Thank you for choosing St by niusheng11


									         Thank you for choosing St. Moritz as your future home!
 We have listed the qualification criteria for approval of your future home .
1. COMPLETED APPLICATION: Be sure to list all landlords and employers’ phone numbers and fax numbers.
Include all cities, states, and zip codes.

2. Two years of employment and income must be verified with the two most current pay stubs showing Year -to-
Date earnings and a completed Verification of Employment Form completed by employer.
         A. NEW JOB - official offer letter signed by all parties and previous employment verified by phone or last
                 paycheck stub.
         B. SELF-EMPLOYED - current year signed tax return.
         C. RETIRED - most recent tax return, social security/pension income documents; investment account

3. Two years of verifiable rent payment or mortgage payment history (prior and current).

4. Must qualify with 3X the amount of rent per month.

5. Guarantors - The Guarantor must qualify with 5X the monthly rent in income. The Guarantor also needs
        superior rent/mortgage payment, employment and credit history. If Guarantor is an out-of-state resident,
        an additional Security Deposit equivalent to one(1) months’ rent will be assessed. Lease documents
        must be signed and returned to the office BEFORE move-in and the signature of the guarantor must be
        notarized. (Only for out-of-state Guarantors).

7. Reservation Deposit
        A.      $200.00 for one and two bedrooms.
        B.      $300.00 for three bedrooms.
        C.      Check made payable to St. Moritz Apartments

8. Application processing fee of $30.00 per applicant 18 years and older in separate check made payable to St.
Moritz Apartments. Application processing fee is non-refundable.

9. Copy of driver’s license or photo ID card, due on your move-in day.

10. A maximum of two(2) cars is allowed per apartment.

11. Renter’s Insurance is required prior to moving into St. Moritz. You may sign up with eRenterPlan insurance
program or provide your own insurance. If you choose to provide your own insurance, you must provide us with the
Declaration Page from your policy showing:
         A.       A minimum of $100,000 liability coverage
         B.       The address of your new apartment
         C.       A policy term greater than or equivalent to the term of your lease.

12. A photograph of your pet, if applicable, must be submitted at the time of move-in.

__________To ensure prompt processing of your application, these items MUST be submitted to the
leasing office within 24 hours after reserving your apartment. If the information is not received within this
time frame, we will have to return the apartment to the open market and refund your reservation

__________ If applicable, additional Security Deposit may be required for credit or residency

If you have any questions, please contact your Leasing Administrator at (949) 362-6000.

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