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Graphic Designer Jobs


Experienced Graphic designer searching for Graphic Designer jobs.

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									                                                                       A.S. AJITH PRASAD
                                                                     No: 42, HAL 2nd stage, 4th cross,
                                                                          Kodihalli, Bangalore, 560008
                                                                     Email: prasadas1978@gmail.com
                                                                              Mobile: +91 9886803998

Professional Objective:
To work for a company that offers a challenging and rewarding career. A job where I can use my strong
creative & technical skills competently to contribute towards the overall growth of the company.

Creative, Hardworking, Positive Attitude, Dedicated, Fast learning & Multitasking.

Print Media, Graphic/web Designing

Graphic Design, Concept Design, Brochures Design, Logo Creation, Magazine Layouts,
Brand Maintaining, Poster Design, Web Ads, Newsletters

Academic Qualification:
Graduation in Fine Arts (Economics) from Calicut University, kerala during the period of 1996-1999.

Computer Qualification:
Advanced Programming and Multimedia Course from NIIT Computers palakkad, kerala.
Multimedia & Graphic Designing course from Techno World Computers palakkad, kerala.
Advanced Programming Course from NIIT Computers Bangalore

Multimedia Skills:                       Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe InDesign
                                         CS4, Corel Draw, PageMaker, Quark Express, Adobe Flash,
                                         Adobe Premier, Acrobat Reader 9.0. Adobe Freehand, Real

Software & Application Skills:           HTML, DHTML, MS. Office

Operating Systems:                       DOS, WINDOWS, Macintosh (MAC)

Personal profile:
Name:                                    AJITH PRASAD A.S.
Fathers Name:                            P. AYYAPPAN
Date of Birth:                           16-11-1978
Marital status:                          Married
Known Languages:                         English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada and Tamil
Hobbies:                                 Chess, Traveling, Photography
Work Experience:
Having 5+ years of experience in Advertising, Graphic Designing and Publishing.

Company:                        Media Bee Advertising and Designs Pvt Ltd. (2005-2007)
Designation:                    Graphic Designer
Department:                     Advertising/Corporate Communications

Company Profile: Media Bee Advertising and Designs is concentrating mainly for Brochures designs,
Leaflets, Flex Board Designing, Poster Designs, Display board Designs and Hoardings.

Company:                        Bangalore Business Directory (BBD) (2007-2009)
Designation:                    Senior Graphic Designer
Department:                     Marketing/Publishing and Designing

Company Profile: BBD is one of the best leading publishers and distributors for industrial, commercial
and educational magazines and directories for the clients in India.

Nature of job: Creative Speculative ADs, Brochures, Designing of Display ADs, Cover Pages, Layout
Designs, Logos and Paginations for the Magazines & Directories.

Company:                        MACMILLAN INDIA PVT LTD. (Feb 2009 - Still Working)
Designation:                    Creative Graphic Designer
Department:                     Designing and Publishing

Company Profile: Macmillan is one of a leading MNC company which expertise in the field of
advertisement designing, printing and publishing for the clients in the USA

Nature of job: Cover Page Designs, Creative Speculative ADs, Graphic Designs for webpage, Brochures,
Magazine Layouts, Logo Creations. Working as Creative Senior Graphic Designer for designing the ADs for
various types of Commercial/Industrial Advertisement, Magazines & Directories for Berry and Cincinnati Ad
Agencies and Publishers in USA. Handling a 12 member’s team for designing the Ads.

Achieved Best Graphic Designer award for Collage Design Competition-2010 from
Macmillan India Pvt Ltd.

I here by declare that the above given information are true & correct as per my knowledge & belief.

Date:                                                                               Yours Faithfully

                                                                                 (Ajith Prasad A.S.)

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