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					                         PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME

                       ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS


              Monday 26 October – Wednesday 28 October 2009

                           At the Royal College of Physicians,
                    11 St Andrews Place, Regent’s Park, London NW1

This annual College conference is aimed at consultant physicians who undertake
general medicine as part of their clinical service. Topics covered will focus on the
patient pathway including diagnosis and treatment and will highlight particularly
acute management issues. The programme will also be of interest to trainees.

Monday 26 October 2009

09.30    Registration and coffee

10.00    Welcome and introduction
         Professor Ian Gilmore, President,
         Royal College of Physicians

        Care pathways for the general physician

         The front door
         Chair: Professor Derek Bell,
         Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London

10.05    Overview
         Professor Derek Bell

10.10    Confusion in the acute setting
         Dr Andrew Elder,
         Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

10.30    Poisoning
         Professor Nicholas Bateman,
         Scottish Poisons Information Bureau, Edinburgh

10.50    DVT/Pulmonary embolism
         Dr Trevor Baglin,
         Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge

11.10    Panel Discussion

11.20    Coffee

        Alternative pathways for admission
         Chair: Dr Mike Cheshire,
         Royal College of Physicians

11.40    Elderly intermediate care
         Professor Graham Mulley,
         St James's University Hospital, Leeds
12.00    Orthogeriatrics
         Professor Opinder Sahota,
         Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham

12.20    The role of community hospitals
         Professor John Young,
         Bradford Institute of Health Research

12.40    Panel Discussion

13.00    Lunch

        Care pathways for the critically ill

14.00    Acute lung injury – recognition and management
         Dr Geoff Bellingan,
         University College Hospital, London

14.20    Recognition and early management of sepsis
         Dr Simon Baudouin,
         Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne

         The Polypill - From Concept to Reality
         Professor Sir Nicholas Wald FRS
         Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine, London

16.30    Close of session and reception

Tuesday 27 October 2009

        Primary/secondary care interface:
         disease-specific pathways involving the community
         Chair: Professor David Scott,
         Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
         (conference organiser)

09.00    COPD
         Dr Robert Angus,
         University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool

09.15    Diabetes
         Dr Rowan Hillson MBE,
         The Hillingdon Hospital, Uxbridge and Department of Health

09.30    Arthritis
         Professor Elaine Hay,
         Keele University

09.45    Heart failure
         Professor Martin Cowie,
         National Heart & Lung Institute,
         Imperial College London

10.00    Stroke
         Dr Tony Rudd,
         Guy's and St Thomas' NHS
         Foundation Trust, London
10.15   Panel Discussion

10.30   Coffee

       Secondary care speciality updates: musculoskeletal/dermatology issues
        Chair: Dr Chris Lovell, Royal United Hospital, Bath

11.00   What’s new in psoriasis?
        Professor Jonathan Barker, King’s College London
11.20   Discussion

11.25   Biologics – role in joint/skin disease
        Professor Deborah Symmons,
        The University of Manchester
11.45   Discussion

11.50   Cardiovascular outcomes in chronic disease
        Dr Ian Bruce,
        The University of Manchester
12.10   Discussion

12.15   Emergencies in dermatology
        Dr Amrit Darvay,
        Royal United Hospital, Bath NHS Trust

       Current political issues and the general physician
        Chair: Professor David Scott

13.45   Alcohol – the Good, Bad & Ugly
        Professor Ian Gilmore
14.05   Discussion

14.10   Smoking: what works, what next
        Professor John Britton,
        University of Nottingham
14.30   Discussion

14.35   Obesity – 21st century epidemic
        Dr Rachel Batterham,
        University College London
14.55   Discussion

15.00   Tea

        Secondary care speciality updates
        Chairs: Professor Peter Mathieson,
        University of Bristol and
        Dr Mark Vanderpump,
        Royal Free Hospital, London

       Renal

15.30   Vasculitis
        Dr David Jayne,
        Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge
15.50   Discussion
15.55   Proteinuria
        Professor Peter Mathieson,
16.15   Discussion

       Endocrine

16.20   Subclinical thyroid disease
        Dr Mark Vanderpump
16.40   Discussion

16.45   Making sense of ‘funny’ thyroid function tests
        Dr Mark Gurnell,
        Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge
17.05   Discussion

17.10   Close of session

        Wednesday 28 October 2009

        Secondary care speciality updates
        Chair: Dr Stuart Bloom,
        University College London Hospitals

       GI disease

09.00   Update on IBD
        Dr Stuart Bloom
09.20   Discussion

09.25   Treatment of acute GI bleeding
        Dr George Webster,
        University College Hospital, London
09.45   Discussion

09.50   Viral hepatitis
        Professor William Rosenberg,
        University College Medical School, London
10.10   Discussion

10.15   NASH
        Dr Jude Oben,
        Royal Free Hospital, London
10.35   Discussion

10.40   Coffee

       Respiratory disease

11.00   Update in asthma and allergy
        Dr Shuiab Nasser,
        Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge
11.20   Discussion

11.25   Management of pleural effusion and empyema
        Dr Robert Davies,
        Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust
11.45   Discussion

       Cardiology

11.50   Acute coronary syndromes
        Dr Adrian Banning,
        John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford
12.10   Discussion

12.15   Aortic valve disease: latest treatment using transcatheter aortic valve
        Dr Martyn Thomas,
        King’s College Hospital, London
12.35   Discussion

12.40   Lunch

        Chair: Dr Ralph Gregory,
        Royal Berkshire Hospital

       Neurology

13.30   The management of status epilepticus
        Dr Nicolas Hirsch,
        The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London
13.50   Discussion

13.55   Difficult Parkinsonism
        Dr Ralph Gregory,
        Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
14.15   Discussion

14.20   Modern approaches to multiple sclerosis
        Dr Martin Wilson
        The Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery
14.40   Discussion

       The back door: Exit strategies political issues in health care
        Chair: Dr Mike Cheshire

14.45   Discharge policy – experience from a busy clinician!
        Dr Helen May,
        Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

15.05   End of life decisions
        Dr Simon Conroy, University of Leicester

15.25   Round table discussion of problems of bed occupancy; discharge policies;
        social services.
15.45   Close of conference


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