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					 Newsletter of the London Curling Club                                                                            November 2008


Beating the Jennifer Jones rink twice to win the 2007 Southwestern Ontario Women’s Charity Cashspiel was definitely not a fluke. Rachel
Homan’s Junior Team from Ottawa defended her title by showing everyone that she can play with the best, by beating Bingya Wang of
China, the 2008 World’s Silver Medalist. (Rachel’s Dad, Craig Homan curled at LCC in the 1980’s.)

Our Curling Club was buzzing with excitement and activity Friday. Octocber 17th and Saturday October.18th, as it hosted a total of 34
games, as well as a Celebrity Curling Clinic and a wine and cheese reception for the curlers.

We are pleased to announce that $905.95 was raised through our fundraising projects and will be donated to the London Regional Cancer

Marg Sirna and friends helped to nourish our hungry curlers and volunteers with delicious chilli, sausage on a bun and chicken soup. This
turned out to be a profitable fundraiser for LCC.

Many members were responsible for making this year’s Cash spiel a resounding success:
Barb Colbourn, Ben Mercer, Beth Dagenais, Betty Burrows, Bruce Cooper, Carol Moir, De De Cook, Donna Wakefield, Doreen Jones, Dot
MacRae, Doug Petch, Ed Jermyn, Ginet DeMarchi, Jan Murray, Janice Henry, Joan Bidinosti, Karen Lowry, Ken Novlan, Kevin Breivik,
Laura Rozon, Les Sonier, Linda Round, Mardi McLachlan, Marg Sirna, Mary Ellen Duggan, Matt Mueller, Mo Cloghesy, Penny Brown,
Ryan Mylar, Sharon Sivak, Scott Sinclair, Sheila Novlan, Terry Moir.

                                                                                                    Sylvia Leuszler & Marlene Suzuki
                                                                                                    LCC reps. SOWCC

                                          CURLING CLINICS
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                                                                               Pigs!!             Pigs!!!           Pigs!!!!
                                                                               You may have noticed the new pigs at the hog lines and have
Nov. 15th, 2008 will be the 12th and final year under the                      wondered what happened to the old ones??
Toronto promoter for this event at the LCC. It has been a
great success, raising thousands of dollars (approx. $41000                    Do we have a deal for you!!!
last year) primarily for breast cancer research.
                                                                               The antique ones will be put up for a SILENT AUCTION
Many thanks go to past convenors- Patti Cowan, the late Kit                    at the club. Watch the main lounge for details
Benson, Pam Harrison, and Linda Round- and to our LCC
members who have given so much to this worthwhile cause.

We hope its replacement event will continue with even more
success for many years as our own LCC spiel in support of
London and local research. If you would be interested in
helping with this worthwhile cause contact Linda Round.
         -Bruce Cooper on behalf of the Board of Directors


The LCC ad sales group requests your assistance in thanking our
sponsors and advertisers for their financial support of our club
activities. Their ads appear in our Rock Talk, our member
directory and wall signs. Many LCC members bring their product
and service message to us and we are particularly grateful for
their sponsorship involvement.

A supply of business card-size “thank you” cards is located in the
women’s locker room and the main lounge area. When you visit
or call one of our sponsors, please leave them a card or mention
your association with LCC. Your response lets them know their
ad message is appreciated and has value to their business.

                        London Curling Club

        I am a proud member of le London Curling Club.
         Thank you for your m
                               p the
                             generous support through
                          a   s
            advertising and sponsorship at our club.
                                               LCC Member

                                        BOARD OF DIRECTORS                  CLUB STAFF                               WEBSITE       Eric Duggan
                                        EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                 Club Manager           Doug Petch
                                        President      Bruce Cooper         Office Manager         Barb Colbourn
                                        Vice President Don Agnew            Head Ice Technician    Kevin Breivik
                                        Past President Marg Sirna           Ice Assistants         Ed Jermyn         ROCK TALK Karen Lowry
                                        Treasurer      Ray McCorquodale                            Scott Sinclair            519-472-1625
                                        Secretary      Jen Chapman                                Ryan Myler
  LONDON CURLING CLUB                                                                              Matt Mueller      Issue Deadlines: September 19
         377 Lyle Street                BOARD MEMBERS                       Bar Coordinator        Les Sonier                         October 24
    London, Ontario N5W 3R5             Peter Askey, Gwen Crossman,         Bar Staff              De-De Cook                         November 21
      Telephone (519) 432-3882          Marnie Dickout, Sylvia Leuszler ,                          Ben Mercer                         January 2
  E-mail    Ken McKinley, Don Whitred,          Housekeeper           Janice Henry                        January 30
                                        Tom Zavitz                                                                                    February 27
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UWO Faculty & Staff Association                                         THAMES VALLEY CURLING LEAGUE
League                                                                  We are looking for 3 or 4 curlers for our Sunday morning
                                                                        men's league. There is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board
                                                                        at the club or you can call Gary Nelson at 519-681-6233.
First of all, sincere thanks to the London Curling Club for
welcoming us into this wonderful organization and beautiful facility!
                                                                        Come join us on Sunday Morning!!!
Being members is already paying dividends to us all through Learn
To Curl sessions, sparing for other leagues and a great feeling of
participation and collegiality with other members.                       Miller League Report
We're a very social group and we've got some exciting plans for          Season began on September 29th with 22 Teams entered…an
this year. Our bonspiel on January 31st is sure to be a big hit          increase of 4 teams from last season! Many new teams &
(Mike Miller is already planning the theme!) and a couple of our         players have joined both our club and the Miller League.
famous Fun Nights are on the way as well.
                                                                         On Saturday Oct 25th, a One Day, Two Game League Bonspiel
Although Tracey Church has formally resigned from the Executive,         was held. The games were part of the regular schedule. In
we were relieved to learn that the important things won't suffer -       addition to the games, the day included lunch and an
she agreed to continue to utilize her unparalleled skills in the         opportunity for the league membership to renew acquaintances
shopping trip for year-end prizes. Fortunately, Tracey can't turn        & meet the new players.
down an opportunity to heat up someone else's debit card!
                                                                         The times of the 2 draws have been modified to 5:30 & 7:45 to
We're pleased to have a full roster of 48 curlers, but anyone            take advantage of the open ice in the former 9pm time slot. The
interested in playing the occasional recreational game with us is        new game times began on Monday October 20.
encouraged to consider joining our spare list, which is a little too
short for comfort at the moment.                                         We invite men’s curlers looking for another game during the
                                                                         week to consider our league. We need a couple of curlers to
Once again, thanks for having us and Good Curling to all!!!              play on our newer teams. Also, we would be pleased to add
                                                                         interested curlers to our Spare List. Please contact me if you
                                                                         are interested (check the website for league & contact info).
Curling Etiquette                                                        Wishing everyone a fun season!

“Do not start an end unless there are 10 minutes left before the         Hurry Hard!
next game” really means ……….unless there are 10 minutes                                       Ken McKinley - Convenor
left in your allotted time.

 For most draws this means 10 minutes left in your 2 hour time          FRIDAY MIXED LEAGUE

 If all players are in the hack and ready to throw as soon as the       The 2007-2008 Club Champs for the Friday Mixed league
skip calls the shot 2 hours is plenty of time to play 8 ends.           were Tom Zavitz, Sue Beckett, Dave Beckett and Sandy
Let’s be fair to all and keep within the time limits.
                                                                        We are still looking for one more team for the Friday Mixed
All members and visitors must clean their shoes upon entering           League. Right now there is a bye in Flight five. That will give
the club. Give Janice and Kevin a break.                                us thirty teams. We can
                                                                        accommodate 36 teams.
Keep all dirt our of our club!!
                                                                                            Nancy Myers-Convenor

                                                                         THE MAY COURT SHOP OF LONDON
                                                                            594 Dundas Street at Adelaide (519) 439-4811
                                                                                              * Fashions for the Family
                                                                                              * Lightly-Used Clothing for
                                                                                              Select the May Court Shop to donate
                                                                                              or consign your lightly-used clothing

                                                                        Proceeds Supply Breakfast for Children in London’s Schools
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Curl for the Cure                                                  Card Party – October 20nd, 2008
                                                                   The annual fall Card Party was once again a successful
Just a Reminder - The Annual “Curl for the Cure” Women’s           fundraiser for the WDS. The upper lounge was filled with the
Charity Bonspiel will be held for the 12th and final year at the   chatter and laughter of 76 ladies (19 tables) enjoying lunch and
London Curling Club on Saturday, November 15th.                    an afternoon of card playing.

 The proceeds from Entry Fees, Pledges, Silent Auction and          The event raised $556.65, which will be added to the money
Corporate Contributions will be donated to the “Rethink Breast     raised last year for the future renovation of the lounge and
Cancer Charity” to fund research by Dr. Ann Chambers at the        locker room areas.
London Regional Cancer Centre and to fund education and
awareness by Team Shan.                                            The generous ladies of the WDS donated all luncheon items, as
                                                                   well as providing all the kitchen help – setting up, serving and
 Proceeds from the Raffle will be donated to Wellspring, in        cleaning up afterwards. Convenors Connie Weir and Joan
memory of Kit Benson. Registration packages/pledge forms           Bancroft chose simple decorations: silk autumn leaves and
have been distributed to the Skips of all teams who participated   small gourds on bright yellow tablecloths. Twenty-seven door
in this event last year. They are also available in both the       prizes, also WDS donations, were drawn for over the course of
Women’s Locker Room and Office.                                    the afternoon.

Corporate sponsorship and donations of items for our Silent        Teasdale League
Auction, Raffle, Prize Table and Participant Gift Bags are
required and will be greatly appreciated by the Organizing
Team.                                                               The Teasdale Senior Curling League began the 2008/2009
                                                                   season on Oct. 9 with 13 teams. A new team of Stan Hodge, Bob
PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THIS VERY                               Lauchner, Dennis O’Conner and Ed Harrison is a welcome
WORTHWHILE CAUSE, WHICH TOUCHES THE LIVES OF                       addition to the league.
TO END BREAST CANCER. PLEASE HELP US TO                            Two curlers that are new to the league this year are Don Cadick
CELEBRATE THE FUN, FRIENDSHIP AND TREMENDOUS                       and Peter Nardella. Welcome!
WOMEN’S CHARITY BONSPIEL HOSTED BY THE LCC                         Players are reminded to play their game within the specified time
CURLING DURING THE PAST 12 YEARS.                                  period of 2 hours. That keeps everyone happy.

                   Pam Harrison, Bonspiel Co-ordinator                                  Ron McLennan----Convenor

                              CURLING CLINICS --NOVEMBER 22
Beginner and New Curler Clinic                                     Experienced and Advanced Curler Clinic

Date: Saturday , November 22, 2008           Sign-up in            Date: Saturday , November 22, 2008
                                             Main lounge
                                                                   Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm
Time: 9:30am – 11:00am                       For both clinics
*** Registration at 9am***                                         *** Registration at 10:30am***

This clinic is designed for both beginners and newer curlers       This clinic is designed for experienced or advanced curlers
(1st or 2nd year). Excellent refresher and recommended for         (comfort with a balanced delivery ). Content will include a
                                                                   refresher on the delivery basics, team play leading to
participants in the recent October 4th clinic.
                                                                   developing a game plan. The instructors will assist with your
                                                                   specific questions.
ROCK TALK November 2008                                                                                                                       page 5

It’s great to be back curling again! The LCC OCA Reps traveled to the Petrolia Golf & Curling Club for
the fall meeting. OCA Competition Posters and Club Entry Sheets have been posted on the men’s,
women’s and Bantam/Junior bulletin boards. All entries are to be made on-line.

For Online Competition Entry Application 2008-09 visit the OCA Website at: and follow the links.

Entry forms must be completed as well. Entry forms will be posted at least 3 weeks prior to the Club Closing Date. The Zone Closing
Date is a Friday. Our Club Closing will be 3-4 days prior to that. Late entries will not be accepted by the OCA. Payment must be made
with the entry. Follow instructions on the application form. Make sure you communicate with your rep.

Items Posted on Club Bulletin Boards are:
        Rules Supplement for 2008-09….. Highlighted areas point out who is qualified to coach at certain levels, who can compete for
        a club and disciplinary measures for inappropriate behaviour
        Proposed Competition dates for 2009-10…..2010 being an Olympic year, events had to be scheduled not to conflict with the
                           The World Curling Federation (WCF) has been measuring the damage that knees and hands make on the
                           ice surface. They are considering penalties during competitions. The reps will be reinforcing this with the
                           curlers from time to time.

                           The OCA has recognized that 35% of the curlers in the province are seniors. They have put out a binder
                           titled, “Seniors on the Move”. This binder will be kept on the Senior Men’s Desk.

                           The point of delivery for the delivery stick remains at the hog line. Stick with It Bonspiels; including rules
                           have been posted in the lower lounge bulletin board.

                           There is an opening on the OCA executive for a Zone Associate. Anyone interested in the position can
                           read about the responsibilities on the website and apply
         For the Junior and Bantam curlers, please check the bulletin board near the trophy case for information regarding
         upcoming OCA events. If you would like to put a team together to enter, please see the forms for details
         The first upcoming event, Junior Zones (men’s & women’s) is taking place at the Beach Grove Golf & Country (Curling
         Club) in Windsor. The sign up deadline is October 31st and the event is being held November 20-21st.

            Entry Forms for Senior Women, Tournament of Hearts, Best Western Challenge, Master Women and Women’s Tankard
            are posted on the Bulletin Board in the Women’s Locker Room.
            Teresa Easter has kindly volunteered her coaching abilities if anyone is interested in adjusting their delivery in order not
            to put their hand or knee on the ice. She would be glad to do a clinic for the WDS or help individuals.

            The OCA events poster with all corresponding sign-up sheets has been posted in the men’s locker room.
            Our club would like to be pro active in the proposed rule change regarding knee and hand prints on the ice surface for
            the upcoming 2009-10 season. A small presentation was submitted to each league regarding the sign-up procedures for
            on-line entries, rule changes and future events.

                                                           Teresa Easter, Linda Peeling, Tom Zavitz & Sylvia Leuszler
                                                                             OCA Reps, London Curling Club

                                                                              The Nemeth Group

              ROSE & JOHN GERAGHTY                                                                                CIBC World Markets Inc.
                                                                                                                  One London Place
                                                                              Richard J. Nemeth
                          London Stores                                       Vice President
                                                                                                                  255 Queens Avenue, Ste. 2200
                                                                                                                  London, ON N6A 5R8
   1061 Wonderland Rd. S.      (519) 685-2261 Fax: (519) 685-7085             Investment Advisor
   Westmount Shopping Centre    (519) 473-1103 Fax: (519) 473-1048                                                Tel: (519) 640-7740
                                                                              CIBC Wood Gundy is a division of    Fax: (519) 663-5037
   4530 Colonel Talbot Road    (519) 652-0700 Fax: (519) 652-6882             CIBC World Markets Inc.
                                                                                                                  Toll Free: 1-800-265-5982
   1322 Commissioners Rd. W    (519) 641-2333 Fax: (519) 641-8580
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                      WOMEN'S DAYTIME SECTION NEWS
     Opening Meeting – A time of socializing and sharing summer happenings preceded the opening meeting of WDS on
     October 1st. The new chair Joyce Hetherington presided over the meeting and past chair Pam Harrison convened the

     New members present were welcomed and introduced.
                                  New to LCC WDS: Anya Hildebrandt

                                      Joining us from Evening Curling: Jennifer Cuddie
                                                          Joanne Diehl
                                                          Mary Blasl
                                                          Judy Rolston

     To date we have 84 active members and 8 social members.

     President, Bruce Cooper, and Club Manager, Doug Petch, were introduced and spoke briefly.
     On hearing the presentation of reports, the realization is that the success of WDS is due to the commitment and hard work
     of its members. Please note the secretary’s report posted on the bulletin board for further details.
     Unfortunately 2008 Spirit of Curling Award winner, Mo Cloghesy, was unable to attend this meeting. Several members paid
     tribute to her by recalling fond memories of curling together.
     The Daytime Women were delighted to have Jean Walmsley pouring tea and coffee.

     Opening Jitney: (Fay Weiler, Doreen Stacey) This event enables the Daytime Women to get a head start on the curling
     season. Three sheets of ice were in use both days of the event.

D.   D. Whittaker & Associates (Pam Harrison, Dot MacRae) Forty-eight curlers signed up for this popular event.

     Young & Co, (Doris Montgomery, Donna Millar) Thursday morning curling has eight teams in contention for the trophy.

     Competitive League (Jean Cameron, Karen Shearer) There are 13 teams participating in Friday’s event.
                  Thanks to all the convenors who work so hard to make these events enjoyable and successful.

     November 15                                         CURL FOR THE CURE (Pam Harrison)
     November 26                                         FRIENDSHIP DAY (Lynda Reesor, Deanne Fitzpatrick)
     November 25                                         BERNIE’S (Karen Lowry, Pat Bell)
     November 27                                         BONANZA (Joanne Laws, Penny Brown)
     December 10                                         CHRISTMAS PARTY (Linda Peeling, Marianne LaRose)
     January 26                                          CARD PARTY (Linda Peeling)**
     February 18                                         CURL FOR A CAUSE (Fay Weiler, Sharon Sivak)***

     November 5                                             JEANETTES’EARLY BIRD SPIEL (Marilynne Van Buskirk,
                                                                            Sherry Chambers)
     January 14                                             GRANDMOTHERS’ SPIEL (Eleanor Fair, Sheila McSwiggan)
     March 2 & 3                                            SHEILA BETKUS 2 DAY SPIEL (Marge Dool & Sharon
     **Our social members are invited to participate in these events.

                                  Richmond Street
                                      at Piccadilly
                                   (519) 435-1197

             Serving food from mild to wild
             zero trans fat … zero msg … zero lard
                  $12 pitcher of beer
              GROUPS of 25 or LESS
ROCK TALK November 2008                                                                                                           page 7

                            WOMEN'S DAYTIME SECTION NEWS Cont’d
*** The cause for which we are curling is UNITY PROJECT. For Relief of Homelessness in London

 From the many causes suggested for our February 18, 2009 "Curl for a Cause", we have chosen UNITY PROJECT at 717 Dundas
Street. We are neighbours--they are just five buildings east of us on Dundas Street. UNITY PROJECT provides both emergency
shelter and transitional housing for London's homeless men and women. In fact, some of the women served by My Sister's Place use
this facility for night shelter. UNITY PROJECT operates with the support of the City of London and private donations. At our February
bonspiel we have the opportunity to learn more about this facility as well as donate goods, clothing and cash. Tax receipts are
available. Convening the event is Fay Weiler. She will be inviting your donations to our raffle table.
 Please circle this date on your calendar. More to come.
 All donations to the raffle table would be appreciated. These may be given to Fay or Sharon anytime after December 1st.

Please check the bulletin board for details of upcoming events.

                                                                                                    Jean Cameron
                                                                                                    Vice Chair WDS

                                                                            Miss Manner-r-r-r’s says----
We have a new supplier this year - Heritage Country
Gardens                                                                     Dinna be walkin side by side
                                                                            Wi yer team-mate when the
Poinsettias in 4 different sizes and 4 colours are available plus           Other teams’ throwin,
a tricolour plant in the 10" pot.                                           Lads and Lassies!

New items for sale include a Zinc Winter/holiday planter and a              Staun still when another curler on
15 inch table centerpiece made from holiday greens with a                   Yer sheet a ice---be she auld or wee
candle in the center.                                                       Bairn--is deliverin her r-r- rock!

Order forms are available at the club and can be turned into
the LCC office or to Marlene Benny or Marianne LaRose.

Last date to order plants is Tuesday, November 25.
                                                                         CAN YOU HELP US!!
Delivery date for pickup at the LCC is Friday, December. 5.
                                                                         LCC AD OPPORTUNITY
We offer fresh, healthy plants directly from the greenhouse to
you.                                                                     Your LCC ad sales group is looking for potential new
                                                                         advertisers for our club. Several options are available: on ice
We thank you for your support!!                                          signs; in-ice logos; bulletin boards; Rock Talk and directory
                                                                         ads. All of our advertisers & sponsors are listed on our
                     Marlene Benny and Marianne LaRose
                                                                          For an information package, call Doug Petch or Harry

ROCK TALK November 2008                                                                                       page 8

   November 1          Professional Engineers
                                                                           PRO SHOPPE REPORT
   November 5          Jeanette's early Bird                    A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE THAT SUPPORTED
                       Bonspiel                                 YOUR PRO SHOPPE DURING THE OPEN HOUSE AND
   November 8          Kellogg Bonspiel                         DISPLAY WEEK. THE FLURRY OF SALES ACTIVITY WAS
   November 12         Tier 65                                  CONSIDERABLY GREATER THAN EXPECTED AND GAVE
   November 15         Curl for the Cure Bonspiel               US A GREAT LAUNCH TO THE 2008-2009 CURLING
   November 19         Club closed for maintenance              SEASON.
   November 20         Club closed for Maintenance
                       until 5:00 PM                            ALSO, A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ASSISTED WITH
   November 22         Refresher Clinic 9:30-12:30              SALES BOTH DURING THE DAY AND EVENINGS AS
                       UWO Clinic 1:00-5:00                     WELL. THE SALES LEVELS ACHIEVED WOULD NOT HAVE
   November 26         WDS Friendship Day                       BEEN REACHED WITHOUT YOUR DEDICATION.
   November 28-29      OMA Bonspiel
                                                                THE SPECIAL PRICE PROMOTION OF A PAIR OF SHOES,
                                                                GRIPPER, BROOM AND GLOVES FOR $125 PROVED TO
                                                                BE VERY POPULAR WITH AT LEAST 25 UNITS SOLD. WE
CLUB CALENDAR                                                   ARE PLANNING ON MAKING THIS PACKAGE AVAILABLE
                                                                FOR A LITTLE LONGER TO ALLOW EVERYONE TO TAKE
Even though the calendar in the directory is fairly accurate,   ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT PRICE.
there have been some changes in the past couple of weeks
and there will be more in the future.                           OTHER POPULAR ITEMS INCLUDE THE REACTOR
                                                                BROOM, BOTH WITH CARBON FIBRE AND FIBERLITE
The most up-to-date calendar is posted at the club, and is      HANDLES, THE G40 SHOE THAT IS STATE OF THE ART IN
available on the website. Please consult those avenues before   TERMS OF SPORT SHOE DESIGN, AND SEVERAL NEW
calling the office.                                             ITEMS FROM OUR CLOTHING LINE.

Thank you!                                                      SO, WHEN YOU GET A CHANCE, CHECK OUT YOUR
                                         Doug Petch             LONDON CURLING PRO SHOPPE FOR ALL YOUR
                                         Club Manager           CURLING NEEDS.

                                                                AND REMEMBER, OUR PRICES INCLUDE ALL TAXES!