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									                      POSIBILI PARTENERI PENTRU PROIECTE
                        FINANTATE PRIN PROGRAMUL LLP

Friday, January 29, 2010 1:43 PM

 My name is Paola D‟Ambrosio, I am italian and I am a Comenius Assistant in Vali Necati
Çetinkaya Primary School, in Konya, Turkey. Vali Necati is a big school in the center of Konya
and students age is from 6 to 14.
I am here since December 2009 and I wıll be here until the end of May. I like this school, I am
really well in here and it is for this reason I am tryng to help my school to find partnerships for
taking part to a Comenius Partnership Project.

They strongly would like to apply for 2010-2012 term as a partner.
Konya is an historical city situated in the center of Anatolia and very interesting and suggestive
place for Mevlana and dervishes.

Hoping to have some good news soon.
Best regards,
Paola D‟Ambrosio

Secretariatul Tehnic Permanent al Pactului Teritorial pentru Ocuparea Fortei de Munca si
Incluzine Sociala, Regiunea Sud-Est (STPSE) va aduce la cunostinta oportunitatea unui
nou parteneriat:

  Asociatia italiana TECLA (Asociatia pentru Cooperare Transregionala Locala si Europeana)
cauta parteneri pentru un proiect ce ar urma sa fie depus in cadrul apelului LLP Programme -
Data limita este 26 februarie 2010.
Parteneri eligibili:
·    asociatii, autoritati nationale/regionale/locale cu competente in serviciile legate de ocuparea
fortei de munca ce controleaza/supravegheaza centrele de ocupare,
·    agentiile de ocupare
·    institutiile ce au relatii cu centrele de ocupare
Detalii gasiti in pagina web a Pactului Teritorial pentru Ocuparea Fortei de Munca si Incluziune
Sociala: , sectiunea Noutati
Cu deosebita consideratie,
Roxana Butnareanu
Specialist Comunicare

LDV Mobility Projects - Partner Search
Tuesday, January 26, 2010 7:36 PM
From: "Monica Guizzardi" <>
To: undisclosed-recipients

Dear Referent
I'm writing on behalf of my organisation, Associazione Send, located in Palermo (Italy), in the
middle of Mediterannean Sea.

Send is currently organising the HOSTING SERVICE under the framework of the LL Program,
and more specifically under the Leonardo, Erasmus and Comenius European Programs, within
the mobility measure.
Let me take this opportunity to inform you that SEND act as Hosting institution and taht we're
well experienced with hosting groups of students from abroad, but also individual and experts
coming for visiting specific fields of Action. We have already provided for high quality
professional placements in the working sector you are interested in for your next project (for
further information have a look to our previous project). We worked very well with other
institution in different professional sectors !!!
We also organize a detailed training package (Italian language course, cultural path, monitoring
and tutoring, evaluation and certification including Europass).
It will be a pleasure for us to help you in implementing your project here in Italy (Palermo),
hosting your Beneficiaries!
PLS inform me about necessary documents - letter of intent - you might need so to join project
you proposed, and do not hesitate to contact me or visit our web site, we will be glad to give you
more details for your convenience.
We are also interested in partecipeting, as partner, in other kind of Project, like TOI (Transfer of

Thank you in advance for your kind attention,
Best regards
Monica Guizzardi
Send - Associazione di Promozione Sociale
Piazza Aragona 13, 90133 Palermo – ITALY
Tel / Fax +39.091.6172420

Dear Sir/Madam,

We, the students and teachers from the High School of Humanities “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”
in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, would like to express our desire to participate in the Comenius
programme for school education. We offer our cooperation for the implementation of a
collaborative project on a topic from the following areas: civil society, psychology, philosophy
and the humanities.
Our school offers first-class innovative training in specialized areas, such as journalism and
public relations, law and history, geography and management, and foreign language learning.
Boasting a rich history as one of the best educational institutions in Veliko Tarnovo, the High
School of Humanities is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year.
We would like to kindly ask you for your assistance in finding a partner high-school level
institution interested in collaborative implementation of a project on one of the following topics:
“Responsible Parenting” or “The Power of the Word „To Love‟”.
We will appreciate any help offered by you and are looking forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Tamara Draganova
Head Teacher
High School of Humanities “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”
2 Mihail Kefalov St
Veliko Tarnovo 5000
Tel.: (+359) 62 629 694

[Myeurope] Register for the next FuturEnergia Chat
Thursday, January 28, 2010 10:38 AM
From: "Alessandra D'Angelo" <>
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To: "myeurope" <>

Dear teachers,

We would like to invite you to register your classes to take part in the next FuturEnergia Online
Debate. A maximum of two schools per country will be selected on a first-come, first-served
basis, as it is said in English.
The forthcoming online debate is a chat with Nadia Weekes, experienced editor specialized in
European environmental affairs.
• Theme: “COP15: limits and achievements”
• Age group: 14-20
• Date: 10 February 2010
• Time: 13.00 CET
• Guest: Nadia Weekes, editor of ENDS Europe, a leading Europe's environmental news and
information service.
• Language: English
How to register?
The teachers who would like to take part in the chat with their classes should register by sending
an email to
The registration email should contain the following information:
• School name, town and country
• Students' age
• Teacher name
• Teacher e-mail
• Phone number during the chat
• Registration deadline: 5 February 2010

More information:

Alessandra D'Angelo
Web Editor
European Schoolnet -
Rue de Trèves, 61
B-1040 Brussels
Tel +32 2 790 7564
Fax +32 2 790 7585

[eurodesk_info] GENERATION 89 [1 Attachment]
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 4:17 PM
From: "bucharest czech centres" <>
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Proiectul „Generation „89” îşi propune să aniverseze căderea sistemelor totalitare din Europa
oferindu-le celor născuţi în anul 1989 o platformă de comunicare. Aceşti tineri din 9 state
europene – Austria, Belgia, Bulgaria, Cehia, Germania, Marea Britanie, Polonia, România,
Ungaria - vor avea ocazia să vorbească atât despre experienţele trecute, cât şi despre aşteptările
pe care le au ca actuali cetăţeni ai Uniunii Europene. Participanţii selectaţi de juriile naţionale
vor participa între 25 şi 28 aprilie 2010 la întâlnirile simultane din Bucureşti, Bruxelles, Praga şi
Varşovia. Cu un trecut naţional diferit în legătură cu anul naşterii lor, 1989, şi având experienţe
şi evoluţii distincte din perspectiva cetăţeniei europene, tinerii implicaţi în proiect îşi vor imagina
viitorul lor şi viitorul Uniunii Europene într-o declaraţie comună pe care o vor redacta în timpul
întâlnirilor internaţionale. O delegaţie a lor va prezenta Declaraţia „Generation „89”
reprezentanţilor Uniunii Europene la Bruxelles, pe 7 iunie 2010.

Detalii despre proiect se găsesc pe site-ul proiectului:

[inspectori] [Fwd: Institution looking for partners for Comenius partnership project] {01}
Tuesday, January 26, 2010 9:32 AM
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To: "inspectori List Member" <>
Message contains attachments
1 File (25KB)

Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached the description of one Lithuanian secondary school looking for partners for
the Comenius school partnerships project.
Could you please announce this information on your websites or databases for partner search?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

Lina Èièiûnaitë
Project coordinator
Education Exchanges Support Foundation
Geleþinio Vilko str. 12, LT-01112 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. (+370) 5 261 0592 (+370) 5 212 3364
Fax (+370) 5 249 7137

          Our school is the secondary school in Mažeikiai, Lithuiania. The students are of
different ages: from 6 to 19 years old. There are about 700 students and 70 teachers this year. We
haven‟t taken part in such projects so far. But we are very enthusiastic in trying. We bare looking
for partners within the Comenius partnership framework, we‟d be pleased to join your project or
maybe you will like some ideas from our proposal presented below:

Call for the Comenius project

          The main areas of working would be the students with different needs, including either
the most gifted students, the students with some different types of disabilities or the students with
social problems.
          The aim of this project will be reached by student and teacher co-operation involving
students with special needs, gifted or disabled ones.
          Our ideas to realize the project are as follows:
    - every participating school prepares performances about traditional feasts, holidays,
        including songs, dances, games, dishes, costumes, national traditions;
    - the students and teachers of each team present their traditions ( songs, cooking
        technology, dances, traditional games) to other participants;
    - each team produces the teaching material on the methods of creating motivation working
        with the students of special needs which could be used in these schools (with a common
    - the meetings at local schools should be arranged (providing the participations of students
        from each country). The meetings should be agreed about the time, countries and number
        of students and teachers;
    - presentations such as cooking methods, traditions should be performed in English
    - the product of the project ought to be a small bilingual dictionary recorded on CD
    (everyday phrases and the most useful words, some examples of proverbs or idioms should
    be translated into English and languages of all participating countries; the soundtrack and
    video should be recorded if possible, for example, each participant records the soundtrack in
    mother tongue, the performance of traditional dance and song, pictures of traditional dishes,
    costumes, famous landmarks, etc.).
          We are open to any other ideas and suggestions.

Our contacts:
Mazeikiu Kalnenu vidurine mokykla
Pavenciu g. 3
LT 89 187 Mazeikiai
Telsiu apskritis

The website of the school:
Contact person:
Olga Pileckiene

comenius project
                                                                Monday, February 1, 2010 8:59 AM
"Emilia Kostadinova" <>

Dear colleagues,

My name is Rada Gotskova and I am an expert in pre-school
education in the municipality of Kazanlak, Bulgaria.
I am looking for a partner for comenius regio partnerships
project. Would you please send me more information if somebody
wants to participate as.

Best regards!
Rada Gotskova

Forwarded Message: Call for ready Leonardo Partnership.eml

Call for ready Leonardo Partnership

                                                                Monday, February 1, 2010 2:16 AM
"Ayşegül Demirçelik" <>
"mustafa yıldız" <>
                                                                       Message contains attachments
1 File (80KB)


Dear colleague,

We have a ready project and you can find the details in the attachment. If you are interested
please fill in the necessary information and send back to us.

Kind regards

Yenimahalle National Directorate of Education
Ankara, TURKEY


Dear Potential Partners We are looking for partners for our Leonardo da
Vinci Partnership Project.

Coaching in vocational education and training (VET) is becoming more and more important. It
means more than guiding the learners in VET. Coaching represents an offer
which serves to canvass new target groups. Furthermore, it has become a tool for the self
reflection of management boards in the system of VET. It meets employed people's and
members'of organisations' common needs when it comes to the question how life and work
should be organised. Many teachers in VET are not yet prepared to live up to the role of
vocational education pedagogue. The personnel in vocational education needs to be
There is a growing demand for coaching in terms of counselling aimed at the professionalisation
of executives in VET. Executives in VET need coaching: the humanist holding a doctorate is no
longer in demand, the people sought after now are VET managers. Coaching can facilitate the fit
between the individual and the organisation. It helps executives to work on the improvement of
their skills as far as their function, the context of their work, and processes of their core business
are concerned. On the other hand, there is a growing need for coaching offers aimed at customers
in VET.

The demand for learner counselling is decreasing; coaching has superseded offers consisting of
mere accompanying support for the counselled customer and it is currently replacing offers of
continuing education (CE).
The project "Coaching in VET" intends to develop guidelines for the tool coaching in VET and
make them accessible to the systems in the partner countries.

Different organisations will cooperate with the respective national networks in order to create a
web-based tool for the knowledge management device "Coaching in VET". This tool,available
for download or on CD, will enable VET managers, practitioners, and professionals to optimise
their own professional development and their learners' individual professional skills in a quicker
and more satisfying manner

- What are the concrete objectives of the partnership?
- Explain what subjects or problems you intend to address.
- What approach will you take to achieve your objectives?

a) enable VET institutions and staff for transn. exchange of experiences and competence
development in coaching, use varied potential for lifelong learning in dealing with trends of
professionalisation inVET, compare and evaluate empirical values and continuities through
cooperation with others, improve use the competence of trainers in VET & CE, enable
advancement of the designs and tools;
b)Coaching as an opportunity in CE for personality counselling, Coaching as an opportunity for
professionalisation in continuing vocational education & training, Coaching as an opportunity for
the fit between the individual and the organisation in continuing vocational education / training,
the coach as an expert on dealing with employed people and people in organisations,
professionalising executives in CE, personality and service requirements in a complex world;
c)How to create an instrument on behalf of CE via coaching? How to implement coaching as an
offer to acquire new target groups? How to organise the needs for coaching of executives in CE?
How to accomplish the fitting of person and organisation in coaching? What is the
accomplishment of coaching-offers for clients in the field of CE?
How to organise professional development in coaching as individual learning of staff and
 How to identify constructions of reality and behaviour patterns? How to avoid
misunderstandings in the communication in handling with people?
The project "Coaching in VET" will create a space for exchange of experiences and cooperation.
EU added value should be obtained from EU exchange of experiences. The present development
of VET needs new impulses concerning the culture of counselling. The project will identify
innovative trails of development by using coaching as an instrument. The project will enable the
participating partners, to analyse and reflect complex ways of looking at problems in
professional education in a systematic way.



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