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									For release: June 22, 2009, 12:01 a.m. EDT


DETROIT – Influenced strongly by the popular Buick Invicta concept that debuted at the
2008 Beijing Auto Show, the 2010 LaCrosse draws its styling influence from classic
Buicks and modern design – as well as a strong dose of Eastern aesthetics. Fluid lines
that flow uninterrupted around the vehicle are inspired by the ancient Chinese art form of
ribbon dancing. They complement heritage cues, such as “sweep spear” body-side
styling, a waterfall grille and portholes – mounted on top of the hood for the first time.

“The overall impression is one of harmony and continuity,” said Mike Pevovar, exterior
design manager. “There’s an international look and feel to the 2010 LaCrosse, yet it is
instantly recognizable as a Buick, with cues pioneered by the Enclave.”

The LaCrosse’s sweeping design flows in all directions, giving it a tightly wrapped
appearance and a faster, coupe-like profile. It also minimizes the perceptual size of car,
while a high belt line, short overhangs and fenders wrapped precisely around the wheels
and tires give it a sporting stance. The exhaust tips exit through the rear fascia rather
than under it, for a sleeker, uninterrupted look that also speaks to the LaCrosse’s
attention to detail. A family of 17-, 18- and 19-inch wheels is offered, as is a large, two-
panel panoramic sunroof.

Buick’s signature tri-shield logo is prominently featured in the LaCrosse’s waterfall grille.
Two grille treatments are available and chrome is used selectively around the
headlamps and with other trim. Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting technology is used on
the headlamps and taillamps. Xenon high-intensity discharge (HID) articulating
headlamps are offered.

Challenging conventions
The new LaCrosse has a unique proportion that eschews the conventional three-box
design typically found with sedans. Its long, 111.7-inch (2,837-mm) wheelbase and
wheels-at-the-corners stance enabled designers to stretch the passenger compartment
area, with a sleeker windshield angle and a sweeping backlight. The result is a faster-
looking profile that conveys motion, even when the vehicle is stationary.

A high beltline also contributes to the LaCrosse’s distinctive design, lending it a broad-
shouldered appearance that complements the short front and rear overhangs to give the
car a firmly planted, tightly sprung visual stance. Again, it’s the opposite of many
conventional sedan designs that appear as heavy bodies saddled over wheels tucked
under the sheet metal. The LaCrosse’s fenders flare outward to meet the widely planted
wheels at the edge of the bodywork.

Design distinction
All models feature a version of Buick’s signature waterfall grille, with CX and CXL
models receiving a chrome-framed grille, with black-painted inserts, that is flanked by
richly detailed headlamp modules with complementing black trim on the inside. CXS
models include a satin silver-finished grille with chrome accents that complement the
details in the headlamp modules.

Standard on CXS and available on CXL models is a unique headlamp system that
combines HID lighting elements with GM’s adaptive forward lighting technology. It allows
the headlamps to swivel up to 15 degrees in the direction of the front wheels to provide
greater light around corners. It is expected to be a segment exclusive for LaCrosse.

LED technology is also used in the headlamps and taillamps. It is a more
environmentally friendly technology than conventional automotive bulbs and delivers a
more precise lighting pattern that better emulates the characteristics of natural daylight.
LED lights can last up to 20 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs, meaning they
may never require replacement for the life of the vehicle. When used as brake lights,
they enhance safety because they illuminate more quickly than conventional bulbs.

Restrained elegance
Chrome is used selectively on the LaCrosse’s exterior to provide jewelry-like accents
that reinforce its position as a finely crafted and contemporary luxury vehicle. It is used
around the headlamps, on the lower door moldings, around the side windows and along
the upper edge of the taillamps.
The bright trim tastefully complements a palette of rich colors. Eight exterior colors are
offered, including four all-new hues. They include:
      Quicksilver Metallic
      Gold Mist Metallic
      Midnight Blue Metallic
      Red Jewel Tintcoat
      Carbon Black Metallic
      Summit White
      White Diamond Tricoat
      Mocha Steel Metallic.

Rounding out the elegant exterior features is LaCrosse’s family of wheels. Standard on
CX models is a steel wheel with a premium, flush-mounted cover, while a 17-inch
machined aluminum wheel is optional. An 18-inch wheel with a machined-aluminum face
is standard on CXL models and a chrome-plated 18-inch wheel is available. On CXS,
the 18-inch chrome wheel is standard with an optional premium, 19-inch, nine-spoke
machined-finish aluminum wheel design.

Excellent fit and finish
The details that make LaCrosse a great-looking car also make it a well-built one.
Designers sweated the smallest of details in order to deliver segment-leading build
quality and craftsmanship.

Tight and consistent body panel tolerances of 3.5 mm or less, for example, demonstrate
Buick’s commitment to precision, while also supporting the exclusive QuietTuning
initiative, as minimal gaps reduce wind noise. The tight body tolerances also allowed for
reduced rubber closeouts on the rear glass, giving the LaCrosse a cleaner, smoother

LaCrosse’s design represents strong collaboration between GM’s North American
designers and colleagues from the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center in China – a
design and engineering joint venture between GM and Shanghai Automotive Industry


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