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									MONDAY                                        JANUARY 28

OPENNING SESSION                                      ROOM 1        9:30 - 10:00

KEYNOTE LECTURE 1                                     ROOM 1      10:00 - 10:45
Chairpersons: Denys Breysse, Adélia Rocha

Spatial and time-dependent reliability modelling of corrosion damage and
maintenance for reinforced concrete structures
M. Stewart

SESSION 1A                          ROOM 1                        11:00 - 13:00
Chairpersons: Arlindo Gonçalves, Abdelhafid Khelidj

Chloride diffusion through CEM-I and CEM-V mortars: impact of the
T. Nguyen, S. Lorente, M. Carcasses

Influence of cracks and crack width on penetration depth of chlorides in
K. Audenaert, G. Schutter, L. Marsavina, V. Boel

Relevance of mineral additions on the corrosion initiation phase modelling in
reinforced concrete exposed to marine environment
M. Salta, A. Melo, N. Garcia, J. Ricardo

Chloride binding of mortars with mineral admixtures and relation with
compressive strength and carbonation
J. Gallias, K. Dizayee

Comparative effect of the tropical and non-tropical marine environments on
reinforced concrete durability in the Iberoamerican region : DURACON Project
O. Trocónis de Rincón, et al

Influence of diffused and localised damage of normal and high performance
concretes on their chloride diffusivity properties
S. Bonnet, A. Djerbi, A. Khelidj

Study by EIS of the microstructural changes during the migration process on
mortar samples
B. Díaz, L. Freire, X. Nóvoa, G. Pena

SESSION 1B                                               ROOM 2      11:00 - 12:45
Chairpersons: Rosário Veiga, Sylvie Yotte
Performance of construction elements in coastal areas
T. Ferreira, J. Brito

Durability of masonry and steel elements in building's envelope exposed to
coastal and marine environment
J. Miranda Dias

Performance of masonry specimens in contact with salted water Absorption by
capillar rise and evaporation phenomena
L. Matias, A. Vilhena, A. Magalhães, C. Pina Santos, R. Veiga

Salt transport and crystallization modelling in porous materials
H. Derluyn, A. Poupeleer, D. Van Gemert, J. Carmeliet
Degradation and repair of renders in ancient fortresses close to the sea
A. Santos Silva, R. Veiga

Analysis of salt crystallisation test applied on: Galdacano sandstone and Blaye
R. Ezzdine , J. Ibáñez , S. Yotte , D. Breysse

KEYNOTE LECTURE 2                                      ROOM 1        14:00 - 14:45
Chairpersons: Mark Stewart, Odile Abraham

Long-term corrosion of steels exposed to marine environments
R. Melchers


SESSION 2A                                             ROOM 1        14:45 - 16:30
Chairpersons: Xavier Derobert, Antonio Santos Silva

Spatial distribution of chloride penetration in the concrete of a bridge in a
coastal environment
M. Salta, J. Ricardo, A. Melo, A. Póvoa

Uncertainties in NDT condition assessment of corroding structures in marine
D. Breysse, S. Yotte, M. Salta, F. Schoefs, J. Ricardo, E. Pereira

Dynamic behaviour of a concrete slab in maritime environment. Measurements,
tests, simulations and final design.
V. Goyet, Y. Duchêne, V. Servais
Influence of the core sampling places in a quay on the variations of the
chloride profiles
O. Omikrine-Metalssi, S. Bonnet, M. Tahlaiti, A.Khelidj,

Inspection, tests and diagnosis of reinforced concrete structures in a marine
R. Moura

Durability of coastal housing in the Yucatan peninsula
E. Moreno, R. Solís-Carcaño, P. Castro-Borges


SESSION 2B                                            ROOM 2       14:45 - 16:15
Chairpersons: Jorge de Brito, Elsa Pereira

Parameter estimation of a marine concrete bridge using wireless acceleration
measurement system
S. Lee, S. Kim, H. Lee, K. Choi, D. Kang

Recent developments in in situ chloride migration test: Permit ion migration
S. Nanukuttan, M. Basheer, M. Russell, D. Robinson

Improved image analysis based corrosion assessment using preprocessing
V. Pakrashi, F. Schoefs, J. Memet, A. O'Connor

Inspection of steel structures in coastal area with NDT tools: use of polynomial
chaos decomposition for building receiver operating characteristics curves
A. Clement, F. Schoefs, A. Nouy

Methodologies of the determination of the chloride diffusion coefficient in
cementitious materials - an overview and analyses
O. Amiri, A. Aït-Mokhtar, J. Loche, H. Sleiman

Statistical study and probabilistic modelling of error of concrete chloride
S. Bonnet,F. schoefs, J. Ricardo, M.Salta


SESSION 2C                                            ROOM 1       16:50 - 18:15
Chairpersons: Oladis Rincón, Lina Nunes

Combining several non destructive techniques to improve the reliability of
assessment of reinforced concrete structures
D. Breysse, C. Sirieix, J. Lataste
Diagnosis and rehabilitation possibilities of real reinforced concrete structure
A. Carvajal, G. Araya, P. Maturana

Clay roofing tiles under salt mist atmosphere
C. Cruz, R. Veiga, V. Ferreira

Evaluation of cover concrete and assessment of chloride ingress by Non
Destructive Testing.Part I- samples preparation, porosity and resistivity
J-M. Loche, J-F. Lataste, X. Derobert, O. Amiri, G. Villain, A. Ait-Mokhtar, O.

Evaluation of cover concrete and assessment of chloride ingress by Non
Destructive Testing. Part II – Comparison of NDT measurements and
X. Dérobert, J-F. Lataste, J-M. Loche, G. Villain, M. Larget, A. Aït-Mokhtar, O. Amiri,
O. Coffec, M. Tahlaiti, O. Durand, L. Lu, O. Abraham


TUESDAY                                          JANUARY 29

SESSION 2D                                                ROOM 1           8:45 - 10:00
Chairpersons: Sylvie Yotte, Pedro Castro Borges

Assessing stiffness and strength in reinforced concrete structures: added-
value of combination of nondestrutive techniques
D. Breysse, M. Soutsos, J. Lataste

Saline infiltration to the Dublin Docklands sewer network
L. Gill, G. Reilly

Marine biological degradation: rebuilding a wood pile's life history
A. Valente, L. Nunes, L. Borges, P. Palma, D. Costa, J. Machado

Health monitoring of old structures in the Port of Genoa
A. Del Grosso, F. Lanata, A. Pieracci, G. Brunetti, D. Inaudi

Non-Destructive investigation of a historic english lighthouse
B. Colston, D. Watt

KEYNOTE LECTURE 3                                     ROOM 1       10:00 - 10:45
Chairpersons: Robert Melchers, Manuela Salta

Possibilities and limitations of modeling and testing chloride penetration into
C. Andrade

SESSION 3A                                            ROOM 1       11:00 - 13:00
Chairpersons: Alan O'Connor, Helena Cruz

A new way for durability design of reinforced concrete in marine environment
by probabilistic approach
F. Deby, M. Carcasses, A. Sellier

Prediction of cover cracking in reinforced concrete structures due to corrosion
L. Chernin, D. Val

Durability analysis of reinforced concrete structures. Prescriptive and
performance criteria
P. Marques, A. Costa

Overview of corrosion impact for marine structures: analysis of French
structures in several harbours
A. Clement, J. Boero, F. Schoefs, J. Memet

Effects of damage models in probabilistic assessment of structures. An
illustrative example
V. Pakrashi, A. O'Connor, D. Breysse

Reliability-based assessment of environmental conditions on corrosion of RC
structures subjected to chloride ingress
J. El Hassan, E. Bastidas, A. Chateauneuf, Ph. Bressolette, Kh. Tawil


KEYNOTE LECTURE 4                                     ROOM 1       14:00 - 14:45
Chairpersons: Carmen Andrade, Alan O'Connor

Performance-based design for concrete and multi-level prediction of RC
durability in marine environments
V. Baroghel-Bouny
SESSION 3B                                                ROOM 1        14:45 - 16:30
Chairpersons: Denys Breysse, António M. Baptista

Reliability of corroded historical lift-cranes in coastal area
A. Clément, F. Schoefs, A. Nouy

Service life analysis of marine structures of tropical hardwoods
J. Kuilen, E. Montaruli, R. Weersink, Th. Meerstadt

Reliability based assessment of structures in marine environment
V. Pakrashi, A. O'Connor, D. Breysse, F. Schoefs

Structural reliability analysis of Blaye wharf
N. Zeidan, S. Yotte, S. M. Elachachi, F. Schoefs, A. Daulat, R. El Dalati

Reliability analysis of two in-service monitored pile-supported wharves during
extreme storm loading events
H. Yáñez-Godoy, F. Schoefs, A. Nouy, M. Lasne

An approach to modeling corrosion rate of reinforced concrete in marine
J. Ricardo, E. Pereira, M. Salta


SESSION 4A                           ROOM 2   14:45 - 16:30
Chairpersons : Manuel Pipa, Xavier Derobert

Study of the corrosion resistance of stainless steels in solution and mortar
M. Escudero, M. García-Alonso, J. González, F. Capilla, M. Vega, M. Salta, M.
Correia, A. Bennani

Corrosion resistance of stainless steel reinforcements in cracked concrete
M. Correia, M. Salta, M. Pipa, I. Fonseca, M. Escudero

Stainless steel reinforced concrete structures with long service life and
reduced maintenance in marine environments
M. Salta, M. Correia, M. Pipa, M. Escudero, C. García, J. González

Lean duplex stainless steels for concrete reinforcement
E. Chauveau, T. Sourisseau, B. Demelin, M. Mantel

High strength stainless steels for pre-stressed structures in marine
M. Alonso, F. Recio, M. Sanchez

The Progreso pier: a Mexican historic heritage
P. Castro-Borges, E. Moreno, A. Torres-Acosta, M. Fabela-Gallegos


SESSION 3C                                              ROOM 1       16:50 - 18:00
Chairpersons: Franck Schoefs, Jose M. Saporiti

Designing reliable service life prediction strategies based on prediction,
monitoring and assessment of deterioration
P. Stroeven

Investigation of the effect of the quality of inspection techniques on the optimal
inspection interval for structures
E. Sheils, A. O'Connor, F. Schoefs, D. Breysse

Risk analysis to support operation and maintenance of an ageing dock-gate for
the Port of Marseille Authority
S. Crouigneau, L. Bourdon, Y. Billard, J. Person, F. Schoefs

Reliability based modelling of deterioration in condition and safety of RC
beams in marine environments
O. Kenshel, A. O'Connor


SESSION 4B                                              ROOM 2       16:50 - 18:15
Chairpersons: Karim Aït-Mokthar, António Candeias

Braided composite rods to reinforce concrete subjected to aggressive
C. Gonilho Pereira, R. Fangueiro, S. Jalali, M. de Araújo, P. Pina Marques

Silver tarnishing, the coastal environment and the case of Porto's Cathedral
P. Menino Homem, I. Fonseca e J. Cavalheiro

Rheological and physico-chemical study of cement mortars with
superplasticizers of polycarboxylate-type
E. Nicolas, D. Waldmann, A. Lecomte, C. Diliberto, M. Greger, B. Malaman, G.

Effect of pre-carbonation on the immobilisation potential of chromium
contaminated mortar
K. Owens, M. Basheer, B. Gupta

Use of mineral additions for the inhibition of internal expansive reactions in
concrete structures: Good and bad synergies
A. Santos Silva, A. Bettencourt Ribeiro, S. Jalali, L. Divet


WEDNESDAY                                         JANUARY 30

SESSION 5                          ROOM 1                               08:45 - 10:00
Chairpersons: Alan O'Connor, Afonso Póvoa

The conservation of "trabocchi" as safeguard of the coastal building
constructive sustainability
M. Forlani, C. Bertolini Cestari, D. Radogna

Examples of heritage maritime projects which involve damage, diagnosis and
S. Hold

Performance of coastal bridges during hurricane Katrina
J. Padgett, R. DesRoches, B. Nielson

Risk management of French harbours structures: stakes, current practices and
needs - Experience feedback of owners
J. Boéro, F. Schoefs, B. Capra, N. Rouxel


KEYNOTE LECTURE 5                                              ROOM 1   10:00 - 10:45
Chairpersons: João Negrão, Rosário Veiga

Pathologies and Rehabilitation of Old Buildings in Coastal Environment
J. Appleton

SESSION 6A                                                     ROOM 1   11:00 - 13:00
Chairpersons: José Delgado Rodrigues, Rita Moura

Weathering and consolidation trials on sandstones used in Irish monuments
P. Kissane, S. Pavía

Substitution mortars for application in historical buildings exposed to the sea
R. Veiga, A. Fragata, A. Velosa, A. Magalhães, G. Margalha

Rehabilitation of historical masonry bridges
N. Rodrigues, A. Ramos, F. Branco

Repair mortars for a maritime fortress of the XVII th century
M. Tavares, A. Magalhães, A. Velosa, R. Veiga, J. Aguiar

Damages of old fighthouses and their repair
I. Papayianni, V. Pachta

Strengthening of timber structures using pre-stressed carbon fibre lamellas
M. Lehmann, M. Properzi, F. Pichelin

The re-burial of the Hårbøllebro shipwreck to prevent the action of wood boring
D. Gregory, R. Ringgard, J. Dencker


KEYNOTE LECTURE 6                                      ROOM 1      14:00 - 14:45
Chairpersons: João Almeida Fernandes, Júlio Appleton

The Barra Bridge. Assessment and rehabilitation
A. Rito

SESSION 6B                                             ROOM 1      14:45 - 16:45
Chair: Júlio Appleton, Piet Stroeven

Innovative techniques for the rehabilitation and strengthening of timber
J. Negrão, A. Duarte, C. Oliveira, F. Oliveira, A. Balseiro

Corrosion control of Pacific coast reinforced concrete structures: A summary
of 25 years experience
J. Tinnea, C. Cryer

Life cycle cost analysis of some reinforced concrete repairing techniques
T. da Silva, J. Appleton

Rehabilitation of a marine structure using cathodic protection - Cais de Gaia -
Z. Lourenço, R. Barbosa, S. Miranda

Rehabilitation of chloride-contaminated reinforced concrete structures:
traditional repair, cathodic protection, selective use of stainless steel
R. Moura
The use of self compacting concrete in the rehabilitation of a jetty in Trafaria,
J. Appleton, A. Costa

Princess's pier rehabilitation works
A. Martins, D. Silva


SPECIAL SESSION                                       ROOM 1       17:00 - 18:00
Round Table:Teresa Lameiras, Sylvie Yotte, Franck Schoefs, Manuela Salta

Atlantic Area Trans-National Programme 2007-2013
Teresa Lameiras, Managing Authority (CCDR-N)

Good practices from MEDACHS project and new challenge
Sylvie Yotte, Coordinateur of the MEDACHS project

CLOSING SESSION                                        ROOM 1        18:00 - 18:30

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