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                                Tall Club of Las Vegas Official Newsletter
              Promoting Tall Awareness For Over 25 Years/TCI Affiliated Since July

                                                    cinnamon apples, and Cherie’s
Hey it’s 2010! Happy New Year! Can you
                                                    white chocolate covered pop-
remember where you were when the New Year
                                                    corn kept the crowd going...not
came in?
                                                    to mention the assortment of
Well, TCLV members found themselves all over        wines and champagne.
the city, out of town, camping, at work, at home,
or at a New Year’s slumber party at Sherry          Around 11:55 p.m. New Year’s
McMillan’s house in Henderson. While this              Eve, the group grabbed their noisemak-
was not one of the scheduled activities on               ers. put on their coats and New Year’s glittery
our December calendar, this almost im-                    hats and headed down the street from
promptu party turned out to be a fun,                     Sherry’s house to watch the fireworks. As
intimate one.                                             always...there has
                                                          to be some
A dozen plus partiers began to trickle in                drama...and there
around 8:30 p.m. Terry, Dan, and Lydia                  was...Lydia tripped
arrived around 6:30 p.m. and got to work            on the sidewalk and
helping Sherry set up for a fun evening. There      went down like a “ton
were the TVs to set on different channels for       of bricks”. But she was
watching pre-New Year’s celebrations in the dif-    up just as quickly as she
ferent time zones; stereo to power up the party     went down. Luckily she did not break any bones.
mood music; New Year’s favors and noisemak-
ers to make available for guests; the logs in the   The Party continued
outdoor fireplace to light to keep brave souls      with champagne toasts,
warm; spots to clear for the sleepover, and         more food and games,
food and beverage (wine, beer, soft drinks, and     and a discussion about
champagne) to arrange. Time to say goodbye to       the origin of the tradi-
                                                    tion of celebrating New
2009 and welcome 2010.
                                                    Year till around two in
Throughout the eve-                                 the morning when the
ning, TCLV members                                  last of the five staying overnight finally bedded
called or dropped by                                down. It was
to                                                  nice to be                      What’s Inside
party and welcome                                   with friends in President’s Talk
the New Year. Cell                                  a safe envi- Executive Board Members
phones rang as friends and                                                    Notes
                                                    ronment to Editor’sthe Know a. k. a. Ms Hospitality
                                                                     Lady in
family welcoming the New Year in their time         welcome in Tailgating It at the Drive-In
zones called with their good wishes.                the       New Primm Overnight Stay for Kenny G
                                                                     Volunteering at Magical Forest
Games, food, drinks, conversation...all part of     Year. TCLV Thanksgiving in Pahrump
the party. Sherry’s ham sandwiches, Terry’s         wishes      Tall Holiday Cookie Exchange/Game Night
dips, chips & salsa, Dan’s scalloped potatoes,      Clubs      near Christmas Care Pages Received
                                                                     Holiday Party at Dean’s Place
Ollie and Jean’s veggie tray, Debbie’s cheeses      and far a great Cosmic Bowling
                                                    New Year.        Activities Calendar
and drinks, Lydia’s cookies, Tony and Marti’s                        FYI
brownies, Dennis’s coleslaw, salad assortments,                      TCLV Membership Application
The Longshot                                                                                     January-February 2010

                         Greetings and Happy New Year to all! Another year has come and gone, and what a
                        wonderful year it was for our club. We hosted our first convention. We had a break
                        from our September Weekend. We had several day trips to Lake Mead, Pahranagat
                       National Wildlife Refuge, Boulder City train ride, and Mt. Charleston for a picnic in the
                      rain as well as an overnight at Buffalo Bill’s Casino in Primm for the Kenny G concert
                     and a weekend trip to Big Bear.

               We are committed to making 2010 as much funs as 2009. We have our September Weekend
back on the calendar. We are looking into another weekend trip to Big Bear or even the Grand Canyon. So
look forward to a great and fun 2010. I hope “getting actively involved in your club ” is part of your list of
New Year’s Resolutions. We need your support and p
articipation to make TCLV, your club, a success.

                                            Board of Directors
               President                   Marcy Morgan                702-641-9296
               Vice-President              John Morath       
               Secretary                   Terry Deem        
               Treasurer                   Dan Borkowski     
               Sgt.-at-Arms                Blaine Platt      
               Co-Social Chair             John Allen        
                                           Debbie Prince     
               Club Advisor                Brian Comeno
               Web Master                  Tony Wright       
               Editor                      Lydia Garza       

                                               Happy Birthday to You
                              January                                          February
                         6 Maria Portnoy                               4       Sherry McMillan
                        18 Deloria Jacobs                                  7    J. C. Ferguson
                       25 Melvin Grant
                                                                       14       Brian Comeno
                       26 Joseph Garrigan
                                                                       15       John Morath
                                                                       20       Cindy Spence
                                                                       26       Jonathan D.

 January-February 2010                                                                                   The Longshot

Do you want to know where the next TCLV activity                     Award candidate which won her the TCI Merit
will be? How about who the current TCI queen                           Award for 2004-2005.
is? Or where the next Talls weekend is? How                               When asked what role TCLV plays in her
about the first early registration cutoff date for                         life and how she see the club’s future,
the next convention? Then go to Barbara                                      Barbara stated, “The club has a very
“Barb” Comeno-Platt, TCLV’s “lady in the                                       deep meaning for me. Many of my
know” and this issue’s feature member.                                          fondest memories were created in
Barbara was born in Knox, Indiana where                                          the club. It is where Blaine and
she lived until she graduated from high                                           I met and later married, and where
school. For the following 29 years, Barb                                           I developed many friendships
called the nearby town of North Judson                                              that have become very special.
home. It was there she lived with her                                               Thursday's Happy Hour is a must
first husband and two children, Brian                                                (except for vacations and illness)
(who is a TCLV member) and Chris-                                                    In regard to TCLV’s future, I have
tine. Then employment opportunities                                                  seen a lot of changes over the
brought the entire family to Las Vegas                                               years. In my opinion, including
in 1985. She joined TCLV in 1993 a                                                   married members and hosting the
year after her first husband passed                                                  annual Las Vegas weekend are
away. She found an ad in the local                                                   among the most significant
paper about the Tall Club, and since                                                 changes as they have contributed
she was single again, she decided to                                                to the Club’s growth and survival.”
check it out. Meeting the qualifications                                          She feels our club can survive be-
for membership, she joined in April and                                          cause of the family feeling it gener-
has been a very active member ever                                              ates. “ Our club goes much deeper
since.                                                                         than just membership,” However,
Barbara is a very committed TCLV mem-                                         it will take an effort on everyone's
ber. She has held several elected posi-                                      part to keep it together, and it has to
tion ...treasurer (8 yrs.), social director (2                              be a combined effort as opposed to one
yrs.), president (2 yrs.) and club advisor for                             person making the decisions,” Barb com-
one year. Additionally during her 17-year mem-                            mented.
bership, Barb has played a significant and suppor-
                                                                       Barb was a school bus driver for 15 years back
tive role in the Club’s progressive development while
                                                                in Indiana. Her hobbies include traveling, and col-
maintaining and preserving the Club’s integrity. Besides
                                                                lecting cook books and Mr. and Mrs. Santa
her active participation in the constitution revision and
                                                                Clauses. One of her favorite foods is lobster and she
the development of the Talls Gone Wild Weekend, Tall
                                                                loves to go to San Diego and have lobster taco's on
Awareness Scholarship, and community service projects,
                                                                the beach. Coke is her favorite drink and yellow her
she has attended several TCI conventions, served as con-
                                                                favorite color.
vention delegate and hosted tons of local club social
events. Barb has also consistently contributed to the           Barb has made it a point to archive the Club’s activi-
newsletter with articles and pictures.                          ties in pictures. She usually brings her Tall Club
                                                                scrapbook to Happy Hour and shares any new en-
She is fondly known as the “hospitality queen” among
                                                                tries with the members. Prospects also get the op-
fellow TCLV members having demonstrated her hospital-
                                                                portunity to look at the photo album and get a better
ity expertise at every single Las Vegas weekend as hospi-
                                                                idea about what the Tall Club is!
tality committee chairperson as well as at many of our
club’s functions through the years. And for her commit-         Thanks Barb for your many years of service to TCLV.
ment and loyalty to TCLV, Barb was nominated its Merit          You have certainly set the bar high !

The Longshot                                                                                          January-February 2010

                                         i t at the Drive
                              Tailgating                                                                ny drive-in
                                                                                     ait...a re there a gas. And
                                                                        eater? W                  Las Ve
                                                   t to a   drive-in th e is one in North the cold wind,
                                              wen                        r                         d
                                  time you                  r sure, the               bers brave                nding
       W  hen w   as the last anymore? Well fo several TCLV mem Party at the last sta No-
                     existence                   reported                  ie Tailgate               scheduled
       theaters in an, TCLV president, to the Drive-In Mov first of the Club’s was a chore;
                    rg                                                     e                          r
       Marcy Mo ree cars and headed . This kicked off th the Drive-In theate twenty min-
        piled in to th                rk Co  unty                Gettin g to               aximu  m of              ad
                          ter in Cla                eventh.                   ravan a m                  n and ro
        dr ive-in thea ies , Saturday the s en the three-car ca major constructio detours.
                      tivit                       tak                           s
         vember ac rmally would have                               minutes a                  nexpected
                       o                          m   almost 45 ted required many u                      ch other
         where it n there, it took the eater is loca                                         next to ea o Stare at
          utes to ge e street where the
                                                   th                               spots
                                                                       r parking                   n Wh
          blo cks o n th                          und th   ree theate s. The movie, Me ut their tailgating
                                           in, fo                    ion                        ed o
                              oup drove                   wing posit               s they pull               g from the
           At  last the gr ehicles in good vie e group watched a friend Diana visitin ramel dip,
                         eir v                      en, th                     bbie’s                     d ca
           parked th ying on the big scre ie brought chili, De t popcorn, apples an . There was
                         la                         bb                         h                          s
           Goats,” p hare. John and De l, and Marcy broug water for the mixe and Jan Wil-
            goodies    to s                 fruit b ow                t to b  oil                sts M  om
                                brought a of course a teapo d Marcy’s two gue
            Cal  Tall Club               and                       na  n
                           late mixes                  ..John Alle                                           d forth fro
             hot choco em and the others.                                                        ed back an vie did not
             plenty for y.
                            th                                                          switch
                                                                            ense as it y line. The mo
              cken-Mo     od                                  n ot make s              tor                      t wore on
                                         e mo  vie just did lost a lot in the s harder as the nigh ond fea-
                             ed that th                st plain                    blew                      e sec
              Marcy stat to the past and ju st and the cold wind up not to stay for th
                              t                         e                         o
               the presen p the group’s inter to convince the gr
               seem to      kee                 enou   gh
                                    tors were
                The se two fac

Editor’s Notes...Well, 2009 is over and done.    I have looked at my life timeline, and I see I need to get on the
ball if I want to accomplish my goals. Where are you in your personal life timeline? If you haven’t actually
done a timeline for yourself, I suggest you try it. It can certainly be an eye opener. It’s easy. Take a blank pa-
per and halfway down, draw a straight line from left to right. Now, plot your timeline. Begin with your birth
year on the far left and end with the estimated year you will depart this earth. Next mark where you think
the year 2010 is on your timeline. Now draw a vertical line from that point to intersect the horizontal line.
On the left side of that vertical line, list /plot all your accomplishments, milestones, etc., from birth to now.
On the right side list everything you truly want and hope to accomplish by the time to depart. Now look at
your timeline. Are you satisfied where you are in your journey? Are you on target? What do you need to do
to be on target? Give it some thought! Soooo many things I want to accomplish and soooo little time!
Good luck. Have fun. Enjoy 2010!

January-February 2010                                                                                  The Longshot

What does 40 minutes and 4 hours have in common?
For TCLV members from Nevada John A, Dan B,
Terry D, Beverly E, Cherie F, Lydia G, John M, Deb-
bie P, Barb P, Blaine P, and Regena V, and TCLV
members from Orange County, Ellen J, Harold J,
Frank S, and Kat S...A fun f-r-e-e weekend! Primm
Valley is 40 miles from Vegas... and a short 4-hour        him up close as he worked his way up the aisles from
drive from Orange County. Thanks to the keen eyes          the back to the front and passed a few feet in front of
of TCLV co-social chair, John A, club members were         them. Both Frank and Kat agreed that comparing how
able to take advantage of a Value Pak coupon, which        Kenny looks now to the CD cover they have of him
included a Friday night free room for two at Buffalo       from some 13 years ago, he has not aged a bit.
Bills Casino, two free concert tickets at Buffalo Bill’s   The 52-year-old saxophonist delivered some wonder-
Star of the Desert Arena, $25 slot play and a free T-      fully smooth sounds.
shirt. It was decided amongst the local members to
see the Kenny G. concert on November 20th.                 The group did not get to sit all together, but no wor-
                                                           ries, everyone seemed to enjoy the concert. We all
                               First to arrive in the
                                                           met up after the concert for a brief moment – but the
                               early afternoon at Buf-
                                                           free $25 slot play card was burning a hole in most eve-
                               falo Bills were Frank
                                                           ryone’s pockets and the slot machines were definitely
                               and Kat from Orange
                                                           calling. Some played
                               County, but not before
                                                           and some went up
                               they checked out the
                                                           to Dan’s room for
                               outlet mall at State
                                                           drinks, games and
                               Line. They soon met
                               up with five other Ve-
                               gas members while           Except for Barb,
                               waiting in line (for 52     Blaine, Kat and
minutes) to get their players club card which would        Frank, eight o’clock
provide them the freebies. Since arrival times varied,     Saturday morning
the group agreed to meet up around 8:15 outside            came too fast. But
the concert hall. Dinner was scattered between the         by 8:30 more than
hotel buffet, Tony Roma’s and McDonalds.                   half of the group was sitting in the buffet area enjoying a
                                                           nice leisurely breakfast and sharing their gambling ex-
The concert began on time as Kenny G made his              periences. Luckily no one lost their shirts! Checkout
grand entrance at the back playing in the audience.        and goodbyes followed. Everyone headed home. The
He made his way to the portable stage at the center        Vegas contingency had a few hours to recoup before
of the concert hall where he performed his first two       community service at Opening Night at Opportunity
selections and greeted his audience before working         Village’s Magical Forest.      Thanks again John A. for
his way through the aisles toward the front stage.         catching that great deal and turning it into an event.
Lydia, Terry, Lydia, Frank and Kat were able to see

                     Remember that your membership renews in the month of your birth.
     So, January and February babies, it’s time to sign on for another year. Dues are $24 for singles
                       and $36 for a couple (both meeting height requirement).

The Longshot                                                                    January-February 2010

               Volunteering at Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest is one of
               the most fun and rewarding community service activities in
               which TCLV members participate. Members usually meet for
               an early dinner some place near the Magical Forest and then
               the group heads over to Opportunity Village to check in and
               get their assignments. November 21, opening night, was the
               Club’s designated day and thirteen members were there ready
               to serve.
               Beverly and Cherie worked the gift shop. Dan did crowd
               control at the entrance. Warren provided visitors site infor-
               mation. Barb, Blaine, John A, John M, Debbie, Marcy and Re-
               gena worked the carousel. Lydia and Jerry sold raffle tickets
               for a chance to win gingerbread houses made by different ca-
               sino chefs and chef school apprentices.
               Thanks to all of those who came out to give back to the com-
               munity at Opportunity Village.

January-February 2010                                                                                    The Longshot

                                                                 The weekend campers,
Thanksgiving Gathering in Pahrump                                their family and friends
                                                                 numbering 24-plus enjoyed
Over the mountains and through the valleys to Terri-
                                                                 a great turkey meal with
ble Herbst Camping grounds we go! What started out
                                                                 the fixings of mashed pota-
as just a camping weekend in Pahrump over Thanks-
                                                                 toes, sweet potatoes, peas,
giving at least eight years ago for the Comeno’s and the
                                                                 corn, green beans, stuffing
Platt’s has now turned into a tradition. Not only have
                                                                         and gravy, cran-
they spent Thanksgiving camping in Pah-
                                                                         berry sauces, noodles and pasta salads. And
rump year after year, they have encour-
                                                                         that’s not all. The desserts followed…
aged other family members and friends to
                                                                         chocolate, pumpkin, banana cream, and
join. And so the gathering has grown over
                                                                         cream cheese pies; apple and pumpkin muf-
the years. Susan and George Horn have
                                                                         fins, and more. The
spent the Thanksgiving holidays out there
                                                                         group ate till full, then
with the Comeno’s and Platt’s at least five
                                                                         rested ate some more.
years. They too have encouraged their
                                                                         Then everyone pitched
friends and family to join them. Many
                                                                         in for the cleanup be-
have taken the Platts, Comenos and Horns
                                                                 fore dusk. As the sun set, and
up on the invitation stopping by their campsite in Pah-
                                                                 the temperature cooled, it
rump some time during the holiday to visit or join
                                                                 was time to fire up the camp-
them for a meal etc. For the past three or four years,
                                                                 fire for warmth and marshmal-
many TCLV members have taken the drive over to
                                                                 low roasting. Gathered around the camp fire, the
Pahrump to join the campers for Thanksgiving Dinner.
                                                                 campers and guests enjoyed Debbie’s catch phrase
This year was no different. John M, Debbie P, John A,
                                                                 game till about 10 pm. Needless to say...everyone
and Marcy M dropped by and enjoyed a beautiful
                                                                 is surely looking forward to next year!
Thanksgiving Day and meal in Pahrump. With beauti-
ful 68 degrees temperature, clear blue skies and little

                                                                                    Thank You
                                                                      Kat S ., Dan B., Cherie F., Barb P.,
                                                                           John M., and Marcy M.
                                                                             A special “thanks” to you
                                                                             for your contribution to
                                                                     the January and February TCLV newslet-
                                                                                         ter .

                                                                             Your willingness to share
to no wind (no rain or snow like last year), the hosts had                     pictures and articles
a perfect day for preparing the four turkeys (one ro-                         is greatly appreciated.
tisserie, one deep fried, and two infrared).                                      Keep it coming.

The Longshot                                                                                January-February 2010

The TCLV co– social chairpersons work hard to schedule fun and all inclusive activities. They also do their best
to “work in” activities which have become TCLV traditions during different seasons of the year. The Homemade
Cookie Exchange and Game Night activity Saturday December 12, at Cindy and Brian’s home, fits in the latter
category. Besides bringing some of their favorite homemade cookies to share and take home samples of their
favorite, attendees also brought a favorite game or played one of the games brought by others.
The group started off the evening munching on some great finger foods pro-
vided by hosts, Cindy and Brian, as well as Dan who slaved all day preparing a
full crock pot of beef barbecue. The first round of games followed as the
group split up into smaller groups to play the game they preferred. Brian,
                                Cindy, Blaine, Tony, and Marty moved to the
                                dining room table to play a board game.
                                Marcy, John A., Tara, Kristi and her friend
                                chose to play the electronic version of Uno,
                                while Dan, Debbie, Cherie, Lydia, Beverly and
                                Barb played the A to Z word game.
                               Cookie sampling fit in between the first and
                               second round of games. Snickerdoodles,
                               brownies, peanut butter, oatmeal, gingerbread,
                               holiday sugar and wedding cookies were but a
                               few of the batches on the cookie table. Don’t
                               forget there were still finger foods, chips, and
                               dips. Then it was back to more games. One
                               group opted to continue playing the game they
                               played in the first round, while the other two
                               groups moved on to Phase 1 and Boggle.
                               Before the traditional old fashioned holiday house party broke up, attendees
                               helped themselves to leftover finger foods and of course cookies of their choice
                               to take home for the remainder of the holidays. Unfortunately or fortunately
the “fine school days wines” were all gone by the end of the night and no one got to take any home.

                            Christmas Care Packages Received In Iraq
 Besides a social club, TCLV is also a caring and charitable organization. Over the years it has touched the
 lives of people of different walks of life especially during Christmas, the season of giving. This past holiday
 season, TCLV chose to bring a little cheer to one of its own...Jeremy Wilson, who is serving his country in
 Iraq. TCLV members donated items or cash to purchase items on the wish list. Marcy and Barbara did the
 packing of all the items, and John M took on the responsibility of getting the care packages mailed. A week
 before Christmas, eight boxes filled with personal items, hand sanitizers, games, candy and hot drink mixes
 were on their way to Jeremy and his platoon mates in Iraq.
 The early part of January, John M and Marcy announced to the Club that the care packages had made it to
 Iraq and were now in the hands of Jeremy and members of his unit The Club is awaiting further news and
 possibly pictures. Thanks to everyone who donated items or cash to fulfill their needs.

January-February 2010                                                                              The Longshot

                                      Holiday Party at Dean’s Place

The annual Christmas Holiday Party took the Club to Dean’s Place. Attendees had the op-
tion of bringing a gift not to exceed $20 and participate in the gift exchange. The evening
started off with a cocktail hour and followed with dinner.       Although there wasn’t that
                                       much stealing during Sneaky Santa, Cindy did grab
                                       (and lose) a glass vase from Lydia, and the red wine
                                                              with glassware changed hands
                                                              three times. Beverly went
                                                              home with a B-B-
                                                              handgun.         Five lucky
                                                              members went home
                                                              with gift certificates when
                                                              their names were drawn
                                                              in the holiday raffle. As
                                                              always, the food was
good as was the company.

                                                      Lydia, Cherie, Blaine, Cindy and Brian had a great time
                                                      cosmic bowling at the Santa Fe Station Casino the day
                                                      after Christmas and burned off some of the holiday
                                                      calories. Lydia’s effort to get the group a lane in the
                                                      “no kid zone” did not work, and so they had to put up
                                                      with bowlers (parents with their kids) who did not ob-
                                                      serve bowling etiquette. This of course is the major rea-
                                                      son for our poor scores...except for Brian, the champ
                                                      whose three-game total was 527! Total game scores for
                                                      the rest of the group were as follow: Lydia 364, Cindy
                                                      310 , Cherie 302 and Blaine 253. Some of our group
                                                      could have used bumpers like the kids on either side.
                                                      They had bumpers on their alleys that allowed what
  should have been gutter balls to hit pins, pick up spares and even get strikes! Wait a minute -is
  that Brian's secret? Regardless of all obstacles, and frustrations, the group had a great time and got some
  exercise to boot. By the way...except for Cherie who had other commitments after bowling, the group
  and Barbara (none bowler) stopped off for a small bite to eat at Coco’s in the casino.

The Longshot                                                                                              January-February 2010

7—Thursday—5 p.m. HH—Marilyn’s Café in the Tuscany Hotel Casino Resort at 255 E. Flamingo Rd.
10—Sunday—11 a.m. Lunch and Atomic Test Museum —Meet at Jason’s Deli 3910 Maryland PKWY just north of Flamingo
then on to the Atomic Test Museum at 756 E. Flamingo just west of Maryland PKWY on the south side of Flamingo. The reviews
say that this museum is a blast and the bomb. Allow about 2 hours to complete and be sure to get in the theater where we can
find out what if feels like to be in an atomic blast. Bring money for lunch and $12.50 for Museum admission.
12—Tuesday—6 p.m. Board Meeting—Marilyn’s Café in the Tuscan Hotel Casino Resort at 255 E Flamingo Rd.
14—Thursday—5:30 p.m. HH—Marilyn’s Café in the Tuscany Hotel Casino Resort at 255 E. Flamingo Rd.
21—Thursday—5:30 p.m. HH—Marilyn’s Café in the Tuscany Hotel Casino Resort at 255 E. Flamingo Rd.
28—Thursday—5:30 p.m. HH—Marilyn’s Café in the Tuscany Hotel Casino Resort at 255 E. Flamingo Rd.
31—Sunday— 7:00 p.m. Show/Fundraiser for Haiti hosted by Taylor Mason, ventriloquist, singer and come-
dian, at Canyon Ridge Church, Lone Mountain Rd at Jones. While tickets are free a donation will be appre-
ciated. Contact John A by Wed. Jan. 27 at to reserve your tickets. Only 15 tickets
available! Get yours soon. This is a good cause.

2—Tuesday—5:30 p.m. CBS Television Research Movie Critique—MGM Hotel at the CBS Television Research Center toward
the restaurants and theatre area. We’ll meet there and work out a viewing time, possibly 6:30, to give everyone time to eat,
and return. You will probably run into people handing out cards. This sounds interesting. We see a pilot show and we rate it to
either show it or shove it. We may even get our own screening room. Cost: It’s free man, but bring moola if you want to have
dinner with the gang.
 4—Thursday—5:30 p.m. Happy Hour—Marilyn’s Café in the Tuscany Hotel Casino Resort at 255 E. Flamingo Rd.
               7:05 p.m. Hockey Game-at the Orleans Stadium on Tropicana/ Cameron. Wranglers vs Idaho Steelheads—
Shovel down your food at HH and get on over to the Orleans for you don’t want to miss a minute of the exciting fight...I mean
hockey game. Thursdays are thirsty Thursdays. Coors light for a buck. What a deal! Game admission is $12. Contact Dan at With pre-payment, he’ll get us a block of tickets.
7—Sunday—1:30 p.m. Super Bowl Party/Chili & Soup Cookoff—Sherry McMillan’s Home 1170 Calico
Ridge, Henderson 89015 Enter your HOME MADE recipe and try to earn the praise of your peers and a pic-
ture in the newsletter. No premade, canned stuff is allowed. Bring your own preferred drinks and your
money to buy game squares. Cost: Free for members bringing food. $5 for members not bringing food
and also for guests.
10—Wednesday—6 p.m. Board Meeting—Marilyn’s Café in the Tuscan Hotel Casino Resort at 255 E Flamingo Rd.
11—Thursday—5:30 p.m. Happy Hour—Marilyn’s Café in the Tuscany Hotel Casino Resort at 255 E. Flamingo Rd.
13—Saturday—9 p.m.—Cosmic Bowling—Goldcoast Casino on corner of Flamingo Rd./Valley View Blvd. This is to be the Talls
Vegas mini-weekend getaway. We are expecting to see tall folks from around the country. Cost depends on how many games
we play so approximately $12 a person should do it!
18—Thursday—5:30 p.m. Happy Hour—Marilyn’s Café in the Tuscany Hotel Casino Resort at 255 E. Flamingo Rd.
20—Saturday—9 a.m.—Bike Ride—Meet at the food court on Cheyenne just past Buffalo, Cost: Nada, but you know we’re go-
ing to eat afterward, so bring lunch money. This will be about 8 miles, a combination of on-road bike paths and off-road bike
paths. The streets are generally pretty light on traffic i.e. Gowan Avenue .
25—Thursday—5:30 p.m. Happy Hour—Marilyn’s Café in the Tuscany Hotel Casino Resort at 255 E. Flamingo Rd.
27—Saturday—5:30 p.m.—Pinball Hall of Fame and Dinner—Dinner at Carluccio’s Tivoli Gardens 1775 E. Tropicana, next to
the Liberace Museum. Then walk across the street to the Pinball Hall of Fame on 1610 E. Tropicana. Admission is Free, but if
you want to play, it’s a quarter a game. The reviews say $10 is good. This place is a haven for the over-40 crowd who are nos-
talgic for the old machines. It is said that we can bring coolers of beer inside. It’s supposed to be a ball-snapping good time.
January-February 2010                                                                                 The Longshot

           Tall Club of Las Vegas                               General membership meetings will be held
                                                                every Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at Marilyn’s Café in the
The purpose of TCLV is to provide a club for people of          Tuscany Hotel Casino Resort at 255 E. Flamingo Rd.
                                                                beginning November 12. Join us for dinner, network-
above average height a means to get acquainted and en-          ing and just plain visiting. All prospects are wel-
 joy the friendship of one another and to facilitate the        comed. We’re expecting you!
exchange of information and ideas among its members.

                                                                Executive Board meetings will be held at 6
                                                                pm the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Marilyn’s Café in
  Minimum Height:           5’ 10 ” for women                   the Tuscany Hotel Casino Resort at 255 E. Flamingo
                            6’ 2 ” for men                      Rd. beginning January 12. Your input is vital, so come
  Minimum age:               21 years old                       join us!
  One time initiation fee    $5
  Annual Dues               $24 individuals
                            $36 couples

  TCLV Founder: Carolyn Jacobs                                             Our Activities Hotline # is
  Tall Movement Founder: Kae S. Einfeldt
                                                                              702 390-TALL (8255).

                   Check us out…
                                                                 The Longshot, our newsletter, published every
              You’ll be glad you did!                            two months, may be accessed on our website. The
                                                                 quality and content depends on your input! Go to:

                                       Weekends Around the Country

January 22-24, 2010 — The Tall Friends of Ft. Lauderdale presents Lauderdale Luau Weekend
March 19-21, 2010 — The Tip Toppers of Detroit presents BEATALLMANIA!
April 23-25, 2010 —The Paramount Tall Club of Chicago presents -Tall-zan- of the Jungle

                 Flyers/Information available at
                                         Tall Club of Las Vegas
                                         Membership Application

Date: ______ Height: ____ ____               DOB: ___ ___ _______ Place of Birth ______________
                        Ft.       In.               M        D        Yr (Opt)

Applicant’s Name: ________________________                   ___         _______________________________
                              First                              MI                      Last

Home Address:
            Street            City                               State                          Zip

E-mail Address: ________________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________              ____________________ ____________________________
                 Home                            Cell                                     Fax

Emergency Contact: ________________________                      ________________ _________________
                                      Name                               Relationship            Phone #

Favorite Hobbies/Interests: _______________________________________________________
Are you a member of any other Tall Clubs? _____ Which ones? ____________
How did you hear of/find TCLV? ____________________________________ ____
Membership Due Payment:                      O Cash                   O Check           Check # _________
Submit to TCLV treasurer.
Thank You

                                                 For TCLV Executive Board Member Use Only

                                      Official Measured Height Verification:

                                      Date of Verification:

                                      Board Member Signature:

                                      Board Member Signature:


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