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C r i t er ia f o r S el e c t io n o f La n d l o r d s
Landlords require to be registered within the Falkirk Council area. If an application is received from a
landlord with a “pending review” status, that status will be re-assessed. If the status remains at “pending
review” the application will not be progressed.

C r i t e r i a f o r S e l e c t i o n o f P ro p e r t i e s
The Council are particularly interested in securing properties the main population settlements.

When a landlord expresses an interest or makes a general enquiry, he/she will be sent an application pack
if the property is located within one of the geographical areas of interest to the Council. This pack will
contain the following:

  •   Application Form
  •   Landlord Checklist
  •   Business Probity Form
  •   Property Specification
  •   Declaration
  •   Insurance Cover

After the completed application pack has been returned a three stage selection process will be followed:

  • Stage 1 – If the property fits the selection criteria it will be ranked, and scored
  • Stage 2 – If the property provisionally meets Falkirk Council’s needs, further information will be
    requested and a visit made to the property
  • Stage 3 – A decision will be made whether to accept the property and legal paperwork will be issued

M a n a g e m e n t o f t h e P ro p e r t y
Falkirk Council’s responsibility:

  • Falkirk Council will be responsible for allocating occupants, managing the tenancy, carrying out
    regular visits to the property, managing antisocial behaviour and managing routine repairs (see section
    below on Repairs for exclusions and more information)

Landlord’s responsibility:

  • The landlord will pay an upfront annual fee to cover property repairs and gas maintenance (where
  • The landlord will be responsible for arranging/paying for an Asbestos Check, an Electrical Periodic
    Inspection report and a Gas Safety Report

The property will be returned in a reasonable condition at the end of the lease although this will not be on
a “like for like” basis.
Payme nt to the L andlo rd
Payment to the landlord will be equal to the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) for the property less a 15%
deduction. This will be paid one month in advance, direct to the landlord and will be guaranteed for the
duration of the lease.

R e pa ir s
Falkirk Council’s responsibility:
 • Accidental and malicious damage (excluding structural repairs which will be claimed through building

The Landlord’s responsibility:
 • An annual fee of £350 per property, per annum will be payable by the landlord in addition to the
    leasing costs and will cover internal routine repair costs such as general maintenance and emergency
    repairs. This cost will exclude:

   o Replacement of heating, pipe work, rewiring etc through expected wear and tear.
   o Repairs of a structural nature
   o High cost repair work
   o Repairs to maintain the property in a wind and water tight condition
   o Repairs of a health and safety nature
   o Repairs of an insurance recoverable nature

 • Where appropriate a mandatory annual fee of £102 will be payable to cover the servicing,
   maintenance and breakdown of a gas central heating system. Where a landlord has an existing
   arrangement acceptable to the Council which has some months remaining this will be allowed to
   continue until the renewal date.

 • Where appropriate when the property has another form of heating (not gas) and a gas fire then a
   mandatory annual fee of £47.47 per property will be payable to cover the servicing, maintenance and
   breakdown of the gas fire.

 • It is accepted that the nature of some repairs may not be covered within these categories and
   responsibility will require to be the subject of discussion and agreement between the Council and

Contract and Lease Agreement
Where a property has been accepted on to the scheme the following paperwork will be issued to the
landlord for signature and return:

 • Contract Agreement obliging the landlord to ensure that:

   o All their properties meet the scheme’s specification
   o Properties are vacant and unfurnished
   o Provide documentation consent to Falkirk Council to allow the property to be sub-let

 • This agreement will contain a 3 month termination clause for either party.

 • The three year lease agreement for each property will reflect the terms of the contract agreement.

24 December 2010