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					                                       Cloth Grocery Bags

Did you know that a large percentage of cloth grocery bags are contaminated inside with

Apparently, people are using these bags without packing them properly, or washing them
between uses. Remember, you can cross contaminate your food if you put a leaking meat
package in the bag with unwrapped fresh produce. These bags should be laundered after each
use. However, be careful. Many of these bags are made with dyes that will run!

A study that reported this problem was released in May of this year. The study was the first
conducted in North America. For those of you interested in that type of thing, I’ve included the
link to the study. Some of you may want to check the Conclusions section.

Here are some helpful tips:

       Pack like items together. Thinking about where you store items in your home may help.
        For instance, packing frozen foods together helps maintain appropriate temperatures and
        all of those foods will be placed in the freezer when you are putting your groceries away.
        Fruit goes into a fruit bowl or that special bin in your refrigerator for produce. Meat goes
        into another bin, or into the freezer. If it is separated at the grocery store as you pack the
        grocery bags the unloading process is easier and quicker.
       Use caution if you choose to use a cloth grocery bag for other purposes. Don’t use cloth
        grocery bags as diaper bags and then use them for groceries. Using a cloth grocery bag
        as a gym bag could also spread other infections; such as community acquired MRSA.
       Pack the bags yourself. Grocery clerks could be inadvertently contaminating your bags if
        they previously handled a contaminated bag used by another consumer.
       Let the bags air out. Yeast and microbes form in damp places. If you wash your bags or
        at least allow them to air out, you significantly lessen the chance of bacteria forming.
        Make sure bags are dry before folding and storing.


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