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					                    Dermatology Residency Program Overview

                                                 throughout their residency, but emphasis
                                                 should be placed on the following

Ο    ’Bleness Memorial Hospital/Ohio
     University College of Osteopathic
Medicine (OU-COM) Dermatology
                                                 procedures according to their level of

Residency Training Program is designed to        First Year Residents
provide advanced postdoctoral training in            • Proper preparation of the patient for
the care of patients in the surgical and                dermatologic surgery.
clinical setting within the context of               • Anesthesia for dermatologic surgery.
dermatology. This program is characterized           • Instrumentation for dermatologic
by a core curriculum that will prepare                  surgery.
residents to take the certifying board after         • Wound healing, wound care, and
three years of training and has flexibility to          wound dressing.
accommodate, within reason, individual               • Electrosurgery of benign and
learning needs and practice plans.                      malignant lesions.
                                                     • Cryosurgery of benign and malignant
Dermatology encompasses knowledge and                   lesions.
skills, in which this program accommodates
                                                     • Biopsy techniques.
the needs to provide training for the
                                                     • Excisional surgery with appropriate
dermatology resident. Seventy-five percent
of the resident’s time will be spent in direct
                                                 Second year Residents
patient care. The residents are exposed to a
                                                     • Review of all of the above.
wide variety of cases by spending time in
various dermatology offices in several               • Laser surgery.
geographic locations. Dermatology of                 • Nail surgery.
Southeastern Ohio has approximately 5,000            • Skin flaps and grafts.
outpatient visits per year, about 1,000              • Moh’s surgery.
biopsies per year, and 100 phototherapy              • Dermabrasion.
patients. The dermatology clinic rotation            • Hair transplant surgery.
allows a minimum of 20 – 30 outpatient               • Various cosmetic procedures
visits per resident per day. In addition, the               o Collagen injection
resident is exposed to approximately ten                    o Sclerotherapy
specific cases in dermatology per day, and                  o Blepharoplasty
approximately 20 dermatologic surgery                       o Chemical peel
procedures per week.                                        o Liposuction, etc.
                                                 Third Year Residents
Curriculum                                           • Review of all of the above
                                                     • Specific procedures as desired or
The Dermatology Residency Program                       necessary.
curriculum meets the requirements of the
American Osteopathic Association. (AOA)          Residents will be assigned to 2 one-month
and the American College of Dermatology          blocks of dermatologic surgery teaching and
(ACOD).                                          observation in each year.

In Dermatology Surgery curriculum all
residents may be exposed to all procedures
Residents will attend weekly
dermatopathology blocks at the office of        Weekly Grand Rounds at Ohio State
Dermatology of Southeastern Ohio                University.
                                                Annual meetings of the American College of
Elective Time                                   Dermatology.
First Year Residents
    • Will have one month of elective           Second year residents will attend the annual
       time.                                    meeting of the American Academy of
Second Year Residents                           Dermatology.
    • Will have two months of elective
       time.                                    Each resident will attend annual meetings of
Third Year Residents                            the Ohio Academy of Dermatology.
    • Will have three months of elective
       time.                                    Additional conferences as recommended by
                                                staff, such as Mycology at Ohio University
Clinics                                         or Ohio State University.
Senior residents will attend weekly clinics
under the direction of Dr. Hibler at            Resident Assignment Responsibilities
Dermatology of Southeastern Ohio.
Residents will alternate weeks at O’Bleness     Weekly
Memorial Hospital.                              Clinical
                                                    • Residents assigned to clinical
Reading Assignments                                    rotations must attend with staff
Weekly reading assignments for didactics               physician Monday – Friday.
are from standard texts in general                  • All residents will have weekly
dermatology and dermapathology. There                  dermapathology sessions with Dr.
will be weekly basic science/clinical lecture          Hibler.
series with resident and staff. Weekly              • Residents will see their own body of
dermapathology “unknown” review with Dr.               patients in their continuity of care
Hibler.                                                clinic at O’Bleness Memorial
There will be journal review of                 Conference
    • Journal of the American Academy of            • All residents will attend “Grand
       Dermatology                                     Rounds” at Ohio State University.
    • Archives of Dermatology                   Basic Science Lecture
    • Journal of Dermatologic Surgery               • Residents will attend basic science
    • Journal of Investigative Dermatology             lectures in conjunction with Ohio
Ancillary dermatology journals will be                 University or Ohio State University.
reviewed as assigned. Journal club will be      Book Review
monthly with Dr. Schaeffer.                         • Book review will follow basic
Board Review                                        • Textbooks to be reviewed will
One-half day per month will be dedicated to            include:
Board Review.                                              o Habif
                                                           o Fitzpatrick
Conferences                                                o Lever
           o Dahl                                       starting the Dermatology Residency

Patient Logs
    • Each resident is responsible for           Application Process
        maintaining patient logs.                   • Complete an application for
        Specifically, each resident must                O’Bleness Memorial Hospital’s
        record the number of specific                   Dermatology Residency Program
        diagnoses seen.                                 and submit it the Office of Medical
    • Include and identify private patients,            Education for review.
        clinic patients and conference              • Sign the “Release of Information”.
        patients.                                       Requests for letters of
    • Responsible for maintaining a                     recommendation will be made from
        surgical log. This should include               the Office of Medical Education.
        surgical cases observed, assisted, and
        performed.                               Once the application is complete, including:
    • Maintain a record of all conferences            • Letters of recommendation
        attended. Ideally, a copy of handouts         • Transcripts of board scores
        should be maintained to document              • Verification of Internship
        attendance.                                   • Official transcript from the
    • A copy of all logs must be                         candidate’s college of osteopathic
        maintained at O’Bleness Memorial                 medicine,
        Hospital.                                all documents will be reviewed by the
Attendance                                       Graduate Medical Education Committee and
Residents on clinical rotations are              the Dermatology Residency Program
responsible to their assigned staff physician.   Director.
Staff physician is to be notified of, and
approved, all absences.                          Candidates who satisfactorily complete the
                                                 preliminary application process and the
Resident Selection Process                       screening process (top 4 – 6 candidates) will
Criteria                                         be invited for an interview with the DME
    • For selection as a dermatology             and the dermatology Residency Program
        resident for the O’Bleness Memorial      Director.
        Hospital Dermatology Residency
        Program, the successful candidate        After all dermatology residency candidates
        must have graduated from an AOA          have been interviewed, the DME and the
        approved college of osteopathic          Dermatology Program Director will meet to
        medicine and received his/her            review all of the interviewed applicants.
        degree, A copy of all logs must be
        maintained at O’Bleness Memorial         They will then select the candidates and
        Hospital.                                rank them in order of highest priority. Final
    • He/she must have either completed          selection will be by the Program Director.
        an AOA approved internship or will
        have successfully completed an           All candidates selected for funded positions
        AOA approved internship before           will be contacted and offered a position and
                                                 an AOA residency contract to sign.
                                                   lectures and Mid-American Conference (MAC)
Selection of the resident will be based            sports. Resources for finding housing
without regard to race, color, religion,           accommodations include:
gender, national origin, age, marital or
veteran status, disability, or any other legally
                                                   Local Realtors:
protected status, but instead on academic
                                                      • Andy Sylvia Realty
ability. The Program Director will make the               (740) 592-1244
final selection.                                      • Athens Hills Realtors
                                                           (740) 594-3543
MOVING POLICY                                         • Athens Realty
  Moving expenses are paid up to $500.00.                  (740) 592-1146
                                                      • Century 21 Realty, Inc.
EXPENSES                                                   (740) 594-4211
Eligible                                              • Larry Conrath Realty
Moving expenses based upon standard common                 (740) 592-3015
carrier tariffs will be paid only for moving
                                                      • Bob Dellinger Realty
household goods, furniture, clothing, appliances
                                                           (740) 594-4848
and books as well as other personal property
                                                      • Hayes Real Estate
related to the individual’s profession. Such
                                                           (740) 593-8867
expenses may include charges for packing ,
                                                      • E R A Martin & Assoc.
insurance, disconnecting and connecting
                                                           (740) 593-3333
                                                      • Sole & Bloom Realtors
Ineligible                                                 (740) 592-5263
    • Personal travel expenses in connection
                                                   The Medical Education Office is willing to have
        with relocation.
                                                   copies of The Athens Messenger sent to your
    • Storage charges, including in-transit
                                                   present home. Housing advertisements can be
        storage and handling charges.
                                                   monitored, and prompt contact can be made to
    • Expedited moving charges.
                                                   obtain housing in the Athens area prior to the
    • Transportation of animals or pets.           starting date of your program. All we need is for
    • Transportation of automobiles, boats or      you to let us know by calling (740) 592-9334
        trailers.                                  and this service will be implemented.
    • Moving building materials.
    • Moving property pertaining to a              STIPENDS/BENEFITS
        commercial enterprise engaged in by the
        individual or members of his or her        The base salary is $ 41,000 for the current
                                                   2006 - 2007 First Year Residents (PGY II).
    • Maid service.
                                                   Benefits are discussed below.
    • Alterations to furnishings.

HOUSING                                            Fringe Benefits
                                                   Granted Time
The City of Athens, a college community of         CME, Rotating holidays and 10 vacation
approximately 35,000 (including OU students)       days.
rests in the hills of Southeastern Ohio,           Educational Conference/Materials
approximately 1 and ½ hours from Columbus,         Funds are available subject to approval by
Ohio and 45 minutes from Parkersburg, WV.          the Director of Medical Education.
Ohio University provides a diversity of cultural
events, including theater productions, concerts,
Malpractice Insurance
Provided by O’Bleness Memorial Hospital;
covers program-sponsored activities.
Two lab coats provided; all scrubs provided
and laundered.
Health Insurance/Dental
Provided for you at no cost. There is an
additional expense for coverage of family
Life Insurance/Disability
Provided for you at no cost. There is an
additional expense for coverage of family
members and/or supplemental life insurance.
Hospital provides meals up to $3.00 each (25%
discounted price), while on duty.
Moving Expenses
Moving expenses are paid up to $500.00.