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                                                     PHOTO CLUB NEWS
                                                       LETTER FOR
                                                                 JUNE 2009

Sound Exposure meeting dates for 2009                            Gallery Change out Dates for 2009
          Jun 24th- Digital                                                   6/07/09
          Jul 22nd – Slides                                                   7/12/09
          Aug 26th – Digital                                                  8/09/09
           Sep 23rd- Print                                                    9/13/09
          Oct 28th – Slides                                                  10/11/09
          Nov 25th – Digital                                              Matthew Ahola
           Dec Xmas Party                                                  253-389-7604
         Jan 2010, Wed. 27th
             At 7:30 PM                                      PLEASE NOTE IMPORTANT ALSO
     at the Gig Harbor Library                              SEE NOTE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE
                                                                    NEWS LETTER

                                                            June 24th will be our Digital meeting, all images
                                                              need to be sent to Roy Burnett no later than
                                                                June 20th: Send your files to 13005 Pt.
                                                            Richmond Dr. NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332, or
                                                              email the images to

                          FIELD TRIP INFORMATION FOR JUNE

It will be on June 13, 2009 at 10 AM at the Rhododendron and Bonsai Gardens in Federal Way,

General Admission ---$5.00
Seniors (65+) -----------$3.00

Here are directions for those that don't know where this is. The Gardens are located to the west of the
Weyerhaeuser Corporate Building.

From Tacoma:
Take I-5 North to Hwy 18 East Exit Hwy 18 East at Weyerhaeuser Way Go left (North) over HWy 18 and
continue on Weyerhaeuser Way to Weyerhaeuser Corporate Headquarters Road on left (West).
Follow signs marked Rhododendron and Bonsai Gardens.
Park in Garden Visitor Parking Lot.

For those that would like to Caravan, I will be leaving the Kimbrill Park'n'Ride, Gig Harbor, at 9:15 and will
leave the 6th Avenue Park'n'Ride at 9:30 These gardens are not just Rhododendrons.

There are hundreds of different types of flowers and settings.
                            FOR SALE OR FREE BY MEMBERS
Cannon EF 70-200mm f2.8 L Lens               Mary Westerback has
It is Excellent “+” condition and           following items for sale:
comes with caps, shade, bag, and           Canon 70-300 DO IS Lens
box. The lens hood has been                    (hardly used) $700
                                         A very strudy Bogen-Manfrotto
modified so you can turn a
                                         Tripod 3021 with Bogen Head
polarizing filter without taking the      410 (Retail $444) --- price for
hood off. $950.00 Contact Jim                       both $200
Palmer at              Pentax One Degree Spot Meter

                                         Have a friend with lots of large   Support our Local Photo & Print:
                                          format gear (4 x 5) (8 x 10)      Retailers:

                                            Please call 360-613-5128        Robi‟s Camera Center and Quick-
                                                                            Color Lab
If anyone in the club who owns a         If anyone in the club who owns     10015 Gravelly Lake Dr. SW
Canon EOS Rebel XSi/450D or a            a Canon EOS Rebel XSi/450D         Lakewood, WA 253-584-0210
EOS Canon Rebel XS/1000D please          or a EOS Canon Rebel
let me know. Because I have a DVD        XS/1000D please let me know.
training guide for you. Doug             Because I have a DVD training      Photo Pro Imaging Center                         guide for you. Doug                6876 Kimball Dr., Gig Harbor, WA
Calibrate your monitor                                                      851-3582
with COLOPLUS from Pantone
"ColorVision". This can be used on                                          Kimball Espresso & Gallery
either an LCD or CRT monitor. The                                           6950 Kimball Dr., Gig Harbor, WA
package includes the                                                        858-2625
calibrating software, plus Adobe
Photoshop Album, and the                                                    Framer‟s Workshop
calibrating sensor. All of this in the                                      A CUSTOM FRAM SHOP
original box, asking price of $40. The                                      See Dean Everett At 6940
reason I am sell this package is                                            Kimball DR., Gig Harbor, WA 253-
because my wife bought me the                                               858-1624
Spyder 2 Suite for Christmas and I do
not need two calibrating programs.
                                                                            Kincora Photo
                                                                            4515 N Pearl St., Tacoma, 253-212-
 You can call me at 253-579-8365 or                                         2176
email me at                                             Donna's Photo Restore & More,
                                                                            253-509-4068, email

Spring Is Here
           Board Member’s Contact List
                                                               Sound Exposure Photo Club
             President: Brian Page                             April 2009 Treasurers Report
              Phone 253-858-9420
                                                    CHECKING: 04-01-09 to 04-30-09
                                                    Beginning Balance:                    $1,064.55
           Chairperson: Roy Burnett                 Deposit:                              $    0.00
          Email                Debits:                               ($ 72.00)
                                                                     Ending Balance:      $ 992.55
             Treasurer: Doug Sala
            Email                  Credits:
              Phone 253-581-0382
                                                                             Sub Total:   $    0.00
               Editor: Joe Miller                   Debits:
         Email                Northwest Camera Council – Dues       $   20.00
              Phone 253-267-6800                    Borders – Door prize                  $   12.00
                                                    Matthew Ahola                         $   40.00
      Secretary:    NEED A VOLUNTEER                                     Sub Total:       $   72.00

        Field Trip Coordinator Jim Palmer           SAVINGS: 01-2009 to 03-2009
           Email: jimapal@)                Beginning Balance:                    $1,493.83
                                                    Deposit:                              $ 140.00
                                                    Debits:                               ($ 0.00)
          Scavenger      Hal Pearson                Interest:                             $    1.31
         Hunt: Email                               Ending Balance:      $1,635.14

            Gallery:Matthew Ahola                   TOTAL CHECKING & SAVINGS
         Email                Checking                              $ 992.55
                                                    Savings                               $1,635.14
        Web Master:        A. J. Montgomery                        Grand Total:           $2,627.69

          Projectionist:      Lional Kam

          Refreshments       Chris Schutz

          Critiques:          ??????????

Washington State History Museum at 1911               On the JUNE 27th the Washington State
Pacific Avenue has Noted regional historian,         History Museum at 1911 Pacific Avenue will
Paul Dorpat, in collaboration with photographer             have the following on exhibit.
Jean Sherrard, has created a state wide version       Fast Moving Water: The Hoh River Story
of his popular „Then and Now‟ photo feature in
The Seattle Times. Washington Then & Now           Acclaimed nature photographer, Keith Lazelle,
compares and contrast historic photographs of      has captured the beauty of the Hoh River, one of
state locations with contemporary photographs.          only a few virtually intact rivers in the
This is the largest visual analysis ever done on   contiguous United States, in Fast Moving Water:
Washington. Guests will witness the many ways       The Hoh River Story. Explore the rich history
humans have left their mark on our state. This        and cultural significance of this ecosystem,
exhibit until June 11th                              including efforts to protect and preserve it.
         Molly O‟Brien, formally of Photo Pro, has opened                 American Frame Corporation
her own shop. The shop is Kincora Photo @ 4515 N Pearl
St., Tacoma. It is on the corner of 46 St and Pearl. Across           This is a reminder to you folks our club
form Bargain World. She will process film and digital                is a member of the The Alliance
images. Phone 253-212-2176, fax 253-212 2189.                        Program with American Frame
                                                                     Corporation. AFC will contribute 5%
         Also Donna of Photo Pro has started her business            of every purchase you make to our club.
called DONNA‟S Photo Restore & More. Phone 253-509-                  So the next time you order from AFC
4068, E-mail                                                         let them know you are a member of The
                                                                     Alliance Program with Sound Exposure Hope this will help out some of the           Photo Club. Help yourself to a free
members wanting to know where to go for printing.
                                                                     catalog (you will find them on the back
Want a FREE program that you can add notes to your                   tables), their pricing will be hard to
DIGITAL photos?                                                      beat. AFC is also offering free custom
                                                                     cut or uncut mat boards with a
                                                                     purchase of a metal frame. Go to
Try a FREE program called JCap. It lets you add information to
                                                            for more
your pictures. You can put keywords and even captions to your
                                                                     exciting information and details. Thank
pictures. Let future viewers see information about your photos. It   you for those who have made purchases
simply associates them with a plain text file. You can also search   with AFC. Every dollar you spend
for photos by your descriptions, keywords and captions. This         helps the club.
makes massive photo collections easy to use. This program is for
Windows and Mac users

Go to

Canon will clean the mirror boxes on the EOS-1D Mark III               A FREE and quick way to resize a lot of
and EOS-1Ds Mark III digital SLR cameras for free
because of an oil-spotting                                                    JPEG images at one time.
problem on the low pass filter surface.                                Have you ever wanted to resize a lot of
                                                                     photos at one time so you could share them
In a service notice, Canon notes, "We have discovered that
                                                                          by email or put them on a CD?
images taken by some EOS-1D Mark IIImand EOS-1Ds
Mark III digital SLR cameras may exhibit ring-shaped
spots.... These ring-shaped spots are the images of oil               Here‟s a FREE program that can do it for
lubricant on the surface of the low pass filter (LPF), which         you. Try Fast Image Resizer.. It's a fast way
is located in front of the CMOS sensor. This oil is used             to resize multiple images. Simply specify the
inside the Mirror Box to lubricate some of the camera's              size and JPEG quality you'd like. Then drag
moving parts. If the oil is applied too liberally when the
                                                                       your files from Windows Explorer to the
camera is manufactured, it can become scattered onto the
surface of the LPF through normal camera operation."                                   program.
If you've experienced this oil spotting or have seen oil on the
surface of the back side of the mirror, contact Canon's              In seconds, you'll have resized images. How
Customer Support Center. It will arrange free cleaning of             easy is that? It will only work with JPEGs
the mirror box.                                                                          images.
Canon U.S.A., Inc. Customer Support Center: 800-828-4040                 Go to and download it.
    The Washington State Historical Society is                  Wildlife Photography, Todd Cheney
  accepting digital photography submissions for
      Four Points of Washington State. Each                             Hello fellow photographers
 submission is to consist of a set of four different       My friend and camera repair man, Todd Cheney,
                                                           thought you were someone who might appreciate
views, all taken from the same location. Accepted
                                                           getting this email and my monthly email updates.
     submissions will be on display starting in              Our newsletters include information on wildlife
 September in the Four Points on-line gallery at          photography, my photographs and upcoming tours
                            and photo workshops. My wife Angie and I lead
                                                               wildlife photography tours to Ecuador (her
  Entries must be submitted before August 1. As           homeland) and other countries and workshops here
  contemporary examples of digital photography,             in the US. If you would like to take a look at our
images should be taken no earlier than January 1,         website, its . Below is our last
2009. Each image should be at least 4" x 6" at 300      email and link to our newsletter. Feel free to forward
  dpi resolution in uncompressed TIFF or JPEG            this email to others you know who may be interested
                                                        in wildlife photography or birds. If you would like to
file formats. All accepted submissions become the
                                                              be removed from this list, please let us know.
    property of the Washington State Historical                                     Best,
Society, with no restrictions on usage. Each image                             Nate Chappell
 displayed in the on-line gallery will be credited to                            Hi friends,
 its photographer. Images with rights restrictions
will not be accepted. The Society does not pay any          Our April newsletter features information on
fees for images received as part of the Four Points         photographing hummingbirds with one flash,
     project, and reserves the right to reject any      including photos from Arizona and Ecuador. Take a
      content deemed unsuitable for our public                look at .
 audiences or not in keeping with the Four Points
                                                         We still have room on all of our current workshops
                                                         and tours, I will give a brief update on each of them
   For more information, please contact Fred
     Poyner IV, digital assets manager, at                Ecuador, August 1-12, 2009, This is a spectacular
                                                             tour covering the eastern slope of the Andes
       (253) 798-5911,                 Mountains and the western edge of the Amazon
                                                         basin. We have 2 commitments and several people
                                                          that I am waiting to hear from. I need to have my
_______________________________________                    lodge reservations in by May 15th, so if you are
Dear Members;                                              interested please contact us before then. I have
                                                        dropped the price of this tour from $3,100 to $2,900,
We have a problem with our scheduled                      the single supplement is $400. A few people have
meeting set for June 24th. Janet is going                inquired about only going for one week because of
                                                        work commitments. I am making this available as an
to see if Tuesday, the 23rd, or Thursday the             option. It would be from August 1-8, 2009 and the
25th, is open. All of the other Wednesday                         price would be $2,100, $100 single
evenings this month are booked, except for                              supplement. Please see
Wednesday the 10th. I will let you know as           for details.
soon as I hear back from Janet, hopefully we
                                                           Our tours and workshops are a lot of fun and
will get our future meetings straightened out.           educational. Feel free to give us a call at 253-512-
                                                        1060 or email us at with
I sent you a message the other day with Roy's                      any questions you may have.
email and
Postal address; please have your digital                    Good photography and birding to everyone,
                                                                    Nate and Angie Chappell
images ready for Roy as soon as you can.

Have a great day.


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