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									             Food intolerance testing
                              Our       computerised
                              test is not a diagnosis
                              of food allergies but a
                              very detailed painless
                              analysis     of    food
                              intolerance           by
                              searching one by one
                              the food elements by a
                              special computerised
                              probe. The software is
                              an American one and
                              it is very valuable(like
the allergic tests) Food intolerance is completely
different from the      allergy one. It occurs very
frequently and develops throughout the life of an
individual and often spontaneously. From birth, the
infant may already be sensitive to various foods
through the mother’s milk. The difficulty is that,
unlike allergy, the symptoms of food intolerance,
which vary greatly, may resemble those of an
allergy and often appear only hours or even days
after           eating             the          food.
It is therefore possible for example, that you have
an intolerance to, for example, lettuce, tomatoes,
potatoes, yogurt or milk, etc. The intolerance
activates your immune system and causes
metabolic changes, resulting in health problems
without your being immediately aware of them.
In general, the connection between health problems
and food goes unnoticed by the people concerned.
The goal of of our computerised multitest is to
establish this connection.
How does food intolerance show itself?
Continuous stimulation of the immune system and
an inflammatory reaction, supported by repeated
and continuous ingestion of risky foods, are the
origin        of          food         intolerance.
These intolerances disrupt the intestinal function:
The foods responsible are not completely
assimilated and the partially digested residue
mobilizes your immune system. This residue is
recognized and attacked as a foreign body.
Your immune system works hard to cope, which
weakens your body.
In addition, these chronic symptoms lead to lesions
and chronic inflammations in certain tissues and
the appearance of inflammatory and auto-immune
diseases and phenomena, such as allergies and
Why does food intolerance occur?
Intolerance often results from the interaction of
various elements. These may include:
- Dietary habits that are often very monotonous
- Mass production of food
- Alcohol or chronic exposure
- Age of first contact with the antigen
- Nature and amount of the antigen
- Frequency of administration (chronicity)
- Stress and environmental factors
- Intestinal infections–>disruption of the
permeability of the small intestine
- Drugs
- Genetic predisposition
- Immune status of the host
Health testing
At the same machine but with a different probe we
cheque in 58 points all over the human body and
the computer gathers the measurements and gives
us the result of the function of our organs and
systems. When there is a green colour the organ or
system functions well , but when there is yellow or
red the function is not so well. By giving us a
certain number for every organ or system we can
see the general condition of our body.And then the
program suggests us which vitamins or minerals or
herbs to get in order to gain our perfect health
.These we can take for 2 months and then in the
next exam we can see which organs or systems
have turned to green. This program is a revolution
in the world of health. Both the exams can help us
lose weight, and solve dermatological or intestinal
problems. Also it can help in allergies or in a bad
immune system or in thyroid problems.
What to do before the exam
Drink a lot of water and don’t put any hand cream .
Inform us if you have a pace maker
We can test also your medication(to see if it gives
you any intolerance)

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