PC-HAPPY-Hosted-PABX by xiangpeng


									                                                                              VoIP Hos
                                                                              V             BX 
                                                                                     sted PAB

 osted PBX

             enefits with none of the hassle
Get all the be                             es
    ed          oftware PABX i
Hoste PBX is a so                          hone solution. The software allows users to have all of the
                             internet teleph            .            e
    ched features o a traditiona PAX phone s
enric             of           al          system withou the limitatio
                                                       ut            ons of wires. B utilizing hig
                                                                                   By            gh
    d             vices there are no geograph
speed internet serv                                                    s                           et
                                            hical boundaries, as long as you have a reliable interne
                  hone extensions can be any
service your teleph                                      world. As a ho
                                           ywhere in the w                         ution provider, we
                                                                      osted PBX solu
      tate your business phone sy
facilit                                     osted service o
                                ystem as a ho                           c             work. You don
                                                          over the public internet netw           n't
                   maintain comp
have to install or m                        nsive phone sw
                               plex and expen                        re. The core P
                                                         witch hardwar            PABX servers are
                  al                          bility, security and centralis
located in a centra Data Centre offering reliab              y                          ation.
                                                                           sed administra

                                                         your busines
                                 You're free to focus on y          ss.

              in      nd!
Be a big fish i the pon

    1                                      s            resence
         Give small companies a big-business telephone pr

    2.                        ome offices int a unified bu
         Integrate remote or ho             to           usiness image

    3             ntly reduce bus
         Significan                                      s
                                siness phone systems costs

    4            ational presence with local n
         Have a na                                        fferent states
                                             numbers in dif

    5            xpansion of yo phone syst
         Simple ex            our                                 p
                                         tem without having to keep reinvesting

    6            ou
         Expand yo incoming a
                            and outgoing c
                                         calls without th need to ins
                                                        he                         phone lines
                                                                    stall addition p

    7                        ur          ith                      andsets from a number of
         Freedom to choose you handsets wi a range of compatible ha

         different m           s.

                  Remember yo
                  R                    ystem is ofte a new customers first impression
                            our phone sy           en

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                                                                               V             BX 
                                                                                      sted PAB

 hat    he     eatures?
Wh are th key fe

                t                          heapest call ra
        Least cost routing (always pay the ch             ates)
                              s             etwork
        Free calls to extensions across the ne
                ne         e
        Shared lin appearance – see who is on the phone even from th other side o the country
                                         s            e            he           of          y
                 ception – with call handling
        Virtual rec            h
       Call hold / call waiting / transfer
       Music on hold
               ce
        Conferenc rooms
               e            s
        Follow me – never miss a call
                             notification, vis
        Voicemail with e-mail n                             n            erface for remote playback
                                              sual indication and web inte
                calls to anywh
        Transfer c            here
                Group paging
        Paging / G
                eed dialing
        Global spe
                             splayed
        Caller ID with name dis
                 e
        Distinctive ring
              ne          hout geograph boundaries
        One phon system with           hic        s
                video calling
        Optional v

  rsonalise Greeting and A
Per       ed                    tendant
    foundation of a business phone system is the Personali
The f                                      s                          .           ed          or
                                                         ized Greeting. An Automate Attendant o
     al           t                           ing the need f a human re
virtua receptionist answers the calls eliminati            for                                    en,
                                                                      eceptionist to receive, scree and
    e               s             ss           oyees and dep
route calls. It gives callers acces to all emplo                                                    manner.
                                                           partments in a professional businesslike m

  nference rooms
Con      e
    g                          ference rooms can be either reserved in a
Using a basic web interface conf           s              r                        static conferen
                                                                       advanced or s             nce
room can be setup on a permanent basis. S                nce           ain
                                           Static conferen rooms reta the same r   room and pin
numb              he
    bers to join th conference.

    om                        ur         s                          ce         you will have a the
Custo messages will great you participants when joining the conferenc room and y             all
    ures of comme
featu                         nce
                ercial conferen servers.

                 g                      thout the inc
             Bring your team together wit           convenience of having to travel.

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                                                                              V             BX 
                                                                                     sted PAB

  w      the syste work?
How does t       em
    he                           rks            as                        m
To th end user the system wor the same a a traditional PABX system without the limitations of
geographical boundaries. VoIP a  also offers far more features such as incre
                                                             s                            ty
                                                                           eased flexibilit and cost savings.
    nsions are still controlled by a central PAB system but instead of be
Exten                            y              BX           t                           ed
                                                                           eing hard wire within the bbuilding
    connectivity is via your ADSL internet con
the c                                          nnection back to a data centtre.

In the past for a sy             e             the phone at o
                    ystem to have 4 callers on t                                       d             ed
                                                            one time. Four lines needed to be installe and
a gro
    oup hunt progr               h
                    rammed. With VoIP systems different pro               multiple concu
                                                            oviders allow m                           thout
                                                                                       urrent calls wit
havin to install ph                           outing when us
                   hysical lines. Least cost ro                           VoIP providers directs the c
                                                            sing multiple V            s             calls to
    cheapest provi
the c                            mple incoming calls may be through Mytel. Local calls through Fresht and
                    ider. For exam                                                                    tel
international calls though anothe provider.

                               added as your business need change.
Multiple VoIP providers can be a                         ds

                 ssigned an ext
Each handset is as            tension numbe and can also have an individual dial-in number.

     s                         same location as every hand
Users do not have to be in the s                                          d            sion. You may have
                                                            dset is treated as an extens
                  ome, interstate or even in a
staff working at ho             e                           ry.           e
                                             another countr If you have a handset with BLF keys y    you can
                  re           ne
even see if they ar on the phon or their pho  one is ringing no matter wh here they are. Calls can overflow to
anoth office if yo are busy an remote use can call fro home and have the calle ID of their o
     her          ou           nd            ers            om                          er            office

                                                              m           e           n
 Imagine being able to cut the cords on you current PABX system and put the handsets in any
                                        cation you w
                                      loc          want.

Incom                                                       ke           o             s,
    ming calls are dropped into a queue with a greeting lik ‘Welcome to our business please wait for one
    ur             .                          on
of ou sales team’. The caller is then placed o hold with m               mized announc
                                                           music or custom                         more
                                                                                       cements. If m
                                                            can be announ
than one caller is in the queue their position in the queue c                                       mate
                                                                         nced along with the approxim
wait time if over a couple of min
                                nutes. Calls are then transfferred one by one to a desig           et
                                                                                       gnated handse or
group of handsets. .

                  menu’s can be created to direct callers dir
Alternatively IVR m           e                                           ndset or depar
                                                            rectly to a han                         f
                                                                                       rtment. Out of hours
and h                         n             s              ers
     holiday announcements can redirect calls or allow calle to leave vo               ages.
                                                                          oicemail messa

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                                                                              V             BX 
                                                                                     sted PAB

Pricing pac
    cost of hosting is $35 per st
The c             g                                       th
                                 tandard extension per mont charged by PC HAPPY. A server setup fee of
   0              ayable after th 30 day trial.
$400 per site is pa             he

This includes:-

        30 Day free trial.
        Programm ming the serve                 up           s,
                                 ers’ initial setu with queues IVR menu’s   s.
                 ss                                                        r,           least cost rout
         Full acces to all of the PABX functionality including call transfer diversions, l             ting.
                 ing of the VoI providers of your choice for the routin of calls – Fr
         Provisioni              IP                                         ng                         ,
                                                                                         reshtel, Mytel, Engin
                  selected provid
         or other s              ders
                 net
         Free on-n calls from V  VoIP to VoIP e  extensions
        Server ussage and main ntenance.
        Programm ming changes of additional c   customization as required.
        Support (9am – 6pm)

    ccount with a VoIP provider will also need to be establi
An ac                         r              d                         will          ectly for your line
                                                           ished. They w bill you dire
    ss           ls.                        12.95 per mon or 5 lines f
acces fee and call Mytel offer 2 lines for $1             nth                        per
                                                                        from $34.95 p month.

                   er                                                      u
VoIP providers offe local dial in number is all capital cities and allow you to port your existing numb  ber
onto the VoIP netw               y            e
                  work. Monthly rental for the termination of your incom                                 s
                                                                          ming, outgoing and call costs will
    harged directly from provide of your choice. There are many VoIP p
be ch              y             er                           e                          ring different levels
                                                                           providers offer
of service and pricing. We are happy to recommmend a provider that will s  suit your needds.

  M       osting
SIM card ho
If you are making a significant nnumber of mobile calls from your fixed lin handsets w also offer SI
                                                           m              ne            we             IM
hosting in the data centre. In sim
                   a                           ou                        ard
                                 mple terms yo provide us with a SIM ca on your mo       obile account and we
route your mobile calls through your mobile a
     e                                                                    number of mo
                                               account at mobile rates. A n                           s
                                                                                        obile providers offer
    mited calls for one fixed rate If at any sta
unlim                            e.            age you make more concurr                mobile phones than
                                                                          rent calls to m
you h              ds
     have SIM card the calls sim mply route thr             IP
                                               rough your VoI account.

                 rt                      set        are                       pages.
VoIP handsets star from $100 - $400. Hands examples a listed on the following p

Note Your Inter              s                          Call quality ca vary depe
               rnet traffic is used for all data calls. C             an                     e
                                                                                 ending on the
   dwidth of you service. Fo more than 10 services you may re
band            ur            or          n             s                         cated ADSL
                                                                     equire a dedic

    omers on Adam Internets b
Custo                                       ce                                                 w
                              business servic on Adam Direct equipment can access the Clearview Iris
    ice. The Iris V
Servi             VPN connects y
                               you handsets d
                                            directly to the Clearview Da server and does not imp
                                                          e            ata        d            pact on
your regular data aallowance.

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                                                                             VoIP Hos
                                                                             V             BX 
                                                                                    sted PAB

Pricing exa

                mple of 5 han
Small office exam           ndsets and 4 lines.

Once off purchase of 5 Yealink T
   e                           T22 handsets $ 825

                 ent          95
Mytel – 5 concurre calls $ 34.9 per month
PC HAPPY – 5 hand             00                      5.00
                  dsets @ $35.0 per month hosting $ 175

     ocal 10¢ untimed
    National 10¢ u
     ree on net calls
    Mobile 14¢/min with Mobile Advantage

So yo month fixe costs would be $ 209.95 per month plus call costs.
    our        ed          d           5

   ium office ex
Medi                      0           nd
               xample of 20 handsets an 10 lines.

   e                                       s
Once off purchase of 20 Yealink T22 handsets $ 3,300.00

Mytel – 10 concurrrent calls $ 119.45 per mon nth
PC HAPPY – 20 ha andsets @ $35               th
                                5.00 per mont hosting $ 70  00.00
PC HAPPY – 2 Mobbile SIM slots $ 60.00 each - $120
                 ovider 2 SIM c
Mobile network Pro              cards with unlimited calls 2 @ $ 99.00 ea
                                                                        ach – $ 198.00

     ocal 10¢ untimed
    National 10¢ u
     ree on net calls
    Ca to mobile phones free for the first 2 concurrent calls then Mo
     alls        e         e                                                    n
                                                                    obile 14¢/min

    our        ed          d           per        s
So yo month fixe costs would be $ 1137 p month plus call costs.

     *            channels (co
    ** Additional c                      lls) can be ad
                             oncurrent cal            dded at anyt                        nstall
                                                                  time without having to in
                           phone lines and paying insttallation costs **


                                         Hosting & con
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                                                                              V             BX 
                                                                                     sted PAB

  IP    sets
VoI hands
                ts          ible with our s
Most VoIP handset are compati                         ver         es          y              y
                                          system, howev the feature and quality varies greatly from
phon to phone.

    handsets that we recommen for quality and reliability are the Yealink range IP ph
The h                       nd                          y                           hones.

  gh     ition Aud
Hig Defini       dio
                   rvice is sufficie our server offer HD au
If your internet ser               ent        rs          udio.

    -Definition Voice (HD Voice) is commonly called wideb
High-                            ),              y                                         oice transmiss
                                                              band voice. It is a kind of vo            sion,
especcially in VoIP systems, whe ereby higher v                s
                                                voice quality is transmitted over a lower bbandwidth. Thhe
                                 e              room conversa
result is a sound of quality close to that of a r              ation.

To be             and HD voice, let us compar it with what we already h
     etter understa                            re            t                           e
                                                                          have, the voice transmitted during
a PSTN conversation, that is a ttraditional landline phone co                                         0
                                                             onversation. In this normal system, 8000 sound
samp                             d,
    ples are taken in one second thereby pur                               part of the full spectrum of sounds
                                               rposely eliminating a large p
that a human ear c                                                         as
                   can hear in a conversation. Despite this, PSTN voice ha been for many years pra    aised as
    g             all
being the best of a communication means.

HD V               s
    Voice improves this consider rably, by doub
                                              bling the numb of samplin
                                                             ber         ngs in one seco             0.
                                                                                        ond, to 16000 This
consi              ases the amou of sound 'd
     iderably increa             unt           details' you ca hear in a co
                                                             an           onversation an subsequent
                                                                                        nd            tly
make the convers                ore
                   sation feel mo real. The frrequencies at which the sou               tted can also reach
                                                                          und is transmit
up to 7 KHz, comp               z
                  pared to 50 Hz for PSTN, wh hich is manifold.

  ceptions handset
Rec      s       t.
    Aastra 57i and Yealink T28 handsets are capable of sho
The A             d                                                      tus of other ex
                                                            owing the stat                          ardless
                                                                                       xtensions rega
    here they are located. When answering ca
of wh                         n                             onist can simp glance at t
                                             alls, a receptio            ply                        o
                                                                                       the handset to see if
    extension is bu before transferring calls
the e             usy                       s.

                  ti           sses the call qu
In the case of mult site busines                                        n            een. For examp if
                                              ueue can also be display on the LCD scre            ple
your company trad under diffe                 or
                                erent names o locations the name will ap              display.
                                                                         ppear on the d

    extension can transfer calls, place calls on hold, confer
Any e                                                                     ccess voicemai or call anoth
                                                            rence calls, ac              il          her
    nsion. Key fea
exten            atures are func               PBX and handled by the serv
                                 ctions of the P                                                     nsions
                                                                           ver, not the handset. Exten
    ot                           ine out or dial a prefix.
do no have to dial ‘0’ to get a li

  alink T28
Yea       8P
$299 inc

                                          Hosting & con
                                      PBX H              nsulting 
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                                                                               V             BX 
                                                                                      sted PAB

Yealink SIP-T28P is an executive IP phone designed for pow users in office environm
                               e                         wer                                     ecially
                                                                                  ment. It is espe
desig            mum productivity and efficiency in every-
    gned for maxim                                       -day business environment.
    g                          gine SIP-T28P offers unrivalled superb HD Voice Qualit innovative
Using a TI chipset and Voice Eng           P                           D            ty,
    tional richness friendly user interface, sty
funct             s,                           ylish and elegant design.
      definitely able to provide a pleasant and satisfactory end-user exper
It is d             e                                                     rience.

   Voice Quality
It supports advanc                        G.722 and full-
                 ced wideband voice codec G                         s-free speakerphone with
                                                        -duplex hands
                livering superior voice clarit
enhanced AEC, del                            ty.

Phon Features                                             ysical Feature
                                                        Phy            es
   ports up to 6 S accounts, Hotline
Supp             SIP                                    TI Titan Chipset
     hold, Call wait
Call h                            sfer, Call forward
                   ting, Call trans                     Whit backlit 320x
                                                           te                        raphical LCD w
                                                                        x160 pixels gr            with 4-
BLF, Call park, Call pickup, Dial plan, Intercom        level grayscales
   ay                       Speed dial, Dial-
3-wa conference, DND, Mute, S                              keys including 4 soft keys an 16 program
                                                        48 k                           nd         mmable
now, Auto-answer                                           s
    email, MWI, SMS, XML phon
Voice                       nebook, Black list,            ports up to 6 Expansion Modules(6x38 ke
                                                        Supp                                     eys
Phone lock                                                 h             ED)
                                                        with dual-color LE
Volum adjustmen Rings selec
    me        nt,                       heme,
                          ction, Tone sch               2xR           t             9            t
                                                          RJ45 Ethernet ports, 1x RJ9 headset port
     nctive ringtone
Distin                                                     (IEEE 802.3af optional
                                                        PoE(           f)

Voice Features
    -definition Han
High-                          efinition Speaker
                  ndset, High-de
     duplex hands-
Full-d                        phone
                 -free speakerp
   ports HD Wideband voice co
Supp                        odec: G.722

                 n      e       8
IP Phone expansion module for T28
$135 inc

                                           Hosting & con
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                                                                              V             BX 
                                                                                     sted PAB

                pansion Module is designed for improving the power and flexibility of the Yealink
Yealink EXP38 Exp            e                                                      f
advanced IP phone SIP-T28P.

It fea             y            ble
     atures 38 fully programmab DSS keys e                 ual-color LED, connected to and controlled by
                                              each with a du                                        d
the IP Phone with an RJ-11 cable line. It creat up to 228 additional pro ogrammable e               en
                                                                                     extensions whe 6
EXT3 are daisy ch               he
                   hained with th IP Phone.

Yealink advanced I phones sup                tions for IP-PB such as spe
                               pport the funct             BX                        LF/BLA, interc
                                                                       eed dialing, BL            com,
call f            fer/hold/park/pickup/return on each of th programma
     forward/transf                                        he                        n
                                                                       able buttons on the EXP38.

                  deal for recept
Yealink EXP38 is id                           nistrative assis
                                tionists, admin                                          power users, a
                                                             stants, call center agents, p            and
execu            eed to monitor and manage a large volum of calls on a regular basis
     utives who ne              r                          me                            s.

Key Features

        38 progra              s
                  ammable keys each with a d               D
                                              dual color LED
                 ain
         Daisy-cha 6 modules for 228 progr    rammable key ys
                  r                          ne           rmation
         Dual color (red or green) LEDs for lin status infor
        Supports Busy Lamp Field(BLF), Brid  dge Line Appeaarance(BLA)
        Programm               ed                         rcom, hold, tra
                  mable for spee dialing, call pickup, Inter                          mail, forward,
                                                                         ansfer, voicem
                 o             hone SIP-T28P and SIP-T26
         Applies to Yealink IP Ph             P            6P
                  n            2            d
         Expansion module(<=2 ) is powered by the host p   phone

  alink T22
Yea       2
$165 inc.

                                          Hosting & con
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                                                                                VoIP Hos
                                                                                V             BX 
                                                                                       sted PAB

Key features                                                  one Features

TI TITAN chipset a
                 and TI voice enngine                       IP PBX System Integration
132x             CD
    x64 graphic LC                                          Dial plan, dial-noww
3 Vo accounts, B                dated
                  Broadsoft valid                              S,
                                                            SMS Voicemail, M   MWI
HD VVoice: HD Coddec, HD Hands             ker
                               set, HD Speak                Intercom
32 ke including 4 soft keys                                 Call park, call pick
    email, Intercom
Voice             m                                         Distinctive ringtonnes

                                                                -duplex speakerphone with AEC
Phon Features

3 VoI accounts, h
      IP                           aiting, call transfer,
                    hotline, Call wa                          ysical Feature
                                                            Phy            es
     forward ,Hold, mute, flash, a
call f                             auto-answer, redial
3-wa conference, DND, speed d      dial                     TI TITAN chipset
Phonebook (each r   record with 3 phone numbers,            132x             CD
                                                                x64 graphic LC
300 e               k
      entries), black list                                     keys including 4 soft keys
                                                            32 k
XML Phonebook se    earch/import/e export                      EDs: 1xpower, 3xline, 1xme
                                                            5 LE             ,            essage
Lists of missed, rec ceived, dialed and forwarde calls
                                                  ed            J9
                                                            1xRJ handset po ort
(100 entries in all))                                           J9
                                                            1xRJ headset po ort
      me            nt,
Volum adjustmen ring tone se       election                 2xRJJ45 10/100M Ethernet ports s
Tone scheme, Syst    tem log
Multi-language (more than 20)

  alink T18
Yea       8
$99 inc

                                           Hosting & con
                                       PBX H              nsulting 
                                08 7070 0500
                            Ph: 0                         o@pchappy.com.au 
                                           0    Email: info
                                                                           VoIP Hos
                                                                           V             BX 
                                                                                  sted PAB

Key Features                                        ce
                                                 Voic Features

                                                   deband codec G.722
                                                 Wid           c:
TI TI            t           ce
    ITAN chipset and TI voic engine
                                                 Narrowband cod           /A,
                                                               dec: G.711u/ G.726,
   keys including 2 programmable keys
20 k             g
                                                    29AB, G.723.1
                 d           y
Voicemail, Speed dial, 3-way conferencin ng
                                                 VAD CNG, PLC, AJB, AGC
   ume control, Ringtone sel
Volu                          lection,
    inctive ringto
Disti            one
                                                   ysical Feature
                                                 Phy            es
1xRJJ45, 1xdual-ccolor LED, Phhone label
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
                                                    TITAN chipse
                                                 TI T            et
Deskktop with foootstand (deta           all-
                              achable), Wa
                                                 20 k            ng
                                                     keys includin 2 programmmable keys
                                                    eature keys (
                                                 4 fe                       old/Mute/Redial)
                                                 Phoone label
Phon Features                                    1xdual-color LED D
                                                 1xR              M
                                                    RJ45 10/100M Ethernet p port
   oIP account, Hotline
1 Vo                                             Dessktop with footstand (det           Wall-
                                                                             tachable), W
Call waiting, Call transfer, Ca forward
                  l           all                mouuntable
Call hold, Mute, RRedial, DND                    Pow                         0V
                                                    wer adapter: AC 100~240 input and DC
3-wa conferenc
    ay           cing, Speed ddial               5V//1.2A Output t
   ume control, Ringtone sel
Volu                           lection           Powwer over Ethe            802.3af class 1)
                                                                 ernet (IEEE 8           s
Tone scheme, Sy  ystem log exp port              optiional
Integrated Voice Response S   System
IP PBX System Integration
Musi on hold
Call park, Call pic
Messsage Waiting Indication (MWI)
    inctive ringto
Disti             one

Yea        Video Ph
  alink IP V      hone

                                       Hosting & con
                                   PBX H              nsulting 
                            08 7070 0500
                        Ph: 0                         o@pchappy.com.au 
                                       0    Email: info
                                                                          VoIP Hos
                                                                          V             BX 
                                                                                 sted PAB

Key features                                        ce
                                                 Voic Features

TI DaVinci chipseet                                 ce
                                                 Voic codec: G.7711, G.723.1, G.729AB,
300K CMOS sens
    K           sor camera                       G.7222(widebandd)
    800x480 digi
 7" 8           ital LCD, Touch screen                          ds-free speakerphone wi
                                                 Full-duplex hand                      ith
    64          3
H.26 and H.263 video codec   c                     C
    -duplex speakerphone
    ne/offline Ad
Onlin           dvertisement t
2xLAAN, 1xUSB, 11xSD                             Pho
                                                   one Features
A/V out, Headset, PoE
                                                 Vide and voice call selectio
                                                    eo                       on
                                                                 all           all
                                                 Call forward, Ca waiting, Ca transfer
Vide Features
                                                 Hold DND, Mute Auto answ
                                                    d,           e,          wer
                                                    l            now, Speed d
                                                 Dial plan, Dial-n           dial
Touc screen
                                                                  y,         ry
                                                 Caller ID display Call histor
7" digital TFT-LC with 800xx480 pixels
                                                 Pho              ck          p
                                                   onebook, Blac list, Group manage
Rotaatable CMOS sensor came era with 300K
                                                    ume control, Ring tone se
                                                 Volu                         election
                                                 Wal paper, Scre een saver, Slleep
Vide codec: H.2
   eo                      64
                263 and H.26 baseline pprofile
                                                 Get date & time manually or automatically
    ure codec: JP
Pictu           PEG, GIF, PNG, BMP
                                                    n-driven men
                                                 Icon             nu
Fram rate up to 30fps with resolution of D1
   me           o                       f
(7200x480) or CIF (352x288))
Banddwidth: 128kkbps~1Mbps s

   eo          n
Vide Application

Full screen
Pictu            re
    ure-in-Pictur (PIP)
Loca video contr  rol
Color ring/image e
   output when video call
TV o
Onlin            dvertisement
     ne/offline ad          t

  alink hea
Yea       adset
$89 inc

                                      Hosting & con
                                  PBX H              nsulting 
                           08 7070 0500
                       Ph: 0                         o@pchappy.com.au 
                                      0    Email: info
                                                                           VoIP Hos
                                                                           V             BX 
                                                                                  sted PAB

Key features                                          Physical Featu
                                                      P            ures

                                                      1xRJ9 headse jack
Ultra noise cance
    a           elling microp phone
                                                      1 meter cord line
Quic disconnect  tion cord
                                                      Quick disconnnect (QD) cord
    a           ht
Ultra light weigh only 50g
                                                      Transmit Sens               0           /Pa
                                                                    sitivity: -38.0 dB re. 1 V/
comf            aring for all d
     fortable wea             day use
                                                      Receiver Sens              B            dB
                                                                    sitivity: 95dB SPL +/-3 d SPL
330°°rotatable microphone bo  oom
                                                      Receiver Impedance: 150 ohm
    ble                       e        d
Pliab steel headband, large size ear pad
                                                      V            e:
                                                      Voltage range 1.0-10 V
                                                      N weight: 5
                                                      Net          50g
Main Features                                         A
                                                      Accessories: l             ear cushion, foam
                                                                    leather like e
                                                      ear cushion,
Ultra noise canceelling micropphone                   adjustable clo
                                                                   othing clip, hheadset hang ger
Supe            uality
     erb sound qu
Quic disconnect  t
330° rotatable mmicrophone b  boom
     a          ht
Ultra light weigh only 50g
Comfortable wea  aring, for all day use
Strong design, wwith boom rolling of abou ut
30,0             d
    000 times and more
Over             tyle, can be u
     r-the-head st                         ght or
                               used with rig
left e
     ble                      e            d
Pliab steel headband, large size ear pad and
padd ded T-bar
ActivveProtectionTM safeguard the user fr
                              ds           rom high
level of acoustic burst
     ls          c

  lycom IP
Pol      P7000
$1,99 inc

                                       Hosting & con
                                   PBX H              nsulting 
                            08 7070 0500
                        Ph: 0                         o@pchappy.com.au 
                                       0    Email: info
                                                                            VoIP Hos
                                                                            V             BX 
                                                                                   sted PAB

   ycom Sounds
Poly                                 :
             station IP 7000 Features:

                HD
       Polycom H Voice for h  high-fidelity ca at up to 22 kHz - an ind
                                             alls           2                            r
                                                                         dustry first, for conference ccalls
                nd            as
       that soun as natural a being there    e
                s
       Polycom's patented Aco                 Technology - d
                               oustic Clarity T                                          nce
                                                            delivering the best conferen phone
       experienc with no com  mpromises
      20-foot mmicrophone pic                n
                              ckup, and even more with o   optional expansion micropho   ones or multi-unit
       connectiv                                           e
                vity to reach all corners of the conference room
                onfiguration o
       Flexible co            options - multi-unit connecti               on             es
                                                            ivity, expansio microphone and future
                on            om             eet            of
       integratio with Polyco HDX to me the needs o many differ           rent types off rooms
      Strong, roobust SIP software - leverag                             P
                                              ging the most advanced SIP endpoint sof    ftware in the
                                             g,                           g
       industry, with advanced call handing security, and provisioning features
      Robust interoperability - compatible with a broad a                 all           to
                                                            array of SIP ca platforms t maximize voice
       quality an feature ava
                 nd                                        management and administra
                              ailability while simplifying m                             ation
      Large high-resolution ddisplay with XH HTML microbro               es
                                                            owser - enable new applica                 ake
                                                                                          ations that ma
       conferenc calling easier and more f
                 ce                          functional

                                        Hosting & con
                                    PBX H              nsulting 
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                                                    VoIP Hos
                                                    V             B
                                                           sted PABX 

               Hosting & con
           PBX H              nsulting 
    08 7070 0500
Ph: 0                         o@pchappy.com.au 
               0    Email: info
                                                                  VoIP Hos
                                                                  V             BX 
                                                                         sted PAB

  ception h
Rec       handset


                             Hosting & con
                         PBX H              nsulting 
                  08 7070 0500
              Ph: 0                         o@pchappy.com.au 
                             0    Email: info
                                                                 VoIP Hos
                                                                 V             B
                                                                        sted PABX 

  ast    routing
Lea cost r



                             Hosting & con
                         PBX H              nsulting 
                  08 7070 0500
              Ph: 0                         o@pchappy.com.au 
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