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									Friend/Family Member Sample Email

Dear (Enter friend/family member name here):

I wonder if you can help me with a very special request.

I recently made a commitment to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help raise money to
find a cure for cystic fibrosis (CF)—a life-threatening genetic disease. On January 24,
2010, I will be participating in the Carlsbad Marathon as a member of the CF Striders
Team. As a participant, I have committed to raise [goal).

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a life-threatening genetic disease that affects the lungs and
digestive system. More than 10 million Americans are symptomless carriers of the
defective CF gene. Much progress has been made toward finding a cure for CF, however,
the CF Foundation’s work is far from over, as precious young lives continue to be lost to
this disease.

Here’s where my special request comes in…I am asking you to help me meet this goal by
making a generous contribution that will support the research and care programs of the
CF Foundation and help find a cure. More than 30,000 Americans need our help. It’s
important for you to know that the CF Foundation is a very efficient organization and that
more than 88 cents of every dollar of revenue raised is used to support CF research, care
and education.

You can make your donation online quickly, easily and safely by going to my
Fundraising page at (insert URL for your personalized fundraising page) and clicking on
the Click to Donate button. Your donation will be credited to me and your name will
appear on my web page as a donor.

Your contribution will enable the CF Foundation to take full advantage of the tremendous
opportunities in CF research that are now on the horizon. The path to finding a cure for
CF is paved with numerous research opportunities—any one of which could have a
profound impact on the lives of those with the disease. The only thing standing in the
way of a cure is additional money to fund this life-saving research. Your support allows
us to give children and adults with CF the quality of life and future they deserve.

I would like to raise the money by January 24, 2010; however, I will gladly accept any
and all donations after that date, as well. Any amount that you can donate will be greatly
appreciated and all contributions are 100 percent tax deductible.

I sincerely appreciate your support and generosity and I will keep you posted on my

Warmest regards,
[Enter your name here]

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