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6th Grade and 7th Grade 2008 Summer Reading List - DOC by AndrewIsherwood


									                                6th Grade and 7th Grade 2009 Summer Reading List
                                                           Lovinggood Middle Schools

                 We encourage parents to be actively involved in their child’s reading selections. Our teachers have read or
                 researched the recommended books and believe they are appropriate for the indicated grade levels. However,
                 reading ability, personal interest, emotional maturity, and family values are all factors that may influence your
                 child’s book selection. Please note that each grade level offers a wide range of suggested choices to accommodate
                       Students are required to read one fiction and one nonfiction book during the summer of 2009 and
                           complete a brief activity for each. (See back of page).
                       Students should choose books within their Lexile range which can be found on their CRCT results page.
                           Basically, the higher the number, the more difficult the book. For more information on Lexile levels, go
                           to If Lexile levels are not available for a book, please try to find another measure
                           of difficulty level to make sure it is appropriate.
                       For help, e-mail cheri.thornton@cobbk12org Reading Coordinator, Lovinggood Middle School.

                         Rising 6th Grade                                                               Rising 7th Grade
Lexile                                                                        Lexile
Level                           Title & Author - Fiction                      Level                          Title & Author - Fiction
920       Taylor, Mildred Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry                        930       Burnett, Francis Hodgson A Little Princess
720       Manes, Stephen Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days               1000      Paulsen, Gary A Soldier’s Heart
970       Paolini, Christopher Eldest                                         NP        Fleishman, Paul I Am Phoenix: Poems of Two Voices
750       Munoz Ryan, Pam Esperanza Rising                                    750       Cooney, Carolyn Both Sides of Time
700       Korman, Gordan Everest, Book Three: the Summit                      560       Spinelli, Jerry Crash
950       Horvath, Polly Everything on a Waffle                               1070      D’Aulaire, Ingir D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths
660       Cooney, Caroline Face on the Milk Carton                            920       Taylor, Mildred Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
980       Rylant, Cynthia Missing May                                         730       Yolen, Jane The Devil’s Arithmetic
960       Wallace, Barbara Peppermints in the Parlor                          770       Barron, T.A. The Merlin Effect
660       Farmer, Nancy The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm                         880       Adams, Richard Watership Down
1000      Juster, Norton The Phantom Tollbooth                                NA        Holt, Kimberly Williams When Zachary Beaver Comes to Town
670       DiCamillo, Kate The Tale of Desperaux                               NA        Myers, Walter Dean Slam!
810       Duncan, Lois The Third Eye                                          730       Rinaldi, Ann A Break with Charity
570       Levine, Gail Carson The Two Princesses of Bamarre                   800       Jacques, Brian Redwall
770       Creech, Sharon Walk Two Moons                                       780       Funke, Cornelia Inkheart
900       London, Jack White Fang                                             830       Creech, Sharon The Wanderer
                             Title & Author – Non- Fiction                    720       Jones, Ron The Acorn People
1230      Paulsen, Gary Guts: The True Stories behind Hatchet and the         810       Collins, Suzanne The Hunger Games
          Brian Books
1110      Ferris, Jeri Native American Doctor                                                             Title & Author – Non- Fiction
1050      Fritz, Jean Around the World in a Hundred Years – From Henry        NA        Donald, David Herbert Lincoln in the Times
          the Navigator to Magellan                                           990       Goodall, Jane The Chimpanzees I Love
1040      Jones, Charlotte Mistakes that Worked                               780       Jiang, Ji Li Red Scarf Girl: Memoir of Cultural Revolution
1010      Solheim, James It’s Disgusting and We Ate It :True Food Facts       1260      Nelson, Pete Left for Dead
          Around the World and Throughout History                             830       Wulffson, DonThe Kid Who Invented the Popsicle
1090      Armstrong, Jennifer Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World            1010      Krull, Kathleen Leonardo DaVinci
             Or Choose From The Following List of Authors                                   Or Choose From The Following List of Authors
Joan Bauer                       Anthony Horowitz                             Blue Balliett                 Ben Mikaelsen
Eve Bunting                      Margaret Peterson Haddix                     Agatha Christie               Uri Orlev
Christopher Paul Curtis         Gary Paulsen                                  Sharon Creech                 Christopher Paolini
Chris Crutcher                  Jerry Spinelli                                Irene Hunt                    Mark Twain
Jean Craighead George            Theodore Taylor                              Gordon Korman                 Jules Verne
                         Lovinggood Middle School 6th Grade and 7th Grade
                            2009 Summer Reading Activity Descriptions

Postcard: Use a 5X7 inch index card or one half sheet of plain paper to complete this activity. Neatly illustrate one important aspect of
the book you read on one full side of the note card. Then neatly write (not type) the following information on the back of your illustration:

              In complete sentences, answer                   From
                                                              Your Full Name
              each of these important
                                                              Date Completed
                    1.   Who or what is the book about?
                    2.   Why is the information in the
                         book important to know?                                 To:
                    3.   How could the information in the                        Name of Author
                         book be useful to us today?                             Title of Book
                    4.   What was your opinion of the                            Publisher
                         quality of this book and what
                         gave you this opinion?

                    Drawing - 20 points       Neat and attractive drawing, obviously related to the topic and including specific details.
                    Questions – 60 points      Detailed answers to each question written neatly in sentence form.
                     Sample grading for questions:
                               15 points - This book gives information on how to start fires, ways to signal help, what
                                             natural foods to eat, and many other ideas that would help a person survive
                                             in the wilderness.
                               12 points - This book gives many helpful ways that people survive in dangerous places.
                               9 points - This book is about surviving in the wilderness.
                    Information - 20 points     Correct student information in return address area, book information in address area.

     Quote Journal: Divide one piece of unlined paper into a table using the first four column headings of the sample below. You
     will need six rows so you can include 5 important quotes from the book. You may choose quotes that indicate important
     events in the story, quotes which show the character’s true feelings, or quotes that you feel are examples of excellent
     writing. Use your neatest writing, not typing.
                                         Grading -20 points possible for each quote - total of 100

           Quote                 Page Number,       Reason for selecting this              How this quote           Sample Grading:
                                   Paragraph                 quote                    contributes to the story.

“The snake quietly hissed as                        I selected this quote            This quote contributes to     Good detail, excellent
it slowly wrapped itself         Page 10,           because it shows the two         the story because it makes    reasoning and the
around John’s leg while he       paragraph 4        main conflicts John has,         the reader actually hear      response obviously
stood silent, weighing his                          which are his survival in        and feel John’s fear. The     shows an
fear of being discovered by                         the war and his survival in      description is really good,   understanding of the
the brutal soldiers with his                        the wilderness while he is       and when I read it, I felt    book.
fear of the slithering snake.”                      lost there.                      like I was there with him.

                                                                                                                       20 points

“ John walked into the room      Page 10,           I selected this because it       This shows that John likes    Little importance
and smiled at Casey.”            paragraph          was about the main               Casey.                        given to quote,
                                                    character.                                                     Responses show lack
                                                                                                                   of thought and no
                                                                                                                   proof you truly read
                                                                                                                   and understood the

                                                                                                                      5 points.

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