2010 Indiana Fishing Regulations by pengtt


  2010 IndIana                                                                                                                              Indiana Department
                                                                                                                                            of Natural Resources


License                                             Licenses                                          Resident¹      Non-resident   Resident

requirements                                        Annual Fishing                                      $17           $35              na            na
                                                    One-Day Fishing (includes Trout/Salmon)             $9            $9               na            na
   Unless otherwise exempted, you must
have a valid fishing license to fish in public      Seven-Day Fishing                                   na            $20              na            na
lakes, streams, rivers or tributaries in Indi-      Senior Annual Fishing                               $3            na               na            na
ana or its boundary waters. A valid trout/          Senior Fish for Life                                $17           na               na            na
salmon stamp also is required to fish for or        Trout/Salmon Stamp Privilege                        $11           $11              na            na
take trout and salmon from public waters.
                                                    Annual Hunting                                      $17           $80             $17            $80
   License holders must carry their license
while fishing and present it upon request           Annual Hunting and Fishing                          $25           na              $25            na
to a conservation officer (or any authorized        Youth Consolidated Hunt/Fish                        $7            na              $7             na
law enforcement official).                          Disabled American Veterans Hunt/Fish               $2.75          na               na            na
   There are fines and penalties for fishing
without a license. A fishing license may be         All 2010 annual licenses and stamp privileges are valid from April 1, 2010, through March 31, 2011.
revoked if the license holder is convicted          2010 license fees are subject to change by the Natural Resources Commission. For a list of current
                                                    license fees, go to fishing.IN.gov or call (317) 232-4200.
of violating fish and wildlife regulations.
                                                    ¹ See resident description located at the left of this chart.
   A person has to have lived in Indiana
                                                    na = not applicable
continuously for 60 days in order to pur-
chase a resident fishing license. All others
are non-residents.
   You do not need a license if...                their states provide Indiana residents. See                       Licenses
   Resident Anglers:                              fishing.IN.gov or call (317) 232-4200 for                         DNR Customer Service Center
•	 Indiana residents born before April 1, 1943.   details.                                                          402 W. Washington St., W160
•	 Resident age 17 and younger.                                                                                     Indianapolis, IN, 46204
•	 Residents who are legally blind.               How to buy                                                      Indiana disabled American veterans
•	 Residents of a state-owned mental reha-
bilitation facility.                              a License                                                    can get a DAV fishing license applica-
•	 Residents of any licensed health care fa-                                                                   tion form from the County Service
cility in Indiana taking part in a supervised        Online: Go to IndianaOutdoor.IN.gov                       Officer or download the application
fishing activity sponsored by the facility.          In Person: Visit a retailer or DNR                        form at fishing.IN.gov. Mail the form
•	 Landowners or lessees of farmland, who         site listed at IndianaOutdoor.IN.gov, or                     with a stamped, self-addressed enve-
farm that land, their spouses and children        visit the DNR Customer Service Center,                       lope to the DNR Customer Service
living with them, while fishing in public         Indiana Government Center South, 402                         Center.
waters from the farmland they own or lease.       W. Washington St., W160, Indianapolis.
•	 Indiana residents engaged in full-             Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday
time military service while on approved           through Friday.
military leave; the angler must carry leave          By Mail: Specify the license you need
orders and a valid Indiana driver’s license       and send the following information with
or voter registration card.                       your order:
                                                                                                                This is a summary of Indiana fishing regulations.
   Non-resident Anglers:                          •	 Name, date of birth, Indiana Driver’s                      It is designed as a service to anglers and is not
•	 Non-resident age 17 or younger are             License number or Social Security number                      intended to be a complete digest of all fishing
                                                                                                                regulations. Most regulations are subject to change
exempt.                                           •	 Complete address, city, state, ZIP and                     by administrative rule. Contact the Indiana DNR
•	 Non-resident military personnel sta-           phone number                                                  Division of Communications at (317) 233-3853
                                                                                                                before reproducing any part of this booklet.
tioned in Indiana must obtain a resident          •	 Height, weight, color of hair and eyes
license.                                             Include a check or money order (payable                    Please go to the Fish and Wildlife website for
•	 Some non-resident landowners, while            to DNR) or Visa or MasterCard (include                        more complete information on fishing regulations.

fishing in public waters from the farm-           number, expiration date). Send the order
land they own, according to exemptions            information and payment to:                                              fishing.In.gov
tHings you can do:
                                                       Indiana’s Statewide Daily Bag and Size Limits
      Catch most fish species year-round.          SPECIES                                DAILY BAG LIMIT                              MINIMUM SIZE
Note: There are season restrictions for            bluegill3                              None3                                        None
trout on inland streams, Lake Michigan
                                                   redear sunfish   3
                                                                                          25  3
and its tributaries, and for paddlefish on
the Ohio River.                                    black bass (in lakes)   2
                                                                                          5 singly or in aggregate   1
                                                                                                                                       14 inches (exceptions: page 3)
      Fish with a trot line – a line that ex-
tends into the water from a fixed point and        black bass (in rivers)2                                                             12 inches (exceptions: page 3)
has smaller drop lines attached to it; lim-        black bass (in Lake Michigan)      2
                                                                                          3 singly or in aggregate   1
                                                                                                                                       14 inches
ited to one trot line at a time with no more       yellow bass                            None                                         None
than 50 single- or multi-barbed hooks, and
                                                   white bass, hybrid striped bass        12 singly or in aggregate , no more
each drop line having only one hook.                                                      than two fish may exceed 17 inches
      Take carp, gar, bowfin, buffalo and
                                                   striped bass                           2                                            None
shad with a spear, gig, spear gun, bow
and arrow or underwater spear under                rock bass                              25                                           None
certain conditions and on limited waters.          crappie  3
                                                                                          25  3
Crossbows may not be used.
                                                   walleye, walleye-sauger hybrid 4 6 singly or in aggregate1                          14 inches 4
See fishing.IN.gov for details.
      Float or jug fish by using a buoyed          sauger                                                                              None
container that suspends a single line and a
                                                   muskellunge and tiger                  1 singly                                     36 inches
single- or multi-barbed hook. As many as           muskellunge
five floats may be used. Each float must be
                                                   northern pike                          3                                            20 inches
marked with the user’s name and address,
and the user must be in constant visual            yellow perch                           None (15 on Lake Michigan only)              None
contact with all floats. NOTE: Float fishing       catfish: channel, blue,                None                                         10 inches
is not allowed on lakes and reservoirs for         flathead (in streams)
public safety reasons.                             catfish: channel, blue,                10                                           None
      Use landing nets, gaff hooks or grab         flathead (in lakes, reservoirs)
hooks to assist in landing legally caught          bullhead                               None                                         None
fish. Note: These devices may not be used          shovelnose sturgeon                    None                                         25 inches (fork length)
as a method of catching fish.                      1
                                                     “Singly or in aggregate” means that the daily bag limit includes any combination of the species.
      Keep fish you catch for an aquarium          2
                                                     Black bass includes largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass.
if the fish meets legal size and bag limit         3
                                                     Daily bag limit for sunfish at J.C. Murphey Lake (Newton Co.) is 25 singly or in aggregate.
                                                     St. Joseph River (Elkhart and St. Joseph counties minimum size limit is 15 inches)
                                                   NOTE: The possession limit is two days daily bag limit.
      Take smelt from Lake Michigan and
Oliver Lake (LaGrange County) from
March 1 through May 30. Smelt may                                                                                 ing the Ohio River. Snagging is the practice
be taken only with a single seine or net.
                                                  tHings you can’t do:                                            of dragging or jerking a hook (or hooks),
The seine or net may not exceed 12 feet                                                                           baited or unbaited, through the water with
                                                       Take fish from public waters with a
in length and 6 feet in depth nor have a                                                                          the intention of hooking a fish on contact.
                                                  weir, electric current, dynamite, firearm,
stretch mesh larger than 1 ½ inches. A dip                                                                             Collect or take live or dead mussel
                                                  crossbow, hands alone, or any substance
net may not exceed 12 feet in diameter.                                                                           shells from public waters.
                                                  that may weaken or poison a fish.
      Fish with up to three poles or hand                                                                              Possess live aquatic invasive mussels
                                                       Use a casting net to catch sport fish.
lines at one time. Each line is limited to                                                                        such as Asiatic clam, quagga mussel and
                                                       Take paddlefish from any waters of
no more than two single or multi-barbed                                                                           zebra mussel.
                                                  Indiana, including Indiana waters of the
hooks, two artificial baits or two live bait                                                                           Intentionally waste or destroy fish
                                                  Ohio River, on a sport fishing license.
harnesses.                                                                                                        unless the species is required by law to be
                                                       Take or possess lake sturgeon or any
      Collect minnows and crayfish if                                                                             killed. This includes discarding fish entrails
                                                  of these other state-endangered fish: ban-
you possess a valid fishing license. Some                                                                         into any state waters.
                                                  tam sunfish, cavefish, channel darter, gilt
restrictions apply for possession limits and                                                                           Buy, sell or barter any fish, frogs,
                                                  darter, greater redhorse, northern brook
allowable equipment. See fishing.IN.gov                                                                           turtles or other reptiles and amphibians
                                                  lamprey, pallid shiner, redside dace, or
for details.                                                                                                      taken under a fishing or hunting license.
                                                  variegate darter.
      Use wild fish as live bait as long as the
                                                       Exceed at any time the bag limit of
fish was caught legally and meets any size,
                                                  fish while engaged in a day’s fishing.                                 Please go to Division of Fish & Wildlife
catch or possession limits for that species.
                                                       Release live fish (native or non-native)
Goldfish also can be used as live bait; carp
                                                  into public waters without a stocking per-                                 online:fishing.IN.gov
and gizzard shad may not be used, except                                                                                     for a more complete description of
                                                  mit issued by the DNR.
at Brookville Lake, where live shad may be                                                                                           fishing regulations.
                                                       Snag fish from public waters, includ-
oHio river                                        Ohio River Daily Bag and Size Limits
                                                  SpecIeS                                  Bag LIMIt              MINIMuM SIze
   Sport fishing regulations on the Ohio
                                                  largemouth bass                          6*                     12 inches
River are the result of a cooperative ef-         smallmouth bass                                                 No size limit on spotted bass
fort by Indiana and five other Ohio River         spotted bass
states.                                           white bass                               30*                    No more than four fish may be 15 inches or longer
   In many cases, these rules differ signifi-     yellow bass
                                                  striped bass
cantly from other laws and regulations in         hybrid striped bass
Indiana. They apply only to the main stem
                                                  rock bass                                15                     None
of the Ohio River and do not include any
tributaries or embayments, where general          crappie                                  30                     None
Indiana fishing regulations apply.                muskellunge                              2*                     30 inches
                                                  tiger muskellunge
   A person holding an Indiana fishing
license (resident or non-resident), or who        walleye                                  10*                    None
is exempt from having a license in Indiana,       hybrid walleye (saugeye)
may fish from either bank of the Ohio             *Singly or in aggregate, which means the catch limit includes any combination of the species. For instance, your daily bag
River or, by boat, any part of the main           could include 30 white bass or 30 hybrid striped bass or any combination of the two species equalling no more than 30.
stem of the river. The interstate reciprocal      NOTE: The possession limit is two days daily bag limit.
license agreement with Kentucky does not
                                                                                                                    12- to 15-inch slot size limit (No large-
apply to tributaries of the Ohio River in        half hour before sunrise). Crossbows are
                                                                                                                 mouth bass between 12 and 15 inches in
either state. Fishing the tributaries requires   illegal.
                                                                                                                 length may be taken):
a license from that state.                       •	 Gigging from Feb. 1 to May 10 with any
                                                                                                                 •	 Buffalo Trace Lake (Harrison)
                                                 pronged or barbed instrument attached to
     Ohio River sport fish include:                                                                              •	 Celina Lake (Perry)
                                                 the end of a rigid object. Fish cannot be
•	   black crappie              trout                                                                            •	 Ferdinand State Forest Lake (Dubois)
                                                 gigged from either a boat or platform.
•	   white crappie             northern pike                                                                     •	 Indian Lake (Perry)
•	   largemouth bass           muskellunge                                                                       •	 Montgomery City Park Lake (Daviess)
•	   rock bass            tiger muskellunge                                                                      •	 Saddle Lake (Perry)
•	   smallmouth bass           chain pickerel                                                                    •	 Scales Lake (Warrick)
•	   spotted bass              walleye
                                                 LargemoutH bass                                                 •	 Shakamak State Park lakes (Clay, Greene
                                                 See table on page 2 for Statewide Bass Regulations.             and Sullivan)
•	   yellow bass               sauger
                                                   Special largemouth bass regulations are                       •	 Tipsaw Lake (Perry)
•	   striped bass              saugeye
•	   hybrid striped bass                         in effect for many Indiana waters. The ex-                         No minimum-size:
                                                 pected benefit of size limits are an increase                   •	 Brownstown State Fishing Area (Jackson)
   Paddlefish may not be taken from any          in the number of bass caught (although                          •	 Burdette Park lakes (Vanderburgh)
portion of Indiana waters of the Ohio Riv-       many must be released); an increase in size                     •	 Chandler Town park (Warrick)
er. It is illegal to take paddlefish from any    of bass; and in some cases, improvement                         •	 Cypress Lake State Fishing Area (Jackson)
Indiana waters on a sport fishing license.       in bluegill size and increased predation on                     •	 Deming Park lakes (Vigo)
   The following methods may be used for         abundant prey, such as gizzard shad.                            •	 Garvin Park Lake (Vanderburgh)
sport fish on the Ohio River:                      The special regulations include (county                       •	 Glen Miller Pond (Wayne)
•	 Poles or hand lines                           in parentheses):                                                •	 Hayswood Lake (Harrison)
•	 Float-fishing methods                            15-inch minimum size limit:                                  •	 Henry County Memorial Park Lake (Henry)
•	 Set lines with one single- or mutli-          •	 Dogwood Lake (Daviess)                                       •	 Hovey Lake at Hovey Lake FWA (Posey)
barbed hook                                      •	 Patoka Lake (Crawford, Dubois and                            •	 Krannert Lake (Marion)
•	 Trot lines (limit two) with no more than      Orange)                                                         •	 Lake Sullivan (Marion)
50 single- or mutli-barbed hooks per drop                                                                        •	 Ruster Lake (Marion)
line may be used. Drop lines for trot lines         16-inch minimum size limit:                                  •	 Schnebelt Pond (Dearborn)
must be spaced at least 18 inches apart.         •	 Cecil M. Harden Lake (Parke)
Trot lines must be checked at least once                                                                         speciaL stream
                                                    18-inch minimum size and two-fish
every 24 hours.
   Snagging is prohibited on the Ohio            daily limit:                                                    bLack bass
River.                                           •	 Ball Lake (Steuben)                                          reguLations
   All other fish, except those classified as    •	 Blue Grass, Loon Lake (Warrick)
                                                 •	 Gibson Lake (Gibson)                                            20-inch minimum size limit and one
threatened or endangered, may be taken as
                                                 •	 J.C. Murphey Lake (Newton)                                   fish daily bag limit
well with the following methods:
                                                 •	 Robinson Lake (Kosciusko and Whitley)                        •	 Sugar Creek (Montgomery, Parke,
•	 Long or compound bow with an arrow
                                                 •	 All lakes at Tri-County FWA                                  Boone, Clinton and Tipton)
having one or more barbs and an attached
                                                                                                                    12- to 15-inch slot size limit (No more
line. Catfish and paddlefish cannot be              20-inch minimum size and one-fish                            than two bass larger than 15 inches):
taken with bow and arrow during night-           daily limit:                                                    •	 Blue River (Crawford, Harrison and
time hours (half hour after sunset until         •	 Turtle Creek Reservoir (Sullivan)                            Washington)
Lake micHigan                                      Lake                      SPECIES                     DAILY BAG LIMIT                    MINIMUM SIZE

and tributaries                                    Michigan and              chinook salmon
                                                                             coho salmon
                                                                                                         5 total salmon and trout
                                                                                                         No more than 2 may be
                                                                                                                                            14 inches
                                                                                                                                            Lake Michigan,

   Special regulations apply to trout and
                                                   tributaries               Atlantic salmon             lake trout.                        streams, and
                                                                                                                                            St. Joseph River
salmon fishing on Lake Michigan and its            Sizes and                 pink salmon
tributaries. They include:                         Limits                    brown trout
                                                                             steelhead trout
•	 The possession limit for trout or salmon
is five (no more than two may be lake                                        lake trout
trout).                                                                      yellow perch                15 on Lake Michigan only           None
•	 The possession limit for yellow perch
is 15 while fishing Indiana waters (even if                                  NOTE: The possession limit is two days daily bag limit.
you have a fishing license from a neighbor-
ing state).
•	 Sucker, carp, gar, bowfin, buffalo and
                                                  (Lake and Porter counties), Salt Creek                 Hook restrictions
                                                  (Porter County), Burns Ditch (Lake and
shad may be taken from Lake Michigan
                                                  Porter counties), Deep River downstream                   In the waters including Lake Michigan
with a bow and arrow.
                                                  from the dam at Camp 133 (Lake County),                tributaries, the St. Joseph River and its
•	 Use of a trot line (power line), set line or
                                                  or the tributaries to these waterways.                 tributary streams from the Twin Branch
throw line is prohibited on Lake Michigan.
                                                     Any fish taken from the Lake Michigan               Dam downstream to the Michigan state
•	 Fishing is not allowed within 100 feet
                                                  tributaries defined in this section must be            line (St. Joseph County), you may not fish
above or below the Praxair Dam on the
                                                  hooked in the mouth. Foul-hooked fish                  with more than one single hook per line or
East Branch of the Little Calumet River.
                                                  must be returned to the water.                         one artificial bait or harness for use with
•	 In waters that include Lake Michigan
tributaries, the St. Joseph River and its                                                                live bait.
tributary streams from the Twin Branch            st. JosepH river                                          Single hooks, including those on artifi-
Dam downstream to the Michigan state                                                                     cial baits, cannot exceed ½ inch from point
line (St. Joseph County), you may not fish           Special regulations apply to fishing the            to shank. Double and treble hooks are only
with more than one single hook per line or        St. Joseph River and its tributaries from              allowed on artificial baits and shall not
one artificial bait or harness for use with       Twin Branch Dam in Mishawaka down-                     exceed ⅜ inch from point to shank.
live bait.                                        stream to the Michigan state line. These
•	 See Page 3 for Lake Michigan bass              include:                                                 Single hook                     Double or
regulations.                                      •	 Minimum size for trout and salmon is                  ½ inch or less from             treble hook
                                                                                                           point to shank                  ⅜ inch or less from
                                                  14 inches.
                                                                                                                                           point to shank
                                                  •	 No fishing is allowed at any time in the
tributary                                         East Race Waterway in South Bend, or
restrictions:                                     within 100 feet of the entrance or exit of
                                                  the East Race.
   There is no closed season for taking           •	 No fishing is allowed at any time from
trout and salmon from Lake Michigan,              the fish ladders located on the South Bend
but certain tributary streams are closed to       or Mishawaka Central Park dams.
all fishing from April 1 through June 15.         •	 No fishing is allowed within 100 feet of
These streams are stocked annually with           the entrances or exits of fish ladders.
trout and salmon, and the closure allows          •	 No fishing is allowed by boat or other
small, vulnerable fish to migrate safely to
Lake Michigan. The closure applies to:
                                                  watercraft in the St. Joseph River below
                                                  the South Bend dam for a distance of 200                     FREE FISHING
•	 East Branch of Little Calumet River
from U.S. 12 upstream to U.S. 20 in Porter
                                                  feet, and from the Mishawaka Central
                                                  Park dam downstream to the Main Street
County.                                           bridge, Mishawaka.                                           June 5-6, 2010
•	 Trail Creek from the Franklin Street
Bridge (Michigan City) upstream to U.S.                                                                        Indiana residents can enjoy a weekend
                                                                                                               of fishing without purchasing a license.
35 in LaPorte County.
   It is illegal to possess a fish spear, gig,
                                                     Fishing Reports                                           This year, take friends along and
gaff, bowfishing equipment, crossbow,                Lake Michigan (219) 874-0009                              introduce them to a new activity that
                                                     Updated weekly March through December.
grab hook, spear gun, club, snag hook or                                                                       that could become a lifelong passion.
underwater spear in or adjacent to the Ga-           St. Joseph River (574) 257-TIPS
                                                     Updated weekly mid-February through April
lena River (LaPorte County), Trail Creek             and mid-June to mid-December.
(LaPorte County), East Branch of Little
Calumet River (LaPorte and Porter coun-              fishing.IN.gov                                            (All other rules and regulations are enforced.)

ties), West Branch of Little Calumet River

trout                                           Inland trout             SPECIES               DAILY BAG LIMIT                                    MINIMUM SIZE

   The opening day of trout season on           Sizes and                brook trout           5 singly or in aggregate for all trout.            7 inches*
                                                                                               No more than 3 may be lake trout.
inland streams, other than Lake Michigan        Limits                   rainbow trout
                                                                                               No more than 1 may be brown trout.
tributaries, is the last Saturday in April.                              lake trout
Starting time is 6 a.m. (local).                                         brown trout*
   Catch-and-release applies to all trout
streams from Jan. 1 through April 14.                                    *18” minimum size limit at Oliver, Olin and Martin lakes in Lagrange co., and Brookville Lake
                                                                          tailwater in Franklin co.
   Selected trout streams are closed from
                                                                         NOTE: The possession limit is two days daily bag limit.
April 15 to the last Saturday in April to
allow hatcheries to complete annual trout
                                               •	 Little George Lake on Chinook FWA,                    (219) 879-8371 for Lake Michigan,
stockings. Those streams include:
                                               Clay County.                                             (502) 779-5400 for southern Indiana, or
•	 Pigeon River and Pigeon Creek in            •	 Greene-Sullivan State Forest lakes.                   see uscgboating.org for a copy of federal
LaGrange County from the Steuben                  For stocking sites go to:                             boating regulations.
County line to LaGrange County Road 410        fishing.IN.gov/3622.htm
E (Troxel’s Bridge). This does not include
the Mongo Mill Pond.
                                                                                                        eating FisH
•	 Harding Run, Curtis Creek, Bloody Run       boating
                                                                                                           Eating recreationally caught fish from
and Graveyard Run (tributaries of Pigeon
                                                  All motorboats used in public waters                  Indiana waters can be a healthy and tasty
River) in LaGrange County.
                                               must be registered. For a copy of Indiana                activity when you have the proper informa-
•	 Turkey Creek north of CR 100 S in
                                               boating laws, write to DNR Division of                   tion.
LaGrange County.
                                               Law Enforcement, 402 W. Washington St.,                     The contaminants accumulate in human
•	 Rainbow Pit in Pigeon River Fish &
                                               Room W255D, Indianapolis, IN, 46204.                     tissue like they do in fish and can build to
Wildlife Area.
                                                  Only electric motors may be used on                   levels that could pose a health threat. The
•	 Little Elkhart River and Rowe-Eden
                                               state-owned, leased or licensed lakes                    consumption advisory is based on a model
Ditch in LaGrange County.
                                               smaller than 300 acres. No more than two                 that people are consuming 8 oz. of fish on
•	 Solomon Creek and Cobus Creek in
                                               12-volt batteries can be used to power                   225 days each year over 70 years. Most
Elkhart County.
                                               trolling motors in these waters.                         anglers do not eat wild-caught fish nearly
•	 Little Kankakee River upstream from
                                                                                                        this frequently.
CR 800 E to Division Road in LaPorte
                                               Life preservers (Wear It! Indiana)                          The primary concern is with the at-risk
                                                 “WEAR IT INDIANA” is a public outreach                 population. This population comprises
•	 Mississinewa River within the bound-
                                               campaign designed to encourage the use                   women of childbearing years, nursing
aries of the Randolph County Wildlife
                                               of personal flotation devices (life jackets)             mothers and children under age 15. The
Management Area.
                                               while boaters and swimmers are enjoying                  reason for extra concern is evidence of de-
•	 Big Blue River within the boundaries
                                               Indiana waterways.                                       velopmental problems in babies and young
of Wilbur Wright Fish & Wildlife Area in
                                                                                                        children from contaminants at levels lower
Henry County.
                                                                                                        than what can be safely eaten by adults.
•	 Jackson Creek upstream from Yellow-
                                                                                                           Eating fish from lakes and reservoirs is
wood Lake in Brown County.
                                                                                                        generally less of a concern. Contaminant
   Three streams in Elkhart County are                                                                  levels are generally very low in lakes and
designated year-round as “catch-and-                                                                    reservoirs.
release only” and “artificial lures or flies                                                               Eating fish from rivers and streams
only” trout fishing areas. They are:                                                                    is generally a much higher concern.
•	 Little Elkhart River from CR 43 down-                                                                All 13 water bodies carrying do-not-eat
stream to CR 16, except for waters along                                                                consumption advisories for all species are
Riverbend Park from CR 16 upstream to                                                                   streams.
the pedestrian bridge.                                                                                     Consult the Indiana Fish Consumption
•	 Solomon Creek from CR 33 down-                A U.S. Coast Guard approved wearable                   Advisory for much more detailed infor-
stream to the Elkhart River.                   personal flotation device (Type 1, 2, 3 or               mation. The advisory can be found at
•	 Cobus Creek from Old U.S. 20 down-          5) is required for each person on any boat.              IN.gov/isdh/23650.htm. For more infor-
stream to the St. Joseph River.                Boats 16 feet and longer, except for canoes              mation on the fish consumption advisory
                                               or kayaks, must also have one USCG-                      or answers to questions concerning the
   There is no closed season for taking        approved throwable PFD on board.                         advisory, contact: Indiana State Depart-
trout from inland lakes, except from             Lake Michigan and the Ohio River and                   ment of Health, Environmental Epidemiol-
March 15 to April 1 for:                       boundary waters of the Wabash River have                 ogy Section, 2525 Shadeland Ave., Suite E,
•	 Island Lake on Minnehaha FWA, Sul-          special PFD regulations. Call the USCG at                Indianapolis, IN 46219, (317) 351-7190,
livan County.                                                                                           ext. 262.

reptiLes and                                      Reptiles/amphibians Seasons and Limits
ampHibians                                      SPECIES                       SEASON        DAILY BAG       POSSESSION RESTRICTIONS
                                                                                            LIMIT           LIMIT
  All reptiles and amphibians native to         Game turtles                  year-          25*             50*       turtle traps may be used but may not
                                                •	 common snapping            round                                           have an opening below the water
Indiana are protected by law.                      turtle                                                                     surface.
  Species of frogs, lizards, salamanders,       •	 smooth softshell turtle
                                                •	 spiny softshell turtle
snakes, toads or turtles (including box
turtles) on the state or federal endangered     Game frogs                    June 15-       25*             50*              Frogs may be taken with gig or spear with a
species list may not be collected from the      •	 bullfrog                   apr. 30                                         head not more than 3 inches in width and
                                                •	 green frog                                                                 a single row of tines, long bow and arrow,
wild at any time.                                                                                                             club, hands alone, or pole or hand line with
  Species specified as game animals (com-                                                                                     not more than one hook or artificial lure
                                                                                                                              attached. Firearms used for frog hunting
mon snapping turtle, smooth softshell                                                                                         are restricted to a .22-caliber firearm
turtle, spiny softshell turtle, bullfrog and                                                                                  loaded with bird shot only.
green frog) may be collected in compliance        * “Singly or in aggregate”, which means the catch limit includes any combination of the species.
with license requirements, season dates,          NOTE: The possession limit is two days daily bag limit.
bag limits and legal trapping methods.
  Indiana residents over age 17 must              Non-game reptiles and amphibians                               with the exception of the Eastern box turtle.
possess a valid hunting or fishing license     may not be taken from any DNR property                            Collected species may not be sold.
when collecting species of reptiles and        without a scientific purposes license. See                           Legally collected amphibians or reptiles kept
amphibians. All non-resident adults and        fishing.IN.gov for a list of Indiana’s native                     in captivity less than 30 days may be released
most non-resident youth must possess a         species. The possession limit for non-                            only at their original capture site if they have
non-resident annual hunting license.           endangered, non-game species is four,                             never been housed with another animal.

                                turn in a                                        Law enForcement
                                poacHer                                          region Headquarters
                                Help eliminate the illegal taking
                                of Indiana’s fish and wildlife, and                North Region Headquarters                         South Region Headquarters
                                stop pollution and destruction                      1124 N. Mexico Road                               4850 S. S.R. 446
                                of rivers and wetlands.                             peru, IN 46970                                    Bloomington, IN 47401
                                                                                    (765) 473-9722                                    (812) 837-9536
                                Report Poaching                                     IcONR@dnr.IN.gov                                  IcOSR@dnr.IN.gov
                                Call (800) - TIP-IDNR
                                               (847 - 4367)

2010 record
FisH program                                   Its fun & free! submIt your entry today!
  The Division of Fish and Wildlife spon-      catch the largest fish of each species that                       submitting information. Winners receive a
sors two award programs recognizing            is smaller than the current state record.                         certificate and a colorful jacket patch.
outstanding catches by sport anglers. The      Weight is the measurement used for state                             Entry forms and pictures will not be
Indiana Record Fish Program recognizes         record fish. Total length is used for Fish of                     returned to the angler.
new State Record catches. The Fish of the      the Year. Both programs have the same fish                             For a list of general rules and an entry
Year program recognizes anglers who            divisions and use the same entry form for                         form, go to fishing.IN.gov/3577.htm

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