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									Automobile Accident Law: The Basics

Automobile accident law varies in some detail from state to state. If you are involved in an automobile accident and
thus require the services of an attorney, they will be able to define the law details according to the applicable state.
That being said, there are things you can do immediately when you and others are involved in an auto accident, no
matter the location. By following a few guidelines you and others can ensure safety and that necessary details
remain intact and noted. This is very important in the case of automobile accidents and the law.

In the event that you and others are involved in a car accident there are several points to remember and ensure:
1. Never, ever leave the scene- under no circumstance, no matter how minor the accident may seem or whatever is
going on in the world should anyone leave the scene of an automobile accident.

2. See to the injured- secure the situation as much as possible, making sure those who are injured are not in any
further danger as best you can. Do not move any injured or attempt medical care unless you are trained to do so.
When calls are placed to emergency medical teams, it would be good if the number of injured could be reported to

3. Gather all information- get the other driver's name and insurance information, the names of any possible
witnesses and if possible, make notes of the accident happenings and the location as soon as you can. Most of the
time the police report will have much of the needed information. Be sure to get the policeman's name and the
incident report number so you can follow up and procure an official copy of the police report.

4. Never admit to fault- as a person involved in the accident, you may not be aware of exactly what details and
events transpired around you at the time of the accident. Take notes as best you can but do not assume fault even if
you believe you are at fault until all of the details of the crash have been fully investigated.

5. Seek medical attention- be sure to be checked out even if you do not think you have sustained any personal
injury. Adrenaline can often be in full force and hide injuries until later.
Automobile accidents can often result in lawsuits. If you are involved in an accident where a lawsuit becomes a
possibility, seek professional and experienced lawyers to take your case.

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