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voluMe 22, NuMber 12                                                                                                                                              March 24, 2008

    A Busy Month For the College
fedeRAl AgencieS joined togetheR foR A                                                                      ReveRend Al ShARpton gAve A Speech About
cAReeR fAiR.                                                                                                cuRRent iSSueS.
HeatHer Dulman                                      March	15,	and	it	was	located	at	the	South	              Jessica Beans                                        Black	 Student	 Union	 and	 the	 Student	
editor-in-Chief                                     West	Broward	Library	and	at	the	College	                Central Bureau Chief                                 Government	 Association,	 who	 was	
                                                    Gymnasium	on	South	Campus.	                                                                                  in	 part	 responsible	
   	 Federal	 Law	 Enforcement	 agencies	               At first, 10 agencies were invited then it             		One	could	say	that	the	South	Campus	            for	 the	 event,	 gave	
joined	forces	to	create	a	inaugural	Job	Fair.	 expanded	to	include	20	agencies.	Posters	                    auditorium	 was	 the	 staging	 place	 for	           a	      wholehearted	
                                                    and flyers regarding the event were hung                                                                	
                                                                                                            perhaps	 the	 best	 kept	 secret	 of	 the	 year.	    overture	 to	 the	
                                                    at	 different	 colleges.	 Kathleen	 Cybaluk	            Many	 lucky	 post-spring	 breakers	 who	
                                                    FBI	 Special	 Agent	 Recruiter	 contacted	              knew	 about	 this	 secret	 were	 able	 to	
                                                    Carl	 Edgecombe	 BCC	 Job	 Developer/	                  partake	 in	 a	 once	 in	 a	 lifetime	 event.	
                                                       Placement	Specialist,	to	have	a	job	fair	            That	 event	 was	 a	 most-welcomed	guest	
                                                           at	BCC.                                          speaker,	Reverend	Al	Sharpton.		The	
                                                                  “Broward	 Community	 College	             happening	 was	 to	 be	 a	 discussion	
                                                              is	 centrally	 located	 and	 it	 has	 a	      and	 question-answer	 session	 on	
                                                              lot	of	parking.	I	worked	with	Carl	           “civic	 responsibility.”	 Sharpton’s	 no-
                                                              before	 when	 he	 was	 working	 at	           holds-barred	approach	to	social	injustices	
                                                               Florida	Atlantic	University	(FAU)	           of	any	kind	was	a	compliment	to	the	issues	
                                                               and	I	wanted	someone	who	knew	               he	addressed.	Sharpton	is	known	to	many	
                                                               what	 they	 were	 doing.	 I	 do	 not	        for	 his	 motivational	 speaking,	 maybe	 a	
                                                               want	 to	 go	 to	 a	 school	 where	 I	       human	rights	protest	once	and	a	
                                                               am	 not	 going	 to	 have	 support,”	         while,	and	probably	for	being	
                                                               Cymbaluk	said.                               somewhat	 controversial.	
                                                                   “It’s	 a	 unique	 opportunity	           However	 he	 is	 also	 the	
                                                               to	 have	 all	 of	 the	 agencies	            founder	 and	 head	 of	 the	
                                                               together	 in	 one	 room.	 Including	         National	Action	Network	
                                                               Secret	 Service,	 Immigration	 and	          (NAN),	 an	 organization	
                                                               Customs	 Enforcement	 (ICE),	                that’s sole purpose is to fight
                                                                Federal	 Bureau	 of	 Investigation	         struggles	 of	 people	 facing	
                                                                (FBI),	 and	 Drug	 Enforcement	             injustices.		
                                                                Agency	 (DEA),”	 said	 James	                  The	event	began	with	opening	                                                    Photo By Bruno niCColi.

                                                                 Johnson,	      Special	      Agent	        remarks	 from	 Dr.	 Hank	 Martel,	
                                   Photo By Bruno niCColi.
                                                                 Recruiter.                                 Dean	 of	 Academic	 Affairs	 at	 South	              magnitude	 of	 the	 occasion.	 Just	 before	
The	 Federal	 Law	 Enforcement	Agencies	                	Planned	in	July,	the	event	did	not	get	            Campus.	A	 highly	 enthusiastic	 audience	           it	 was	 time	 to	 hear	 from	 the	 guest	 of	
came	to	recruit	eager	applicants	that	were	 full	approval	until	October	and	had	many	                       was	 eager	 to	 hear	 from	 the	 Reverend.	          honor,	 Reverend	 William	 Richardson	
looking to find a career. The event was             people	willing	to	take	time                             Kevin	 Blackmon,	 representative	 of	 the	           III	 introduced	 the	 man	 of	 the	 hour.	 A	
                                                                                          BotH continueD on page 7

bye-bye bcc and hello broward college
    plAnS to RenAme bcc to bRowARd college ARe AlReAdy undeRwAy, due to the Addition of bAchloR degReeS.
Buzz lamB                                 pursue	 a	 name-change	 for	 the	 in statute and state officials would he	was	in	favor	of	re-naming	the	                          continue	to	distinguish	us	from	a	
Staff Writer                              college which would reflect its only	consider	a	name	change	if	it	 college	because	it	would	help	the	                             traditional	state	college,”	he	said.	
                                          elevated	status.	                        met	 with	 the	 general	 consensus	 students	in	the	future	who	would	                       Armstrong	         said	    other	
    At	 the	 February	 Board	 of	             According	 to	 BCC	                              of	 the	 Board.	 All	 receive	a	bachelor’s	degree	from	                      community	        colleges	    have	
Trustees	 meeting	 on	 South	             Archives	 and	 Special	                                   Board	 members	 the	 college	 and	 then	 take	 that	                    facilitated	 similar	 name	 changes	
Campus	 BCC	 President,	 J.	              Collections	 Librarian,	                                    indicated	 they	 degree	 to	 a	 graduate	 school	 (or	                by	simply	dropping	“Community”	
David	 Armstrong	 Jr.	 announced	         Andrew	Dutka,	since	its	                                                         an	 employer)	 and	 face	 the	                   from	 their	 name.	 	 “Broward	
to	 the	 Board	 that	 BCC	 has	           inception	 as	 the	 Junior	                                The PresideNT possibility	 of	 confusion	 as	 to	                      College	would	retain	our	identity	
been	 approved	 by	 the	 Florida	         College	 of	 Broward	                                          iNdicaTed         how	 a	 “community	 college”	                    and	 name	 recognition	 that	 has	
Department	of	Education	to	offer	         County	 in	 1960,	 the	                                      ThaT he Was         granted	a	legitimate	bachelor’s	                 been	built	up	over	the	years,”	he	
a	limited	amount	of	baccalaureate	        institution	has	undergone	                                    iN favor of        degree	 when	 traditionally	                     said.
degrees	in	education.                     two	 name	 changes.	 	 In	                                                       “community	 colleges”	 have	                        The	 question	 of	 cost	 was	
                                                                                                       The college
    Prior	 to	 the	 Board	 meeting,	      1969	 the	 college	 was	 a new college name                   because iT
                                                                                                                           only	 granted	 associate’s	                      brought	 up	 by	 Trustee	 Paul	
Armstrong	 asked	 Faculty	 Senate	        renamed	 Broward	 Junior	 will cause other                   Would helP          degrees.                                         Tanner.		It	is	common	knowledge	
President,	 Catherine	 Leisek,	 to	       College	and	in	the	mid-‘70s	 changes, such as a             The sTudeNTs            Armstrong	         cautioned	                 that	 BCC	 has	 recently	 gone	
poll	 faculty	 and	 staff	 members	       to	 the	 present	 time	 it	 has	 new logo, that could iN The fuTure... that	 state	 law	 is	 clear;	 the	                         through	 a	 re-branding	 program	
                                                                             cost a lot of money on
regarding	 the	 possibility	 of	          been	 known	 as	 Broward	 an already highly cut                                  institution	 must	 remain	 a	                    which	 included	 the	 development	
changing	the	name	of	the	college	         Community	College.                 budget.                                       “community	 college”	 by	                        of	an	updated	logo	for	the	college.		
to reflect its new status. The                Armstrong	 told	 the	                                    were	 in	 favor	 mission	 even	 if	 the	 legislature	                According	 to	 Jillian	 Printz,	
results	 were	 overwhelmingly	            Board	 that	 only	 the	 legislature	 of	 seeking	 legislative	 approval	 approves	 a	 name	 change.	 	 “Our	
favorable	 so	 Armstrong	 asked	          can	 change	 the	 name	 of	 our	 for	the	transformation.                      open-door	 policy	 and	 a	 diverse	                                           cHange
the	 Board	 members	 if	 he	 should	      college	 because	 it	 is	 established	       The	 President	 indicated	 that	 educational	program	offering	will	                                 continueD on page 7

	         	               Feature                                                                        North                                                          Entertainment

     For	the	love	of	
                                                                       Writers	of	Spring	                                                               Find	out	what	is	
                                                                       Festival                                                                         going	on	with	the	
                                                                                                                                                        Hard	Rock
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   The Observer   MOnTh DD, 008
March 24, 2008                                                                     Central                                                                    The Observer                   

 The health Fair and blood drive at central
Olga BuitragO                     BCC students, faculty and staff            Women’s Center and the HIV/              student,” said lewis. Some of the          the organizations that will be
Staff Writer                      members. the Health Fair will              aIDS testing will be conducted           topics that are going to be cover      participating in the fair are: Jamba
                                  run from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. in           by     the      Broward                  during               the fair are:     Juice, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Hope
   no matter how old or how front of Building 10 and the Blood               County Health                                                    healthy        Women’s Center, Broward Dental
young a person is, being and Drive will run from 10 a.m. to 2                Department.                                                        eating,      research, Broward right to life,
staying healthy is an important p.m. on the same day.                        the results                                                                     Hope Outreach Center, Planned
issue     in     a                                 James       lewis,        for         the                                                                 Parenthood,       Florida      Blood
person’s     life.    “...a One-sTOp           Coordinator           of      pregnancy                                                                       Bank, Broward County Health
How we take              cenTer OF             Student life Central          test      will                                                                  Department, Mental Health
care of our inFOrMaTiOn and Campus, said, “the                               be        given                                                                 association, Dr. ted Berger and
health and body        resOurces...”           purpose of the fair           immediately                                                         cancer      more.
will reflect not      - JaMes Lewis            is to give students           and the HIV/                                                                        “the fair is a one-stop center
only in our                                    greater     awareness         aIDS results will                                             awareness,        of information and resources for
outside appearance but on the and understanding on health                    be mail to the students                                   drug addiction        our students, faculty and staff,”
inside as well.                   related topics.”                           approximately two weeks                               and       cosmetics.      said lewis. For more information
   On March 26 the Healthy           During the fair there will be free      after the test.                                  also, there will be a Hip      about the health fair, call (954)
Student living Services will host pregnancy and free HIV/aIDS                     “a vast array of knowledge             Hop show perform by Body            201-4881 or email James lewis
a Health Fair and Blood Drive testing. the pregnancy screening               will be available at the fair.           Mechanics and tablets with give-       at
at Central Campus open to all will be conducted by Hope                      there are several topics for every       a-ways for students.

Mardi Gras kicks off spring break
igOr MellO                            to the samba tunes, distributing
Staff Writer                          decorative masks and beads for
                                      the curious students.
                                         “there were Brazilian dancers.
   as the anxiety piled on students   It was a festival type of thing,
seeing that they were simply just     that’s how it is in new Orleans,”
one day away from disappearing        said Sal lutwig, who is the
into spring break, the Student        Student Program assistant. “We
Program association (SPaDeS)          contacted William Penthouse,
figured to take advantage as they     who provides us with most of the
hosted their first ever BCC Mardi     entertainment we do. He brought
Gras event.                           out the dancers last semester as
   “Our whole theory was to have      well for our Hispanic heritage
one last event before spring break    month.”
for students to enjoy the free           now that the party had beads,
food, the entertainment,” said        masks and dancers, there was
James lewis, the Coordinator of       only one thing missing; Cajun
Student life.                         food. Popeye’s catered the event
   BCC Mardi Gras took place          offering a variety of chicken,
at Central Campus on Feb. 27          coleslaw,     mashed       potatoes,
between 12-2 p.m. Due to the          biscuits and Cajun rice.
awful weather the event was              “We feel as if it was a fun event
not able to be held outside of        for the students to interact, have
the Building 19 patio and it was      fun and eat,” said Djeanemma
moved inside in Building 19.          Francoeur, who is a member
   there wouldn’t be a Mardi          of SPaDeS and organized the
Gras party without exotic dancers,    event.                                 Brazilian dancers dance in Mardi gras gear in Building 19.                                          photo by igor mello

as they kicked off the party with        as the hungry students ate,
Caribbean music showcased by a        the dancers formed a Congo line           “We will actually be making             For more information on              please visit
Caribbean dancer . as the dancer      to interact with the students.         our calendar for future events this      upcoming student life events           life.
continuously danced with her          Although this was the first Mardi      summer, we are surveying right
maracas, two additional Brazilian     Gras party that took place at the      now to see how successful it was
carnival dancers entered the          campus, SPaDeS is looking to           and if it was a success then we
building as they began dancing        make it an annual event.               will continue it and expand it”

Brazilian dancers getting the crowd pumped.
                                                                                                photo by igor mello   the barely clad dancer was not afraid to shake it for      photo by igor mello

                                                                                                                      the crowd.
           The Observer                                                            sOuTh                                                                                March 2, 2008

No cultural boundaries for Denise brown
W. EarlE SimpSon                      Italian and Portuguese prepared       “Denise Brown and the MCC are         languages she does, Brown was            accomplishment there,” she
Contributing Writer                   her for this job. “I wanted to be     one,” said Renato Cortez, current     made advisor of the International        said. “I am hoping, and I foresee
                                      the International Advisor, so I had   Coordinator of the MCC. “In           students. “Denise Brown is               that corner expanding everyday
    “When I retire from BCC,          taken courses in Italian, French      a way she is the mother of the        definitely a great professional          by people who really enjoy
I’d love for people to think that     and Portuguese. I think I earned      MCC, and I think she will always      and someone who is devoted to            interaction of different cultures
there was somebody here that has      the position because I was able       be,” he affirmed.                     helping the students,” commented         and who want to join the effort
considered their differences,” said   to understand the languages,” she        In 2000, as ESL Advisor,           Cortez. “She is organized,               that could one day see that small
Denise Brown, ESL/International       opined.                               Brown was placed in charge of         courteous and polite and she has         office become an institution.”
Counselor at the BCC South                Brown’s love for other            the Silver Box Club, which was        taught me principles and values,             In her quest to perfect her
Campus.                               cultures and languages lead                                                                                          capacity to serve at her best
    “I feel a sense of pride          her to commence her study of                                                                                         Brown is currently pursuing a
whenever I have to deal with          English and its culture. Brown’s                                                                                     doctoral degree in psychology.
the many students of different        determination and the encouraging                                                                                    She also enjoys spending time
ethnicities,” said Brown. “I am       words of “no pain no gain” from                                                                                      with her husband and their 6-year
proud to be able to see beyond        her father, motivated her pursuit                                                                                    old daughter. “She is the joy of
the differences of each student,      into the National University of                                                                                      our life. He is a country man from
and when I retire, if they could      Tucuman, (Universidad National                                                                                       the mountains of Jamaica. I am
just say that Denise Rodriquez        de Tucuman), where she earned                                                                                        also a country girl, and somehow
Brown was considerate of their        her TESOL (Teachers of English                                                                                       we love to get together and talk
differences, that would be enough     to Speakers of Other Languages)                                                                                      about the mountains, the trees, the
for me.”                              degree.                                                                                                              forests, the rivers and our similar
    Sinking back into her chair           Brown taught other English                                                                                       experiences,” she said. “We love
as she passionately echoed this       classes in her community and on                                                                                      spending time as a family, which
sentiment, Brown, a native of the     television during and after her                                                                                      includes our dog with which I
beautiful and lush mountainous        graduation. “I got very engaged        Denise brown, advisor of international students   photo by W. EarlE SimpSon   regularly go walking, jogging
northern Argentinean city, Salta,     with English and so I felt like I                                                                                    and running my 5Ks. I also like
reflected on her accomplishments      should live in a country where I      an informal group of students who     she has inspired me to reach my          reading.”
at BCC. “My passion was               could use it,” she said. That dream   met at the South Campus cafeteria     dreams,” echoed student worker               Brown offered this, “When
always being in the classroom.        became a reality when Brown           to discuss multi-cultural facts,      Juan Carlos Quimbay.                     I do something I have to be
My first job here was teaching        landed in Florida in 1990 as a F1     issues and concerns. Brown got           Brown is still an Adviser to          passionate about it; otherwise I
English and Spanish through the       student at Florida International      the inspiration of the concept that   International students but she no        won’t do it. If I am not passionate
Continuing Education Program.         University (FIU) where she earned     she called ‘The MultiLanguage         longer is in charge of the MCC.          about it, then it would be a waste
Later I became an ESL Advisor         her masters degree. Immediately       Café’ from one of the meetings.       However, she gives it some               of my time and that of the people
and then in 2000 I moved into the     after her graduation from FIU,           The MultiLanguage Café             attention when required. She is          around me. We have the chance to
wide open door of international       she was offered and accepted a        provides support to students          proud of its accomplishments             walk on the same steps only once
advising,” she recounted.             job at BCC in 1994.                   seeking to adjust to the culture of   and still has high hopes for it. “I      and so I try to do whatever I do to
    That move suited Brown                Today, Denise Brown is known      BCC, the USA as well as cultures      believe that having the name of          the best of my ability and with a
well. She believes her studies in     for Multi-Cultural Café (MCC),        and languages of countries of the     the MCC assigned to one corner           lot of passion.”
languages such as English, French,    (formerly ‘Multilanguage Café’).      student’s choice. Speaking all the    of the BCC house is my greatest
March 24, 2008                                                                                    North                                                                The Observer                

Writes of spring Festival Board of Trustees
Bruno niccoLi                              Green: Environmentally Focused               musical section of the festival.          Last board meeting is the chance
SportS editor                              Films” as the theme for her                  the Argentinean artist is a horn
                                           speech. Thorner is the creator of            player currently performing with          for students to bring concerns
   The North Campus English                the entertainment film seminar               the Florida Classical Orchestra.
Department and the BCC North               “Reel Talk,” that was adapted to                The main event of the festival        Buzz LamB                            scheduling, on-line extension of
Regional Library held another              work with this year’s rendition of           was the speech by author Ruth            Staff Writer                         drop/add and energy efficiency.
edition of the Writes of Spring            Writes of Spring.                            Ozeki. Ozeki’s book “All over                                                    The program, coordinated by
festival.                                     “Botanical      Interventions:            Creation” is the current selection           North Campus students will       Mareta Sizemore, Director of
   With student                                                                                              for the campus      have their final opportunity this    Student Life and Ashley Turner,
attendance and                                                                                               reading.     The    year to meet face to face with the   begins at 11:30 and a lunch is
participation                                                                                                story       about   Board of Trustees on March 26 in     being provided to all attendees.
increasing every                                                                                             potato farms in     Building 46, Room 152.               Students participating in the
year, the festival                                                                                           Idaho combined          The Board has already attended   presentation to the Board will
has definitely                                                                                               with          the   student forums on Central and        be Monica Eulo, SGA President;
become a major                                                                                               struggles of the    South, keeping with the tradition    Sarah Murr , SGA Vice President;
event on the                                                                                                 main character,     of visiting each campus, and the     Sorty Meja, SGA Director of
campus.                                                                                                      Yummy, turned       trip to North marks the end of the   Public relations; Silva Rotela,
   Funded by                                                                                                 this novel into     Board visitations for 2008.          SGA Senator; Patricio Gonzalea,
the Otto M.                                                                                                  an     acclaimed        In the weeks prior to the        SGA Senator and Paola Mariselli,
Burkhardt Trust                                                                                              best seller. The    upcoming meeting, the Student        SGA Senator.
and the BCC                                                                                                  environmental       Government Association (SGA)            Immediately following the
F o u n d a t i o n , ruth ozeki speaks to a full crowd at Writes of spring.          photo by bruno niCColi
                                                                                                             ideas showed in     on North Campus asked students       Student Forum the Board of
Writes of Spring                                                                                             the story fitted    to complete a questionnaire          Trustees will conduct their regular
was held on March18 and 19, at Enviromental Art and Community                           perfectly with the “green” concept       regarding      their     concerns,   monthly meeting.
the North Regional Library.            Empowerment” was the title for                   that has gained great importance         complaints or compliments.              this will be the last regular
   Poet David Plumb was the first Oliver Kellhamer’s presentation.                      over the past few years.                     According to Monica Eulo,        Board meeting held on any of the
speaker of the festival. Plumb Kellhamer works with the                                    BCC had their chance to               SGA President on North, as of        campuses during this calendar
read selections from his works regeneration of plants and he                            share their work with the public.        last Wednesday 576 surveys           year.
and from other famous poets.           spoke about how to engage the                    The entries for the festival were        have been collected and more are        All students, faculty and
   Dr. Barbara Nightingale, environmental crisis in a positive                          awarded during the second day.           expected.                            administration personnel are
senior professor of English and way.                                                    The contestants received awards              Eulo indicated that the major    invited to attend.
honors Institute/ Phi theta Kappa          Dr. Monica Ramirez, Dean                     in three categories: writing, art        concerns this year are publicity        For more information call SGA
coordinator for South Campus, of Academic Affairs on North                              and photography.                         and communication, course            at 954-201-2345.
spoke about the poetic landscapes Campus, presented her research                           The festival ended with the
in Florida. Nightingale’s poems on America’s geological terrain                         movie “An Inconvenient Truth”
have appeared in over 150 in a presentation entitled “Trips to                          by former vice-president Al Gore.
journals and she has five poetry Colorado: Visit the Place Where                        The theme of the movie fitted
books published.                       Dinosaurs Roamed the Front                       perfectly with the entire concept
       Lynne Thorner, also a Range.”                                                    of the Writes of Spring festival:
professor at BCC, had “Red                 Myrna Meeroff brought the                    Environmental awareness.

Deca returns victoriously
DaviDson TayLor                           and reports about the chapter’s              Youbel Montesino won first place
Contributing Writer                       achievements and charity efforts             for financial services marketing/
                                          in the past year. It was the                 management.
    Broward Community College’s           chapter’s second win in a row in                The chapter’s second place
North Campus students return              that category.                               winners were Catherine Budnik
once again from statewide college            “We did great,” said Paul                 for design presentation; chapter
DECA business competition in              Ricker, BCC North DECA                       President Amal Khoury and Vice
Orlando with notable victories.           adviser and state DECA Board of              President Yuliya Sirontinskaya for
    Nearly 20 BCC North DECA              Directors member.                            business ethics; and Saad Parwani
students went to Orlando Feb. 28             This year’s BCC North                     for sales representative.
to March 2 to compete in the 43           competitors were some of the most               Third        place     winners
annual Florida Delta Epsilon Chi          successful ever, he added. “Their            were      Megan       Small    for
Career Development Conference.            performances were outstanding.”              design presentation, chapter
Delta Epsilon Chi is the college             First-time competitor and                 Parliamentarian Zak Larkins for
division of the Distributive              BCC North DECA Treasurer                     entrepreneurship, Vainio for sales
Education Clubs of America                Minni Vainio brought home                    management meeting, James
(DECA), which helps                                                                     Painter for sales representative
prepare      students                                                                   and chapter Student Life Liaison
in        marketing,                                                                    Patricio Gonzalez for restaurant
management        and                                                                   and food service marketing/
entrepreneurship in                                                                     management.
business, finance,                                                                          All state DECA competition
hospitality       and                                                                   winners and finalists will be
marketing sales and                                                                     eligible to compete in this
service.                                                                                year’s Delta Epsilon Chi’s
    two BCC North                                                                       47       International     Career
students came in                                                                        Development Conference, April
first place in their                                                                    12-15, in Atlanta.
competitive events,                                                                         More than 2,000 college
and nine others                                                                         students are expected to
scored second and                                                                       compete, participate in learning
third place wins                                                                        activities and workshops and
in a total of seven                                                                     network with the hundreds of
events.                                                                                 business and industry people
    Overall,    BCC                                                                     who serve as judges for the
North        students                                                                   various competitive events. A
captured 25 finalist                                                                    career fair and market place also
spots in more than                                                                      will be held at the event.
a dozen events. The                               photo CourteSy of davidSon taylor         Ricker said he once again
                         First Place minni vainio
chapter also received                                                                   expects great results from BCC
the four-star state college DECA first place in restaurant and food                    North DECA at the international
Chapter Activities Award for its service marketing/management                          conference.
compilation and design of photos and college DECA veteran
   The Observer   MOnTh DD, 2008
March 24, 2008                                                                         News                                                                      The Observer                    

  The safest day in broward                                                                                               al sharpton speech
                                                                                                                              conTInued From pAge 1
     conTInued From pAge 1
   out of their day to see what the experience can go to www.              have to have a criminal justice                 gregarious      applause      and    New York Giants played in the
agencies had to offer.     The interns will          degree to work for the agencies;             standing ovation welcomed Al            super Bowl, they didn’t move
   Carmen Rivera from san Juan, learn about the FBI and have               however, they are looking for all            sharpton as he made his way to          the goal posts, they didn’t change
Puerto Rico came to Florida three FBI access. The applicant has to         different majors such as Computer            the podium. Having a reputation         the yardage late in the game…”
weeks ago. Her niece who attends pass the requirements such as a           science, engineering, Physical               as an impressively strong               That example would insinuate the
BCC informed Rivera about polygraph test and truthfulness of               science, International Relations,            public speaker and motivator,           changing of the rules within the
the Job Fair. “I came here to be the application. Applicants must          Law, Finance and Accounting.                 sharpton’s opening remarks were         DNC, and one could say that it
re-employed with the Federal apply this fall for the following             They are also looking for any                commanding.                             was nicely put.
Government. I was a Human summer.                                          one with three years in military                sharpton’s powerful delivery              As the Reverend proceeded,
service specialist Gs9-2. A year       “You don’t have to do the           experience and any Bachelors                 of words kept the avid listeners        his following statements would
ago they started downsizing back internship, but it helps you. It          degree if an applicant is fluent             on their toes. He started off by        in fact coincide with the previous
in Puerto Rico,” said Rivera.       depends on your degree and the         with other languages.                        stressing the importance of not just    topic. It was clear that one of
   There are requirements to kind of work experience you                       The hiring process varies from           speaking to a crowd, but engaging       sharpton’s biggest concerns is
be in any agency.                                                                                  year to year.        and involving them as well. “To         the preservation of America, its
They are: polygraph                                                                                G e n e r a l l y,   me dialogue is more important           economy, and most importantly
tests,     truthfulness                                                                            about 800            than lecturing.” It was remarks         its people. To touch on that he
of an applicant’s                                                                                  a year are           such as those that enhanced the         turned his attention once again to
application from 18                                                                                hired in the         audience’s appreciation of his          the current government, “sixty-six
years and up, health                                                                               country and          presence. Being no slouch at            thousand lost jobs in America…
and physical exams.                                                                                there is a           speaking to college students,           and they wonder if we’re in a
If an applicant does                                                                               huge need            sharpton has an innate ability to       recession?” To demonstrate his
not pass any tests                                                                                 for women            connect with any age group and          point, sharpton struck the issues
then they cannot do                                                                                to be in the         is in essence in-touch with the         closest to home, “…rising gas
any of the programs                                                                                agency.              community.                              prices…most people can’t even
in the agencies.                                                                                   There         are       The Reverend proceeded to            fill up their tank…lost jobs…” The
Applicants have to be                                                                              openings for         demonstrate what he felt were           solution was clear for sharpton.
marijuana-free for at                                                                              all minorities       vital issues facing the Democratic      “securing America, saving jobs,
least three years and                                                                              to apply. The        Party and their voters. For instance,   and pulling out of Iraq.” sharpton
clean at least 10 years                                                                            salary range         the possibilities of a delegate re-     received a round of applause for
for other drug usage.                                                                              is       about       vote in the states of Florida and       pointing out that America is in
There are many                                                                                     $40 - $50            Michigan was unacceptable to            Iraq, spending billions of dollars
benefits for Federal The first gathering before the fair                    photo by bruno niccoli
                                                                                                   thousand,            him. sharpton ran in the previous       monthly and yet there is not
employment; an agent gets job have to get some kind of entry-              depending on the level of the                presidential election and faced a       enough money left for the schools
stability, tuition reimbursement, level job…It is a chance of a            agent.                                       similar injustice. According to         and their faculty members.
insurance and much more. The lifetime to work for the FBI if you               “This event is good for BCC.             sharpton his experience in the               Throughout the event, there
only thing is that they are on call really want to do this job that is     Many students have degrees that              presidential elections was “less-       was no shortage of momentum
for 24 hours and they transfer the price you have to pay,” said            they’re doing certificate courses            than-fair.” His opposition with         whatsoever. As sharpton spoke
about 3 to 5 times throughout Cymbaluk.                                    in. This is an opportunity for them          the current presidential election       his passion and enthusiasm
their career.                          Kenny Charris, a freshman at        for the hiring process. For the              proceedings is just part of the         permeated the auditorium walls
   A United states secret Agent Florida Community College said,            younger BCC student who is just              fuel to his fire. His motives are to    and was genuinely felt with
Recruiter (Usss) said, “The “I have been pursuing this since               starting out, they can come in and           act now, encourage voters to step       students and faculty. In a signature
student applying can have an I was in the Marines. I got the               prepare themselves for the future.           up, and stop the “shenanigans”          style, sharpton delivered his
AA degree and yes they can be experience. It’s always a good               Agencies are looking to hire                 that are taking place within the        message his way and with no
working on their BA and apply 6 opportunity to start early.”               across the board. Johnson said               Democratic National Committee.          nonsense. sharpton concluded by
months prior to graduation. The        For    the      Federal   Law       to me, I am looking for people                  sharpton       gave     powerful     speaking directly to the students
hiring process may take up to enforcement Agencies, applicants             in every single one of these areas           examples of why we should               and answering any questions
one or two years. we are doing must commit 20 years of service.            that this college offers,” said              not sit back and not act on             they had. when that time came
our best to expedite the process The applicant can get in before           edgecombe.                                   these injustices. His examples          the students were a little timid,
and lately we have hired special they are 37 years old. when the                “To pursue employment with              included the lack of government         but eventually the questions
Agents and Uniformed Division agent turns 57 years old, they have          law enforcement you just need                involvement and action with the         streamed out. The Reverend was
Officers in less than one year. to retire. Usually a retiree would         one kind of a Bachelors degree. I            Hurricane Katrina relief effort,        asked about issues such as current
we have many requirements and go on to other fields and some               started out as a journalism major            the war in Iraq, and now the            affairs, the government, and
people do give up. However, if explore the field of education.             at UF in 1986. It is ironic that I           current Florida delegate fiasco.        even advice for future upcoming
you really want this job, nothing      “The agency sharpens your           picked journalism because any                As sharpton further addressed the       activists. He gladly addressed
should overwhelm your desires.” intuition and your street smarts.          kind of action you take arresting            Democratic National Committee           every question with a bold, to-
   Anna Aguiire, who attended The best option is to keep you out           someone you have to make lots of             (DNC), he referred to these             the-point manner.
the job fair, graduated from Nova of trouble. Once you step into the       reports. In a backwards way my               very concerns as “voter rights               each question and concern
in 2006. “I saw the advertisement federal government, you are not          major in journalism assisted me              issues.” Issues such as delegates       brought forth to sharpton was
on the street. The event was very only belonging to yourself, you          in my law enforcement career,”               having the majority of control          directly answered. each point was
informative. It’s hard to get into belong to the federal government.       said Terence J. Manweiler, senior            within DNC were only part of the        addressed without hesitation. His
the career of Criminal Justice,” somewhere along the line you              special Agent from ICe.                      problem. Sharpton specifically          speech and presence exceeded
she said.                           can shop, go to church or be at a          william Dovale, an alumnus               addressed that the idea of a            the expectations of students and
   There are paid internships stop light they might check up on            from BCC who is planning to                  redo was not initiated until after      teachers. so whether you agree
in washington D.C. for juniors you,” said Rivera.                          graduate this year from FIU,                 senator Barrack Obama took the          with Al sharpton’s politics and
and graduate students during           There is a misconception            who is majoring in international             Democratic lead in the election.        beliefs or not, the public doesn’t
the summer from June- August. about Federal Law enforcement                relations and economics said,                In slightly humorous fashion the        lie, his performance was greatly
Applicants that want to get Agencies. People think they                    “I’ve always been interested in law          reverend put his point across in        received and was, in short, a
                                                                                         enforcement. I used to         a different way, “…when the             success.
                                                                                         be in the Navy. A job
                                                                                         in law enforcement is
                                                                                         another way to serve
                                                                                         my country.”
                                                                                              “The              job
                                                                                         market right now
                                                                                         is in turmoil,” said
                                                                                         edgecombe. “Next
                                                                                         year, we can be
                                                                                         looking at 40 agencies.
                                                                                         They are looking to
                                                                                         replace people that
                                                                                         are retiring. They are
                                                                                         looking to expand the
                                                                                         agencies. They need
                                                                                         support staff now.
                                                                                         This is an excellent
                                                                                         time to get into the
                                                                                         career. Once you are            Al Sharpton being interviewed by radio                 photo by bruno niccoli

                                                                                                                         and TV stations after his speeach.
                                                                                         in, you are there for
 The F.B.I. had one of the most visited stands                   photo by bruno niccoli
           The Observer                                                                   News                                                                  March 24, 200

cost for name change could affect college budget
    continued from page 1             won’t change any of the bronze         Coincidently, unrelated to the submitted the name change              the money could be realized in
                                      plaques on any of the buildings name change issue, Printz said proposal to the legislature as part           PeCO (Public education Capital
                                      either because those are date the college is currently putting out of HB 1409. According to the              Outlay) dollars,” he said. “Those
    approximately $50,000 was         sensitive so we wouldn’t change Requests for Quotes (RFQ) for a website            www.myfloridahouse.       are remodeling dollars we get
spent for a study over a four month   them,” she added. “If the cost of college-wide signage initiative. com the bill was filed by Bogdanoff       from the state.”
period culminating at the end of      this change is $1,000 I’ll eat my “Fortunately that is occurring on March 3 and on March 7 the                   Pennell said other revenues
April of 2006. The initiative was     hat,” she chuckled.                                                                   bill was transferred   for the name change would come
an attempt to elevate the image          Printz said that in         “WiTh budgeT cuTs cOMing…We’ve                         to the schools &       out of the regular college budget.
of BCC and how the college was        her opinion, if the name had TWO This year and We’ll prObably Learning Council.                              “As I said before, all of those
perceived by the community it         is changed to Broward           have a Third, and a cuT fOr nexT                      If it is approved      things have not been figured out
serves, specifically to increase      College, the logo would       year…and ThaT May nOT be iT, This is                    it will become         at this time. I do know that this
enrollment.                           not have to be re-            nOT a parTicularly gOOd TiMe TO be                      effective July 1,      would be an integration process,
    Printz said if the name change    designed. “The way it        suppOrTing a naMe change buT, if We                      2008.                  not an immediate change. Like
is approved by the legislature and    is designed, you really                 need TO, We need TO.”                             BCC        Chief   all things in life, if you’re going
by the BCC Board of Trustees the      have to look closely             -bill pennel bcc chief financial                     Financial Officer      to make a change you’re going to
administration plans to integrate     at it to notice the two                         Officer                               Bill Pennell said      have to pay for it,” he said.
the name change in the most           ‘C’s, so I think it could                                                             that as far as he          “with budget cuts coming…
cost effective manner possible.       really remain the same, which over the next couple of months knows no one has sat down and                   we’ve had two this year and we’ll
“we will not throw out anything       would save us a lot of money,” so by the time we get the answer laid out the costs associated with           probably have a third, and a cut
we have currently. For instance,      she said. “I don’t see any graphic back (on the RFQ) we will know the name change. “The money for            for next year…and that may not
our stationary, we will use our       hurdles that we have to leap to get whether or not the name change the change would have to come             be it, this is not a particularly
stationary until we get so low that   where we need to be if the Board will take place,” she said.          out of the college’s budget in         good time to be supporting a
we need to re-print, then we will     decides to change the name of the      Representative           ellyn different areas. If we have to make    name change but, if we need to,
make the change,” she said. “we       college.”                            Bogdanoff (R, District 91) has changes in major assets some of          we need to,” Pennell added.
March 24, 2008                                                                             Features                                                                    The Observer                 

Cool jeans from L.L. Cool J circuit exercise
L.L. CooL J teams up with maCy ’s to kiCk off his new CLothing Line.                                                              C i r C u i t i s a n e w wa y t o w o r k o u t.

Jerilyn De los rios                                                                                they will.                  Kenia Lizama                               Circuit training classes consist
ContrIbutInG WrIter                                                                                    During his visit        Contributing Writer                    of about 8-12 stations. These
                                                                                                   and launch of his                                                  are usually completed for 30-90
    Hip hop legend LL                                                                              men’s clothing line,            Circuit training has been          seconds with 30-90 seconds rest
Cool J arrived at the                                                                              smith reassured the         traditionally used as an effective     between each station.
Macy’s in aventura                                                                                 ladies that there time      way to develop both strength               However, choose only one
on March 1, for the                                                                                is soon to come; the        and      cardiovascular      fitness   at a time. a total of one to three
south Florida launch                                                                               women’s line is still       simultaneously, as mentioned in        circuits are typical with two to
of his new self named                                                                              in the works. He went       the book Designing Resistance          three minutes rest between each
clothing line todd                                                                                 on to explain that they     Training Programs by Fleck SJ          circuit, as recommended by
smith.                                                                                             are still testing certain   and Kraemer WJ.                        personal trainer Will Gilyard from
    smith is the latest                                                                            materials and want              As defined by Curves, “circuit     Gold’s Gym in Miami Lakes, Fl.
high profile celebrity                                                                             the women to feel as        training is a short burst of               Gilyard says that this type of
to be added to the                                                                                 comfortable in the          resistance exercise using moderate     training can be versatile and it
wide range of talents                                                                              line as the men feel in     weights and frequent repetitions,      moves quickly because you’re
and brands to be                                                                                   their stylish jeans and     followed quickly by another burst      going from one exercise to another
offered at Macys.                                                                                  foil designed shirts.       of exercise targeting a different      instead of doing continuous
Others to be noted                                                                                     to check out the        muscle group                           cardio or straight set training with
include usher with                                                                                 clothing line you               Circuit classes are popular        weights.
his fragrance line,                                                                                can visit Macy’s in         in gyms and with non-athletes              “the person exercising can
Jessica simpson with                                                                               Aventura, or stop by        because of the variety they offer      do all strength circuits, all cardio
her female products                                                                                  over continuous exercises, such        circuits or a mixture of the two
of purses, shoes and                                                                                   With the women’s        as running and cycling. However,       for a challenging, calorie-burning
clothing, as well as                                                                               line being released         circuit training is not a form of      workout. What makes this
Sean Combs with                                                                                    around april, a new         exercise but it relates to how an      workout effective is that it tones
his very well known                                                                                CD on its way, and          exercise session is structured. a      the body and melts off the fat
line of clothing, sean                                                                             live      concerts     at   circuit session consists of a series   because of the pace it’s done at”,
John.                                                                                              universal studios for       of exercises or stations performed     said Gilyard.
    The visit by Smith L.L. Cool J posing with a fan.                 Photo by JeriLyn de Los rios Mardi Gras, there is        in succession with minimal rest            since the exerciser switches
brought more than 200                    families can afford.                                      no doubt that Smith,        intervals in between.                  between muscle groups, no rest
adoring fans; it brought a sense              “there’s a special feeling that “Is doin’ it, doin’ it, and doin’ it                 Completing a variety of            is needed between exercises.
of affordable style to the South you get… when you complete well.”                                                             resistance exercises and high          this gets the heart rate up, which
Florida scene. the todd smith a project and present it to the                                                                  intensity cardiovascular exercises     usually doesn’t happen during
line has been in the works for a world,” said smith.                                   ‘...Something hard                      in quick succession can improve        resistance exercise. sometimes,
little over five years.                       He has presented the world                working familieS                       both strength and endurance. For       to increase heart rate further,
    smith said he wanted to with a line whose symbol is                                                                        individuals short on time, three to    aerobics are sprinkled between
                                                                                               can afford.’
produce a line that was stylish, bravery and fearlessness He wants                                                             four brief 30-45 minute sessions       the resistance exercises Gilyard
comfortable and affordable... consumers to feel comfortable in                                  -l.l. cool J.                  per week is an effective way to        advises.
some thing that hard working his line, and has no doubts that                                                                  develop all-round fitness.
   10        The Observer                                                         FeaTures                                                                                      March 24, 2008

Hundreds of dollars spent
for the love of the sole
Igor Mello                           Jordans as he camped out on                                                                                                 working his regular job.
Staff Writer                         Jan. 21 until its release on                                                                                                    “I’ve been in this game for at
                                     Jan. 25 at Shoe Gallery in                                                                                                  least six to seven years now and
   In 1985, a young rookie from Miami.                                                                                                                           over the years I’ve picked up a
the Chicago Bulls, Michael              “It was a very limited shoe;                                                                                             few friends along the way. They
Jordan agreed to endorse a new it’s the craziest design ever,”                                                                                                   kind of like my audacity of staying
line of Nike shoes known as the said the sleepless Simprevil                                                                                                     outside and doing whatever I have
Air Jordan. Since then Nike and who has once spent $700 on                                                                                                       to do to get what I got to get,” said
the brand Jordan has not looked a pair of Air Jordan I, which                                                                                                    Antoine.
back. In fact, the support for these was only released in China.                                                                                                     The men on the campus aren’t
companies is shown all over the “The shoes are really light                                                                                                      the only ones collecting sneakers;
school’s campus.                     and comfortable. I haven’t                                                                                                  females have drawn in to the fad
   According to sophomore tried mine yet.”                                                                                                                       as well.
Frisnel Simprevil buying Jordan         According to sophomore,                                                                                                      “Basically, I just like the
sneakers is “an investment.” Kunal Bhathija, he plans                                                                                                            fashion of it. I don’t really follow
Simprevil has been in the sneaker to pay $1,000 for this rare                                                                                                    anybody I just like it,” said
game for eight years and owns shoe. Bhathija, who owns a                                                                                                         sophomore Jackie Anthony.
over 150 pairs of sneakers, only little over 90 pairs usually                                                                                                        Anthony, influenced by her
wearing about 50 of them. Due shops online and has once                                                                                                          brother in New York, has only
to kids skipping school to buy dished out $700 for a pair of                                                                                                     been in the sneaker game for three
these sneakers, Jordans are now Heineken Nike SB Dunks.                                                                                   Photo by: igor mello   years owning 43 pairs of sneakers,
                                                                        The collection of Jordan sneakers
normally released on a Saturday.        “My shoe game is crazy,                                                                                                  23 of them are Jordans. Anthony
On a normal release day, Simprevil nuts, ill, a lot of people                the game. I got love for sneakers.        on the Jordan Defining Moments            claims she is not into the sneaker
camps out at the mall from 2 a.m. have a lot of quantity but I feel I love the history behind it, just                 Package.                                  game as “hard” as she was in the
until the store opens, which tends as if I have a lot of quality, each everything about it,” said Bhathija.               Antoine does not buy shoes             past. Anthony tends to purchase
to be around 9 a.m.                  one of my 90 pairs is worth over “I go and show my face at certain                through the Internet. In fact,            sneakers that are not in her size
   On Jan. 25, the Jordan brand $200 each,” said Bhathija who sneaker events, I got love for the                       his strategy is to camp out the           and “flip” them for a profit.
released a one-of-a-kind, titanium hasn’t worn 20 of his 90 pair of game and the people show love                      evening before the release day                “Basically I waited in line
and university “My shOe gaMe is crazy, sneakers.                             back but I’m not involved in any          after the mall closes.                    for the black and green 13’s (Air
blue design of nuTs, ill, a lOT OF peOple                   B h a t h i j a groups, I do it for me.”                      “I’ve spent the night outside          Jordan). I stood in line for three
the Air Jordan have a lOT OF quanTiTy o c c a s i o n a l l y                    According to sophomore,               the mall knowing I have a                 hours and I knew they didn’t
XXIII.       This     buT i Feel as iF i have a          attends sneaker Woody Antoine, he owns almost                 felony,” said Antoine. “It was the        have it in my size so I waited in
exclusive shoe lOT OF qualiTy, each One c o n v e n t i o n s 200 pairs of sneakers; about 90 of                       craziest thing I’ve ever done. I          line and got them so I could flip
was released at       OF My 90 pairs is wOrTh            and has once them Jordans and 100 of them are                 spent enough nights out there to          them,” said Anthony.
the top 23 cities          Over $200 each,”              traveled        to Nikes. He keeps them anywhere              probably know that I do not want              Some do it for the love of the
in the nation;            -Kunal bhaThija                Seattle, WA for a from his bedroom, bed, closet and           to be a bum.”                             game, some do it for Michael
each store only                                          pair of exclusive underneath his computer desk.                  Antoine claims that he has             Jordan, some do it for the style
received 23 pairs and was sold at Seattle Sole Collector Air Max                 “Right now I could have had a         found many ways to earn money             and some do it for the hype, but
the retail price of $230.            95’s, which he claims to be very car, a very nice car, but I chose to             for his shoes such as “hustling           one thing is clear the sneaker trend
   Simprevil was determined to blessed for acquiring them.                   pick up my shoe game instead,”            dudes in basketball,” racing his          is definitely taking the world, and
add this sneaker to his arsenal of      “I do it for me. I got love for said Antoine who has spent $500                car, drawing for people and by            BCC by storm.

Faculty union still Frustrated Over contract
Buzz laMB                              Nycz, UFF/BCC President.              to be written into departmental           the college recently distributed          preeminent concern”
Staff Writer                               Nycz said the Board also          decision making, not just in a            the increase the Board approved.              Chun said that the two
                                       approved the increased healthcare     random manner. In the past,               “Since they have already given            negotiating teams would try to
    As soon as the faculty gets        out-of-pocket       co-pay     and    when someone transferred into             us our raise, I don’t really see the      finalize the implementation of
the final wording of the revised       benefit adjustments that were         a different department their              faculty voting it [the contract]          the remaining issues which are
contract there will be a vote to       recommended by the college’s          seniority level reverted to just          down because then they [the               at impasse at a meeting planned
ratify or deny. The protracted         health care task-force and she        before the new hires, one step            faculty] would have to give all of        for Friday (March 21). Results of
bargaining      efforts   of     the   added that there is supposed to       up from the very, very bottom,”           the money back and I don’t see            that meeting were not available
administration and the faculty         be an open enrollment period          she said. Nycz said most of the           them doing that” she said.                at press time. “It’s not done yet,
have been going on for nearly a        before the changes go into effect.    departments in the college now                According to Dr. Chun, not only       but most of the major items have
year. Negotiations with the BCC        “Unfortunately, we don’t have         realize that this is an unfair practice   did the college agree to the $1,000       been addressed,” Chun said prior
Chapter of the United Faculty          anything in writing in the contract   and are making adjustments                increase but, as a concession to          to the meeting.
of Florida (UFF/BCC) and BCC           or in policy concerning a health      accordingly, but added that there         UFF, they added a salary increase             According to an e-mail sent
Administration began in April of       care task force,” Nycz said.          is no definitive policy in place.         of two percent across-the-board           by UFF chief negotiator, Daniel
2007 and 14 negotiating sessions           J. David Armstrong, Jr.,              Dr. Chun said that there are          retroactive to July 1, 2007 as well.      Rieger, if the faculty approves
were held during the time period       President of BCC has indicated        two places in the current contract        Their original stance called for no       the contract then all of the
between April 12 and September         that he wants to continue a task-     which define seniority.           “We     adjustment to the salary schedule.        items tentatively agreed upon
17.                                    force and has asked Nycz to           actually agreed with the special          “Once the Board approved the              by the administration and UFF/
    The BCC Board of Trustees          submit names of faculty members       magistrate and UFF on that                salary increases, we wanted to            BCC, along with the Special
declared an impasse in mid-            willing to serve in that capacity.    point. He said we should have a           move as quickly as possible to            Magistrate’s recommendations
December and requested a Special       According to Dr. Chun, the            universal definition of seniority         make sure that our faculty had            (that were accepted by both
Magistrate to intervene in an          Board stated that the President       in the contact. Our solution              what they needed,” she said.              parties) and the two items imposed
attempt to resolve what appeared       currently has the authority to        is to adopt a definition that is              Chun went on to say that              by the Board will become part of
to be an insurmountable situation.     seat a health care task force and     consistent with those two existing        Candice Hunter, Maria Andre,              the contract. If the faculty votes
Dr. Edna Chun, VP Human                they felt it would not need to be     definitions,” she said. Chun said         Pauline Anderson and Shirley              to reject the contract then only the
Resources & Equity, said that          stated in policy or in the contract   that the college would prefer not         Hoefer unselfishly came back              two items imposed by the Board
the budget cuts mandated by the        since it already exists. According    to get involved in departmental           into the downtown office during           will become part of the contract
legislature have made this a very      to Chun, Trustee Paul Tanner          governance. “They [departments]           Spring Break to calculate the             for the remainder of the 2007-
difficult year for the negotiations.   rationalized the Board’s position     have the right to make those              raises retroactively so that the          2008 year.
    “The Board of Trustees met         by saying that possibly in future     decisions.”                               money would be in the paychecks               With sweeping budget cuts by
on March 12 and looked at              years there might be a national           According to Nycz, at their           on March 14. “If it wasn’t for the        the Florida Legislature affecting
the language that the Special          health care program so the Board      February 27, 2008 meeting the             tireless effort of those four ladies      the educational system the worst,
Magistrate had and they looked at      wanted to maintain flexibility to     Board of Trustees passed a one            we could not have gotten this             next year’s negotiations could
the language that we wanted and        adapt to change.                      time across-the-board base-               done so quickly. We owe them              become more contentious. And
in some cases they didn’t like any         Nycz said she feels one of        building salary hike of $1,000            a great deal of thanks,” she said.        guess what…negotiations for the
of it and in some cases they liked     the most egregious issues in the      for full-time faculty. Nycz said          “We were very anxious to get              next contract will begin again in
some of it so they kind of came        contract has to do with seniority.    she anticipates the contract will         people paid because this process          April and the ink will hardly be
in between,” lamented Debbie           “We wanted the seniority rule         be ratified by the faculty because        has been so long. That was our            dry on the old one.
MOnTh DD, 2008   Section title   The Observer   11
   12        The Observer                                                      entertainment                                                                                                    March

 Marley and Me filmed                                                                                        HEATHER COOPER And
                                                                                                             AnTHOny SEdlEy
                                                                                                             LAYOUT EDITOR AnD sTAff
                                                                                                                                                  Hot rod Show, and on thursday
                                                                                                                                                  through Saturday the Celtic
                                                                                                                                                  Bridge performs. Along with
                                                                                                                                                                                      various whiskey
                                                                                                                                                                                         the pub has o
                                                                                                                                                                                      a relaxing atm

 on hollywood beach
                                                                                                             wRITER                               good music, the eatery offers

                                                                                                                                                  the usual and more authentic
                                                                                                                 For those living in South        drinks that will not run
                                                                                                             Florida, there are a lot of places   up the bill.

                                                                                                             to go during holidays like St.          the pub has
GinA fERRO                              Wilson fan. During breaks, eric the story becomes                    Patrick’s Day, but sometimes         five dinning
COnTRIbUTIng wRITER                     Dane, of the hit television series, heartwarming        as           for even the most connected          rooms
                                        “Grey’s                exTras            marley loves                local those places grow boring.      along
    the weather could not be            a n a t o m y, ” swarMed The them and is an                          For cases like that, here are        with

                                                                                                                                               e? Nee
better to portray Florida’s tropical    was friendly                             important part              some places to check out during      a n
                                                         area fOr Their
climate. the sun is shining through     and willing                              of their growing            a night out on the town.
the palm trees and the wind             to        snap shOT aT being family.                                        The Field Irish Pub
blowing just enough to sway their       photos with       a parT Of The              S c e n e s                         and Eatery
branches above the boardwalk.           excited fans.    MOvie as early for               “Marley                the irish are stereotypically
Scenes from the family comedy,             Directed           as 6 a.M.          and me” will                known for their strong drinks
marley and me, starring Owen            by       David                           be         filmed           and musical jigs, but in the case
Wilson, Jennifer aniston, alan          Frankel, the movie is adapted throughout             South           of the Field, it is that and so
arkin and eric Dane, were being         from a memoir by John Grogan, Florida throughout                     much more. it is an irish pub
filmed at Nicks Bar and Grill on        who tells of life with his neurotic May      28,     2008.           and eatery for those who like
Hollywood Beach on March 12.            dog, Marley. The film is about a For           additional            dark mood lighting, unique
the restaurant has been used in         couple that wants to have children information on how                décor, delicious ethnic food and
other films like “Body Heat,” and       so they get a dog first to adjust, to become and extra               good music.
“It’s All About the Benjamins.”         but he proves to be a nuisance in the film, contact                      Located on the north side of
“We are always corporative and          making them wonder if they could Casting          Director           Griffin Road in Dania Beach,

willing to help when approached         handle the task of being parents. Lori Wyman, 305-                   The Field is an easy to find
about filming at our location,”         When the children actually come, 354-3901.                           place, although parking maybe
says robert Ferro,                                                                                           another issue. On the weekends,
co-owner.                                                                                                    it is hard to find an empty table
    e x t r a s
swarmed the area
for their shot at
                                                                                                             because of not only the food
                                                                                                             and drinks, but also of the local
                                                                                                             band called, Celtic Bridge.
                                                                                                                                                  patio     area
                                                                                                                                                                    H o
being a part of the                                                                                          People can enjoy a hearty meal       where a guest
movie as early as                                                                                            of shepherd’s pie, Gaelic steak,     can enjoy their own
6 a.m. although                                                                                              or drunken chicken and enjoy         swing upon request. Other
they only serve                                                                                              traditional irish ballads.           popular dishes on the menu are
as a delightful                                                                                                  Fortunately, this pub doesn’t    their famous irish potato soup,
backdrop,       and                                                                                          just provided entertainment          irish sausage rolls, bangers and    service that e
paid $100 a day                                                                                              on the weekends. On tues. the        mash, and the corn beef and         singles out to dr
and free lunch, the                                                                                          pub features Joe Dougherty &         cabbage. Of course Guinness         or those on a fam
chance to be seen                                                                                            Padraic Keane. rod Stewart           is overstocked and available,       enjoy.
in a major film is                                                                                           impressionists perform every         but the pub also offers other              Ye Olde
rewarding enough.                                                                                            Wednesday in a show called the       authentic beers such as Harp and              and R
“It’s cool just to
be around and see
how things are
done on a real set,”
said nicole Otero,                                               PhOTO COURTEsY Of sOUThERnTRAvELnEws.COm
                        A view of Hollywood Beach after its recent renovations.
an extra and huge

viva las vegas via the
hardrock casino
The Seminole hardrock hoTel and caSino geTS new
VegaS STyle SloTS.
                                        non- “This is good for our players,   Governor         Christ
jERilyn dE lOS RiOS                     good for the Seminole tribe and       signed a compact
COnTRIbUTIng wRITER                     good for the State of Florida.”       agreement with the                                                                                 PhOTO bY AnThOnY sEDLEY.

                                           While driving down the             Seminole tribe of
    On Jan. 29 at 11:30 a.m. the        turnpike, there are billboards that   south Florida not
Seminole Hard rock Casino
opened its doors to a new type of
                                        the casino has implemented to
                                        enlighten and make you aware,
                                        that our new friends, the Vegas
                                                                              allowing players of ages 20 and
                                                                              minor to participate in the Class
                                                                              iii Slots.
                                                                                                                      differences are not visible.”
                                                                                                                         Vegas Class III slots are games
                                                                                                                      played against the house, the
                                                                                                                                                            step up n
    earlier this year, on Jan. 7, an                style slots, are to only      this is not to be confused with     casino itself. On the other hand,
approval by the U.S. Department                       be played by patrons    the idea that 18 year olds can no       Bingo Class II Slots are player       d’AndRA mCinTOSH                       Chase
of the interior made way for                            of 21 years of age.   longer play slots.                      versus player style games. the        sTAff wRITER                           Hoffm
the ordering of 15,000 Vegas                                 Last       year      the younger generations of          more physical changes include                                                star w
style slots. With the                                                         risk takers are still allowed to        the Bingo card at the top of the         The sequel to the 2006              to bre
first shipment of                                                                                     come       in   screen when playing the Class         summer hit, “Step Up 2: The            his mo
1,000 Vegas style                                                      “This is gOOd fOr and play the                 two slots. The Vegas Style slots      Streets” delivers intense dancing      come
slots arriving in                                                     Our players, gOOd Bingo Slot                    do not have this feature.             far outdoing its predecessor           form
time for the spring                                                   fOr The seMinOle machines in                       if one is worried on whether       (though that’s not really saying       talente
break holiday.                                                        Tribe and gOOd                  which they      they are using a Vegas style slot     much).                                 to c
    the      machines                                                fOr The sTaTe Of                 have always     or not don’t fear, the casino has        Newcomer Briana Evigan              Baltim
will     be     dispersed                                                   flOrida.”                 enjoyed. in     taken the liberty of posting a sign   stars as andie West, a new             rawest
through the 145,000                                                - MiTchell cypress,                addition 18     that states “must be 21 to play       student at the prestigious             dancin
square foot casino,                                                 vice-presidenT Of                 year olds are   machines”.                            maryland School of the arts            Streets
including both                                                        seMinOle Tribe                  more than          as of today the Casino only        (MSA). Andie struggles to fit in       her fo
the new high                                                                 flOrida                  welcome         offers Vegas Style slots to patrons   while still trying to be herself,      410,
limit gaming                                                                                          to also play    21 years and older, and for the       do her own thing and follow            older
room and the                                                                                          poker.          more youthful audience of 18 to       her dream of dancing with an           directo
smoking area.                              after getting in contact               What is the difference between      20 years, if you’d like to try your   underground Baltimore street           must
    “Jan. 29 will be a historic day     with a Seminole Hard rock the two styles of slots? according                  hand with lady luck, you are still    crew.                                  everyo
for the Seminole tribe,” said           Spokesperson Gary Bitner, he to Gary Bitner, the Seminole Hard                welcome to bet with Poker and            Catching the eye of the             “It’s n
Chairman mitchell Cypress.              explained that in the later part of   rock Spokesperson, ”the basic           Bingo style slots.                    school’s hottest hip-hop dancer,       you’re
  h 24, 2008                                                                                  entertainment                                                                  The Observer                  13

 ys.                     Ye old Falcon Pub and                   over double its size and created
                                                                                                          St. Patrick’s Day to become a
                                                                                                          national holiday?
 of entertainment,    Restaurant is a British pub                a menu to match. Popular dishes
 mosphere, good       made specifically for the beer             are the fish and chips platter and

A Ne
                      enthusiast. they serve on tap              the Scottish meat pie. Some of
                       over 30 different beers and               the many authentic beers they                                                      site     proposition317.
                              over a 130 domestic                offer are Franziskaner, Spaten           jERilyn dE lOS RiOS                       com/stpats.html, has
                                  and imported in the            Oktoberfest and Yuengling.               COnTRIbUTIng wRITER                       only allowed people
                                      bottle.                        even thought the pub now                                                       who are 21 and over
                                             Beside a            has new ownership, the quality              making St. Patrick’s Day a             to sign the petition.
                                            surplus              and experience of the Falcon             national holiday has been the             the petition was also
                                              of beer            pub hasn’t changed. the                  current goal of the Guinness Beer         available at liquor

                                                 and             food is still amazing and that           Corporation.                              stores and bars.
                                                                 atmosphere is just as inviting.             the idea is for Guinness to                Guinness      could
                                                                 the Ye Olde Falcon Pub &                 receive a million signatures so           not     provide     any
                                                                 restaurant is a great place to go        they can present the petition             further     information
                                                                 with friends.                            to Congress lobbying for St.              on Proposition 3-17,

                                                                        Playwright Irish Pub              Patrick’s Day to be a legal national      due to their social
                                                                              and Eatery                  holiday. the campaign is called           responsibility code, in
                                                                     Written into the books as            Proposition 3-17.                         which they state, “We do
                                                                 one of South Beach’s most                   the Guinness corporation has           not supply merchandise,
                                                                 popular, and only authentic              handled the petition in a mature          marketing         materials,
                                                                 pub, the Playwright irish Pub            and professional manner. the              literature, or company
                                                                 and restaurant has no problem                                                      and brand information for
                                                                 standing out among the sea of                                                      any of our adult beverage
                                                                 trendy bars and modern clubs.                                                      products       to    private
                                                                      inside you can’t help but                                                     individuals or parties where
                                                                 notice the stained glass inserts                                                   there may be potential
                                                                 on the rich wooden bar. this                                                       underage consumers as
                                                                 restaurant’s menu features the                                                     with college and university/
      ri                                        good
                                                                 traditional irish foods such as
                                                                 corned beef and cabbage, and
                                                                 fish and chips.
                                                                                                                                                    institution attendees.”         that will, ironically,
                                                                                                                                                        Here’s to you Guinness, for affect us all. Down the
                                                                                                                                                    responsibly making decisions hatch!
        n                                  t h e                     aside from its great looks,

                                                                                                          From Alpha to Caliente
                                         pub     also            you can catch sports from the
                                     has       plenty            United Kingdom at this bar.
                                 of    entertainment.            On any popular night, expect
                             every mon. the pub host             Playwright to be crowded,
                                                                                                           The miami heaT ’S SeaSon haS a number of fun Themed gameS.
                      a karaoke night, and they have             especially for sporting events
                      the NFL Ticket on DirecTV,                 such as soccer matches featuring         AndRES lOPEz                           them the fan favorite among     called Greek night. at this
 everyone, from       so the important game is never             manchester United or arsenal.            sTAff wRITER                           thousands who helped them       game fans who purchase
 rink for the night   missed.                                    When these clubs are playing,                                                   get crowned in 2007 as the      group tickets in Uptown, will
  mily outing, can       the Falcon Pub, located                 all the televisions in the pub               every year for daylight            NBA’s favorite dance team       receive the group discounted
                      on University Drive in Davie,              will be tuned into the match and         saving time, we are told to            according to           price of $25 dollars a ticket
  Falcon Pub          started out as a simple bar in             you can hear the crowd singing           move our clocks an hour                    During this outing, fans    and it will include a pre-
 Restaurant           1989, and since then has grown             the team’s song in unison.               ahead and thus we are able             felt the enormous sound         game social that starts at
                                                                                                          to appreciate a little more            speakers of various styles of   6:30 p.m. and contains free
                                                                                                          sunshine out of the day.
                                                                                                          it appears that this season
                                                                                                          the miami Heat are also
                                                                                                          hoping for a little sunshine
                                                                                                          of their own and have
                                                                                                          decided to take steps to
                                                                                                          make that a reality. One
                                                                                                          of the most notable moves
                                                                                                          the miami Heat made
                                                                                                          recently was to bring in
                                                                                                          new talent to their line up.
                                                                                                          it is with that same trend of
                                                                                                          creating new opportunities
                                                                                                          for fans to enjoy, that the                                                       PhOTO bY DEnIs bAnCROfT

                                                                                                          Heat was able to bring in Heat dancers spicing things up.
                                                                                                          large crowds to see a season Latin music such as merengue              food available to those who
                                                                                                          full of theme nights that made and regueton. the Heat have             wear the specific wrist band
                                                                                                          thousands roar while watching designated a special area for            that will identify them as part
                                                               PhOTO COURTEsY Of PLAYwRIghTIRIshPUb.COm
                                                                                                          the game.                        fans to get the most of these         of the attendees for Greek
                                                                                                              this season there have fun fill nights, and that area is           night. along with free food,
                                                                                                          been nights that have ranged called Uptown. in Uptown all              the residents of Uptown will

needs to step down                                                                                        from military Heroes’ night sorts of great magical things
                                                                                                          and Dare Program night all seem to unexpectedly happen.
                                                                                                          the way to Caribbean night Some of these great things are
                                                                                                                                                                                 be entertained by a live dj
                                                                                                                                                                                 and have the opportunity to
                                                                                                                                                                                 compete in contests at the
                                                                                                          and Latin night. most recently the occasional appearances              social. it is being called a
 e Collins (robert                               it’s where you’re           a good trailer can make      the Heat had one of their of the Hoop troop and Heat                   Greek night for the many
 man), a rising                                     at.”                     a mediocre movie seem        most exciting                                      Dancers             sororities and fraternities
 who’s looking                                           the      movie,     so much cooler.              themed nights This seasOn There during which                           housed at South Florida
  eak out of                                          though filled with         the       soundtrack,    yet. they held,        have been nighTs            they      have      Colleges. those in attendance
  old, the two                                        an indisputably        however, was both            on two separate       ThaT have ranged been known                      are encouraged to wear their
                                                                                                                                   frOM MiliTary
    together to                                       talented cast, is a    sweet, fun and a must-       occasions, what          herOes’ nighT,            to handout          Greek jerseys to that Friday
    a crew of                                         walking, talking       download. the dancing        they call Latin         all The way TO             all kinds of        night game. the Heat have
  ed     misfits                                      and        dancing     is break-dancing at its      night in which         caribbean nighT             giveaways.          even set up something that
 compete in                                         cliché. the tale of      most modern and best         the entire night       and laTin nighT.               now if the       continues the fun, which is
 more’s biggest,                                 an outsider trying to       and showcases how            had the vibe                                       cliché is true,     the deal that 10% of the of the
  t         street-                              fit in, asking for one      far and how young and        that made the tropical juices the Heat’s past season history           proceeds of the amount that
 ng battle, “The                                 last chance to prove        diverse the genre has        flow with an invigorating is a good indicator of what                  is a purchased from a group
  s”. Going against                               their worth has been       become. But it would         immersion of passion.            the future will bring. it should      will be donated to a charity
  ormer crew, the                                 used over and over         really be the only reason        it was obvious to see be a pleasurable experience                  in honor of the organization.
     and Chase’s                                  again that it no           to see the movie. there is   such passion being displayed to see the next theme night      seems that on April 11th
    brother/dance                                 longer really tugs at      no witty script or heart-    throughout the night, especially and what will happen to all           many will be saying Opa to a
  or,     andie                                    those heart-strings       wrenching       romance,     as the miami Heat dancers those who attend. At 7:30                    good time!
     prove to                                       and brings out           but there is gritty and      danced to the contagious p.m. in the american airlines                    tickets can be purchased
  one that                                             sympathy. the         vaguely memorable hip-       beat of Shakira’s “My Hips Arena on April 11th, the Heat               directly through Group
 not where                                              film is a perfect    hop dancing to make          Don’t Lie,” showcasing the face the memphis Grizzlies                  Sales representatives adam
 e from.                     PhOTO COURTEsY kOmOTv.COm  indicator of how     this movie enjoyable .       dance moves that have made at home on what is being                    Ramos at 786-777-4289.
14   The Observer   MOnTh DD, 2008
March 24, 2008   ComiCs and Puzzles   The Observer   15
16   The Observer   cOMics and puzzles   March 24, 2008
MOnTh DD, 2008   Section title   The Observer   17
   18       The Observer                                                        spOrTs                                                                        March 24, 2008

 Miami heat places all hopes in the draft
Anthony Sedley
Staff Writer                         usually takes place in the fourth   of 30 teams who failed to make     least amount of wins get a higher   one pick in the June 26 draft.
                                     week of May, consists of the 14     the playoffs. The teams with the   chance at securing the number           Beasley, also a freshman
    Can the Miami Heat get a do                                                                                                                 planning on leaving early, is
over for the season?                                                                                                                            considered by many ESPN and
    Their hopes of reaching the                                                                                                                 NCAA analysts, to be the best
postseason this year were shot                                                  Michael Beasley 6’10 235lbs                                     player to be entering the draft
down months before the All-Star                                                 Forward - Kansas State - Freshman                               this June. Starting at the forward
break, and with head coach and                                                  26.5 ppg, 12.4 rpg, .389 3point%, 1.2apg                        position, the 6-foot-10 Beasley
team President Pat Riley taking                                                                                                                 has averaged 26.5 points per
time away from his coaching                                                                                                                     game, 12.4 rebounds per game
duties to set out and scout the                                                                                                                 and shooting around 400 percent
top NCAA college basketball                                                     Eric Gordon, 6’4 215lbs                                         from beyond the three-point arch.
these past few weeks, the only                                                  Guard - Indiana - Freshman                                      In late February, Beasley had 44
real murmur that seems to be                                                                                                                    points and three rebounds in a six
                                                                                21.3 ppg, 3.3rpg, .347 3point%, 2.5apg
surrounding this franchise is,                                                                                                                  point loss to Baylor.
“who will the Heat take with their                                                                                                                  If Miami chooses to draft
first pick in the NBA draft?”                                                                                                                   Beasley, where does this
    In past weeks Riley left the                                                                                                                leave current Heat forward
team for a few days and traveled                                                                                                                Udonis Haslem? Does the Heat
to State College, Penn., to see                                                 Derrick Rose 6’3 205lbs                                         organization kick Haslem to the
Indiana prospect Eric Gordon.                                                   Guard - Memphis - Freshman                                      curb, or do they keep the man
The 6-foot-4 freshman shooting                                                  13.9 ppg, 4.2 rpg, .337 3point%, 4.5apg                         from the 2006 championship
guard, is projected by many                                                                                                                     team as a mentor for the young
sports analysts to be taken in the                                                                                                              Beasley?
NBA lottery behind Kansas State                                                                                                                     What if Miami decides to go
Michael Beasley, and Memphis                                                                                                                    the other route and draft Gordon?
guard Derrick Rose.                                                                                                                             What then happens to the injury
    “Help is on the way,” Heat                                                  O.J. Mayo 6’5 200lbs                                            prone Wade? Gordon and Wade
guard Dwyane Wade said in an                                                    Guard - USC – Freshman                                          both play the number two point
ESPN interview.                                                                 20.8 ppg, 4.6 rpg, .408 3point%, 3.3apg                         guard position on the floor, but
    The help better be very, very                                                                                                               it is almost guaranteed that the
good. With superstar Wade                                                                                                                       Heat would let their star player go
done for the season the Heat                                                                                                                    free for an unproven 20-year-old
is desperately searching for                                                                                                                    rookie.
answers.                                                                        Kevin Love 6’10 271lbs                                              Whichever way the ping pong
    The Heat has the best chance                                                                                                                balls will bounce in late May, the
                                                                                Center - UCLA – Freshman
at getting the number one pick                                                                                                                  Heat is determined to right this
overall in the NBA lottery with
                                                                                17.1 ppg, 10.6 rpg, 1.1bpg, 1.9 apg                             ship and direct it towards another
just 12 wins. The lottery, which                                                                                                                NBA Championship.
March 24, 2008                                                                            SportS                                                             The Observer                  19

Grab your brackets March Madness is here
Igor Mello                            Washington State (24-8). Among        number three seed Stanford (26-           region are West Virginia led by       that advanced to the final last
Staff Writer                          those powerhouses, this region        7), who were also runner up in the        the nation’s hottest player Joe       year; ohio State and Florida
                                      also include Cinderella teams         Pac 10. University of Miami also
    Let the madness begin! It’s       such as Butler, which merely lost     showcased in the South region
March and that can only mean          three games this entire season and    as the seventh seed. this is the
one thing; grab your pencils and      George Mason who defied all the       Hurricanes sixth appearance
start filling out your brackets       critics again and captured another    and the first trip to the big dance
because the NCCA tournament           Colonial Athletic Association         since 2002.
is now upon us. 31 teams have         title. The Patriots pulled off one of     Kansas       (31-3)      earned
punched their tickets to the big      the greatest upsets in the NCAA       the number one seed in the
dance through an automatic bid        tournament as they advanced all       Midwest region by defeating
and there were only 34 at-large       the way to the Final Four.            texas in the Big 12 tournament.
bids remaining to complete the            the Memphis tigers (33-1)         The Jayhawks, are paired with
field of 65.                          led by freshmen guard Derrick         number two seed Georgetown
    North Carolina (32-2) led         rose won its third consecutive        and      number       three    seed
by the gutsy forward Tyler            Conference USA Tournament,            Wisconsin, who won the Big
Hansbrough,                                                                              10         conference.
won the ACC                                                                              the Cinderellas in
tournament                                                                               this region include
and thus was                                                                             Gonzaga, Southern
awarded the                                                                              Cal (led by freshmen
number one                                                                               o.J. Mayo) and                                                              Photo courteSy of neWSday.coM
                                                                                                                      North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough (center)
overall seed                                                                             Kansas State (led
as they were                                                                             by another freshmen          Alexander. Another team on an         were snubbed out of the dance.
placed in the                                                                            Michael Beasley, who         unprecedented run is Georgia.         This marks the first time since
East region,                                                                             has been rumored to              the Bulldogs were last in         1980 that the finalists from the
as        they                                                                           be the number one            the SEC with a 17-16 overall          previous year failed to reach the
will      play                                                                           pick in the NBA Draft        record and only 4-12 in the           tournament the next year.
in raleigh,                                                                              this year).                  conference. Remarkably, Georgia           Among the bubbles that were
NC. the tar                                                                                  the number one           won four consecutive games,           burst were Virginia tech (19-
Heels have                                                                               seed in the West             including two in one day as the       13), Arizona State (19-12) and
managed to                                                                               region was awarded to        city of Atlanta was damaged by        Syracuse (19-13). Kentucky,
win it all 11                                                                            the pac 10 champions         severe thunderstorms including        Baylor, Kansas State and St.
out of the last                                 Photo courteSy of SPortS.eSPM.Go.coM     UCLA (31-3). The             a possible tornado that ripped        Josephs are among the last four
                 Joey Dorsey showing the trophy
16 times they                                                                            Bruins appear to be in       through the Georgia Dome on           teams that sneaked in to the big
have won the ACC tournament.       earning the number one seed in the toughest bracket as they are                    March 14. Georgia captured its        dance.
    the East region is also the South region. the tigers are paired with second seed Duke,                            first ever SEC tournament since          the Final Four will be held in
highlighted by second seeded surrounded by number two seed an upstart third seed Xavier                               1983.                                 San Antonio, tX and ironically
tennessee (29-4), third seeded Texas (28-6), which finished and fourth seed Connecticut.                                  Due to Georgia crashing into      on April 5 and not in the month
Louisville (24-8) and fourth seed second overall in the Big 12, and Other teams to watch for in this                  the big dance, the two schools        of March.

  Florida Panthers finally hunting for playoffs
Anthony Sedley
Staff Writer                          Anderson stopped 25 of 27 shots             the flopping Philadelphia Flyers    also behind two teams fighting for    division rivals, play each other
                                      against the pittsburgh penguins             who are losing grasp on the         the final playoff spot. The Buffalo   two more times before the season
    Hey! Florida Panthers, knock it   on March 6. “I think a lot of the           last playoff spot in the Eastern    Sabres also have 79 points and        ends. Whichever team wins these
off! Or else we might need to start   credit has to go to Craig Anderson          Conference. The Panthers are two    the Washington Capitals have          two games will most likely be the
paying some attention to you.         because when we started this                points behind the slumping Flyers   78 points. the panthers and           deciding factors for which team
    the Florida panthers are in       streak, he basically won a couple           with 78 points. the panthers are    Capitals, who happen to be            makes it into the postseason.
playoff contention.                   of games by himself,” Vokoun
    Yes, the Florida panthers.        said, in an interview with the
The South Florida professional        Miami Herald, “Both games we
hockey team everyone seems to         won 1-0. He played unbelievably
ignore has a good shot at making      both games. playing well or not,
it into NHL postseason this year.     we won those games, and it kind
Anchored by stellar play in the       of jump-started the whole team.”
net by goalie Craig Anderson, the        Hopefully those wins created a
panthers are riding a seven game      big enough jump start to continue
winning streak.                       the current winning streak and
    Anderson replaced the usual       end the season on a high note,
starting goalie, Tomas Vokoun,        making the playoffs. Something
after he started having trouble       the panthers haven’t done since
keeping the pucks out of the          2000.
Panthers net. After shutting out         With a big win against the
the Boston Bruins and New York        Atlanta trashers last Sunday, the
Islanders earlier this month,         panthers are gaining ground on

Tomas Vokoun deflects a shot                    Photo courteSy
   20       The Observer                                                           spOrTs                                                                              March 24, 2008

  seahawks basketball wins conference title
Igor Mello
Staff Writer                          the team finished off the season      game-high 25 points, followed        percent and Peterson had a career     Hofstra, an NCAA Division I
                                      23-8, they were seeded seventh        by Devon Peterson with 21            game with 33 points, they shot        university, is the largest private
    For the first time since 2004,    out of the tournament’s eight         points and Szabo with three vital    poor from the three-point line        school on Long Island, NY.
the Seahawks Men’s Hoops team         teams.                                blocks.                              at 25 percent and from the free-         “I learned to go out there and
has been crowned the champions           “We have a pretty talented            “We’re talented and unselfish.    throw stripes shooting a lousy 50     be a man because sooner or later
of the Southern Conference as they    team,” said the Hungarian             We play together, there’s a lot      percent.                              all of this is going to end and
defeated Miami-Dade College           forward/center Szabo, who led the     of teams out there that can score       “Don’t forget these kids are       education is most important,”
on the road in Kendall 69-65.         nation in rebounding with over 15     but we have a lot of talent,” said   going to be moving on to the next     said Dennison, who will be going
Sophomore’s Tony Dennison and         boards per game. “It has surprised    guard Dennison.                      level, so my job is to make sure      to his hometown Long Island, NY
Miklos Szabo led the team with        me that we lost eight games.”            The humble Seahawks were          they get it done in the classroom     after attending high school there.
20 points while Szabo cleaned the        The Seahawks tipped off their      one game away from the FCAA          and here, the harder they work,          Although the Seahawks were
boards with 18 rebounds.              campaign at the State Tournament      Final as they reached the final      the harder they’ll become,” said      one game away from reaching
    The Coach Robert Starkman,        in Mariana, FL March 5 as they        four.                                Coach Starkman.                       the tournament final, they should
who is in his seventh season as the   overcame an eight-point halftime         Unfortunately they were              There is no doubt that Coach       have five returning freshmen
Head Coach of the Men’s team,         deficit, three ties and nine lead     outmatched by the second ranked      Starkaman’s preaching has made        including center Greg Laffin, Or
has won his third conference title    changes to sneak past fourth          Okaloosa Walton College, which       an aspect to where the sophomores     Shaltiel, Eric Rodriguez, Jamaal
(third in six years) and punched      ranked Polk CC and advance to         has only lost 3 times this season,   have decided to transfer to as        Bryant and Devon Peterson who
his ticket to the FCCAA State         the semifinals 78-73.                 95-74.                               Dennison and Szabo have both          put up 33 points in his last game
Basketball Tournament. Although          Dennison led the pack with a          While the team shot 46            committed to Hofstra University.      as a freshmen.

 Lady hoops sneak their way in to states
Igor Mello                            Conference tiebreaker game at               “Our little girl (Sierra DeJesus) “This builds our confidence way       The           Lady       Seahawks
Staff Writer                          the central campus gym.                 came in and played very well and high for States.”                       Cinderella season unfortunately
                                         “It is tough to beat a team          hit a key three,” said freshman          The players feel confident on   came up short in Mariana, FL as
   A roller coaster 12-17 season      three times, the girls never gave       guard Jordan Hamilton                                                                          they lost their
that included a 2-12 start to the     up, even after being down early in      who scored 12 points in                                                                        opening game
season, a six-game losing streak,     the game,” said Head Coach Scott        the tiebreaker game. “She                                                                      to Seminole
a five-game winning streak and        Hermansen who orchestrated the          played as hard as she could                                                                    CC 92-52. The
six games decided by merely           turnaround for the squad this           today.”                                                                                        ladies allowed
six points or less gave the Lady      season. “They started hitting               Although the ladies                                                                        over 90 points
Seahawks Basketball team the          some shots, and kept their three        played most of their                                                                           for only the
last spot in the FCCAA State          point shooters from shooting, that      home games on North                                                                            third time this
Tournament in Mariana, FL.            was the difference.”                    Campus        this     season,                                                                 season and for
                                                                                     they have managed                                                                       the first time
                                                                                     to be undefeated                                                                        since      Dec.
                                                                                     in all of their five                                                                    7.     Cherizol
                                                                                     games in George E.                                                                      led the team
                                                                                     Mayer Gymnasium                                                                         with 14 points
                                                                                     at Central Campus.                                                                      and        eight
                                                                                     The players feel                                                                        rebounds.
                                                                                     superstitious towards                                                                       The ladies
                                                                                     this       home-court                                                                   fell     behind
                                                                                     advantage.                                                                              early as they
                                                                                        “We        are     so                                                                only managed
                                                                                     superstitious      right                                                                to put up 22
                                                                                     now, we never lost                                                                      point in the
                                                                                     in this court, the                                                                      first half and
                                                                                     rims are real friendly                                                                  shot      under
                                                                                     to us here and not                                                                      30      percent.
                                                                                     everybody else, I                                                                       At the end of
                                                                                     guess they (opposing                                              Photo by igor Mello
                                                                                                                                                                             the game they
                                                                                     teams) might be Jordan Hamilton set for another point.                                  were outscored
                                                                                     cursed here,” said Jadotte their way to States as they faced      21-6 from points off of turnovers
                                                               Photo by igor Mello   after their play-in game at Seminole CC March 6 in the first      as they turned the ball over 23
The Hoops team gathers before the game.
                                                                                     home against PBCC.             round for the second time this     times and were out rebounded 60-
   “It was very important for us to    The squad fell into a deficit              Four out of the five starters season, losing to them on the road     44 on the glass.
make it to states, there were a lot early in the game, but as the game scored in double digits including the first time 89-52.                            Although this is the end of
of sophomores who didn’t get the progressed the ladies gained Tierra Allen who scored 21 points                        “We have a good chance, we      the 07-08 season for the Lady
chance last year,” said sophomore momentum and didn’t look back. as well as Jessica Auguste’s 17 usually struggle against tall teams,                  Seahawks, things look promising
guard/foward Jessica Jadotte.       The bench players helped the points.                                            but now we are playing against a   for the ladies as they should
   In order for the ladies to starters put the game out of reach                  “We came out and showed smaller team so we should come               have six returning freshmen next
advance to       the States they in the second half, including a out,” said sophomore guard out of there,” said sophomore                              season, including guards Tierra
outlasted PBCC for the third time courageous effort from the 5-foot Auguste who normally averages forward Arlande Cherizol who                         Allen, Jordan Hamilton, and
this season 73-56 in a Southern freshmen guard Sierra DeJesus.                a little over ten points per game. leads the nation in rebounding.       Sierra DeJesus.

  Seahawks defensive formation.                       Photo by igor Mello
MOnTh DD, 2008   Section title   The Observer   21
   22        The Observer                                                          OpiniOn                                                                                  March 24, 2008

Does your money trust in God, or do you?
                                    My two cents:                                                                         My two cents:
                        our nation was founded under god, and                                                          governMent and god
                         it should be stated on our currency                                                              don’t Mix well
Jerilyn De los rios                   pledge’s reference to one nation        an atheist is a noun meaning one        AngelA osborne                         living in a country that doesn’t
contributing writer                   “under God” violates school             who disbelieves or denies the           opinion editor                         respect their beliefs.
                                      children’s right to be free from        existence of God or gods.                                                          America is supposedly a
   In God We Trust. This is the       a coercive requirement to affirm           Atheist don’t believe in God            The First Amendment of the          country that is tolerable of
official national motto of the        God.”                                   therefore many argue that having        Constitution, the supreme law          everyone, yet it wants to be
United States and our very own            Newdow wants to win over            to handle money with our motto,         of our country states “Congress        openly discriminatory of people’s
state of Florida.                     the currency battle, and                In God We Trust, is hypocritical        should make no law respecting          religious beliefs, or lack thereof.
   The birth of this motto on our     fight that In God We Trust                  because they don’t trust God,       an establishment of religion or        News flash, people have beliefs
currency was largely promoted         should be removed from                             and as defined, do not       prohibiting the free exercise          different from your own, no
by many devout Christians             U.S. currency.                                           believe.               thereof…” How has this statement       matter what they might be. A
submitting a request. This is due         I believe this is a                                           Is it fair    been interpreted to allow “In God      more sense of unity and pride can
largely to the increased religious    blatant disrespect to                                                 for a     we trust” to become our national       be established by removing four
sentiment which existed during        our nation, and to                                                              motto? A motto that is supposed        little words from our currency.
the American Civil War. In that       the many patriotic,                                                                  to equally represent everyone         At the time, 1864 the phrase
time, around 1861, Secretary of       citizens       that                                                                        of this nation since it     “In God we trust” was supposed
the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase         have fought for                                                                                   has been laced       to unite the country, and it did at
received many appeals throughout      our nation to                                                                                           into our       that time. But it’s 2008 now and
the country, urging that the United   incorporate                                                                                                            something that was supposed
States recognize God on United        the motto                                                                                                              to unite America’s citizens is
States coins.                         onto our                                                                                                                       now tearing it apart at the
   As of November 2005, Michael       currency.                                                                                                                             seams. The country
Newdow, possibly America’s best           A       few                                                                                                                          has    surrendered
known atheist, has a new target in    unhappy         people                                                                                                                  beliefs that it once
his personal war against God.         who are trying to make                                                                                                                 held dear in response
   Newdow is known for his            a political statement by trying                                                                                                      to the changing times.
attempt to change the Pledge of       to hurt and divide a nation that                                                                                                    Slavery was a practice
Allegiance, by taking out the line    stands under God is only proving        person                                                                                    that half the country felt
“one nation, under God…”When          our nation’s strength to stand for      with no beliefs                                                                         so strongly about that they
he fought for this issue within his   their beliefs.                          in God to get their                                                                    went to war for it, but then
home state of California, a federal       The idea of taking the motto        wish to have our nation’s                                                            the south grew up and learned
judge in Sacramento gave a ruling     off our currency, a motto in which      motto removed? I don’t think so.                                                  that just because someone was
that the reciting of the pledge of    made its two cent debut over 144        That is like asking a nation of                                                 different they still had rights. We
allegiance in public schools is       years ago is childish and out of        God fearing, religious, people to       pledge                                 have the same problems today
unconstitutional.                     hand.                                   then put aside their religion and       of     allegiance                      but we should learn from the
   U.S. District Judge Lawrence           By definition according to the      deny themselves of their Lord to        and stamped onto our                   mistakes of the past and embrace
Karlton, affirms that, “The           American Heritage Dictionary;           satisfy a group of individuals who      money.                                 and respect our differences.
                                                                              may have lost their selves along            It is amazing that something           By classifying the battle over
                                                                              the way in life.                        that is so vital, such as separation   religious tolerance as childish is
                                                                                 For our nation to expunge In         of church state, one of the reasons    in itself, a little out of hand. By
                                                                              God We Trust from our currency          why our country was founded has        no means do I want to challenge
                                                                              would be in terms erasing a piece       been so recklessly disregarded.        people’s beliefs unprovoked, I’m
                                                                              of history.                                 According                     to   just asking not to have theirs forced
                                                                                 If the atheists want to erase as of May       upon me. Atheists are leading the
                                                                              anything they should erase their        2007, only 71 percent of the           battle to have non-religious money
                                                                              hate. Accept the fact that if they      country would classify themselves      but it really does effect everyone
                                                                              can’t trust in any one or anything      as Christian, with that percentage     who doesn’t attend service in a
                                                                              in life, they can trust in God or a     shrinking. So why does the other       church. For those who believe, it
                                                                              god of their choice.                    29 percent and growing part of the     wouldn’t be fair to take God out
                                                                                 If you can’t trust in God then       population have to be reminded         of their lives, it just shouldn’t be
                                                                              who can you trust?                      every time they look at they go        the government’s choice in who I
                                                                                                                      to pay for something that they are     trust.

The nursing students deserve the old library
                                      education out of it, but also proper    great,” said Edwards. “But I think
KieliA sAmuels                        facilities, that will allow them        if we have facilities available to
contributing writer                   the proper hands-on experience          improve the nursing program,
                                      required in their field.                then the institute should consider
   The US Department of Labor             While Central Campus boasts         it.”
states that registered nurses         a state of the art clinical facility,       South Campus nursing students
constitute the largest health care    South Campus nursing students           currently attend their clinical
occupation with over 2.5 million      are still practicing their clinical     classes in the portables on the
jobs. The occupation is projected     labs in portables. And with the         campus. It is a pebble compare to
to provide over 500,000 new           massive growth expected in the          the hospital-like facility that the
jobs, which is among the largest      nursing industry, the portables         Central Campus have available to
growth for any occupation.            seem very “high school” for the         their students.
   Broward Community College          students entering this growing              The Central Campus facility
offers a high quality, accredited     field.                                  looks like an actual hospital, it is
nursing program. But unlike               The largest section of the old      very large and by the looks of it,
Miami-Dade College, BCC has a         library has been closed since last      a nursing student would feel more
program that is only offered on a     year, leaving many to wonder            connected to the field, in a facility
full time basis. Therefore one can    what the space will be used for.        such as that. The South Campus
assume the measure of dedication      Nursing students would agree            facility is small, so it holds less
required of students entering such    that the space would be a well          people at a time.
an intensive program.                 needed improvement for the                  South Campus needs to
   Before        beginning     the    South Campus nursing program.           welcome its nursing students,
program, students are expected            When approached regarding           with not just the great professors
to complete a drug screening and      the issue, nursing student Verina       and staff they offer, but also
background check among other          Edwards expressed her hopes             with a competitive facility that
requirements. It seems like a very    of an improved facility. “I love        is welcoming to everyone who                                                                   photo by angela osborne

serious program, and students         attending South Campus, the             is interested in this demanding          building 72 on south Campus, that used to house the library, now is
                                                                                                                       mostly vacant.
are expecting not just the best       teachers and atmosphere is              field.
March 24, 2008                                                                               opinion                                                                 The Observer                   23

                                   Observer Mail Bag
                                  In reference to the February 25, 2008                                                in the past are the    individual will attack you while being in campus or
   Dear Editor,               article, Smokers Lament Designations,                   Dear Editor,                  days when schools were    what it is worst if the killer is sitting next to you in
  I found that several points were incorrect. First, smoking in non-                 only a place to learn. In the classrooms, students and   a class. Students must be alert since now it is more
  designated areas is not a violation of the BCC Code of Conduct.                    faculty could breathe the safety of the surrounding      difficult to feel safe at any place. It is really sad,
  During the past year, the campus has created designated smoking                    but not anymore. Flags are down in North Illinois        ironic and shocking that not even schools escape
  areas and enforcement has not been addressed. As the north Campus                  University because a tragedy invaded the lives of        from crime and violence when their objective is to
  Dean of Students, I believe that the vast majority of students will                its students. A gunman decided to open fire against      educate people who can build a better society.
  abide and respect the campus community and appropriately self-                     students who were only attending a science lecture.         Moreover, it is hard to understand why tragedies
  monitor. Second, because this is not considered a “disciplinary                    Isn’t familiar this scenario? It has happened before,    of this sort still occurred, and for sure, it is harder
  infraction,” noncompliance would not be made part of the student’s                 and it seems that after the massacres in Columbine,      for all the victims’ families. This wave of violence
  permanent record. I apologize for any confusion that this article                  1999, and Virginia Tech last year, shooting in places    that is going toward schools must be stopped. How
  may have caused. The campus will take a proactive stance to                        of study are becoming more frequent. In fact, there      many more tragedies like these are going to happen
  notify our students of the new designated areas to ensure that all                 was a time when only in movies tragedies like the        to enforce the security of schools? I hope none.
  constituents are aware. This is a positive initiative to improve the               last Thursday happened.
  campus environment.                                                                    Such incidents make students think twice when           Sincerely,
                                                                                     attending school because who knows if an insane             Alexa Sandoval
     Thank you,
     Peter Barbatis

                 Classifieds                                                         hip hop and Gamers,
Berkline 7’ Hi-Back cream color
w/2 recliners was $1,000, asking
                                                                                     more alike than you think
            $175 OBO                                                                 philippe BUteAU                      pressed to disagree with O’Reilly’s           Unfortunately             neither
   Please call 954-956-0479                                                          coNtrIButING WrIter                  statement, but actually listening         side realizes that we need the
                                                                                                                          to any of Ludacris’ albums, which         mainstream market. Diversity in
                                                                                        Video games and hip hop O’Reilly apparently failed to do,                   what we listen to and play is what
                                                                                     music share similarities in their one would see that there’s more              keeps each medium strong. We
                 ATTN VETERANS:                                                      almost forty year shared history to him and all of hip hop than                need “Crank Dat Soulja Boy” by
    You may be eligible for free                                                     and among the fans that enjoy peddling violence, drugs, etc.                   Soulja Boy Tell Em, keeping our
   tutoring if you have a service                                                    them. It’s very interesting that         The problem of an older               parties lively, just as much as we
  related injury. If you would like                                                  both of these relatively new generation attacking the newer
                                                                                     entertainment        media           medium with which they aren’t
                                                                                                                                                                    need “The People” by Common
                                                                                                                                                                    when we want something deep to
   to know more, call Debbie @                                                       share some of the                    familiar is a problem that both           sit back and think about.
           954-392-5687                                                              same problems that                    media share.                                 We need Wii Play to
                                                                                     television, comic                                   Mentioning casual          first potentially pay for the
   TELEMARKETERS WANTED                                                              books, and Rock                                    listeners        earlier    development of Super Mario
 Great Job for College Students.                                                     ‘n’ Roll faced                                       brings us to our          Galaxy, and second as a palate
Vacation Sales Pros. Great Room.                                                     before them.                                          next       similarity    cleanser after a three hour Metroid
High Commission. Short Pitch.                                                           Video      games
                                                                                     and hip hop both
                                                                                                                                           games and hip
                                                                                                                                                          video     prime session.
                                                                                                                                                                        There is also the possibility that
            Will Train.                                                              face       censorship                                 hop, that being the      the people who like Wii Play or
   Day/Night - Hours Flexible.                                                       pressure from state                                      mainstream, or        Soulja Boy will want something
         954-970-2551 or                                                             representatives                                            casual market.      more substantial, thus becoming
          954-609-7317                                                               and other political                                         The success        another hardcore gamer or hip
                                                                                     figures, such as                                            that nintendo      hop fan.
                                                                                     Senator Joseph                                              is now seeing          So we, gamers and hip hop
                                                                                     Lieberman      (D.                                         from their Wii      fans alike, are essentially two
                                                                                     Connecticut) and                                        and DS systems         peas in a pod. We both struggle
                                                                                     Bill     O’Reilly.                                       is bringing a         with the misunderstanding of an
                                                                                     Senator Lieberman                                        new audience to       older generation that blames the
                                                                                     advocated against                                        video gaming,         media for how their kids turn
                                                                                     the easy access that                                   a       mainstream      out, and we both give the stink
                                 eDItor-IN-chIef                                     minors had to violent                              market. A similar           eye to the mainstream and casual
                                heAther dUlmAn                                       video games. This                             “problem” that hardcore          audience.
                                                                                     led to the video game                      fans have now that hip hop is           With that said we should
    Section editorS                                        contriBUtinG WriterS
                                                                                     industry’s       response                  much more commercialized.           not be pointing a finger at each
     Layout Editor
     heather cooper
                                                                Philippe Buteau
                                                                                     which was the Photo courtesy of    Hardcore gamers, like          other when that older generation
       Copy Editor
                                  StAFF WriterS                W. earle simpson
                                                                                     formation of the                             hardcore hip hop fans,            increases the pressure. No more,
     Kevin rosenberg                olga Buitrago              Jerilyn De Los rios
                                                                                     Entertainment Software Ratings believe that the new mainstream                 “Well look at what the kids are
      Sports Editor
      Bruno Niccoli
                                     Buzz Lamb                   Kenia Lizama
                                                                                     Boards (ESRB).                       audience is          ruining their        playing,” or “These games are
     Opinion Editor
                                   Anthony sedley                Kielia samuels
                                                                                        We aren’t arguing against this entertainment medium. Hardcore               just as bad as rap music”.
     Angela osborne                  Igor mello                  Alexa sandoval
                                                                                     however, the formation of the gamers feel that
      Central Chief
      Jessica Beans
                                  D’ Andra mcIntosh                Gina ferro
                                                                                     ESRB has been a positive for the the          mainstream
                                    Andres Lopez                Davidson taylor
                                                                                     most part. What we are arguing audience doesn’t
                                                                                     against is the way in which u n d e r s t a n d
                AdviSer                               AdviSer’S ASSiStAnt            Senator Lieberman went about it, what they – the
             Jennifer shapiro                              chris cutro               essentially threatening the video hardcore gamers
                                                                                     game industry saying, “If you - love because
The Observer is a bi-weekly consolidated newspaper produced by students of
                                                                                     don’t do something about this, we the         mainstream
Broward Community College. The editorial office is located at South Campus,
                                                                                     will”.                               games or hip hop
Bldg. 68-268, 7200 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, FL 33024. Bureau Offices
are located at North Campus, 1000 Coconut Creek Blvd., Coconut Creek, FL,               On hip hop’s end, TV artists aren’t “real”
33066, and Central Campus, 3501 SW Davie Rd, Davie, FL. The Observer can             personality and political figure games, or “real”
also be reached by phone at 954-201-8877 or e-mail at                                Bill O’Reilly is a strong opponent hip hop.                                                                of hip hop music. He was the             Both      media
                                                                                     reason that rapper Ludacris lost have                their
Letters to the editor are encouraged. The writer’s name and phone number must        his pepsi-Cola endorsement back established icons
be included and the letter signed. Unsigned letters will not be accepted, but re-    in 2002. Mr. O’Reilly argued that proclaiming that
quests for anonymity may be honored at the editor’s discretion. Letters must be      Ludacris peddled a life of guns, “hip hop is dead”
typed and not exceed 300 words. The Observer upholds the right to edit for style     violence, drugs and disrespect (Nas) and that
or length or to reject publications of letters deemed inappropriate.
                                                                                     of women. “The man can rhyme “video games are
                                                                                     many words,” O’Reilly said, “and pure, unadulterated
For information concerning editorial policy or advertising rates, call 954-201-
8035.                                                                                some of them are ‘glock,’ ‘crack,’ trash”         (Nolan
                                                                                     ‘hos’ and, most frequently, the Bushnell,              the
opinions expressed in this publication are those of the writers and do not neces-    ‘f-word’ in an amazing array of inventor of Pong
sarily reflect those of BCC students, staff, faculty and administration.             forms.” Any casual listener of and founder of
                                                                                     Ludacris’ music would be hard- Atari).                                                        Photo courtesy of
    24   The Observer                                                special                    March 24, 2008
SPRING ON CAMPUS    Flowers are to be planted on all campuses as part of a
                    wild flower project.
                        alexa sandoval
                        Contributing writer                  On Feb. 25 and Feb. 26, Botany
                                                          students planted in endcaps, on
                                                          the Davie Road side entrance:
                         In a variety of colors, shapes Red Salvias, Gaillardias, Blue
                     and aromas, flowers can not Porterweed and Blackeye Susan.
                     only embellish a room or are an         Additionally, in the southwest
                     exceptional detail for a special corner of Bldg. 15, a variety of
                     occasion. Also, they are essential other Florida native wildflowers
                     to the environment since they have been planted.
                     attract insects such as butterflies.    Michelle Anderson, a student
                         Learning about different from Dr. Chungschickle’s class
                     varieties of flowers, especially said, “It’s nice to contribute to the
                     about Florida native wildflowers, beauty of this campus especially
                     helps not only to educate people through what we learned in class.”
                     to preserve them, but also to Another student, Justin Robertson
                     the propagation of these native said, “It was a good experience
                     plants. Moreover, it encourages and as far as planting the plants,
                     the concern about protecting the it wasn’t difficult at all.”
                     environment and going “green.”          The importance of wildflowers,     Photo by Chris Cutro.

                         Therefore, BCC, as part of remarked Dr. Chungschickle,
                     a project, is planting native is that they require less water.
                     wildflowers on all campuses. Moreover, they do not require
                     The idea came up when any fertilizer; they attract
                     Professor Dr. Peggy Green, butterflies, and they add a lot to
                     Chair of the Environmental the environment.
                     Sustainability Committee, heard         The project, which calls
                     about grants that the Florida students to participate, includes
                     Wildflower Foundation could the art, poetry and poster contests.
                     award to educational                                The contests are
                     institutions that are
                                                 “It’s nIce to open to all BCC
                     interested in the           contrIbute students who are
                     propagation of Florida            to the            registered during
                     native wildflowers.           beauty of             the current term,
                         According to Dr.        thIs campus and in order
                     Green, $ 25,000 was                                 to qualify, the
                     awarded which is half
                                                   especIally            student must have
                     of the money that the          through              a 2.0 GPA. More
                     committee requested.           what we              information about
                         The     wildflower       learned In             the contests will be
                     project started Dec.              class.”           posted on BCC’s
                     1, 2007 and will go                                 website.
                     through December,                                       The students       Photo by Chris Cutro.

                     2008.                                creative works will be exhibited
                         The objective of the Florida at BCC North Campus / Broward
                     Wildflower Foundation is to County North Regional Library
                     promote the research, propagation during the wildflower week
                     and education of Florida native from April 21-25. In addition,
                     plants and flowers. According to a         wildflower     informational
                     the foundation’s website, www. program will be presented on
           , April 24, as well as a reception
                     “Today, grant support has reached honoring the winners of the three
                     more than $1.3 million.”             different contests. BCC President
                         In 2000, the foundation Armstrong, the Mayor of Coconut
                     began the sale of license plates, Creek and the Board of Trustees
                     in which funds were used to have been invited. This activity
                     create a research center as well will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in
                     as to encourage the increment Room 154 of the library.
                     of planting Florida wildflowers.        On Central Campus, as part of
                     Three years later, the institution Earth Day, Dr. Chungschickle will
                     granted the first projects.          be giving two student wildflower
                         At Central Campus, Professor workshops. She will talk about
                     Dr. Genevieve Chungschickle the importance of Florida native
                     incorporated curriculum on wildflowers, and students who
                     planting Florida native wildflowers attend will receive a Florida
                     into her General Botany labs. “It wildflower upland mix seed               Photo by Chris Cutro.

                     is a very attractive project,” Dr. packet so they can plant native
                     Chungschickle said. “One of the wildflowers in their gardens. The
                     things that people do not realize activity is sponsored by Student
                     is that we have a really wonderful Life, and it will be on Tuesday,
                     campus with a lot of wonderful April 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in
                     plantings.”                          Bldg 19/Patio.

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