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					                                         OFFICIAL NEWS MAGAZINE OF THE
                                                    RHODE ISLAND

  6 Arnold Road, Coventry, RI 02816                                   401-826-2121            FEBRUARY, 2010

           Representing Over 6,500 Recreational Anglers
                                                          The 7th Annual
                      New England Saltwater Fishing Show
                            returns to Providence
T    he largest saltwater fishing show in the Northeast will again
     be held at the Rhode Island Convention Center in downtown
Providence. The 2010 Show will be held on the weekend of March
                                                                       at the show will have specials and deals to encourage show
                                                                       attendees to buy their products."
                                                                           There will also be boat, inflatable and kayak dealers at the show.
19, 20 and 21.                                                             Our government will be well represented with representatives
    The show will feature 500 exhibitor spaces with over 300 fishing   of the NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service, Atlantic States
and marine companies. In addition to many retail exhibitors, most      Marine Fisheries Commission, and Massachusetts DEP as well as
of the top manufacturers will have their factory reps at the show,     the RIDEM Marine Fisheries and Law Enforcement Divisions
showing off their 2010 product lines.                                      One of the best part of the fishing show are the seminars, and
    "This will be the best time for anglers to buy the stuff they      this year's lineup of speaker talent looks to be the best year yet.
need," said Steve Medeiros, Show Chairman. "Many of the dealers                                      (to page 19)

   Rhode Island saltwater recreational
       fishing license approved
       House & Senate override Governor's veto

 R     ecreational     saltwater      anglers      around

 that would keep Rhode Island anglers out of the Federal Angler
      state were shocked when the Governor vetoed the legislation        NOAA announced proposed
 Registry next year.                                                       Northeast groundfish
     The January issue of this newsletter reported                        management measures
 what would happen to Rhode Island citizens who
 were now subject to the Federal Registry. In                           Why, you may ask, is this article written since it is
 addition to being subject to the $15-$25 fee that                      all about commercial fishing? Guess what, it may
 NOAA would charge staring on January 1, 2011, it also removed
                                                                        well apply to recreational fishermen also. This is a
 Rhode Island from license reciprocity with our neighboring states,
 and would force it's citizens who fish across state borders to         big deal and we all better pay attention to this issue.
 purchase expensive nonresident licenses in those states.
     The leadership of RISAA and other fishing clubs were upset.
 Nearly every U.S. coastal state would have a license in place by
                                                                        N     OAA has announced details of proposed measures
                                                                              developed by the New England Fisheries Management
                                                                        Council intended to end overfishing and continue the rebuilding
 2011 and, if they didn't want their members to be subject to           of Northeast groundfish. There will be a 30-day public comment
 Federal fees, they would need to spend 2010 attempting another         period on the measures, and if the new rules are approved, would
 round of legislation.                                                  be effective May 1.
     RISAA leaders contacted Speaker of the House, William                  The proposed commercial measures would enable all limited
 Murphy, and President of the Senate, Teresa Paiva-Weed, urging         access groundfish permit holders to create groups or “sectors”
 them to consider an override of the Governor's veto, and were          that would get a share of the year’s allowable catch, based on
 informed at the end of December that a veto override vote would        the historic landings of their members. They would also develop
 be place on the General Assembly's opening day agenda.                 their own rules for allocating the catch among the sector members.
     The call went out to recreational anglers to contact their         Those not in a sector would continue to be able to fish a set
 local Senators and Representatives. (to page 19)                       number of days per year in a common pool. (to page 22)
                                                                                                                 R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                        Newsletter and the Menhaden AP meeting
THIS NEWS MAGAZINE                                                         made up of a group of appointed recreational and commercial
     You probably noticed when you picked it up. This February             fishermen. That panel usually meets each winter where we received
issue of our newsletter is a little smaller than usual. We did a           a report on the previous year's fishing and the current stock status
slightly smaller issue this month to save some of the cost because         from ASMFC.
the March issue will be larger with hundreds of extra copies printed           The Menhaden AP met on January 11. Jason McNamee, of the
to hand out at our New England Saltwater Fishing Show.                     Division of Fish & Wildlife, reported that ASMFC states the
     Several of you have told me recently that we should change            coastwide menhaden stock is in good shape and are not overfished
how we refer to this publication. Rather than calling it a newsletter,     and that overfishing is not occurring. He then reported on the
it's really more of a news magazine. I suppose that's true and I've        fishery performance in 2009.
changed the front page top header to indicate that.                            Because of the many rainy days and lack of fish entering the
     Others have said that the content of each issue is more valuable      Bay, the 50% stock rule was exceeded and the commercial fishery
than some publications on the newsstand.                                   went over the cap by 119,000 pounds before it was shut down. He
     I guess when I apologize because this issue is "only 40 pages",       stated that they will endeavor to improve monitoring in 2010,
instead of the usual 50 pages, it's not just a newsletter.                 including overflights using the state's helicopter.
                                                                               After two hours of discussion, the AP decided upon the
FISHING LICENSE OVERRIDE                                                   following that will be brought back to the Fisheries Council:
    A few of us spent several intense and hectic days at the end of            • Proposed that a "floor" should be set so that commercial
December in an attempt to fix the recreational saltwater license           fishing could not begin until a certain number of fish was confirmed
mess. In the end it was all worth it. The effort means we won't            to be present in the bay.
have to spend another year working on a Rhode Island program                   • Requested that a maximum boat length of 85' and a maximum
and can now devote our energies to other important issues (like            carrying capacity of 120,000 pounds be set.
public access) this year.                                                      • That purse seines be marked at 50' intervals with a different
    I received many calls and e-mails from other fishing clubs,            colored buoy so enforcement can determine length restriction
even in other states, congratulating RISAA on pulling off the veto             • Would like DEM enforcement to certify & measure nets before
override. I always give credit to our many members who take the            a commercial boat can begin fishing
time to get involved in the process by sending e-mails or making               All panel members also discussed the need for more aggressive
phone calls when we ask them for help.                                     enforcement of the menhaden provisions. ( to page 14 )
    A special thanks goes to every member who has made a
contribution to the RISAA PAC. Those contributions have enabled
us to attend many, many political fund-raisers over the past several                       IMPORTANT DATES
years. Because of that we have become well-known to the very                           Additional information on these events can be found on
people in charge who are responsible for creating the laws that                           the RISAA web site at
can affect public access, fisheries regulations and marine                    Feb 16  RISAA Board of Directors Meeting - 6:30 PM
conservation.                                                                 Feb 20  RISAA's 12th Annual Banquet - 7:00 PM
                                                                                      West Valley Inn, West Warwick, RI
    This week I received a call from a recreational fishing leader in
                                                                              Feb 22  RISAA Monthly Seminar - 7:00 PM (see page 12)
Connecticut and he asked if someone from RISAA was willing to                 Feb 23  RIDEM Public Hearing - 6:00 PM
come and talk to their organization to teach them how to create                       Changes to summer flounder, scup, tautog, weakfish
what we have in Rhode Island.                                                         Corless Auditorium, URI Bay Campus, Narragansett
    "We've never been able to unite here in Connecticut," he said.            Mar 1   R.I. Marine Fisheries Council Meeting - 6:00 PM
"You guys have done something that other states can't pull off."              Mar 9   RISAA Fly Fishing Committee - 6:30 PM
    I tried to tell him that RISAA had a policy, from the very                Mar 19- New England Saltwater Fishing Show
beginning, of learning to work within the political and fisheries             21      R.I. Convention Center, Providence
system, and that just complaining all the time does no good.                  Mar 23 RISAA Board of Directors - 6:30 PM
                                                                              Mar 29 RISAA Monthly Seminar & Quarterly Meeting
Fortunately, it worked, and our membership has grown with many
                                                                                      R.I. Sea Grant: The Ocean SAMP Plan
people who have agreed with those policies.                                           Capt. Jim White: Light Tackle Fishing in the Bay
                                                                              Apr 26  RISAA Monthly Seminar - 7:00 PM
MENHADEN REPORT                                                                       Dave Fewster: Squid Fishing
   One of my duties as a member of the R.I. Marine Fisheries                  June 19 RISAA's 13th Annual TAKE-A-KID FISHING DAY
Council is to chair the Menhaden Advisory Panel (AP), which is
                                                                     -2-                                             R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                                                            Bob Pond (1917 - 2009)
                                                                  Robert A. Pond, noted outdoor writer, conservationist and
                                                                  businessman, died December 26, 2009 at Attleboro,
                                                                  Massachusetts. He was 92 years of age.

                                                                  Bob Pond is also know within the East Coast saltwater fishing
                                                                  community as “Mr. Striped Bass” for his selfless efforts to save
The purpose of the Membership Committee is to contact new
                                                                  the striped bass from extinction. The striped bass was and
members, welcome them to the Association and answer any
                                                                  remains today the premier recreational saltwater fishing species
questions they may have about RISAA and its activities.
                                                                  along the East Coast. In face of declining numbers of striped
                                                                  bass in the ‘70s Bob mobilized the members of Stripers Unlimited,
    Welcome to the new members who                                an organization he had earlier founded to lobby both state and
                                                                  federal agencies, resulting in the Emergency Striped Bass Act of
           joined last month                                      1979, sponsored by Senator John
                                                                  Chaffee of Rhode Island.
    Brian Beltrami                John Kramer
    West Warwick, RI               Old Tappan, NJ                 In 1945 Bob developed his
                                                                  famous Atom plug, testing it in
       Mel Blake              Richard Mandeville                  the Cape Cod Canal and
     Narragansett, RI               Greenville, RI                manufacturing it in Attleboro. In
                                                                  his sales travels up and down the
     Joel Busche                Adam Spellman                     coast he noted a desire among
                                    Cranston, RI                  striper fishermen to fish other
        Tiverton, RI                                              states and so he developed the
                                Richard Sustello                  Tri-State Tournament in 1965 in
    Katrin Busche                                                 which       local     clubs    in
                                    Cranston, RI
        Tiverton, RI                                              Massachusetts, Maine
                                                                  and Rhode Island sponsor a
                                   Hien Truong                    weekend visit to their local hot
      Tim Carroll                   Providence, RI                fishing spots. The Tri-State
       Coventry, RI
                                                                  exists today as an honor code
                              Chuck Van Sluyter                   catch-and-release tournament.
   Raymond Clark                    Barrington, RI
       Barrington, RI                                             Using his income from the Atom plug, in the early 1970s Bob
                                                                  began a series of research trips to the striped bass spawning
       Paul Kelly              YOUR NAME                          rivers of Maryland. He also attracted fish scientists and state
        Lincoln, RI            should be here                     hatchery personnel to join in his work. It was on these trips that
                                                                  Bob began to see serious deformities in spawning population
                                                                  and put out the call to get Federal monies to research the problem.
    There are no strangers in the Rhode Island                    His efforts resulted in the Act of 1979, a subsequent moratorium,
          Saltwater Anglers Association                           and eventual resurgence of the striped bass in the 1990s. In all
                                                                  these efforts he was assisted by Avis Boyd, who he later married.
    Only friends you haven't met yet.
                                                                  Bob was born and raised in New Rochelle, New York and
                                                                  graduated from Syracuse University Forestry College, an
                                                                  education he credited for his life-long conservationism. During
 Share the Wealth!                                                WW II Bob worked as a munitions inspector for the British, and
                                                                  later, the American governments.

 BRING A FRIEND                                                   Sadly, his wife Avis Boyd, died three days later on Dec. 29

                                                                                   Captain Al Anderson
       TO THE NEXT                                                        IGFA Representative/RI • IGFA Certified Captain
      RISAA MEETING.                                                               Sportfishing aboard the PROWLER
                                                                                         Fast 42 foot Custom NC Express
RISAA members can bring a guest to the monthly
     seminars, at no charge during 2010.                
                                                            -3-                                             R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
 Mike Bucko, a RISAA member who lives in Tiverton, RI, has operated Bucko’s Parts & Tackle in Fall River since 1978. He is
 involved in fisheries management serving on multiple RIMFC Advisory Panels, is the RI rep to ACCSP, and was a member of the R.I.
 Recreational License/Registry Study Group.

 I  t has been two years since I wrote “The Perfect Storm” in this
    newsletter. It was about the “big box store” squeeze of Dick’s
 Sporting Goods and super stores like Bass Pro Shops and
                                                                                shrinking will last two years, with an almost equal magnitude of
                                                                                reduction for each year. All I know that It will take seven years
                                                                                before we will recover 95% of that lost.
 Cabela’s. This, in combination with laws creating a saltwater                      These shrieking winds will continued in 2011 because we
 license and stringent new fishery management restrictions                      will have new fishing management regulations changes call
 together would all create “The Perfect Storm” that would affect                Annual Catch limits (ACL) and Accountability Measures
 the ability for local tackle shops to stay in business.                        (AM’S). We will see changes in fishing regulations that will
      Since that article we have had higher gas prices and a major              affect summer flounder, scup, cod and sea bass. I don’t have a
 recession in the economy. Many stores have closed in the last                  crystal ball, but I believe it will have a negative impact on
 two years and many others have had to reduce their operations.                 business.
      I have talked with other tackle shop owners who believe                       We will be managed not only on harvest, but also now on
 that the initial effect of those big box stores is now over and                catch of these fish. The act of recreational fishing actually
 that they have seen the worse. They believe that better days                   measures catch and Fisheries Management Plans (MFP) are
 are now coming.                                                                design to increase abundance of a specie. Increases in
      I believe just quite the contrary. We are now inside the                  abundance, theoretically could create a feed-back mechanism
 “eye” of that storm, but not just any storm, it’s still The Perfect            which will trigger draconian measures in recreational fishing
 Storm.                                                                         regulations on some species.
      Just like in a hurricane, it’s a time to catch your breath, not a              The next two years would be challenging in operating a
 time to let your guard down because the worse is yet to come.                  tackle shop, but I do see a silver lining. By 2013 we will see
 We are now about to leave the eye and I can hear the shrieking                 business begin to return and by 2015 there will be a liberation
 wind of the unknown which will terriform the landscape. We will                of fishing regulations.
 no longer find an individual shop that sells only bait and tackle                  I believe 60% of the tackle shops from New Jersey to Maine
 because that model of operation is about to change.                            will stay in business from 2009 levels, yet some of our favorite
      The saltwater fishing license/registration is now upon us.                shops and friends will become tragic figures in this storm. It
 The saltwater license will reduce participation of fishermen thus              will take a vision plan and persistence in staying in this business
 shrinking the pie. This reduction will have a more pronounced                  to overcome the adverse condition for the next few years.
 effect on shore fishermen. Many of these individual fishermen                      The most important factor we need is YOU to patronized
 are at an economic disadvantage, and will no longer fish.                      the independent bait and tackle shops. We need YOU to invest
      This reduction will hurt the operations of tackle shops in                in us today so we will be able to remain in business to locally
 their core business of selling hooks, sinkers and bait. Time will              service you in the future.
 tell the magnitude of this impact. My research shows the

                 Three more local bait shops closed
I t’s a loss for everyone. Three more Rhode Island bait & tackle
   shops have closed.
                                                                                buffet restaurant didn’t happen back then, and then the other
                                                                                anchor store beside him, Mattress Discounters, went out of
                                                                                business and closed, leaving his tackle shop sitting alone in the
    Edward’s Fishing Tackle on Connell Highway, Newport has                     middle of a vacant chain of shops.
closed after a long run of service the East Bay fishing community.                  He dosen’t see a quick recovery of
Owner Kevin Kendrick said that he and his wife Kathy held on a                  the tackle business in this economy.
long as they could, but finally had to give up the store.                           “When Boondocks and Wildwood
                                                                                Outfitters, both big dealers, closed last
    Dave Henault, owner of Ocean State Tackle, has decided to                   year, all of their customers should have
close two of his three stores.                                                  been picked up by other local stores, but
    In November he closed his store in Bristol.                                 that didn’t happen. The economy just
    “The overhead there was killing me.” he said.                               had its effect on everyone.”
    Then he made the decision to close his West Greenwich store                     Always planning ahead though,               David Henault
in January. Located at the Center of New England, his store didn’t              Henault said he’s not ruling out opening another store in the
get the exposure he was promised when he opened in 2008 by his                  future, plus he plans to increase his online presence to serve his
landlord. Signage wasn’t erected, the promise of an anchor Chinese              customers who are geographically removed from his store.
                                                                          -4-                                            R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
KECHENENY                           Fish Prints & T-Shirts            Fluke fishing . . .
   A unique gift for
    all occasions                                                         Avoid gut-hooked fish with
Fluke•Striped Bass•Salmon
   1-860-535-9987                                                           BIG HOOKS
                                               by Dave Fewster

                                                                      O      n Monday, December 28, RISAA had its last club meeting
                                                                             of 2009. The guys I spoke to were already itchy to get back
                                                                      into the brine, and I am certainly feeling their pain. To fill the
                                                                      absence of the fresh salt air, and the excitement of the morning
                                                                      ride to the holy ground, we fill our spare time with holdover
                                                                      stripers, fishing seminars and some of us even slip on over to
                                                                      the other side and punch holes into the sweet water in hopes of
                                                                      a monster pike or an elusive salmon.
                   Bait & Tackle                                           One conversation brought up the 2009 fluke season. I know,
    166 Charlestown Beach Road, Charlestown, RI 02813                 I know, to many shorts not enough keepers. Well, put that aside.
                                                                           A crafty angler in the group named Captain B.J. Silvia has
                   401-364-6407                                       come up with a great rig. Yeah, it spins and sparkles like the rest
                        Page: 872-0322                                of them, but this one’s a little different. It’s got better sparkle,
                                                                      heavy duty parts
           Owners: Ron & Karleen Mouchon             Member
                                                                      and a huge hook to
                                                                      seal the deal.
                                                                           At first glance
                                                                      you might think
                                                                      that you are going
                                                                      to miss the bite with
                                                                      this rig, but I can
                                                                      attest, not on this rig. The huge hook actually keeps the
                                                                      penetration in the front and side of the mouth and avoids gut
                                                                      hooking the sub-legals. Even the larger fish had the hook in the
                                                                      right spot.
                                                                           Back in June I was fluking outside of Newport with my
                                                                      girlfriend, Melissa. It was one of those days, an increasing
                                                                      southwest wind that was dying to hit 20 and an outgoing tide a
                                                                      few days before the moon. Boy, we were covering some ground!
Sport Fishing Charters Aboard The                                          Out came the big stuff. My new sparkly spinners with the
   Lucky Lady                                                         gaff tied to the end, my 12 oz bank sinkers and my rubber rods.
                                                                           Melissa asked if we were still fishing for fluke. I just laughed
Slip 11 • Channel Marina • Snug Harbor, RI
                                                                      and baited the business end with some fresh sea robin belly
          Capt. Steven Palmer                                         and some secret strips.
  401-284-2869 or 860-573-3751                                             Well, we hit and we hit them good. The rig sparkled in more                32 Luhrs Sportfisher         ways than one. We had our share of smaller fish, but none were
                                                                      gut hooked. The rig also stayed nice and straight with its heavy
                                                                      leader, and the large 3-way clip handled those bulky 12 ounce
                                                                      sinkers with ease. We experienced this each time we used them
                                                                      throughout the season.
                                                                           It’s those little things that can make a difference. It’s important
                                                                      to “think outside the box” these days. It will give you an edge
    Full Service Propeller Facility                                   over the competition, and it could also save some fish while
      REPAIRS ~ RECONDITIONING ~ WELDING                              filling your cooler.
                        Middletown, RI                                     I hope this reflection of 2009 helps you get through this
          ike                                                         extra cold winter and causes a spark when your filling next
    for M
              888-430-7767                                            season’s fluke box.
Ask                                               FUEL
                  Bring your prop in for a
                 FREE computer analysis                                   See you on the ice.
 10% RISAA member discount on inboard recons          Member

                                                                -5-                                                R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
Stealing from all of us...

                     Poachers are thieves
Increased enforcement, higher fines and prosecution of offenders should be sought in 2010
                                                                                          by David Westfall

A      couple of months ago I wrote an article giving a broad
      overview of poaching, penalties if caught and how it is
handled by the authorities if you are caught. Since then I have
                                                                            Then, there is the internet. Any law or regulation you need
                                                                        to know can be found there. My point is, there is no reason for
                                                                        anyone to claim ignorance of the law. It is the fisherman’s
had another meeting with Chief Hall, Chief of RIDEM                     responsibility to research and learn the regulations.
Enforcement Division. I have also spent hours digging deeper
into this situation and tried to come up with ways to fix all that          Something else. In my opinion, “something else” is a sense
is wrong with it. I have to tell you, it’s like banging your head       of tradition or entitlement. It wasn’t that long ago that the
against a wall.                                                         fisheries were not managed very tightly. People are resistant to
    With that said, I am simply going to start at the beginning of      change. If thirty years ago they could go out and catch
the problem and work my way to the end. The first issue is the          everything they wanted, then why shouldn’t it be like that now?
people that do the poaching. Why do they do it? Is it a money               Well, there are a couple of reasons they can’t do that now.
issue, a food issue, a lack of knowledge issue or something             First, some of the fisheries almost collapsed from this type of
else? I think that if you look at all of the cases of people being      over fishing. Second, there are now laws and regulations that
caught poaching, every one of the previous is a reason people           dictate what we can catch and keep. As a resident of the United
poach.                                                                  States of America and one of its states or territories, you are
    Money. When we don’t have enough of it, money can drive             obligated to abide by its laws. Actually, even if you aren’t a
us to do things we normally wouldn’t do. The way I look at this         resident, but you are fishing here, you must obey the laws.
is that if you do not have a commercial fishing license, you
shouldn’t be selling fish. If you are a dealer, you shouldn’t be            Aside from what I already mentioned, how do we fix the
buying fish from non-commercial sources. If you are a                   above issues? I truly wish I had an answer. DEM doesn’t have
commercial fisherman and are taking over your limit to cover the        the money for a large scale public information campaign. They
bills, then maybe you should think about another career or              also don’t have the staffing for proper enforcement. It appears
getting a part time job.                                                that we, the fishermen, are going to have to assist them and
    I always wanted to be an astronaut. Just because that is            police ourselves.
what I wanted to do though, it doesn’t mean I get to do it.                 If you see someone keeping too many fish or undersize fish,
Many people want to do a job. The question is can they make             consider calmly telling them the regulations. Don’t be
enough money doing it to survive, and are there openings in             confrontational. If that doesn’t work or you are uncomfortable
that field?                                                             doing it, call DEM. They may not be able to get there quickly.
    To simplify things, say there are 1,000 fish that can be caught     Sometimes they may not be able to get there at all.
and sold each week. There are 100 fishermen out there catching              What Chief Hall requested we do is this: Get as much
those fish. That is only 10 fish per person. Nobody is going to         information as possible before you call. Boat make, size, color,
make a living from 10 fish. But, if there were only 10 fishermen        name, hull identification number and location. If on shore, get a
catching those fish, then each one would get 100 fish. The              description of the people, location, car make/model and license
people catching them can now make a living doing it.                    plate number. That way his enforcement officers can be on the
    There are already a limited number of commercial licenses           lookout for them as they make their rounds in the future.
out there. Maybe it needs to be reduced even more, at least
until the fisheries have a chance to rebound. At that point,                Finally, if you know someone that is poaching, turn them in.
more licenses could be issued until we get to a balance point           It doesn’t matter if they are a friend or not, turn them in. It
where the maximum number of people can fish and still maintain          doesn’t make you a snitch. It makes you a law abiding citizen
the fisheries.                                                          that has the courage to stand up and say “Enough!”
                                                                            This is a resource for all of us to use, not just the greedy that
    Hunger is a strong motivator too. All I can say about this is       are willing to break the law and ruin it for everyone else. It is the
that there are other ways to get food than by stealing it from the      responsible thing to do.
sea. There are food pantries, the Salvation Army, and many
other state and private organizations that can help. You just              Next month we will take a more in depth look at the
need to ask.                                                            enforcement side of fishing and poaching.

    Lack of knowledge. Rhode Island DEM publishes a booklet                 IF YOU SEE A VIOLATION, CALL THE
called Rhode Island Marine Fisheries Commonly Caught Fish
& Shellfish. It is published in 7 languages. Most tackle shops
                                                                            R.I.D.E.M. HOTLINE AT 401-222-3070
also post the fishing regulations.                                             Save this number in your cell phone
                                                                  -6-                                              R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                                   RHODE ISLAND LAW
               Safe Boating course is mandatory
      for all persons born after Jan. 1, 1986 and all operators of personal watercraft, regardless of age
 Don’t pass up this opportunity to fulfill the legal requirements.       Attendance on both nights and satisfactory
 Even if you’ve taken a safe boating course before, you are              completion of test is required.
 welcome to take this as a refresher!
        Those who complete the course will receive a                     The course will be given by RISAA member, George
                 Certificate of Completion.                              Allen, who is a RIDEM certified instructor.
          The state Department of Environmental Management reminds boaters that individuals born after January 1, 1986 who operate a boat
         with a motor greater than 10 horsepower must complete a boating safety course approved by DEM.           Also, regardless of age, all
         operators of personal watercraft (JetSki, etc) must show proof that they have completed a safe boating course.

                          APRIL 19, 20 and 21 • 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
          Attendance on all three nights is required. Test given on final evening. Minimum age: 13 yrs.

                                     $5 per person                   Includes course materials
                          LOCATION: Manchester Hall, 585 Washington St., Coventry, RI
                  SAFE BOATING COURSE REGISTRATION • April 19, 21, 21
 ENCLOSED IS CHECK FOR $_______ ($5 per person)
 Member Name: ________________________________________________________________________
 Address: ________________________________________ City: __________________________ State: ____ Zip: _______
 Phone: ____________________ Email (for notification): ______________________________________________________
    Also register other family member(s)_____________________________________                                   mail to: R.I.S.A.A.
                                                                                                                         6 Arnold Road
 enclose extra sheet to provide names & addresses of other non-family persons                                            Coventry, RI 02816

      If you were out on the bay and someone aboard your boat had a heart attack, would you know what to do?
                 If YOU collapsed while out fishing, would your companions be able to save your life?
                          Sign up NOW with your fishing buddies! Take a special

                              CPR COURSE FOR
                          RISAA MEMBERS & FRIENDS
                            Monday, April 19 • 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
     Presented by certified EMT's of the Coventry Fire Department. You will receive certification in adults, children and infants.
                          Location: Coventry-West Greenwich Elks, Exit 6 (Rt 3 north) off I-95
                     Cost: $35 per person (includes instruction manual and TWO YEAR Red Cross certification card)

                                        DEADLINE TO REGISTER: April 10
 Yes, sign up myself and the following people. Enclosed is my check for $_______ ($35 per person) Payable to: RISAA
 My Name: ________________________________________________________________________
 Address: ________________________________________ City: __________________________ State: ____ Zip: ______
 Phone: ____________________ Email (for notification): ______________________________________________________
On a separate sheet of paper, we must have the names and address of every person you Send to: R.I.S.A.A.
    have registered so that the instructors can have certification cards prepared.            6 Arnold Road
                                                                                              Coventry, RI 02816
                                                                    -7-                                               R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                          The RISAA Charities Committee exists to lend a helping hand to others in need.
During 2010, the Charities Committee is continuing its “Gift A Month” Program, when each member of the committee is
responsible for selecting and investigating the charity of his/her choice and then presenting it to the whole committee for

                                                  JANUARY CONTRIBUTION

 A deep recession creates new hunger in Rhode Island
                                                  Report by JOAN BRADBURY

T   he most startling fact of 2009 for those that distribute food
    to the hungry was how many Rhode Island families that
were always self-sufficient now needed help to put food on the
                                                                            community. Your gift of food may have made a lasting impact
                                                                            on the life of someone who really needed your help.

table. With unemployment nearing 13%, the crisis reached into                  Thank you for your generosity and helping to bring
nearly every town and neighborhood. (This was taken from the                nourishing food to the hungry!
Food Bank website – Check it out.)
    We are into a new year, 2010, and our thoughts tend to lean
                               toward asking ourselves the                             DONATIONS FOR THE
                               question “What can I do to help                 RHODE ISLAND COMMUNITY FOOD BANK
                               make things better – in my
                               personal life, in my family life, in
                               my community?”
                                  Your help at our January
                               meeting in bringing can goods
                               and non perishable items to
                               donate to the Rhode Island
                               Community Food Bank helped to
answer this question.
    The Rhode Island Food Bank is located at 200 Niantic
Avenue, Providence, RI. Donating this food to the food bank
surely brings inner joy.
                                                                            Charities Committee members (l-r) Sandie Gelineau, Kevin
    After the holidays the food bank gets low on food and the                 Miller, Charlie Bradbury and Curt Caserta stack good
shelves need replenishing to serve the ongoing needs of and                  donated by RISAA members at the January 25th meeting.
restore hope to the people in our community. The Food Bank is               Hundreds of pounds of food filled boxes that were delivered to
a private, charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit that relies upon                       the Rhode Island Food Bank the next morning.
donations to run its operation and relies on the support of the

                                                                                  OVER 10,000 ITEMS IN
  CAPTAIN'S LICENSE                                                          Rhode Island’s Largest STOCK! All major credit
      - NO TEST AT THE COAST GUARD -                                        Independent Tackle Store        cards accepted
           Inland         Near Coastal          Oceans
                                                                            Open 7 days

      Call CAPTAIN MAX FENTRESS                                                             WWW.QUAKERLANETACKLE.COM

                     1-800-321-2977                RISAA member             4019 Quaker Lane, Route 2                       401-294-9642
                                                                               North Kingstown, RI                          800-249-5400
                                                                      -8-                                          R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                                                             Cod Curry
                                                                          • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
                                                                          • 1 small onion, chopped

        Fishing Photos                                                    • 2 garlic cloves, chopped
                                                                          • 1 inch piece of fresh ginger root, roughly chopped
                                                                          • 2 large ripe tomatoes, peeled and roughly chopped
  Members are encouraged to send in their digital or print photos
                                                                          • 2/3 cups fish stock
                                                                          • 1 tbsp medium curry paste
   TOM                                                                    • 1 tsp ground coriander
SMOTHERMAN                                                                • 14 oz can garbanzo beans (chick peas), drained and rinsed
                                                                          • 1 lb cod fillet, cut into large chunks
poses with a 63” tuna that
                                                                          • 4 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro
he landed on August 5
                                                                          • 4 tbsp thick yogurt
while fishing at the edge
                                                                          • salt and pepper to taste
of Stellwagen Bank
                                                                          • steamed basmati rice
aboard the Lisa and
Jake. The fish hit a live                                                                       DIRECTIONS
menhaden flown from a
kite, and Tom got it to the                                               1. Heat the oil in a large pan and add the onion, garlic, and
boat in 20 minutes on 50                                                     ginger. Cook over low heat for 4-5 minutes until softened.
lb stand-up gear.                                                            Remove from the heat. Put onion mixture into a food
                                                                             processor or blender with the tomatoes and fish stock and
                                                                             process until smooth.

 Legacy Charters                       Capt. Keith Sullivan               2. Return to the pan with the curry paste, ground coriander
Formerly BlueByU Chaters                            and garbanzo beans, Mix together well, then simmer for
30’ Cruiser fully loaded                                                     15 minutes until thickened.
State of the art electronics               Licensed and Insured
                                                                          3. Add the pieces of fish and return to a simmer. Cook for 5
  Stripers, Blues, Fluke, Sea Bass, Tautog, Porgy, Tuna, Shark
              Full Day • Half Day • Inshore • Offshore
                                                                             minutes until the fish is just tender. Remove from heat and
                Departing Daily from Point Judith                            set aside for 2-3 minutes.

                                                                          4. Stir in the cilantro and yogurt. Season with salt and pepper
                    REQUIRED READING                                         and serve with the rice.

                      If you fish anywhere, anyhow or
          MUST have this catalog.                     Got a recipe to share or request for a certain recipe?
                   Call or write for your FREE copy NOW!                             Contact Sandie at
                   Or e-mail us:
                                      Subscriptions             E-Mail:                     Office
                                                                          800-826-3727        860-572-0564
  (Phone) 631-269-6005 (Fax) 631-269-2920                                   Dave Anderson, Managing Editor, New England Edition
            TACKLE SUPPLIERS TO THE WORLD                                      P.O. Box 211, 4 Avery Street, Mystic, CT 06355

                                                                    -9-                                          R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010

Casting Booth help need at                                            Upcoming Junior Activity Events
     the Fishing Show                                                          4March 6 - New England Aquarium trip
                                                                               4April - BIOMES visit
               March 19 - 21                                                   4May – Coast Guard station tour
                        Every year, the RISSA Junior                           4June - Squid fishing
                        Activities Committee runs the kids
                        casting booth at the saltwater
                        fishing show. Last year we asked
                        parents and kids that take part in
                        junior activities all year long to                   How many fish can you count in the pile?
                        pitch in and take a shift at the                    Find the answer at the bottom of the page.
                        booth. The response was great,
                        but this year we hope it will be
                        even better.

            It’s easy!
All you have to do is help kids cast
rubber lures (no hooks) into target
buckets. The kids love it because
after being told not to touch stuff
all day, they’re finally told to have
at it!

You’ll love it because you get to
share your expert advice with kids                                               TIPS FOR PARENTS
who may never have casted a                                            •   If the bite is slow, have the kids start a study in
fishing pole before.                                                       the bait bucket. Ask them to collect sea life
                                                                           such as snails, crabs or whatever else they can
It’s a great way for kids and parents to work together to
give back to the club a little.                                            find to keep them entertained until the bite
                                                                           picks up.
If you are interested, please contact Steve Medeiros by
email, or phone, 401-826-2121.                         •   Pick a spot where success is likely. Kids like
                                                                           non-stop action.

                                                                       •   Let kids experiment with whatever lures they
                                                                           want. Don’t force them to use the time proven
                     Web Sites
                                                                           lures you know will catch. Let them try the one
   Here’s a couple of web sites to visit while waiting for
                                                                           they like best. Sometimes it’s fun to try new
     Spring to come so you can get back to fishing!
    • Boating Sidekicks -
       • Take Me Fishing -
                                                                                    FISH PILE ANSWER: SIX

                                                             - 10 -                                    R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                                                       The Fund-Raising Committee, through raffles at monthly seminars,
 Fly Fishing Committee formed                                          raises funds that support the RISAA Charities, Foundation and
                                                                       Scholarship Committees.

R     ISAA is proud to announce the implementation of the new
       fly fishing committee. Including myself as chairperson,
Roger StGermain has taken the roll as vice chair and Tom
                                                                             FEBRUARY meeting raffle items
                                                                           We’re going to change things up at the February meeting
Smotherman as secretary. This new committee already has 22
                                                                       raffle. The top prize will be a reel, with a rod, as the next-to-last
    The goal for this committee is to cultivate the interest in fly
                                                                           We do have a nice selection of prizes. The featured items for
fishing throughout the RISAA organization.
                                                                       February will be:
    We meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at River & Riptide
Anglers on 2435 Nooseneck Hill Road in Coventry, RI.
    Each month we bring a new topic to the table in an effort to                                    an Accurate Boss Magnum
share knowledge, experience, and fly angling strategies.                                            Twindrag 2-speed reel
    At last month’s meeting committee members shared which
flies we use and how use them.
    In the coming months we will continue to share techniques
used as fly anglers to help spread our experiences. As spring                                 two Anco Darter
approaches we will begin to plan a series of get-togethers to                                 2-1/2 oz plugs
include fishing outings.
    Whether you're a novice or advanced fly angler - or not a fly
angler at all- we encourage any RISAA member to join us. For
                                                                              a Shimano TEC-66MH 6’6” 20-50 lb Class Rod
more information, you can contact me by email at, by phone at 401-392-1919 or call the RISAA
office at 401-826-2121.

                                                                                         a Gibbs 1-1/2 oz. pencil popper

              Ed Cook Charters
                Fly and Light Tackle Fishing
              on Narragansett Bay - South Shore
                                                                                               a trolling tube

                                                                           And much, much more. Approximately $500.00 + worth of
Cell: 401-524-5294                     Net:
                                                                       items and many times more.

                                                                                                  THANK YOU
                                                                         From the last raffles, I would like to thank the following vendors
                                                                       who contributed to the past meetings:
                                                                                      Anco Lure Co. • Peter Vican
                                                                                Fred Ricci Tool Co. • Phase II Lures
                                                                                       and Tom Smotherman

                                                                           Remember you have to be present to
                                                                              win and see all the goodies.
                                                                          Thank you again to all who have helped to support the RISAA
                                                                       Fund-Raising raffles.

                                                                  - 11 -                                          R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                       FEBRUARY SEMINAR
                       Monday, February 22 • 7:00 p.m.

               A Fishing Double-Header!
      URBAN STRIPERS                                                      SHARK FISHING!
                   with Tom Duffy                                                with Capt. Bill Brown
      Tom Duffy is a lifelong                                          Capt. Bill Brown has held a
RI resident who grew up                                            100 Ton Master Mariners License
both in Pawtucket and                                              for three decades, and has fished
Matunuck. He has been a                                            from the Gulf of Maine, the
fisherman in the state all his                                     Florida Keys, Central America,
life.                                                              and into the islands of the
      As the father of two                                         Caribbean- including Cuba. His
young fishermen, he was                                            customers          aboard       the
inspired to write the guide                                        "BILLFISH" have won or placed
"Urban stripers of Rhode                                           in numerous big game fishing
Island" in an effort to help                                       tournaments throughout the
guide the next generation                                          Northeast.
of our sport.                                                          Bill's clients presently hold or
      Tom also hopes it will be                                    have held five Rhode Island State
a value of newcomers to                                            Gamefish Records (taken in tournaments).
fishing in Rhode Island.                                               He is an acknowledged expert for both inshore and- especially-
      Tom's RISAA seminar will serve as a primer for beginning     offshore angling where his ability to capture big sharks is
anglers or anyone who is new to fishing the upper reaches of       legendary. He has been featured on local, regional, and national
Narragansett Bay from shore. He will be focused on places and      TV including ESPN, VERSUS, and NESN.
methods for catching fish from the shore in the Providence and         His Power Point presentations and hands on demonstrations
the East Bay areas of the state.                                   provide an overview of 'How To' in regards to tackle and
      Fundamental information of the areas will be dissussed as    techniques for both the inshore and offshore species of the
well as tips for new fishermen with an emphasis on child saftey.   gamefish that are found swimming in southern New England’s
                                                                   regional waters.

                              • TONIGHT'S MENU •                                            EVERY MEMBER WHO
                            Tossed salad w/roll: $2.25                                     ATTENDS IS ELIGIBLE TO
                  Penne with meatballs, sausage & peppers: $6.95                            WIN THE NIGHT'S FREE
                             Penne only w/roll: $3.50                                            DOOR PRIZE
                     Chicken "Wedding Soup" w/bread: $3.95                                      Register when you check-in
      * Food is NOT included in admission and is provided by the West Valley Inn.
                               Pay separately at the bar.

                          Seminar is held at the West Vally Inn
                                          Blossom Street, West Warwick, RI
                                                Directions on page 14

                                 Non-Members Welcome
        NON-MEMBER ADMISSION: $10 donation to RISAA's Scholarship Fund (RISAA members attend free)

                                                              - 12 -                                        R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                 MARCH SEMINAR
                             Monday, March 29 • 7:00 p.m.

  Light Tackle Fishing In                                                    A Discussion of The R.I.
     Narragansett Bay                                                         Ocean SAMP Process
             with Capt. James White                                                        with David Beutel
                    White Ghost Charters                                      R.I. Coastal Resources Management Council
    Capt. Jim White has owned and operated White Ghost                       David Beutel is no stranger to RISAA members. He has
Charters for the past 18 years. He is a well known author and            presented several educational seminars over the past 10 years
photographer, having written many published articles and books.          and is known to members who went
    He has                                                               on Cap'N Bert trips.
fourteen                                                                     Last year, David left RI Sea Grant,
appearances                                                              accepting a new position at CRMC
on national                                                              as the aquaculture coordinator.
and local TV                                                             David now oversees all of the
f i s h i n g                                                            aquaculture planning and permitting
shows.                                                                   in the state, working closely with
    Capt. Jim                                                            members of the industry, the wild
has long been                                                            harvesters, and cities and towns. He
an advocate                                                              also coordinates research and
for sound,                                                               applied aquaculture management
sensible                                                                 and science with experts at URI and
science-backed striped bass conservation.                                Roger Williams University.
    Over the past couple of years has guided FIVE RISAA Fishing              On this night he will explain the ongoing Rhode Island Ocean
Hall of Fame anglers inside Narragansett Bay, and recorded the           SAMP (Special Area Management Plan), which is a massive
first 60 pound striped bass taken inside the bay in over 40 years.       attempt to define zones for Rhode Island's ocean waters through
    This seminar will feature, as the title says, light tackle fishing   research and a planning process that integrates best available
in Narragansett Bay, for which Capt. Jim is well known. He'll take       science with open public input and involvement.
a look at effective fishing techniques, which lures work the best            The "Recreation and Tourism" section of the plan is ready for
as well as equipment to be successful.                                   public comment, and David will discuss this part of it during this
    This is definitely an educational seminar not to be missed.          meeting.

The March Quarterly Business Meeting will be held following the seminars
   FOOD WILL BE SERVED* BETWEEN 5:30 - 6:30                                                       EVERY MEMBER WHO
                                 • TONIGHT'S MENU •
                               Tossed salad w/roll: $2.25
                                                                                                 ATTENDS IS ELIGIBLE TO
                         Stir fry chicken with rice pilaf: $6.95                                  WIN THE NIGHT'S FREE
                       Cheeseburger or Hamburger w/fries: $5.95                                        DOOR PRIZE
       * Food is NOT included in admission and is provided by the West Valley Inn.                    Register when you check-in
                                Pay separately at the bar.

                             Seminar is held at the West Vally Inn
                                              Blossom Street, West Warwick, RI
                                                    Directions on page 14

                                    Non-Members Welcome
         NON-MEMBER ADMISSION: $10 donation to RISAA's Scholarship Fund (RISAA members attend free)

                                                                    - 13 -                                        R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
      The     FRANCES FLEET                                                              President: Menhaden (from page 2)
                    “Catch a Good Time!”                                           The panel members discussed the problems that occurred
                                                                               last spring in the upper bay, when one of the commercial fishing
                                                                               companies, using a tender called Ugly Duck, was NOT a good
                                                                               neighbor to all the recreational boats fishing the same area. Many
                                                                               complaints were received about this boat’s unsafe and
                                                                               antagonizing behavior.
                                                                                   One attendee asked if there a way to keep this company out
                                                                               of the bay in 2010 because all of the conflict in 2009 was caused
                                                                               by them only. He asserted it was not fair to restrict the other
                                    COD FISHING                                company, Ark Bait, which caused no problems in 2009.
                                                                                   The panel had further discussions on limiting participation
                                         Feb 1 to March 31                     by using the control date in the license regulations. Robert Ballou,
                                         Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun                   Acting Chief of Fish & Wildlife, said that this was possibly and
                                            at 5:00 a.m.                       option that could be exercised by the Director, however there had
                                                                               to be a basis to do so, such as an influx of large vessels all
                                       George’s Specials                       operating in the Providence River creating a hazard.
                                              April 17, 24                         George Allen said that new severe restrictions in the sea
                                                                               herring fishery could possibly bring increased pressure on the
    Visit our shop for live and
  frozen bait, ice, rods & reels,
                                               May 1,8
                                                                               bay menhaden fishery should those herring boats decide to fish
     tackle and more. Locted                   June 12                         here. He said that we needed to be aware of this potential to
      across from the boats.
                                                                               avoid disaster in 2010.
     Call for reservations.         Call and book your 2010 charters!
        For more info,                                                             There were proposals brought out by members of the audience.
      visit our website:                 Plenty of dates available.            One was that a small possession limit be created to ensure there                                                           were enough fish to last all summer. The other was that the lower
                   Private charters available aboard the                       Providence River be closed from May 15 to July 15. Both of these
                  “Captain Frances.” Call for more info.                       were voted on by the AP, but they decided not to support them,
                                                                               noting that current regulations should be followed. (to page 32)
Located in the Port of Galilee, RI (401) 783-4988                Member

    Directions to West Valley Inn, Blossom Street, West Warwick,RI
I-95 North to exit 11 onto I-295 North. Take Exit 1 to Rt
113 West towards West Warwick (follow directions

I-95 South to exit 12B to Rt 113 West (follow directions

FROM NARRAGANSETTAND SOUTH COUNTY:                                                           Ea
Route 1 North, becomes Route                                                                           Av
4 North to end and merges                                                                                   e
onto I-95 North, then take to  Blossom St                                                                                                      95
exit 11 onto I-295 North. Take
Exit 1 to Rt 113 West. (follow
directions below)


off I-95
Follow 113 west through 3
lights, and cross Route 2 onto
East Ave.
East Ave becomes River St                                                                                                               95
(one way). Go to light and turn
left onto Rt 33 (Providence St).
Go 8/10 mile to West Valley Inn
(entrance on right).
                                                                           - 14 -                                        R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
             Every member who attends the monthly seminars can win!

                  Monthly Meeting Doorprizes
Every member who attends the monthly seminars will fill out a FREE doorprize raffle slip when they check in at the
          door. After the night’s seminar, one lucky name will be drawn and that person will win a

                       $200 GIFT CERTIFICATE *
                               to the Tackle Shop of your choice!
                                *Chose from any of these member tackle                    shops:
       Block Island Fishworks             Ocean State Tackle                               Sandy Bottom Bait & Tackle
       Breachway Bait & Tackle            Quaker Lane Bait & Tackle                        Snug Harbor Marina
       Bucko’s Parts + Tackle             Quonny Bait & Tackle                             Sportsman’s Outfitter
       Erickson’s Bait & Tackle           River & Riptide Anglers                          Wickford Rodworks
   • Must be an adult/regular member in good standing • Must be present to win • RISAA Board members not eligible
   • Certificates must be redeemed within 90 days • Limited to one win per calendar year
   • May not be exchanged for cash. Entire amount must be redeemed at tackle shop

   The winner of the REGULAR MEMBER door prize was                           The winner of the JUNIOR MEMBER door prize was
                    David Sweet                                                             Max Michel
who selected his $200 certificate to Quaker Lane Bait & Tackle                    who won a rod and reel spinning combo
                                                                              and a football glove autographed by Tedi Bruschi


     It’s just another benefit of membership in the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association!

    Fishing Photos                                                               Door Check-In Volunteers
                                                                                    Thanks for DAWN AND TOM WOOD
           DOMINICK MAISANO                                                for helping to check-in members at the January meeting

                                              landed this 150
                                              lb Mako, his
                                              first ever, while
                                              fishing aboard
                                              Reel Delight. In
                                              photo (l-r) is
                                              Steve West,
                                              Jamie Pascucci,
                                              and Maisano.

                                                                  - 15 -                                       R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                               2009’s Top Anglers Announced
T    he counting is done, the awards are ready and 2009 turned
     out to be a great year for our Anglers. The 2009 season
produced four new Hall of Fame records and three were set by
                                                                        early age of 5. He gets up at 4:15 on fishing days and loves to
                                                                        ride in the bow of the boat searching for schools of fish or birds.
                                                                            Already in his fishing career he has caught 27 different
one angler in particular. This leads well into who were the prized      species of fish primarily local to Narragansett Bay, Block Island
anglers of this past year?                                              and Florida. His favorite fish to catch are fluke, striper and “the
    Well, before I get to that let me pause to tell you that I spoke    fish with the cool
with each of our Anglers Of The Year and enjoyed the enthusiasm         tails”        false
and passion each of them spoke with during the call. I inquired         albacore and
about how they became interested in the sport/profession, what          bonito; however
species they targeted, where they fished, etc.. I can say one           his favorite fish to
thing the questions stayed high level since I was sensitive to the      eat is black sea
master’s giving out their special baits and spots!                      bass.
    So along with our winner’s names I have provided a bit of               Kyle uses
information about each to share with you on what they love              both spinning
about fishing.                                                          and conventional
                                                                        rods and usually
Angler Of The Year – Captain Jack Sprengel                              fishes mid-April to late December. Primarily he fishes from his
    This article isn’t long enough to cover the resume of this          dad’s boat, but is starting to enjoy the shore a bit more each year.
angler. So, just to give you a taste, here are some interesting             I think he just loves the outdoors and earth’s greatest resource.
points about the 2009 Angler Of The Year.                               As a matter of fact, he was out claming and enjoying the Bay
    Capt. Jack has been fishing                                         offerings on a seasonal day in mid January. His goal for 2010 is
for over 22 years and picked it                                         a bluefin tuna.
up on his own at a very early
age. He has earned his captain’s                                        Boat Angler Of The Year – Armando Simeo
license along with many other                                               Armando is what you would call a true striper fisherman. He
certifications and is proficient in                                     grew up fishing the shores of Stonington, CT with his father at a
all major aspects of fishing. He                                        very early age, and has over 40 years of fishing experience.
is an entrepreneur by nature and                                            His family
runs a successful business, East                                        has        also
Coast         Charters          RI                                      enjoyed the
(                                              boat      with
    He has a unique approach to                                         Armando, and
fishing and has been published                                          his son Chase
in numerous fishing periodicals,                                        has placed
accompanied by his action                                               many fish in
photography. He was even on a                                           our tourn-
local TV fishing program.                                               aments during
    In addition, he has 4 RISSA Hall of Fame fish, and has beaten       the 2009 season. Primarily fishing by boat, Armando does most
his own tuna Hall of Fame record twice in 2009. He fishes from          of his fishing with conventional gear.
boat, shore and has actually landed a 50+ lb striper from a kayak.          The fishing grounds he covers are from the RI south shore to
He enjoys deep sea trolling, light tackle on flats and fly fishing,     CT and out to Block Island, targeting stripers, fluke and blackfish.
but is well known for his offshore knowledge. On top of all this        His favorite fish to eat is the blackfish.
he is an avid student in the Marine Fisheries Sciences. I think             The largest striper he has landed is over fifty pounds and
we will see more of Captain Jack if he keeps up this pace!              enjoys fishing for this sport fish wire trolling or live lining fresh
Jr. Angler Of The Year – Kyle Paparelli                                     He is an early riser and hits the water before sunrise and
   This young man is now age 11 and started fishing at the very         fishes from mid-May to Thanksgiving. (to page 25)

                                                                   - 16 -                                          R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                  Impact of global warming on fishing in Rhode Island
                                                        by Capt. Dave Monti

T    he global warming issue had a big media presence in
     December due to the international climate conference in
Copenhagen. The evidence of global warming continues to
                                                                            Small-boat fishermen in Rhode Island and
                                                                       Massachusetts used to catch most of their
                                                                       haddock, flounder, and cod in waters close to shore. Tom
mount. Those that do not believe that global warming is created        Dempsey of the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen’s
by man, claiming the warming trends are cyclical, that they are        Association said the fish were close to shore 20 years ago.
normal and not part of the earth’s response to greenhouse gasses.      Nowadays, fishermen have to travel as far 100 miles offshore to
However, mounting evidence points to warming air and earth.            find those same fish.
    Some of the evidence is local and regional in nature and has            At the same time, he said, Massachusetts fishermen are
a direct impact on Narragansett Bay, nearby coastal waters and         catching more fish traditionally found in the Middle Atlantic —
fishing.                                                               Atlantic croaker for example which is caught off Virginia and
    There is plenty of anecdotal information that Narragansett         North Carolina.
Bay is getting warmer. Throughout the past two centuries,                   So we have mounting evidence that the air and water (right
hundreds of Rhode Islanders have recounted stories of a frozen         here in Narragansett Bay) is warming. So now the question is…
Bay, frozen enough to travel by sleigh over ice from Fall River, to    is it a natural cycle of the earth or is the warming being created
Bristol, to Newport. And, reports of frozen ferry boats stuck in       by man. Most of the Copenhagen conference believed it is
ice that was 12 inches thick and stories of automobiles driving        being created by man and that countries should agree to limit
on Bay ice. We have not seen Bay ice this                              their carbon output. Major disputes at the Copenhagen
thick in a long time.                                                  conference had developed between developing nations and
    In fact the Bay is warming. According                              leading industrial nations on an equitable carbon reduction plan
to a University of Rhode Island Graduate                               for all. However, most nations do agree we should try to stop
School of Oceanography data keep since                                 global warming.
1959 Bay temperatures have increased                                        I agree we should limit carbon output and slow or stop global
about three (3) degrees Fahrenheit, said                               warming.
professor Jeremy Collie (as reported in a                                   If we had two earths to test this theory it would be get (as
January 12, 2009 article in the East Bay                               suggested by a recent NPR story). One earth where we limited
Newspapers).                                                           carbon output and anther earth where we did not. We could find
                                                  Jeremy Collie
    According to scientists, Narragansett                              out who is right. But we only have one earth and I am not willing
Bay temperatures parallel the rise in New                              to risk it.
England’s winter air temperatures with an increase of about 4.5
degrees since 1970.                                                        Global warming definition from Wikipedia:
    Professor Collie said that the increase in Bay temperature
has created “big changes in the food web…” of the Bay. A delay             Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of
in spring algae bloom that normally occurs in late winter and          earth’s near-surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century
early spring has been delayed into the summer. Cold water fish         and its projected continuation. Global surface temperature
like winter flounder are fewer in numbers and scientists are           increased 0.74 ± 0.18 °C (1.33 ± 0.32 °F) between the start and
attributing this to the warming trend.                                 the end of the 20th century. The Intergovernmental Panel on
    In a recent AP story, a study by the National Oceanic and          Climate Change (IPCC) concludes that most of the observed
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) related that rising water            temperature increase since the middle of the 20th century was
temperatures are helping drive many of New England’s fish              caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases
populations farther from shore and into deeper water.                  resulting from human activity such as fossil fuel burning and
    In this study NOAA biologists analyzed water temperature           deforestation. The IPCC also concludes that variations in natural
trends from North Carolina to the Canadian border off Maine            phenomena such as solar radiation and volcanism produced
from 1968 to 2007. They then looked at fish survey data collected      most of the warming from pre-industrial times to 1950 and had a
each spring and assessed where the fish were caught and how            small cooling effect afterward. These basic conclusions have
abundant they were.                                                    been endorsed by more than 40 scientific societies and academies
    Some fish species experienced a lot of movement while other        of science, including all of the national academies of science of
species exhibited little movement to the north, but rather they        the major industrialized countries.
moved to deeper waters where temperatures are lower.

                                                                  - 17 -                                        R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                          Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association
                                            ANGLING HALL OF FAME
            The RISAA Angler Hall Of Fame lists the largest tournament entry of each approved species.
 Any angler who enters a catch that surpases an Angler Hall Of Fame record shall, upon verification of the catch, become the new record
                    holder for that species. In addition, the angler shall receive 5 points toward Angler of the Year.

                       BOAT DIVISION                                                               SHORE DIVISION
    SPECIES           WEIGHT              ANGLER               YEAR              SPECIES           WEIGHT                  ANGLER                YEAR
Black Sea Bass            6.46         Barbara Audino           2007       Black Sea Bass             3.85            Joseph Pearson               2009
   Bluefish              17.34         Skip Stritzinger         1999          Bluefish               15.18            David Pickering              2007
    Bonito               12.20          Michael Neto            2004           Bonito                 9.99           Jack Sprengle, Jr.            2007
      Cod                49.10          Robert Morel            2001       False Albacore            12.22           Jack Sprengle, Jr.            2007
False Albacore           16.20        Charles Bradbury          2004            Fluke                 5.44          Jonathan Pickering             2003
     Fluke               15.65           Kyle Blount            2006            Scup                  2.50              Kenneth Gu                 2003
   Haddock                7.90         Albert Reeves            2003        Squeteague               16.54            Robert Moeller               2007
  Mahi Mahi              25.30        Jack Sprengel, Jr.        2009        Striped Bass             48.62          Brendan Richards               2006
    Pollock              27.70        Harry Templeton           2001           Tautog                11.20           Richard Gallipeau             2009
     Scup                 3.30         Christine Blount         2005       Winter Flounder            4.40             Dick Geldard                2009
 Squeteague              10.60          Robert Grant            2003
 Striped Bass            76.87           Peter Vican            2008
    Tautog               16.30          Brian Droney            2008
 Tuna (Bluefin)         193.88        Jack Sprengel, Jr.        2009
Winter Flounder           4.40          Michael Lanni           1998

   2010 Special Tournaments                                                                               Approved
May 15 - 23 • Spring Tautog Tournament
May 28 - June 6 • Row, Row, Row Your Boat Striped Bass                                       Weigh-In Locations
                                                                                All fish MUST be weighed in at one of the approved weigh-in
June 4 - 13 • Spring Striped Bass Tournament
                                                                                  locations listed below. Only digital scales are acceptable.
June 25 - July 4 • Fluke Tournament
                                                                                                        No Exceptions!
July 2 - 11 • Adult-Junior Scup Tournament 1or 2 adults and
one Junior Member team. Pre-registration required. Deadline: June 28        Location                                                               Maximum
July 16 - 25 • Shore Bass/Blue Combo Individual anglers.                     Big Bear Hunting & Fishing Supply (Harmony)........ 30 lbs
Must enter a bluefish AND a striped bass to qualify. Total                  •Block Island Fishworks (New Harbor)............................ 100 lbs
weight. No boat entries                                                     •Breachway Bait & Tackle (Charlestown).................... 50 lbs
July 17 - 18 • Team Fluke Challenge Special 2-angler teams.                 •Erickson Bros. Bait & Tackle (Warwick)..................... 50 lbs
Pre-registration required. Top four fish entered. Reg deadline: July 12     •Frances Fleet (Port of Galilee)...................................... 50 lbs
July 31 - Aug 1 • Junior All-Species Catch & Release                         Gray’s Boat Yard (Westerly)......................................... 99 lbs
Tourney Special slips required. Adult member must be present during          King Cove Outfitters (Stonington).............................. 100 lbs
tourney. Two divisions: Ages 7 and under plus Ages 8-17                      Lucky Bait & Tackle (Warren)..................................... 330 lbs
Aug 13 - 22 • Bluefish/Striped Bass Combo Tournament                         Maridee Bait & Tackle................................................... 50 lbs
Angler must enter a bluefish AND striped bass to qualify. Total             •Ocean House Marina (Charlestown)........................... 50 lbs
weight.                                                                     •Ocean State Tackle (Providence)................................. 50 lbs
Aug 27 - Sept 5 • Bluefish Tournament                                        Pete’s Bait & Tackle (Woonsocket).............................. 50 lbs
September 18 - 19 • Fall Bluefish/Striped Bass Catch &                      •Quaker Lane Bait & Tackle (N. Kingstown)............... 60 lbs
Release Tournament Individual event, but must fish with another             •Quonny Bait & Tackle (Charlestown).......................... 60 lbs
member/witness.                                                              Riverside Marine (Tiverton)......................................... 30 lbs
Sept 24 - Oct 3 • Black Sea Bass Tournament                                  Sam's Bait & Tackle (Middletown)............................... 50 lbs
Oct 15 - 23 • Fall Striped Bass Tournament                                  •Sandy Bottom Bait & Tackle (Coventry).................... 50 lbs
Oct 22 - Nov 7 • Cod Tournament                                             •Snug Harbor Marina (Wakefield)................................. 200 lbs
Oct 29 - Nov 7 • Fall Tautog Tournament                                      Tackle Box, Inc. (Warwick)............................................ 200 lbs
• All Special Tournaments commence at 5:00 P.M. on Friday and end           •Weekapaug Bait & Tackle, (Westerly)........................ 100 lbs
promptly at 7:00 P.M. on the final day (unless noted).                      •Wickford Rod Works (Wickford)................................. 75 lbs
• The minimum sizes for all Special Tournaments shall be the legal Rhode      Zeek's Creek Bait Shop (Jamestown).......................... 30 lbs
Island recreational minimums.
• Entries MUST be weighed in by 7:00 P.M. on the final day and members
MUST PHONE the RISAA office within 24 hours of the time weighed.                • indicates RISAA member
                                                                       - 18 -                                                 R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                               FISHING LICENSE (from page 1)
     They did!                                                               Senator Susan Sosnowski moved to pass the override.
     Many members sent e-mails or made phone calls urging                    Both the House and Senate voted to override the Governor’s
 legislators to cast their vote to override the veto, and many           veto and the Rhode Island saltwater fishing license became law.
 received back favorable responses. A few who had voted                      After the vote was announced, many members contacted
 against the license the first time, said that they would vote in        the RISAA office and asked for a list to be published on how
 favor of the override because of the many e-mails received from         each Senator and Representative voted.
 their constituents and that they now understood all the facts.              That list follows:
     Law requires a 3/5 vote in both the House and Senate to
 override a veto of the Governor.                                        SENATE • Passed 28-6
     On January 5, the 2010 session of the General Assembly              YEAS - 28
 convened, and several override votes were first on the agenda.          The Honorable President Paiva Weed and Senators Algiere,
     During the House vote, Rep. Peter                                   Bates, Blais, Ciccone, Connors, Cote, Crowley, Devall, DiPalma,
 Kilmartin, primary sponsor of the House                                 Doyle, Felag, Gallo, Goodwin, Jabour, Levesque, Lynch, Maher,
 version of the legislation said he shares                               McBurney, McCaffrey, Miller, Perry, Picard, Pichardo, Raptakis,
 the philosophy that everyone should be                                  Ruggerio, Sosnowski, Tassoni.
 able to go to the shore and fish without a                              NAYS – 6:
 license, but Congress created an unwanted                               Senators Fogarty, Maselli, Metts, O’Neill, Pinga, Sheehan.
 outcome for states that don't create their         Rep. Peter
 own saltwater fishing licenses. He urged           Kilmartin            HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES • Passed 52-19
 fellow Representatives to approve the                                   YEAS - 52: The Honorable Speaker Murphy and Representatives
 override saying that the veto would "hurt the very people you           Ajello, Almeida, Azzinaro, Baldelli-Hunt, Caprio, Carnevale,
 want to protect.''                                                      Carter, Coderre, Corvese, Costantino, DeSimone, Diaz, Driver,
     Senator Mike Lenihan, sponsor of the                                Duffy Messier, Fellela, Ferri, Fox, Gablinske, Gallison, Gemma,
 Senate version said, “Access to the shore                               Giannini, Handy, Hearn, Jackson, Kennedy, Kilmartin, Lally,
 and to fishing is so sacred here in Rhode                               Malik, Marcello, Martin, Mattiello, McCauley, McNamara, Melo,
 Island that it is protected specifically in the                         Naughton, O’Neill, Pacheco, Palumbo, Pollard, Rice, M.,
 state’s constitution. We have long been                                 Ruggiero, San Bento, Segal, Serpa, Shallcross-Smith, Silva, Slater,
 loath to do anything to curb that freedom,                              Sullivan, Vaudreuil, Walsh, Williams.
 but federal law supercedes state law. A                                 NAYS - 19: Representatives Brien, DaSilva, Ehrhardt, Fierro,
 license is going to be required by the federal                          Flaherty, Guthrie, Lima, Loughlin, MacBeth, Menard, Newberry,
                                                  Sen. J. Michael
 government if we don’t have our own. This                               Rice, A., Savage, Schadone, Trillo, Ucci, Wasylyk, Watson,
 legislation is a solution that brings Rhode                             Winfield.
 Island into compliance with the federal law in a way that costs         DID NOT VOTE - 4: Edwards, Jacquard, Petrarca, Williamson
 our fishermen as little as possible.”

                                              FISHING SHOW (from page 1)
    The seminars chairman, Capt. Ed Kearney, has released the            our sport, the Show will again feature a family-friendly atmosphere.
names of the speakers, and once again seminars will be held every            “We are again planning to have a scavenger hunt for the kids,”
hour thoughout the whole weekend.                                        said Capt. Mike Warner, Foundation Committee chairman. “The
    “The actual schedule will be posted in a couple of weeks,”           Hunt keeps the kids busy so dad can shop.”
said Ed, “but here is the list of speakers and topics.”                      “We will also have the young kids fishing pool with a prize
    • Capt Al Anderson on Over winter Stripers (Saturday)                every time which was a big hit last year.”
    • Capt Al Anderson on Tuna & Mahi Mahi (Sunday)                          “The kid’s casting area will be expanded to allow more kids to
    • Capt Bill Brown on Monster Sharks                                  cast at the same time,” said Chuck Dore, RISAA Juniors Committee
    • Al Gag on Fishing the Plastic Eel                                  chair. “We give mini-lessons to the very young kids, and the older
    • Capt. Mike Neto on Block Island Stripers                           kids will cast aiming at targets.”
    • Bob Oberg & Dave Giuliano on Kayak Fishing for big Stripers            The Fishing Simulator - a favorite of both kids AND adults -
    • Capt. Joe Pagano on Night Time Stripers                            will be back.
    • Dave Pickering on Shore Fishing
    • Capt. Pat “T-Man” Renna on Light tackle Trolling                   FOR EXHIBITORS
    • Capt Jack Sprengel on Fishing for Mahi Mahi                           As of this issue goes to print in January, there are still a few
    • Armand Tetreault on Cod Fishing Tactics                            booths left, but as in past years, the show sells out and there’s a
    • Capt Bruce Weinstein on Shark Fishing Basics                       waiting list by showtime.
                                                                            If interested, call the RISAA office at 401-826-2121 or visit the
THE FAMILYIS WELCOME                                                     show web site at
  Keeping true to the RISAA belief that youth are the future of

                                                                    - 19 -                                        R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                Members • Non-Members • Guests
                                Come One, Come All
                           Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association's
                                                     12th Annnual

                               Saturday, February 20, 2010
                                                       • 7:00 PM •
                                          West Valley Inn, West Warwick, RI
                                               $15 per person
                                            same price for members and guests

                             Bring your family and friends!

                          RISAA is YOUR club - BE THERE!
                                                6:00 - 7:00 Cocktails (on your own)
                                                7:00 Family Style - All You Can Eat Dinner
                                                Soup, Salad, Chicken and Sliced Beef, Pasta, Mashed Potatoes, bread & butter,
                                                Rasberry truffle ice cream pie, coffee, tea, decaf
                                                8:00 Award Presentations (including Angler-Of-The-Year • Member-Of-The-Year)

                                                    FREE DOORPRIZES
                                                      Must be present to win.

                                        No tickets sold at the banquet door!
 All seating assigned. We will gladly seat friends together. Just include a note with names. Tables will be reserved for groups of 8

    Questions? Call the RISAA office at 401-826-2121 • Ticket Deadline: February 15, 2010

                                            RISAA 12th ANNUAL BANQUET
Member Name(s): ___________________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________

Mailing Address:__________________________________________________________________________________________
  Please send _____ Tickets @ $15 each
  Charge to my credit card:
 1. Card type (check) MasterCard       Visa     2. Amount Authorized: $_____________ 3. Expiration Date: _____________
  4. Name on card (print): ____________________________________ 5. Card Number: _______________________________
  Enclosed is my check for $________ (payable to RISAA)                  mail to: R.I.S.A.A.
                                                                                       6 Arnold Road
please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope                                      Coventry, RI 02816

                                                              - 20 -                                        R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
     One of the missions of RISAA is to represent the concerns of              Also, all money received by the PAC must come from
the recreational community on regulatory and legislative issues.          individual donors. No contribution can be accepted from any
That means that we have to deal with elected officials.                   organization or business interest.
     Fortunately, there are a number of legislators who have worked            The PAC has an independent treasurer and its own bank
hard on our behalf and others who support RISAA principles. We            account.
need to be sure those officials remain in office.                               The RISAA PAC Committee first receives requests for
     It is also important that legislators understand who we are. If      contributions. If the PAC Committee approves a request, it is
we don’t advance our own causes, no one will do it for us.                then forwarded to the full RISAA Legislative Committee, which is
     By law, our Association can not contribute funds to any              made up of RISAA members and delegates from all of the 29
candidate, therefore we have established a legal, incorporated            affiliated clubs. The EP Committee then reviews the
and registered Political Action Committee which CAN make                  recommendations, and if the full Committee votes to approve a
contributions on our behalf.                                              political contribution, that recommendation is forwarded to the
     Only donations specifically made to the RISAA PAC can be             RISAA Board of Directors which has the final vote on all PAC
used. Under no circumstances can any membership dues money                donations. Every PAC expenditure must pass this 3-step process.
- or any other contribution made to the Association - be used for              Democracy is not a spectator sport. To be effective, we must
the PAC. It would be a violation of state election laws for any           participate in the system.
money from RISAA to be used for PAC purposes.

                With your help we can continue to work within the political system to
                     safeguard the rights and traditions of recreational fishing
                                  DONATIONS MADE THIS YEAR TO DATE
           BRONZE (up to $49)                           SILVER ($50+)                GOLD ($100+)              PLATINUM ($250+)
     Earle Guilford                                     Curt Caserta               Robert Fournier                waiting for
      John Vivari                                       Brian Hogan                Richard Hittinger             your donation
                                                                                   Capt. Sandy Kane

                                        R name he
                           We n eed YOU

           It's time for recreational anglers to stand up and be counted!
                   Enclosed is my contribution to the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association
Please print:                         POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE.
1) Name: ______________________________________________________ 2) Phone: __________________
3) Address: ________________________________________________________________________________
                           no. street                                     city                   state   zip
4) Place of employment: ________________________________________________________ (required by law)
                          no. street                                                     city                      state zip
5) Enclosed is cash or check for: $10     $25      $50    $100     other____ (make payble to: RISAA PAC)
6) Donations can ONLY be accepted from individuals. No company or organization check can be accepted. (R.I. law)
7) From time to time we will acknowledge the names of contributors in our newsletter, but you can remain anonymous, if you prefer.
                                         It is OK to print my name     Do NOT print my name
                                        Mail to: RISAA PAC, 6 Arnold Road, Coventry, RI 02816
                                                                   -   21 -                                      R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                                       THE WATCH (from page 1)
    I said this is a commercial issue, but it could, and is being                              HOW WILL IT IMPACT YOU?
implemented in the recreational charter fishing industry for halibut             What should concern recreational anglers though is that the
in Alaska. (More on this later). A Rhode Island commercial fluke             desire to push this new system has been mentioned in some circles
fisheries pilot sector program was implemented in 2009.                      as possible future applications for recreational fishing.
    Expanded annual catch limits for each sector and for those                    There is a proposal being created by some Rhode Island
not participating in the catch share program are intended to end             charter industry fishermen to form their own recreational sector
overfishing and ensure enough fish are left in the ocean to promote          program for fluke, and would seek their own quota.
the rebuilding of depleted stocks. Measures proposed to                          But where would this quota come from? YOU!
discourage over–harvesting by either commercial or recreational                  Each state gets their own allotment of each species of fish.
fisheries include automatic reductions in next year’s allowable              That allotment is then divided with a percentage going to the
catch, fewer days at sea, or changes to size limits, seasons, and            commercial fishing industry and the remainder going to the
bag limits.                                                                  recreational fishing industry.
    At this point, the recreational aspect of this plan, if approved,            The recreational allotment on fluke belongs to everyone.
would apply only to the party and charter boat industry who                  Anyone can go out and fish for them as long as they are follow
become part of a sector program.                                             the rules on bag limits, minimum size, etc.
   Beware, it could later apply to the private                                   This charter boat proposal would take part of the state’s
recreational fishermen!                                                      recreational quota that belongs to all citizens, and give it to a small
    A limited access (sector) program for the recreational charter           group of people. It would become THEIR fluke. They could fish
halibut industry in selected Alaskan waters has been implemented.            when they want. They could fish when you can’t. They could
Alaska’s Regional NOAA Administrator has stated, “The new                    catch more fish per day than you can.
program will stabilize the guided charter fishing sector, maintain               The fish given to them would be subtracted from our allotment.
access to the fishery for businesses that participated in recent             It would be privatizing a public resource.
years, and allow access for others who can obtain transferable                   This program, if enacted, would definitely have a negative
permits. The sport charter halibut has been growing steadily and             impact on private recreational fishermen. We’ll keep an eye on
exceeding harvest levels set to conserve the halibut population              this and keep you informed.
over time.”
                 HOW DOES THIS ALL WORK?
    A group of fishermen will get together and form a "sector". It
is a legal group, in which each participant signs a contract and
agree to terms on the way they will catch fish.
    Based on their combined catch history in a specified set of
years, they will receive their own allocation - a part of the total
state's quota, given to that sector. It's theirs. It belongs to them.
They can fish when they want. They can try to catch their
allotment all at once, spread it out, or save it for a time when the
price is highest.
    A “test” sector program is going on now in Rhode Island. A
group of commercial draggers have been given their own quota
of fluke. They can catch those fluke whenever they want.
    In theory this program would reduce bycatch because they
would no longer have to throw back fluke caught in their nets
when fishing for other species, even when the states’ general
                                                                                 Reel & Repair
commercial fluke fishery is shut down.                                             Service
    Not all commercial fishermen think this is a great idea. It’s
perfect for those who are in the sector, but everyone else has to                Quality Fishing
share the general quota.
    But government fisheries managers are pushing this new
system and think it will improve the future fisheries.                             Abu-Garcia • Daiwa
                                                                                 Mitchell • Penn • Quantum
                                                                                     Shimano • Zebco
                                                                                                                    Owner: Michael J. Bucko
   Recreational saltwater fishing
                                                                                     Phone: (508) 674-7900
             is worth                                                                Fax: (508) 674-8021
                   $160 MILLION                                                      E-mail:                  Member
    to the Rhode Island economy
                      plus 1,000 jobs!                                         
                                                                        - 22 -                                         R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
    Furuno • JRC • Sitex Koden • Seatel
        Standard • Simrad • Northstar
                                                         “Radio Check. Radio check.”
         Raymarine • KVH • Garmin                             New automated system let’s you do a radio test any
                                                                             time you need to

                                                          W       e’ve all been there. You’re about to go out for that day on
                                                                 the water. It’s 4 a.m., the fuel tank is topped of; the engine
                                                          is fired up and running great. You cast off the lines and as you
                                                          clear the dock you flip on the chart plotter, depth sounder and
                                                          VHF radio. You tune to channel 09, as you should, and ask for a
                                                          radio check. No reply. So, you flip through the channels in hopes
                                                          that someone is out there to give you that final safety check.
                                                          Still no dice. You could go to channel 16, but that’s improper use
 MARINE ELECTRONICS                                       of the channel.
                                                               No longer will boaters be forced to search the airwaves for
             Sales/Service                                someone to confirm their radio checks.
                                                               Sea Tow
        Manuel Medeiros                                   R h o d e
                                                          Island      is
  800-446-3156 • 401-783-4778                             pleased to
                                                          announce a
  Factory Trained / FCC Licensed Technicians              first of its
                                                          kind public
 304 Point Judith Road, Narragansett, RI 02882            service for
                                                          the safety of boaters in Rhode Island. Now boaters can conduct                                24/7 automated radio checks on VHF channel 24. The service
                                                          does not require the response of other boaters or watch-standers
        e-mail:        Member        in order to work, nor does it require special equipment. This free
                                                          service is available through Sea Tow’s ongoing partnership with
                                                               To conduct an automated radio check, turn a VHF radio to
                         Your #1                          channel 24, key the mike, and ask for a radio check; just as you
                                                          would on channel 09. The system will respond with an automated
                       Bait & Tackle                      reply and replay your original radio transmission, letting you
                                                          know exactly how well your radio is working.
                          Shop!!                               “Typically, radio checks should be
                                                          conducted on VHF channel 09,” said
                                                       Capt. Kevin Scott, owner of Sea Tow
                                                          Rhode Island. “Due to lack of
                                                          response, however, many boaters do
                                                          them on channel 16 – the hailing and
   June Moon Madness Striper Tournament                   distress channel – which leads to               Capt. Kevin Scott
      55lb or larger Striper wins $10,000                 friendly reminders from the Coast
                                                          Guard that the checks are improper use of the channel. By offering
                June 26 - 27, 2010
                                                          the automated radio check service, we hope to help reduce
                                                          unnecessary traffic on VHF 16 and encourage safe boating in
                  Snug Harbor Doomat Derby                Rhode Island.”
                     Compte to win $5,000                      The antenna hosting this service is located at Sea Tow Rhode
                     July 1 to August 1, 2010             Island’s main office along the mouth of Allen Harbor in
                                                          Narragansett Bay, R.I. For more information, contact Capt. Kevin
                                                          Scott at (401) 294-2360.
 27th Annual Shark Tournament - July 10 - 11
 White Chinner Challenge - Oct 17 - Nov 29

               Sign Up Today!
410 Gooseberry Road Wakefield, RI 02879
                                                                SEATOW.COM                   1-800-4SEATOW 401-783-7766       Member
                                                                 Capt. Kevin Scott            (401) 294-2360             Member

                                                     - 23 -                                         R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers
                      A nonprofit, IRS recognized charitable and community service foundation.
                 Contributions to the RISA Foundation are deductable from your federal income taxes.

         onsider making a tax-deducitable contribution to The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Foundation. The Foundation
         helps to fund community, public access, and marine fisheries projects, and donors can be assured that their contributions
         will be used wisely. Any funds expended by the Foundation must satisfy strict IRS 501(c)(3) rules.

    • Blackstone River fish ladders construction                           • Plum Beach Lighthouse restoration
    • College Scholarships in Marine Sciences                              • Public access adoption programs
    • Eel grass planting                                                   • Public education programs and seminars
    • Fishway construction/restoration                                     • Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation
    • Fishing The Ocean State TV program                                   • Salmon-In-The-Classroom, Westerly Schools
    • Fish Tag & Release programs                                          • Salt marsh restoration
    • JASON Expedition teacher training program                            • Sea Grant cooperative research programs
    • Kickemuit River fish ladder construction                             • Tag-A-Giant Tuna Foundation
    • Narragansett Bay Journal publication                                 • Take-A-Kid Fishing Days
    • National Environthon ‘08 trip- Coventry HS team                      • Woonasquatucket River fish ladders
    • Ninigret Park Fishing Access

                                    DONATIONS MADE IN 2010 TO DATE
        BRONZE (up to $49)                                SILVER ($50+)                 GOLD ($100+)                  PLATINUM ($250+)
   Joseph Burns    Stephen Segerson                       Curt Caserta                Robert Donaldson                 Robert Fournier
   David Byrnes      Michael Testa                        David Michel                Richard Hittinger
   Robert Morse        John Vivari                                                     Walter Jachna
  Robert Murgo       William Zanks                                                    Capt. Sandy Kane
 Robert Nalbandian

                             WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT
                            I’m making a contribution to the future of recreational angling
                                    Enclosed is my tax-deductible contribution to
                     The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Foundation
The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, created to provide an educational and public service forum for
recreational saltwater anglers and the general community; to foster sportsmanship; to support marine conservation and the sound management of
fisheries resources.
Please print:
Name: ______________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________
                            no. street                                        city                     state    zip
Enclosed is cash or check for: $5       $10    $25    $50   $100    other______
My donation is made in the name of: _____________________________________________________________
  From time to time we will acknowledge the names of contributors in our newsletter, but you can remain anonymous, if you prefer.
                                       It is OK to print my name     Do NOT print my name
                             Mail to: RISA Foundation, 6 Arnold Road, Coventry, RI 02816
             Any donation over $10 will be sent a receipt that proves your contribution for tax purposes
                                                                     - 24 -                                           R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
            On the passing of Bob Pond                                             Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
                                                                                               1444 Eye Street, N.W.
                                                                                              Washington, DC 20005
    As a lure manufacturer I am in debted to Mr. Pond as an
industry leader and forerunner of artificial baits along with               December 22, 2009
the likes of Stan Gibbs and Don Musso. He was a great man                   To: Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association
and an innovator. Rest in Peace Bob.
    Armand Tetreault                                                        Thank you for your donation of $1,000 in support of the 18th
                                                                            Annual Laura Leach Fishing Tournament, which was
                                                                            conducted during the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries
                                                                            Commission’s 68th Annual Meeting in Newport, Rhode
    Way back in the early 60's, my colleague, Reverend Norm                 Island last month.
Levinson (Attleboro Falls Cong'l Church) introduced me to
Bob. He took us down to what I remember was the Coles                       The fishing tournament was a terrific success, thanks due to
River gap where he handed me his brand new invention                        RISAA’s generosity. The tournament raised $1,525 which
which he called "the Atom Reactor". I made one cast across                  will be used to support the Take-A-Kid Fishing program in
the gap at the railroad bridge and got a strike that resulted in            Rhode Island. All of the tournament entry fees go to charity,
a 5 pound Striper. You would have loved Bob's reaction -                    so we are especially grateful for your partnership in the
jumping and whooping and yelling "Man, this one is gonna'                   endeavor.
be another winner!"
    I'll never forget him. Thanks again.                                    Sincerely,
    Rev. Jan Knost                                                          Laura C. Leach
                                                                            Director of Finance and Administration

                                             TOURNAMENTS (from page 15)
Shore Angler Of The Year - Dick Geldard                                     How are the top anglers selected?
    Dick has been fishing for over 64 years….amazing! He                         The Angler of The Year and Jr Angler of The Year are
started fishing at age 8 in Matunuck since his parents owned a              determined by the total number of points earned during the
summer house in the area. At age 13 he would catch 7-8 bass                 tournament season.
a day and sell them for 25 cents a                                               Points are awarded as follows:
pound.                                                                      1st place = 3 points • 2nd place = 2 points • 3rd place = 1 point
    He dropped fishing a bit in the                                              Angler of the year and Junior Angler of the Year candidates
1950’s to raise his family, but now                                         must also exhibit the following qualities:
that they are off on their own he                                                 • Good Sportsmanship
has again picked up the sport.                                                    • Versatility
    His favorite fish to catch are                                                • Consistency
stripers and was taught many                                                      • Ability to catch quality fish
techniques by a local pro. The                                              Plus
favorite baits he uses are the “black                                            • Earn at least 1 tournament point from both boat and shore
of wood,” smiling bills, split tail                                              • Earn at least 1 tournament point for four different species
pork rinds, feathered jigs, Adam                                            of fish during the tournament season
P40’s, eels and needlefish. He                                                  In addition, 5 additional points are awarded for an entry
prefers conventional gear and                                               into the RISAA Angler Hall of Fame.
enjoys fishing from boat and shore.
    Dick’s most memorable fishing                                           Boat and Shore added in 2009
adventure was out on Cuttyhunk                                                  Two new awards were started in 2009:
with his son one late summer/early                                                             Boat Angler of the Year
fall evening from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am as they landed one striper                               Shore Angler of the Year.
after another with all the fish over 30lbs.                                     The awards are given to the boater and shore fisherman who
    This year Dick also achieved another milestone by weighing              earn the most points in their respective class.
in a 4.4 lb winter flounder from shore which is now in the RISAA                All winners who place this year are encouraged to attend
Hall of Fame.                                                               the annual banquet to claim your prize.
                                                                   - 25 -                                            R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                    The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association presents

                                 NEW ENGLAND
                                                         Show ®
                                         March 19 - 21
                                Rhode Island Convention Center
                                                          Providence, RI
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                                      500 Exhibitor Booths!                                               MARINE ELECTROICS

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                                                              - 26 -                                            R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                   Guide to Common Life on Narragansett Bay
                                             A continuing series that describes the common fish, invertibrates, plants, water birds,
                                                                   and marine mammals that share our Bay.

         This mo                Northern Rock Barnacle
                                          Colloquial Nickname: Barnacle, Acorn barnacle
                                           Scientific Name: Semibalanus balanoides
Field Markings: Shell is white to gray, interior is darker                      Barnacles begin life as larvae in the plantonic column, often
Size: 1.5 inches in diameter                                                aggregating in large clusters when they settle to the bottom.
Habitat: Permanently attached to rocks, pilings or any hard                 Reproduction is sexual and requires the barnacles to settle in
substrate in intertidal and subtidal habitats                               close proximity to one another. Barnacles will often attach
Seasonal Appearance: Year-round                                             themselves to slow-moving organisms, such as horseshoe crabs,
                                                                            lobsters and even whales. They are sensitive to extreme
Distinguishing Features and Behaviors                                       temperature and can die if the tide leaves them high and dry for
    Upon first glance, there does not appear to be much more to             too long.
a barnacle than the outer shell, but they are actually complex
organisms that permanently attach their                                                             Relationship To People
heads to a substrate with a kind of self-                                                               The barnacle’s hard outer shell is very
produced cement.                                                                                    sharp and can cause cuts or scrapes on
    Barnacles have flat, irregular tops                                                             bare feet and legs. Barnacles are
and resemble little volcanoes. The outer                                                            considered a nuisance by boaters, since
shell of a barnacle consists of white                                                               they often attach themselves to boat
overlapping shelllike plates that grow                                                              bottoms, mooring lines, lobster and fish
with the organism. A soft cuticle covers                                                            pots and pilings. The accumulation of
the inside of the shell.                                                                            barnacles on boats is called fouling and
    The barnacle closes its shell when                                                              can reduce the speed of a boat and
the tide goes out and opens it again                                                                increase fuel consumption by 20% or
when the tide comes in.                                                                             more.
    When the barnacle opens its mouth,                                                                  Antifouling bottom paint is a toxic
featherlike feeding legs emerge to gather plankton from the water.          paint used to prevent the attachment of these organisms. Certain
These feathery legs are also used as gills to extract oxygen from           forms of this paint, although effective, can be harmful to other
the water.                                                                  Bay life if not applied and removed properly.
    The animal grows by shedding its exoskeleton through                       The cement barnacles use to attach themselves to a hard
molting. Molted barnacle exoskeletons can be seen floating on               substrate is currently being studied for dental applications.
the water’s surface.
    Barnacles, like crabs and lobsters, are considered crustaceans                    HOW TO GET YOUR OWN COPY
because their feathery feeding appendages are jointed and they                  RISAA members can purchase their own copy of The
have an exoskeleton. They are the only crustaceans that remain              Uncommon Guide To Common Life on Narragansett Bay
fixed in one spot during their adult phase (as larvae, they are free        for $15 from the RISAA Merchandise Committee. Stop by
floating).                                                                  the committee table at any monthly RISAA meeting.

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                                  Richard and Judy Wolfe

                                                                   - 27 -                                              R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
Committee Report . . .
                The Saltwater Anglers
                   FOUNDATION                                                       CMS ENTERPRISE
                                                                                  255 Popes Island, New Bedford, MA 02745
                    Committee                                                            We’ve Moved!
            Capt. Mike Warner, Chairman
To promote and assist in funding the non-profit Foundation                                               SEE US AT THE
                                                                                                   New England Saltwater Fishing
         Thanks to East Bay Anglers                                                                  Show at booths 530 to 533
    The East Bay Anglers held their 25th Anniversary Fishing                                         Designer of Chatham Special
Expo on Sunday, January 10. Hundreds of                                                             Designer of Stellwagen Special
recreational anglers attended their show at
Barrington High School, paying $15 admission to                                                 OFFSHORE TACKLE GEAR
                                                                                          Daisy Chains • Squid Bars • Shark Gear
learn more about their sport and to support that                           Braid & AFTCO Harness • AFTCO Gaffs/Gloves • Birds • Florocarbon
fine organization.                                                                              QUALITY WOODEN PLUGS
    Unlike many groups that pocket their fund-                                     After Hours • Tatoo’s • Lemire’s • Guppie • Bob Hahn
rising proceeds, the East Bay Anglers is known for their generosity                   Gibbs • Super Strike • JN-Ski • and much MORE!
                                                                                                ROD BUILDING SUPPLIES
and gives it back to the community.                                                  Blanks: Lamiglass • Ron Arra • Calstar • Pac Bay
    For the past several years, the East Bay Anglers has made a                                Rainshadow• American Tackle
donation the RISAA Foundation specifying that the funds go                                 Guides/Tops: Pac Bay • AFTCO • Fuji
toward the annual Take-A-Kid Fishing Day. They presented a                                     Thread: Guidebrod • Pac Bay
check for $200 to the Foundation!                                      Directions: I-195 to Exit 15 (Downtown New Bedford) to Rte 18 south.
                                                                       Take Rte 6 east to Fairhaven, then first left after crossing bridge.
    Thank you EAST BAY ANGLERS!
                                                                                         Store Hours:
     ASMFC Donates to RISAA Foundation                                    Mon. Tues. Wed. Sat. 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission held their        Thur. Fri. 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM • Closed Sundays              Member
annual meeting in Rhode Island in November. In conjunction
with this meeting, they always hold a
fishing tournament, mostly for fun.
They approached RISAA and
requested a donation to help finance
the tournament.
    The RISAA Board of Directors
approved a $1,000 donation to ASMFC Tournament t-shirts
because it would put the RISAA name were printed with the
out to fisheries managers from all along RISAA logo on them.
the coast.
    As it turns out, the tournament was a success, and the ASMFC
took all of the proceeds - $1,525 - and donated it to the RISAA
Foundation to be used for our annual Take-A-Kid Fishing Day!

                 Mark Sepe, AMS ® #862
           Pre-Purchase and Insurance Surveys
              Damage Claims and Appraisals


                 Serving the New England Area
E-mail:                Tel/fax 401-942-1006
                                                                  - 28 -                                         R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                                                                              This photo, taken by
                                     LEBLANC &                                       DAVID WESTFALL
                                                                     received “Honorable Mention” in the national Sportfishing maga-
                                       ROGER                         zine photo contest. It was taken on the eastern edge of Stellwagon
                                        LEMA                         Bank, north of Cape Cod, on May 25 while he was out cod fish-
                                    with a nice False                ing with Dawn and Tom Wood on their boat.
                                    Albacore that they
                                    landed in September
                                    off Watch Hill.

displays a nice, fat
striper that he landed
last summer.

                                                                     “The whales were everywhere,” said David. “As you can see,
                                                                     this one came up right in front of the boat”.
                            CAPT. THOMCAT
                              PELLETIER                                                 KEITH TURNER
                                                                     displays the 29 inch,
                            "Big Bait - big fish," said Capt.        9.82 lb. fluke that he
                            ThomCat as he displays a nice            caught outside the
                            4 lb. fluke that hit an eleven           East Gap on June
                            inch fluke belly strip hanging           28th which won the
                            off a tandem hook ThomCat                RISAA Fluke
                            Bucktail Fluke Rig.                      Tournament (boat
                                                                     division). Helping
                                                                     their dad are (l-r)
                                                                     Sydney, age 4 and a
     GIL BELL                                                        RISAA Junior
with an Atlantic                                                     Member, Aidan who
salmon that he had                                                   is 7 and also a
just landed in                                                       Junior Member, and
Meadowbrook Pond,                                                    Phoebe who is 2
Richmond, RI last                                                    years old, and
February. The fish                                                   waiting for her dad
weighed in at 4.5 lbs.                                               to sign her up!

Stripers, Tautogs,
Cod, Sharks,Tuna
                     Capt. Mike Neto
                                            28' Ocean Runner

                     (401) 573-FISH                                                  CAPT. JOHN OGOZALEK
                                                                     672 North Main Street                               860-774-6924
                                              up to 4 anglers
Member                                                               Danielson, CT 06239               
                                                                - 29 -                                         R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                                                                              U.S. Coast Guard
                                                                                              ends LORAN-C
                                                                        E   ffective February 8, 2010, the U.S. Coast Guard has terminated
                                                                             U.S. LORAN-C signals.
                                                                            As a result of technological advancements during the last
    Catch a tagged                                                      20 years and the emergence of the U.S. Global Positioning System
                                                                        (GPS), LORAN-C is no longer required by the armed forces, the
       striper?                                                         transportation sector or the nation’s security interests, and is
                                                                        used by only a small segment of the population.
     by Capt. Al Anderson                                                   President Barack Obama’s fiscal year 2010 budget supported
                                                                        the termination of outdated systems and specifically cited the
H    ere in southern New England, chances are the fish will bear
     a tag from either the ALS, the HRF, or the USFWS. Their
contact info is listed below.
                                                                        terrestrial-based North American LORAN-C system as such an
                                                                            The Coast Guard strongly urges mariners currently using
                                                                        LORAN-C for navigation to shift to a GPS navigation system
                                                                        and become familiar with its operation as soon as possible.
  1. The tag number
                                                                        Mariners will not be able to rely upon LORAN-C for navigation
  2. The date the fish was caught
                                                                        as of February 8th, 2010.
  3. The fish’s total length and (est.) weight
                                                                            LORAN-C was not established as, nor was it intended to be,
  4. The location of recapture
                                                                        a viable systemic backup for GPS. If a single, domestic national
  5. Whether or not it was released with tag intact
                                                                        system to back up GPS is identified as being necessary, the
  6. Any other pertinent comments such as fish condition
                                                                        Department of Homeland Security will complete an analysis of
                                                                        potential backups to GPS. The continued active operation of
                                                                        LORAN-C is not necessary to advance this evaluation.
American Littoral Society
18 Hartshorne Dr., Suite 1, Highlands, NJ 07732
(732) 291-0055 •

Hudson River Foundation
P.O. Box 1731, GCS, New York, NY 10163
(212) 924-8290 •

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
1825 Virginia St., Annapolis, MD 2140
1 (800) 448-8322 •

  Following notification of your recapture, the tagging agency
will send you a report as to when, where, and who initially
tagged the fish, along with length and weight details. Some
agencies issue small monetary rewards, a recapture report
suitable for framing, as well as the chance to win a valuable
monetary lottery drawing.

"If people concentrated on the really
important things in life, there'd be a
shortage of fishing poles."
--Doug Larsen

                                                                                    Fishing Kayaks

                                                                   - 30 -                                        R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
- 31 -   R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
              Do you want a                                                        President: Menhaden (from page 14)
T-top • Hart Top • Tower • Radar Arch                                          A proposal was made by a member of the audience, Paul
 Rocket Launcher • Swim Platform?                                          Bettencourt, who said that Homeland Security safety zones
                                                                           should be enforced in the upper Providence River and that could
            NOW is the time!                                               keep all commercial fishing vessels out of the area. DEM
                                                                           Enforcement Chief Hall said to be careful what you wish for.
                                                                           Invoking Homeland Security restrictions could also mean the
                                                                           prohibition of all recreational fishing vessels from the area.
                                                                               Michael Bucko suggested that the AP meet again in August,
                                                                           just after the 2010 season has ended to review the spring fishery
                                                                           results and discuss further options going forward.
                                                                               All of the above will be brought to the Marine Fisheries
Free welded rod holders with a unit BOOKED before Dec.                     Council.
      • CUSHIONS •
                                   repairs or

        If you’re one of our past customers, when you book
          a service this fall/winter with us you will receive a
 free “thank you” gift or service for your continued loyalty                 BAIT & TACKLE • CUSTOM RODS • REEL REPAIR

                                                                                Boston Neck Rd & Hamilton Allenton Rd
             Captain Rick Cataldi
   661 West Shore Road, Warwick, RI 02889                                                         Member

                                                                  - 32 -                                            R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
Costa Rica fishing adventure...
                                              The Patchmen
                                                       by Capt. Gene Kelly

D     id you ever see a tarpon jump? When it does, it sort of
      starts out slowly, sticking its head out of the water and
shaking it, then accelerating until the whole body is five or six
                                                                        fish. It was shortly after one of these
                                                                        unscheduled baths, when I was just
                                                                        sitting down drying out, that the
feet in the air. It's quite a sight.                                    patchmen got the surprise of their lives.
    In the rivers of Costa Rica, considered by some to be the                One of them was fighting a fish and
Mecca of tarpon fishermen, we often fished by dropping our              it appeared that it was directly under the
lures to the bottom and just wiggling them a little bit. This was       boat. The two patchmen and the guide were all on the same
a very successful method, with one small drawback. The first            side of the boat, a small Boston Whaler type, waiting expectantly
thing a tarpon does upon feeling the sting of a hook is to jump,        for the fish to be brought in, when the fish exploded out of the
and since our lures were directly below the boat, we often got          water on the opposite side, paused in mid air directly above the
soaked by the splash the fish made upon hitting the water. At           unsuspecting occupants, and landed on top of them. When the
other times, the fish would hit the boat and also on occasion,          blood and scales stopped flying, there was nothing in the boat
land in the boat.                                                                           that wasn't broken.
    These occasions would call for drastic                                                      The styrofoam cooler was in pieces
action on the part of my two fishing partners                                               floating around the boat. Those eight ounce
and myself. Luckily, we were fishing out of                                                 bottles of coke that were built as solidly as
fairly large dugout canoes (about twenty five                                               bowling pins were even broken. There were
feet in length by four feet in width) and if the                                            no fishing rods left in the boat, having all been
fish didn't land directly on one of us we could                                             flipped in the water by the fish. And the
generally run to the other end of the boat and                                              patchmen were desperately in need of a drink.
hide. The fish would either stay in the boat                                                    Our patch laden friends didn't fish the rest
and beat himself to death, or keep thrashing                                                of that day, and I'm sure they had a lot more
around until he got back in the water.                                                      than one drink when they got back to the lodge,
    This was all taking place in the early                                                  but they were back out the next morning. They
seventies, and we were fishing on the cheap.                                                had, however, developed a new fishing
We lived in a shack on the edge of the Rio                                                  method, one that would insure that they would
Colorado in Barra Colorado Norte, and fished                                                get no more surprises. Normally the guide
with one of the locals. Each morning we would       A couple of local rum runners           would paddle the boat after the fish to make it
awake to dozens of pairs of small eyes peering      on their way home with dinner.          easier to land. Their new system was to have
at us through the cracks in the walls, and each     Contrary to popular opinion,            the guide paddle away from the fish. I guess
afternoon upon returning from the days              tarpon aren't inedible, they            the idea was that eventually the fish would get
fishing, we'd send one of the pairs of legs that    just don't taste very good.             away or die of old age. Either way they would
went with those eyes on a mission of great                                                  be safe.
importance - a bottle of Flor de Cana (Nicauragua's finest run),             What their system didn't account for was other people's fish.
Coca-Cola and limes.                                                    During one afternoon of truly spectacular fishing, there were a
    The only other anglers fishing the river at that time were          dozen boats, including the patchmen in one small area, most of
staying in Casa Mar, the only fishing lodge in Costa Rica at that       them fighting fish. We could see from the way they kept looking
time, and although we were friendly with the operators of the           around that they were getting nervous until finally an opening
resort, they didn't like us coming around when the guests were          developed between two boats, and they had their guide start
on the grounds. There were probably afraid that their clients           paddling in that direction.
would find out how much it cost us to fish, as compared to what              What they were unaware of was that one of my partners had
they were paying.                                                       a fish on that also wanted to aim for that opening. My buddy
    We'd have a lot of giggles among ourselves about the tourists       started giggling and took the pressure off his fish, allowing it to
with their fancy tackle and fishing outfits, especially when it         run free. When it seemed to be in just the right spot he put the
came to one pair of anglers that we came to call “the patchmen.”        brakes on the fish, which caused it to erupt out of the water,
These two guys each had matching outfits, and were adorned              about ten feet away from the patchmen. That was enough
with what were probably patches from every place they ever              excitement for them. They immediately broke off their fish and
fished, every rodmaker, reel manufacturer and lure company              went back to the lodge, undoubtably in need of a sedative, or at
that existed, plus a couple that had nothing to do with fishing,        least a rum and coke. They never did fish again that week.
but what the hell, there was a leftover space. They looked
something like a human version of one of those stock cars that
you see racing around Daytona.                                          Capt. Gene Kelly runs Montauk Sportfishing and Tropical
    The fishing that week was about as good as it could get. In         Fishing Adventures, a travel agency in Montauk, NY. Find out
two days, I wound up in the water twice, due to hyperactive             more at his web site

                                                                  - 33 -                                            R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2009
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

                             Striped bass issues to be investigated
                                                       by Capt. Ed Cook
                                           R.I. Representative to ASMFC Striped Bass AP
Last Fall I attended an Atlantic States Marine                                          3. Evaluate the effect of a potential
Fisheries Commission’s (ASMFC) Striped Bass                                             overestimate in effort and recreational
Advisory Panel meeting in Baltimore, MD.                                                harvest estimates by MRFSS.
While we were in discussion of Addendum II                                              4. Inform why poaching estimates have not
that proposed the allowing of unused coastal                                            been included in stock assessments and what
commercial quota to be rolled over one year to                                          the likely bias is in assessment results from
the next, I not only voiced my opposition, but I felt we should                  not including poaching estimates.
be discussing more important concerns such as Mycobacteriosis               5.   Evaluate the validity that there has been a possible
disease, MRFSS Bias (errors) and poaching.                                       shift of striped bass distribution into the EEZ
    A lengthy and knowledgeable discussion by the panel of                       resulting in a reason for the decline in availability
these and other subjects followed.                                               in some states’ waters.
    Much to my surprise, I recently received a copy of a memo
dated November 20, 2009 sent by the Chair of the Striped Bass              The Winter Meeting of the ASMFC is scheduled for early
Board to the Technical Committee regarding a Task List. It read,        Febreuary and the Striped Bass Board meeting is scheduled for
    At its November Annual Meeting the Board had accepted               Tuesday, February 2.
the 2009 updated Stock Assessment. Based on this report and                The Agenda is almost entirely committed to the Technical
ensuing discussion the Board requests the TC to address the             Committee to respond to their assigned tasks. W. Laney and M.
following five tasks and prepare a written response in time for         Howard will respond to the TASKS and there will be a
the ASMFC Winter Meeting.                                               presentation on Mycobacteriosis by three experts.
     1. If the Juvenile Abundance Index is lower than 75%                  Also, if you haven’t heard, Addendum II (allowing quota
          of all the other values in the data set for three             underage to be carried over from one year to the next) was
          consecutive years then appropriate action should              defeated at the annual meeting back in November but, by only
          be recommended to the Board.                                  one vote.
     2. Provide information on the implications of
          mycobacteriosis to the stock. Inform the Board if the             Recreational fishing for striped bass in Rhode Island is not
          TC is already or plans to incorporate the effects of          set for 2010 by DEM’s Director Sullivan, but should continue
          mycobacteriosis in stock assessments of striped               status quo.

              Public hearing on many fisheries regulation changes scheduled
RIDEM will conduct a public hearing on a number of proposed             7. Changes to the Recreational Black Sea Bass Management
fishery regulation changes. The hearing will be held:                   Plan
             TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23 • 6:00 PM                             8. Changes to the Narragansett Bay Menhaden Management
           at URI Bay Campus, Corless Auditorium                        Plan
               South Ferry Rd, Narragansett, RI                         9. Changes to the General Category Commercial Striped Bass
Public comment will be solicited on the following proposals:            Management Plan
1. To continue/expand/modify the summer flounder sector                 10. Changes to the Floating Fish Trap Commercial Striped Bass
allocation program in 2010                                              Management Plan
2. Changes to the Recreational Summer Flounder Management               11.Changes to the Recreational Striped Bass Management Plan
Plan                                                                    12. Changes to the Winter Flounder Management Plan
3. Changes to the Recreational Scup Management Plan                     13. Changes to the Weakfish Management Plan
4.Changes to the Commercial Floating Fish Trap Scup
Management Plan                                                             A copy of the proposed regulations is available online at
5. Changes to the Commercial Tautog Management Plan                     the DEM website at the following address:
6. Changes to the Recreational Tautog Management Plan             
                                                               - 34 -                                          R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                 RISAA members may place free non-commercial classified ads with photo for three months.
                         All items must be fishing, boating or marine related. Send ad info to or mail to RISAA office.
                     Non-members and commercial: $5 per ad, per issue. Mail ad with check to RISAA, 6 Arnold Rd, Coventry, RI 02816

                  BOATS FOR SALE                                              BOATS FOR SALE                                                    TRAILERS

    14' Mirrocraft, 1990's, w/bowdeck and                       29' Wellcraft 290 Coastal, 2005, twin 225                   Galvanized Load Rite roller trailer, single axle,
    floorboards. Really rugged. 7.5 HP Honda 4-                 Yamaha 4 stroke outboards w/only 96 hours.                  up to 18' boat. Rebuilt 2 yrs ago w/new axle,
    stroke. Runs great. Good trailer incl. $1,800.              Warranty good                                               springs, tires, fenders and winch. Located in
    Call John at 617-244-0678.                                  thru May '09.                                               Charlestown beach area. Asking $500 OBO. Call
    ---------------------------------------------------------   Has all the                                                 401-284-2869 or
    20' Grady White Overnighter, 88 w/150 HP 4-                 toys, Garmin
    stroke Yamaha, 2006, 95 hrs w/factory warranty              2210 color
    to 2013. Incl Furano radar, Garmin 320c FF,                 chart plotter,                                                             FISHING TACKLE
    Garmin 182c                                                 Furuno FCV-
    GPS, Icom VHF                                               585 color fish                                              Fly Fishing Gear. G. Loomis GL-4 2-pc. fly
    w/remote                                                    finder, Furuno 1715 radar, Icom VHF. She has                rod 10-wieght #10810, $125 (reg $536). G.
    speaker. SW                                                 99% of the factory options including a generator.           Loomis GL-3 2-pc fly rod 10-wieght #10810,
    wash down, live                                             Trailer available. Asking $108,000. Call Mark at            $80 (reg $340). Scott SES fly rod 3-pc #9010/3
    well, trim tabs,                                            401-474-3363                                                4.72 oz. travel rod, $150 (reg $650). St. Croix
    portapotty, full                                            ---------------------------------------------------------   Tide Master Travel Casting Rod. 3-pc, 7-ft, hvy
    cabin encl, radar arch w/6 rod holders. Also 2007           30' Hydrocat 300X twin diesel catamaran,                    action, $65 (reg $209). All above rods like brand
    Sea King all roller trailer w/walkway. All new              1999. Very stable, standing room, cuddy cabin,              new, in tubes w/cloth bags. Contact Capt Jim
    fuel lines, ss 10 micron fuel water sep, swim ladder,       microwave,                                                  White at or 401-828-9465
    twin batteries w/2 switches, spare prop. Turnkey            full elec-
    boat in great condition. $19,990 OBO.                       tronics, fish
                                                                boxes, many                                                                      WANTED or 401-480-4492
    ---------------------------------------------------------   extras. 2.5
                                                                                                                            Wanted - Boat trailer, with 12" wheels for 15ft,
    25' Wellcraft 248 Sportsman, 1981. Repowered                mpg at 25
                                                                                                                            V bottom, 5'6" beam boat. Must be in good
    in 2002 w/Volvo Penta 5.0 GL-B engine &                     k n o t s .
                                                                                                                            condition for extended highway travel. Contact
    outdrive, duo SS prop, 260 hrs. 1/2 tower w/full            $65,000.
                                                                                                                            George Allen, 401-849-4896.
    e n c l ,                                                   Call 401-265-7602
    sleeps 4,                                                                                                               Wanted - Outboard Engine, 15 or 20 HP, long
    dinette,                                                                                                                shaft, recent vintage. Contact George Allen, 401-
    older                                                                   FISHING VACATIONS                               849-4896.
    ronics &                                                    Block Island Fishing Adventure includes house
    t r a i l e r.                                              for a week, 24 hours fishing on the water aboard                         CHARTER FISHING
    $8,000. Email or call 401-             Rooster, a 36' Stanley Williams, in any
    829-7305 or 401-849-5266                                    combination of trips: full or half day, for stripers,       Tournament Fever-No Boat? Rooster, a 36'
    ---------------------------------------------------------   sea bass, bluefish, etc. All bait and tackle included.      Stanley Williams, out of Block Island is available
    27' Eastern widebody/hardtop, 2002. 33' 3'                  Call Capt. Eric at 401-439-5386 for details.                with licensed captain, first mate and all tackle.
    beam, twin Honda 130's w/350 hrs. Loaded w/                                                                             We carry an 8-man CG certified life raft and
    custom features: 2 tuna doors, 200 gal fuel, enc                                                                        EPIRB. Call Capt. Eric at 401-439-5386
    head, sleeps 2, full electronics, etc. Smaller quality
    trade considered. $64,900. Call Charlie at 860-

                          TIP....                                                                                               NEWSLETTER
       When you have finished fishing, avoid
       hooking your lure into the eye of one
                                                                   The catfish has
                                                                   over 27,000
       of the guides on your                                                                                                                    Articles and submissions
                                                                   taste buds.
       rod. Doing so can                                                                                                                        for the RISAA newsletter
       damage the smooth                                                                                                                        must be received by the
                                                                   What can be so                                                               20th for the next month's
       inner ring and thus
       cause nicks in your
                                                                   tasty at the                                                                publication. Items
       line. Hook the lure                                         bottom of the                                                               received after this date
       to the outside wire frame of the guide.                     pond?                                                                       will be held until the
                                                                                                                                               following month.
                                                                                        - 35 -                                                      R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010


                                VIDEO/DVD LIBRARY
                                 RISAA maintains a library of fishing and boating DVD's and videos
                                 that MEMBERS may borrow for FREE to enjoy at home for up to two
                                 weeks. Simply call the RISAA at 401-826-2121 and let us know which
video you would like to borrow, and we'll arrange for you to pick it up (we do not mail). Please order by video number and please give
at least THREE DAYS NOTICE. It's just one more benefit of belonging to the RISAA!

         S                       ATLANTIC GIANTS "The Ultimate Bluefin" with Dennis Braid
 NEW T H                         Join the world of "stand up" fishing expert, Dennis Braid, as he takes you on an in-depth tour
   MO                            of the North Carolina giant bluefin tuna fishery. Dennis shows not only the "where to"
                                 information, but also goes into detail on exactly how to catch Atlantic giants.
                                 60 minutes. DVD # 75

12-Volts Made Easy (#1 DVD) Bennett Marine                          How To Get The Hook Out Without Pain - (47) Dr. J.Goldey
100 Saltwater Fishing Mistakes (98) Bennett Marine                  How To Paint Your Fiberglass Boat (65)
Advanced Trolling For Saltwater Fish (49) James Marsh               How To Rig Your Boat For Fishing (56)
Atlantic Giants: The Ultimate Bluefin (75) Dennis Braid             How To Troll The Way The Pros Do (18) Dr. Jim Wright
Atlantic Speedsters: Atlantic Bonito/Little Tunny (3)               How To Wire Line Troll (31) Dr. Jim Wright
Back To Basics: Finding The Spot (92) Bennett Marine                Ice Fishing: The Cure For Cabin Fever (28) Babe Winkelman
Back To Basics: Nearshore Fishing (90) Bennett Marine               Interfacing Marine Electronics - (68S) John Owen
Back To Basics: Offshore Fishing (89) Bennett Marine                Kayak Capsize Recovery & Rescue (101)
Basic Saltwater Fly Tying (46) Jamie Dickinson                      Let's Go Saltwater Fishing - Beginner's Guide (19)
Better Half of Fishing: How-To Fish For Women (102)                 Lures & Sinkers: Do It Yourself (29) VanSant Productions
Boating Basics For First Time Boaters (4) Bennett                   Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance (43) Bennett Marine
Bottom Fishing Techniques Vol 1 - (61) James Marsh                  Marine Gas Engine Maintenance (20) Bennett Marine
Bottom Fishing Techniques Vol 2 - (62) James Marsh                  Marine Plumbing, Do-It-Yourself (50)
Cast Netting For Live Bait (5) Capt. Al Lorenzetti                  Nothing But Bass (69) 3-DVD set. Northeast Angling
Catch Big Fish from Small Boats (97) Bennett Marine                 Nothing But Blackfish (57) 2-DVD set. Northeast Angling
Challenge Of The Giant Tarpon - (87)                                Nothing But Fluke (58) 2-DVD set. Northeast Angling
Chunking For Stripers & Blues -Capt. John Alberda (6)               Nothing But Sharks (70) Northeast Angling
Coast Guard License: Advanced Piloting (59)                         On The Water's Fishing New England: Season 1 (93)
Dolphin- Yellow & Green Fighting Machine (51)                       On The Water's Fishing New England: Season 1 (94)
Fiberglass Repair Made Easy - Two volumes                           Outboard Marine Engine Maintenance (63) Bennett
  Vol 1 Fiberglass Repair & Gelcoat Damage (37)                     Pop Fleyes: Saltwater Patterns (63) Bob Popovics
   Vol 2 How to Repair Gelcoat (38)                                 Powerboat Navigation (67) John Rousmaniere
Fishing For Bluefish (7) Capt. Al Lorenzetti                        Reef & Wreck Fishing (21) Capt. Al Lorenzetti
Fishing For Giant Bluefin Tuna (8) The Fisherman                    Rigging Baits For Giant Bluefin (66) Capt. G. Metcalf
Fishing For Sharks (27) The Fisherman Video Library                 RISAA's 1998 Take-A-City-Kid Fishing Day (39)
Fishing For Striped Bass: Live Bait- (9) A. Lorenzetti              RISAA's 1999 Take-A-City-Kid Fishing Day (30)
Fishing For Trophy Striped Bass (96) Capt. Al Lorenzetti            Rod Building Basics (02 DVD) Steve Petri
Fishing Knots (55) James Marsh                                      Saltwater Flycasting: 10 Steps To Distance & Power (86) G. Roberts
Fluke Fishing (10) Capt. Al Lorenzetti                              Secrets of the Party Boat Captains (71) Capt. Neil Delanoy
Fluke Fishing: Improving Your Catch (11) D.Kamienski                Spring Commissioning & Winterizing Your Boat (22)
Fly Fishing Success: Dry Fly Strategy (82) Joe Humphries            Stand Up To A Giant Bluefin (12) Dennis Braid
Fly Fishing Success: Nymphing Strategy (83) Joe Humphries           Stripers Gone Wild (42) Mike Laptew
Fly Rodding For Tarpon - Leisure Time Products (84)                 Stripers In Paradise (23) Mike Laptew
GPS Navigation (13) Bennett Marine                                  Striper Magic (24) Mike Laptew
Handling Your Single Engine Inboard/Outboard (14)                   Surf Fishing & Distance Casting (81) Ron Arra
Haul Out (64) Stuart Riddell                                        Surf Fishing with T.J. & Joe (44)
Heavy Weather Powerboat Handling (36)                               Top 60 Tips Saltwater - Southern Waters (100)
How To Cast With A Saltwater Fly Rod (35) Dr. Jim Wright            Trolling For Bass and Blues (41) Capt. Al Lorenzetti
How To Catch Bait Fish (53) J. Marsh                                Trophy Fluke Fishing (25) Capt. Charlie Nappi
How To Catch Bluefish (15) Dr. Jim Wright                           Tuna, Tuna, Tuna (48) James Marsh
How to Catch Flounder (33) Dr Jim Wright                            Twin Engine Powerboat Handling (40) Bennett Marine
How to Catch Sharks (52) Dr. Jim Wright                             Understanding Fish & How to Catch Them (74) Laptew/Kregh
How To Catch Striped Bass (16) Dr. Jim Wright                       Using Downriggers To Catch Saltwater Fish (32)
How To Catch Striped Bass: Tube & Worm (99) Jon Tolley              U.S. Power Squadron Boating Course (60)
How To Catch Tautog (17) -Dr. Jim Wright                            Varnishing Made Easy (54)
How To Catch Tuna (34) -Dr Jim Wright                               When Fish Won't Bite (91)
How To Filet Saltwater Fish (45) Dr. Jim Wright                     Winterizing Your Boat (26) see also Spring Commissioning

                                                                - 36 -                                        R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                      AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS
   The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association (RISAA) believes in the sensible management of fisheries and the conservation and restora-
tion of all marine resources. RISAA has accepted a leadership role in order to provide a unified voice to preserve and protect the rights, traditions
and future of recreational angling. In order to achieve these goals, it is important for organizations who have the same goals to join together, uniting
their voices and votes for the good of present and future generations of anglers. Therefore, the RISAA is proud to be AFFILIATED with these
respected organizations.

 Blue Water

                                                                                 Buckeye Brook
    Anglers                                                                        Coalition

    Blue Water             Bowling Green              Bristol County            Buckeye Brook               Buzzards Bay             Connecticut
     Anglers                Fishing Club               Striper Club               Coalition                 Fishing Club           Surfcasters Assoc.


                                                    Tuna Club
CT/RI Coastal Fly             East Bay                   Galilee                   Jamestown              Massachusetts              Massachusetts
    Fishers                   Anglers                   Tuna Club                 Striper Club          Beach Buggy Assoc.         Striped Bass Assoc.

Narragansett Pier       Narragansett Salt              Narragansett            Newport Cty Salt              Ocean State                Old Colony
Sportfishing Assoc.     Water Fishing Club              Surfcasters           Water Fishing Club             Surfcasters                Amphibians

                                                                                                                                    Fly Rodders

Pioneer Valley Boat           Princeton                R. I. Marine               R. I. Mobile           R. I. Party & Charter           Rhody
   & Surf Club              Fishing Team            Trades Association          Sportfishermen             Boat Association           Fly Rodders

                                                                                                                                      There is
   Slater Mill
  Fishing Club
                            St. John’s
                           Fishing Club
                                                   United Fly Tyers of
                                                     Rhode Island
                                                                                                           We fish and            NUMBERS
                                                                                                           we vote...

                                         COALITION PARTNERSHIPS
In order to promote fisheries management and conservation on a regional, national and international scale, the R.I.
Saltwater Anglers Association has associated with these organizations:

                                                                        - 37 -                                               R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                  2010 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
    President.............................. Stephen Medeiros............... 401-826-2121
    1st Vice President............ Richard Hittinger.................. 401-739-1875
    2nd Vice President........... Capt. Bruce Getchell............ 401-742-1129
    Secretary.............................. Curt Caserta.......................... 401-667-0123
    Treasurer..............................Capt. Edwin Cook................ 401-885-0679
    Sergeant-At-Arms.............Capt. Robert Masse............. 401-732-1376
    Board Member................. George Allen......................... 401-849-4896
    Board Member.................... Robert Blasi.......................... 401-527-5157
    Board Member.................... Charles Bradbury.................
    Board Member.....................Capt. Edward Kearney......... 401-397-4513
    Board Member.................... William Sosnicki................... 401-822-2979
    Board Member.................... Michael Warner.................... 401-364-0027

                                 COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS
Artificial Reefs............................. Richard Hittinger................ 401-739-1875
Audits............................................. Sandra Gelineau................. 401-828-1325
Boat & Fishing Shows................ Capt. Mike Warner............. 401-364-0027
By-Laws..........................................Robert Blasi........................ 401-527-5157
Charities........................................ Joan Bradbury..................... ........... 401-647-5305
Charter Trips................................ Peter O'Biso.........................
Dealer Discount Coordinator..... David Westfall.................... 401-270-1822
Education........................................Capt. Ed Kearney............... 401-397-4513
Elections.........................................Gary Perschau.................... 401-828-3464
Entertainment............................... Jane Kearney....................... 401-397-4513
Fishing Piers................................ John Troiano...................... 401-253-9878
Fly Fishing.................................... David Porreca..................... 401-392-1919
Foundation..................................... Capt. Michael Warner........ 401-364-0027
Fund-Raising.................................Linton Wilder...................... ................401-828-7795
Historian........................................ Gisele Golembeski.............. 401-766-8409
Junior Activities........................... Charles Dore....................... 401-683-2489
Kayak..............................................David Pollack...................... 401-749-5379
Legislative..................................... George Allen....................... 401-849-4896
Membership...................................Capt. Edward Kearney...... 401-397-4513
Menhaden.......................................Capt. Ed Cook..................... 401-885-0679
Merchandise..................................Capt. Steven Travisono.... 401-218-3074
Political Action PAC.................... Stephen Medeiros............. 401-826-2121
Newsletter...................................... Stephen Medeiros.............
Public Access................................ Robert Moeller................... 401-884-0117
Public Relations........................... Deborah Nelson................. 401-465-8165
Saltwater Fishing Show.............. Stephen Medeiros..............                                      401-826-2121
Scholarship................................... Curt Caserta........................ 401-667-0123
Striper Cup.................................... David Westfall.................... 401-270-1822
Sunshine........................................ Lynn Medeiros................... 401-826-0146
Surfcasters....................................Robert Moeller....................
Tag & Release...............................William Sosnicki.................
Tournaments................................. Mark Paparelli..................... 401-884-6724
              Legal Counsel to Board of Directors..... Mitchell Riffkin, Esq
              Liason to Recreational Fishing Alliance....... Douglas MacPherson

                     RISAA Office: (401) 826-2121                         •      FAX: (401) 826-3546
                                         Internet: WWW.RISAA.ORG
              New England Saltwater Fishing Show:
                                          - 38 -                                                                             R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
                                                          RHODE ISLAND

   6 Arnold Road, Coventry, Rhode Island 02816                    401-826-2121                    FAX: 401-826-3546   

The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association is a nonprofit Association established to provide a forum for saltwater anglers; to provide education to
members concerning fishing techniques and overall enjoyment of fishing; to foster sportsmanship; to support marine conservation and the sound
management of fisheries resources; and provide a unified voice to preserve and protect the rights, traditions and the future of recreational fishing.


Name: __________________________________________________ Age: _____                                          Spouse Name: _________________
                 First              Middle Initial             Last

Address: _____________________________________ City: _________________________ State: ____ Zip:_________
                                                                                                                         Put me on RISAA e-mail list:
Home Phone: _____________                  Cell Phone: ____________ E-mail:______________________                              yes      no thanks

Occupation: _____________________________ Employed At: ________________________________________
                                                                                                      You can register them as Junior Members (free)
Children (under 18 yrs):___________________________________________                                     no thanks      yes (complete below)

Area(s) you fish:_____________________________________________________________________________
 Prefer to fish from (check all that apply):
   Rocks & Piers               Party/Charter Boats                      Fly Fishing           Surfcasting                Other
    Own Boat: length:___ ft Maker/Type:_____________ Boat Name:_______________ Docked at:_______________

     CHECK TYPE                                TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP
     Regular Adult: $50/year                    (additional members, immediate family, same household: 2nd = $45, 3rd = $40)
     Multiple Years: $45 X ____ Years = $______ Total Enclosed (save $5 per year)
     $25 age 65 or older - Date of birth: _______________

     Junior Member: Free                  (Up to 17 years. Requires member sponsor)

                                                                                            /     /
 Junior's Name: (print)_______________________________________ Age:_____ Date of Birth: ________________
 Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ____________________
 RISAA Sponsor (if parent not a member): _____________________ Relationship: _____________ Date: _________
 Payment must accompany application.
   Enclosed is my check for $__________ (payable to R.I.S.A.A.)
   Charge to my credit card: 1. Card type (check) MasterCard    Visa     2. Amount Authorized: $_____________
    3. Expiration Date: _____________ 4. CVV # _________          (3-digit number in reverse italics on back of card)
    5. Name on card (print): ___________________________________ 6. Card Number: _______________________________

Meetings are held on the last Monday of each month at the West Valley Inn in West Warwick, RI at 7:00
pm. (attendance not required). Membership benefits include monthly seminars • fishing tournaments •               Mail to: R.I.S.A.A.
monthly newsletter • discounts at tackle shops and marine dealers • social events • college scholarships •                 6 Arnold Road
video library • adds your voice to fisheries management and conservation issues.                                           Coventry, RI 02816
                                                                      - 39 -                                               R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2010
6 Arnold Road                                                           Nonprofit Organization
Coventry, RI 02816                                                        U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                            Coventry, RI
CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED                                                   Permit No. 247

             The Voice of Southern New England Fishermen
                                    RHODE ISLAND

                                        PRESENTS THE

                                        7th Annual
                                   New England
                Saltwater Fishing Show

                                  March 19, 20, 21
                              Rhode Island Convention Center
                                       Providence, RI

        LOW                              Sponsored by