Document Sample
					                                                        Front Display Buttons                                    Rotating LCD Display
                                                                                                                    1.   Orient the laptop in the desired position.
  ·    Brilliant 14.1” diagonal WXGA+ display                                                                       2.   Press the ESC/Display Rotation button on
  ·    Weight: 5.9 lbs.                                                                                                  the bottom left of the display panel.
  ·    Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology                                                                         3.   Hold button for two seconds then release.
  ·    Windows XP SP2
  ·    Digital Ink to increase productivity                                                                      USING TABLET FEATURES
  ·    One-touch docking and undocking using
       Express Port Replicator                                                                                   The Tablet PC Input Panel allows text to be inserted
  ·    Shock Absorbing Design                                                                                    without typing. The Input Panel offers a writing pad
  ·    Toshiba Hard Disk Drive Protection                                                                        and a character pad that convert handwriting into
       Technologies                                                                                              typed text, as well the option to insert characters by
  ·    Spill Resistant Keyboard                                                                                  selecting them from an on-screen keyboard.
  ·    Biometric Fingerprint Reader                     Opening the Laptop
  ·    Toshiba Security Assist Console                                                                           Inserting Text Using Writing Pad
  ·    Toshiba Tablet Pen                                 1.   Push the display release button located on
                                                               the front, center of the laptop.                     1.   Using the pen, tap the location where text
  ·    CD/DVD — reader and writer                                                                                        should be inserted.
  ·    6-cell battery                                     2.   Raise the LCD screen and adjust for
                                                               comfortable viewing.                                 2.   Click the Tablet PC Input Panel         icon
                                                                                                                         that appears on the document.
                                                        NOTE: Closing the lid does NOT turn off the
GETTING STARTED                                         laptop. Choose shut down or place laptop in stand
                                                                                                                    3.   Click the Writing Pad     icon.
                                                                                                                    4.   Write the text.
Docking the Laptop                                      by mode to conserve battery life.
 1.   Ensure that the security lock is in the                                                                       5.   Click the Insert      icon.
      unlocked position.                                Turning on Laptop                                        NOTE: The Input Panel icon only appears
 2.   Align the laptop with the front clips on the                                                               when the pen is in an area that allows text entry.
      docking station.                                    1.   Locate the power switch on the bottom left
                                                               of the display.                                   To display the Input Panel at all times, click the
 3.   Press it firmly down into the docking station                                                              Tablet PC Input Panel       icon on the taskbar.
      until it clicks.                                    2.   Slide the power switch to the right and hold
 4.   If necessary, press the power button on the              it until the on/off light is illuminated.
      docking station to turn on the laptop.                                                                     QUICK TIP
                     Power Button                       Converting to Tablet                                     Quickly erase unwanted handwriting in the Input
                                                                                                                 Panel by scratching it out with the pen.
                                    Eject Button          1.   Slowly rotate the LCD screen 180° in a
                                                               clockwise direction.
                                    Eject Lever           2.   Flip over the display latch.                      Inserting Text Using On-Screen
                                                          3.   Push the LCD screen down until the latch          Keyboard
                                      Front Clips              clicks into place.                                   1.   Using the pen, tap the location where text
                                                                                                                         should be inserted.
                                                        Accessing Tablet Pen                                        2.   Click the Tablet PC Input Panel
Undocking the Laptop                                      1.   Locate the tablet pen holder on the right side            icon that appears on the document.
 1.   Shut down, place laptop in stand by mode, or             of laptop.                                           3.   Click the On-Screen Keyboard          icon.
      press the Eject button on the docking station.      2.   Push the pen to release and remove from holder.      4.   Tap desired keys to be inserted.
 2.   Pull the Eject lever on the docking station
                                                        QUICK TIP                                                An Ink Annotations toolbar is available in all
      towards you to release the laptop.
                                                        An emergency pen is located on the underside of          Office applications. In Word, inking facilitates
 3.   Slide the laptop backwards and lift it from the                                                            marking documents during review. Various pen
      docking station.                                  the computer inside the battery module.
types, highlighters, and colors are available from
the toolbar to assist in marking Word documents,         WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY
Excel worksheets, or PowerPoint slides.
                                                         The Toshiba Tecra M7 is equipped with integrated
                                                         wireless technology which allows connectivity to
Marking Using Ink Annotations in                         wireless network environments.
                                                         NOTE: The wireless switch must be in the “on”
   1.   Open a Word document.                            position for connection. If you aren’t able to
   2.   Click the Pen     icon on the Ink                connect, be certain the switch on the left, front
        Annotations toolbar.                             side of the computer is in the “on” position.
   3.   Write or draw desired markups on
   4.   Click the Stop Inking         icon when done.
                                                         Connecting to a Wireless Network

Erasing Ink Annotations in Word
                                                                Click Start/Settings/Network Connections.
                                                                Right-click Wireless Network Connection.          TABLETS
                                                           3.   Select View Available Wireless Networks.
   1.   Click the Eraser     icon on the Ink               4.   Select the desired network from list and     TOSHIBA TECRA M7
        Annotations toolbar.                                    click Connect.
   2.   Drag the pen over the markups to be erased.
   3.   Click the Stop Erasing           button
        when done.                                       CD WRITING

QUICK TIP                                                Copying Files to a CD or DVD
Invert the tablet pen and use the tip as an eraser         1.   Close all programs.
to quickly remove markups.                                 2.   Insert blank CD or DVD.
                                                           3.   Click Start>Programs>Sonic>
FUNCTION KEYS                                              4.   From the Home tab, click Data Disc.
                                                           5.   Click the Add Files and Folders button.
Fn + ESC             Mute, increase or decrease volume     6.   Navigate and select desired file(s).
Fn + F1              Lock computer                         7.   Click the Add button.
Fn + F2              Adjust power settings                 8.   Click the Burn button.
Fn + F3              Stand by mode
                     Hibernation mode (must be
Fn + F4
                     enabled in control panel first)     HELP DESK SUPPORT
Fn + F5              Change display modes
Fn + F6              Decrease screen brightness          x87200 or (804) 788-7200
Fn + F7              Increase screen brightness
Fn + F8              Enable or disable wireless          Toll Free: 1 (877) 374-4937
Fn + F9              Enable or disable touchpad
                                                         Email: help_desk@hunton.com
Fn + F10             Enable cursor control keys
Fn + F11             Enable numeric keypad
Fn + F12             Enable scroll lock
Fn + Space bar       Change display resolution