rummage sale letter by AndrewIsherwood


									Dear YOUTH!!

Happy Summer! I pray that this finds you enjoying a relaxing and fun-filled summer! We are excited here at
Vinje as construction has come to an end and we are preparing to move back into our space! I’m incredibly
excited to show you the new and improved space and to share with you the joy of it being completed!

I have a couple of things I wanted to share with you of events that are fast approaching, in hopes of letting
you in on some great experiences!

Youth Parking Lot Sale: We are hosting a rummage sale June 25, 7am to 6pm here at Vinje in the parking
lot! We are looking for people to not only prepare and work the sale but also for donated items! Now would
be a great time to clean out your closet and get rid of items that you’ve grown out of or no longer need! Be
sure to ask your parents before you bring in the family heirlooms though! Check out the enclosed paper for
more details!

Sonshine Tickets: We will be purchasing Sonshine tickets the1st of July at the $68/ticket group rate. This
rate is good for anyone to use! If you haven’t already bought your ticket, drop off a check for $68/ticket, and
we will hook you up! Vinje will have a tarp set out near the main stage if you need a place to chill, but we
will not be offering supervision, so make sure you have the okay from your folks!

Youth Council: We are looking for a few good men and women to lead up a Youth Council. This group of
people will be “in charge” of planning activities and making some fun decisions for the entire youth! Our
first meeting will be TUESDAY JUNE 16 @ 6pm. Come and learn more and we will go from there!

National Youth Gathering Prayer Service: Come and join us for some food, fun, fellowship and prayer as
we send off our NINE youth who will be traveling to New Orleans for the National Youth Gathering, July 19
@ 3-4pm. Parents, Friends, EVERYONE WELCOME!

Acolytes, Altar Guild, Coffee Hour OH MY! I need some volunteers to step forward and assist with sum-
mer worship. We are in DESPERATE need of people to fill roles as acolytes, altar guild helps, and to bring
and serve cookies and coffee in between the 8:30a & 10a Sunday services!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call, a text, an email or a smoke signal!
Look forward to seeing you throughout the summer! Be safe and have fun!

                         Gripped in Grace,

                         Laura Anderson
                         Director of Youth & Family Ministries

                      ! !"                           ## $
                                                    ! !$ %                & '                     !
 Bored with summer? Want a little something to do? Come help us get ready for the Parking Lot Sale! We need
people who can make signs, mark items, set up tables, work the sale, and help clean up! Anyone who helps will
 be able to make money for future trips and activities. This will be a great time to catch up with friends and have
 a little fun! Check out the dates and times needed below and let Laura know by sending an email, a text, or giv-
ing her a call and letting her know what YOU want to do! There will also be a sign up board on the bulletin board
  outside the library! Fun surprise for all those who help out! Don’t forget to bring in anything that you no longer
                                         need! We’ll sell just about anything!!

         Monday, June 22: Make signs to post outside the day of the sale and signs with prices
                             Shift 1: 10a-Noon (3-4 people needed)
                               Shift 2: 2-4pm (3-4 people needed)

         Monday June 22, Tuesday June 23, Wednesday June 24: Sort, Label, and Price Items
                         Shift 3: 9a-11am (Monday) (3-4 people needed)
                          Shift 4: 3-5pm (Monday) (3-4 people needed)
                          Shift 5: 3-5pm (Tuesday) (3-4 people needed)
                         Shift 6: 2-5pm (Wednesday) (3-4 people needed)

                        Wednesday June 24: Help set up and work the preview sale
                               Shift 7: 6:30-8:30pm (3-4 people needed)

                            Thursday June 25: Set-up, work the sale, tear down
                             Shift 8: 6:30am to 10:30am (4-6 people needed)
                                Shift 9: 10am to 2pm (4-6 people needed)
                                Shift 10: 1pm to 5pm (4-6 people needed)
                  Shift 11: 4pm to 7pm (clean-up and haul away) (8-10 people needed)

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