Turfgrass represents 21% of Total Agricultural
   There are thousands of jobs available in the turfgrass
    management. Everything from research to golf
    course management jobs are currently available.
1. Name four turfgrass varieties.
2. Which of the following is the most accurate about the amount of money the average homeowner
      spends per acre on their lawn?
    A. 200 B. 400 C. 600 D. 800
3. There are an estimated __________ acres of home lawns in Georgia.
4. Which type of grass would be grown in Georgia, warm or cold season?
5. What specific turfgrass industry was tremendously boosted by research in turgrass?
6. What are two ways of establishing turfgrass?
7. What is the purpose of planting turgrasses on roadsides besides looking nice?
8. Turfgrass and hay products rank _____ in Georgia’s total commodities worth.
       A. 4 B. 1 C. 5 D. 7
9. What South Georgia town claims to be the tufgrass capitol of the world?
10. When is the best time to water turfgrass?
     A. at night when the sun has gone down       B. mid day so that photosynthesis can occur
     C. when the dew is still on the ground       D. any time it is convenient
                   Quiz Key
1. Bermuda, St. Augustine, Fescue, Centipede
2. B. 400
3. 800, 000
4. Warm Season
5. Commercial Hay Production
6. Plugging, Sodding
7. Erosion prevention
8. C. 5
9. Tifton
10. C. when the dew is still on the ground



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