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                    Volume 67 Number 16                                                     WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25, 2010
                                           WESTLAND AND WYANDOTTE

                           No new                                                      North Korean Shell
                                                                                       South Korean island
                   claims for Michigan
 Sold, and
  Traded                                                                               North Korean Kim Jong Il and his son Kim Jong-un

America's                                                                          Earlier today North Korea
                                                                                   conducted an artillery attack
                                                                                                                   our ally, the Republic of
                                                                                                                   Korea, and to the mainte-
                                                                                   against the South Korean
                                                                                                                   nance of regional peace and
                                                                                   island of Yeonpyeong. We        stability.
                                                                                   are in close and continuing     Upon his return to the White
 Wanted                                                                            contact with our Korean
                                                                                                                   House        from    Indiana,
                                                                                                                   President Obama attended a
                  The State of Michigan says     If that extension does not
 Slaves?          it will soon have to stop
                  accepting and processing
                                                 come, some 181,000 peo-
                                                 ple in Michigan will stop
                                                                                   The United States strongly
                                                                                   condemns this attack and
                                                                                                                   meeting of his senior nation-
                                                                                                                   al security team on the situa-
                                                                                                                   tion on the Korean peninsu-
  Page 1B         new         unemployment       getting checks.                   calls on North Korea to halt    la. The President was briefed
                  claims.                        House Republicans have            its belligerent action and to   by National Security Advisor
                  The State Unemployment         blocked a bill that would         fully abide by the terms of     Tom Donilon, Secretaries
                  Insurance Agency will stop     have extended unemploy-           the Armistice Agreement.        Clinton        and     Gates,
                  taking those claims after      ment benefits past the holi-                                      Ambassador Rice, Admiral
                  Wednesday because the          day season.                       The United States is firmly     Mullen, and General Sharp,
                  current     unemployment       The most recent extension         committed to the defense of     Commander of U.S. Forces
                  extension will end on          expires on December 1st.                                                       Korea - Page 2A
                  November      30th. The        Two million people nation-
                  House recently failed to
                  pass another extension.
                                                 wide will lose those benefits
                                                 by the end of the year.
                                                                                        The Holiday Giving Circle
                  On Monday Governor             The new measure would                       Golden Gate Lodge 973 &
                  Jennifer Granholm again        have extended benefits
                  called for passage of that     through      the   end     of                   Sunset Temple 975
                  legislation, which would
                  extend benefits for those
                                                 Republicans       said   the
                                                                                             Feed the Community
                  out of work for more than      measure should be paid for                                Page 8A
Church Girl       six months.                    by cutting unspent money

 returns to the
   Music Hall        State police target seat
    Page 5B
                    belts, DUIs Thanksgiving
WEEK OF YOUR                weekend
 COMMUNITY                                        State police are stepping up
 NEWSPAPER                                        seat-belt and drunken driv-
                                                  ing enforcement over the
                                                  long Thanksgiving week-
   CALL TO                                        end.
                                                  Police will be scouring
 313-928-2955                                               Drivers - Page 2A

              Informing * Educating * Empowering * Uplifting
 2A                                                    TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                               WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

      NEWS BRIEFS                                                         It's always a time
                                                                                                                                      OFFICE SPACE
                                                                                                                                     FOR RENT/LEASE
      Korea and the US                                                        for gratitude                                          Have you been looking to
From Page 1A                                                                                                                         move your home based busi-
Korea. The President reit-          of the South Korean war-                                                                         ness to an office or do you
erated the unshakeable              ship Cheonan in March                                           say that I am thankful for       need more space for your
support of the United               killed 46 sailors. Obama                                        understanding the purpose        current business?
States for our ally, the            this week dispatched                                            that God has for my life         The Telegram Business
Republic of Korea, and dis-         envoy Stephen Bosworth                                          and knowing that he is
                                                                                                                                     Center have over twenty
cussed ways to advance              to Asia after a U.S. scien-                                     guiding my path. What are
                                                                                                    you thankful for?
                                                                                                                                     (20) offices available for
peace and security on the           tist reported that North                                                                         lease. Some offices are
Korean peninsula going              Korea said it had built a                                       I want the readers of the
                                                                                                    Telegram to start a new          equipped with a private
forward.                            uranium-enrichment plant.
                                                                                                    family tradition. Use this       bathroom. The building is
Tensions with Kim Jong Il’s         There are about 25,000
regime have risen in the            American troops stationed                                       time to think about what         located at 10748 W.
past year after the sinking         in South Korea.                                                 you are thankful for and         Jefferson Ave in River
                                                                                                    then write it down. Then         Rouge. (Across from Bank
                                                                                                    before, during or after din-     of America) The building is
                                                                  Thank you Jesus. In the
             Drivers Beware                                       Bible, 1 Thessalonians 5:18
                                                                  says; In everything give
                                                                                                    ner on Thanksgiving share
                                                                                                    what you wrote down with
                                                                                                                                     close to freeways and only
                                                                                                                                     15 minutes from Downtown
From Page 1A                                                                                        your family members.
                                                                  thanks: for this is the will of                                    Detroit.
                                                                                                    Don't text it, don't email it.
roadways in a five-state          nationwide. In cases with       God in Christ Jesus con-                                           The offices are reasonably
                                                                                                    Actually communicate with
mobilization effort covering      seat-belt information avail-    cerning you.                                                       priced and available for
                                                                                                    the people you are sharing
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan,      able, more than half of those   Showing your gratitude or at                                       immediate        occupancy.
                                                                                                    the meal with. If you don't
Minnesota and Ohio.               killed weren't buckled up.      least acknowledging the fact
                                                                                                    get a chance to do it during     There are also rooms avail-
                                                                  that you are thankful should
                                                                                                    Thanksgiving, do it the day      able for group meetings and
Michael Witter is regional        Witter says speeders and        at least be a daily occur-
                                                                                                    after Thanksgiving. You          workshops. For more infor-
administrator    for    the       car occupants who don't         rence. I am very apprecia-
                                                                                                    can find something to be         mation Call 313-469-5317
National Highway Traffic          buckle up can expect to be      tive of the people that come
                                                                                                    thankful for everyday.
Safety Administration and         ticketed. And he says any-      in my life and I make sure I                                               YOUR
                                                                                                    Say it. Thank you, Thank
he says the goal is to save       one caught driving impaired     let them know that I am
                                                                                                    you, Thank you. Doesn't                 OFFICE
lives.                            will be prosecuted "to the      grateful. When someone
                                                                                                    that feel good.
                                  fullest extent of the law."     does something for me I                                                 IS WAITING
                                                                                                    Thank you for reading my
During      the     2008                                          always say "Thank You." I
                                                                                                    column.                                FOR YOU!
Thanksgiving holiday sea-         The Click It or Ticket effort   wish more people would say
                                                                  'Thank You' as part of their
son, the most recent data
available, 1,120 people
                                  runs Thursday through
                                  Sunday.                         daily routine.
                                                                                                    Gina C. Wilson                         Call
died in vehicle crashes                                           During this season of
                                                                  Thanksgiving,      I    asked
                                                                  numerous people that have
               BECOME A                                           played a role in the growth of
                                                                  Telegram Newspaper Inc.           No Child Without a Christmas
             MENTOR TODAY                                         'what they are thankful for?
                                                                  (their responses are on page        Goodfellows deadlines approaching
                                                                  10A). When I reflect on what      The Goodfellows committees in your city has begun the
   Thank You - Thank You - Thank You                              I am thankful for, I can say;     hard work to make sure children in the community
                                                                  I'm thankful for the peace I      receive items during the Holiday season. Business
                                                                  have by knowing the love of       owners, community members should begin to plan to
                                                                  my Savior and the love of my      donate to the organization within their city.
                                                                  family and extended family. I     Parents who feel they will be in need at Christmas and
                                                                  am also thankful for the gift     would like to receive help from the Goodfellows should
                                                                  of patience and the ability to    check with the Goodfellows committee in their city.
                                                                  care for others. Lastly, I can    Deadlines are approaching so don’t delay.

  I can’t thank you enough for your support
  and votes. I am proud to represent you on
        the River Rouge School Board.
                 Thanks Again
               William Campbell

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 Page 3A                                                  THE TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                                     WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

                                                                               CLOSING THE                         MIDDLE CLASS TURNED
  OPINION                                                                      INCOME GAP                              UPSIDE DOWN
     Eagles QB Michael Vick                                                                                     By: Donald Lozon
                                                                               By Judge Greg Mathis
     Finally Gets Out of the                                                                                                                        want to work for unemploy-
                                                                                                                                                    ment benefits during a time
           Dog House                                                                                                                                of crisis of outsourcing and
                                                                                                                                                    great payouts to top the
                                                                                                                                                    leaders who got the coun-
By George E. Curry - NNPA Columnist                                                                                                                 try in this mess in the first
                                                                                                                                                    place. We are at war, men
Michael Vick has been sensa-          behavior. In a fact sheet, the
                                                                                                                                                    and women are paying a
tional on the football field this     Humane Society stated, “Vick
                                      was a role model for many                                                                                     price for our freedom at
season as quarterback of the
Philadelphia Eagles. Two weeks        young people, and he lost                                                                                     least those at the top could
ago, he put on a phenomenal           everything because of what he                                                                                 afford to pay a little more in
show against the Washington           did to dogs. His story is the                                             We find ourselves in a time         taxes for the greater good
Redskins, setting a single game       strongest possible example of                                             where wealth is being held          of our country. What's in it
record by throwing for 333            why dogfighting is a dead end.                                            by a minority of people and         for me attitude is not what
yards, including four touch-          Just as former drug addicts are              First, the good news.        work is being looked down           the founding fathers envi-
downs, and rushing for 80 yards       able to reach people with addic-         Women are earning more           upon as a race to the bottom        sioned for our country.
and two more touchdowns. The          tion, former dogfighters are             money today than they were       in wages. We have seen this         We have to stop being
visiting Eagles routed the            some of the most effective voic-         ten years ago. Slowly but        played out through history
                                      es against this crime.”                                                                                       Democrats and stop being
Redskins 59-28.                                                                surely, gender pay dispari-      when the American colonies
   NFL analyst and former Eagle          One of the most effective voic-                                                                            Republicans and start
                                                                               ties are becoming a thing of     sent raw materials to               doing what is best for all of
Quarterback Ron Jaworski              es lobbying for the Eagles to
                                                                               the past.                        England       and     England       America. I want answers to
called it, “the most remarkable       sign Vick upon his release from
                                      prison       was       quarterback
                                                                                  Historically, women have      returned these raw materials        the problems of today.
performance I’ve ever seen on
Monday night.”                        Donovan McNabb, a friend who             always earned less than          back as finished expensive          Conservative ideology or
However, the most remarkable          had played with Vick in the Pro          men. When women first            goods. America of the twenty        Liberal ideology should not
part of the rise, fall and second     Bowl. Not many NFL quarter-              went to work outside of the      first century is sending all of     win the day but common
rise of Michael Vick is what hap-     backs would volunteer to serve           home, they typically took on     its manufacturing and goods         sense from both sides is
pened off the field. The Atlanta      as Vick’s big brother and even           ‘pink collar’ jobs that, for     to China using slavery of a
                                      fewer would ask his team to                                                                                   the answer. Our nation is
Falcons selected Vick as its top                                               many reasons, paid a lower       brutal communist dictator-
pick in 2001, the first Black         bring in a talented player who                                                                                corroding with the idea of a
                                                                               salary. However, as women        ship for corporate profit. "If      one world where there is
quarterback to be the No. 1           could possibly be his replace-
                                                                               began to become more edu-        you want to see rapacious           no middle class, only rich
overall pick in an NFL draft. Vick    ment. To his credit, McNabb did
                                      just that.
                                                                               cated and branch into differ-    income inequality, you no           and poor. A little bit of
signed the largest contract ever
for a rookie, $82 million for six         By all accounts, Vick became         ent fields, even those domi-     longer need to visit a banana       nationalism is in order from
years.                                a       changed        player       in   nated by men, they found         republic. You can just look         our leadership. What is
    The nadir came in 2007 when       Philadelphia. In Atlanta, he had         that their salaries remained     around"      (NY times 11/18).      good for the American peo-
he pleaded guilty to dog fight-       been accused of being the last           lower than that of their male    This is the point of an article     ple is jobs and tax payers
ing-related charges. Vick was         player in the locker room and            counterparts…even if they        written by Nicholas D. Kristof
                                      the first to exit.            Under                                                                           making the American
sentenced to 23 months in                                                      were doing the same jobs.        "A Hedge Fund Republic".
prison and served 18 months at        McNabb’s         tutelage,      Vick                                                                          dream come true. Interest
                                                                                      That is changing.         This is a case for the end of       groups, lobbyist, foreign
the      federal      prison     in   became more of a student of the
                                                                               According to newly released      the Bush era tax cuts on the        money, and corrupt politi-
Leavenworth, Kansas, followed         game, spending more time
                                      studying film and learning to
                                                                               statistics, women earned         idea that the top 10 percent        cians who look out for
by five months of home confine-
ment in Virginia. In 2008, he         remain in the pocket instead of          just less than 83 percent of     control more than 70 percent        themselves over America
filed for bankruptcy.                 eyeing the nearest lane to run.          the weekly wage men did in       of America total net worth          interest see a ballot box
Rather than throwing Vick to the         In a surprise move, the Eagles        the second quarter of this       and the fact that the top 1         revolt every two years.
dogs, former Indianapolis Colts       traded       McNabb        to     the    year; 10 years ago, women        percent owns 34 percent of          America wants change in
Coach Tony Dungy reached out          Washington Redskins, a divi-             earned around 76 percent         the private net worth in
                                      sion rival, prior to the start of this                                                                        education, labor, jobs, and
to the gifted but troubled athlete,                                            of what men did. African         America can afford a tax hike
visiting him in prison, counseling    season. Eagles Coach Andy                                                                                     need to be told the truth
                                                                               American women, especial-        in the middle of the great          and not some spin for
him after his release and advo-       Reid declared young Kelvin
                                                                               ly, have seen the income         recession. This is a time           another politician who is
cating on his behalf with NFL         Kolb as his quarterback of the
                                      future. But when Kolb was side-
                                                                               gap widen: the weekly            when we are involved in two         not working for our best
   When the NFL agreed to allow       lined with an injury in the open-        salary for black women           wars and have amassed               interest but those who
Vick to return to pro football        ing game, Michael Vick was               increased by nearly 9 per-       great debt to countries that        financed their campaign.
under a strict set of guidelines,     given the opportunity to display         cent, while that of black men    would love to see us fail as        "And then I see members
Dungy was there to help guide         his upgraded talent; the quarter-        dropped more than 2 per-         the world's leader.                 of Congress in my own
Vick, keeping his spirits up while    back of the future quickly               cent.                                     We are in debt to the
                                      became the quarterback of the                                                                                 country who argue that it
he was ridiculed and hounded                                                      Now, for the bad news.        Chinese and we are addicted
by animal rights activists. Some      past. Vick played so well that                                                                                would be financially reck-
                                                                               Women are earning more           to oil from the Middle East.        less to extend unemploy-
critics have suggested that jus-      Reid, who had said Kolb would-
                                                                               but men, typically employed      "In dysfunctional countries         ment benefits during a ter-
tice for Vick would be his dying      n’t lose his starting job because
                                      of an injury, had to reverse him-
                                                                               in industries hit hardest by     where the rich just don't care      rible recession, yet they
and coming back as a fire
hydrant.                              self and anoint Vick as his quar-        the recession, are increas-      about those below the decks,        insist on granting $370,000
    Last year, the Eagles signed      terback. Vick was sidelined for          ingly finding themselves out     the result is nations without a     tax breaks to the richest
Vick to a $1.6 million contract,      three games with a rib injury but        of work. This is disturbing      social fabric or sense of           Americans. I don't know if
with a $5 million option for 2010,    returned to his starting role. Vick      because it makes one won-        national unity. Huge concen-        that makes us a banana
which it exercised.                   has won every game he started            der what will happen to the      trations of wealth corrode the
                                      this year and there is even talk                                                                              republic or a hedge fund
People for the Ethical Treatment                                               pay gap when the economy         soul of any nation.        (NY
of Animals (PETA), issued a           of him becoming selected the                                                                                  republic, but it's not healthy
                                                                               rebounds and the men who         Times 11/18/10). We are             in any republic" (NY Times
statement saying, “PETA and           league’s most valuable player.
                                                                               are currently unemployed         turning down people who             11/18/2020).
millions of decent football fans           Sunday night, Vick led his
                                      team to a 27-17 victory over the
                                                                               go back to work. Will it con-
around the world are disappoint-
                                                                               tinue to shrink or will it
ed that the Philadelphia Eagles
have chosen to sign a man who
                                      New York Giants, placing the
                                      Eagles atop the NFC East for             widen?                                              FAXES
hanged dogs from trees, elec-
trocuted them with jumper
                                      the first time this season. It was
                                      a game marred by dropped
                                                                                   The fact remains that
                                                                               women, who make up near-
                                                                                                                               RECEIVED & SENT
cables, held them underwater          touchdown passes, mindless               ly half of the workforce, earn              Telegram Business Center
until they drowned in his swim-       penalties and two fumbles by             less than their male peers at          10748 W. Jefferson      River Rouge
ming pool, and even threw his         Vick, who had not fumbled or             every education level. It is
own family dog into the fighting      thrown an interception all year.
                                                                                                                                 (313) 928-2955
                                                                               not a positive sign when a
pit to be torn to shreds while he     “This was an important game for
                                                                               woman’s financial success
laughed. What sort of message         him,” his coach said after the
                                                                               is tied to the financial hard-                          Letter Policy
does this send to young fans          game. “It’s very important to bat-
                                                                               ships of her male counter-          The Telegram encourages letters from all
who care about animals and            tle through when a team is com-
                                                                               parts. The income gap              readers. Submissions must include the
don’t want to see them                ing after you, bringing extra peo-
                                                                                                                  writer’s name, address and signature and
harmed?”                              ple, you’re getting hit and              should be closed not
                                                                                                                  phone number. Only the name will be pub-
     Fortunately, the Humane          knocked around, and things               because men are being              lished. Send your letters to:
Society of the United States          might not be going as smoothly           locked out of the workplace
took a more humane approach           as you want. You have to fight           but because employers pay                              Letters to the Editor
toward Michael Vick after his         and that’s what he did.”
                                                                               equal money for equal work.                               Telegram News
advisers approached the group             Vick has fought his way back
                                      to the top.
                                                                               Judge Mathis is a national                            10748 W. Jefferson Ave.
about the fallen athlete’s
                                                                               figure known for his advoca-                          River Rouge, MI 48218
embarking on a speaking tour to            George E. Curry, former edi-
discourage urban youth from           tor-in-chief of Emerge magazine          cy campaigns for equal jus-
                                                                               tice.                             Letters published in the Telegram does not neccessary reflect the
engaging in dog fighting. So far,     and the NNPA News Service, is
Vick has spoken to more than a        a keynote speaker, moderator,                                              views and opinions of the Telegram.
dozen groups about his bad            and media coach.
 Page 4A                                          THE TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                                    WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

                          CHURCH DIRECTORY
                           Gone Home Early                                                                               In Loving Memory
By: Janine Folks - Telegram Religion Columnist
                                                                    of this life. They don't need
                                     the telephones and take        our sympathy. The loved
                                     care of remaining busi-        ones left behind do though.
                                     ness, making cold calls        Those left behind have to
                                     and doing follow up on         continue to struggle with
                                     clients.                       many things. Even though
                                         I was one of those who     we struggle, we know that
                                     had to stay and continue       we can do all things through
                                     to work. I wanted to go. I     Christ Who gives us
                                     remember thinking how          strength (Phil. 4:13). God
                                     fortunate those who got to     will see that my work is                                        Troy Shields
                                     go home early were. They       complete (Phil. 1:6). If you
                                     were free. They had the        are alive, it's because God              who passed on Nov. 26, 2008.
                                     benefit of beating the traf-   still has work for you to do.
                                     fic jams, they had a           We have to stay until it's fin-          You are gone but not forgotten.
    I few years ago, when I
was working in sales at the
                                     chance to enjoy the            ished! Don't dare try to                         A special friend
                                     weather       and perhaps      sneak and leave early!
newspaper, our supervisor
let some people go home
                                     spend some extra time              God keeps death a mys-                       Daisy B. Brown
                                     doing     whatever     they    tery. He does that because
early as a reward. Those                                            if saints really knew what
                                     chose. They were able to
who achieved their monthly
sales goals were allowed
                                     get a break from the tire-     was in store, we would have          Ecorse Seventh-day Adventist Church
                                     less daily grind of complet-   no desire to live on earth
to go home early. They
                                     ing monotonous grueling        and do Kingdom work. The                                       3834 10th St
completed their task and                                            Apostle Paul struggled with                               Ecorse, MI 48229-1617
                                     tasks at the office. Wow!
were set free to go home                                            whether to go be with Christ                    (Corner of 10th & Francis Streets)
                                     Weren't they blessed?!
early.                                                              or remain and continue the                       Elder William E. Hughes, Pastor
                                     They got to go home early!
   The supervisor could not                                         fruitful labor of ministering.
                                         When a saint dies, and                                        Sabbath School (Saturday)                       9:15 a.m.
let everyone go home at                                             He realized at that time that
                                     leaves this earth prema-                                          Sabbath Worship Service (Saturday)            11:00 a.m.
once. Some of us had to                                             it was more needful for him
                                     turely, we don't seem to                                          Bible Study (Wednesday)                       12:00 p.m.
stay. There was still work                                          to remain and do the fruitful
                                     think they are blessed.                                           Prayer Meeting (Wednesday)                      7:00 p.m.
that needed to be done.                                             labor of ministry (Phil. 1:21-
                                     However, they get to go
Some of us remained                                                 25). He stayed and kept
                                     home early. God sets                                                      COMMUNITY SERVICE FOOD DISTRIBUTION
behind with goals yet to                                            working.
                                     them free. They are sud-                                                     Every Third Wednesday of Each Month
strive to meet. Some had                                                 When God calls a saint
                                     denly free from the worries                                                        (1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.)
to stay behind to answer                                            home early, I look at it like:
                                                                    "Wow, they got to go home
                   BIBLE VERSE                                      early." It's not a bad thing.
                                                                    If we knew what Jesus has           Lamb of God Missionary Baptist Church
                                                                    prepared for us (John 14 ),                              371 Palmerston St.
   In every thing give thanks: for this is                          we'd be trying to get off                            River Rouge, MI 48218
       the will of God in Christ Jesus                              early. Thank God for keep-                                       (313) 843-9610
                                                                    ing that a mystery. God
               concerning you.                                      needs us here continuing
                                                                    the work of the ministry and                                We walk by faith, not by sight
                                                                    when He is ready to relieve
                                                                    us of our duties, He will and
                1 Thessalonians 5:18                                it will be a glorious day for
                                                                                                       Rev. Julius R. Collins Jr.        Order of Service
                                                                                                                Pastor      Sunday School            10:00am
                                                                    us, not a sad day. While we                      Sunday Morning Service           11:00am
 PENTECOSTAL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH                              are here, let's make the           Food Pantry open on Thursday - Call the church for details
                                                                    most and best of our time.
            35625 VINEWOOD ROMULUS
                                                                    Let's continue in the work
  Phone: (734) 728-1390 Email:thepen@sbcglobal.net                                                                        Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church
                                                                    and don't stop until God
          website: www.pentecostmbc.org                                                                                               3936 12th Street Ecorse, MI 48229
                                                                    himself relieves us. As                                    CHURCH PHONE # (313) 383-1069   FAX: (313) 383-2842
                                                                    Martin Lawrence once so                                          Reverend Damon L. Pierson, Pastor
               Rev. Arthur C. Willis, Sr. Pastor
                                                                    eloquently said once, "Let's                                       WORSHIP SERVICES
                                                                    ride until the wheels fall off."
            SERVICES                                                                                      Sundays:
                                                                         Long life is truly a bless-
     Sunday School - 9:30am                                                                                      Prayer Service..........................................6:00 a.m.
                                                                    ing (Eph. 6:3). Pray for
 Sunday Morning Service - 11:00am                                                                                Early Morning Worship ............................7:30 a.m.
                                                                    courage to stay in it to win it.
   Wednesday Prayer 6:00pm Bible                                                                                 Church School at Study ..........................9:30 a.m.
                                                                    I pray that we all have a
                                                                                                                 Mid-Morning Worship ............................10:50 a.m.
                                                                    long, prosperous and fulfill-
                                                                                                       First Sunday: Baptism & Communion Service.........10:30 a.m.
                                                                    ing life. However, getting to
   Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church                             go home early, to a saint, is
                                                                                                                Tuesdays- Bible Class ...........9:00a.m. & 6:00p.m.
                "Where The Will of God Will Be Done"                not the worst thing that can
                                                                    happen either when God                      Wednesday - Worship Service ................. 7:00 p.m.
                           {Mark 14:36}
           Rev. Dr. John E. Duckworth, Pastor                       mandates it! God bless.
                                                                    E      m        a      i     l     “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light
       29066 Eton Street   Westland 48186                           voiceoftransition@gmail.com         into my path."   - Psalms 119:105
                                                                    or                       visit
   Office: 734.721.2557 Fax: 734.721.1383                                                                                           ALL ARE WELCOME
 Sunday Morning Worship Services 8am & 10am
         Wednesday Night Bible Study 6:30pm                                                                           St. John
            Email: gethsemane02.org                                                                      African Methodist Episcopal Church
                                                                                                       505 Beechwood Street                     River Rouge, MI 48218
              Jehovah Jireh Ministries                                                                 Church Phone: 313-386-2288 Church Fax: 313-386-5986
                            Presents                                                                   email: stjohnchurch@sbcglobal.net - website: www.stjohnriverrouge.org
                    Totally Fit for Life                                                                        Sunday School................................9:30 a.m.
       Spirit, soul, and Body – 1 Thessalonians 5:23                       Rejoice                              Sunday Morning Worship ............11:00 a.m.
      Come and Join us – no membership required
                                                                                                                Wednesday Bible Study .............12:00 noon
                       Downriver Family YMCA *                                                                  Wednesday Pastor's Bible Study.. ..6:30 p.m
                          16777 Northline Rd
                         Southgate, MI 48195                                                                                        "God our Father, Christ our Redeemer,
                      Sunday Mornings 11:00 am
                  Contact person- Rev. Everett Thomas
                                                                          Pray                                                                Man our Brother"

              (313)-388-0713 or (313) 282-9508                        continually.                                                  Rev. Gerald & Mrs. Betty Cardwell
 Page 5A                                       THE TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                                             WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

In the Spirit                                                                   DEATH NOTICES
He's bigger                                                          in-law, Jessie Jackson; niece,
                                                                     Edith Mitchell; and multiple nieces
                                                                                                           entrusted   to
                                                                                                           Funeral Home.

 than your                                                           and nephews. Final arrange-
                                                                     ments were entrusted to

                                                                     Stinsons Funeral Home.

By: Rev. LT Willis

                                   ADDIE LEE GIBBS
                                Sept. 4, 1939 - Nov. 6, 2010                                                                                     JESSE L. PRICE, SR.
                                                                                                                                                June 19, 1915 - Nov. 6, 2010
                                Addie was a member of Gordy                                                    MICHAEL HAYES
                                Memorial Church and contin-                                                March 8, 1965 - Nov. 4, 2010         Jesse was a member of the
                                ued to serve the Lord with glad-                                                                                United States Army Airforce
                                ness.                                                                      Michael had strong family and        during World War II and was
                                                                          HERMAN WESTON                    friend convictions and his love      honorably discharged in
                                Addie was preceded in death            April 27, 1923 - Oct 30, 2010       for, and faith in God was evi-       December of 1945.
Beloved, what you're going      by her husband of 40 years,                                                dence in the way he lived his
through is nothing new.         Allen Gibbs, and their son           He had a strong passion for early     fife. He loved and took great        He leaves to cherish his
Sure, it may be new to you,     Rohn Gibbs. She leaves a lov-        jazz and he welcomed hearty           pride in his family ties, and        memory eight children: Henry,
but it's not new to the         ing family to cherish her fond-      debates as to who was the best        great faith in his father, mother,   Commodore (Lavon), Jesse
Creator of life, the Maker of   est memories: Toya, Brenda,          artist of the era. He was a won-      sister and brothers's love for       (Iacqueline), Lillian (Albert),
                                Garry, Alton, Christopher and        derful husband, father, and grand-    him whenever he needed their         Alfred, Anthony (Sandra),
all beings, God our Father!
                                Corey; sixteen grandchildren         father; generous and loyal to his     special touch.                       Vincent, Clarissa (Richard);
Do you remember in                                                                                                                              twenty grandchildren; Tonnia,
                                and a host of other relatives        family and friends.
Genesis 1 when Moses                                                                                                                            E d w a r d ( M i r i a m ) ,
                                and friends. Final arrange-                                                He leaves to cherish his memo-
writes, "In the beginning,      ments were entrusted to              Celebrating his life and cherishing   ry: his three sons Jordan            Michelle(Dwayne),        Sonia
God created Heaven and          Stinsons Funeral Home.               fond memories are his devoted         Michael, Jaylen Michael, and         (Otonell), Angela, Alycia (Ian),
Earth?" The Earth was                                                wife, Bessie; children Corine         Taylor Kolby; his parents,           Brian,     Markus     (Deven),
without form and void! That                                          George-Jones (Clyde), Linda           Oscar Grady and Gwendolyn            Leontyne(Derrick),      Nakia,
my friends means there                                               George-Sanders, Shirley George-       Hayes; one sister Deanna             Maurice, Antoinette, Anthony,
was absolutely nothing!                                              Leach; daughter-in-law Deirdre        Marie(Larry)     one    brother      Brittany(Martin), Carrie, Mark,
                                                                     George-Chambers, Freddie Pope,        Steven Keith. A longtime             Deonte,          Commodore,
There were no seven con-
                                                                     Michael George (Bliss); three sis-    cherised mate Penny Sue;             Clarissa, and Alasia and a
tinents and four oceans. It                                                                                                                     host of great grandchildren;
                                                                     ters Lillie Carmena-Brooks, Lou       three nephews, Steven Kieth II
was nothing! And from                                                Carmena-Tate and shorn Weston-                                             two great great grandchil-
                                                                                                           Zachary David, Eric Ray; four
nothing, God made some-                                              Broome (Marvin). He also leaves       nieces      Delonda     Renee,       dren; also his brothers:
thing (Earth) that if you're                                         fifteen grandchildren and a myriad    Amanda Michelle, Brittany            Ledel Price (Mary), James
not careful you will not only                                        of great- grandchildren; family and   Marie, Ariel Kala and a host of      Price Jr. (Evelyn), and William
enjoy, but worship it                                                friends.    Final arrangements        loving aunts, uncles, cousins        James Price (lean): his sis-
because of its value to you.                                         were entrusted to Stinsons            and fiends.      Final tribute       ters, Ethel Phillips(Edward-
God made something from                                              Funeral Home.                         entrusted to Chapel of the           deceased), Katie Mattie
                                                                                                           C     h    i   m     e    s   .      (lesse-deceased),       Louise
nothing and produced
                                     FLOSSIE MAE                                                           (www.chapelchimes.com)               Thomas         (AT-deceased),
value. Beloved, the fact                                                                                                                        Luvader Davies (Wiley-
that you have a "battle" on         DESHAZER REID
                                Nov. 6, 1927 - Nov. 6, 2010                                                                                     deceased). Final tribute
your hands gives God                                                                                                                            entrusted to Chapel of the
something to work with. If      It was always her goal to make                                                                                  C     h    i   m     e    s    .
He can produce value from       everyone welcome in her                                                                                         (www.chapelchimes.com)
nothing, He certainly can       home. She often did this with a
produce value from some-        cup of tea, dessert, meal, or
thing, and in this case it's    just a smile. Her home was a                                                                                    Feed the Homeless
your battle. So the next        refuge for all family and friends.                                                                              and Needy Program
time you're bombarded
with jealousy, envy, hatred,    Flossie leaves to cherish her
                                memory: her children, Charles                                                                                     Starting December
(aka "playa-hatin", "balla-
                                (Frances),    June      (Fred),                                                                                         18, 2010
blocking"), struggle within     Rhonda; sisters: Elma Arthur
self, financial hardships,                                                                                                                        Every 3rd Saturday
                                (Sam), Gloria Means (Milt),
  sickness, diseases, or        Helen      Deshazer,        Gail       JOHNNY HENRY CLARK                  BERNADETTE M. JACKSON                    of Each Month
doubt, remember that God        Thompkins (George); brothers,          April 16th 1957 - Nov 2, 2010       April 4, 1971 - Nov. 5, 2010            New Mt. Hermon
is bigger than all of that!     Garland Deshazer and Gary                                                                                         Missionary Baptist
The fact of the matter is,      Deshazer;      aunt,       Ruth      To know Johnny was to love him.       Bernie's true gift was inside the
                                Youngblood; three sister-in-law,     He enjoyed cooking, music, danc-      kitchen; he had a passion for                 Church
sin doesn't equal up to
God. While sin has a pow-       Evelyn, Rhoda, and Betty; eight      ing, billards, spending time with     cooking and loved to have              1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
                                grandchildren, nine great-           his friends and family.               social gathering at her home for
erful influence, God influ-                                                                                                                       Will be serving Hot
                                grandchildren and a host of                                                friends and family. She loved to
ences power. That is, He        nieces, nephews, cousins, and        He leaves to rejoice in his memo-     make people laugh; she had a                  Meals
controls power (2 Timothy       friends. Final arrangements          ry; five children; Lisha Barnes,      smile that lit up the room.            Dec. Arthur Hoskey
1:7). You don't believe me?     were entrusted to Stinsons           Felicia Clark, Felicia Harris,
It was sin that influenced      Funeral Home.                        Johnny Clark Jr. and Zachary          She leaves to cherish in her
the Pharisees to crucify                                             Gillenwater, two step-children,       memory her four children;
Jesus. But it was God in                                             Maurice and Tiffany Perkins, five     Fredrick Nelson Jr. Takeisha
the flesh (Jesus) that res-                                          grandchildren, Jeremiah, Robert       Jackson, Jaylen Jackson and
                                                                     Jr.,    TaShawntay,      Karlesha,    Jamara Nclson of Detroit, MI;         Runner For Christ
urrected with ALL POWER.
   Rev. LaThomas Willis is
                                                                     De'Lona, five brothers Jerry Clark    Two brother ; Rodney Jackson             Ministries
                                                                     (Rachel), Robert Clark, Dallas        of Detroit, MI and Tommy
the Youth Minister at                                                Thomas (Valerie), Willarthur          Jackson of Taylor, MI; One
Pentecostal       Missionary                                                                                                                         1125 Fort St.
                                                                     Danner and Billy Danner; six sis-     niece Faith Jackson; Two lov-
Baptist Church in Romulus                                            ters Elizabeth Smith, Irma            ing aunts, Delore Post and
                                                                                                                                                      Lincoln Park
                                                                     Sammons, Dora Noland (Melvin),        Shirley Jackon, both of Inkster,     Sunday Worship 10am
                                                                     Gloria Thomas (Leroy), Anastahia      Ml; Godmother Angel Paschal;             Bible Classes
  PRAY FOR THE                                                       Danner and Sabrina Danner; three      Godson Christian Dorsey; a           Thursday - 6 - 8:30 PM
    CHILDREN                                                         aunts Pearlie Dotson, Fannie          loving friend Antoine Hunt and
                                                                     Buggs and Emma Richmond, and          a host of cousin and friends.        Gerald M. Overall, Pastor
     AND THE                                                         a host of nieces and nephews, five      Final tribute entrusted to
                                    SANNIE M. GRAY                                                                                                  (313) 381-9303
SCHOOL SYSTEMS                                                       special nieces Juanita, Taronda,      Chapel of the Chimes.
                                Nov. 19, 1922 - Nov. 3, 2010         LaSonya,       Angelnette     and     (www.chapelchimes.com)                    www.rfcm.org
                                                                     Antonette; Best Friend Kermit
      YOUR                      A sweet, gentle spirit loved by      Minor; Love Joy Church Family,
 NEIGHBORHOOD                   all who knew her. She will be        Eady Family, Darryl Perkins,                          Let the residents
    AND THEN                    missed and loved but not for-        Special Cousins, Jerrry Blake,            in Detroit and the Downriver Community
                                gotten.                              Elder Narda Bruno, Evangelist
 REACH OUT AND                                                       Judith Jackson Simmons and a
                                                                                                                 know about your Church Services?
   LEND A HAND                  She leaves to cherished mem-         host of cousins and friends.
                                ory; sister, Effie Burns; sister-    Final     arrangements       were                         Call (313) 928-2955
   Page 6A                                      TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                                               WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

                              DINING DIRECTORY
          Hunger in a Season of Plenty                                                                           IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE
                                                                                                                                            IN THE
By Marian Wright Edelman NNPA Columnist
                                                                                                                TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER
                                  already seeing in our own             tant component in these
“It’s dinner time in America.
But for one in four children,     homes, neighborhoods, or              efforts. Right now there is
                                                                                                                       9   2
                                                                                                              CALL 313-928-2955 TODAY!!
you’d never know it.” The ad      communities right now, as fam-        an important Child Nutrition
with the simple image of an       ilies who were blessed enough         bill stalled in Congress                                              Dine in & Carry-Out
empty plate is meant to catch     to be able to contribute to           because it is currently paid
your eye — especially if you      those canned food drives dur-         for with cuts in food stamps.                                 TAQUERIA
                                                                                                                    Nuestra Familia
came across it in the             ing past Thanksgivings are            The President and Congress
November issue of a favorite      today joining the lines of those      must find another way to pay
magazine, tucked among the        in need.                              for the bill other than food
tips     for    a   traditional   Food insecurity is especially         stamp cuts. It is all about
Thanksgiving feast. It’s part     devastating      for     children,    choices — what do we
of a campaign by Share Our        whose            developmental        value? Tell your Member of
Strength, a national non-prof-    well–being depends on access          Congress that hungry chil-
it organization that fights       to      adequate        nutrition.    dren need help but not by
childhood hunger. As they         Ensuring all children access to       taking from one hand to give
say below the picture:            healthy, nutritious food will ulti-   to another.
“Dinner time is when families     mately improve educational            Several years ago, the
gather to share their day and     outcomes, reduce rates of             Children’s Defense Fund’s
create memories. But for          childhood       obesity,      and     pro bono advertising partner            Hours                                               Breakfast
nearly 17 million children,       enhance the mental and emo-           Fallon Worldwide created a            Mon -Thurs
                                                                                                              8am to 11pm
                                                                                                                             An Authenic Flavor!                     & Lunch
dinner time can be the cru-       tional health of our children. In     campaign for us that updat-                                                                  Specials
elest part of the day. Right      addition to everything we know        ed the moving words of                 Fri - Sun     7620 W. Vernor Detroit                 8am to 2pm
here in the United States,        about the devastating short–          Langston Hughes’s poem                8am to 12am            313.842.5668                    $375
almost 1 in 4 children don’t      and long–term effects hunger          “God to Hungry Child”:
know when they will have          has on individual children, we        Hungry child,                                      www.nuestrafamilarestaurant.com
their next meal.”                 also know that allowing chil-         I did not make this world for you.
                                  dren to go hungry is taking an        You didn’t buy stock in my cor-
     Thanksgiving is a season

                                                                                                                       Zenith Lunch
                                                                        poration. You didn’t invest in my
to celebrate plenty, and a day    economic toll on our entire
                                                                        mutual fund. Where were you
when many families sit down       country. This is documented in        when my company went public?
to tables overflowing with        reports like Feeding America’s        I made the world for the rich
favorite foods to give thanks
for all they have been
                                  “Child Food Insecurity: The
                                  Economic Impact on Our
                                                                        And the will–be–rich And the
                                                                        have–always–been rich. Not for
                                                                                                                  Breakfast * Lunch & Dinner
blessed. For many people,
Thanksgiving dinner is the
                                  Nation,” which concluded “the
                                  direct and indirect effect of
                                                                        you, Hungry child.
                                                                        As we are giving thanks to God
                                                                                                              Chicken & Dumplings
largest meal of the year —
and by the time they’ve fin-
                                  child hunger in the U.S. is a
                                  contributing factor to the
                                                                        for all our blessings this sea-
                                                                        son, is that really the message           on Tuesdays
                                                                        God wants us to give to
ished that last piece of pie,     nation’s economic woes and
                                  puts America at a competitive         America’s hungry children?
their stomachs are so full
                                                                            Marian Wright Edelman is
they’ll be physically uncom-      disadvantage.”        Childhood       President of the Children's Defense
                                                                                                                            11295 W. Jefferson Ave.               River Rouge
fortable. But, the canned         hunger in the United States is        Fund. For more information go to                              (313) 849-0833
food drives and other pleas       a shameful and preventable            www.childrensdefense.org.                                    Your Friendly Family Restaurant
for donations this month are a    crisis and we must work
quiet reminder that for too       together to solve it right now,
many families, Thanksgiving       from individual efforts in our
will be like any other meal:      own communities to support-
not a time of plenty but a time   ing policies that fight hunger at
of want.                          the national level. A first imme-
Share Our Strength notes          diate step is to make sure the
50.1 million Americans aren’t     massively underutilized federal
able to regularly put enough      summer feeding program’s
nutritious food on the table,     bureaucratic barriers are elimi-
and that food insecurity,         nated so that the more than
which includes “running out       three million children who get
of food without money to buy      free and reduced price lunches
more, cutting portion sizes or    can ease hunger during the
skipping meals, and not feed-     long summer months. Hunger
ing children in the family        does not stop in June when
because there isn’t money for     school is out.
food,” exists in almost 15% of    President Obama has set a
all U.S. households. Almost       goal of ending childhood
70% percent of food insecure      hunger by 2015, and the feder-
families live above the pover-    al child nutrition programs,
ty line. These numbers aren’t     which provide nutritious meals                 USDA Inspected
                                                                                                                                              Grade ‘A’ Fresh
                                  and snacks each day to mil-
just statistics. They reflect
the reality many of us are        lions of children, are an impor-
                                                                                Lamb                                                  Chicken Leg Quarters
             Convenience Store
                                                                                                                                     59¢        /lb

       361 Palmerston, River Rouge
                    NOW OPEN
             OCTOBER SPECIALS                                                  Wilson Cleaned                                                  Kraft Stove Top
                                                                                Chitterlings                                                      Stuffing
    Fries $150          Small Chili Fries $235                                                                                                           (6 oz)
                                                                                        5 lb Bag
           Small Chili Cheese Fries $265
           Mozzarella Cheese Sticks $325                                                                              Products
                 (313) 908-9351                                          $488                                   Assorted Varities 12 Pack
                                                                                                                 12 oz can (plus deposit)
               We Accept BRIDGE CARDS
                Chilli Dogs 99¢        Everyday                                                                 5 $10for
   Mon. - Fri 7am - 12am             Sun 7am - 11pm                                             Ad effective through Sunday, November 28
 Page 7A                                              THE TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                                               WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

The gift of food is always appreciated -                                                                               The Salvation Army Providing
                                                                                                                         Food, Christmas Gifts to
        and can be customized                                                                                          Metro Detroit's Less Fortunate
                                                                                                                           Nonprofit Now Accepting Applications
                                                                                                                             for Families, Senior Assistance

                                                                                                                      The Salvation Army of                  an appointment. To find the
                                                                                                                      Metro Detroit is currently             center closest to you, visit
                                                                                                                      accepting applications for             www.salmich.org or call
                                                                                                                      Christmas assistance from              (248) 443-5500.
                                                                                                                      residents   of      Wayne,
                                    on that list. Whether you prefer         food gifts, according to a recent        Oakland and Macomb                     This program is reserved
(ARA) - Unique. Personal.
                                    a tender filet mignon or a flavor-       American Express corporate
Indulgent. Convenient. Fun.                                                                                           counties. Applications will            for families with children;
                                    ful ribeye - or choice tenderloins       gift-giving survey. Consider giv-
Scrumptious. Whether you're
                                    - beef is still our best selling         ing a gift that reflects your geo-
                                                                                                                      be accepted now through                those with special needs;
the giver or the lucky recipient,                                                                                     Dec. 10.                               and      senior      citizens.
                                    item. We've found that our cus-          graphic location, featuring
food gifts are a safe bet - and                                                                                                                              Applicants must bring a pic-
                                    tomers give what they love -             meats that highlight some of the
always appreciated.                                                                                                   "It is important to get your
                                    and this time of year, beef is           seasonal and cultural nuances                                                   ture ID for each household
   In fact, giving food for the
                                    definitely a favorite."                  of the area. New Orleans? Add            application in as early as             adult, birth certificates for
holidays is on the rise. Sales of
                                    Kansas City Steak Company                some Cajun or Creole spices.             possible," said Major John             household children, a cur-
food gifts have grown $2 billion
                                    has delivered holiday meats              New England? How about send-             Turner, general secretary              rent utility bill, as well as
in the past two years, up to
                                    since 1932. Scavuzzo offers              ing some lobster tails and crab          for The Salvation Army of              proof of household income
$18 billion - and are expected
                                    five helpful tips when consider-         cakes? The Pacific Northwest?
to reach $21 billion by 2014,                                                                                         Metro Detroit. "We want to             and expenses.
                                    ing gifting meat this year:              Sounds like a king salmon filet
according to CPG research.
                                    * Tailor your gift to your recipi-       might be a good fit. The
                                                                                                                      be able to accommodate
  And what do Americans love                                                                                          everyone. Michigan's pover-            Founded by William Booth in
                                    ent. What do they enjoy doing            Midwest? Pick your favorite
to eat? Beef is king, according                                                                                       ty rate is at approximately            London, England in 1865, The
                                    in their spare time? For                 steak; it's sure to be a hit.                                                   Salvation Army is a faith-based,
to the U.S. Census Bureau.                                                                                            14 percent this year, and
                                    instance, football fans might            * Consider rounding out your                                                    non-profit organization dedicated
From 1980 to 2007, con-
                                    love a "Tailgate in a Box" - pro-        meat gift with the perfect wine.         because of that, we expect             to serving people in need without
sumers enjoyed 62.2 pounds
                                    viding everything they need for          According to author Clifton              the demand for our holiday             discrimination.     In 2009, The
of beef per year. Chicken was
                                    the perfect tailgating party at          Fadiman, "If food is the body of         services to be immense."               Salvation Army of Metro Detroit
second most consumed, com-                                                                                                                                   was     involved     in   providing
                                    home. Others might enjoy                 good living, wine is its soul."
ing in at 59.9 pounds per per-                                                                                                                               3,181,865 million meals and
                                    entertaining at home. Consider           Scavuzzo's team has put
son. Other red meats, poultry                                                                                         In 2009, The Salvation Army            724,134 nights of shelter for the
                                    a gift of "The Perfect Dinner            together a great food pairing
and seafood selections are
                                    Party" - all they need to add are        guide. Imagine the joy on the
                                                                                                                      provided 84,447 Christmas              homeless. The Salvation Army
way down the list.                                                                                                    gifts to children and seniors.         uses $.85 of every dollar raised to
                                    the guests. Be sure to include a         recipients face when the gift                                                   provide direct services to people in
  "Let's face it, Americans love                                                                                      Families in need of assis-
                                    great dessert.                           arrives. You've just given a love-                                              need each and every day of the
beef," says Ed Scavuzzo,                                                                                              tance should contact their
                                    * Getting creative doesn't nec-          ly memory-making experience.                                                    year. For more information about
president of Kansas City Steak
                                    essarily cost more, and it cer-          * Extend the holiday magic -             local Salvation Army Corps             The Salvation Army, please call
Company. "Close your eyes                                                                                                                                    877-SAL-MICH, or visit us at
                                    tainly adds to the perceived             consider sending meat gifts for          Community Center to set up
and remember your favorite                                                                                                                                   www.salmich.org.
                                    value of the gift. When sending          New Year's Eve, the Super Bowl
meals - chances are good
                                    meat gifts, consider embellish-          or for the perfect Valentine's
there is a sizzling steak high
                                    ing the gift with special barbe-         Day romantic dinner. Flavorful

    Dinner at J.P.
                                    cue sauces or seasonings.                food gifts aren't just for                 REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE
                                    There      are    many        online     Christmas - they can be enjoyed
   McGuire's will                   resources that provide some
                                    great options. The Steak-
                                                                             year-round. Sometimes giving a
                                                                             gift that arrives after the big hol-                                           La Dare Burroughs
  benefit family of                 Enthusiast.com is a great                iday rush actually breaks
                                    source for selecting award-win-          through the clutter and gets
   fallen auxiliary                 ning rubs and sauces. That               more attention.
  police Lt. Kromer                 extra touch tells the recipient             This year when you're thinking                               Sweet Charity
TAYLOR -- The family of             that you've gone the extra mile          about selecting gifts others will                           WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE
                                    - and the gift's value increases         love, join the millions of foodies
fallen Taylor Auxiliary                                                                                                                                    Matthew 19:16
                                    exponentially.                           who are rediscovering the joys
Police Lt. Dan Kromer will          * If you're choosing a corporate         of cooking and home entertain-
benefit    from   dinners           gift, be sure the gift reflects your     ing and give them something                   Specializing in cupcakes and cakes
served        Wednesday,            company's                    brand.      that will put a smile on their face.
December 1, at J.P.                                                                                                                          ladaresweetcharity@att.net
                                    Approximately half of the com-           It might just put a big smile on
McGuire's Bar & Grill at            panies that send gifts will select       your face, too.                              (313) 231-7601                         (313) 388-6220
21138 Goddard Road in

An all-you-can-eat taco
dinner buffet will be served                                                Store Hours:
                                                                                                                    270 Southfield Rd
for $7.95 starting at 5 p.m.,                                         Mon - Thurs. 8am - 10pm
with proceeds benefiting                                                  Fri. 8am - 11pm                           Ecorse 48229
the family of Lt. Kromer,                                                 Sat. 9am - 11pm                           Phone: 313-382-4972
who was killed September                                                  Sun. 9am - 9pm                            Fax: 313-382-4898
7 while assisting a strand-
ed motorist on I-94 in                                               BEER - WINE - GROCERIES - PRODUCE - DELI - FROZEN FOOD
Taylor.                                     FRESH                              FRESH                  DELI SLICED             BEEF BONELESS                   BEEF NEW YORK
Lt. Kromer, 54, lived with                HAMBURGER                        CHICKEN LEGS               COOKED HAM              ENGLISH ROAST                        STRIP
his wife in Newport. He                                                                              $239/LB                                                   $399/LB
was a 20-year veteran of
                                        $249/LB                            59¢/LB                                             $229/LB
the all-volunteer Taylor
Auxiliary               Police
Department and a past                                          FRESH MEAT BUNDLES.............. MADE WHILE YOU WAIT
auxiliary officer of the year.
Lt. Kromer was the first                 #1 6 ITEMS FOR $49.99                     #2 7 ITEMS FOR $55.99              #3 8 ITEMS FOR $69.99                 #4 6 ITEMS FOR $79.99
Taylor Auxiliary Police offi-        5 LBS. GROUND BEEF                        5   LBS. GROUND BEEF                 6 LBS. GROUND BEEF                 7   LBS. GROUND BEEF
cer killed in the line of duty.      5LBS PORK STEAK COUNTRY                   3   LBS BEEF ROUND STEAK             5LBS CHICKEN LEG QUARTERS          5   LBS BEFF BBQ STEAK
                                     5 LBS PORK COUNTRY STYLE                  3   LBS BEEF BBQ STEAK               3 LBS BONELESS CHICKEN BREAST      5   LBS BEEF CHUCK STEAK
                                                                               3   LBS BEEF CARNE ASADA             3 LBS PORK STEAKS                  5   LBS BEEF ROUND STEAK
For more information                 3 LBS BONELESS PORK LION
                                                                               3   LBS BONELESS PORK CHOPS          3 LBS PORK COUNTRY STEAK           5   LBS BEEF CARNE ASADA
                                     5 LBS PORK SIRLOIN STEAKS
about the dinner fund-rais-                                                    3   LBS CHICKEN WINGS                3 LBS BEEF BBQ STEAK               5 LBS CHICKEN LEG QUARTERS
er, call J.P. McGuire's at           5 LBS CHICKEN                             6   LBS CHICKEN LEG QUARTERS         3 LBS BEEF ROUND STEAK
(313) 291-7372.                                                                                                     3 LBS BEEF CHUCK STEAK
  Page 8A                                   TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                            WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

                                                                                         Lamb of God Missionary                       The Downriver
     Fifteen years of giving back to the                                                    Baptist Church                         Interdenominational
                                                                                                                                    Ministerial Alliance
                 community                                                                  Community Dinner
                                                                                                                                  Invites you to worship
Golden Gate Lodge 973 & Sunset Temple 975 feed the community                               Thanksgiving Day-                           with D.I.M.A.
                                                                                         Thursday, November 25                              at its
                                                                                                                                 Annual Thanksgiving
                                                                                           12:00 pm to 4:00 pm                    Day Worship Service
                                                                                          Thanksgiving Service at                Gordy Memorial Church
                                                                                           12:00 pm to 1:00 pm                       of God in Christ
                                                                                         Dinner will be served from              455 Polk -River Rouge
                                                                                            1:00 pm to 4:00 pm                         9 o’clock a.m.
                                                                                                                                 Thursday, November 25
                                                                                          Lamb of God MBC
                                                                                           371 Palmerston
                                                                                                                                   Rev. Marlon Ector,
                                                                                           River Rouge, MI                        Bridgeview Baptist
                                                                                         Phone: 313-843-9610                     Rev. Tony Washington,
                                                                                           or 313-389-1775                          Holy Tabernacle
                                                                                         Rev. Julius R. Collins,                       C.O.G.I.C.
                                                                                                                                 Supt. Daniel Granberry,

                                                                                         Share a meal
                                                                                                                                       Host Pastor
                                                                                                                                Evangelist Thelma Brooks,

                                                                                          this holiday                               Music Director
                                                                                                                                  Rev. Gerald Cardwell,
                                                                                            season                                      President

Each year Golden Gate      city of Inkster. A constant   noon to 4:00pm on
Lodge 973 and Sunset       flow of citizens stopped      Saturday for a complete               IN ALL THINGS GIVE THANKS!
Temple 975 prepares din-   by the Golden Gate            traditional Thanksgiving                   Pastor: Dr. Kenneth L. Brown
ners for seniors and       Lodge 973 located at          dinner. Alicia Caldwell-
homeless citizens in the   3747 Inkster Rd. from 12      Harris -Daughter Ruler
                                                         said, “ One of their goals is
                                                                                                Union Second Baptist Church (USBC)
                                                         to give back to the less for-             459 Beechwood - River Rouge
  Happy Thanksgiving!                                    tunate in the community.”
                                                         Not only did they feed resi-     Would like to extend an invitation for you to
  Take a few minutes to give                             dents that stopped by the             join us for Thanksgiving Dinner!
                                                         Lodge, they also took one
   thanks and then make a                                hundred meals to seniors
                                                                                                       Date: Thanksgiving Day!!!
                                                         living at four of the com-
        committment to                                   plexes in the community.
                                                         Twenty-five seniors who              The Beechwood Community Center
volunteer to help out someone                            live in the Twin Towers,            421 Beechwood River Rouge, Michigan.
   else this holiday season.                             Thompson Towers, Cherry
                                                         Hill Square and St.
                                                                                              Dinner will be served 12pm to 2:30pm.
                                                         Clements Manor received          Come join us in giving thanks unto the Lord
                                                         meals. Each year the num-                 for his many blessings!
                         REHABILITATION                  ber of people served at the
    Premier            PHYSICAL THERAPY                  lodge grows. This year
                            CENTER                       they planned on feeding             SAMARKO SMOKE SHOP
                                                         over 200 people.
                                                         Chairpersons      for    the                     Mon-Sat 9-7 * Sun 10-4
              15101 Southfield Rd                        Thanksgiving dinner were              880 Dix Highway * Lincoln Park
                   Ste. L 400                            Br. James Cross and
                                                                                           (1 block South of Outer Dr. * Next to Panchos Mexican Restaurant)
                                                         Daughter Lenora Rapelel
             Allen Park, MI 48101                        who worked along with                                 313-383-3455
               (313) 388-0880                            their co-chairs Ricky King,     FREE $1.00 LOTTERY TICKET of your choice
                                                         Al Myrick, JoAnn Gabadeo               With any qualified tobacco purchase
                                                         and Penny Martin.
                                                         Both groups are looking to         Smokers Choice                       Rave Tobacco
                                                         grow as they continue to                LC                                   $1149 +tax
                                                         do outreach in the commu-               $1129 +tax                          Medium Bag
                                                         nity. Some of the other
                                                                                                  Per Carton                       Limited Time Offer
                                                         projects that they partici-
                                                         pate in are their annual
                                                         Easter Egg Hunt, Paint the          Zig Zag Paper                  Good Stuff Tobacco
                                                         Town and they give out                      3/for                               $   699
                                                         hats, scarfs and gloves to
  Physical/Occupational Therapy                          kids in the community.                   $500 +tax                            6 oz bag
                                                                                                                                  Limited Time Offer
                                                         Their strong belief in help-
     FREE TRANSPORATION                                  ing students attain an edu-
                                                                                              Limited Time Offer

             Onsite Fitness Center                       cation is why they also give       Smoke Eliminator                 Gambler Cigarette
        One-on-one session with therapist                books to the school district          Candles                          Machine
                                                         and award scholarships for               $599 +tax                          $3299 +tax
          Homecare available upon need                   winners of their annual
                                                                                              Limited Time Offer                   Limited Time Offer
           Come get relief for all your                  Oratorical Contest and
                                                         Beauty & Talent Contest.
               aches and pains                                                             Kentucky Select                         Criss Cross
                                                                                              Tobacco                               Tobacco
 Including Arthritis, Lowback Neck/Pain,                                                          $649 +tax                            $699 +tax
 Workmens Comp, Auto Accident, Injuries
                                                                                                   6 oz bag                            6 oz bag
                  & more                                                                      Limited Time Offer                   Limited Time Offer
 Call to schedule your appointment today!                                                          $1 Off all cartons of cigarettes
         Most Insurances Accepted
                                                                                           All Prices subject to Change * We not only Accept
                                                                                         Competitor Coupons, But Will do the Best to Beat Them
 9A                                                                                                WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

TREE LIGHTING SERVICES                                             Noel                                SECOND ANNUAL
                       INKSTER                                                                       HOT DRINK GIVEAWAY
 Inkster Parks and Recreation and Inkster Department of
              Public Service host the annual                       Night                                  RETURNS
           Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
                  December 1, 2010
                                                                 Activities for                       THANKSGIVING DAY
                       6:00 pm
                                                               people of all ages                 Drop by a special location on the Detroit
                       Inkster City Hall                      The 38th annual Noel Night          People Mover route for free beverages
                      26215 Trowbridge                        will take place on Saturday,                   parade morning
A Cordial Invitation is extended to you and your family and   December 4th from 5:00
                                                              p.m. - 9:30 p.m. in Midtown       DETROIT – Thanksgiving          taking in a great event, hav-
  friends to join us, as we share in this festive occasion.
                                                              Detroit's Cultural Center         Day in downtown Detroit is      ing some hot chocolate with
                                                              Area. Over 60 Midtown ven-        symbolic of the excitement      whipped cream and a fast
                      ROMULUS                                 ues, including the Detroit        and start of the holiday        People Mover ride to get you
          City of Romulus Parks and Recreation                Institute of Arts, the Detroit    season.      The      Detroit   there and back.”
                                                              Science Center, the Charles       People Mover (DPM)
                  City of Romulus                                                               hopes to give a jump start      “WADL TV38 continues to be
                                                              H. Wright Museum of
        2010 Community Tree Lighting Ceremony                                                   to local families and visi-     a very touchable broadcast
                                                              African American History,
               And Evening with Santa                                                           tors by offering free hot       entity in Detroit,” said Denise
                                                              the      Detroit    Historical
                                                                                                chocolate and coffee            Dody Johnson, marketing
                                                              Museum, and the Detroit
                Friday, December 3, 2010                                                        Thanksgiving morning.           and public relations director,
                                                              Public Library, amongst
           Historical Park - (11120 Hunt Street)                                                      The DPM “Family /         WADL. “The commitment
                                                              many others, open their
                                                                                                Patron Station” sponsored       continues with WADL TV38
                                                              doors to the public free of
Agenda                                                                                          by WADL TV 38, will give        and the viewers. We are not
                                                              charge during this Cultural
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm            Historic Museum and Kingsley                                       away complimentary hot          just a TV station, we are a
                                                              Center-wide holiday "open
                            House will be open                                                  beverages starting at 8:30      community connection. We
                                                              house." Activities include
6:00 pm - 6:0-5 pm           Welcome                                                            a.m. inside Angelina Italian    want to provide not only
                                                              horse-drawn carriage rides,
6:05 pm - 6:10 pm            Introduction of Mayor and                                          Bistro. The restaurant is       great programming, but also
                                                              holiday shopping, family
                          Elected Officials                                                     located at 1565 Broadway,       information, and activities
                                                              craft activities and perform-
6:10 pm - 6:20 pm            Community Singing                                                  on the first floor of the old   that firmly represent our pas-
                                                              ances by over 120 area
6:20 pm - 6:30 pm            Santa Arrives!                                                     Madison Theater Building,       sion to be a resource to our
                                                              music, theatre, and dance
                          "Key to the City" is presented to                                     one     block      east    of   community.”
                                                              groups. The evening's fes-
                           Santa                              tivities culminate with a         Woodward and the DPM            For those who want to expe-
                          Lighting of the Official City       community sing-along on           Grand Circus Park Station.      rience a taste of Italy,
                          Christmas Tree                      Woodward Avenue led by            The People Mover will dis-      Angelina’s will also show-
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm         Progressive Hall (11580 Ozga Rd)    the Salvation Army Band —         tribute free children’s         case its signature lattes,
                          will be open for refreshments &     a long-standing Noel Night        Santa Antlers (reindeer         cappuccinos, baked goods
                          and a chance for the children to    tradition.                        hats) and December tran-        and full bar offerings at a
                          visit with Santa. Children will                                       sit passes. All free bever-     special event price.
                          complete a craft and receive a      Noel Night activities take        ages and giveaways will         “Our in-house pastry chef is
                          little present. Cost of picture     place in and around               be available until noon or      going all out with freshly pre-
                          with Santa is $3.                   Midtown Detroit's Cultural        while supplies last.            pared cinnamon rolls, brown-
                                                              Center institutions, primarily    “Families are some of the       ies and cookies. We’re proud
        A Train display will be featured courtesy of          between Cass and John R           People Mover’s most             that everything is made on-
                 Lincoln Park Train Club                      and Kirby and Willis. Free        favorite VIP’s – Very           site and that we are part of
                                                              shuttle service is offered        Important Patrons,” said        the downtown revival,” said
The City of Melvindale’s Beautification Committee             between participating ven-        Barbara Hansen, Detroit         Angelina co-owner Tom
                                                              ues. Convenient parking is                                        Agosta.
             Presents Its Annual…..                                                             Transportation Corporation
                                                              available in area lots. Noel      general manager. “What
                                                              Night is produced by the                                          People Mover service hours
                                                                                                better way to bring in the
           Tree-lighting                                      University Cultural Center        holiday season than being
                                                                                                                                on Thanksgiving Day are
                                                              Association (UCCA), a non-        surrounded by loved ones,
      Ceremony and Winter Fest                                profit community develop-
                                                              ment organization that sup-                                          The Detroit Recreation
                                                              ports economic growth in                                              Department Presents
            Sunday, December 5, 2010                          Detroit's Midtown district.
               6:00 pm at City Hall                           For more information, con-                                        Breakfast    with
               3100 Oakwood Blvd                              tact     the     UCCA       at
                                                                                                                                Santa December 11
         Tree Lighting will start at 6:00 pm                                                                                    As a special treat for the
                outside of City Hall.                                                                                           youngsters in our communi-
                                                                     Come and celebrate                                         ty, the Detroit Recreation
                                                                                                                                Department will present
    Pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus will be
        available in the Fire Safety House.                        Fantasyland’s 46th Year!                                     Breakfast with Santa on
                                                                                                                                Sat., Dec.11, at the Belle Isle
     Refreshments will be served inside the                    LINCOLN PARK                                                     Casino. There will be two
                    Fire Station.                              Join us for Santa’s arrival on   Join Santa for Breakfast at     breakfast seatings: 9 a.m.
                                                               Saturday, Nov. 27 at 5 p.m.      the Lincoln Park Senior         and 11 a.m.
                                                                                                Center. Enjoy a pancake           In addition to having break-
   Hot Dogs and Chips available for purchase
                                                               Hours                            breakfast, a personal visit     fast with Santa, youth ages
                                                               Monday – Friday 4-8 pm           with Santa, and a walk          3-10 will enjoy a magic
 Take a nostalgic walk on a candle lit path while              Saturday and Sunday 2-8 pm       through our 46th Annual         show, crafts, writing a letter
  carolers greet you in costume and sing your                  Christmas Eve 10 am – 2 pm       Fantasyland Christmas           to Santa, and a winter won-
             favorite holiday tunes!                                                            display!                        derland walk.
                                                               Admission $1.00                                                      “The Detroit Recreation
                                                               (babes-in-arms: FREE!)           Tickets must be pur-            Department is pleased to be
  Provided by Faith Christian Assembly’s “The                                                                                   able to continue to offer this
                                                                                                chased in advance at the
 Gospel According to Scrooge” Cast and Crew!                   Fantasyland is located at        Kennedy Memorial                holiday tradition to our young
                                                               Kennedy Memorial Building        Building (Bandshell), 3240      people and families,” said
                                                               (Bandshell), 3240 Ferris,        Ferris.                         Detroit            Recreation
                                                               313-386-1817.                                                    Department Director, Alicia
                                                                                                Everyone must have a            C. Minter. “The holiday sea-
                                                               Breakfast with Santa             ticket. Seating is limited      son brings a renewed sense
                                                               Saturday, December 11 at 10                                      of hope and optimism as we
                                                               am Sharp!                        Sorry, no tickets sold at       see the world through the
                                                               Adults (10 & up): $10            the door!                       eyes of our young people.”
                                                               Kids (under 10): $6                                                 Pictures with Santa will be
                                                                                                                                available for an additional
                                                                         VISIT THE TREE LIGHTING                                fee. Tickets are $5 and are
                                                                                                                                available at all recreation
                                                                            PROGRAMS IN THE                                     centers, or by calling (313)
                                                                         DOWNRIVER COMMUNITY                                    628-2081.
  10A                                                        TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                                  WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

                 WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?
                                    Readers of the TELEGRAM answer the question
I’m thankful for continuing to keep God first in my        Jesus Christ and the grace and kindness of others.         for saving my soul. I’m thankful for my children and
life, being a member and around some beautiful             Dorcas McCreary                                            family. I’m thankful for Gina Wilson for giving me the
people at church (Calvary Lutheran, Lincoln Park,                                                                     opportunity and making me a member of the
MI.) in addition to some great business colleagues.        I am Thankful for being able to maintain a Spirit of       Telegram Newspaper family. She's been more than
Most importantly, persevering all the negative peo-        Thankfulness. In life, I realize that circumstances        just an employer she has been a good friend. So I
ple, places and things that try to steal my happiness      will change (ups & downs), however my circum-              say THANK YOU! To Jesus, To my family, and Ms
and joy…. Happy Thanksgiving                               stances should not dictate my outlook on life. There       Gina Wilson.
Butch Davis Telegram News Sports                           is always something to be Thankful for and this            Robert Williams
                                                           allows me to focus on the positive and thus draw
I am thankful for a reasonable portion of health and       more of that positivity to myself. "What we put out        In the words of the song writer – “If I had 10,000
strength and soundness of mind. I am thankful for          there comes back to us!"                                   tongues, I still couldn’t tell it all”. I am so very thank-
friends and family and for daily blessings of peace of     Deitra Covington Porter                                    ful for the Holy Spirit that lives within me. I am
mind. I thank God for saving and strengthening my                                                                     blessed by the magnificent legacy left by my mom
neighbors and neighborhood and provisions for sal-         I am Thankful for those who choose to work for the         and dad. I am so grateful for the opportunity to
vation.                                                    greater good. For those who are willing to fight for       encourage others along life’s journey.
 Josephine D. Smith                                        what is best for our community, state and nation. For       “D” Weddle
                                                           those who recognize the Detroit River International
I am thankful for my wonderful family - my wife            Crossing as a catalyst of social advancement and           I am thankful to be blessed with a great family and
Theresa, and our wonderful sons Jonathan and               economic opportunity.                                      so many wonderful friends.
Ryan. I am also thankful for continually receiving the     Gregg M. Ward                                              Dave Gorgon
Lord's grace and being able to handle the stresses         Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry
of life in this wonderful, hectic world we live in. I am                                                               I am thankful for my family, whose unconditional
truly thankful for the opportunity to represent my         I am thankful for God blessing me each & everday           love and support help to sustain me. I am most
neighbors and their children as we guide the school        with a breath of fresh air, waking me up & guiding me      thankful to GOD, who continuously reminds me
district through some very challenging times, and I        down the right path so that I can be a blessing to oth-    that," I do nothing alone."
am grateful for the people and businesses that con-        ers.                                                       Donna Eady~R.I.C.H.
tinually define the word "community" here in               Keith B. Steward
Romulus.                                                                                                              I am thankful for: 1.Having a great, brilliant and
Robert W. McLachlan,                                       I know it may sound cliché' or corny to some, but I        courageous mother, Irene Martin, who provided well
Member of Romulus Board of Education                       must admit that I am truly thankful for my natural         for me. 2, Having experienced pure and true love for
                                                           family, church family, friends, the fact that I have a     30 (thirty years) with my (Ecorse) High School
I am thankful for the vast array of social services to     job during these difficult economic times and most of      Sweetheart, Ronald Foster. 3. My beloved Aunt,
help S.E. Michigan!                                        all l am thankful to God for his Son, Jesus Christ.        Frances Holt (of Southwest Detroit), who throughout
Julie Kennedy Carpenter                                    Let's face it, things are not great, but they could be a   her life, never said “No” to my many needs, and was
                                                           lot worse.                                                 always there to listen and protect me. 4. Having the
I am eternally grateful for my knowledge of the Lord       M. Jeannie Fields                                          intelligence to heal myself from debilitating and life-
and his eternal plan of salvation. I am Thankful for       Housing and Economic Development Manager                   threatening diseases when physicians failed and the
good friends, who inspire and teach. I am Thankful         City of Inkster                                            food industry was dishonest.
for my parents, grandparents, and ancestors.                                                                           Dawn Martin
Without the examples of those who came before me,          The Wayne County Airport Authority is thankful for
I would not be who I am today. I am thankful for the       our customers and the Metro Detroit community for          I am thankful for faith in God, my family, friends,
time God gave me with my father and my sister              their continued support of our region’s airports.          community volunteers, and freedom. All working
before they went on to Glory!!! Though in the midst        We’re also extremely thankful to the more than             together for the good! God keeps me grounded and
of my sorrow, he was still glorified. In All Things….I     18,000 professional men and women who come to              steadfast. My family and friends feed me love and
will give Thanks!!!                                        work each day at Detroit Metro Airport and whose           support constantly, and my fellow volunteers make
 Angela Smith, Former Councilperson                        hard work and dedication keeps this critical econom-       this world a better place in which to live. It is wonder-
City of Ecorse                                             ic asset for our region moving.                            ful to be free to be me and live the life I live. I am
                                                            Wayne County Airport Authority                            thankful for everything that is a part of my life-the
I am thankfull for a wonderful wife and a fantastic                                                                   good and the bad, for both make me strong enough
son. I am also thankful for for good friends.              During a time of holiday glee and cheerful wishes, I       to traverse this sometimes mean, intolerant and
 Don Nicholson                                             would like to thank the wonderful downriver citizens       unforgiving                                        world.
President - Don Nicholson Enterprises, LLC                 for making our efforts worthwhile and satisfying.          Connie R. Mitchell, Inkster, Michigan
                                                           Charles W. Lackey III, S.E
I’m thankful for being able to live life, my family and    MIS/Information Technology Manager                         Psalm 118:29 - 29 Give thanks to the LORD, for he
having God as the head of my life.                                                                                    is good;
Alexandria Wright                                          I’m thankful for my family and loved ones and I’m          his love endures forever. I am so eternally grateful
                                                           also thankful to be able the view the Telegram             for my amazing family and friends! For that and so
I am thankful for my two beautiful children                online. To stay abreast of my roots in Ecorse, while       much more, I am thankful!
Amari DeShawn Myers and Ashanti Lamia Myers.               living away from the Tri-City Downriver area, is very      Alecia Green Harris
They are reason i keep goin with this music and i          comforting and helps me to feel in touch.
wont stop til i get to the top!!!                          Gwendolyn White Jones                                      I am very thankful for my parents, and all others in
visit me at www.g-styleonline.com                                                                                     my upbringing who encouraged me to aquire and
G-Style                                                    I am thankful for the Resurrection of My Lord and My       maintain strong Christian values, stay in school, be
                                                           Savior, Jesus Christ. I am thankful for life, health,      respectful, and be careful who I allow to influence
I am truly thankful for the laughter, love and loyalty     and stregnth. I am thankful for my family. Lastly, I am    me.
from my family, friends and customers. I am also           thankful for my enemies, you've given me a promo-          Inkster Councilman Michael A. Canty
thankful for those that have had a positive role in my     tion!
development as a Father, a Man and a Leader which          Rev. LT Willis, Pentecost Baptist Church                   First and foremost I am thankful for my aunt and
has enabled me to be a valuable asset to my com-                                                                      uncle, whom have helped me through it all. Second
munity.                                                                                                               I'm thankful for my life and family. Third I'm thankful
Willie E. Brake                                            I am thankful for my family, friends, and health. And      for the Lord and his many blessings he's given me.
All About Technology, Inc.                                 for the many blessing that God has given me.               Last but not least I'm most thankful for Ms. Gina
                                                           Robin Morris                                               Wilson for the many opportunities givenmyself and
I am thankful to God for the opportunities and the         Executive Director                                         others through the Telegram.
people he has placed in my life that makes my work         Josie Odum Morris Literacy Project, Inc.                   Luis Diaz
for him easier. I am thankful for Wayne Metropolitan
Action Agency, The Guidance Center, The City of            I am thankful that I lived another year.                   God’s Grace and Mercy, my life, health and strength,
River Rouge Mayor and Council and The River                Michael D. Wilson                                          my family and friends (personal and professional).
Rouge School Board for giving me the chance to                                                                        To God Be the Glory,
help improve and touch the lives of the people in our      I am thankful for my parents, friends, son Josh and        Fran Farrer, Publisher/CEO
community. Thankful for wonderful family, friends,         my wife, who can be over protective at times. My           The County News
students and colleagues like you Gina who give it all      have been quite helpful over this last year, which has
meaning!                                                   been quite difficult.                                      I’m thankful for my health, my children and the
Tina Laginess                                              Jim Abeare                                                 relationship I have with my sister and brothers.
                                                                                                                      Robert V. Wilson
                                                           There are many things I can be thankful for. These
I’m truly thankful for the Grace and Kindness of           are at the top of my list, I’m thankful for Jesus Christ
 Page 11A                                               THE TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                               WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

                          EDUCATIONALLY SPEAKING
        Local professor discovers new                                                                                  Thanksgiving
                                                                                                          Find and circle all of the words related to
          treatment for heart failure                                                                     Thanksgiving that are hidden in the grid.
Wayne State Professor J. P. Jin, MD, PhD and students take on                                             The words may be hidden in any direction.
       cardiomyopathy and high rate of heart failure

By: Barry Lewis - Telegram Intern
                                    medical student to believe        both proteins into the
                                    that the heart was just a sim-    heart,” said Jin,” this find-
                                    ple pump, his curiosity led       ing is a beautiful example
                                    him to study the heart more       of two dominant negative
                                    and more.                         mutations when they coex-
                                                                      ist they can cancel the neg-
                                    “I have always been interest-     ative effects, it helped
                                    ed in heart functions, heart      show us how muscles con-
                                    failure is one of the major       tract.”
                                    problems in hospitals,” said
                                    Jin.                              Although scientists may
                                                                      know how the heart works,
                                    Jin began this line of research   Jin said scientists are still
                                    in the early year of 1999 to      struggling with a plan on
         J. P. Jin                  2000 where his laboratory         fixing the broken machine.
                                    discovered a mutation in a
A professor at Wayne State          cardiac muscle called TnT,        “30 years ago people were
has discovered new molec-           which causes heart failure in     given drugs to help their
ular targets for the develop-       domestic turkeys and dogs.        hearts work better but they
ment of new treatments for          Jin stated he had been study-     died quickly, now we have
cardiomyopathy and heart            ing this protein since 1986       ways to make the heart
failure. Professor and Chair        when he was a graduate stu-       work less harder in order to
of Physiology in Wayne              dent at the University of Iowa.   live longer lives but people
State University’s School of        To look for possible presence     cannot do anything in
Medicine, J.P. Jin, MD,                                                                                 AUTUMN            FAMILY FEAST         PARADE
                                    of healthy allele of the TnT      western civilizations,” Jin
PhD, lead a team of gradu-                                                                              CANDIED YAMS      FRIENDS              PILGRIMS
                                    gene, the team began study-       said,” in working class civi-
ate students and postdoc-                                                                               CELEBRATION       GATHERING            PUMPKIN PIE
                                    ing wild turkey hearts.           lizations you have not
toral fellows that made this                                                                            CORNUCOPIA        HARVEST              STUFFING
                                                                      saved him because he
discovery.                                                                                              CRANBERRY         HOLIDAY              TURKEY
                                    Jin states the team found the     can’t make money for is
                                                                                                        SAUCE             MAYFLOWER
                                    original protein TnT and from     family.”
Jin, struck by the severe                                                                                                 MEAL
                                    that they discovered polymor-
cases of heart failure he           phism, which they do not          According to the American
saw during his medical                                                                                      ANSWERS TO LAST WEEK’S PUZZLE
                                    know its function. Based on       Heart Association, heart
training in China, has              recent findings, Jin and his      failure affects 5.8 million
always been curious about           colleges     began    making      Americans and kills 2.6
the functions of cardiac            hypothesis to test in order to    percent of those infected or
muscles. He stated that he          determine if TnT can help         282.8 thousand people
was interested in the way           stop heart failure.               yearly.
the heart muscle contract-
ed and how this pump func-          “The hypothesis was tested        With this new discovery,
tion was generated and              on mice hearts by placing the     Jin feels scientist have
regulated. Stating that he          TnT protein into the heart        made an important finding
had the naïve thought of a          individually and by placing       in treating people with car-
                                                                      diomyopathy.           This
                                                                      research will propel scien-
                                                                      tists further and provide
                                                                      better healthcare in the

                                                                      “We don’t normally make
                                                                      something big but this is a
                                                                      solid finding,” said Jin,” this
                                                                      opened a new direction in
                                                                      how we can treat protein
                                                                      defects and now we can
                                                                      look at related components
                                                                      in a whole regulatory sys-
                                                                      tem to apply your specific              The hidden transportation method is:
                                                                                                                      HOT AIR BALLOON

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                                                                          Place your
                                                                          Ad Today !                           w w w.telegramnews.net
                                                                        Your business will
                                                                       reach the doorsteps
                                                                        of residents each
                                                                          We Accept
                                                                                                        3195 S. Beatrice St                Debra Ezell
                                                                                                        Detroit, MI 48217                  Childcare Provider/Owner
                                                                                                        Phone: (313) 388-9472
                                                                       (313) 928-2955                         Read to your kids daily
 12A                                                       TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                                WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

      Five Tips for Staying Safe on the                                                                     BUY - SELL - TRADE
          Roads over the Holidays
The Holidays are a time of        season:                             and locksmiths-you can
cheer, but they can also be                                           trust. The good news is you
                                                                                                                                    TO THE PUBLIC
a time for battling traffic and   Create a car safety kit -           can now rely on BBB's
bad weather all the way to        Holiday driving often includes      mobile optimized website
Grandma's house. Staying          the threat of dangerous winter      for finding businesses you            AUTO BROKER-JUST NAME YOUR RIDE
safe should be a top priori-      weather. Snow and ice lead to       can trust when you're away             CARL:
ty for all travelers so the       accidents, car troubles, long       from your computer.
Better Business Bureau            delays and road closures.
                                                                      Start early and slow down -
                                                                                                            313.717.6904 EMAIL:CARLBOW17@YAHOO.COM
recommends taking a few           You can prepare for bad
                                                                      The best way to fight holiday
precautions when hitting          weather by creating your own
the road this holiday.            safety kit. Basics for the kit
                                  include a blanket, flashlight
                                                                      traffic is to give yourself
                                                                      some extra time to make the          ROUGE AUTO REPAIR
Every year, holiday travel-                                           trip, and don't speed.
ers take to the skies and hit
                                  with extra batteries, radio,
                                                                      Speeding leads to accidents
                                                                                                                     Complete Auto Repair
the rails, but most spill onto
                                  first aid kit, jumper cables,
                                                                      which increase traffic even                     Foreign & Domestic
                                  non-perishable foods like gra-
the highways. Last year,
                                  nola bars and nuts, bottled
                                                                      more. Also, if you're caught             We now rent UHAUL Trucks
AAA estimated that 87.7                                               speeding by law enforce-
                                  water, an ice scraper and
million Americans traveled                                            ment, that adds travel time
                                  warm gloves.
more than 50 miles over                                               and puts a dent in your holi-
the holidays-85 percent of        Take the car in for a checkup       day spending.
which drove.                      - Breaking down on the side
                                  of the road can definitely put a    Drop the distractions -
"Because of weather condi-
tions and increased traffic,
                                  damper on the holiday spirit.       According to the National            11242 W. Jefferson                     Randy
                                  If your car is due for a check      Safety Council, 28 percent           River Rouge, MI 48218          (313) 843-1330
staying safe on the roads
                                  up, take it in before making        of accidents happen when
over the holidays takes a
                                  that long haul. At the very         people are talking on their
few additional precautions,"
said Patrick Bennett, BBB
                                  least, check the car's fluid lev-   cell phone or sending text             3702 W. Jefferson Ecorse MI 48229
                                  els, wipers and tire pressure.      messages. When you're
Spokesperson.       "Before
                                  Check the condition of your         behind the wheel, don't text
loading up the family, make
sure the car is in good
                                  tires and, if you plan on driv-
                                  ing through serious winter
                                                                      and drive, use a hands free
                                                                      headset when talking on the
shape and you're prepared
                                  weather, consider getting           phone and get someone
for bad weather. While
                                  snow tires.                         else to fumble with the GPS.
you're driving, put down
                                  Take the Better Business                    For more advice on staying
your cell phone or GPS and
                                                                      safe over the holidays, visit us
focus on the road ahead."         Bureau with you - When
                                                                      online                          at
                                  you're away from home or in         http://easternmichigan.bbb.org/Co
The BBB recommends tak-
                                  the midst of an emergency,          nsumer-Tips/.
ing the following steps for
                                  it's hard to know which busi-                                              HABLAMOS ESPANOL                    3   5
safe driving this holiday
                                  nesses-such as tow trucks
                                                                                                           CUSTOM PAINT
  YOUR AUTO                                                                                                AUTO ACCESORIES
   BUSINESS                                                                                                HYDRAULICS
COULD BE HERE                                                                                              FABRICATION

          CALL                                                                                                    Dream’s Car Wash
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                                                                                      Limited Time Only                  Auto & Motocycle Sales *
                                                                                                                          We Accept All Insurance Claims
                                                                                                                        FREE ESTIMATES
                                                                                                               Loaners Available For Collision Services
                                                                                                                                                  Bill * Tom
                                                                                                           4091 W. Jefferson        Phone (313) 382-1101
                                                                                                           Ecorse, MI 48229         Fax   (313) 382-1067
                                 SPORTS SCORES,
                               HIGHLIGHTS & MORE
     WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010                                                                                              SECTION B

    Priest Named                                                         Black Athletes Bought, Sold, and Traded
  MAC West Division                                                           America's Most Wanted Slaves?
Offensive Player of the                                                                                          Part 1
                                                                      By Brittney M. Walker
        Week                                                          Special to the NNPA from Our Weekly
                                                                      Dare we not forget the             trol of anything. All they do   Johnson eventually agreed
                                                                      solemnly       shameful,     yet   is play the game and move       that sports could be per-
                                                                      strangely glorious past of         from plantation to plantation   ceived as a plantation.
                                                                      American       history,   when     as the "massa" says so.
                                                                      Africans were stolen from                                          "Do the players see them-
                                                                      their homes, stripped of their     In the prologue of Rhoden's     selves on a plantation? I
                                                                      languages, religions, cultures,    provocative discourse, he       think they do, in that all of the
                                                                      and families; when countless       had a conversation about        owners are White. That cre-
                                                                      ancestors perished over the        the title with Bob Johnson,     ates the dynamic. The own-
                                                                      Atlantic in the bowels of grand    owner of the Charlotte          ers are White, the coaches
                                                                      ships, locked in chains and        Bobcats, who happens to         that work for the White own-
                                                                      human waste; when Black            be an African American.         ers, and the industry is run
                                                                      people were bought, sold,          Questions arose about the       by White commissioners.
                                                                      and traded.                        seemingly      contradictory    Anyone      who      exercises
                                                                                                         phrase, "40 million dollar      power over them is White,
                                                                      Our Black skin, divinely craft-    slave." How can anyone be       and they feel or believe that
                                                                      ed bodices, and innate ability     a slave making that kind of     the owners are taking more
  Dwayne Priest of the Eastern Michigan Eagles                        to "just do it" better than the    cheese?                         value out of them than what
                                                                      average uncolored man has          In the same interview,                      Athletes - Page 5B
                                                                      reminded America of just how
(EMUEagles.com)          —                                            great people of African
                               West Division Offensive
Senior tailback Dwayne                                                descent really are, how hard
                               Player of the Week and also
Priest (Roanoke, Va.-                                                 we work, how passionate we
                               selected Rivals.com MAC
Fleming-Fork         Union                                            fight, but also how long we
                               Player of the Week for his
Academy) has earned two                                               have suffered.
                               efforts against the Bulls. He
awards after turning in a      rushed 35 times for a career-
career-rushing effort in       best 192 yards while scoring           Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
Eastern           Michigan     three touchdowns, all on one-          teaches the world that every-
University's 21-17 win at      yard runs. Those three single-         one wants to emulate us,
Buffalo Saturday, Nov. 20,     game touchdowns was also a             from our beautifully sun
in    a     Mid-American       career-high for Priest. He also        kissed skin to our arguably
Conference       cross-divi-   won the MAC West Offensive             genetic superiority. But since
sional football game.          Player of the Week Award               they can't, they enslave us,
                               earlier this season when he            and although chattel slavery
Priest was named Mid-          gained 142 yards with two              is no longer legal, the land of
American    Conference         touchdowns in the season               the free and home of the
                               opener against Army, Sept. 4.          brave find other ways to
                                                                      enslave and exploit Black
  BECOME                       For Priest the 192-yard rush-
                               ing day against Buffalo was

                                                                      Back in 2006, a Black sports
 A MENTOR                      the fifth of his career and the
                               third this season. A complete          journalist     published     a
                               list of his century efforts is list-   thought-provoking and quite
  The youth                    ed below.                              disturbing piece of literature
                                                                      that likened the Black athlete
  and young                    Priest is in his fourth year for       to the American "Negro"
 adults in the                 the Eagles and has played in
                               42 games for the Eagles,
                                                                          William C. Rhoden, New
  community                    earning 21. He has rushed              York Times columnist and
                                                                      author of the provocative
                               477 times for the ninth spot
      are                      and his 1,944 yards gained is          "Forty Million Dollar Slaves"
                               also ninth in history. Only            turned Black Americans'
  depending                    eight other EMU rushers have           attention to a disguised form
                               gained more than 2,000 yards           of slavery called professional
    on you.                    in a career. His 22 touch-             sports.
                               downs, 20 by rush and two by
                               reception, is tied for seventh.        Albeit these pros make large
                                                                      sums of money, Rhoden
    Do your                    Priest will be one of 14 EMU
                               seniors honored in the
                                                                      points out who the real bene-
                                                                      ficiaries are in the industry.
     part.                     Eagles' 2010 finale Friday,
                               Nov. 26, at noon against               He says athletes are just
                               Northern Illinois.                     world-class slaves, working
                                                                      on the plantation, with no con-
2B                                                                                               WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

Romulus High                                      Friday 2/18 7:00PM @ Lincoln Park High School
 Tuesday 12/7 7:00pm vs. University Liggett                                                           Trillium Academy High
Friday 12/10 7:00pm @ Oak Park HS/MS              Allen Park High                                     Friday 12/10 5:30PM vs. Eastern Washtenaw
Saturday 12/18 3:30pm @ Flint Northwestern        Tuesday 12/7 7:00PM @ Gabriel Richard High          Multi Academy
Tuesday 12/21 5:30pm @ Univ Pre Academy HS        School-Riverview                                    Tuesday 12/14 6:00PM @ Wyandotte Mt. Carmel
Friday 1/7 7:00pm @ Dearborn High School          Friday 12/10 8:30PM vs. Inter-City Baptist School   Thursday 12/16 4:30PM vs. Henry Ford Academy
Tuesday 1/11 7:00pm vs. Ladywood High School      Monday 12/13 7:00PM @ Cabrini High School           Tuesday 1/4 6:00PM vs. Bradford Academy
Friday 1/14 7:00pm vs. Edsel Ford HS              Tuesday 12/14 7:00PM @ Melvindale High              Friday 1/7 6:00PM @ Eastern Washtenaw Multi
Tuesday 1/18 5:30pm vs. Belleville High School    Friday 12/17 7:00PM vs. Roosevelt High School       Academy
Friday 1/28 7:00pm @ Fordson HS                   Monday 12/27 7:00PM @ Carleton Airport High         Tuesday 1/11 5:00PM @ Academy of Business &
Tuesday 2/1 7:00pm vs. Dearborn High School       Tuesday 12/28 TBA @ Carleton Airport High           Technology
Friday 2/4 7:00pm @ Edsel Ford HS                 Friday 1/7 7:00PM @ Truman High School              Thursday 1/13 7:00PM vs. Central Academy (1-12)
Friday 2/11 5:30pm @ Belleville High School       Tuesday 1/11 7:00PM vs. Woodhaven HS / MS           Monday 1/17 7:00PM @ Central Academy (1-12)
Tuesday 2/15 7:00pm @ Pontiac HS                  Friday 1/14 7:00PM @ Trenton High School            Tuesday 1/18 5:00PM @ Merritt Academy
Thursday 2/17 7:00PM vs. Fordson HS               Tuesday 1/18 7:00PM vs. Lincoln Park High           Thursday 1/20 6:00PM @ Washtenaw Christian
Tuesday 2/22 7:30pm @ Southgate Anderson          Friday 1/21 7:00PM @ John F Kennedy high            Tuesday 2/1 5:00PM vs. Merritt Academy
                                                  Tuesday 1/25 7:00PM vs. Melvindale High School      Friday 2/4 5:30PM vs. Academy for Business & Tech
 Ecorse High                                      Friday 1/28 7:00PM @ Southgate Anderson High        Tuesday 2/8 6:00PM @ Bradford Academy
 Monday 11/29 7:00PM vs. Cass Technical High      Friday 2/4 7:00PM vs. Carlson High School           Thursday 2/17 6:00PM vs. Washtenaw Christian
Friday 12/3 7:00PM @ Shrine Catholic HS           Tuesday 2/8 7:00PM @ Roosevelt High School          Thursday 2/24 5:00PM vs. Wyandotte Mt. Carmel
Tuesday 12/7 7:00PM vs. River Rouge High          Friday 2/11 7:00PM vs. Truman High School
Friday 12/10 7:00PM vs. Detroit Academy of Arts   Tuesday 2/15 7:00PM @ Woodhaven HS / MS             Our Lady of Mount Carmel
& Sciences                                        Friday 2/18 7:00PM vs. Trenton High School          Tuesday 12/14 6:00pm vs. Trillium Academy
                                                  Thursday 2/24 7:00PM vs. Annapolis                  Tuesday 1/4 6:00pm @ Academy of the Sacred
Tuesday 12/14 7:00PM @ OPEN DATE                                                                      Heart
Friday 12/17 7:00PM vs. Consortium College        Lincoln Park High                                   Friday 1/7 6:00pm vs. Everest
Preparatory HS                                    Friday 11/19 6:00PM @ Plymouth Salem High           Tuesday 1/25 6:00pm @ Everest
Tuesday 12/21 7:00PM @ Saginaw High School        Tuesday 11/30 7:00PM @ Thurston High School         Monday 2/7 6:00pm vs. Academy of the Sacred Heart
Tuesday 12/28 TBA @ Wayne Memorial X-Mas          Friday 12/3 7:00PM vs. Crestwood High School        Monday 2/21 6:00pm @ Baptist Park School
Tournament (Varsity Girls)                        Friday 12/10 7:00PM @ Annapolis High School         Thursday 2/24 5:00pm @ Trillium Academy
Wednesday 12/29 TBA @ Wayne Memorial X-           Tuesday 12/14 7:00PM vs. Roosevelt High School      Southgate Anderson High
Mas Tournament (Varsity Girls)                    Friday 12/17 7:00PM vs. Truman High School           Tuesday 12/7 7:30PM vs. St Mary Catholic
Tuesday 1/4 7:00PM @ Detroit Academy of Arts      Tuesday 1/4 7:00PM @ garden city High School        Central
& Sciences                                        Friday 1/7 7:00PM @ Woodhaven High School           Friday 12/10 7:30PM vs. Monroe HS
Friday 1/7 7:00PM vs. Detroit Community HS        Tuesday 1/11 7:00PM vs. Trenton High School         Tuesday 12/14 7:30PM vs. Truman HS
Monday 1/10 7:00PM @ Cass Technical High          Friday 1/14 7:00PM @ Melvindale High School         Friday 12/17 7:30PM vs. Woodhaven HS
Thursday 1/13 7:00PM @ Willow Run High            Tuesday 1/18 7:00PM @ Allen Park high school        Tuesday 12/28 TBA @ Wayne Memorial HS
Tuesday 1/18 7:00PM @ River Rouge High            Friday 1/21 7:00PM @ Carlson High School            Wednesday 12/29 TBA @ Wayne Memorial HS
Thursday 1/20 7:00PM vs. Chandler Park            Tuesday 1/25 7:00PM vs. Kennedy High School         Friday 1/7 7:00PM @ Trenton HS
Tuesday 1/25 TBA vs. OPEN DATE                    Friday 1/28 5:30PM @ Roosevelt High School          Tuesday 1/11 7:30PM vs. Melvindale HS
Friday 1/28 7:00PM vs. Communication & Media      Friday 2/4 7:00PM vs. Southgate Anderson High       Friday 1/14 7:00PM @ Wyandotte HS
Arts High School                                  Tuesday 2/8 7:00PM @ Truman High School             Tuesday 1/18 7:30PM vs. Kennedy HS
Tuesday 2/1 7:00PM @ Ferndale HS/MS               Friday 2/11 7:00PM vs. Woodhaven High School        Friday 1/21 7:00PM @ Truman HS
Friday 2/4 7:00PM @ OPEN DATE                     Tuesday 2/15 7:00PM @ Trenton High School           Tuesday 1/25 7:00PM @ Carlson HS
Wednesday 2/9 7:00PM @ Consortium College         Friday 2/18 7:00PM vs. Melvindale High School       Friday 1/28 7:30PM vs. Allen Park HS
Preparatory HS                                    Wednesday 2/23 7:00PM vs. Huron High School         Friday 2/4 7:00PM @ Lincoln Park HS
Tuesday 2/15 7:00PM vs. Willow Run High                                                               Tuesday 2/8 7:00PM @ Woodhaven HS
Thursday 2/17 7:00PM vs. OPEN DATE                Wyandotte Roosevelt High                            Friday 2/11 7:30PM vs. Trenton HS
Friday 2/25 7:00PM @ Chandler Park Academy        Friday 12/3 7:00pm vs. Dearborn High School         Tuesday 2/15 7:00PM @ Melvindale HS
                                                  Tuesday 12/7 7:00pm @ Riverview Comm. HS            Friday 2/18 7:30PM vs. Wyandotte HS
                                                  Friday 12/10 7:00pm vs. Fordson HS Even             Tuesday 2/22 7:30PM vs. Romulus HS
River Rouge High                                  Tuesday 12/14 7:00pm @ Lincoln Park High            Friday 2/25 7:00PM @ Edsel Ford HS
 Tuesday 12/7 7:00pm @ Ecorse High School         Friday 12/17 7:00pm @ Allen Park high school
Thursday 12/9 5:30pm @ Farmington High            Friday 1/7 7:00pm vs. Carlson High School
School                                            Friday 1/14 7:00pm vs. Southgate Anderson H.S.
Thursday 12/16 7:00pm @ Highland Park High        Tuesday 1/25 7:00pm @ Woodhaven HS / MS             Inkster High
Tuesday 1/4 7:00pm @ Willow Run High School       Friday 1/28 5:30pm vs. Lincoln Park High School     Wednesday 12/1 TBA @ Sterling Heights
Thursday 1/6 7:00pm vs. Highland Park High        Thursday 2/3 7:00pm vs. Trenton High School         Stevenson HS
Tuesday 1/11 7:00pm vs. Harper Woods              Tuesday 2/8 7:00pm vs. Allen Park High School       Monday 12/13 7:00PM vs. Toledo Start High
Tuesday 1/18 7:00pm vs. Ecorse High School        Friday 2/11 7:00pm @ Carlson High School            Tuesday 12/21 7:00PM @ Canton High School
Tuesday 1/25 7:00pm @ Redford Union HS            Friday 2/18 7:30pm @ Southgate Anderson H.S.        Monday 12/27 TBA @ Christmas Tournament @
Thursday 2/3 7:00pm vs. Willow Run High School                                                        Cass Technical High School
Tuesday 2/8 7:00pm @ Robichaud High School         Taylor Harry S. Truman High                        Tuesday 12/28 TBA @ Christmas Tournament at
Thursday 2/17 7:00pm vs. Robichaud High School     Tuesday 12/7 7:00pm vs. Fordson HS                 Country Day Middle School
Tuesday 2/22 7:00pm @ Inkster High School         Tuesday 12/14 7:30pm @ Southgate Anderson           Wednesday 12/29 8:20PM @ Chicago Whitney
Friday 2/25 7:00pm @ Garden city HS               Friday 12/17 7:00pm @ Lincoln Park High School      Young @ Country Day Middle School Motor City
                                                  Tuesday 1/4 7:00pm vs. Clarenceville High           Groundball
Melvindale High                                   School                                              Wednesday 1/5 7:00PM vs. Martin Luther King
Tuesday 11/30 7:00PM @ Fordson High School        Friday 1/7 7:00pm vs. Allen Park High School        Saturday 1/8 TBA @ Toledo Waite High
Thursday 12/2 7:00PM vs. Thurston High School     Tuesday 1/11 7:00pm @ Carlson High School           Tuesday 1/11 7:00PM @ Scott High School
Friday 12/10 7:00PM @ Robichaud High School       Friday 1/21 7:00pm vs. Southgate Anderson H.S.      (Toledo Scott High School)
Tuesday 12/14 7:00PM vs. Allen Park High          Friday 1/28 7:00pm vs. Woodhaven HS / MS            Saturday 1/15 TBA @ Washington High South
School                                            Tuesday 2/8 7:00pm vs. Lincoln Park High School     Bend, In
Thursday 12/16 7:00PM @ Dearborn High             Friday 2/11 7:00pm @ Allen Park high school         Tuesday 1/18 7:00PM @ Waverly High School
School                                            Tuesday 2/15 7:00pm vs. Carlson High School         Friday 1/21 7:00PM @ Grand Rapids Catholic
Monday 12/20 7:30PM @ Gabriel Richard high                                                            Central High
Tuesday 1/4 7:00PM @ Carlson High School          Taylor John F. Kennedy High                         Monday 1/24 7:30PM @ Toledo Rogers High
Friday 1/7 7:00PM vs. John F. Kennedy High        Tuesday 11/30 7:00pm @ Highland Park High           Thursday 1/27 7:00PM vs. Flint Northwestern
Tuesday 1/11 7:00PM @ Southgate Anderson          Friday 12/3 7:00pm vs. Baptist Park School          Monday 1/31 7:00PM vs. Goodrich High School
Friday 1/14 7:00PM vs. Lincoln Park High School   Tuesday 12/7 7:00pm vs. Crestwood High School       Friday 2/4 7:00PM vs. Harper Woods Secondary
Tuesday 1/18 7:00PM @ Woodhaven High              Friday 12/10 7:00pm vs. Redford Union HS            Thursday 2/10 7:00PM vs. Detroit Country Day
School                                            Tuesday 12/14 7:00pm vs. Woodhaven HS / MS          Friday 2/11 7:00PM @ Saginaw Arthur Hill
Friday 1/21 7:00PM vs. Wyandotte High School      Friday 1/7 7:00pm @ Melvindale High School          Tuesday 2/22 7:00PM vs. River Rouge High
Tuesday 1/25 7:00PM @ Allen Park high school      Friday 1/21 7:00pm vs. Allen Park High School
Friday 1/28 7:00PM @ Trenton High School          Tuesday 1/25 7:00pm @ Lincoln Park High
Tuesday 2/1 7:00PM vs. University High School     Friday 1/28 7:00pm vs. Carlson High School                          CUT OUT THE
Friday 2/4 7:00PM vs. Truman High School          Monday 1/31 7:00pm @ Clarenceville High
Tuesday 2/8 7:00PM vs. Carlson High School        Friday 2/4 7:00pm @ Woodhaven HS / MS                              SCHEDULE AND
Friday 2/11 7:00PM @ John F. Kennedy high         Friday 2/11 7:00pm vs. Melvindale High School
Tuesday 2/15 7:00PM vs. Southgate Anderson        Thursday 2/24 7:00pm @ Fordson HS                                      KEEP
 Page 3B                                         THE TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                          WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

                           COMMUNITY EVENTS                            * COMMUNITY EVENTS
How to make calendar
                                one day later.                     DEARBORN                      MARK YOUR CALENDAR
submissions: Please use a
                                Thursday’s collection will
BRIEF paragraph format to
                                take place on Friday, Nov.
include the event name,                                          CIVIL RIGHTS
date(s), time, location and
                                26. Friday’s                                                       Westland Announces New
contact information. No
                                collection will take place       COMMISSION
                                on Saturday, Nov. 27.          Michigan Civil Rights              Partnership Geared Towards
                                Also, the DPW drop-off         Commission will meet
there is a cost for your
event, it cannot be listed in
                                locations will be closed on    Monday,        11/29      in         Attracting Entrepreneurs
                                Thanksgiving but open          Dearborn. This will take
the submission because it
                                from 8:30 a.m. - 4             place     at    the    Arab
would      be    considered                                                                   Westland – Mayor William R.      Westland      Chamber      of
                                p.m. on Nov. 26 and 27.        American           National
Display      advertisement.                                                                   Wild is pleased to announce      Commerce will partner to
ALL Calendar submissions                                       Museum, 13624 Michigan         a new partnership between        bring representatives from
are space permitting and              DETROIT                  Avenue, Dearborn MI            the City, Schoolcraft College    the Schoolcraft Business
may be edited for brevity                                      48126. The general meet-       Business        Development      Development Center togeth-
and will run continuously       WSU H.E.L.P. Clinic            ing begins at 3:30, fol-       Center and the Westland          er on Friday, December 10,
until event occurs. Paid                                       lowed by a public forum on     Chamber of Commerce. The         2010 at the William P. Faust
display advertisement has       The WSU H.E.L.P. Clinic        immigration at 5:00 pm. A      Business        Development      Public Library (6123 Central
precedence over calendar        will be closed Wednesday,      number of guest panelists      Center provides a full range     City Parkway) at 9:00 a.m.
entries that are Ongoing or     November 24, 2010 due to       with expertise on immigra-     of business services through     for an informative seminar
dated more than two             the Thanksgiving Holiday.      tion issues will be present.   the Michigan Small Business      on the “How-to’s” of
weeks in advance. Send                                         Both are open to the pub-      and                Technology    Business. Aspiring entrepre-
calendar events via email       Our next FREE health           lic.                           Development            Center,   neurs and business owners
to lcjohnson@telegram-          screenings and personal-                                      Procurement          Technical   are encouraged to attend
                                ized health consultations                                     Assistance      Center    and
news.net. Type “COMMUNI-                                                                                                       and will learn about services
TY CALENDAR EVENTS” in          will be held Dec 1, 2010                                      Workforce             Training   offered such as assistance
the subject bar. Or you may     from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm at                                     Solutions. The SBTDC pro-        with launching and/or main-

fax to (313) 928-3014, Attn:    Ss. Andrews and Benedict,                                     vides a full range of services   taining a small business,
LaTasha Johnson                 2430 South Beatrice,                                          for small businesses emerg-      consulting assistance with
                                Detroit, MI 48217. We                                         ing and growing throughout       government contracting and
    INKSTER                     encourage you to take
                                advantage of these free           Reuse                       the state; the PTAC provides
                                                                                              a full range of government
                                                                                                                               employee training opportuni-
                                services that are offered to
    Community                   the community.                   Recycle the                  contracting assistance; and      Please RSVP to the Westland
                                                                                              Workforce Training Solutions     Chamber of Commerce by call-
Information Forum                 Free health screenings           Telegram                   offers custom-designed tech-     ing (734)326-7222 for this
                                include:                                                      nical and non-technical train-   FREE event by Wednesday,
This information forum                                            Newspaper                   ing solutions for businesses.    December 8, 2010.
                                **Blood Pressure
gives pertinent information
                                **Glucose (Sugar)
                                                                once you read                 The City of Westland and the
on where to seek assis-
tance, policy changes and       **Body Mass Index (BMI)           it and help
how to contact people who       **Peak Flow Readings
can help.
                                                                 raise money                   Buy Sell Trade Loans       FREE ESTIMATES
                                                                                               Jewelry * Coins * Diamonds TOP $$ PAID
                                  All are welcomed to
                                attend. We hope to see
                                                                for your local
Speakers for the Forum
include:   Aaron Sims-          you soon. Healthy snacks
                                will be provided. For more
                                                                     school.                              RIVER ROUGE PAWN
President of Western
Wayne County NAACP              information contact Erica       LOOK FOR THE                                                     ANYTHING OF VALUE
                                                                                                                               WHOLESALE BUSINESS
Paul Harris- FBI Detroit        N. Raglin                        GREEN AND
Division, DTE Energy            Community         Outreach
                                Coordinator                      YELLOW BIN                    10615 W. Jefferson Ave              313.842.0722
                                313-577-5043                    AT THE LOCAL                   River Rouge         Start you xmas shopping early!!
The forum will be held at                                         SCHOOL IN
Middlebelt Baptist Church
943 Middlebelt Road             WAYNE COUNTY                        YOUR                       Ballroom Classes Now Available
Inkster, MI 48141 on
                                      Pet                        COMMUNITY                                    Wednesdays from 7:00 pm—9:00 pm
Saturday, December 4
                                                                                                              Saturdays from 1:00 pm—3:00 pm
from 11 am to 1 pm                Spay/Neuter
                                                                                                                        $5.00 Per Class
Hosted by IBCC for addi-            offered
tional information please                                                                                             For More Information call
contact Wastonia Park           Michigan Humane Society
                                                                                                                 Mr. Ballroom Jack at 313-303-4058 or
Block Association      of       Offers             Low-Cost                                                            Mr. Wade 734-522-3708.
Inkster                         Spay/Neuter for Cats &                                                                Classes are located at the
Phone (586) 565-4795            Kittens - The Michigan                                        All Seniors           Telegram Newspaper Building
                                Humane Society, with sup-                                      Welcome           10748 W. Jefferson Ave, River Rouge
                                port       from      PETCO
      DETROIT                   Foundation, offers ongoing
                                low-cost cat and kitten
                                spay/neuter program serv-
                                ing qualified low-income        SEND US                                 Telegram Newspaper
                                                                                                                 is available
    CLOSED                      residents of southeast
                                Michigan. Financial and
                                                                 YOUR                                by mail subscription, home delivery
 NOV. 25-26 FOR                 eligibility criteria apply.    COMMUNITY                         and on news stands in various gas stations,
 THANKSGIVING                   Spay/Neuter         program
                                                                                               community centers and retail outlets throughout
 Many City Offices
                                available with required pre-     NEWS                              Detroit and the Downriver community.
                                qualification via phone and
 Closed for Budget              by appointment only. There                                                   Look for your copy in:
Furlough on Nov. 24             is a $35 co-pay. For addi-
                                                                                                 Dearborn Hts, Delray, Detroit, Ecorse, Inkster,
                                tional details please call
                                248-283-5655 or visit                                          Lincoln Park, Melvindale, River Rouge, Romulus,
Most City of Detroit offices    www.michiganhumane.org         Fanny’s Florist                          Taylor, Wayne and Wyandotte
will be closed on Thursday,     /spay.                             1909 S. Fort St                               or stop by the
Nov. 25 & Friday, Nov. 26
in observance of thanks-                                              Detroit                                 TELEGRAM office
                                     November is                                                  10748 W. Jefferson River Rouge 48218
giving. Normal police, fire,
and bus services will be
                                                                 Say it with                              For additional information
                                National Diabetes
                                   Awareness                      Flowers                                       (313) 928-2955
The Department of Public             Month.                          I’m Sorry                      The cost of a TELEGRAM
Works (DPW) will follow a
modified schedule with
                                 Make plans to have                 I Love You                           NEWSPAPER
                                   your diabetes
trash and curbside recy-
cling collections occurring
                                     checked                    (313) 928-3569                                          50¢
 4B                                                                                                 WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

                                                     IN THE MIXX
  THE GROUNDBREAKING AND PROVOCATIVE                                                                DONALD (CHIP) AGEE
          MUSICAL STAGE PLAY                                                                        Owner
                                "CHURCH GIRL"                                                       (313) 382-2662

 RETURNS TO DETROIT BY POPULAR DEMAND                                                                  ECONOMY SHOE REPAIR
                                                                                                          “If We Can’t Fix It,Throw iIt Away
               DEMETRIA MCKINNEY AND SEAN BLAKEMORE                                                          We Offer Full Shoe Services
                                                                                                                      579 Visger Rd. Ecorse, MI 48229
                                                                  seduced by the charms of a
                                                                  worldly life. Emily is hiding a
                                                                  very shocking secret and
                                                                  like all things evil, that          Styles of Fashion
                                                                  secret is festering. Emily
                                                                  has been working diligently                                     SHIRTS, TIES
                                                                  to cover up the dark choices                                         &
                                                                  she has made, but when
                                                                  her secret is exposed,                                           CUFFLINKS
                                                                  events take a dramatic turn
                                                                  and skeletons coming                                            18461 W. McNichols
                                                                  crashing out of her closet.                                     Detroit, MI 48219
                                                                  Everyone wants to know                                           (313) 310-7813
                                                                  what could push a quintes-                                            Send email to
                                                                  sential church girl to turn                                      stylesoffashion@att.net
                                                                  her back on everything she                                        to request a catalog
                                                                  has been taught and trade                                       KEITH B. STEWARD
                                                                  in her choir robe for a g-                                          President
                                                                                                    ORDER EARLY FOR
                                                                                                    HOLIDAY SPECIALS
                                                                  “This is much more than
                                                                  just another production to
                                                                  me” says Barrow-Dunlap.
                                                                  “There is power and pur-               DON’T MISS A WEEK OF THE
                                                                  pose in this piece, mainly
                                                                  because it was born out of
                                                                  the true story of someone
DETROIT – What happens
when “good girls go bad”?
                                 duced by Angela Barrow-
                                 Dunlap and directed by
                                                                  very dear and close to me.
                                                                  But also because it will                   NEWSPAPER
                                 Reuben Yabuku. There will        touch the hearts of so many
Detroit theatre enthusiasts
                                                                  hurting women. Women
                                                                                                             SUBSCRIBE TODAY
are ecstatic about the return    be    five    performances:
of the popular musical stage     Thursday, Dec 9 2010, 8pm;       around the country are               for HOME/BUSINESS DELIVERY
play: Church Girl. After a       Friday, Dec 10 2010, 8pm;
                                 Saturday Dec 11, 2010,
                                                                  responding to the message
                                                                  of Church Girl because it
                                                                                                                 313- 928-2955
long and successful national
tour, the theater company is     3pm; Saturday Dec 11,            resonates so powerfully
returning home to Detroit for    2010, 8pm; and Sunday Dec        within them --- it’s their
a set of live filming events     12 6pm. All performances         story. Most every woman
for Church Girl. An especial-    will be held at the Music        has at some point in her life
ly exciting development is       Hall: 350 Madison Avenue,        given in to temptation, and
the addition of popular per-     Detroit Michigan 48226.          as a result felt trapped.
forming artist Ginuwine to                                        Church Girl simply says that
the cast. Church Girl is a no    Church Girl tells the story of   you can choose to be free.”
holds barred musical stage       Emily Franklin, the seeming-
play based on true stories       ly wholesome daughter of a          Place your
                                 prominent pastor, who is
that was written and pro-
                                                                     Ad Today !
                                                                          We Accept
  Shake a Real Man's Hand Organization
         Our 5th Annual Christmas
         Gospel Dinner Celebration                                   (313) 928-2955
                   December 4, 2010
    4945 Beech Daly Dearborn Heights, MI 48125
         Doors Open: 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm
         Dinner served promptly at 5:00 pm
                                                                                                Coop’s Casual Wear
          Guest: MC Rev Willie J. Cooper
                   (radio station 1440 AM)
                                                                        PLAN                  Men & Women’s Clothing
          Walter Allen Steen and Bless                                   11431 W. Jefferson Ave             River Rouge (313) 297-6990
           "Mighty Voices of Wonder"
  Featuring: "Man Who Will". "Mighty Galatians"                       Hoodies                                                        Jogging Suits
               & "Zack Bankhead"
            Song by: Regina Williams                                   Vests                                                        Skull Caps
                                                                       Boots                                                         Jackets
                    Special Guest:                                                                                                    Purses
        Silver Hearts Christian Faith Ministry                         Jeans
   Video by: Nicholas J. Music by: Anthony Booker                    Sweaters
         50/50 Raffle Tickets are in advance
                   $15.00 at Door
        For more information please contact:                           Stop in &                                                         Spiritual
                                                                                                                                       Books & Items
              Rev. Willie Cooper 313-505-1150 -
                Min. Keith Wood 734-329-1797
 Tim Benton      313-468-6402 Charles Gregory 313-675-4526
              William Peay        313-657-3763                                         DON’T MISS OUR
    Proper Attire Required lighted Parking and Security
         1st 50 Receive a FREE Gift at the Door
                                                                                    BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS
 Page 5B                                           THE TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                                     WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

                                                                                                                    Black Athletes
                        Tell it to Torri                                                               From Page 1B
                                                                                                        the owners are putting in,"
    Should his uneducated girlfriend come to dinner?                                                    Johnson said in the interview.     "For Blacks, there was a
                                                                                                                                           direct path from the cotton
                                                                                                        During chattel slavery, Black      fields to the athletic fields.
                                  gent and un-educated part           Dear Leyla,                       people were forced to tire         While a Black person was
                                  I refuse to deal with. His         Thirty year old men make           themselves in sports. They         despised for his color, most
                                  girlfriend dropped out of          their OWN decisions.               were forced to demonstrate         were respected for their
                                  high school in the 10th            That's his choice. He has          their fine athletic abilities by   endurance, strength and
                                  grade, she's on welfare,           the right to choose                being entered into Saturday        athletic abilities," Anderson
                                  dresses like a hooker and          whomever, he wants too,            night sports to entertain the      writes. "The Black man's role
                                  talks without pronouncing          whether you like it or not. It     White folks. White masters         in athletics was symbolized
                                  the last letter of a word. I       has absolutely nothing to          also placed wages on their         by the Harlem Globe
                                  can't possiblely see what          do with your child's               slaves.     Claud Anderson,        Trotters. Integration led to
                                  on earth my son sees in            upbringing in his choices.         Ed.D writes in "Black Labor,       the demise of the all-Black
                                  her. He says she makes             Because you can teach a            White Wealth" that enslaved        basketball league in the
Dear Torri,
                                  him happy. When he was             child everything good and          Blacks were often entered          1940s. Major league White
I’m running out of patience
                                  young we told him all              within seconds someone             into a hunting contest called,     basketball teams eventually
here. My 30 year old son is
                                  about the birds and the            on the street can come and         "Coon Hunting." A rebellious       hired a few of the Black play-
dating a woman 29 years
                                  bees and the RIGHT type            erase     everything     you       or stubborn enslaved African       ers on a quota basis."
old. The problem is our
                                  of woman to choose, but            taught them. Therefore, it's       was covered with a scent,
family is dedicated to an
                                  apparently,      he   didn't       not the environment, but to        released into the woods, and
educated and intelligent                                                                                                                    Part 2 in next week’s issue
                                  understand.                        whom the people they are           hunted by dogs and White
line of folk. His girlfriend is
                                  Well, I'm not bending for          exposed too that they              people.
uneducated and she has 3
                                  this at all and I will not         make      their     choices.
children out of wedlock
                                  allow this type of woman           Nevertheless, it is your
with different fathers.
                                  into my home. My hus-              choice to invite into your
Bottom line she is definate-
                                  band thinks that I am              home, whomever you
ly NOT what our family will
                                  wrong and so does my               choose. However, if you
accept. My son wants to
                                  son. My son refuses to             want to have a family
bring her and her children
                                  come over unless his girl-         Thankgiving dinner with
over for Thanksgiven din-
                                  friend is invited. Where did       your family as a whole,
ner, which I refuse.
                                  I go wrong? Any advice?            then you need to decide;
Now I can get pass the
                                  Leyla,                             with your son and his gril-
children, its the un-intelli-
                                                                     friend and her children or
                                                                     without your son period?                     2727 Second Ave. Suite 131 Detroit
                                                                     Counseling is advised.
        DON’T MISS A WEEK OF THE                                     Questions for Torri can be sent
         TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                                          to editor@telegramnews.net                20% OFF WITH COUPON

                                        Luxurious Rooms and Suites

                        Comfort INN & SUITES                                                           MAGNUSON HOTEL
                      17600 Dix Rd - Melvindale, MI 48122                                        1805 John Papalas Dr. - Lincoln Park, MI 48146
                                  (313) 386-2050                                                                   (313) 381-5600

        Luxurious Executive King Suites                  Luxurious Jacuzzi Suite with fireplace                       Indoor Pool/ Sauna/ Fitness Center

   Meeting Room holds up to 60 people - Group/Corporate Rates Available - Extended stay suites with kichenettes available
   Minutes to Henry Ford Museum, U of M Dearborn, Oakwood Hospital & Many Restaurants and Shopping Centers Nearby

                                              SPECIAL - JaCUZZI ROOM SPECIAL
                                                            $    9900 - any day of week
                                                            (With coupon from Telegram)
 6B                                                        TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                                    WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

                   Telegram Newspaper Classifieds
                                                        Deadline is 4:00pm on Friday
      APT FOR RENT                   APTS FOR RENT              HOUSE FOR RENT                                                                        Telegram
     Across the Park                      Ecorse                 Lovely single family                HELP FOR THE
       Apartments                     2 bedroom apts                3 bedrm Home                                                                     Newspaper
                                   including applicances          Living rm, finished                UNEMPLOYED                                     is available by mail
                                       $550/month                      basement
     New Management                                                Large Backyard
                                                                                                                                                    subscription, home
  Spacious 1 bedroom               upper and lower units                                                                                              delivery and on
                                                                    2 Car Garage              HELP WANTED                 reports.     Perform
        apartments                       available
                                   Immediate occupancy              A must see for                                        general        office        news stands in
    available for 55 and                                                                         Fiesta Auto              duties. Order office
          older or                   (248) 497-1762                $700.00/MONTH                                                                         various gas
                                                                   313-388-9801 or           Insurance Sales and          supplies, establish
      Handicapped &
                                                                                                 Service Rep              blanket purchase
                                                                                                                                                    stations, community
         Disabled.                   APTS FOR RENT                  313-388-0177
                                                                                                    Taylor                orders and make            centers and retail
          MODEL                      VILLAGE GREEN               2 Bedrm Brick Home                                       copies as needed.          outlets throughout
     Rent is based on               OF LINCOLN PARK               1 1/2 Bath, finished        Fiesta, an independ-        Prepare          and         Detroit and the
          income.                       1369 Fort St.            basement with many          ent insurance agency,        process standard                Downriver
   Heat & water included.           Lincoln Park 48146                  updates             is looking for a full-time    University forms in
      Activity Room &                                                                        sales and service per-       accordance       with
                                       (313) 928-1414             Across from school
  Laundry facilities on site                                         Section 8 OK            son. Best candidate is       established proce-
      (313) 382-3201                 Only $25 to Apply                                                                                               Look for your copy
                                                                  RUFFHOUSE MGT                 Property/Casualty         dures in an accurate
    TTY-1-800-567-5857                Apply & Move in
          M-F 8-5                                                   (313) 460-0969                  licensed              and timely manner.                 in:
                                         SAME DAY
    Equal Housing Opportunity                                                                and ready to produce.        Please apply by             Dearborn Hts,
                                    *Rents from $545            HOUSE FOR RENT               Please apply by fax at       website
                                    *$400 Security                  River Rouge                 (313)291-1004 or          https://jobs.wayne.e       Delray, Detroit,
                                     Deposit Special
                                    * Heat & Water Incl
                                                                      Rent with                       email               du/applicants              Ecorse, Inkster,
                                                                   Options to Buy             asloan@fiestainsur-
                                      +all appliances              517 Campbell                    ance.com.
                                                                                                                                                      Lincoln Park,
                                    *Fitness Center,Pool
                                          & Saunas
                                                                     3 Bedroom                                     1202    Place                    Melvindale, River
                                                                  Ready to Move in
                                    24 Hour Security                 Call Today                                             your                    Rouge, Romulus,
      We Accept                                                                                    Wayne State                                       Taylor, Wayne
                                     House for Rent                313-537-5800                     University            Ad Today
                                             15th Street
                                                                                                                                                     and Wyandotte
                                    Beautiful 2 Bedrm Home                                                                                             or stop by the
    Credit Cards                   Large Living & Dinning Rm     DON’T MISS A               Maintain office files and        We Accept              TELEGRAM office at
                                     With Hard wood floors
                                    Comes with Refrig, stove
                                                                 WEEK OF THE                records in accordance
                                                                  TELEGRAM                  with established proce-
                                       Finished basement                                                                                            10748 W. Jefferson
    CO-OP AVAILABLE                                                                         dure,    which       may
                                      Fenced in backyard         NEWSPAPER                  include the entering of                                 River Rouge 48218
                                            2 car garage
        WELLESLEY                       It’s a steal at only                                data into a database,
                                        $675.00 /month                 Ecorse               committing funds on                  Call                  For additional
                                      313-388-9801 or                4395 3rd St            the            Financial            (313)
     1 BEDRM RANCH                                                                          Accounting       System                                     information
                                       313-388-0177        (Across from O'Briens)
         $490/Month                                             2 Bedroom                   (FAS) and compiling             928-2955                 (313) 928-2955
                                         River Rouge             Basement                   data and information to
  2 BEDRM TOWNHOMES                       42 Oak St          Some appliances                complete standardized
     STARTING FROM                    3 bedroom lower
         $505/Month                                         No Utilities included
                                   updated hardwood floors     $600 +deposit                                               HELP WANTED
                                   appliances upon request
   CARRYING CHARGES                                            313-485-7316
         ARE FREE!
                                      $550 +Security                                                                  EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
  For more information call            (313) 220-7138
       (734) 729-3328                                                                       The River Rouge Housing Commission is seeking an Executive
     Equal Housing Opportunity
                                                    B11252010    DOGS FOR SALE
                                                                                            Director/Public Housing Manager to oversee the day-to-day management
                                    Southwest Detroit           2 lovely Yorkie Puppies     and operations of the RRHC. The Executive Director position requires
                                     3710 S. Deacon               for adoption to a very    strong management skills and demonstrate knowledge and experience in
                                       Move in Special             good home who will       housing administration, financial management, Section 8 housing pro-
                                     3 Bedroom 2 Bath           take good care of them      grams, and the leadership skills to manage and direct all operations of the
     APTS FOR RENT                   Finished Basement           they love to be carried    RRHC. Please refer to RRHC website to download full job proposal: river-
     River Rouge                        2 Car Garage             around and good with       rougehousingcommission.com
                                      $650.00/month               other pet also love to
   Nicely remodeled
                                                                   cuddle if interested        River Rouge Housing Commission is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
    Upper Studio Apt -             + $300 Security Deposit
       $410/month                                                   kindly email me at
                                       313-772-0145               alexanderduf12@
  2 Bedrm - $510/month                                                                      Publish: 11/28 & 12/02
 Includes heat, water - no pets                      MN111810         gmail.com
       734-552-9894                                                                AD1202
                                                                                                            Who reads the Telegram Newspaper?
                                        3 Bedroom brick
 APTS FOR RENT                             1 1/2 baths               GET                    The readership of the Telegram has been increasing. To better serve you
                                                                                            we would like to know who’s reading the Telegram. Please take a few min-
                                         very good area
                                       finished basement
                                                                  INVOLVED                  utes to complete the survey and either mail, fax or drop it off at our office.
    Apartment to Love                                                                                  What city do you live in? ____________________________
    2 Bedroom Upper
                                           Dining room
                                                                   IN YOUR                  Age:     ___Under 18          ____19-35           ___36-60         __Over 60
 New Carpet, Fresh Paint
   Appliances Including            RUFFHOUSE MGT                  COMMUNITY                 Gender:              _____Male                  ____Female
  Dishwasher, Garbage                 313-460-0969                                          Race: __African American         ___Asian                   __European
disposal, Washer & Dryer,                                                                           ___Hispanic   ___Native American              ___Other
                                    DEADLINE FOR
    basement storage
                                    ADVERTISING IS
                                                                   Stop by the              (Specify)__________
Sun deck & Private parking
$500/month + Security              FRIDAY AT 4:00PM                city council             What is your Income Level: ___Unemployed __Under $12,000(K)
                                                                                                           ____Between 12K – 24K ___Between $25K - $50K
      734-282-7237                       CALL                          and                                     ___Between $50K - $100K ___Over $100K
                                     (313) 928-2955
                                                                  school board              How many people in your household read the Telegram Newspaper? _____

                HOT PICKS                                           meetings.               What is the highest level of education completed?: ___High School
                                                                                                        ___Attended College      __Grad School ___Post Grad
     579                     008                 189                  Join a                How do you read the Telegram Newspaper?:         ___Online     ___Print

     119                     525                 432               block club               What sections do you read the most:
                                                                                            ___Health     ___Church
                                                                                                                         ___Tell it to Torri ___All

  7355                      5940                7731                                                                  Send to: Telegram Newspaper

  4537                      1245                3129              SPEAK UP!                        10748 W. Jefferson Ave River Rouge, MI 48218      Fax: 313-928-3014
                                                                                                         Or call the office at 313-928-2955 and ask for LaTasha.
 7B                                                          TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                                   WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

HOME IMPROVEMENT                                                                HIDDEN PICTURES PUZZLE
             DEC. 1
In an effort to demonstrate the importance of smoke alarms
and fire sprinkler systems, the Detroit Fire Department, in
partnership with the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC)
and Local 704, Sprinkler Fitters Union, will conduct a live burn
on Wednesday, Dec. 1, from 10 a.m. to noon at Engine 27,
located at 4700 W. Fort St.

The demonstration will involve two side-by-side rooms. It will
graphically demonstrate the dangers of fire, and how smoke
alarms and automatic fire sprinklers can save lives and pre-
vent a home disaster. The two rooms are eight feet by eight
feet and are complete with furniture. The demonstration will
show three things:

* The destruction that occurs during a room fire, especially
during a flashover, in which an entire room can quickly burst
into flames when the room temperature escalates.
* How quickly smoke alarms activate in the event of a fire.
* How an automatic fire sprinkler in a room can quickly con-
trol a fire.

According to HFSC, fire sprinklers that are installed during
new home construction often cost no more than 1 to 1½ per-
cent of the total building cost.

Locksmith and Hardware
11328 West Jefferson
River Rouge
(313) 842-6466
                             David Belletini
                                                                   To order one of Liz Ball’s 10 Hidden Treasures books( 1,100-1,600 hidden items each), send a check for $5.95 per
                             Full Service Locksmith                book (plus $2.75) shipping to: Hidden Pictures, Box 63, Tipp City, OH 45371 or order at
                             Cell: 313.680.7503                    www.hiddenpicturepuzzles.com.
                                                                                                         Find Your Local Telegram
              All Serve Electric
                     Licensed Contractor                                       Distribution Location
                 Roofing, General Contracting,                                      RIVER ROUGE                               Inkster Liquor               4330 Inkster
                 Furnace A/C, Hot Water Tanks                       BP                            Jefferson                   Marathon                     1021 Inkster
                                                                    Telegram Office               10748 Jefferson                           LINCOLN PARK
             Servicing the Downriver Area for                       Rouge Drugs                   10507 Jefferson             Applewood Store              743 Southfield
                      25 years                                      Firebird                      1055 Jefferson              BP                           25520 Outer Dr.
                                                                    Citgo                         11345 Jefferson             Citgo                        3570 Fort St
                                                                    Ace Hardware                  10563 Jefferson             Donut Palace                 2011 Southfield
             Call for FREE Estimates                                Value Plus                    10700 Jefferson             TJ Party Store               1208 Fort St
                   We Do it All!!                                   Chapman’s                     361 Palmerston              Sunoco                       804 Southfield
                                                                    Coop’s Casual                 11431 Jefferson             Smoke Shoppe                 3416 Fort st
      G AND C VARIABLES                                             Marathon
                                                                              DEARBORN HEIGHTS
                                                                                                  Polk st (Visger)
                                                                                                                                                           18060 Allen Rd
                                                                    Party Palace                  20442   Van Born            7/11                         18210 Allen Rd
                                                                    7/11                          27150   Cherry Hill         Sunoco                       804 Southfield
   -PORCHES         -SIDING              “STRIVING                  Citgo                         26320   Van born            Gleno’s Market               2955 Oakwood
   -CEMENT          -MASONRY               TO BE                    Valero                        19333   Van Born            Tom Boys Liquor              18800 Dix Rd
   -CARPENTRY       -AND MORE             BETTER”                   EK Liquor                     36000   MI Ave                                ROMULUS
                                                                    Marathon                      27415   Van Born            Marathon                     27415 Van Born
                                                                                        ECORSE                                Marathon                     5807 Wayne Rd
               (313) 341-6606                                       7th St Market
                                                                    BP Station
                                                                                                  270 Southfield
                                                                                                  3824 Jefferson
                                                                                                                                                           35625 Vinewood
                                                                                                                                                           5807 Wayne Rd
                                                                    Loveland’s                    4030 Jefferson              Marathon                     31414 Ecorse Rd
                                                                    Marathon                      4208 Jefferson              BP                           15024 Middlebelt
   LOZON                               HARDWARE                     O’Briens                      185 Southfield              SW DETROIT
                                                                    BP Southfield                 4446 Jefferson              Marathon                     377 Schaefer
                                                                    Ecorse Tobacco                4199 Jefferson              BP Schaefer                  1701 S Schaefer
                                                                    Midgets                       4106 Jefferson              BP                           335 Schaefer
   FULL SERVICE HARDWARD & BUILDER’S SUPPLY                         Hopes Grocery                 316 Southfield              K & C Liquor                 1370 S Oakwood
Computerized Paint matching * Screen & Window Repair *              D & J Tires                   463 Visger Rd.              Written Word                 3429 Fort St.
 Keys Cut * Masonry Suppliers * Blocks * Bricks * Steps             Economy Shoes                 579 Visger Rd.              Citgo                        2801 S. Schaefer
                                                                    Valero                        4165 Jefferson                                  TAYLOR
          Fast Delivery Service                                     Ecorse Market                 585 Visger Rd               Speedy                        25934 Ecorse Rd
10563 W. Jefferson Ave River Rouge                                                      INKSTER                               ValerO                       10924 Telegraph
Phone: (313) 841-2940              Fax: (313) 841-2670              Marathon                      26717 Michigan              Sunoco                       27327 Van Born
                                                                    Valero                        1475 Middlebelt                                  WAYNE
                                                                    Marathon                      28474 Michigan              Uncle Joes Market            5750 Merriman
       DON’T MISS A WEEK OF THE                                     Citgo                         2940 Michigan               Merriman Food                5774 Merriman
     TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                                             Booker Dozier
                                                                    Inkster City Hall
                                                                                                  2025 Middlebelt
                                                                                                  26215 Trowbridge
                                                                                                                              Gesemathe Church             29066 Eton
            SUBSCRIBE TODAY                                         Cherry Belt                   29395 Cherry Hill           Chapel of Chimes             4670 S. Inkster
      for HOME/BUSINESS DELIVERY                                                       TO BE ADDED AS A DISTRIBUTION LOCATION
                  313- 928-2955                                                                PLEASE CALL 313-928-2955
Page 8B                                    THE TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER                           WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2010

     Building and maintaining our own shops and other businesses and to profit from them together

                                                Ecorse American Legion                          Millennium Laundry
                                                  3914 W. Jefferson Ave. - Ecorse             *Same Day Service            969 Southfield Rd
                                                                                                                           Lincoln Park
                                                          Hall for Rent                       *Washers up to 80 lbs.       (313) 388-5003
                                                         1/2 mile North of Outer Dr           *Drop Off Service            Hours: 8am-11pm
                                                                                              *Maytag Equipment
                                                Call & Leave Your Name & Telephone Number     *Commercial Accounts Welcome

                                                        (313) 383-7727                                   Last Load at 9:00pm

                                                    An Affordable Rental Hall
                                                             In the Neighborhood
                                                  T OUCH OF CLASS
                                                    324 Visger River Rouge
                                                       (313) 506-5390

                                                 Baby & Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties,
                                                           Holiday Parties, Weddings &
                                                              After Funeral Dinners

                                                 James E. Garrett & Associates
            G AND C                               Certified Public Accountants
          VARIABLES                            1045 W. Jefferson        Tel: (313) 842-8297
 -PORCHES     -SIDING                                 JAMES E. GARRETT
 -ROOFING     -INTERIORS      “STRIVING          Income Taxes, Monthly Business
 -CEMENT      -MASONRY          TO BE
 -CARPENTRY   -AND MORE                                   Bookkeeping
  (313) 341-6606                               River Rouge, MI 48218    Tel: (313) 842-TAXS

    Father & Son Tree
            Service                            SHOP IN YOUR                                      Mr. Steve
                                                                                                                         Heating, Cooling,
                                                                                                                         Appliance Repair,
                FALL SPECIAL
                  25% OFF                       COMMUNITY                                                                 Electrical and
                                                                                                                           Corrects City
          Will meet all your tree care needs
                                                  Supporting each other                                                     Violations

          Senior Discounts                                 makes cents                           24 Hour Service          We Beat all
  (313) 729-5715 or (734) 284-5953                                                              37 Years of Experience     Prices!

                                                                                               Need your documents notarized?
                                                                                                    Fast, Friendly, and Reliable Services
                                                                                                           Complete Notary Services

                                                                                                              LaTasha Johnson
                                                                                                      Certified Notary Signing Agent
                                                                                                   Inside the Telegram Business Center
                                                                                               10748 W. Jefferson Ave River Rouge, MI 48218
                                                                                                           Phone: 313-623-8429
                                                                                                        Email: LaTaT04@gmail.com

                                                                                                Office Space Available
                                                                                               Have you been looking to move your
                                                                                                home based business to an office?
                                                                                               Or do you need more space for your
                                                                                                        current business.
                                                                                                Reasonably priced offices available
                                                                                                      Call 313-469-5317

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