Review for Cells Test by nuhman10


									Review for Cells and Tissues Test                 a.   Voluntary/involuntary
          CELLS                                   b.   Striated/non-striated
                                                  c.   Uninucleate/multinucleate
   1.      Structure of the cell membrane
                                                  d.   Locations
          a. Phospholipid bilayer
                  i. Protein molecules
                          1. Channels
                                                  Identifying Tissue Photomicrographs
                          2. Pumps
                          3. Glycoproteins
          b. Cholesterol
          c. Cytoskeleton
          d. Carbohydrate chains

   2.     Movement of materials into and out
          of the cell
          a. Passive Transport
                   i. Simple Diffusion
                  ii. Osmosis
                 iii. Facilitated diffusion
   3.     Active Transport
          a. Solute Pumping (Molecular
          b. Bulk Transport
                   i. Endocytosis
                          1. phagocytosis
                          2. pinocytosis
                  ii. Exocytosis
   4.     Solutions
          a. Hypertonic
          b. Hypotonic
          c. Isotonic
   5.     Cell structures
          a. Microvilli
          b. Cilia
          c. Golgi apparatus
          d. Endoplasmic reticulum
          e. Mitochondrion
          f. Cytoskeleton
          g. Ribosomes
          h. Lysosomes
          i. Vacuole
          j. Peroxisomes

   6.     Types of epithelial tissues,
          characteristics and locations
   7.      Types of connective tissue and their
   8.     Types of muscle tissue

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