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Moustache Wax by Foad Wax

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					Foad Wax A Versatile Home-made Moustache Wax By a Make Up
Artist Launches

Moustached film and TV make up artist Patt Foad launches his home made english bees
wax based moustache wax - Foad wax. It sports a sweet heady and herbaceous scent due
to the essential oils.

Foad wax is a new moustache wax designed and made by make up artist Patt Foad. The
decision to create his own home made moustache wax came with his experience doing
make up in the Film and TV industry and finding that the majority of moustache waxes that
he used and tried did not quite deliver what he was after. Through trial and error on trying it
on his own moustache and on supporting actors he created his own wax which would fill
all the needs that a great moustache wax had to have.

"I needed a grooming product that the everyday moustache fancier would appreciate, but
also one that would uphold the high standards demanded for Film and TV."

When it comes to creating a moustache wax foad wax believes that "versatility is the key
to a good moustache wax" and they beleive that it offers the most important qualities that a
great moustache wax needs. It is "firm yet yielding", "stiff yet malleable and has great
staying power!" as well as having a nice smell, if you use moustache wax you will no doubt
know the need for these qualities.

Foad wax is home made and sports a warm honey colour due to the naturally occurring
pollen and Propolis in the pure English Beeswax. When used it dries
and sets clear and strong and contains essential oils that give a sweet, heady and
herbaceous scent. Their website also contains a guide explaining the best way to style
your moustache with their wax to ensure you get the most from their product. Foad wax is
based in the UK but can ship world wide. They can be found at

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