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the source of a richer
    income stream
fixed income: the sweet spot between risk and return
Sentry vigilantly works to make sure that borrowers are responsible, disciplined users of the
lent capital. We assess if the borrower is a good credit that pays interest on time and can repay
or refinance its loan at maturity, or is a bad credit that could default and face a period of debt
repayment or potential bankruptcy. We also keep an eye on inflation, which can shrink the buying
power of capital over time, and raise interest rates on new loans. And where we do expose our
bond portfolio to higher-risk investments, we compensate the portfolio for that risk.

macro thinking, micro focus
It’s a big world to invest from. So we start with a big-picture look at the overall climate. Then we
go top-down, determining overall credit exposures, sector weightings, yield curves and duration
positionings – all while plying a technical analysis of individual markets. As for credit, we zoom
in on market positioning, free cash flow, liquidity coverage and covenant protection.

stronger yield, stronger income
Sentry Tactical Bond Fund is designed to deliver an enhanced, risk-adjusted return; investors
assume a measure of increased risk in order to enjoy greater yield. Managed vigorously, the Fund
aims to provide an enriched monthly income stream, with a projected targeted yield of 6% to 7%.

investing in all the right places
The Fund focuses on fixed-income vehicles across Canada, the U.S. and globally, including
emerging markets. We will generally focus on corporate fixed-income securities – including high-
yield securities – as well as government and other sovereign debt. Enhanced yield will come from
skewing the Fund’s credit quality towards double B and lower.

                         ■ Canadian high yield 30%
                         ■ U.S. high yield 30%
                         ■ Canadian/U.S. investment grade 25%
                         ■ Emerging markets 15%

Our brochure cover pattern incorporates three D’s, signifying Sentry’s tri-faceted approach to fixed income: Diversification (across
sectors, number of issuers, geography), Diligence (rigorous credit analysis) and Direct contact (meeting directly with issuers).
the three d’s
Diversification: It’s critical to diversify across industry sectors, the number of issuers in the
portfolio and even geography.

Diligence: Fixed-income investments require diligent, insightful credit analysis – catching
problems before they even arise.

Direct contact: When looking at credit, you can’t beat “feet on the ground” – meeting directly
with issuers to get a true lay of the land.

a better class of fund, either way
The Fund is available in two options – both of which deliver enhanced yield and diversification –
but differ based on where investors plan to hold the Fund.

Sentry Tactical Bond Fund is geared towards registered accounts and tax-free savings accounts –
vehicles that provide built-in tax shelters.

The corporate class version, Sentry Tactical Bond Capital Yield Class, provides tax-efficient
yield by converting interest income to capital gains – more suitable for investments in
non-registered accounts.

a tactical fund demands a tactical manager

                   w. shane stuck
                   senior portfolio manager

Shane leads Sentry’s fixed-income team. His prodigious depth of experience gives him a unique,
pan-market perspective and knowledge of the global marketplace. He has over 20 years of fund
management experience in Canadian, U.S. and global financial markets, and previously worked
with the Bank of Canada where he played a key role in implementing monetary policy.

Shane is backed by a team of leading managers and analysts, including winners of the 2009
Brendan Wood International TopGun Awards. Sentry was also one of only four firms to win the
TopGun Team Asset Management Award in 2009.

                                  “This Fund demands active management – someone
                                   to stay on top of your investments, especially given the presence
                                   of lower-rated credit. You can’t leave the Fund on autopilot.”
                                                                                                    ~Shane Stuck
            Investors rely on us to manage their money responsibly. That’s why our funds
            place a premium on risk management. It’s a core factor behind the development
            of Sentry Tactical Bond Fund.

            Speak with your financial advisor to help determine if Sentry Tactical Bond
            Fund suits your portfolio, your objectives and your tolerance for risk.

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