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									                                        Cornell Cooperative Extension Chenango County
January 21, 2011
Volume 1, Issue 9


     4-H Calendars available
        at the CCE Office.

Inside this issue:
                                           4-H’ers are Making a Difference!
                                            Courtney Ericksen is an       selling the purses that she   her business this year to
New Staff                    2
                                           8thgrader who has been a       is making herself! She        include some different
                                           member of 4-H for eight        says that she decided to      varieties of purses as well
                                           years. She has partici-        start a website because       as some seasonal items,
4-H Opportunities            3
                                           pated in various project       she thought it would be       such as hats and scarves
Public Presentations         4             areas, but her specialty is    the best way of advertis-     in the winter, ponchos in
                                           sewing. Courtney says          ing her product and to        the spring and fall and
                                           that she has been sewing       keep the business going.      swim suit covers in the
                                           for nearly 12 years!             Courtney says it was        summer!
                                           Last year as a 4-H pro-        difficult getting the web-       Courtney is an Inde-
                                           ject, Courtney learned         site running because she      pendent 4-H member
                                           how to make a purse, and       had to figure out exactly     who is putting the life
                                           she did very well with it      what she needed on the        skills she has learned
                                           come fair time! Because        site, try to organize it,     through 4-H to work!
                                           she enjoyed making the         make sure orders were
                                           purses, she decided that       actually coming through       Great job, Courtney!
                                           she would start making         and that the whole thing
                                           and selling purses to the      was working as it should
                                           public.                        be.
                                            Courtney has developed Courtney says that she
                                           a website, where she is is thinking of expanding
Courtney Ericksen modeling
one of her handmade purses

     Joan Cauley, a retired CCE/4-H educator who worked with          High School Seniors-College Scholarship:
     the NYS 4-H Horse Program in 2004, is trying to compose
                                                                      NYS 4-H Foundation Opportunity Scholarship
     an interactive CD to go along with Jeannie Griffiths,
     “Equine Science” book. Joan is seeking digital photos of         Applications available at
     NYS 4-H youth and their horses. She needs the side view          www.nys4hfoundation.org
     with no tack, just a halter, and no riders. E-mail photos, the
     horses name, age, owners name, address, e-mail address
     and phone number to: JACAULEY@aol.com                            Deadline February 15, 2011
Volume 1, Issue 9
Page 2

New 4-H Staff

Jennifer (Jenn) Sienko of
Bainbridge will be filling the
position of Community Edu-
cator, and will specialize in
the areas of sewing, public
presentations, cooking, and
after school programming.
 Jenn attended Broome Com-
munity College and receive
her Associates Degree in
Business Administration, and then Oneonta State        Richard Turrell of North Norwich has filled the po-
where she received her Bachelor’s in Political Sci-    sition of Volunteer Coordinator. He will be working
ence. Jenn is also currently employed at the Sidney    on recruiting new volunteers to the 4-H program,
Price Chopper part time. Jenn is a former Chenango     working the existing volunteers, and developing a
County Dairy Princess, was the recipient of the Jay-   teen leadership training series.
cees Outstanding Young Farmer Award, was a dairy
                                                         Richard attended SUNY Oneonta receiving a Mas-
farmer for over twenty years, and president of the
                                                       ters Degree in School Counseling. He previously
Quality Milk Producers. In the fall of 2010 she com-
                                                       worked, for 25 years, at Sherburne-Earlville Central
pleted the Master Gardening Training.
                                                       School as a high school counselor. Richard has been
  Jenn is hoping to encourage more youth participa- very involved with 4-H. As a youth his focus was
tion in the project areas that she is specializing in. mainly growing, breeding and showing sheep. Since
Jenn lives in Bainbridge with her husband Jim and      then all of his children have been 4-H members, and
son Cooper who she says can’t wait to turn 5 and join he has been a “4-H Dad” as well as helping out
4-H as a Cloverbud! She enjoys baking and garden- whenever needed.
ing projects with Cooper, and visiting the family farm
                                                         When asked about what he hopes to achieve with
across the street. Jenn says her son loves the cows
                                                       his new position, Richard said that he would love to
and John Deere tractors!
                                                       see 4-H head back to its “Glory Days”. He is very
Jenn will be in the office from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on happy with the existing members and clubs, but he
Tuesdays and Thursdays and would love to have you says that he would love to see more 4-H clubs started
stop in some time to visit and answer any questions    and have more youth involved.
you may have! We are very excited to welcome Jenn
                                                         Richard and his family own a farm, where they have
to the 4-H staff!
                                                       sheep and draft horses. He also says he enjoys doing
                                                       forestry work.
                                                                                Volume 1, Issue 9                                  Page 3

                                                     4-H Opportunities
NYS Guernsey Calf Award                          4-H Shooting Sports                              Dairy Discovery & Dairy Judging
A Guernsey calf will be awarded to the           Jan. 29th— DEC Instructor Training               Trainers Course, March 26. Cornell
applicant who show interest in the Guern-        February 25-27th— NYS 4-H Shooting               University
sey breed and has demonstrated capabilities      Sports Instructor Training                       DEC School Seedling Program– To
of developing the animal to its fullest po-      April—NYS 4-H Shooting SportsBanquet             request more info or to receive an order
tential. Application deadline April 1, 2011.     Apr. 9th—NYS 4-H Shooting Sports                 application call 518-587-1120 or go to
Application available from Janet                 Invitational                                     www.dec.ny.gov/animals/9393.html all
High School Seniors-College Scholar-             For more info, contact John Bowe,                orders must be received by March 31,
ship:                                            jfb32@cornell.edu.                               2011
NYS 4-H Foundation Opportunity Schol-            Beginner’s Sewing Project, Feb. 22nd             April 9th– Cornell Vet Open House
arship. Deadline February 15, 2011               Bring all of your old ribbons and create a       and Block and Bridle student Live-
Applications available at:                       new use for them! We will use straight           stock 4-H day and show–
www.nys4hfoundation.org                          stitching to “quilt” all of your old flat rib-   http://www.vet.cornell.edu/news/open
Ride for 4-H Horse Clubs                         bons into a pillow front! Cost is $5 per         house/ and
Ride to raise money for the Chenango             person for stuffing and back panel. Bring        http://www.ansci.cornell.edu/students/
County 4-H horse clubs! Call Lorraine to         own thread.                                      blockbridle/index.html
sign up or for more information– 607-898-        NY Farm Show, Feb 24th-26th- NYS                 STARR, April 15-17, 2011
3808 website:                                    Fairgrounds, Syracuse NY. See:                   NYS Fairgrounds, A statewide teen lead-
www.purecountrycampground.com                    http://www.newyorkfarmshow.com                   ership building program lead by teens.
Horse Bowl/Hippology Practices                   County 4-H Public Presentations, Feb.            April 16th– State 4-H Horsebowl at
Friday evenings, 6:30pm, CCE Office.             26th                                             Cornell
Contact Rhonda Turrell for more info:            Capital Days Trip, Feb 27-March 1st
rturrell@frontiernet.net                                                                          2011 NYS 4-H Shooting Sports State
                                                 Regional Hippology Contest, Mar. 5               Championship, April 15-17, 2011
Dairybowl Practices                                                                               To be held in Broome County. Cost $10
Join 4-Hers from across the county as we         March 5-6th Shearing School– Contact
                                                 Doug Rathke                                      per event. For more info: 607-849-6191
learn all about dairy cows. Runs every                                                            or bc4hss@dishmail.com
Monday through mid-March                         http://www.ansci.cornell.edu/sheep/cale
                                                 ndar/shearingschool.html                         Incubation & Embryology Egg Deliv-
Google Science Fair                                                                               ery, April 25, 2011. $10 per dozen fertil-
Visit www.google.com/sciencefair to learn        March 15th– March Dog Madness &
                                                 Dog advisory meeting at Cornell– con-            ized eggs + $5 delivery fee.
more about this global competition & get
free resource kits for your club or class-       tact Dana Palmer                                 April 30th– State 4-H Dairy quiz bowl
room. Deadline April 4, 2011.                    http://www.ansci.cornell.edu/4H/dogs/i           at Cornell
                                                 ndex.html                                        Spring Classic Sheep/Goat events at
4-H Program Committee
If you or someone you know is interested         Regional Dairy Bowl/Horse Bowl,                  Cobleskill– TBD
in helping to advise and direct the overall 4-   March 19th                                       May 7th– NYS 4-H Horse Communi-
H Program, please contact Janet. We will         March 19th– Pheasant Chick Orders                cations Event– Cornell University
begin meeting after the holidays. Past           Due– contact Janet at 607-334-5841 ext.          May 14th– 4-H Animal Crackers–
members who have been on the committee           12 for more info and order forms                 Focus on Goats and Horses.
will be contacted about the upcoming
                                                 March 20-25th NY AG Literacy Week–               http://www.ansci.cornell.edu/4H/crack
meeting. This committee is not program
                                                 focus on Poultry. To sponsor a book or           ers/index.html
specific, it is for the overall 4-H program.
                                                 volunteer to read, please contact Janet.         4-H Secretaries Reports
                                                 607-334-5841 ext. 12                             Club secretaries reports are due to the
                                                                                                  4-H Office the 10th of every month.
                                                                                                  Don’t forget yours!
                                                                                      Thanks for catching up with the
                                                                                      Chenango County 4-H Program.
                        99 N. Broad St.                                                    Hope to see you soon!
                    Norwich, NY 13815

                                                                                                               Janet Pfromm
                                                                                                            4-H Coordinator

                                                                                            Louise Butcher explaining the finer
                                                                                            points of public presentations.
                                                                                            Photo by Katlin Smith

                                                                  Helping You Put Knowledge to Work
Cornell Cooperative Extension provides equal program and employment opportunities. NYS College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, NYS College of Human Ecology, and NYS College of
                Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, Cooperative Extension associations, county governing bodies, and U.S. Department of Agriculture, cooperating.

                                                                                      Attention!! If you would like to get in touch with Carol at all
            To submit your photo, send a                                              while she is in IL, she would love to hear from you! You can
           clear, up-close shot of your 4-H                                           write to her at-
                club/family activity to:                                              Carol Loefstedt
                      Janet Pfromm,                                                   Guest Quarters West
                    jlp27@cornell.edu                                                 1911 27th St.
                                                                                      Room 29
                                                                                      Zion, IL 60099

                              Public presentations will be held on February 26, 2011 beginning at 9:00 AM.
                                     For information and ideas on planning your presentations check out
                                                  Public Presentations under the 4-H link:

                       We’re on the web: www.cce.cornell.edu/chenango or become a Friend on Facebook!

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