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									Simple connect
        GU285     Product Concept

                                             GU285 is…
                                          3G Compact Slider
                               More than just a handset with complete multimedia &
                                              business functionalities

                    Power of                                                           entertainer
                 3G Connectivity

                                     Compact Slider               Hot Key/ Easy UI

                             A device that satisfies the craving of “ Wanting more”.
Simple connect
                 Key Features
                 •   3G slider phone with compact design
                     With faster data transfer rates, sending multimedia texts and e-mails, or even browsing the
                     internet becomes as swift and powerful like a storm. Join the 3G revolution with LG GU285.

                 •   Internet & E-mail
                     - Quick & easy internet browsing
                     - Upto 5 Email Accounts to keep one going while on the Move

                 •   Dual Camera (Smart - 1.3MP) and VGA (for Video calling)
                     - 1.3 MP Camera to record the favorite Moments
                     - Secondary VGA Camera to take self Portraits

                 •   Video Calling
                     See your friends & family in real time. Experience the fun of 3G with video calling

                 •   FM Radio & MP3 Player
                     - MP3 Player with 6 Built in Equalizer

                 •   Easy UI
                     - Easy Memos on your Home Screen so that you never forget important assignments (Post it!)
                     - Updates from your favorite websites through RSS feed on your Home Screen.
                     - Time your Profile to go on different Modes depending on your schedule for the different times
                     of the day so that your Phone automatically goes silent or vice versa.
Simple connect
                 Key Features
                 •   Customizable Hot key & Multitasking key
                     - Fastest way to access one’s favorite functions with unique configurable Hotkey
                     - Multi Tasking Key to switch between and close different Tasks

                 •   Long Battery Life
                     - 900 mAh Battery                              900 mAh
                     - 10 Hrs Talk Time                             10 Hr Talk Time
                                                                    580 Hr Standby
                     - 580 Hrs Standby Time

                 •   Expandable Memory
                     Upto 8GB expandable memory to store all favorite moments & songs

                 •   Connectivity
                     - BlueTooth 2.1
                     - USB 2.0 with Charging
                     - Send all Contacts via BlueTooth

                 •   Applications and Games
                     - RockeTalk, NewsHunt & JustCricket
                     - Google Search & NDTV Active
                     - Data Wallet to store your Confidential Bank Accounts, etc
                     - LG Helpdesk with your Nearest Service Centre Details
                     - Try and Buy Games – Ferrari GT, Diamond Twister Demo
                     - Mini Game Planet, Sudoku Games
Simple connect
                  Key Points

                 1. Fast connection with 3G

                 Feature                 Consumer benefit

                 • Fast 3G Service   - Faster, quicker Mobile Internet
                                     - Send and receive Emails straight from your phone
                                     - See your friends & family in real-time with Video
                                     - Streaming Videos of your favorite TV & Sports
                                     programs(*Available with selective operators)
Simple connect

                 2. Compact & Slim Slider 3G with affordable price

                 Feature                           Consumer benefit
                 • 96 x 45.7 x 14.9 mm             - Very compact size with superior grip & feel
                                                   - Compact & lightweight even with advanced
                 • 105g                            3G features

                                         45.7 mm       14.9mm
Simple connect

                  3. Customizable (or Programmable) Hot Key
                 Feature                                  Consumer benefit
                 “ Programmable Hot Key ”
                 - Operator Dedicated hot key : 2ea
                                                         • Customizable hot key for faster, easier
                 - Customer Programmable hot key : 1ea   access to favorite feature

                                                         “ Secure the programmable
                                      Normal stroke        hot key space”
                                         : 38mm            - Long stroke : 44mm
                                                          (apply no phone size impact)
Simple connect

                 4. High Quality Voice & Sound with Voice Clarity
                 Feature                                        Consumer benefit

                  LG voice solution 2.0                        • In noisy environment, customers can listen
                 - Voice Clarity                               clear voice
                 - Voice Stabilizer
                 - Idle Noise controller                      What is Voice Clarity?

                                                                                     processing module

                                                      without the Voice Clarity     with the Voice Clarity

                                           When a user receives a phone call in an ambient noisy
                                           environment such as noisy street, restaurant, airport, and the
                                           like, this featured mobile handset automatically detects the
                                           ambient noise and then provides a better listening condition.
                                            Manually adjusting volume level is not necessary.
Simple connect
        GU285    30 second talk                                GU285

                 GU285 is a perfect choice which offers both
                 multimedia & business functionalities.
                 • 3G compact slider
                 • Video Calling
                 • High speed Internet access & E-mail
                 • Long Battery Life
                 • Bluetooth
                 • FM Radio & MP3 player
                 • Customizable hot key
                 • Plus 2GB MMC free!
Simple connect
                                                USP -1                                    3G Slider phone with compact design
                                                USP -2                                    Dual Camera (Smart - 1.3MP) and VGA (for Video calling)
                                                USP -3                                    Video calling
                                                USP -4                                    Smart memo (Post-it)
                                                USP -5                                    Scheduled SMS

           Specifications                                                                                        Size                        QCIF(176x144), SQCIF (128x96)
                            Camera Module          1.3MP CMOS                                                    Effect                      None, Black & White, Negative, Sepia
                            Image Size             1M(1280x960), VGA(640x480), QVGA(320x240),                    White Balance               Auto, Incandescent, Sunny, Indoors, Cloudy
                                                   Wallpaper, QCIF(176x144), Contacts                            Night mode                  On, Off
                            Preview Size           Full image, Full screen                                       Quality                     Normal, Fine, Super fine
                            Effect                 None, Black & White, Negative, Sepia            Primary       Memory                      Handset, External
                            White Balance          Auto, Incandescent, Sunny, Indoors, Cloudy      Camera        Hide icons                  Auto, Manual
                            Night mode             On, Off                                         (Movie        Voice                       Unmute, Mute
                            Timer                  None, 3 secs, 5 secs, 10 secs                                 Swap Camera                 Internal, External
                            Shot mode              Normal, Burst shot (3,6,9), Frame shot                        Brightness                  Yes
                            Quality                Normal, Fine, Super fine                                      Duration                    MMS, Normal
                            ISO                    No                                                            Flash (Power LED)           No
                            Memory                 Handset, External                                             Digital Zoom                Yes (2X)
                            Hide icons             Auto, Manual                                                  Video Format Support        AVI, MP4, .3gp
                            Shutter sound          Off, Sound1, Sound2                                           Size                        QCIF(176x144), SQCIF (128x96)
                            Swap Camera            Internal, External
                                                                                                                 Effect                      None, Black & White, Negative, Sepia
                            Flash (Power LED)      No
                                                                                                                 White Balance               Auto, Incandescent, Sunny, Indoors, Cloudy
                            Digital Zoom           Yes (2X)
                                                                                                                 Night mode                  On, Off
                            Brightness             Yes                                             Secondary
                                                                                                                 Quality                     Normal, Fine, Super fine
                            Image Editing          No                                              Camera
                                                                                                                 Memory                      Handset, External
                            Image Print by         Yes                                             (Movie
                                                                                                                 Hide icons                  Auto, Manual
                            Bluetooth                                                              capture)
                            Image Size             VGA(640x480), QVGA(320x240), Wallpaper,                       Voice                       Unmute, Mute
                                                   QCIF(176x144), Contacts                                       Swap Camera                 Internal, External
                            Preview Size           Full image, Full screen                                       Brightness                  Yes
                            Effect                 None, Black & White, Negative, Sepia                          Duration                    MMS, Normal
                            White Balance          Auto, Incandescent, Sunny, Indoors, Cloudy                    MP3 Player                  Yes
                            Night mode             On, Off                                                       MP3 Equalizer               Yes (6 inbuilt equalizer)
           Secondary        Timer                  None, 3 secs, 5 secs, 10 secs                                 Dolby Sound                 No
           Camera           Shot mode              Normal, Burst shot (3,6,9), Frame shot                        3.5 mm Jack                 No
                                                                                                   Audio &
                            Quality                Normal, Fine, Super fine                                      FM Radio                    Yes
                            Memory                 Handset, External                                             FM on Speakerphone          Yes
                            Shutter sound          Off, Sound1, Sound2                                           Music Ringtones             MP3, AAC, AAC+, WAV, MIDI
                            Digital Zoom           Yes (2X)                                                      Voice Recording             Yes (unlimited upto available memory)
                            Swap Camera            Internal, External                                            Polyphonic tones            64 Polyphonic
                            Brightness             Yes                                                           Phonebook Memory            500 (14 Fields)
                                                                                                                 Message Memory (SMS)        300
                                                                                                                 Call History                100
                                                                                                                 Email Accounts              5
                                                                                                                 Internal Memory Size        13 MB
                                                                                                                 External memory slot        Micro SD upto 8GB
Simple connect
                          Specifications (Contd.)

                            Messaging                         SMS, MMS, E-mail
                            Flash SMS                         Yes
                            E-mail Supported protocol         POP3, IMAP4, SMTP
                            Scheduled SMS                     Yes (Up to 100 Nos)
                            Group SMS                         Yes (Up to 20 Nos)
                            SMS to all                        Yes (Up to 20 Nos)
                            RSS Reader                        Yes
                            Predictive word input             Yes (T9)
                            Video Telephony                   Yes
                            Send all contacts via Bluetooth   Yes
                            Backup contacts                   Yes (in Memory card)
                            Call Conversation Recording       No
                            Call Reject                       Yes                                                   Form factor                 Slider
                            Hang up mode                      Yes                                                   Network                     GSM : 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz,
                            SMS on Call Reject                Yes                                                                               3G     : 900MHz/2100MHz
                            SVG Contents                      Yes                                    General
                            Theme                             Yes (Black, White)
                                                                                                                    Dimensions                  96 x 45.7 x 14.9 mm
                            Organiser                         Yes                                                   Weight                      102 g
                            Calendar                          Yes                                                   Display                     5.1 cm , 65K Color, 176X220, TFT
                            Tasks                             Yes                                                   GPRS                        Yes (Class10)
                            Smart Memo                        Yes                                                   EDGE                        Yes (Class10)
                            Memo                              Yes                                                   Wi-Fi                       No
                 Others     Date Finder                       Yes                                                   SyncML                      Yes
                            TV Out                            No                                                    Modem                       Yes
                            Alarm                             Yes                                                   GPS                         No
                            World Clock                       Yes                                                   USB Connectivity            USB 2.0
                            Unit converter                    Yes                                                   WAP                         WAP2.0
                            Calculator                        Yes                                                   JAVA                        Yes (MIDP 2.1)
                            Stop Watch                        Yes                                                   Bluetooth Connectivity      Yes (V2.1)
                            USB Charging                      Yes                                                   Battery : Type / Capacity   Li-Ion 900mAh
                            USB Data transfer                 Yes (For External Memory)                             Talk time                   GSM 420min (PCL=10, 23dBm), UMTS (330min
                            Timed Profile                     Yes                                                                               (TX=0dBm))
                            Flight Mode                       Yes                                                   Standby time                GSM 580h (PP9), UMTS 580h (DRX 8)
                            Document Viewer                   No
                            Anti-theft Mobile Tracker         Yes
                            Google                            Yes (Search)
                            NDTV Active                       Yes
                            Games (Try & Buy)                 Dimond Twister Demo, Ferrari GT Demo
                            Games                             Mini Game Planet, Sudoku Puzzle
                            Applications                      LG HelpDesk, DataWallet, RockeTalk,
                                                              NewsHunt, JustCricket
                            Application Lock                  Yes
                            Hot Key                           Yes
                            Multitasking Key                  Yes
                            Phone Suite                       Yes
Simple connect

                 •     RockeTalk
                        RockeTalk is an Instant Messenger aggregation cum Social n/w
                     Instant Messenger aggregation   Social Networking
                      Chat with friends on :         • ID Creation
                         • Yahoo Messenger           • My page customization
                         • G-talk                    • Find and add friends
                         • MSN                       • Multimedia messaging/Email
                         • AOL                       • Media gallery
                         • ICQ                       • Communities
                                                     • Content Download
                                                     • Media Sharing -Text, Voice, Picture,
                                                     • Phonebook integration
                                                     • Fun Stuff- Jokes, games and
                                                     • Settings
Simple connect

                 •    NewsHunt
                      A newspaper aggregation to get the news in any language
                       Language         Newspaper
                                  Deccan Herald
                      English     Indian Express
                                  New Indian Express
                                  Dainik Jagran
                      Hindi       Dainik Bhaskar
                                  Lok Satta
                      Gujrati     Divya bhaskar
                                  Andhra prabha
                                  Malayala manorama
                                  Kannada prabha
Simple connect

                 •      JustCricket
                         Crictainment is a complete mobile cricket application which allows
                        the users to follow live coverage of all international cricket matches

                     Crictainment covers :
                     1. Graphical analysis (wagon wheel & partnership charts),
                     2. Text commentary,
                     3. Statistical highlights,
                     4. Fascinating articles,
                     5. Ticker,
                     6. Series schedules,
                     7. ICC rankings,
                     8. This day that year,
                     9. Cricket News.

                     It also includes gossip on cricket from across the globe and other exciting
Simple connect

                   Live Cricket Simulation:
                   Live 2D simulation coverage for the users on the move.

                 1. Watch Live matches, Archive Matches and upcoming matches schedule
                 2. View match summary, Scorecard, Change Over during match any time.
Simple connect

                      •           NDTV Active
                 • Backed by NDTV, a     • Personalize Home
                   trusted news            page with Name,
                 •    channel in India
                                           Gender, City (for
                 • India’s first &         Weather) and Star
                   largest private
                   producer of news        sign (for Astro)
                   & current affairs
                 • Plan to update
                   (refreshed) news
                   at minimal time
                 •    after being
                   broadcasted on TV
                 • Plan for almost
                   live cricket
                 •    commentary
                   (Plan: 2 ball
                 •    live match)
                 • Services offered to
                   users are :
                       •    Home
                       •    Profit
                       •    Cricket      • News with Video /
                       •    Music          Audio
                       •    Movies
                       •    Astro
                                         • All services free to
                 • No commercials          end user
                   involved in
Simple connect

                 •    Data Wallet
                       Data Wallet is password protected. Input correct password to acces
                      s the data. Store maximum of 5 entries in each of the Bank, Credit Ca
                      rd, Site / Mail Login & Loan folder. Create a new folder to store other
                      data. Later, if required, rename or delete this new folder. You can    r
                      ead, edit or delete the data stored inside any folder.
Simple connect

                 •    LG Helpdesk
                       LG HelpDesk is a application through which you can search Service
                      center list and Call center number

                      Search service center list State and City wise
                      Get complete address along with contact number
                      Make direct call to service center from application
                      Call to service center by just entering your city STD code.


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