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The Metis in Alberta


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									        The Metis in Alberta
13 Settlements
    - Metis Pop. Betterment Act, 1938
    -Only Metis in Canada to have own
     land base. (Imp. For Self-Govt.)
Population Size: 51K (1996 census)
 More than in any other prov.         (c.f.
Sask @ 37K; Man. @ 46K; BC @ 26K)
More assimilated & integrated than First
Nation individuals – e.g., more urban
Less nationalistic ideology
Political Representation
   Metis Nation of Alberta
   Much intense politicking
   $310 million for econ. dvlpm.t. & self-govt., in
    lieu of a land claim ( raids by govt in 1982)
   Establishes a base for self-government on 8
   No mineral rights granted.
           The 1990 Legislation
               for the Metis
  Bill 33
       Metis Settlemts Accord Implementn Act
  Bill 34
       Metis Settlements Land Protection Act
  Bill 35
       Metis Settlements Act
  Bill 36
       Constit’n of Alta. Amendment Act (1990)

The 8 Metis Settlements covered by the legislation are:
       Settlement                    Area Population
  Buffalo Lake & Kikino                      4417
  East Prairie, Gift Lake, & Peavine         5845
  Paddle Prairie                             4217
  Elizabeth & Fishing Lake                   9473
 Bill 33: Metis Settlements
 Accord Implementation Act
5 Principles
    co-operation; self-sufficiency;
local govt autonomy; equity with
other local govts; political respect
Transfers $309 million over next 17
years to implement the Metis
Settlements Act
    Bill 34: Metis Settlements Land
             Protection Act
  To prevent another scrip fiasco (scrip
  exchangeable for cash or land was bought
  up by unscrupulous traders), by specifying
  conditions for Metis land tenure

Alienation of Settlement Land (Fee Simple title)
  - Only with permission of the Crown and by
  majority vote of all members of that
  settlement and of all Metis settlements
  - Settlement land may not be mortgaged.

Mineral Exploration Permitted
  - Only with consent of the settlement
  council and the General Council
Bill 36: Constitution of Alberta
      Amendment Act, 1990

 Entrenches aspects of the other 3
 statutes in the constitution of
 Alberta and thereby in the
 Constitution of Canada
 e.g., the Legislature may not amend
 or repeal the Metis Settlements
 Land Protection Act without the
 agreement of the Metis Settlements
 General Council
 Any bill to amend or repeal this
 statute requires a plebiscite of Metis
 settlement members and majority
 approval must be obtained in each
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