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BRIGHT T radeshow for Streetwear_ Sneakers_ Skateboarding and


T radeshow
for Streetwear, Sneakers,
Skateboarding and Fashion
July11a 12, 2009
Bright Info Summer 2009

We will change the summer Bright
from 3 to 2 days for the first time. In
our mind it will higher quality and
performance. Date will be 11 – 12 of
july 2009. Again it will be an extra-
ordanary tradeshow with lots of new
things, like more artshows, more
nightlife, space for private meeting
rooms and conferences, even a little
more space for exhibitors. A week-
end full of new collections, business,
action, art, nightlife and friends.

Don`t miss it and be a part
of the Bright brigade!
Streetwear / Fashion

667                    Makia
101 Apparel            Mazine
2SickBastards          Nikita
Addict                 Nil&Mon
Airbag Craftworks      Numph
Altru                  Obey
Analog Clothing        Ontour
Aveal                  Oxbow Surfwear
Boxfresh               Paint The Stars
Burton                 Pyknic
Carhartt               Pyromanic
Carrot Clothing        Qhuit
Cheap Monday           Ragwear
Cleptomanicx           Rebel8
Dickies                Reell
Dissizit               Rogue STatus
Dreamteam Clothing     Roxy
Drop Dead              RVCA
Drunknmonkey           Sessun
Exact Science          Shisha
Famous                 Sixpack France
Fenchurch              Srereo Panda
Forvert                Suburbanbliss
Gämble                 Tcheka
Homecore               The Hundreds
Hoodlamb               The Zonders
Hooligan,              Thirty Six
Humör                  Ucon
Hurley                 Vicelona
Insight                Violent Elegance
Iriedaily              Vogelwerk
Iuter                  Wemoto
Lifetime Collective    WE SC
Lousy Livin            Wood Wood
Lovem                  Yackfou

4Star                 Jessup
Planet Earth          Kingtide
Alien Workshop,       Kontrol
Almost                Kr3w
Alphanumeric          Long Island
Altamont              Lucky
Ambiguous             March
Amphetamine           Matix
Angst                 Navigator
Armourdillo           Pirate Skateboards
Baker                 Plex
Bellows Skateboards   Powell
Black Diamond         Premium
Blackmagic            Rebel Rockers
Blind                 Record
Fury                  Red-Dragon
Chocolate             Reflex
Cliche                Robotron
Crail                 Rockett
Creation              Royal
Destructo             Satori
Destructo             Shorty´s
Earlybird             Skatemafia
Element               Slave
Elwood Clothing       Svartkult
Enjoi                 Sweet Skateboards
Ezekiel               Tensor
Core Trucks           Thrasher
Flip                  Tricks
Freedom               TSG
Girl                  Vanilla Wheels
Grind King            Venture
Habitat               Woodchuck
Iron                  Zero
Jart                  Quicksilver

Asics Sportytle
Bobbie Burns
DC Shoes
DVS                                    Accessoires
Emerica                                Amos
Es                                     Berlinwood
Etnies                                 Blackriver
Etnies Girl                            Brixton
Globe                                  Deal
Gravis Footwear                        G-Shock
Jim Rickey                             Happy Socks
Keds                                   Les Ettes
Lakai                                  Lowlife
Macbeth             Media              Manhatten Portage
New Balance                            Mrlacy
Nike 6.0            Anzeige Berlin     Oakley
Nike SB             Kingpin            Ogio
Onitsuka Tiger      Limited            Skullcandy
Osiris,             Monster            Techdeck
Pointer             Place              Suenos
Pro-Keds            Playboard
Refined             Slack
Saucony Originals   Sneakers
Sperry Top Sider    Source
Supra               Sportswear int.
Vans                Streetwear Today
Vox Footwear        Verve
Puma                Vice
About Bright

The Bright tradeshow has establis-       The unique concept of the whole
hed itself to a constant venue for       event, a continuously growing
streetwear, sneaker, fashion and         exhibitors portfolio as well as
boardsport in Europe. Driving            the supporting program and the
force and link between the different     central location of Frankfurt are
elements is skateboarding, whose         indications for a Bright future.
influences shaped decisively the
image and authentic character
of the different segments.
For a wide variety of brands Bright
offers a product-related chance for
presentation, its unique concept
guarantees a maximum of image
and identity. The individual location
as well as the product-orientated
framework, consisting of an innova-
tive contest/artist program, support
the characteristically atmosphere of
the off-show. Skateboard culture and
the relating side-events (artist shows
& nightlife) are important
features of the tradeshow;
still the commercial aspect
takes a primary position.
With its concept the Bright
tradeshow offers a very
positive and comfortable
atmosphere without neglec-
ting the function as an inter-
face between distribution and retail.
A special focus on cooperating
with the media leads to a maximum
of transparency and carries the
positive vibes beyond the location
of the former police headquarter.
Bright Office

Bright GmbH & Co. KG
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 13
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Phone +49 (0)69 / 669 621 58
Fax +49 (0)69 / 976 094 82

                               Bright Location

                               Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 11
                               60327 Frankfurt am Main

                               Bright Date

                               Saturday 11 to Sunday 12, July 2009
                               Open from 10:00 - 18:00
                               Admission 10,– Euro
                               (Retailers Only!)

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