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									Sedo Calcio

     Aerosol solution for problems such
       as pharyngitis and laryngitis.
W hat is it ?
      Aerosol solution for problems
           such as pharyngitis,
        laryngitis, rhino-sensitises
I   ts components

     Calcium Lactate
     Sodium Benzoate
     Essence of Cinnamon
     Apigenine in Camomile Dry Extract
     Essence of Anise
C   alcium Lactate
    Calcium Lactate (or (L)-calcium lactate
    pentahydrate) is the calcium salt of lactic
    Lactate Calcium has an antiseptic effect by
    respecting the mucosa.
    Calcium salt respects mucosa by
    disinfecting it.
S   odium Benzoate
    Sodium Benzoate is the sodium salt of
    benzoate sodium.
    At room temperature it looks like an
    odorless white solid.
    Togheter with to the Paraidrossibenzoato it
    is part of the Conserving antimycotics
E   ssence of Cinnamon
     Cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanicum,
     also called Cinnamomum verum is a
     small evergreen tree of approximately
     10-15 m in height, of Lauraceae family.
     The plant is native of Sri Lanka and the
     resulting spice is the finest and most
E   ssence of Cinnamon
     Traditionally used against the colds and as an
     antispastic, it is today scientifically recognized
     that is lovers cholesterol and triglicerid blood,
     contributing      to    alleviate     hypertension
     Cinnamon Essential oil has also a strong
     antimycotic effect and it facilitates peripheral
     circulation if rubbed on the skin.
A   pigenine
     • Apigenine-7-glucosyde.
     • Flavonoid of Camomile.
     • It has an anti-inflammatory and
     antimicrobial effect.
     • The anti-inflammatory action, happens
     inhibiting enzymes action of substances
     that are capable of facilitating the
E   DTA-Bisodic
    Seizing agent has the property to form, with the
    metals Ionians, compounds much soluble and
    stable, therefore masking their presence in
    solution. The main metals that can be picked up
    are, in affinity order: calcium, potassium,
    sodium, chromium, nickel, copper, lead, zinc,
    cobalt, manganese, magnesium. Bisodic salt
    differs from the tetrasodium for the better
    solubility in water.
E   ssence of Anise
     Anise is an annual erect plant that reaches
     the height of 60 cm, with white and yellow
     flowers in clusters and in little fruits.
     Main components: E-anetol, estragol, Z-
     anetol, anisaldeide and pseudoisoeugenil-
     Anetol has a light mucolytic and calming
H   ow is it used ?

      Children: two applications per day
      placing the phial in the aerosol
      Adults: three applications per day
      placing the phial in the aerosol

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