English Grammer in Bangla by mozammeljoomla


									                       Right Forms of Verbs (for Bengali)

Rule -01: Present Indefinite Tense Gi †¶‡Î Subject hw` 3rd person singular nq, Z‡e Verb Gi †k‡l
s/es †hvM Ki‡Z n‡e|
Rule -02: Universal true(wPiš—b mZ¨), Habitual fact/action, Gi †¶‡Î me mgq Present Indefinite Tense
nq| ( Avwg cÖwZw`b fvZ LvB ↔ I eat rice every day.)
Rule -03: Generally, daily, always, usually, normally, occasionally, mainly, sometimes, often,
everyday BZ¨vw` kã _vK‡j me mgq Present Indefinite Tense nq|
Rule -04: at this time, now, at present, at this moment, BZ¨vw` kã _vK‡j me mgq Present Continuous
Tense nq| ( Avwg GLb XvKvq hvw”Q ↔ Now I am going to Dhaka.)
Rule -05: Just, just now, already, yet, recently, ever, lately, immediately, BZ¨vw` kã _vK‡j me mgq
Present Perfect Tense nq|
Rule -06: Last linked word (last night, last year, last month, last week,) yesterday, ago, long
ago, long since, BZ¨vw` kã _vK‡j Past Indefinite Tense nq| ( I went to Dhaka last night)
Rule -07: as though, as if, wish BZ¨vw` kã _vK‡j eªv‡KU Gi to be Gi ¯’v‡b were e‡m|
      **Example: I wish I (to be) a king ↔ I wish I were a king.(Bm& Avwg hw` ivRv nZvg)
Rule -08: can, could, should, may, might, shall, will, must, would, BZ¨vw`            auxiliary verb wnmv‡e
_vK‡j, g~j verb wU Present form n‡e|
Rule -09: Want, hope, love, see, like, mind, dislike, remember, think, realize, believe, trust,
doubt, know, belong, recollect, wish, hate, worship, understand, seem, BZ¨vw` verb Gi mv‡_ KLbI
ing †hvM nq bv| (I am wanting a pen bv n‡q I want a pen n‡e ,A_©vr KLbI Continuous Tense n‡e bv)
Rule -10: Passive voice Gi †¶‡Î A_©vr sentence Gi ïi“‡Z subject Gi c‡i be verb (am , is, are, has,
have, was, were) _vK‡j, eªv‡K‡Ui verb wU past participle n‡e|
      **Example: The students are beaten by me.
Rule -11: It is time, it is high time, wish, fancy, Gi ci verb Gi past form nq, A_©vr verb2 n‡e|
       **Example: It is high time you changed your bad habits. (†Zvgvi Lvivc Af¨vm Z¨vM Kivi Rb¨ GUvB
Dchy³ mgq)
Rule -12: Mind, worth, without, past, cannot help, could not help, with a view to, take to, look
forward to, be+ used to (am used to, is used to), get used to, BZ¨vw` _vK‡j, Zvi c‡ii verb Gi mv‡_ ing
‡hvM nq|
       **Example: I am used to eating rice.(Avwg fvZ †L‡Z Af¨¯—). He made a bat using bamboo.
Rule -13: to e¨wZZ Ab¨vb¨ preposition _vK‡j, verb Gi mv‡_ ing ‡hvM nq| (I went to Dhaka for eating mango)
Rule -14: Sentence Gi ïi“‡Z would that _vK‡j, Subject Gi c‡i could e‡m| Ges verb1 nq|
Rule -15: Had better, had rather, would better, would rather, let, must, need, dare, BZ¨vw`i ci cÖ`Ë
verb Gi present form nq| (You must obey your parents ↔ ‡Zvgv‡K Aek¨B †Zvgvi wcZvgvZv‡K gvb¨ Ki‡Z n‡e|
Rule -16: One of the _vK‡j plural noun e‡m, wKš—y Zvi c‡i ev c~‡e© singular verb e¨eüZ nq|
      **Example: One of the students of the class is very intelligent.
Rule -17: While Gi wVK c‡iB †h verb _v‡K, Zvi mv‡_ ing ‡hvM Ki‡Z nq| wKš‘ While Gi c‡i Subject _vK‡j,
While Gi AskwU Continuous Tense nq|
      **Example: While walking in the garden , a snake bit him. While he was walking in the
garden , a snake bit him.
Rule -18: Lest hy³ sentence G lest Gi c‡i †h subject _v‡K , Zvi c‡i should/might e‡m| (lest↔ hvnv‡Z bq)
      **Example: He ran fast, lest he should miss the class. (‡m `ª“Z †`Šov‡jv †hb †m K¬vm wgm& bv K‡i|)
Rule -19: Either , neither, or Gi c‡i mvaviYZ singular verb e‡m|
Rule -20: Either......or, neither.......nor, Gi †¶‡Î `yBwU subject B singular n‡j singular verb nq|
      **Example: Either Rahim or Karim is responsible for it.

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Rule -21: Each, every, no Gi c‡i singular verb e‡m|
      **Example: Every boy was given a book. No car and no rickshaw was seen in the street
Rule -22: Passive Voice Gi †¶‡Î me©`v verb Gi past participle form (verb3) nq|

Rule -23: Since hy³ sentence Gi cÖ_g Ask Present Indefinite ev Present Perfect Tense n‡j c‡ii Ask
Past Indefinite Tense Gi nq|
      **Example: It has been a long time since we last met. / It is long since his father died.
Rule -24: Mathematics, news, politics, wages, gallows, innings, economics, physics, civics,
statistics, Electronics, ethics, dynamics, Gi c‡i singular verb e‡m| (KviY Dc‡iv³ k㸇jvi †k‡li s Øviv
plural †evSvq bv|)
Rule -25: wbw`©ªó GKwU ‰`N©¨ ev cwigvb eySv‡j †Kvb noun †`L‡Z plural n‡jI singular verb e‡m| (hv MYbv ev cwigvc
Kiv hvq|)
       **Example: Twenty kilometers is not a long distance. Fifty kilograms is a heavy weight.
Rule -26: ‡Kvb Sentence hw` there Øviv ïi“ nq, Ges Zvici singular number _v‡K, Zvn‡j there Gi c‡i
singular verb e‡m| Plural number _vK‡j plural verb e‡m|
      **Example: There is water everywhere around them. / There are no birds in that snow
covered country.
Rule -27: And Øviv `ywU noun hy³ n‡jI GKB fve ev GKwU item eySv‡j singular verb e‡m|
      **Example: Rice and fish is our staple food. Rimi and Sumaiya is a student of class eight.
Rule -28: Cattle, people, gentry, peasantry, The virtuous, the brave, the rich , the poor, BZ¨vw` kã
eûePb wb‡`©k K‡i, ZvB G‡`i c‡i plural verb e‡m|
       **Example: The rich are not always happy. / The Cattle are grazing in the field.
Rule -29: Past Indefinite After Past perfect. Ges Past perfect Before Past Indefinite.
Rule -30: ‡Kvb Sentence G to be, having _vK‡j g~j verb Gi past participle form nq, A_©vr verb3 nq |
Rule -31: Sentence Gi main clause G Past Tense _vK‡j subordinate clause mvaviYZ Past Tense
      **Example: Nitu said that Sumaiya was happy.
Rule -32: Since hy³ sentence Gi cÖ_g Ask Past Indefinite Tense n‡j c‡ii Ask Past Perfect Tense Gi
      **Example: It was long since I had seen Nitu first.
Rule -33: If + Present Indefinite tense + Future Indefinite Tense
      **Example:If you run in the rain,you will catch cold.(hw` Zzwg †iv‡`i wfZi †`ŠovI Z‡e †Zvgvi VvÛv jvM‡e)
Rule -34: If + Past Indefinite Tense + Past Conditional ( subject + would / might / could + verb1)
      **Example: If he came, I would go.(hw` †m Avm‡Zv, Z‡e Avwg †hZvg)
Rule -35: If + Past Perfect Tense + Perfect Conditional ( Subject + would / could / might + have
+ verb3)
      **Example: If I had seen him, I would have told him the matter.
Rule -36: Had + Subject + Past Participle Øviv †Kvb sentence ïi“ n‡j, AciwUi Perfect Conditional nq,
A_©vr Subject Gi ci would / might / could + have + verb3 e‡m|
       **Example: Had I been a king, I would have helped the poor.
Rule -37: When Gi ci Past Indefinite Tense _vK‡j Gi ci Past Continuous Tense n‡e|
      **Example: When I entered the room, Razib was reading a book.

wet `ªt - me¸‡jv wbqg Aek¨B gyL¯— Ki‡Z n‡e| Ges wbqwgZ wiwfkb Ki‡Z n‡e|

                                                                   Written by-
                                                                   Md. Mozammel Haque,

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