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									                    Student Portfolios - Getting Started
                    Barbara W. Auten and JoAnn Roselli

                         Christ the King Parish School

  Summary| Introduction|Objectives|Materials|Student Activity|Teacher Guide

The two teachers involved, with students, will compile portfolios including various
samples of the students’ work. Student portfolios will be focused on one content
area but display cross-content application.
Grade level: 4

Introducing a teacher to the concept of using portfolios to compile a digital
sampling of student work. Teaching the technology skills necessary for
independent teacher use of portfolios. Evaluating the work included in portfolios.

The Study Group (teachers) will work together to teach students content area
material and how to compile the work to be included in their portfolios.
The Study Group will document content standards tied to lessen plans.
The Study Group will compile a portfolio of the Student Portfolio Project.
The Study Group will develop and use rubrics to evaluate the content of student

Multimedia Computer(s) with appropriate software.
Scanner, digital camera,
Student work samples in various media.
Internet resource lists for Study Group and student content exploration.

Student Activity
Work sheet: Portfolios: Compiling Work and Saving It to a Designated Folder
The students begin compiling a title slide for their portfolio in Word, Paint, or
PowerPoint. Students save the title page by going through the process of creating
a new folder, naming the folder, and saving the title page in the folder with the
proper file name criteria.

Extension Activity
Students will view their folders from two pathways to see the folder in Windows
Explorer and in My Computer

Pre and Posttest: curriculum content knowledge.
Pre and Posttest: creating a new folder and saving files in specific folders.

Teacher Guide
Web resource:

Time required: 45 minute computer class after reading assignment is completed in
class or as a homework assignment.
 Grade Level: 4

Background Information: Students finish a reading assignment for reading or social
studies. Students are assigned to answer questions about the assignment in a word
document (alternative assignment draw a picture in paint.) These questions can be
direct answers or in paragraph form.

Where to find materials: textbook, teacher guide, Microsoft Word and/or Paint
tutorials, Internet resource sites.

Students may include information about the author or topic through teacher
provided web sites in their assignment.
Rubric: Content
                   Category                        Good Fair   Poor
                   Work indicated the student
                   understood the reading
                   Student answered all the
                   questions asked.
                   Was present throughout the
                   complete lab activity
                   Was cooperative and helpful
                   Attitude contributed
                   positively to the success of
                   the group

Rubric: Technology

                   Category                        Good Fair   Poor
                   Was student able to locate
                   the assigned folder?
                   Did student save the in the
                   correct folder with the
                   correct file name criteria?
                   Did student include clip art
                   or a picture in the work?
                   Student included a web site
                   address (or hyperlink) to the
                   teacher provided web
                   Student displayed a positive
                   attitude while completing the
                   tasks required.

Standards Covered:
Language Arts:
ELA-1: E1, E4, E5          ELA –2: E3, E6               ELA – 3: E2, E3, E4, E5
ELA – 5: E1, E2, E3, E4          ELA – 7: E3
Communication: 1
Productivity: 2,3
Research: 1
Citizenship: 2, 3
Operation and Concepts: 1, 2
         Portfolios: Compiling Work and Saving It to a
                       Designated Folder

This work sheet needs to be completed while you are sitting at a
computer station. Follow the school procedure to log on to your work
Open Microsoft Word
In Word answer the following questions about the reading assignment. You may
answer the questions in individual complete sentences or paragraph form.

1.   Who were the two main characters in the story?
2.   Where was the story setting?
3.   What main idea was the story about?
4.   When did the story happen?
5.   Did the story have a happy or sad ending? Why?

After you have answered these questions follow these instructions to save your
Select: File
Select: Save as
Select: My Documents
Select the icon to the right of the window that indicates a new folder.
Select the icon to the top right that indicates a new folder. (The icon is a folder
with an asterisk or star.)
When the Create Folder window opens type in lower-case letters up to five letters
of your last name and the first letter in your first name. (Example: Kelly Torres
would type in: torrek)
Click on the new folder to open it.
In the lower file name window type in the first three letters as abc then type in
the first three letters of your last name and the first letter of your first name.
(Example: Kelly Torres would type in: abctork) The first three letters will change
with each file you save. The teacher will instruct you with each project what the
first three letters should be.
After typing in the filename select save.
The new file should appear in your new folder.

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