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					                        315        oad,
                        3 N. Page Ro P.O. Box 4
                                              457, Pinehurst NC 28370 ▪ www.scottish
                                                           t,                                     g        @embarqmail.c
                                                                          ▪ SHUSA@           com

                                               ottish Herit
                                             Sco               U.S.A.
                                                          tage U    .
                                                     N                                                                             009
                                                                                                                           Winter 20

                 SH HERIT
           SCOTTIS             CEPTING 
                        TAGE ACC                                                   AMILTON
                                                                              THE HA     NS HONORED BY 
            SCHOL        APPLICAT
                 LARSHIP A      TIONS                                              AQUE AT 
                                                                                 PLA            DEN 

    A   pp             e             ing
          plications are currently bei considere for eight on
      week scholarships to The Scho of Scottish Arts (four f
      danc in Minnea                 C
                       apolis, North Carolina and the North
      Ameerican Academ of Piping and Drummin (4 for pipin in
                       my            a           ng          ng)
      Valle Crucis, Nor Carolina.

      Applicants for the Scottish Her
                       e            ritage one we scholarsh
                                                eek         hips
      must submit a lett of application by May 15, 2009 to:
          t            ter
         ttish Heritage USA, Inc., PO Box 457, P
      Scot                         P            Pinehurst, No
                                                            orth                         eritage membe Jane McPhaul poses besid
                                                                               Scottish He              er                         de
         olina 28370.
      Caro                                                                               ue
                                                                                 the plaqu honoring Ale              Mary Hamilton
                                                                                                         exander and M
                                                                                         er              o           d
                                                                                during he recent visit to Scotland and the Culloden
      The letter of application must include the fo
                                      i           ollowing:                                              eld
                                                                                                 Battlefie Museum
         • EUSPBA # for piping and drummin
         • FUSTA # for dance
         • Applican name, add

                                     dress, contact phone numbe  er,
                                                                             T   he National Trust for Scotland has presented
                                                                             Scottish Her             with
                                                                                          ritage USA w a plaque i the front
              email add              lable) and age
                       dress (if avail            e                                      f
                                                                             entryway of the restored f  facility at Cullloden
         • Please ind                 t’s
                        dicate student level of traaining and (foor          Battlefield. T plaque is in honor of A
                                                                                          The           s              Alexander R.
              piping/drrumming) inst trument                                            M.
                                                                             and Mary M Hamilton, long-time sup       pporters of
         • Brief essa explaining why applicant is applying for
                        ay          g                            g           Scottish Her ritage. Mr. Haamilton is cur rrently the
              this schollarship (no mo than two p
                                      ore           printed pages s)                      f              f
                                                                             Chariman of the Board of Scottish Her     ritage and Mr  rs.
         • If the app  plicant is unde 18, the app
                                      er                         r
                                                  plication letter must      Hamilton is Assistant Sec  cretary and Counselor to
              be co-sign by parent or guardian
                                      t                                      Scottish Her              Hamiltons hav been
                                                                                          ritage. Both H              ve
         • Applican letter must be accompa
                       nt’s                        anied by a let of
                                                                 tter        extremely ac ctive in manaaging the affai of Scottish
                                                                                                                       irs           h
              recomme               m              d
                       endation from an accredited instructor                             d
                                                                             Heritage and the organiza                 y
                                                                                                        ation is deeply grateful to
                                                                             both for thei tireless effoorts. In recognnition of this,
              APPLICAATION DEA         MAY 15, 200 –
                             ADLINE IS M         09                          Scottish Her ritage made a $300,000 donation in 200     07
                    THERE ARE NO EXCEP
                    T        E         PTIONS                                to the restora             oden Battlefie in their
                                                                                           ation of Cullo              eld
                                                                                          tish           is
                                                                             honor. Scott Heritage i very privile      eged to have
        Th School of S
         he                                        Candlestick R
                      Scottish Arts is held at the C           Retreat                   h               ns
                                                                             worked with the Hamilton over the ye and is
      and E           Center in Min
           Enrichment C             nneapolis, NC near Grandf
                                                  C            father        grateful to al our membe who helped make this
                                                                                           ll           ers
      Mou untain. SSA o
                      offers quality dance instruc             p
                                                  ction from top             tribute possiible.
          hers         and                         es
      teach of Highla Dancing and introduce and reinfor         rces
      know            ottish culture and history. F more infor
          wledge of Sco                            For         rmation
          he           cottish Arts, ple
      on th School of Sc                             atricia Johnsto at
                                       ease contact Pa             on
 The school does not prese
      patri             m.                                         ebsite.
                                                     ently have a we

         North America Academy of Piping and Drumming t
         N              an           o            d            the
      pipin and drumm                 s           e
                        ming school, started by the late John
      McF Fayden, of Gla             and, and Sand Jones, has been
                         asgow, Scotla             dy
      oper              e            rth           or
          rating in Valle Crucis, Nor Carolina fo 38 years. T The
      scho              onal          rs
          ool's professio instructor conduct on   ne-week classroom
          ruction on pip
      instr                         mming. Room board and tu
                        ping and drum            m,            uition
      are included at a v            ble
                         very reasonab price. Visit the Academy’s
      webs at www.naa

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       Meet Scottish Heritage member and                              My husband and I started to attend Scottish festivals
       Northeast Regional Representative,                           and Highland games which soon became our favorite
                                                                    pastime. While attending the events we met great
                 Jackie Seaman                                      people and learned much about our heritage. We also
    As a little soundwaybagpipes,knewanything plaidI just
     loved the
                         before I
                                      of Scotland,
                                                                    noticed the lack of representation of the Clan Graham
                                                                    at most of the events we attended in our area. After
      pleated. Most of my dresses were of a plaid design. I         making some phone calls and contacting the Clan
      even had a plaid lunch box for school...How cool is that?     Graham Society, I have been appointed Northeast
         I grew up listening to stories of Scotland from my         Regional Commissioner for the Clan Graham Society.
      mother, a Graham, and my father, a MacRae,                       My duties as Commissioner include attending
      (Macready after Ellis Island or so the story goes), well      festivals and affairs that are related to Scottish
      those stories just lingered in the back of my mind for        interests. I make reports on the festivals in my region,
      years. After marrying and having three wonderful              and the number of visitors to our clan tent.
      children, I started telling the stories I heard as a child,     And now, I am representing Scottish Heritage USA
      about the castles, heroes, and clans of Scotland.             as well. Scottish Heritage USA, in my opinion, is and
         All the while, my interest was mounting about my           should be the foundation for all Scottish events in our
      heritage and those of the generations past. So, around        country. It represents all areas of learning about our
                                                                    Scottish Heritage, not just individual clans, in a manner
                                                                    of great importance to anyone wishing to learn about
                                                                    Scotland, Scottish history, and all things Scottish.
                                                                      With my husband Bob, and cousins, Nancy and
                                                                    Maynard, as my helpers, I am proud, and excited to be
                                                                    representing Scottish Heritage USA as well as the Clan
                                                                    Graham Society at the games and events; as both are
                                                                    very near and dear to my heart.
                                                                       Last year, we split our tent between the two groups,
                                                                    but this year, we are going to dedicate a new tent just
                                                                    for Scottish Heritage USA, and outfitting it as best we
                                                                    can, along with a lot of help from Scottish Heritage
        Jackie and her husband Bob (left) with her cousins            We now have a brand new enclosed trailer to carry
           Nancy & Maynard at the Jamestown Games.                  our tents, flags, banners and camping gear, so we're
                                                                    ready to roll. Hope to see you all at one of our events.
      15 years ago I started doing genealogy; along the way,
      about 11 years ago or so, I joined the Scottish Heritage
      USA.                                                          Aye Yours,    ]tv~|x

                   Welcome New Members                                        The 250th anniversary of Robert Burns’ birthday
                                                                                brings, year-long celebrations starting with
                                                                               Homecoming Scotland 2009. Don’t miss it and
      Mr. & Mrs. Angus          Mr. Chris Kennedy                           remember to renew your membership before you go
      Ms. Beverly Burton        Mr. William K. McKoy                             for discounts at National Trust properties.
      Ms. Evelyn J. Cameron Mr. & Mrs. John McInnis
      Mr. David Cutter          Mr. & Mrs. Mark McLain
      Ms. Holly Daniell         Mr. & Mrs. James McLaughlin
      Mr. & Mrs. Davis          Mr. & Mrs. Robert McLaughlin
      Mr. Alan P. Douglas       Mr. Frank McNear
      Ms. Nancy Faulkner        Mr. & Mrs. Dan Nichols
      Mr. & Mrs. Finley         Mr. & Mrs. Steven Oliver
      Mr. Robert Harrison       Ms. Sara Paschall
      Mr. & Mrs. C. Heath       Mr. & Mrs. Larry Pirkle
      Ms. Carole Henry          Mr. & Mrs. Eric Ruschky
      Mr. & Mrs. Mel Hunter     Mr. & Mrs. Fred Stewart
      Mr. & Mrs. James Keith Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Stewart
                    Patty & Reid Stone
                                                                                                                        PAGE 2
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           N      L TRUST FO
                           OR SCOTLA
                                   AND POD                                                                     LOST & FOUND – LAST NOTIICE
                                                                                                               L          D        NOTII
                                                                                                  Someone left a Burnett Tartan s                    sh
                                                                                                                                  scarf at the Scottis Heritage tent
                                                                                                               randfather Mounta Highland Game To reclaim,
                                                                                                   during the Gr                 ain                 es.
    Theaas virtual guideesfor Scotlandthis podcasting a series that willlts
         National Trust
         N              t               i
                           to eight of heir properties. These podcast
                                                                                                         please contact our office and we will send it to you.

           FREE and can be downloaded through their website
       are F                           d             r
       (ww              multimedia). So if you are pla
              o             anning a trip to
                                                                    o                                        BARD – ROBERT BURN
                                                                                                         THE B                NS
       the U in the near future, be sure to take advan
                                       e             ntage of this
                                                                                       On thee 250 anniverrsary offrombirrthUniversity off Saint Andrew
                                                                                        Burn Robert Craw

                                                                                                                             of Robert
            more information about these podca
       (For m                                                                    sue
                                             asts, check out the Autumn/Winter iss
                                 of “Scotland in Trust’)
                                             d                                                written a Burn biography br
                                                                                          has w              ns                               his
                                                                                                                              ringing to life h verses and
                                                                                          the l and times s    surrounding them.
                            THPLACE M
            ROBERT BURNS BIRT       MUSEUM                                                  With
                                                                                            W a poet’s ins                     ewd
                                                                                                               sight and a shre sense of h   human drama,
                                                                                          Crawwford outlines how Burns combined a child       dhood steeped in
     Anohlights the opeeningAutumn/W museum of S2010. It’sIn Tru
        other article in t
                         the         Winter issue Scotland
                             of this ne
                                      ew         in
                                                               ust,                       the p
                                                                                              peasant song-c
                                                                                                              culture of rural Scotland with a consummate
                                                                                              uistic artistry to become not o  only the world most popula
           ator, David Ho
        cura                           es             beginnings and
                          opes summarize its creative b             d                        e                                sial            et
                                                                                          love poet, but also the controvers master poe of modern
        deta some of the museum’s ho                museum is in
                                       oldings. The m                                     demmocracy.
           oway on the sit of Burns nat
        Allo               te                        e              icle
                                       tional Heritage Park. The arti
          ntains some lov pictures in
        con              vely                        f
                                      ncluding one of the new                                If you are interes in purchasin this book, con
                                                                                              f               sted           ng              ntact Princeton
           lding. If you do have your copy of the m
        buil               on’t                     magazine, visit                        Univ
                                                                                              versity Press, 14 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing, N Jersey 0861
                                                                                                              445            y               New             18
        ww                 or
 fo more detailss.                                                              phone: 8               r
                                                                                                               800-777-2726 or Fax: 503-227-5044.
                                                                                             here is a group d
                                                                                            Th                                if             r
                                                                                                              discount of 40% i you order 5 or more. For thiss
        OTTISH HER
      SCO         RITAGE MO
                          OURNS THHE LOSS OF
                                           F                                                 discount, contact Mr. Steven C. B
                                                                                             d                t              Ballinger, Prince
                                                                                                                                             eton University
                                                                                            Prress, 812 SW Wa                225, Portland, OR 97205, phone
                                                                                                              ashington St #12                R
                 L OF WEMY
          THE EARL                MARCH 
                          YSS AND M                                                                           1
                                                                                                 503-227-2411 or Steve_ Ball

    Theeeritageofand it’ss Honorary Viccea President, frriendDecemberrsh
         Earl Weym and March, long time
                                                              of Scottis

         12, 2008 in Edinb                6.
                            burgh, aged 96 For some 45 years until 199   91                            CA’S BRAEM
                                                                                                  AMERIC                NDFATER 
                                                                                                                MAR, GRAN
                             ng           N
         he played a leadin role in the National Trust for Scotland,                                            NTAIN 
         ser               man           ars
            rving as Chairm for 23 yea until 1967, w     when he becam  me                                  birth of Scottis
                                                                                                 and the RE‐b                            ross America 
                                                                                                                           sh Identity Acr            
                             l            h
         its President until 1991, when he was named P   President                                                                 
         Emmeritus. During his tenure the Trust acquired the majority of
                           g              e              d                                    This           y
                                                                                              T epic study of the revival of Scottish ide     entity in the
                           cluding Culzea Castle, the C
         its properties, inc             an             Castles of Mar,                        ited                           the
                                                                                           Uni States has been years in t making. Do          onald
             odie           d              ace.          n
         Bro Castle and Falkland Pala In addition to his service to     e                  Ma                mer             NC,
                                                                                              acDonald, form Charlotte, N and Edinbu          urgh, Scotland d,
            e              s             m
         the Trust, he was involved in many other activ  vities, includin
                                                                        ng                 jour               nded the Grand
                                                                                               rnalist, co-foun                               ain
                                                                                                                              dfather Mounta Highland
         ser               man           yal             n
            rvice as Chairm of the Roy Commission on Ancient a           and                   mes            h
                                                                                           Gam along with Agnes MacR Morton.Rae
         Historical Monum                  igh
                            ments, Lord Hi Commissio    oner to the                            Celebrations o Scottish iden
                                                                                               C             of                              none more read
                                                                                                                             ntity flourish, n               dily
         Ge                 ly            ch
           eneral Assembl of the Churc of Scotland and Lord                                recoognizable than the Grandfath Mountain H
                                                                                                             n               her             Highland Game   es.
         Lie                ast
            eutenant for Ea Lothian.                                                       Ma acDonald's mas                  s               sive
                                                                                                              ssive volume is a comprehens history of the
             H is survived by his wife Sh
             He            d              helagh, who pr to her
                                                        rior                                  st                              s,
                                                                                           firs half-century of these games Eastern Ame      erica's largest
         ma                d                            d
            arriage to Lord Weymss in 1995 had served the Trust as                         "Ga               ottish Clans." T
                                                                                               athering o' Sco              There are appro  oximately 220
         pro                 r             ian
            operty manager of the Georgi House in E    Edinburgh. Lord   d                 histtorical photogr               ude              s
                                                                                                              raphs that inclu participants in the many
         Ne                n                            o
           eidpath, his son by his first wife Mavis, also survives him                     commpetitive event and there is i
                                                                                                              ts              information ab                 s
                                                                                                                                             bout the origins of
         and is heir to the titles.                                                            tain
                                                                                           cert Scottish cu   ustoms, patron                  nd
                                                                                                                             nymic names an pen portrait of  ts
             Many member of Scottish Heritage will re
             M              rs           H              emember Lord                         mous Scots who came to the N World.
                                                                                           fam                o              New
         We                 is           a
             emyss from hi attendance at the 1990 Gra   andfather
         Mo                 s,             w
            ountain Games of which he was Honored G     Guest. With ke  een
         int                              f
            telligence and a wry sense of humor, he enl  livened any gro oup                 S
                                                                                             Southern Lion Bo
                                                                                                            ooks, 1280 Westm             Madison, GA 3065
                                                                                                                            minster Way, Ma             50
         of which he was a part. He will be sorely mis  ssed by all who o                                   r     
                                                                                                           or visit www.south              om
         kne him.

                                                                     OF THE FOREST 
                                                             FLOWERS O
                                            mpathies to th
                                      Our sym                            he following Sc
                                                         he families of th                           ge members: 
                                                                                       cottish Heritag
                                                                    ,         ro,     8
                                                    Charles McLendon, Greensbor NC 2/08
                                                   Dr. William C. Powell, Fayettevillle, NC 9/08
                                            T           Wemyss and March, Sco
                                            The Earl of W                              12/08
                                                                            otland, UK 1
                                                                                 Springs, NY
                                                   Eugene W. McClelllan, Clifton S         Y

                                                                                                                                                         PAGE 3
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                VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE!                                                    STONE MOUNTAIN HIGHLAND 

                                                                                  S                GAMES 
                Scottish Heritage now has a new Website – . Please visit it and send us your                   cottish Heritage members and staff happily froze their fingers
      feedback. We think it’s quite wonderful and hope you do too. We             at the 36th annual Stone Mountain Games in October. We met many
                 look forward to hearing your comments.                           old friends and gained several new ones at our tent during this
                                                                                  wonderful weekend.
                                                                                     We must compliment Donald and Jane Boney for their tireless
                                                     If you missed the Stone      efforts in managing a terrific event. Thanks also go to William and
                                                     Mountain Games this          Winnie Steadley-Campbell who helped man our booth and
                                                     year, you missed a real      entertained a steady stream of customers.
                                                     treat. Pictured here            Of course our display could not have been complete without the
                                                     with her mom is the 3        presence of Sylvia and Doug Talley, our hard-working volunteers.
                                                     month old Highland             The games were entertaining and the parade was impressive.
                                                     “Coo” who made her           Homecoming Scotland had a display near us and we were able to
                                                     first appearance at                                                hear about plans for the
                                                                                                                        upcoming event. Several of
                                                     Stone Mountain.
                                                                                                                        our volunteer representatives
                                                                                                                        attended the festivities and we
      The Clan Cameron Association will plant an oak grove, dedicated                                                   got to meet Ron Shankland
                                                                                                                        (Florida) and his lovely wife
     to the memory of Cameron Clansmen from yesteryear and today, on
                                                                                                                        and Jackie Seaman (Northeast)
                        a plot of land at Achnacarry.
                                                                                                                        and her husband Robert.
       The ceremony of official dedication will take place at Noon on 1                                                     Special thanks to board
             August 2009. Bishop Douglas Cameron will officiate.                                                        member Bobby Groves III
         For more information visit the Cameron website at                                         who was there through thick
                                                                                                                        and thin and who can spin a
                                                                                                                        great yarn!
                                                                                                                          We hope to see many more
            For Upcoming Scottish Games and Festivals, check 
                                                                                    Winnie & William Steadley-Campbell of you at Grandfather
           out The Association of Scottish Games and Festivals                     and Doug & Sylvia Talley manning the Mountain.
                        web site:                                     Scottish Heritage Tables at Stone

       Scottish Heritage USA, Inc.                                                                                          PRSORT STD
                                                                                                                             U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                            Pinehurst, NC
                                                                                                                            Permit No. 36

       315 N. Page Road, P.O. Box 457
           Pinehurst, NC 28377

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