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					                                                          Student Gear List
                                                          Duke of Edinburgh
The following is a recommended list of clothing and equipment to take with you on a                                       Duke of
Edinburgh Program. This list is to cater for all possible eventualities, in respect to both weather and the type of activities you
will be participating in.
                                   Mid-thigh length with a hood. Zipper or button up front. Should be 100% waterproof & tear
    Waterproof jacket              resistant.
    2 pairs of shoes               1. Comfortable walking ponchos, spray jackets or bulky ski be well
                                   We do not recommendshoes that provide good support and must tops. broken in before
    Both Pairs must be enclosed    camp!!!
    (i.e. no thongs or sandals).   2. Shoes that will get wet. To be used for water activities and river crossings.
    4 pairs of socks               Comfortable walking socks. Thick walking socks are the best, warm socks in winter.
    1 pair of long pants           Tracksuit pants or light cotton pants. Fleece pants are best.
    3 T shirts                     With collars preferred. No Singlets.                                  Online Gear Shop
    2 pairs of shorts              Medium to long length.                                        A wide range of gear is available for
                                                                                                     sale with a 10% Discount!
    2 jumpers                      Wool or polar fleece (Not cotton).
                                                                                                      Coupon Code: sbagear
    1 long sleeve shirt            Must come away on summer trips.                        
    Underwear                                                                              flyer attached
    Swimmers           One-piece swimmers.
                       Ideally a broad brimmed hat or at very least a cap. It is                          policy that
                       all students wear a hat while participating in outdoor activities.
    Beanie & Gloves    Woollen recommended during colder months. Especially on winter canoe trips.
    Thermal underwear Recommended during colder months.
    Padded Bike Shorts Optional for Mountain Bike Riders.
      Equipment and Incidentals
                                   Down filled or synthetic recommended (o to -5c) – inner sheet liner recommended.
     Sleeping bag                  Please steer away from bulky cotton sleeping bags.
                                   Wilderness Programs: Bags that compress into a small stuff sack are the best.
    Sleeping mat*                  Compact self-inflating or compressed foam type suitable.
    Toiletries                     The basics, including toothbrush and paste.                    This need not be an expensive
    Sun screen                     A small tube that will last for the duration of trip.          exercise. Students may have
    Lip salve                      Including an SPF factor preferred.                             friends, or family that have “gone
    Personal 1st. Aid              Bandaids, antiseptic cream, Sunscreen & INSECT REPELLENT.      to camp” before or have some of
                                                                                                  this equipment, that you may
    Sanitary products              Items as required.
                                                                                                  borrow. We request that all items
     Towels*                       One small chamois style ideal.                                 are labeled with student’s name.

    Groundsheet                    A small groundsheet to place under the tent and sit on during meals.
    Torch                          Small hand held with supply of spare batteries. Head style is recommended.
    Daypack                        A small pack to carry water bottle, raincoat and other incidentals for the day.
    Garbage bags                   5 heavy duty. To bag wet clothes, and waterproof all your gear.
    Snaplocks                      Pack of 10. Resealable storage bags for waterproofing smaller items.
    Utensils                       Cup, plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon and tea towel.
    2 Water bottles                Approximate size 1.5 Litres (old plastic Coke style bottle suitable). Full on arrival.
    Tent                           2 person....preferable.
    Green record book              You MUST bring your Duke record book for the Southbound guides to sign.
    Back Pack                      65-70 litre size pack for hiking. Sports bag is more than adequate if canoeing.
                                   Optional, although many photo opportunities will be available. Care to be taken to prevent damage
                                   caused by the outdoor elements. Small disposable cameras are ideal.
    Quantities will obviously vary depending on the length of trip. Remember hikers all you take should fit into your pack
    with food and camping gear, and you are the one carrying it! So pack light and waterproof everything.

                                                  PO Box 4057 Shellharbour NSW 2529 Ph: 02 4257 4888 Fax: 02 4257 4800
                            PO Box 4057 Shellharbour NSW 2529 Phone: 02 4257 4888 Fax: 02 4257 4800

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                            Insulmat Inflating
Plasma 2 Layer Soft Shell   Sleeping Mat              Cotton Inner
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 Camelbak Hydration Pack    KAOS ‘Shadow’ Beanie                Nalgene Drink
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 Camelbak Hydration Pack    KAOS ‘Preppy’ Beanie                Polycarbonate
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 Camelbak Unbottle                                               Travel Pillow
 Hydration Reservoir        Dry Sacks – Light                    Colours: As
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 LED Headlight - Ion
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                                                                26 February 2009