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2009 Grade 7 Supply List by AndrewIsherwood


									                           Seventh Grade Supply List
         All 7th Graders should have the following supplies available
                         in school on the first day:
pencils with erasers (constant supply!)
blue or black erasable pens (constant supply!)
red pens (constant supply!)
2 pocket folders
3 separate college rule, spiral notebooks (100 pages each)
       (Please, no multi-subject spiral notebooks.)
2 spiral notebook containing 1/4 inch graph paper for math homework
2 bound composition journal (> 50 pages)
1 1/2 inch, three ring binders
2 1 ½ inch, three ring binders
2 5 tab divider sets, assorted colors
4 packages of lined, college ruled loose leaf paper (150 sheets)
calculator (simple scientific with pi function, without fraction function, if possible)
       No graphing calculators, I pods or I phones allowed!
highlighters ( at least 4)
colored pencils for special projects
3 boxes of tissues (Please deliver to Homeroom teacher on 1st day for use during
nylon pencil bag with 3 holes
512 MB memory stick

At home for use with homework:

5” x 8” lined index cards for Book Cards (25 -50 cards)
2 pkgs. 3” x 5” index cards (for flash cards and for research report note-taking) (100+)
ruler (metric & English)

The following items will be important for use at home during the school year:

French, Chinese or Spanish Dictionary

Reminder: We will be collecting your Summer Reading Certificate during the first week
of school. Will you meet your goal? Have you listed all the books you have read?

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