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Credit Card Processing Ferrari


									Credit Card Processing

Ferrari Merchants understands the complexities of your business and offers a full suite of
innovative products and services to help you succeed with all of your credit card processing
needs. We are a leading partner to merchants of all sizes.
· Retail Credit Card Processing- Conventional Credit Card Terminals
The solution is for face to face swipe transactions. Ferrari Merchants will provide your retail
location with processing solutions to accommodate you and allow your business to grow while
minimizing expenses. We take a consultative view and will assist you in making the proper
decision on the necessary services to meet your needs no matter your size or industry.
     - IP Processing
* Quickly process all major credit, debit and gift cards, plus EBT and check authorization, with
peripheral products.
* Offer fast transactions and receipt generation to improve customer service.
* Process more transactions in less time.
* Build customer preference and loyalty.
* Remain adaptable for future functionality.
       Online/E-Commerce Solutions- Processing over the Internet

-       Recurring billing: Automated billing of recurring payments.

-       Gateways offered: Pay flow Products, Eprocessing Network,

    -     Shopping Cart Integration: We are compatible with many of the leading shopping cart
    -     Have the ability to process transactions anywhere around the world with Internet
    -     Email receipts: to both merchant and your customers.
    -     User Accounts: Supports unlimited number of users anywhere in the world.
    ·      Wireless Credit Card Processing
For the business on the move, accept credit cards anywhere you can get a wireless signal with
The Way products. Whether it is a Limo company, Plumbing Company or any service
industry, have security of mind on the road and let Ferrari Merchants show you "The Way."
Wireless can be cost effective with the right processing. Please call today for a free
consultation to see if wireless is the right fit for you.

    -      Process credit and debit cards from anywhere.
    -      No need to have land line.
    -      Make sales where and when your customers are ready.
    -      Get help 24/7 support.
    -      View your account online with the Compass reporting system 24/7
         · MOTO Credit Card Processing

For mail order telephone order business where the customer card is not present Ferrari
Merchants can easily help you establish a merchant account for your mail order, telephone
order business. Ferrari Merchants will provide you with the best solution to accept your
mail/phone orders based on your businesses individual needs including, but not limited to a
Virtual Terminal that allows you to process credit card via any computer and Internet
connection, or you can also manually enter credit card transactions through a standard credit
card terminal.
·Ferrari Merchants Key Benefits

   -     Get help 24/7. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, toll free numbers to call.
   -     View your account activity online with state of the art reporting system. Compass will
       provide you with a 6 month overview on the dashboard and you can look up
       transactions for a 12 month period.
   -     Get technical help for your equipment. Our POS Help Desk answers questions about
       merchants' point-of-sale (POS) processing equipment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
   -     Fast credit and debit authorizations.
   -     Level III processing available for companies that take Government Large ticket Cards.
   -     Address Verification Service (AVS) Credit card processing online - Accept major credit
       cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network, for
       products purchased on your website and/or shopping cart.
   -     Accept Checks Online via ACH- Give your consumers the option of paying via online
       check for products purchased on your website and/or shopping cart and over the phone.

Check Services

Superior Customer Service

Check Verification

Check is compared to a negative database and an approval is given providing there is not
present negative check in that database for the customer.

Check Guarantee

Check is compared to a negative database and an approval is given providing there is not
present negative check in that database for the customer. If customer has NSF, then
guarantee program still pays merchant after information is verified and check company goes
after customer.

Check Conversion

Check is imaged and converted electronically just like a credit card. Both the Guarantee
program and the Verification program is available on this program.

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